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April 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 9, 1927

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engthens virtues. PP., XV. A Catho~ I~1 Perpetual Mission-- Ill o o :oxy,. | I|l "']']:c Guard'~an in every M I home"---out motto H The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, ARK, APRIL 9, 1927 I LACK OF INFORMATION ~rIITH ll/ll~ Prim RI|qQIA' UU TIUAI NIT I AITH i CONCERNING OUR FAITHIOUUIU VVWL bum" , ,tvoOltt O l'l Ollt h UI" l' llli i -- 1 i[Well Educated Catholics Show Amaz- MITTI?P fin APR . sl~ ~,vT ! I " " I lla/i. Ji, J[Jl.JJi[.d ~1| t],~|}.l~ Altll| II|V i l lug Ignorance of Doctrines , il of Church. AGE REDUCTION .... Y Baroness Catherine de Hueck, : ~An old man who has had many an __ xwntten for the N. C. W. C News Service.) ! loccasion to explain the beauties of iTo All County Acreage Reduction ,~.~...,._.. i t the faith to non-Catholics and who i Committ .... Russiav ,-~ . ]enjoyed such opportumty wrote the~ __ lnree little preach the trbunal of penance and I followin- letter to one of ourl ............. otlt w~. ~ I ~ g I On ivtarcn Iutn there was a IlnStl "'~tha_wea,th oflpreparefor commumon . testeemed contemporaries: Imeeting of the South-Wide Commit- ey Drin to r'enance ant1 rardon . ~ . g [ .,, I "Will you permit me to callyour ~teo on Acreage Reductmn m Mem- Starting on Monday for he win, , Feast of lgo to Communion only on Sunday No. 30 i i i A HOLY WEEK JOURNEY IN PORTO RICO i i By Mrs. Fr=nces Pa[k;nson Keyes, !~ I Author of "Letters From a Senator s Wife, and many articles in i leading magazines. Mrs. Keyes is a Protestant. i (Written for N C W. C News Service.) i All my life I have cherished the lCayel, where the military and naval ambition of some day gipsying in a radio stations are located, and which caravan a wagon drawn by a plump, lcontains a church and plaza almost placid white horse, large and strong; as attractive as those at Cagua~, came a wagon painted apple-green, with next; then we swung abruptly off to and communion not much thinking become his daily rou one congenial companion--though in Porto Rico, for there are not many times a ...... ~ who, I have not the least idea. By rivers, and no lakes a curious con- time. iYear'..Len,t ~s.tine. At last/amrday has a~:r~veo, well-educated and clever business determined to carry the acreage re- day we would journey pleasantly and dition for a mountainous country. clcano: t is the ~lme[. riummy, oezore going, to enurc~ men, who are ignorant of funds- duction campmgn onright up to leisurely, unhampered by haste or This road took us rote the heart of ",g,mournln ne resents mmseli ~o hiS nousenolo r roll aft r t~ g P household cares B night we would the coffee d~str~ct, The e, e e sian e-- "~ " , ." , . ~ . mental teachings of the Church planting time. . Y .... re~ xceis. To anyland deeply nOTing oelore each mem- A~ *h,,~ .. ;-~nce for a sim,qe I rest in some wooded grove or p~eace- mile, we passed, green hills thickly appare . !lterature .... ~tlber, he says the age-old formula, explanatmn' of~the ...earn nino of rod_l-" u The. necessity of curtailing, the ful _nasture near the broad h~ghway, dotted w~th white-washed cottages, ~ nt tact ~t should["In the name of Christ, forg~ve me ff ....... Uplantmg of cotton acreage ~s of para- ~...~ ..... i-definiteb, packing houses and warehouses, re- not th ,, gences anu see them ilounoer ann . ~.