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April 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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April 7, 1923

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PAGE EIGHT THE ,GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1923 L " " " " .... * * " " " ARCHBISHOP'S DEATH SENTENCE " LISTENING IN " the Russiau Orthodox Church, says: "Metropolitan Platen wanted to ex- " By Autolycus * WAS SHOCK TO CHRISTIAN WORLD press his sympathy by a brotherly /visit. Archbishop Hayes received the * * * * * * * * * * * * Metropolitan most graciously, the two Archbishops shaking hands warmly Start and Go National Catholic Welfare Council Protests to Soviet Government and Ap- The visit lasted half an hour and was A gentleman named Patrick Short peals to PresidentSecreta'ry Hughes' Message--England Deeply most fraternal. Our Metropolitan told somehow got into the Ku Klux Klan. StirredNew York Rabbis Protest. lie has now left it in circumstances Archbishop Hayes of how heartsick which he explains below. To be more he was over the terrible sentence of precise, he was expelled. The letter an Archbishop of that branch of the informing him that he and the Klan (By N. C. W. C. News Serivce) tiona] Catholic Welfare Council on the Church to which Msgr. Hayes belongs must part was dated "the desolate Washmgton, March 29.Imposition American Relief Commission in Rns- and expressed the most profound day of the weeping week of the ter- of the death sentences passed upon sin, is now supervising the Papal Re- grief that he could do nothing in Rus- rible month of the year of the Klan Archbishop Zepliak, head of the Cath- lief Expedition which is engaged il sia, as he was not of the Bolshevist LVI." Upon receipt of this Patrick olic Church in Russia, and Msgr. the distribution of food in the famine party." took up his pen and wrote as follows Butchkavitch, aroused the resentment districts og that country. At Archbishop Hayes' residence, re- (as quoted by the Chicago Tribune"): of the whole Christian world and un- Polish Protest ports of the meeting were confirmed "It is true, your Royal Highness, doubtedly was the cause of indefinite Premier Sikorski, of Polaud, told a by his secretary, the Rev. Dr. Stephen that I sinned grievously against your postponement of the executions. The vast assemblage in Warsaw that t},c A. Donahue. Imperial Empire, for I did actually two prelates were convicted by a Bol- Polish government was making every on the desolate day of the weeping shevist tribunal in Moscow on charges effort to save the lives of the two 71 YEARS A NUN, week .... in the city of Dallas, in of having resisted the decrees of the men. He indicated that in this effori MOTHER MARY LESLIE the county of Dall'as, and in the State ,Soviet government providing for the his government had been supp-rtel DIES IN EDINBURGH of Texas, being a part of your Impe- confiscation of church property, by the United States. Cardinal Ka- riaI Domain, tell a bunch of your im- The American government through kowski was the celebrant at a solemn London, March 26.--Few religious perial slaves who were then and there Secretary Hughes officially expressed high Mass in Warshaw for the con- m any part of the worhl possessed assembled in room 921 of the Adol- disapproval of the Soviet action; the demned prelates and after the Mas. such a proud record as the venerable phus Hotel in said city, in said state, Vatican addressed a note to Moscow the congregation and thousands of Scottish nun, Mother Mary Sales Les- of said realm, to 'Take a good running calling for the release of the prison- other persons marched to the office 'lie of the Ursuline order, who has just start and go to hell,' when they de- ers; the British and Polish govern- of the Prime Minister to ask what died at her conven in Edinburgh af- manded of me, a native-born Texan, ments continued their efforts' to save steps the goverument was takin to tcr having completed the seventy- that I submit to their to the condemned men; and the National prevent the executions. A resolutio: first year of her religious profession. how and for whom I should cast my [ Catholic Welfare Council and other calling upon the government to make Few religious ladies have reached ballot, and demanded that