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April 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 9, 1927

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A Catholi PalmS" la a Perpetual MhmJ~t-- Pope Lee ]{ILL "The Guardims lm home"---out mmstt~ The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, ARK., APRIL 9, 1927 No. 30 URING HOLY WEEK, PEACE OVERTURES 1COLORADO UPHOLDS CATHOLICISM MEXICO DEFENDED PROGRAM AND DIRECTIONS MADE BY CALLES I READING OF BIBLE BY FORMER S. AMBASSADOR WILSON TO EPISCOPATE IN THE SCHOOLS' organization does not exist in and impressive Palm{so that they may not delay the rune- In His New Book to Be Out April 15, Mexico, but it is to be doubted to be held in the Re-tion at the Cathedral. It is a laudable !f C;lb :,B I He Says Rule of Church Was "Gen-whether its loss of influence and the M;::i:~::: -- erally Benevolent and Uplifting" persecution of i,ts priesthood have had ~;:::p U lb]wei;h:dt Declares Overthrow of Chri.- a beneficial effect on the Mexican of the diocese custom for the clergy who do not say E r'inTMl:x-bY :he licApr~'ch21ol of a series of serv-IMass to receive Holy Communion s in elating the week that during Pontifical celebration on this ice Must Be Based on Guar- l comment, does not violate the Consti-itian Religion by Calles people. It is true that some four hUnsd::dmtho::[:;: ".. antees of Justice and ]tution of Colorado, and moreover, thel Party Is of "As Much Con- hundred years ago the Indian races daVDistribution of the Holy Oils Freedom of Worship King James version of the Bible, den-{ cern to Protestants as to then inhabiting the country were con- Those Who Pay Obed- verted to the Christian religion by The Holy Oils will be distributed erally used by Protestant churches, is] in these sexy- in the Sacristy at 2 p. m., Holy Thurs- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) not sectarian, the Colorado Supreme] ience to Pope" the sword, but nevertheless Christian- in the elaborate cere- day. Washington, April l.--The N.C. Court holds in a ruling handed down ity was a' benevolent substitute for (By N. C. W. C. News Service) pagan Aztec barbarism. WeekCathedralthat will Heretake willThereceivePriestStheWhHolyCanntoils frombe presenttheir W. C. News Service today received Monday. 1 New York, April 1. In his new "After the conquest the rule of the {he following telegram from the Most As to the reading of the Bible in!book' "Diplomatic Episodes in Mex- Roman Catholic Church in Mexico in prac- representative deans. Rev. Jose Mra y del Rio, Archbishop public schools tile ruling is exactlyt~ ~.~ .... .~ ~.a~ ,, ~ ,.~ .~, ~. was generally benevolent and uplift- as will t . . . ' . ,~o, ~,s ............... , .... ~,-,." ~,. _ he faculty Vessels for the Holy Otis must be of Mexico Cxty, confirming reports opposlte those made m two other re-}~;~.~a ^..~a ~ ~... r~,.~l~ao., P~.~ ind. It founded and reared splendid a~ .ohn s Ecclesms- of non-oxld~zable metal; glass, ~ron that opponents of the Church m Mex- cent cases, in Illinois and Lomsmna...~ ~ ........ ~rmer ~nited States medieval churches, established charit- ~a~ ae local clergy, and brass vessels are forbidden, and ice have come to the Epxscopate seek-I, The Supreme Courts of both these)A.~. .... n^.. ,~ ~r..~;.^ x~, H-n~,, able organizations, places of refuge, _ ~ralng a large num- the secretary will refuse to give the : .... ~:-i .... eace" I ~_ ~ ,~^ ~:~ .... m~- -qan to~"~ ~ "~ .... ' ....... .~ ,- m i . ~ane ",'v liSOn, hx ~o~.~*oo~ ,-.,,.,- vv ,..,, fferent sectmns~ Holy, 011 to those presenting such Mexico C~ty. ] be vmlat~ve of the State Constffu ~ " " " "l of] the Catholic Church in Mexico and and gave to the impoverished Indian ,_ vessem. Bishon Pietrasanta attended con- tions. In addition, the Illinois court ,~. ....... . ..:,-....~-:.... ~.~-. population a primary education which Night Except in cases of extreme neces- ference :elicited by Obregon. No re-{ declared that any version of the Bible [~":,~u~;~n= :he~:er~o'd'o~f~=his tDe la itTheCOUldchurchObtainwasfrOmstrippednO otherof its Source.power, ~ex+ at St. Andrew's sity persons in sacred orders must suits" Arrangements impossble bylis sectarian. I~ .... '~ ~-~-~:~ in Mexican nell- property, and influence by the gov- t'. vve~lnesday night carry the Holy 0ils. Imethods nro~osed / r~. ,u,, ~.a^ ~..