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April 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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April 7, 1923

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FROWIN CONRAD Abbot in the of Rt. Rev. Igna- S. B., Abbot of the Abbey. Arkansas. of the Rt. Rev. Abbot zeal, the intrepid courage, the indom- itable energy, and above all the won- O. S:' B., aged 89, the Abbot in the world, : Missouri, on Saturday, ,was of local interest and Arkansans. Abbot wa.; a brother Abbot Ignatius Con- of Subiaco, mid his last Arkansas Abbey was to golden jubilee of our THE GUARDIAN. SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1923 CLEVELAND EXPERT TRACES CAUSES OF UNREST AND DIVORCE Today there stands as their material monument the splendid monastery, tile magnificent Abbey Church, the .College of Saint Benedict, the Con- vent of Saint Scholastica, the most Catholic spot in the whole United States. We say only what every father, brother and cleric in Concep- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) tion 'will say--tbat under God this is Cleveland, March 30.--Loss of in- due for tbe most part to the burning terest in home, inability to provide I ]amusement, separation from church derful faith of Abbot Frowin. The best word of appreciation %]jat we can say of Father Abbot is that he was a true son of Saint Benedict. His love was dominated by the spilit of the Father of Monasticism. Ite combined deep scholarship with saint- ly tfiety. A perfect replica of tile early monk he was intensely lmman in his interests, tIis heart was open to a noted event of 1921.' m failing health and every claim of human suffering. Born over the active la- of a saintly race he inherited its fin- ('st characteristics. Father and monastery, friend, prince and monk, preacher of and Zeal 2, l] God's Wor(l and laborer in tile liehl, Was born Nov. his life recalls the story of those Canton Aargua, many great Benedic.tines who created and was educated under and Benedictines in that] Westelhl Civilization. The Church in ntered the Order of St.' these parts has lost an outstanding and noble figure in the death of Abbot Frowin. May God give to lfim the crown he so well earned. We doubt that we shall ever look upon his like again. MAYFIELD CERTAIN TO LOSE HIS SEAT CANVAS REVEALS Main Issue Against llim Will be Briberylmmigration Problems gleberg and made his 1863, being ordaine 14, 1865. He was, In his sixeieth year as a tte was a professor and college at Engleberg the ctmrch there for coming to America fiftp lPoa the appeal of Bishop establish a monastery diocese. He as- f St. Columba's parisb, and opened a m;viti- 1874. Tbe monastery, was cated to an 1881, and Father Fro- as its tirst Abbot. He College in a Romanesque abbey Was consecrated in 1891, college in 1902, com- aastery in 1906, and monastery, St. Mich- COttonwood, Idaho, in monks labored Indians of the Da- years. He was the American Swiss of the Benedictine order, by Pope Plus IX[ approved also (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, April 2.--The May- field case. which involves the politica} activities of the Ku Klux Klan is al- into the calculations of I ready entering the political leaders who are looking i forward to the forthcoming presiden- tim campaign. Senators, who have been quietly sounding the sentiment of their colleagues, have about a:-riv-i ed at the conclusion that tile Sans- I tor-elect from Texas will be ousied and his seat declared vacant. May Turn Scales All but five or six Republicans are There are six ab- tentatively recorded as being against The Cold- Mayfield with a sufficient number ,A' belong to the Democrats to turn the scales again v congregation, him but this estimate is not taken as Services final. In all probability there will bc of Abbot Frowin was a 16ng and heated controversy and the from the Abbey alignment may change before it s ended. The. outlook, however, is said services commenced at to be distinctly unfavorable for May- fiehl, i solemn entry of the The Main Issue 1 ,monastery to the remains had been The main issue, as it is viewed b.v[ Abbot's room to the t members of both parties in the Sen-] morning, and were [ ate, is whether the amount of money t of the chapels and l alleged to have been expended to ac-' by hundreds of complish Mayfield's election, in ex- evening, when cess of $150,000, justifies ousting ]fiLn. to the sanctuary. In this respect the Mayfield case i,ar- office of the dead was allels the Newberry case, and ninny by the monks and Democratic Senators who voted was followed I against Newberry will: for the sakz of n Pontitical Requiem consistency, be obliged to vote against by the Rt. Rev. Fraa- Mayfield if this charge is sustaited. Conspiracy Some of the Democratic Senators from the Southern states, would un.