I should organizations both Catholic and non- every possible effort in behalf of such an advanced age as the deceased surrender to them my rights as a Catholic, protested emphatically in Archbishop Zepliak and his associate nun, although an Anglican nun in citizen and support a gang of men for messages to the President of the ,has been passed unanimously by the London has just passed her hundredth offiCewardheelersWhOm ahadsmall, secretlyclique Ofselected__political .UnitedcommissarStateSof Foreignand to Affairs.the Bolshevist Polish ReformChamberRabbisf DeputieS.Message birthday,.. A member of the ancient and of this act [ again admit I was The American Protest The Association of Reform Rabbis] Scttish family of the Leslies of Me- and am guilty." Secretary Hughes in an official of New York have addressed a pro- ] rayshire, the late Mother Leslie was The Klan would be well advised to statement concerning the note con- test to M. Tchitcherin concerning the[ born in 1831 and brought up as a extend its prohibition to all persons veyed to the Soviet government proposed imposition of the death pe,- Protestant. At the age of sixteen she was re- named Patrick. through the American Ambassador alty on the Catholic prelates. The ca- ceived into the Cattmlic Church by Dry Yelps at Berlin, said: blegram signed by Rabbi Dr. Samuel I the late Bishop Gillis, who was then A novel cure for prohibition is sug- "With reference to the report of the Schulman of the Temple Beth-El, Vicar Apostolic of the Eastern Dis- B R A DFORD t gested by a resident of Illinois. He death sentence passed on Archbishop reads: trier of Scotland--it was in'the days DR CO declares he will never, while the act Zepliak and other Roman Catholic ec- "The Association qf Reform RabbiL before the Scottish Hierarchy was re- U (' is in force, contribute a penny to any clesiastics in Russia, the Department New York, pleads in the uame of hu- stored. Five years after becoming a church or society representing a re- of State has takeu steps, through the manity and mercy that Governments] Catholic the young convert entered The House of Oualily ligious organization; and he says if American Ambassador at Berlin, to do not execute ecclesiastics." the Ursuline Convent in Edinburgh, Phones: 4-0227, 40218 every "wet" followed his example for give expression to the humanitarian Feeling in official quarters in where she took the final vows ifl a year, "there Would be such a yelp interest of the American people, and washington is inclined to the opinloa 1860. 209 W. SeCOlld St. you could hear it if you were uncon- their earnest hope that the lives of that the animus of the Soviet authori- Of her two sisters: one also became scious." This has no direct interest these ecclesiastics may be spared." ties against the Archbishop and other a am, while her brother was well Little IRock for Catholics. The Church took no Prior to the dispatch of the State meinbers of the Catholic clergy knowv as Father E. W. Leslie of the go,,o.,, ..... part in the prohibition campaig:n. In Department message to Berlin, the springs from the fact that they are Jesuit order. - ..... '' fact it was suggested that the cam- National Catholic Welfare Council Poles and is an illustration of the :or- paign was aimed at Catholics. ha(l cabled a protest against the e) e- uous lnethods pursued by the corn- Putting It Over cutions to M. Tchitcherin, People's munists to further their political end./ ...... __ Some Protestant ministers make no Commissar for Foreign Affairs, at / mlRm. lai  N secret of the fact that they "put Moscow. This message was signed by Russian Orthodox Regret I over" prohibition, and are openly Archbishop Edward J. Hanna, of San New York, March 30.