~;.... ...~.'~.~ ~]~---~ v ......... ~ . . ~=r m the ................ I ,,- "- " .................... s, ,~ ......... ~ics, ne was generally looKeo upon as ernments of Juarez and Diaz, but sex..:---~memm~y o~ n0,y tnursuay runctmns ~, [ Jose Morn, Archbishop Mexico. lBible reading is upheht, it is provided I the leader of the so-called Catholic neither these presidents nor ~heir sac- . ~ces. On Holy Officers for ~ne lviass ano ~ne x~mss- r,~.~, another authentic source in ......... I ....... cessors had the courage--or'shall we mg at 9"30 ~. , :__ ~ ~_ ~_,_ ~:~_. ,~u^ ~ ~^v I ~'"" . ~ ..... ' , ]~na~ cmioren WhOSe parents or guar-iParty' a nebulous pollT;lCal organlza- X:)lSno lngs Ol bile _rlOly UII5 lll~ ~.u ..~: e ~na~ ~nree newi tificate at th~ ~ ~' P .............. ~' .... ~_t:~ h':Iformatmn has com~ , ~.. ~,Y-ldians object may not be compelledltion, apparently without direction, say a sufficient lack of patriotism? ~--~ ~oiemn ~lsnop Wlll poHblxlc~u~, ~oom .... .7 ; "nave Deen sno~: o ' , " blessing, o .u ...... . .... . .......... ~,r^__,.~ [oraamea ..... Ylto hstcn to the reading. To an extentiand not wholly submissive to leader- to attempt to impose by military ~e ~ ~?~. ?oy .... ./- 2~"%~'lthe authorities. They are r a~nertthis is a victory for those who chal-[shi . Ver,~ much has been said by force a godless and heathen regime, ~r~.~ ,~unose ass~s~ecl oy t~cacons, o~ rmnor: ~ev. ~eo. ft. ]Ma.tthew. , Correa of Zacatecas,. Fatherl'en~ed~ ~ the Bible-readings. ~,qan', the en- ,writers- -p ..... oil ue~,~o ......... ,~,~"~ ~,,~ +~ ........ ~.~,.~ ]having its origin in bolshevik propa- tad vi-:*: of the sem-McDermott and Rev. A. L_Fle~he~.!Vincentc Salas of Tampmo and ] tire case arose over an instance where and tyranny of the Roman Catholiclganda.' Not all Christians are con- ~n~'e ~mgdioc ..... pastors: .. Deacon of Mass: t~ev. ~)r. t.~' ~Fatheri Rucda of Durango. . .~ba:n~c .............. pupas waH~eu, ou~ ox a scnoo~ Church~ in i.ts- in~men~ ....... ce wi~n tne ~uex- lccrned with the fate of the Roman ~e is welt t~eany The~ s oo~m s ~re m outgrowth ............ ~. .-.. ~. .~e 'a g~ : ~ ]when a Protestant Bible was read and tican masses. As far as my observa-tCatholic Church in Mexico, bat the w~a priests Sub-Deacon o~ luass, t~ev. ~aw. t-. of ~hc Government's order for the!the school board retaliated by de-ltion goes, the Catholic Church intmatter of a complete overthrow of section. On Garrity. concentration of priests in Mexico l will follow the Masters of Ceremony: Rt. Rev. City. Government agents have beenIclaring it would enforce a rule Mexico has, since the time of Juarez,]the Christian religion is of as much i the Deposition Monsignor Aretz, Reverend John P. hunting down every priest who, be-Iagainst the pupils leaving, been more sinned against than sin-l concern to any Protestan.t denomina- Probably No Appeal ]ning. Its political power from the tion as to those who pay obedience nenttory, fromthe Massthe Fisher.'cross Bearer:: Rev. Edward V. caUSewith hisf flock,PvertYhasrnotdesireobeyedt sbaYthe] In view of the court's ruling thatIoverthrow of Maximilian down ,to the,.t the Pope.". ("Diplomatic. Epis'odesi " b pupils cannot be compelled to attend brief rule of Huerta was a myth. The ira Memc~o, Belgmm and Ch le, y with the Adorn- McCullough. order. Many are now in hiding ort the Bible reading, there is at present Roman Catholic Church as a politi- Henry Lane Wilson, pages 217-18.) on Good Friday, and Deacons of theHoly Oils: Revs. wandering the hills and desolate ancourtinclinationThe Rt.ntRev.t j.appealHenrytheTihen,de" lff I~II ll~iJ ][jl~t~l~/'~l~l~ .' thefireblessingand thefpas_the andJameSjohnV" j.EvanS'Haley.Thmas H. LilliS[places. ]cision to the United States Supreme NOVENA vn ,HrrI g nean ' INITIATED Chanters: Revs. P. Bartodziej, (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Bishop of Denver, who has watched[ IU'^ PRESERVE FAITH for~,Pels.the Churches and James P. Patzelt.Mran' Thomas F. Walsh Mexico City, March 31.