~ ~,, o. . ~. , , nation~ e most analyt-[I have offended you, ,, and back flunk Ask them the difference Imunt ~mportanee this year. We Perhaps my dream will never be sembling nothing that I could think Y, wh:n - [comes the,old answer: God will for- between attrition and contrition [quote the following from Gee. L. filled to the letter But in spirit it of so much as bricks of vanilla ice of Le-- the gray, g!ve you And so from hm own Ask them if the Church recognizes ]Fossick: has been, several times already; and cream pint bricks, q~art bricks, gal- so~:a~ arrive, Rusma km down to his humblest servant the ~h~ m-rria~,e of Protestants as valid .... ":-- - ~ ......... "~ one of these fulfillments came in the lon bricks! enough of them to satisfy more t - . ..... ~, wmcn orougn~ aoou~ net , busy w~thlma.~ter goes begging to be forgiven, [ c:Plrltual and the mys-!and when his day will come the serv- Ask them to name the ways in ~.vhmhldec!mes m the cotton market yes- form of a trap wh~rhs I T:~:durlthg bV:thL:m::~tbyy Adde:::::o Pc:afeC: ases ~. ~ . .~ ....... a person may snare m ~ne gu,~ oi~teraav was attributed to talk that laoly week W~Ln , z v rth --,~urmg the ant will do the same ~ is ~ne ~us- _ ................ :~ Ask them ;~[ " ............ :~...v ~e Governor of Porto Rico, ~ Springs, where we were to spend the ~aa the s .... ,~.1 ~ ~hndin,, of the fulfillment ~nu,er petal,, ~ ~-, ~. ,~ acreage win oe only slightly reouceu, w~ , ..... . I ...... ,all Public amus~,~en~'~'tm.?n~u:~:~ ~f~'C~hrist" St Mat- Copernicus was a Cathohc. Ask ]Advice to this effect came from both in the course of a long vmlt madeln!ght, reacmng there late m m~. eve- u. We .... ~ ....... .~i .... "'~ '~'j.~',,.~. "~ .. ".' them about the, inquisition, about [Western and Eastern sections of the at Government House during the nmg wmcn DaSKCU unoer ~ne raumnce ~ents are='ia ross mtthew z~:z~, ,a~eup ~ly yo~e upon Gallileo, about the proclamation ell, belt. Farmers would do well to take spring. The app]e-grden cart, to betof cotton-batting clouds and a quick- l awa you, anu learn oi v~e, uecau~e x am t With --- " Y! ...... religious liberty in this country by [notice sure, was a gleaming eight-cylinder l silver moon. ~rlous faces meek and humole oi nearL ano you " - ' " " " r n o give u ........ :] , , ........ , the colony of Lord Baltimore ln l motor ear of famous make; and thet Good Frtday at San Ge ma ""~Y LO spiritual s/lall 1~lncl res~ ~o your sums ,, 1 " " Mar-land ete and what will they lIt may be the reason for yester- wooded groves in which we slept[ After a day there and another at Then comes commumon day with ~ ' "' ' 's declin v x " duri- - ~ ' tell .,ou whatdo many of them day. e ~ as other than the e - were nuaint hostelries and hospitable]ponce we struck eastward, coming to . ag L I , -~ , . -~ , , :fic~ t ent are many inn absolute fast until 12 o clock, furls. ..... ~,, ]planar[on given, but it is certain that h ...... ~ but the iov of freedom and iSkn German. It was Good Friday, s, factories Mass }n Russm laststwo or three bt;ai .... i ] ........... [most of the bearish sentiment m the ~--~-ture were there just the same;land therefore a hohday. Everywhere "~s h ~ is a shame a plLllUl shame .... "'~*~" I atte~a ,~ ours so thatlhours. Then the homecoming, where ........ , ~,,~ ........[market cruses from lack of faith in *~'e ~;~ial cares and restraint whichlthe country roads were crowded w~th "'~ ~ne nwno is responslme, vv.~b ca. oe ~,. ~ .... neat. - m. The fast]all ~s smiles, flowers, congratulatmns,I ........ ~_ , .... !acreage reductmn ....... und and ~,overn our lives mostlpeople going to the nearest town, , n0 :[i ...... eerie in ~ne way oi relneuy or those o.--- o 1 . ~ad~., sh, no milk; the family eagerly awmtmg the ~oy-! .............. I ..... ~,f the time cast aside; and best of all, ldressed m their Sunday best--g~rls ~ ] , WhO are now ou~ in .e worm ano ~ --- - milk no he Lord s advent rote the The farmer has oeen uuiy warnea I ady~ ~ . ; eggs;iful event, t ' I ..... " - ~ ~ I - . " ,, , , . , . ~" com,qete comnanionship of my,in white muslin, and gay-colored, ', ~reaa made withlheart of the recipient. Indeed, it islIn the way oi preven~mn o~ sucnitha~ ib Will De uangerous ~o plant an- ~'.~. , v - "- - -,-z!---: ....... ~:-~ ~0. i. wh;~. a,,~k , 110 ..... VlSloneu wanuermg came true in glau CLI~p orgax~u~e , tl, ,hey, raisins, veg-[wonderful to behold such simple, ra-['gnranc for those,boys and young t other big acreage If he goes ahead, -~-,:-.~,,, [The ,lazas were, of course, more ~aeMie u .... linen who are s~itl a~ scnom: ~ did las ear in s ite of all ~,,,,~a ...... . . )afe..r t. The week dlant faith. One wishes more nations la~ he t y , p I x .... ~.~, San Juan behind us we!crowded still; not only w~th the m- ._ ~sloa and corn .... Iw~uld exhibit it I "If every Catholic man would readlwarnings, it will do no good later on! ...... ~" .... I .......... -'-~ ............ ~- =or.. '"""-," " I I ~..;...a .~ Ga~,uas which has an un-.naoltants, ou~ w~n IIIt2L''~-~O-rUUlIU~ k.''~s more rigid, for] So, in penance, strict fast, longlsomething besides newspapers and:to cuss the government and private," ........ 9_' , ' .... I "~ ~" ......... 5 " or th . I " " 1 , . . usually beautiful church ano plaza; twonunue~ on page .! his - . e rehglous Rus-,prayers and vigils, passes the Russmn t magazines, ~f he would buy a dozen i eshmates, and it must be. concluded~ I ,~...~out in order to an I(Continued on page 4 ) [kood books and read them through a l that he is willing to risk the. possi-I - ........... ,,,. ..... .... ~'-'ldozen times; if he would find out bility of cotton at 10 cents a pound[~'~A'r ~ITAIM merce explameo tnal; ~ne Dig increase t ,, |1~ m imports was pr~marny uue ~o ao ~'~lr~ ........................ Iwhat tip-top Catholic books are in or less I llL l Vlill/'I " I r lg I |l~ liN2~ IH~ uAx uu ~r~rA~x^tt~. I .............. b ....e oft " l .......... ~'~ ]vanced prices of rubber which came _ -aa l|rl pUDIlC library anu, t, ......... s.. --=---~ -- ......... f he' This indicates that there is a gen-II |l||~ A~ I~1~'~'|" 'in great quantities from British Ma- hEgMANV/ - ' i .... .u ......... p. situation Regardless of whether a lever, the United States has succeeded ~"-'attvttglt I , " " romise thee lOI our x, atners, oy t~arulna~ . o- " . i .... x 111 the Great Promme. I p - , ........ ~:-~" ~-- ~-- di man cut his acreage last year and the ........ ~t':" r'et Nearl-- Half in partmlly breaking the Brltmh rub- ~ ----- +h ..0 ~o;,,~ ~.~. ~f My Heart Dons, or ~aT.nOllC Detle U~/ x'.ta . l~rltlsn tortsvw,tu 7 I ~ ln~e e e a - re~c~, . ................. /.. .~ ....... m~.. c~, ~;,,~ R,.~,, by year before and ~s now on a sixty- ^ .. , I ber monopoly and imports have de- h. " betel keepers that My all-powerful love Will grant ~-~,,0, ~ .... ~ ...... '-"~ ~"~-^*ter forty of a fifty-fifty basis, it is fool- uur r~xports,-xncrease m I clined in price to a material extent "'~r mmunieate on ther atner wonway, ne woum ue ue~ Also cap to all those who co hard 1 Imports " " h f r , a harvest .. ~, .... .