- doubtedly prefer to have the case de. cided on that question alone. But it is charged that the electiot, with nil its irregularities, was accomplished hy a consipracy on the part of the Ku Klux Klan, that the Klan was the corrupt- ing force behind its candidate. II is activities and lack of preparation or1 tile part of both the man and the wo- man are given as the causes for nmch domestic unrest and final legal di- vorce by Bradley Hull, head of the P, ureau of ])onmstic Relations in this city. Relief Bureau Iln bureau was organized in 1920 ' *S and through Mr. Hull's efJorLa has had a considerable effect in decreas- ing the number of couple who seek relief from their dissatisfied state in divorce. Prior to tile establishment of the Bureau tbe divorce record in this county had increased 150 per cent. Getting at the foundation for the state of affairs Mr. ]lull said: Current Literature Ohl Basis "A generation ago there began to develop a ccratin movement of (tis, content an(t protest which found its ex- pression to a great extent in litera- ture-that is, m current literature. A Ichallengc to existing customs com- menced to take form. l)urmg the last ten years the spir- 'it of discontent and protest has gain- 'ed momentum, a momentunl which has been accelerated by tim extreme feminist movement. Today i is a sig- nificant thing that people no longer take the stability of marriage for granted, but rather look upon it as one of the experiences of life. Practice of Collusion "It is my experience that the prac- tice of collusion between husband and i wife to secure a divorce is becoming a [ prewtlent custom. They agree to dis- i agree. After they decide to end their t marital difficulties in the divorcel court they make a pact to tell the court just enough to secure the di- vorce and withhold many other facts so that neither party will suffer em- barrassment. "Men and women are equally re- sponsible for the growing increase in American divorces. I am unwilling to accept the idea that there is any dis- tinction between inert all(| women when it is a question of their legal separation by divorce. Neither the nlan nor the woman has a Iilellopoly of the virtues or the vices; t)oth are about on the sanle level regardinl faults rout temptations. Lack of Home Training "l,ack of home training of chil- dren for the married state also enters into tire problem. While the girl is going to school the mother will say, 'Well, she will be young only once and there is no use tying her down with housework.' After school days are over the girl goes out to work and pays her board at home. "When she getsqnarried, she fre- quently suggests that she continue her outside employment, and it is rarely that she can fit in as both wage earner and home-maker. The trouble today is that all the ohl inhi- bitions are being questioned and their power to control is being shaken. We carry the theory of individualism to the extreme. We must get ack to the theories of the past generations and then marriage will regain its stabil- ity." What a world of difference there is between sunlight and daylight! Day- light is knoW'ledge. Sunlight is wis- dom. Daylight is the brain. Sunlight is the heart. Proud looks makes foul work in fair faces. St. Joseph, Mo., Rt. Rev. Mons. Brady, of the diocese of St. most touching and sermon. The vast to the last place. winded its way " Where the remains of COnception Abbey was to await the eternal be had labored' so not probable that the Republicans in the vineyard will permit this phase of the case to funeral rites at the escape scrfltiny. Some of the Demo- Presided over by the crats might be disposed to Vbte Ignatius Conrad, a against Mayfield if the Klan issue Abbot Frowin. could be evaded. But as a matter of Register" of Saint Joseph is Scarcely a week still wet with tears Bishop, and it is at the death of the figure, In its history. news came from Con- Frowin Conrad hit eternal reward, of priests and pad- political expediency they would pre- fer to render no decision as to the cul- 'It .... pability of the Klan. Senator Shep- pard, of Texas. for example, who comes up for re-election, finds himself in the vortex of a controversy within his party over the Ku Klux Klan with the