--Both the Case closely, is now in MercyI letions on Good Fri-and H.J. Calles Government officials and Gen-Hospital recovering from a seriousI ]['lj~[J[,]L~l' ATTENDED Good Friday Collection eral Obregan, candidate for the Mex- illness" He is said to be inclined ati~V ~" m v 0F EXlC SIHU are carried The collection taken up on Good lean Presidency and close friend and present to test the actual working out] . ][J| LIJ 000 I11 11 It gv r( ~y o l:Iigh Mass on Friday in.all the churches of Chris- advise'r of Calles, have within the last of the decision, rather than attempt 9 " * __ ' clergy Will be tendom goes to the support of the few days 'felt dut" the Catholic immediate further action. ~ (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) regulations: Holy Places in Palestine, made sacred Episcipate on the subject of religious of Holy to the world as having been the scene peace, it is asserted by "El Univer-]NOTRE DAME U. DOME GUIDES New York, April 1 Twenty thou Los Angeles, Calif., March 31.-- and Holy Sat- of the sufferings of the Good Man ,, " Mexico Cit a er .................. h N ena to the There has been formed here a new sal,leading Y P P mAIL AVtA~ sana eopie maue ~ e ov . ............ out solemnly in for men. "ffi . ,,, ......... I P orgamza~mn o~ u~emcans m .~ne um~- the rubricsre- It is only with the greatest d~ - "El Umversat aous ~na~ ~ne arm "Ltitle Flower" (St. Therese of the .ff~~ ~, h~ o~ll~d the Mexican re'ply of the Bishops in each case was l Notre Dame, Ind, April 1 The ........ ' ........ .... " I" "co canI " " ](~hld Jesus), which closed at the New Crusade, with the chief purpose of If they cannot culty that the Fathers in charge have ~na~ religious peace m ~wem famous golden dome of the Adminis-I ......................... ~-~:- ~-i~" amon- Y the she to maintain these spots so '" . Y uldbe been able " " come only on government guarantees[trative Buihiing of the University off,:(tk nnrme o~ ~..nerese :n ;:~ [~ir::~::::gw~h: ci~:ot: th~sU~countr~ fie the ~imple dear to all mankind, of justice and freedom of the Church,1 Notre Dame, which was erected, by~29th street ].st Monday event g. -[ ' " e~- v.. Easter Collection and tnnat in an" action the will be]'~. i. , . The central office is to be in this Y ~t.,e Rev. Edward Sorm, C. S. C.,tmg the c,~smg day of the Novena i~urcaes and chapels The collection taken up on Easter counseled by the Vatican. founde~ ~ ~'~ n"'~e ~n -rder ~o I .. ^..k ....... Icity, and the Crusade has submitted ........ ~ ~,-,,, , ~ ~ ').:I,UOU roses otesseGWll;na ma~or . or simpler form of Sunday is for the support of the sere- . . . I ~tself to the authority and dwectmn Followm these re orted moves, ~place the statue of the Blessed(V~rgm ,, v~ ~ ~.~ Saint were distributed ........... ~e carried out, thech lnarYeTh Bishop hopes that the clergy g P " " ,:c,i,~ ,,.~ t_e ,o~ ~:ne ,rouen ox J~OS ~ngeies ann the Rt Rev Ignacio Valdespino, Bis-higher than it had ever been placedI. . he came for them Six thou San Die-o A com-lete -qan of or naplams fstSUa~e m and laitwill res endenerously to " " . . to aH w ' - g P e " he of A uascalients, who was repre-~m the new world is now an ~mport-- ........ [ .... u d ls, Upon requ P g " " , '" sana needle visi~ea ~ne cDUrCll eacn~ganizaion nas oeen arawn p an :lab .... Y ~ Y P g . " " "r .... ~ * (lay I consulI~lng committees ann tlll-tet:Ulll~ ly~:e Mass at an{the annual appeal of the Seminary. seated as one of those approached, ant beacon and rehable guide to m ......... ~ ~ ..... :-.- has been seized and thrown into pri- mail pilots plying between Detroit " ~ ......... .~ nUrsday in order[The work carried on there is vital tothe llowin daSn'foThistk place Tuesday. MostRev HOner- and Chmago. Hamfl 'ICATHOLIC RURAL LIFE CON- , --,,,--- .--"grup s?::et:ee an opportunity to[sas In its young men are centered g Y " Ttus was disclosed by E.G. '-t FERENCE DATES ANNOUNCED~,~, are stated by it as follows- re .... " " rera ma, Archbmho of Monte Y, t e t ~rnunion - - - ~..