~ ~go,~ h~ ;~ ,,A .... -,~ would y to grow cotton for 12 or 4 ~ Just what will occur m t e utu e rnilh First Friday in nine consecuuve .......................... z .... "ons ofd~,~ ' " ~..~,~ ~ ....... ~ .... f th~ cents that he will have to sell for 10 was said to be problematical as Brit- ....... 1 ence"-= "~"= ~-,,,,o--~- ~-...~ ..... te months the graceof final pen t , s America ......... ~-~;-no -~-'~ to his relic, ion and cents or less. It would be much Washington The tremendom ~m- ish interests are making a strong el- - ~ourmE " e nor--J,,-~,- o ..,,u~ s ;at the- .- they shall not dm m My (llsgrac to his Church better to buy cotton at the present portance of Great Britain, both as a fort to reinstate higher rubber prices. posmbflity that without receiving their Sacraments; market and let his land lie out. customer and source of supply for the to be the playground My Divine Heart shall be their safe "The day of calumny is here. The " Wh United States, is disclosed in fugures Other Factors. . available at the de Another factor contributing to the _ ~raveller who is now refuge m thin last moment y day of persecution is coming. Let In this connection, let us see what on foreign trade ' - " " a~d more to Germany. should that Communion be made on a us all get armed with knowledge of the British capitalists and spinnersp~,,,~-~* ,~^* ~,,.,,,,.erce increased imports from Great Britain Friday? The motive that determined the truth.And knowing our relig- have done with their present crop. ~ ........ l- ne half of is the fact that outstanding prosperity are directing the gov- ...... Am rican in has marked the American business to bring tourists to such a choice is easily understood, for ion better than ever, we can live it The Arkansas Gazette of March 15th in me year t~zo near y o - all zne gooos sum oy e -, nothing is more natural than to ex- better than ever before."---Provi-Iprints the following: ............ _,_ __ picture in the last year, resulting in their fears that pect that the day of His dolorous deuce Visitor. "When it became apparent that uustry wm go ~o ~rea~ ~r~am or .... "'- immediate -rotee an unusual demand for many exotic countries unuer lb~ ' p " ~ of the Get- Passion and ignominious death should there was a huge overproduction of tion ..... The United States draws on products which are produced on Brit- ueath blo ...... I be made the day of expiation for the KIND WORDS ........................... 1-n:e~f~r over;ran son. w r,o uais ..... . ...... COL~On In tne um~eu ~ta~es anu tna~ ~nglano anu ~ cu o ~ ~ u I ~.ff. ..... It i~ -~'~- mar~yruom oi r~ls r~ear~ in ~ne bacra- -- -io- '" ~ ...... "'--~ f -ur im-'orts , u lClalS regaru ~ne increase in ex- "- ~ne ,,~^~-~ ~ .... - .... . . g" wets woum nave to T;aKO whatever 0ne-~nlru o ol, *" : I - - -- ~- ... - - "'""~lment of His love~ Soft Terns soi~en ~ne soul Angry., , ..... , ..... rPor~s [o ~ne l~rl~lSn possessions as oI , the re " " " T;ney'coulu get ro mee~ cnelr narrow- While" some uncertainty as ~o ex- . . - P earlousl words add fuel to the flame of wrath . . ............. ;nnportanee m the face of keen com- ae ~hen the rags, a group oI t~rlusn spinners anu ports and imports for ~ne rest iew, .. ~ French[ OLD FAVORITES and make it blaze more fiercely Cold ..... ~ . . I petlhon from England, Germany and ~us ever " speculators saw a chance ~o make a months of the year exis~ it was ex- Y dollar it words freeze ~eople, and hot words ............ !other European producers and in spite I . - ..... olg crashing lney waiteo until ~ne .