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April 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 9, 1927

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~h=tL no~in.g j s ~" r ~A~ Ill ~t e-ratur e I~[ ~'t~on:"so [|] ~1 P~,rpetual Mission--- m a .... ":2L]'_": .... ! ~~~;~'s"~ Illl i "The Guard:an i,, every m . ,o,,__o.,.o,,o.. The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas LITTLE ROCK. ARK., APRIL 9, 1927 No. 30 ROADs TO ROME. ing, and a genuine and fruitful1 method for theological thought, and ble tributes to the[a truth which brightens more and have recently been more into the perfect day." clergymen~ Chesterton, who writes deli~f~y Practice of confes- about everything summed up the advocates the introduc- modern attitude toward the Church SAYS FUNDAMENTAL AMERICANISM CARD. HAYES' PLEA FOR CEN-believe the present law will provide SORSHIP TO CLEAN UP STAGE them with more loopholes. "We have great respect for the AT STAKE IN SECTIONAL PREJUDICES -w. . the theatrieal profession. We Albany, N. Y.--The position of have no notion that the theater should Cardinal Hayes of New York on stage i be made a church or a Sunday school. Helena, Mont., April 5. When that denomination held views in the- censorship, temperate yet firm, for'The theater was meant for recreation service of the Rosary, in a whimsical statement, when he the creed "with liberty and justice elegy squarely opposed to the convic- theater cleanliness, was presented be-land this should remain its purpose; elates that the strong- replied to a letter of congratulation for all" is practiced in our individual tions of the other churches. If fore a committee of the Assembly of it is a useful purpose, too. I have 'against Bolshevism in its on his conversion: "Until about the and national life, America will be those other churches should attack the New York Legislature here this lheard it said that playing is next door ~is the Catholic Church. end of the nineteenth century a man bigger and greater, and Protestant Mr. Taft on religious grounds, he week. Ire praying as a necessity '" ,, " arao ia~ should surprise was expected to give his reasons for and. Roman Catholic controversies could not possibly be elected. The Msgr. M. J. Lavelle of the Cathe- The earnest desire of Cardinal r t~ .,y ha~ .~ been given joining the Catholic Church; today a will be buried so deep that "we shall matter was settled by Mr. Roosevelt dral brought the Cardinal's views, Hayes and of the entire body of our and in all countries by man is really expected to give his never hear of them again," the Rev. taking emphatically the position that ~ which were expressed at a hearinglCatholic people is that the best means students, reasons for not joining it." And the James Elvin, pastor of the Helena)the American people had too much on the Jenks bill to subject all stage that can be devised for cleaning up Congregational Church, declares in a!good sense and too high an ideal for productions to the same sort of'sup- the stage be adopted, and this bill who have come,same eminent speaker does not ............... and er h his s~gneo aructe wmcn appearea a zew za~r piny, to oppose any man zor ervasmn by the State Department of seems to be the best instrument" P sonal obser- mince matters when he says t at " . . . . . "~" ~ " z :- .... I . .. days ago in the Helena Daily Inde- pubhc serwce because of his private ~ .... +; ..... ; ........... ~.~ ..... I Actors Not Blamed ,~ no~ t~e ~ruth own conversion was a resurrecI:lOn, ......... ~"~'~'~'"- oo ,o ~,~-- =--==~,o=,, "*~'1 tan appeal and thela call from death to life, as in theiPenuent" religmus eerier, the film industry. I In general those favoring the Jenlm ficacy of t~- .~-~ !case of Lazarus whom Christ raised! Writing under a title which in- "The faith of Mr. Roosevelt and Cardinal Hayes' view supported the lbill contended that plays now pro-, helle Church.' ..... I from the tomb 'And with faith came)quires,9,, "Roman C~tholic for Presi- lals" frmnds' was justified. When Mr. bill, and Monsignor Lavelle was onelduced in New York are a distinct have - -" - )for him the righting" of a tonsv turvv[dent" the pastor says in part:Taft, as President, sought a chief)of a score of representatives of)menace to the morals of youth, the passeo Irom ~ o ~ - ~, . ..... )a and fra " - " [world In the sonnet on his conver-I "American Roman Catholicsare justice, he looked for a great lawyer)churches, church bodies and other or-lhome and American civilization. The Pairation - nK .a.omlS-[sion he says" Iloyal citizens. How