~s a't the" [all the hopes of the future and on Y P P on, head of the Aviation Departm n ] ,, ,-. ..... while calling to see Bishop Valdes- of the Ford a~otor Companycon/[ .... 'ldividualThe uniOnand collective,el t~a~amiCorganized'Xorces, form" Cathedral I their careful training depend the sal- ~'+ (By N C W C News Serwce) ino, also was arrested .and held by tractors for the air mail in this dis-' r ~blessing the Holy lvation of countless souls. P"/ V~ ashiugton, April 1. The dates ithe affirmation, diffusion and activa- _.~:30 o'clock HolyI Moreover, the achievements of the the police, erred trier. The dome is some 200 feet[fm, the fifth annual Catholic Ruralltion of Catholic principles in the in- ~sts of the diocese I Seminary up to the present day are Observers here see in the rep . above ground and being covered withiLife Conference are announced bYIdividua1 and collective lfe, domestic a:Presented at thelfully worthy of the highest endorse-Ireyes of the opponents of the.Char:: gold leaf is visible for fo~rty mfleS[Fathcr O'Hara, director of the Cath-land social, of the Mexican residents la rave anxmey over tne ever mere acr r ~rms The g oss the Indmna p a ohc Rural Life Bureau, for August nd w~" The clergy of lment and encouragement of every ing armed resistance to Callcs, and dom'e i~ ~f -articular valu"e when'l "' " of the United States, is the end a -o ~Iave the right Catholic, behe priest of layman. . ~2 ..... ~ o p !o and 4 at East Lansing, Michigan. lthe real purpose of the Mexican Cru- ass on Holy By order of the Bishop. in the case ox uoregon especmuy--weather conditions are bad, Mr. Ham-iAs this conference is to be held joint-Isade. an early hour, J.P. Fisher, urgent desire to"se.ttle the religious ilton said. ly with the American Country Life question before .the presidential elec- Associationand the International] "The Mexican Crusade, in the so- IS SUNG l c~,~ and religious field, distinct from = ~ -----=" -'--=" tions of next year. ' GOVER;OR NAMES Country Life Conference, the Catho- " FR. D. I. McDERMOTT, Mestre Was Mediator. CATHOLIC WOMAN lie meeting will be devoted to the re- all,,political, activity, proposes: To umte and organize all Mexican PHILADELPHIA, DEAD Eduardo Mestre, as abtorney who ~ ligious aspects of rural life. Catholics resident in the United LINEDO'S IN U. S. atrymen in- the corn- instead of the de Pinedo are resting after and. the Ital- the Santa Maria, of Christo- made ready their four-coati. ers will remain aided De Pinedo mile flight from d in the river city, and was the industrial ttfe inner harbor. greeted by Dr. consul, and a him to the a Te Deum Shaw. crOWded and the impressive. previously has assumed the role of Detroit, ApV1 1.---Mrs. William W ..... ic of the American (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) mediator, approached the Episcopate ~, ." ......... rne general ~op warren, prommen~ m t~amonc acuv- .~ ....... fence will be the States, and with them, all the living Philadelphia, March 29.--The Rev. on the subject of composng the re ..... ~tms of th~s c~ty and for the last t~vo woun~ry .......... m~e ,wonxe for the Ameri forces of the race, under the direc- Daniel 1. McDermott, "Philadelphia's ligious differences, says "El Univer-[years president" of the Cathohc' Study ~anoara.~ ~.~ ~vxng,, ..... ~_.__ ,~^ ~_" t-ion of their pastors. . . can l, arm flume.~,~,enumg u.e ...."(a) To defend, by alljust and oldest priest," for 41 years pastor of sal." He was met, the paper con-! Club here, has just been appointed ...... Life meetin-will St. Mary's, Church here, died yester-tinues, by the Most Rev. Leopoldoa memoer ......... of ~ne ~m~e ~orrecuons ~ernauona~. woun~ry. "' ~-- -- man-- gcoun- legitimate means, Christian civiliza- day at'Norristown. Father McDer- Ruiz~ Archbishop of Michoacan, andI e "(b) To repair, by the same means mutt, who was 83 years old, resigned Bishop Valdespino. [C:~enm~Ssmn by Governor Fred W. te :?P::de:~:~:?e:r:enpresen~ing the tion. the pastorate of St. Mary's Church Mestre, it is asserted, assured the " I Catholic rural organizations of Eu- the excesses arising from individual last fall because of ill health. prelates that it would be possible to rope are expected. Father McDermott was born in Enniskillen, Ireland, March 25, 1844, but was brought to this country when a nnfant, his family settling in Nor- ristown. He was ordained on Ascen- sion Day, 1868. MOTTOES OF CHINESE BISHOPS (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Rome, March 28.