friends of former Senators Bailey and Culberson arrayed against it. He cannot easily escape ,the issue, Besides every act charged against had suffered the Mayfield is laid also at the door of death of Bishop the Ku Klux IClan. For this reason was filled to the over- the case is no ordinary election con- test but an indictment of the secret organization which is held to have been the corrupting influence. Wiit Be Seated Temporarily The procedure will probably be to seat Mayfield and, after an investi- gation by the Senate committee on Privileges and Elections, the report will be submitted to the Senate hold- ing his election to have been invalid. The committee on Privileges and Elections is appointed, of course, for the new Congress, but its membership will not be materially changed and an inquiry is virtually assured. Many a hard lesson must we learn, many a rebellious tear suppress, many a despairing "Why hast Thou forsaken me?" choke down ere we can learn that sweet tranquil lesson, "od over alll" heard that the Monas- by the beck- a century the Right labored as Benedict can labor ,God in the Diocese When this section Part of the great prairie young a few compan- his native mountains and founded Concep- God's recording trials and strug- Pioneer Benedictines. prayed for they of Saint Benedict. by two great the grace of God of Father Frowin. WOMEN URGED TO 3OIN IN EFFORT FOR MORALITY Cincinnati, March 30.--Organiza- tion of Catholic women throughout the United States to offer a united opposition to movements that are in- imical to public morality was sug- gested by Mrs. Frederick W. Hinlde, president of the Cincinnati Catholic Women's Association, in an address to a nun]ber of ,,VOl:lell hece. Wants United Front Mr:. llinkle, who Ires been a dele- gate to several national gatberings, hohis that orR'anization to make more effective their combined efforts for RELIGIOUS FILMS AS PROPAGANDA London, March 22.---Religious pt:op- aganda by the fihn is the latest idea of the Anglo-Catholics. who propose to raise a fund of $10,000 to be spent on the production of religious propa- ganda films. Tile Seven Sac|'aments is tile theme for seven fihns to be made in the near future. Fro" the presen the lIigh Churchmen are going to content themselves with two fihns, dealing, with the sacramental topics of Bap-jl tism and tile l,ord's Supper, which] they hope to be exhibited at the l fortbcoming Anglo-(.,attlolic Congress[ It() be hehl in London this coming! June. PAGE SEVEN gical formularies of the Anglican Church, there appears to be some lit- tle doubt. A high dignitary of the State Church has written indignantly to the press, calling attention to this insidious attempt at "Romanizing" by means of the moving pietm:es. The stream with a narrow channel is the stream with the strong current. The same amount of water spread over acres would be only a stagnant marsh. We mus contine our powers to a limited field of operation in order to get the best results. To widen the channel may mean waste and loss. When in the morning we feel no courage to practice virtue, it is a grace; that is the moment to put "the I axe to the roof of the tree." counting morality is an important subject.forl As to the other five saeran|ents, the consideration oC C-ttholic women, which are not recognized in the litur- on Jesus alone.The Little Flower. "Catholic truths are a buhvark ....................................................................................... against Pnany present day tenden- eies," she sat't, "a"d : unite't frnt i" ]{L M!J! BR]  putting these truths into fore.e . .. throughoui the country can have a far-reaching and t)enefici'd of feeL "Lack of organization in Oregon Y i,ermitted oassage of a bill that wouhl CITY BAKERY CaRa suppress parochial schools," she de- ROSE elared, and she added that "a united r body of men and women might have "THE MOST SANITARY BAKiY" been able to have prevented enact- nlellt of such a nleasure." Some of tile Problems Some of the problems Mrs. Itinkle set before her hearers in which they could find plenty to do: were: Care of immigrants; leadership in schools, so- cial settlement work, protection of women in industry; action against baneful motion pictures, and care of the colored parishioners. Mrs. Hinkle said that Catholic laity today is just beginning to see what the clergy has seen--that great help and unified effm't must be given to the priest and sisters; that these alone cannot carry on tile work to be done by the Chm:eh as a n'ttional and international force. I BERLIN NOW HAS t CATHOLIC BISHOP l Cologne, March 19.