--Archbishupl SAFETY C0C boasting of the success of the ma-I Franeise, chairman of the Adminis- Platen, Metropolitan of the Russian[ :' noeuver. I did not know they were I trative Committee of the N. C. W. C. Orthodox Church in North America, FJT so proud of the performance until my i At the same time another message, called formally at the residence of the antenna began vibrating the other i also signed by Archbishop Harem, Most Rev. Patrick J. Hayes, Arch- evening to the vocal efforts of a :was sent to President Harding asking bishop of the Catholic diocese of New lm Dmdmg Your kvlp WRh minister who was sending a Sunday i for a protest on the part of the Unit- York, to express regret and grief be- evening club into hysterics witil his: ed States. The latter message read: cau:e bf the senteaees of death pass- ]T TRUST references to the subject. "Do you I "The National Catholic Welfare ed by the Bolshevist tribunal upon C0Y want to know why this country went Council urgently, requests that the Archbishop Zepliak and Msge. Butch- dry?" he asked. As I badly wanted government of our country protest to kavitch. The meeting was arranged nt to know I held him a little longer, the Soviet Government of Russia the request of the Russian Metropoll- you not emty obtain emmplete mfe "'It was because the ministers decided against the sentence of death which it tan and is believed to establish a pre. Jet yea' fwade mhd 4 per eel1: interem mpemded twice a year, t you also that it was to go dry." This was ap- I has so unjustly imposed on Archbish- cedent for the United States. knaw that your money is readily avail. plauded. If it be true, the Illinois op Zepliak and Monsignor Butchka- A statement issued after the meet. alple whenever you may require R. gentleman is right, and the withhold- ] viteh. We ask this in the name of our ing by W. W. Bouimistrow, chairman lemembor that a small amount de lag of contributions to Protestant ] country and of civilization." of the General Board of Trtlstees of IsoJhd l8larly at fixed interv churches would work th oracle. Mrs. Gertrude Hill Gavin, Presi- the North American Archdiocese of will ptuue fat'  remal hm the bafoquent dfposiing of lane Need of the Hour dent of the National Council of Ca(he- 8moun4I. Business men will pay more atten- lic Women addressed a similar mes- 00TI-][ERI00 tion to a word from Babson than to a sage to President Harding. The Pres- PRINTING word from a bishop, on busines s mat- idea( of the National Council of Ca(h- OFFICE ters, Bishops are reputed to know olic Men called at the State Depart- SUPPLIES nothing of business matters--which is meat and discussed the situation with DESKS -1 I. PANe " an old superstition that dies hard. officials there. Requests for a protest Our printing plant is very complete, However, read this from Roger Bab- by the Aemrican government were re- automatic feeding presses doing finest  son "The need of the hour is not ceived at the State Department from of work. more freight cars, or houses, not more the Catholic Club of New York; St, Send for illustrated price list of factories or ships, not more legisla- Francis Xavier's Sodality, of New Office Supplies. tion, education or banking facilities, York; and the Catholic Writers' Guild PARKIN Oppo, . p but more religion." He urges his of America. The last named organiza- Printing & Stationery Co. I business associates to get behind the tion through its president, Conde Pat ......... Little Rok, Ark. ] -' : - - o- : -' : utilSniltlliltl[l i!,l:. churches, for "true religion is to civ- fen, declared: "In the name of the - ilization what a compass is to a ship, ;,Catholic Writers' Guild of America, I ,- or asteeringwheeltoanautomobile." 'zespectfullyrequestthattheGovern- S Infirm - To have more true religion (Babson ment of the United States voice its St. Joseph cry insists that it must be true religion) protest against the cruel and inhuman we must have more Catholic churches sentence pronounced by the RusSian and priests in places where there are Soviet against Archbishop Zepliak H O W S P R I N G S neither. The Catholic Church Extort. and his Vicar General under the sal- aion Society is spreading the influ- emn travesty of legality and to the ence of the Church to the extent of outrage and mockery of religion, hu- The South's Most Famous Sanitarium its treasury, If Catholic business men manity, ad civilization." Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy would take Babson's advise, the So- Dr. WIsh to Make Valican Protest eiety would be looking for places in Negotiations with the Moscow gov- which to spend the money, instead of ernment on behalf of the Vatican e- I?HIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFICIENCY -- WITH (as at present) wondering how to garding the condemned ecclesiastics UCH CONDUCT ST, JOSEPH'S HAS MADE GOOD FOR YEARS make so little go so far. has been placed in the hands of the AND WITH ALL CLASSES. Old Traditions Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, S. J. Father The appeal of "other days, other Walsh, a representative of the Na- Ways" has driven many people to ac- DEVOTED SISTERS cept the notion that sin ceases to be- they departed. There is no necessity EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS come sin if there is a sufficient public to drag iu the Church. COMPETENT NURSE CORPS demand for it. The Church has been Divorce a Cancer ealled "old fashioned" (which, in view On top of the appeal of the Episco- of the prevailing fashions, may be re- pal Bishop comes another voice in the --- o% garded as her chief pride) because she same key. This time it is a justice Well Equipped BuildingOf Prominent Location e.AP2- refuses to float with the tide. When of the Supreme Court, Justice Joseph Care in Appointments--Every Room Outside Room 6  social progress is in the, direction of Morschatiser. He speaks as a jurist, Well Ventilated and Lighted the devil, there is no reproach in' be- from his experience as a jurist, and ing unprogressive. But the Church favors the complete abolition of di- 7 % has been blamed for sticking to her vorce. "Divorce is a cancer in the guns on the matter of divorce, and vitals of Amerieah life sorely need- Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation even ministers have berated her for ing the knife. From my experience holding to the old tradition inthe face on the bench I know that half-way of popular demand. Now a Protest- reforms are ineffective. Tbe only INFIRMARY .. SANITARIUM- REST HOME ant bishop arises to declare that Epis- way to cure the evil of divorce is to copalians, Presbytei*ians and Catho- completely abolish divorce." The PrOfessional Attendance lies must get together to take a sand world always comes around to the on the re-marriage of divorced per- Church's view in the long run. It I sons. What he meant was that the wouid help considerably if the world I For Reservations Apply to Episcopalians and Presbyteriansmust would be led willinglyl instead of I REV. SISTER SUPERIOR acknowledge their error and ,return wasting time by following at a di,t- I St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. 20i w. Second St, tearfully to the position from whmh ance and reluctantly. I n --I N. C, W. C. PROTEST TO RUSSIA SENT BY ARCHBISHOP HANNA Washington, March 28, 1923, To M. Tchitcherin, Peoples Commissar for Foreign Affairs, FORMER ANGLICAN ORDAINED London, March 22.tlev. G. B. Sutherland, who was to tim priesthood in by the Bishop of the been appointed to a curacy cleat city of Salisbury, was Moscow, Russia. t years an Anglican Sentence of deatl passed on Arch- ]ing in the Protestant diocese bishop Zepliak and Msgr. Butchka-lto]. His submission to the vitch has shocked Christian world. It IChurch was made at is being interpreted as a denial of alll in 1919. religious liberty. The National Ca(he- r ]ic Welfare Council of the United I States has been sympathetic with the l Office woes and sufferings of the Russian I Residence Phone 4-3572 people. Its representatives are now .'n Russia and have been there for nearl,.- a year distributing to the starvin peasants the aid so generously co- tributed by American Catholics. What will these charitable people of Amer- ica think if in return for their charity the Soviet Government executes a high Ecclesiastic of their faith on the sole reported ground that he objected to government denial of free religious expression and to the spaliation of churches under his jurisdiction? We respectfully, but vigorously, urge the Soviet authorities to prevent the carrying out of a sentence which will outrage not only the charitable and generous .Catholics of America, but the entire Christian world. Archbishop Edward J. Manna, Chairman Administrative Com., National Catholic Welfare Council. DR. E. J. DENTIST Suite 521-22-23 Doaaghe:' LITTLE ROCK, AII PUBLIC We have purchased S. Army Munson last to 12, which was the stock of one of the ernment shoe contractors' This shoe is ga dred per cent solid tan; bellows tongue, proof. The actual is $6.00. Owing buy we can offer at $2.95 Send correct size. delivery or send shoes are not as cheerfully refund your ty upon request. 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