~cted that the outc, oing business, . ,. ~,." ......... ' S ' . . " :fhe,ldlrector of thelGive to the p::: S::ehGod has given ~h::hbi:the:?and~:thfu~::ds m:k: P:::~ h~:nh: btnt::~' ~hh:n ?::;/thaenid would some.what exccei 0f0i;:;~0Y::d :;1 a:uanltrnegs o:; ~;27:0OO,:::orasth: ourism a " e ~ Y ~oreign selling oi ~,~o,), , soy n ;,~ , guy-~ thee wealth; " them wrathful. There is such a tr - , ........... e months. -,t run In" c " oougnt in unpreceuen~eo quanl:l~les, that maports' would not equat tl~e ex-' , ~V onnec-I,~i. - to the sick to thank Him for thy mendous rush of words in our day, ........ I Umted States increased exports to ry o ,~ v~ , Keepln ~neir ou in as ulel~ as us- . . . e,. -)f pubhc worksl ...... . that it is especially desirable for each .,, g., Y g.. q . P [ports [all Br~t~sh terntor~j excepting the = Showing what/ .... ]one of us to see to it that kind words ]slole, ano spreaq wl?eiy ~o avom aI For seven months of the year, out United Kingdom, the largest boost el ~ rme. ~elore Lne excitement nan sue- , . . . . e~-" urope are do-]~_;,,~ ,~ ,h~ Mind since thou hast have their chance among others. _ ..... " ........ !of a total export trade of $2,575,- hawng been m business w~th Canada "~Cans in *~ .-, ........... ,' l ..... . I~meu, tney nau enougn co~on ~o Keep t~^. ~ .~^ ~-i'ed States sold ~oods~ ......... a~.. ~.e ~our- ~..~. .... There are vain woros anu iute woros ~._.... ....... [uuv,vvu, ~xte w. ~ s 1~:O wnlcn was SOlO goous valued at : ~a:nd!?S:lYh:e:dx:e~lTh~mSYfd/idi~h: f:lrY" !e!:!!?dt!d:te:Uf:~!i/~ttiW!p:io di~: ]t: toi:hsr,1So;:396n0~7ount~ o eWOrld that God hathhwaSrt~s :::dd~aald:~:/~1. w~:~,~ ]uB:l :gt a $p~1i9,~,53~:O~ th~36~:;;2,~r;Aug:~ P lgn l I!!ii~Van~]~da:W!idint b~fY;!ild!ie ~::chW~th :wh ' Americas foreign buying m that ear rtise Extensively Gi;:nt~ the lame, because the way is d ~e ec:h~:::Ss:lml.~ favor of !!i~3d48~?:052c64m2e10f~o0m00~::a:~;h :fh:tar:ld; m theanB:if.~:thuPr:deg::ds~ e re~o-~ ,,- I hearer Why not let them have a l As the Editor of the Arkansas] " [representing the greater efficiency of v rL Germany And thy two feet are sure and swift " . " ,, ..... eau in the UnitedI and stron llarger share mall our hves.---TheI.Gazette so aptly says, this cond,tmnI Imports Increase tAmerman m.dustry as compared to a w s I bran m enou h to make the or e rise in tha~ oi Iore~gn countries hich s ..... I " .Colum " I g g g " " I I " ' spent ~. ~enus smI every business man, banker, and[ The United Kingdom and Canada l ~ ~ne entire Give to the maimed, to thank Him for~ I . " " r 000 000 of Our Total Trade In the I i THE STAGE SCOTCHMAN Ifarmer interested m cotton, ourlaccounted for eve $900, , ] ;ani- ..year 1925] thy hands; I Idisorgafiization and unsound methodslAmerican exports relatively smalli Commerce department figures show es i~at~n spent [ Give to the captive since thou hast no I" "'~ .... u I have placed us in a position wherebyl sales having been made to other #ales ]that the aggregate trade both import ,, '~ne A.,~-:~-- ~ It is relresnmg ~o nave r~arry ~a -t I ~ ~ ......... .