do we know~ and not a great Unitarian. His choicelganizations urging passage of the)stage, they held, had failed to accept ra=. e rost~ an~.u~tlmate[' ISimply by looking around us and fell on Edward D. White, a Roman)measure. Actors' organizations, thelthe opportunity of purifying itself. ie~c~,- a~d Wo~ o~ names i,,r h ..... ,~ m, ho,d notii~ the fact that they are If Catholic. [Theater Guild, the producers and)No speaker blamed the actors, the , re" ""~ emlnen~ in~ ......... ~ -~- , o " I . " .re e,.t hglon and ..... And the whole world turned over t Governor Smith is nominated for the "Those who are taking the posl-lothers, including Canon Charles K. view taken being that they have been el~;~raced the C;:herature.wni and came ri~,ht !presidency we shall have set before tion that no Roman Catholic ought I Gilbert, who said he represented the helpless in the hands of those in- th~ ..!eW Years in noac salon m For I was Lazarus and amnowlus for our consideration, a clear-cut to be permitted to hold the office oflEpiscopal Diocese of New York, op-lterested in the box office only, who iri~ ~Orld is si .... every country[ ,~,,~ ,: ]issue of right and wron~ Are Ca the President of the United States are lposed it ihave exploited human depravity for ~" ~-t~leanl: ann in- ~. ...... ~ v- - . ltholics equal to }rotestants before proceeding on the erroneous assump-1 Cardinal's Views Presented money. Opponents of the measure ou , t the law~ When I salute the fla and tlon that if Chief Justice White,, ~ leaded for another opportunity for : ntry the ...... ~1 There must be something more~ '! " g ..... I I have been instructed bythe P . ' ~lon to the Catholi, lthan human in a faith that can at-lsay the words that thrill me, 'With had been President, he would not[Cardina1 to declare here and every-1the stage to clehn house from within. a 55 ~ l so man diverse in )liberty and justice for all,' does that have been big enough man to ap [where th h " n ' ' ,000 and 60 00O [tract and he d y -~ " . , "~ at e ~s heart a d soul fort ~v ' ~word all' embrace Protestants onl ~ point Mr Taft as chief justice be ,, IARMY SUNDAY SCHOOLS GAIN : en to the Church tellects and varying personalitiies. In '" ~ Y'~. " m ." . "[cleaning up the stage,said Men-I ............. rates five A~-,hk~=h ]fact one of the strongest argumentslGod forbid; and God save us allfCause ~v~r. taft is a Unitarian. Thatlsignor Lavelle,~"and also to declaret IN AaTENDANgLP PS and ten-~V~::~':'Ifor the truth of the Catholic religion)from that kind of bigotry. May that)is an assumption we cannot make. ~his approval of this bill as the best[ : , : -------- ~-n fOUnders of'~':~ iand the divine power that sustains[kind of rot never get permanentlyI "I have an American creed very instrument thus far to accomplish (By S. C. W. C. News Serwce)' ble instituti,,~ "~:~s--~her is the number and quality of)rooted in our free American soil. isldear to me. Millions of the most in-~ this The play jury plan has not Washington, April 2. Sunday ~n the TTnit-a ~*-~^-Ithe converts she has received into)the p~nclple for a square deal)tell-gent Americans share it wlthlgiven satisfaction to our people. The schools'm the Army, mstltuhons httle Olic eonver~o~her~fold in the two thousand yearslsound? Many religious fanatics say=me- It consists of six words. 'With[censorship proposition appears to known to the general public, are vo ~E.illUll.m~ ! l~ . . i . . . . . - , .... . . = or remote r-~-~-..^- ~of her existence.Pilot Boston. I No. Are Roman Catholics, enhtledlhbc~ty and ]ustiee for all. When)have some teeth in It. It would he- flourishing and advancing steadily, ~t nts of the ~'~,~ffJ 1 Ire be tried and tested for what they!that creed is practiced in our individ-[complish what everyone here has at is shown in a circular letter to chal~ C , are like the rest of the human ual and natmnal life, ours will indeed ,, atholie eonver*~ MARYKNOLL S FIRST CHINESE I , " I [heart. lains issued here by Lieut. Col. John ions. From ~'- ~"~'~ PRIEST ORDAINED)beings? This issue strikes the hour. It be a bigger and greater America, and) Concerning the objection to the T. Axton, Chief of Army Chaplains. the names ~;e:~s~; is time indeed to stand up and be Protestants and Roman Catholic con-[word "censorship, Monsignor Lavelle Coionel Axton gives the average n counted for fundamental Amerm tro~ersles will be buried so deep that , Jefferson, LinSwatow, China, Feb28 Mary- " an- " ,, [said: attendance at four of the larger Army 1 ~sm The rmc~ le at stake we shall never hear of them again ,, "nley, Roosevelt- knows first native Chinese Priest " p " "p may be " " t Perhaps some other term might Sunday schools in 1926 as follows: he convert move was ordained in the City of Swatow, stated a~ follows: Can we in free be used to obviate opposition on that Schofield Barracks, Hawan, 248; Ft. has also enrolled recently, with Bishop /kdolph Rays- America treat men as equals and test ground, and there would be no diffi- Bragg, N. C., 174; Ft. Monroe, Va., them by what they really are?' LOUVAIN PROFESSOR MADE A culty in finding a suitable synonym. 