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April 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 9, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN Page 8evtm Compliments of Savings Bank PINE BLUFF, ARK. Trust Co. CULTURED JAPANESE PRIESTIing the Ancient Order of Hibernians BELIEVES IN PRESS POWER and with a program of benefit to Ire- ---- land, to ourselves and to our fellow (By N. C. W. C. News Service) citizens. There are many vacant Maryknoll, N. Y.--Father Francislchairs here this evening. If this or-: Iwashita, a Japanese secular priest, lganization is to live it must be re- is a living rebuke both to those who vivified by the young and the young consider converts to Catholicism in must be drawn to it by some utility." the Orient as belonging inevitably to In showing the feasibility of this a low social stratum and to the per- sons who deprecate the native clergy I I I III III II IIIII III COMPLIMENTS JONESBORO TRUST CO. | educational program, which, he said, .O~O" IO~c he sketclled but briefly,-- Bishop Sha- of mission countries, ban declared that there is nothing in ~ -- r~ :- ....... @ He comes of a wealthy Japanese the world more interesting than the g E.C. ~AI~TON THOMAS HENDERSON H TRUST COMPANY tfamily. He chose teaching as his history and literature of Ireland, that [I !| career and was formerly a professor the art of Ireland is being developed H r~o#"~r'.r~w A ........... |1 in his own country. About seven!and is being widely recognized and || II~.,['.I...~LJ-~ .uMBER COMPANY Is JONESBORO, ARKANSAS lyears ago, he left his homeland to'that the last eight years have seen [[ L~ ~ --. study in Europe, where he specialized a great growth in the number of good ~ ~ i r O M ankmu--Mort aueo-- -~ o Loans aft~erm'thehisEnghSharrival languagein Europe," ShortlYhe de- I booksthis plan.that would be avaqable. L unde I~lg Everyth :n - a,,,t tuD~-'"'--'~'~ '~ O cided to answer the call to the priest-i "Ireland and all that pertains toln ~ .~. . I II I ,, - ,,. - UllGln ,aterlal ihood and he was ordamed at Rome, i~t, said Bmhop Shahan, ~s an ~m-li[ g " U 4~o Interest on Savings Accounts lin June, 1925 lmense mine--a treasury of educa-] II || -. Subject to Check Father Iwashita passed through the ltionel values Ireland offers all hu-~ |l" M t United States on his way back to inanity intellectual advantages of/~ OSCEOLA, ARKANSAS n [Japan and stopped off at the Semi-every kind. If this body were or-/~ " nary of he Catholic Foreign Mission.ganized for educational purposes, not MI~O~O1~O , !~ ~ ~. ~.. . n /Society of America He addressed t only here in Washington, but in every ..... ~" ]the Maryknoll student body in ex- city of the United States, it could ac-! cellent and cultured English ,complish an immense amount of good. ST Jn~FPH'~ IN~m~AaV ,T. J. ELLIS & CO. t This Japanese priest has a-keenlThe Ancient Order of Hibernians ........ ~" .... ~,ava,--,-- for HOT SPRINGS GIFTS THAT LAST l appreciation of the power of the I would become an organizatio~ press. Since his return to Japan, he i the exchange of information between The South's Most Famous Sanitarium JEWELERS--OPTOMETRISTS [has already issued one Catholic tract, [ourselves and our fellow citizens." Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy which was bought by three thousand Other speakers included Msgr C This tel s ~ r: " " " JONESBORO, ARK. [ [ 1 he whole sto of effm~ency--w~th such conduct 'persons A second tract, written byIF. Thomas, pastor of St. Patrick'sSt. Joseph's has made good for years and with all classes. Father Obermann, S. J., professor atlChurch here; the Rev. T. VincentDEVOTED SISTERS ~ EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS the Imperial University of Tokyo, has I Fitzgerald, chaplain pf the A. O.H. COMPETENT NURSE CORPS .... ' ' ' V just been edited by Father Iwashltm}and Ladms Auxflmry here; the Re .Well Equipped Buildings--Of Prominent Location---Care in Ap Your The thesis of this second tract estab-iF, x. Cavanaugh, and Edward Kent- pointments--Every Room Outside Room---Well Lighted lishes that there is no inl~erent con-ling, former Representative from and Ventilated. Supplies__" JEFFERSON tradiction between Science and Re-[Colorado. Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S Reser~atin|, strumental in the conversion of the HERE, SAYS DR. STRATON HOTEL nozeu hgF:;h e r ....... oapanese Iwashita layman, has also lvir. been lanaKa, [ in- 1BAPTIST~HBED__Infirmary--Sanitarium---Rest , Professional Attenda.ce ~Hme professor of law at the Imperial Uni-I The Baptist Church is on its For Reservations Apply to AgOp European Plan, : versity of Tokyo. [death-bed in New York, due to the REV. SISTER SUPERIOR ~|t et ,_ _ Popular Prices, A Maryknoll missioner, Father I influence of modernism, the Rev. _ St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. 718~aOUld Be. Private Baths, Leopold H. Tibesar of Quincy, ElL[John Roach Straton declared at the ~ln Street Electric Elevator nois, paid a recent visit to Susono,[Calvary Baptist Church Sunday. To,ar~ the home of Father Iwashita. SusonolProve his point, he said, it was only l~~ ~99 Pine Bluff, Ark. PINE BLUFF, ARK. is a little country town, in the Arch-Inecessary to cite the figures that[ [~[ Iw A l~ I.I. aIRR.