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April 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 9, 1927

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@ THE GUARDIAN GAY JOYCE l"Yu are so good. I cannot leave my JyeelSisters'l It is a man's place to care Gay Joyce lived on the old for his sisters." farm; two hundred acres, twenty~ "I mean to take them also," said milch cows, acres of wheat land, IGay. tobacco and corn. The house wasI There! She had done it! She had old, well built, and comfortable.[vacant roms, money at interest, and Agatha--that was Gay's baptismal lthe wonderful health God had given name --- was born here, as was her[her" She needed a child--or two or father. She had been to college--althree__to keep her young. With girls' college in Maryland four years, l Then in the sweet April dusk, three rCarl coming home from college and Mary attending the district school. weeks before her graduation, the] telegram came saying mother was dead. t I Gay forgot she was going o be ai teacher and went back to the IllinoisI farm to keep house for daddy. It she would have Vincent around home with her and her days would be full---full as they were when she had her daddy. Vincent's hand left her hair. "Its curly, and its my color, isn't it Gay?" When you are bothered by felines, just put the sheet-iron pussy out on the back fence. Every cat that hears him will come out to fight. No soon- er is the sheet-iron cat touched than his claws and teeth begin to work with startling rapidity. The other cats are t6rn and put to flight, but the mechanical cat remains unin- jured. In this case the inventor had, at least, a commendable intention, and it is strange that his efficient kitty did not become more popular. The first secured a patent on a combined alarm clock and bedstead. The inventor provides for "the drop- ping of a bolt, as the hour hand of the alarm clock reaches the appointed was a year later on a scorching-hotf "Yes," she answered him. "I am day of late June that daddy had a a regular tow head and you are my stroke. Five years he lay helpless, little boy." Gay fed him, turned him, lifted him, t--Jane Howe Kenedy, in the Sign. waited on him hand and foot. l She felt worse at parting with him FREAK PATENTS RECORDED than with her mother. He was allI IN THE PATENT OFFICE she had. The neighbors said she' hour, lets loose a set of bars which holds up the mattress which in turn mechanism which was held in a case ings of the horse are considered, itt patent issued on an clamped to the head of the wearer. In is fortunate that the treadmill'earl vice. The patentee alleged the words of the inventor, this re- was not a success. ] markable h~adpiece "automatically Ingenuity knows no bounds or rulesI person cannot snore whil, effects polite~salutations by elevation Some clever chap secured a patent on] his side," and to prevent and rotation of the hat on the head of a raincoat with a gutter and a spout, other way he provides the saluting party when said person The lower hem' of "the coat is turned arch of hard material bows to the person or persons salut- up to form a gutter and is inclir/ed so tween the back of the ed." that the water will run to one side means of straps about the A patent which is quaintly reminis- where a tubular spout several inches neck, thereby preventing cent of Percy, the famous mechanical long shoots the water away from the from sleeping on the back man of the comic sheets, was granted wearer, the idea being, of course, to is thus easily eliminated b: on the invention of a man named keep the legs dry. al of the cause. We al o Jaul, covering a steam tractor en- Snoring is still a great menace to the patents a guillotine for gine which was propelled by a very society, although in 1872 a humorousing poultry. unusual means. Instead of having wheels at the rear of the carriage, the inventor provided two pair of vibrat- ing levers or walking legs which op- erated forward and backward in an swings upon central pivots dropping elliptical movement, one metal foot the sleeper upon the floor." being placed forward and then drawn The second covers an alarm clock backward thereby pushing the engine connected with a container and a tube forward. The inventor described the The tube has a perforated end to be legs of his contraption as "moving fastened about the neck of the sleep- like the hind legs of a cow." This should not take on so. She tried to The Patent Office records re- er. Before retiring the user fills the device was intended for farm use, be brave but he was her daddy, and veal many utterly useless pat- container with water, and at the hour being especially adapted for running she would be alone, entg, all undoubtedly intended to be set a spring actuated by the clock over rough ground. She turned to the farm work. of great service to mankind, but releases the water from the contain- In the early days of railroading, ex- There was the orchard the wheat, some are actually worthless, some fields, the tobacco acreage. With grotesque, some ridiculous, and many worked from sun ~are merely huge jokes. The scope of uptW she Her farm was :fthese "freak" patents extends far show. place to which agricultural beyond the bounds of practical ira- students were taken on inspection'aginatin" tours. At thirty-five Gay was wealthy. She was a large wholesome-looking woman, tanned a golden brown, and her great mop of light curly hair was fairer than her skin. Wind and weath- ex she loved, but whether on a ladder in the orchard pickig fruit for a Chi- cago shipment or sitting under one of her prize cows she thought often: "I am alone." One by one she had stopped writ- ing to her classmates. She had no near relatives. Her nearest neighbor lived across- fields in a ramshackle house. Thi., was a widow, Mrs. Leary, who some- times went out among the neigh- bors helping the housewives. She was no longer young. Gay recalled that she had been living there, in "daddy's tenant house" when she came back from her first year at college. Seventeen years. Gay had noticed her failing. Her eyes were dim and her step feeble. A year back, Mrs. Leary had gone to North Carolina to her daughter's funeral and had brought back the three children--Carol, Mary