158, and Ft. Leavenworth, Kans., 135. of such his- as Brewster, Clay, Franklin,- Haw- and Greeley. since the Oxford has been a steady COnverts. Begin and Manning and to Benson and list includes some of in l':lnglish litera- sac, Vicar Apostolic of Swatow, of- ficiating. Father Paul Hen, the new priest, belonging to the Hakha field in East- ern Kwangtung, assigned to the Catholic Foreign Mission Society in Ameria in 1925. Hewill work with the Maryknoll superior of the Hakha field, Father Francis X. Ford. Several Maryknollers were able to be at the ordination, as well as two French Fathers, four Chinese priests, and two Chinese seminarians from Penang. The ordination of Maryknoll's first native priest is epochal in the missionary history of the American society. Compliments MEMORIAL - TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS nts after joining the ,e exprssed in thel T de Vote, "In the a ~:::: an ever deep- uom ever widen- "We mus~ no~ go on the assump- tion that any great group of our fen tow citizens cannot be true to Ameri- can ideals of religious liberty and was the man to succeed him. There was only one serious question in their minds. Mr. Taft was a Unitar- ion, in fact an outstanding leader of that denomination, which comprised less than one-hundredth of the vot- ers of the United States. Moreover, BISHOP (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Louvain, March 7. Rev, H Cop- pieters, dean of the Flemish city of Alost and former professor of Holy Scriptures at the University of Lou- vain, has been appointed to the Bis- hopric of Ghent as coadjutor to Bis- hop Seghers with the right of suc- cession. Having been a contributor to the American Catholic Encyclo- pedia, Dr. Coppieters is not unknown in the United States, where, more- over, many of his former students are exercising the sacredotal ministry: "THE AUTOMOBILE HOTEL" COMPLETE ---El Dorado's finest drive-in service sta- tion. Our new fireproof home boasts of every convenience for the motorist. Visit the "Automobile Hotel." General Cord Tires, Exide Batteries, Watson Stabilators Vulcanizing, Fireproof Storage, Washing, Polishing, Oiling, Greasing! 0 117 W. Locust Phone 4-6 EL DORA'DO, ARK. Speaking for myself, I can see no objection to 'censorship.' All law in- volves censorship of one kind or an- other. I dc cot see where the term should be a stumbling block. As I look upon it, the word is used here as a fetish and bugaboo by those who are opposed to this proposal. I do not know why we should pay any at- tention to it. "I hav~ heard and I have read that Recently, he adds, the Ft. Bragg school had an attendance of 356, "and there are many successful Sunday Schools in the Army with a member- ship of 35 to 100. "New methods in religious educa- tion are being employed," he says, "and large numbers of children and soldiers are being reached each week by this ministry of ehaplains." those who are financially interestedI German bishops have evolved a in the plays that we repudiate want)system of taxation whereby priests the law to remain as it is," Monsignor [with adequate salaries will contribute Lavelle continued. "That desire un-]~o the support of priests laboring in doubtedly is due to the fact that they sections where Catholics are few. HOPE LUMBER COMPANY TALBOT FEILD, President and Manager MANUFACTURERS OF Southern Pine Lumber Office, Saw Mill, Planer and Yards located in HOPE, ARKANSAS a town in the Southwest part of the state, famous as the best business town in Arkansas. The streets are paved. Good schools. Plenty of churches and lodges. Delightful climate. 7500 healthy and contented people. Situated on the Missouri Pacific, Frisco, L. and A. and Hope and Southeastern Railroads, with the Bankhead Highway running through gives quick access to any part of the state for the many visitors who enjoy the won- derful hospitality of its citizens. The Hope Lumber Company, now enjoying its 52rid year, extends a cordial invitation to all to inspect its plant when in the city.