~ [~I diocese! of Tokyo. Father Tibesarlcontributions for foreign missionaryl]~l ............... ~7. ....~ I~]1 ~ ~ writes:* "The Iwashita property is[work had been cut in half in lessll~[ t~_][l:~ I~D~I"~ g'~/'~l'~Dl~l~ A~_I~ a large estate on which over two hun- [than five years. Dr. Straton said: I t~]l ~LI|J~D,..~ ~UD. ~UUl"~.,l~.~.llr.~ dred persong live. They are occupiedI "The Baptist denomination is on I ~[~.~MPANV | there with tea culture. Father Iwash-lits deathbed so far as New York is/l~l ........... ~l ita-has a separate establshiment, a/concerned, and, as in the case of the|[~[ ~ .... ~.^, ....... ~ [~[ . . M~llu~uLurvr~ ut neat school, a chapel and a rectory, lProtestant denominations polsoned/~t ~l~uJ.:x~. ~ ,~. ~l His little parish is made up of family/by modernism, the official under-II~l l'i ht Barrel Staves |l Compliments of retainers." "taker will have to be called soon,[ I~I . w ~ ~[ RCH , "The number of native Japanese entUnleSSpoison,thereoraiS a transfusion of new] [~[ M~'ngs, Ark., Glerlwood,.. ~ .. . Ark. l~ )riests is now around fifty blood, or an eradication of the pres-! lal r~,~ ~_.~ ~~_ ....... [[ u. rnone zuuz --..Oloa~'ffl|2"~kl~l ~.~~l'~"~ltN~" CHU miraculous cure by l l[4, ..... ~ ~ - .......... Ill Address All Commumcatmns to k. O. H. GIVEN SUGGESTION BY a return to the faith under the lead-[ [~i A~lCat~oons:o ~l BISHOP SHAHAN ership:of the 'Gerat Physician.' " [[Ut HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS JONESBORO, ARK. - -- -- The Northern Baptists were sound] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) at heart, Dr. Stanton said, but ....... Washington, April 4. The Rt. small minority was blamed for I~' ~" Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, Rector of the drop in gifts for foreign missionsl~ Catholic University of America, pre- " ' UR BUSINESS SAFELY GUARDED from $11,290,642 m 1921 to $4,431, YO sented to the Ancient Order of Hi- 869 in 1925. For meeting the cur-]~ -" bernians and Ladies' Auxiliary at rent expenses at home the enthu-I$ ....... ~" ..*::-- .... ---- ........ __.~ their annual banquet here last night siasm had remained high, he said, l~ RANDOLPH COUNTY BANK (: l liraents I! When You Think of - a program of educational endeavor, gifts increasing from $16,752,293, to].~ l[ clSy which, he said, "will accomplish much $2,5,,627,771, in 1925. ,~ Often it is painful to see the/'~' , ~' 4" EIN" F forgdourfrfellowUrselveS'citizens."fr Ireland and handful of people scattered about in]~ A QUARTER OF A CENTURY Bishop Shahan urged the Hibern- a large, auditorium," said Dr. Stra-~.~ .............. OF SAFE'BANKING [| inns and their Auxiliary to organize ton. There was a time under their'" e SHOp[j City Fish and themselves for this educational par-old-fashioned Baptist leadership, all[ .~, 4. pose---to put reliable'libraries of Irish of which was then Fundamentalist,[~ POCAHONTAS, ARK. ,ill Oyster Co books in Catholic schools, to bringotherProtestantWhen our' denomination, like the/~ ,@_ representative and prominent speak- !| Everything That Swims ors on Irish matters to the public lec- and flourished ind:ng~=ii::tsi:n:d gmr::/~'M'H'~'M'I'~~" .-- "-- [| ture platforms, to bring about an ad- blessed manner. But since the blight II 3O3 Main Street vantageous use of motion pictures and of modernism hit us, nothing but dis- ltl'U F' ARK. It Phone 758 to see that the newspapers carry aster, portending final death and de- I! PINE BLUFF, ARK. activities.tin'ely and accurate accountsof Irish struction, has been our portion." In the development of this idea "The study of the occult sciences \ JANSEN CHEVROLET CO. POCAHONTAS, ARK. (:FIEVROLET SALES AND SERVICE Shop throughout the evening it was pointed out that Ireland and things Irish are not properly put before the people and that it is possible to attract to the Emerald IMe the attention of many Americans who are in Europe during the year. "We have within ourselves," Bishop Shahan said, "the means or revivify- interests me very much," remarked the new boarder, "I love to explore the dark depth of the mysterious, to delve into the regions of the unknown to fathom the unfathomable, as it were, and to--" "May I help you to some of this hash, professor?" interrupted the landlady. Established 1882 Fox Brothers Hardware Company WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HARDWARE- PINE BLUFF, ARK. Complete Service Individual attention by our Skilled Operators using scien- tific methods will keep you charmingly attractive. Collingsworth Beauty Shop 122 Pine St. Phone 1533 PINE BLUFF, ARK. @ Tires, Gasoline and Supplies ] Phone 2300 PINE BLUFF, ARK. PINES CHEVROLET COMPANY AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE 812:817 Main Phone 94 / m COMPLIMENTS ST. PAUL'S CHURCH POCAHONTAS, ARK. 1906,, GOODs WAVING In the Heart of Pine Bluff Franey Brothers Dealers in ,, PAINTS, WALL PAPER AND VARNISHES 501 Main Street CAL RENT Sixth Avenue 1646 PINE BLUFF, ARK. ARK. HOWE HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS OPENED DECEMBER 1, 1926 J" WILL HOWE, Manager ! PINE BLUFF, ARK.