--The Rt. Rev.] Joseph I)eitmer hau been appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Breslau with resi- dence in Berlin, thus realizing the often expressed desire of German Catholics that the cal)ital of the for- mer Empire shouhl be honored by tile residence of a Catholic ecclesiastic of episcol)al rank. 'l'he appointment was made t the request of Cardinal Ber- tram, Prince-Bishop of Breslau, who on Christmas 1922 petitioned the Itoly See for the appointment of an addi- tional auxiliary bishop of Breslau to assist iu tile administration of the affairs of the diocese ill the Berlin district. Expansion and Increase Ecclesiastically, Berlin is a part of lle Delegation of the Mark of Bran- denburg which is governed by a De!e- gate of the Prince-Bishop of Breslau. The Delegate is also Provosg of St. Hedwig's Church ill Berlin. Regard- ing tho appointment of Bishop Deit- mar, "Germania," tile leading Catho- lic paper in Berlin, says that it was made "in view of the expansion and increase of population in the diocese of Breslau and also in view of the importance and development which the Delegation in Berlin has attained during the past century." The new Auxiliary Bishop, who is titular Bisbop of Sora, was born in Munster in 1865. In June, 1920, Card-, inal Bertram appointed him Delegate and Provost of St. Hedwig's in Ber- lin. Prior to that he had been Arch- priest of the "Rosenkranzkirche" in Berlin-Steglitz. He was made a Pro- thonotary Apostolic by' the Pope in 1920. BOYS' PROTECTORY ! ARMSTRONG SPRINGS Conducted by the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis, who have taken over the famous health resort, long known as "Armstrong Springs" and adapted the proper equipment for the purpose of giving to BOYS FROM 10 TO 16 YEARS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Up to and Including Eighth Grade HEALTH DISCIPLINE -- KNOWLEDGE Acquired Within Pleasing Environment For Information and Terms Write: VEN. BROTHER ALBERT, Route No. 3 SEARCY, ARK. JOE JUNG, Proprietor. GET RID OF THAT COLD Cleanse your system of the poison- ous Germs which cause Colds, Influ- enza, La Grippe, Fevers, etc., with BOND'S LIVER PILLS. One Pill at bedtime always brings prompt re- lief. Only 25c at all dzaggists. Re- fuse substitutes.--Adv. y r ..... --q Hale &Ho hi.brook i i VENTILATING ! ALL KINDS OF ROOFING ] PHONE MAIN 16 t ' A lombstone O Beauty always expresses to the passer-by the loving care wi which it was selected. If youmve an idea for such a memo- Hal, we will carry it to the last detail in aeordanoe with your de,ire. We are at your service for monumental work of any kin& No Aen--N, Commiaom Wri for Ca%,l MONAHAN & SON 412414 West Markham St. LITTLB ROCl ARK. PRFd:00. DIOCESAN LiST Our Advertisers whose announeement  tmi i TH GUARDIAN are leaders in thor line of bimmL want your trade and solicit your patrona through ymr own paper. PATRONIZE THEM. They are worth f your co-operation. In dealing with them make matkm your appreciation of their material aitauee to yr Ca4fl elic paper. Tell them that yo " i T GUA2mAN" they will be encouraged to continue to'hp  to help you, and to help Tml Gu. IF St. Vincent's Infirmary Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE - EXPERIENCE-- EFFICIENCY Official Rating: Class A , By American College of Surgeons After Critical Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN STATE ,L,- Conducted ] by ! 1887 1923 The Sisters of Chanty | of Nazareth" ST. ViNCENT'S TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES Offers exceptional opportunities for experien and training in all classes of nursing to young women desiring to vocationalize in this enobling and remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical and surgical staff connected with them, proviie a Three Years' Course of theoreti- cal, practical and modern training, fitting the graduates for successful future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and surgical, and all cases pertaining to general hospital work. The Infirmary is acknowledged to be one of the best equipped in- stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, 100 private rooms and about 5,000 patients are treated annually. The next class is now being formed. Applicants must have cue year of High School or the educational equivalent and recommendation from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS SISTER SUPERIOR ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little Reck, Ark. , B i{i % :