--The six new Chinese bishops have chosen the fol- lowing mottoes, Msgr. Tschao, "In- pendam et superimpendar" (I will sacrifice myself to the last breath) Msgr. Souen, "Investiga patrum me- moriam" 'I will walk in the footsetps of my fathers); Msgr. Scheng, "Pax et bonum" (Peace and welfare) ; Msgr. Tschen, "Omnibus urania" (All for all); Msgr. Hen, "Quis ut Dens" (Who is like God); Msgr. Esu, "Ad. veniat regnum tuum" (Thy kingdom come. ) renew religious worship at once pro- vided only that the Bishops an- nounced their i~tention of so doing to the Secretary of Gobernacon. It is assumed from the reference to the Secretary that he came with an und- erstanding already reached with gov- ernment officials. The two prelates, the paper says, made it clear to their visitor that no decision could be reached in the mat- ter until the Holy See should have given its approval and ~that before they could bring the subject before the V~tican, there must be some formal assurance from the govern- ment. Mestre then withdrew. "El Universal" then con,tinues that a friend of General Obregon ar- ranged an interview between the Gen- eral and Monsignor Fulcheri, Bishop of Zamora, and that an interview of half an hour was held. Obregon ask- ted, it is said, what difficulties exist between the Government and the Church. To this the Bishop replied, in effect, that ~he position of the Church already had been stated in its memorial to the Chamber of Deputies some months ago, and that this posi- tion remained unchanged. Bishops Arrested. Bishop Valdespino was seized sud- denly Tuesday night, the police as- serting that his chauffeur had. been for some time receiving correspon- dence in which details of revolution- ary activities were recited. On that basis the bishop was suspected of con- nection with the revolutionaries, they said. Archbishop Herrera y Pina was ar- rested Wednesday when he called at police headquarters to see the impri- soned bishop. A similar charge of possible connection with revolution was placed against him and he was held for investigation. Both prelates flatly deny any connecton with re- volutionary agitation. N, Y. CENTRAL R. R. PRESIDENT SERVES AS ALTAR BOY (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Augusta, Ga.,. April 1.--Patrick E. Crpwley, president of the New York Central Lines and the Boston and Al- bany Railroad and one of the most prominent figures in the world of transportation, served the Mass of the Rev. John B. Kelly, chaplain of the Catholic Writers' Guild, New York, every morning of the latter's recent visit here. Father Kelly and Mr. Crowley were both guests at the Bonair-Vanderbilt Hotel. When the priest left each morning to say his daily Mass in the Jesuit Church, Mr. Crowley always accompanied him and insisted upon being his server. After Father Kelly I left Mr Crowley continued to at- ltend Mass Iong before the winter'col- ]ony bestirred itself each day. and collective paganism. "(c) To restore Christ the King to His proper place in the life of the individual, the family, the school and society, by maintaining and strength- ening the adherence of Mexican Ca- tholics ,to the Faith. "(d) To re-establish the principle of human authority, the sanctity of customs, the harmony of classes and social peace, by conformity with the law of God, and, "(e) To propagate Catholicism, by reaching and understanding the real heart interests of the people, partic- ularly those of the working and farm- ing classes. "The Mexican Crusade * * * will promote the co-ordination of the activity of the different Mexican as- sociations made up of Catholics, care- fully respecting ,their autonomy and their own medium of action; will pro- mote the formation and the education of the Catholic conscience and social sentiment among Mexican Catholics."