and Vincent. Carol was a big girl, seven- teen, and in the year she was with her grandmother she had walked eight miles a day---four to and four from~he township high school. She had graduated with highest hon- ors and was planning on going to col- lege, but the Leafy farm of only forty acres was a poor farm at the best and would not permlt it. Carol stopped in to see Gay often. to borrow a book or to bring a quilt pattern from grandma. Mary, the twelve year old, came also. Vincent came with his grandma. He was only six and he was blind. I Gay had driven the milk truck into the shed and started for the house. Late August, and a few leaves were turning on the maples. From the top of a giant elm an oriold broke into a mad caroling and she stood to listen. Across the field of shocked wheat she discerned Mary Lee, Mrs. Leary's granddaughter. She waited for the child, drinking in thc~beauty about her. "Good morning, 'Mary," she called as the child neared her "How is everybody?" "Grandma is dea~l and I came for ~you," said the child' Gay took the little hand in hers and went across the wheat field. No word was spoken Gay couldn't. She was thinking of that sweet April dusk, years back in Maryland, when the message came that her mother was gone. In the door yard Mary said: "It will be easy for Carol and me to get homes. We can see to work. It hurts Vincent so because he is blind. Will you tell him his blindness does not matter?" They were in the spotless kitchen. Carol sat at the window, crying softly. She WaKed her hand toward the inner part of the house and said: "Do, please, go in." On the bed lay Agnes Leary, a smile on her sweet old face. At her side stood Vincent. "I am glad you came, Gay Joyce," he said. "I al- ways~ feel you." He held out his arms. She knelt and held him clogS, patting his pretty yellow hair. "Grandma told me she wais going and for me to,be brave, might have to go back to North Carolina to Uncle Jim ',Lee. He has twelve children. I likd :it here---the birds, the trees, the wined, the flowers, and you'!" ~"I like you ~oo, and I like grand- ma," said Gay. "Do you think she liked me enough to give you to me?" What would she do with him? The still ~orm on the bed, the under-sized little Mary, and Carol at woman- hood's bring, with a college course as her goal, were all pleading for Vincent. er into the tube and the sleeper is periments were made on many unus- given a cold shower. The inventor ual devices before the locomotive en- speaks of this device as "an easy gine successfully solved the problem awakener." The third patent is called "an alarm and walking bed." This con- "There Must Be a Reason"-- Over $2,000,000.00 Assets Only 12 Months Old "I thank you," he said gravely. No one who has been awakened from a sound sleep by the exasperat- ing yowls of a cat can fail to recog- nize the fine intentions of the man who patented a "mechanical sheet- iron cat with cylindrical attachment and steel claws and teeth, worked by clockwork, having a bellows inside which inflated the tail at will to an astonishing size and, by a tremulo a~tachment causes at the same time the sheet-iron cat to emit the noises of a living one." traption consists of a clock which upon striking the hour set, releases a bar and the head portion of the bed collapses, thereby giving the upper part of the sleeper's body a severe jolt. The realm of courtesy is brought into contact with the field of inven- tion by a gentleman from Seattle who patented a self-tipping hat. This in- genious man constructed a hat which would tip itself with the aid of the hands. The hat contained a curious Quality Service ' IJ Cleans From Attic to Cellar Not Only Carpets, But Bare Floors. Ask for a Free Royal Demonstration ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION CO. Phone 6127 Eighth and Main Streets [] Oak Floors Add Dignity To Good Period Furniture Just another effective example of improving an old family home by replacing the worn carpets with modern spic and span Oak Floors Every admirer of a good interior naturally wants her own to be at its best. No one factor plays so important a part in properly setting off good furniture as good floors--and of course Oak affords "the best," even though the cost is no more than for some materials less satisfactory. A good floor layer or your lumber dealer will tell you the exact cost. Ask about it. Cedar Lined Clothes Closets The Housewife's Delight! And more--for really, at least one is indispensable. And here, in this handsome, pleasingly fragrant, as practical and thoroughly use- fu] closet, Milady may hang her choice garments or store woolens, accessories, etc., secure against the ravages of moths. Bruce Ceda hne Is within reach of your purse and telephone. Just call your lumber dealer. Installed for a few dollars in a few hours. After that, con- venience, satisfaction and actual delight. OUR LITTLE BOOK TELLS MORE, MAY WE SEND IT? E. L. BRUCE COMPANY MANUFACTURERS MEMPHIS, TENN. Largest Manufacturers Oak Flooring in the World. which confronted the railway build- ers. An early 19th century patent covers a car driven by means of a horse on a treadmill inside the car, which, by means of connection with a se~ of gears, drove the wheels for- war~l. Actual experiments proved this odd means of propulsion unsatisfac- tory for railroad use. When the feel- & TRUST CO. SEVENTH AND MAIN sT$' LITTLE ROCK, ARK. [] Operating a chain of 60 FAIR STORES over the State, takes pleasure in inviting you to visit the Ready-to-Wear Department in THE FAIR STORE in your town. We maintain an office in New York for the purpose of supplying our stores with Ladies' Ready-to-Wear, Coats, Dresses and Hats. Our buy- ers are always combing the market for the newest patterns and styles, buying direct from the manufacturer, you will be surprised at the sav- ings which can be made by trading at our stores regularly. [] LITTLE ROCK 201 WEST SECOND STREET A BANK FOR THE FAMILY --Father --Mother --Young Folks --The Young Children Many Guardian readers do their Banking with "us. We invite those who do not to. COME IN AND GET ACQUAINTED OFFICERS MOORHEAD WRIGHT, President E. J. BODMAN, Vice-President OSCAR McCASKILL, Secretary A. BRIZZoLARA, Jr., Cashier