~agazmes ..... ~Th:~ bands der painted in his true colors by a southern agriculture has contributed]under control of England such as Brlt-[ana^expor~ oz.0~ principal countries ~hat th " ' minister the Rev Be d~apProximately $7,000,000,000 to in- ish India, Malaya, Hongkong, Austra-~in 1,3zo amounted to $58,500,000,000, ,h._ e American Give to the hungry, ~ince thou hast[Glasgw. . ' .... "-,- Y, ldustrv and suecul rs" he ast]lia. NewZealand British South Africa ! representing approximately nine ., ~ ____ ate in t 1 , no difficulty ~cott, who m a specmt ompa~cn .... . . or administrative thy fill; I The New York World is reported to]seven years. No class of people can tand Egypt. [tenths of that world foreign bumness. r the debt ' ,, " ' co " " ~ ...... ] That was an increase of 13 ~er cent Ge~,~ .... Give all thou hast---thou a t -]u ...... ;~. Nearl,z ev~r,,~hin~ Lau-I ntlnue to be prosperous or ever lImporus xrom ~nmln, nowever,~ -- -'"~- mark h .~w ~.~. . ~~-, ~, as ' ,, he I ........... lover 1925 and 54 per cent over 1913 Pared ,.,~,~ ..... or still. I~__ .:_,~o ;~ shodd- pe to grow prosperous, or even sur-iwere more wisely ms~rmu~eu. ~banaaa " . ,,~,x [ne 0ol I u~t ~t,~o ~o a . ~r.. .. .-- . " ,, , I He added that, as a Scotchman, helvive' under conditions of this the United Kingdom furnished W.~le~nere~ne usual annual increase umb or Dnna or " ~ ......... I " 1 be s en again this year m some the ....... If thou thyself be d . " ] ....... _.__1 ......... /this count~_v zoous valueo a~ ~a~2,-n ~ " " ,,~moer oi Dore ~ne actor a gruuge ior navmg Yo - - - ur respons~Dm~y ~o your corn what doubtful acc .o Germ I lame, I ' ~ " 000,000 for Che seventh months end- ording to experts i- any was ~ ....... led those outslde of ~cotland to be-lmunity demands that you bend everyl ......... who nredicted that the trade would Year ~.._,_ .IGive that thou hast in his lv~os~ rtoly~ .... ,,~,__.~:_, :-~- '~^am ~ ............ ~ing Augus~ 1, wnue ~mpor~s Iroml " . .,xucn Oil [lleve cna~r~uu..ttm ~ne ~tu~ "/eI~or~ ~o see ~na~ ~ne program ox ~ne/ ........... tnot be far from that in 1925 ,~i-for Name ' . ,,, ~. ,, . . ~bri~isn ~wamya were $265,'t4o,uuu " e,gn mam-I Im as areal Scothsh song.If]Acreage Reduct,on Committee, start-[ ..................... [ British trade was greater than that lUrin ' r . ano J~rl~lSn lnula ~ILUIL,'(DD,UO0. g the sum-I ..... ]people want the true Scotch flavo ,led last November, is carried out ml Iof an~ other nation The exhorts n by the policeIKnowipg hereafter thy rewaru snaulthe should turn to Burns and leave[s irit and ~ractice | Imports from Great Britain were]ft,~ ~h~ ~T,;~,~-.~'~, ,~ 1~o~ ho " " ~ Y P - " " ........................... ' rlbes st ] be I " Man of have IonI $140,000,000 greater m the seven a , . opped , ,,- ....... Lauder out. y us g .... s ve ...... / ........ . .]amounting to $4,910,000,000, were oelore t To hear Him sa Thou umst ]~ that Lauder was a oseur xuu~ ,re ~r,,y, , mon~ns ~nan ~ne corresponumg perlou ia "" hey[ ,, Y: Isuspected . . .P - .'I . o Bur-e~. " |, . : ....... I larger than the exports of any other ,tzelt that they] unto Me. [His pro-Bmhsh propaganda m thin| ~ ~, |las year, wmle the gain m expor~Slcountry' and outside of Great Brit- ~e ranc shows l_.(isabe1 C. Clarke in "The Pathway country during the war was sickening/ Secretary Arkansas Acreage |amounted to $35,806,000. ]sin exceeded the combined export~ of Dreams.") in its fanaticism and brutality. | Reduction Committee.t Experts at the department of com- of any two other countries. lace curtains at the windows, and the right, towards Abonito, winding more celebrated next and to confession the day before square, fat pillows on the bed; a along beside a little stream thickly R any other coun-l--the Russian attends two serwces a wagon whose joys I would share with bordered with rush one of the few ussian, who goesI day of several hours! Little food and