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April 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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April 7, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1923 PAGE FIVE i i of NOTE I Edward .G. Fitzgerahl, P'. S. T.M., the Dominican House at the Catholic Univer- celebrate the silver ju- next Sunday Church of this city, Fitzgerald was bap- first Holy Communion, boy, was confirmed first Mass. of the Church in Wash- Past fifty years may b ya review of Fitzgerald, for the has been associated affairs in this city for century and for that has maintained rest- s Parish. One Fitzgerald,s brothers, is the president of H'oly Name Society. the Rev. Jeremiah of the Domini- Priority was born on Au- and on the margin of it is noted that child baptized ill That same font did DOminic's, which is to- and E, S. W., until a He was a member of confirmed in Was'bing- Gibbons after that ation to the Cardinalate. Christian Broth- the Dominican Rose Convent, Ken- tie was ordained by. in 1896, vrobably .Priest ordained in the DOminican Order in the a Special dispensation Rome for the in P.alestine same year Father seat to e Dominican St. Stephen in Pal- ed to remain to teach Bib- he completed in three years, of Lector of Sacred America he m Province he was appointed Ferrer's Church then only of his second term as Father Fizgerald as Prior of the of Studies at the and since that chiefly in his native Dwyer, Church at St. Wan a close friend of Cochran, with whom of intimate asso- noted orator and the Vermont city, beloved wife, Annie in a personal lette.r The Guardian be- we did not pub- the eulogy over at the funeral York by Fgther and Which was so elo- of the talents of this noble son of Guardian covered death an[ funeral Only lack of space lishing of the full appreciation of or adding a tribute from the stand- and most humble Dwyer's letter I }st sincere eulogy. I esting clata, the I ::terested in the and good man, manhood and Mr. Cochran  has 'visitor in St. Johns- Past, as it is the beloved wife, F our weeks be- Mass for me, ntly done before boy present. to receive Holy His last Occasion of the Uncle, to attend d up from Wash- the terrors of With blizzard con- and the temperature to 39 degrees below in per- seemed to respond of our north- of table on mornings. It itself to see this /aCknowledged worth wide world Ofed.St.TheBlazethoughtto havestruckhiS throatme atbless" lSTthe CHRISTOPHER, PATRON OF AUT01STS, POLISH 0RTHOD0X.v . ................................ ........................ ER00-Ti ime that assuredly the throat and ' ONCE AN EXTREMELY POPULAR SAINT PROBLEM TANGLED BOOKS o/IN]' voice of Mr. Cochran was ever blessed of God and like the Catholic he was, his thanksgiving was in rendering to !)1 ASSASSINATION God and His Holy Church all that was Ills Image in Gigantic Proportions Adorned WMIs of Churches and Other "Tex, a chapter in the life of Alex- ander Teixeira de Mattos," Stephen, in him of faith and of zeal and of Structures--Painting of Holy Helper Recently Diovered in England. By Rev. ikodem Cieszynski. McKenna calls his memoir, and its effort, to promote the honor and glory (N. C. W. C. News Service) very title tells us of the intimacy of of both before nations and men." : Warsaw, March 19.--Tile trial of the chapter. We read Fr. ynne s eulogy with W ' 1J the Church of St. Margaret in Pictures and sculptural represents- the Archimandrit Smaragd Latis- The whole radiates a wholesome keen appreciation of what a 'loss Paston on the coast of Norfolk in tions of the saint were, however, by zenko, charged with the murder of friendship that makes his pen glow Burke Cochran wa to our Church and England a mural paiuting, represent- no means coniined to churches, secu- the Orthodox Archbishop George Jar- in tribute. We need go no further our people, but we feel that Father tug St. Christopher and the Christ- lar structures, houses and bridges also oszewski, Metropolitan of Warsaw- than the first page, to learu in What Dwyer has rven to us th very e. Chiht, was recently discovered, a pic- being ornamented at times with his Prague, will be held its April. In esteem he holds the translator of sence of W. Burke Cochran's virtues lure and description of Which appear- likenesses. Professor Sepp reports view of the close commotion which Couperus, and Fabre, and Maetero and works, his ardent faith and his ed in the London Times. One of the that on the wall of a house in Toelz the case has htiw the attempt to set linck. The esteem is tempered with pious, sincere humility. He tells of a leading Catholic weeklies of England, in Bavaria there was at one time a up an autocephalous Orthodox Hier- affection. "A great translator," one nanhood and a piety worth while as the London Tablet, calls the painting painting of a giant, walking through archy in Poland, there is great in- friend wrote, "is far more rare than an attest to the passing away of a a remarkable work of art; the figure, rushbg vaters, beneath which ran terest i the proceedings. Archbish- a great author." He does no qualify great and good man,  real and pra'ct- which is twelve feet high, shows firm, the German legend: op Jaroszewski was one of tlm most his praise, when he says that he is tical Catholic leader, but by no means ungraceful lines; "Christopher carried the Christ, and ardent supporters of the project for "incontestably the greatest translator the expression of the eyes i said to Christ bore the world in his hand the creation of an independent Polish of his time." Rev. Thomas J. Lynch, be striking. A disti|guishcd student Tellme, now, whereon did the mighty Orthodox Church and the plan had Superintendent of the Catholic Pro- of art assigns the painting to the Christopher stand" With the work of such a man, "a been ne-trly carried to realization at chapter ' in his life takes account, btit tective Society of New York, who died 14th century. Scoff:r lnstant;y Killed the time of his assassination. The it does not to the exclusion of F'his last week, had excellent opportunitie:; Pictured as Ferryman The same inscription, in Latin, how- new Metropolitan, Archbishop Dioni- genius for friendship." The humor for doing good and he made the most The article goes on to say that the ever, remained visible along with a sius of Krzemienicc it is understood, anti modesty of such a man revealed of them. Judges Crain and Nott paid part of England which constituted painting of the saint on a buihting in is also an advocate of the,creation of themselves in letters, that were a de- him tribute: East Anglia is rich in nmral paint- a city of Saxony, Oschatz, over three an autocephalous Polish church and light to those who received them, and "Father Lynch came into very close ings of St. Christopher. A number of hundred years after the Reformation there is a probability that this plan Stephen McKenna allows "Tex" to touch with a very important branch places, in which much paintings are and until it was destroyed by the con- may be carried out. speak for himself, in the letters that of the work of this courL in the over- known to exist, are named, and the flagration of 1842. A Protestant au- War Made New Problem sight and watch-care of those of the circumstances mentioned that there thor records that the painter Chris- Recognition of Poland as an inde- came to him when duty separated these friends, and when business in- Catholic faith placed upon probation are even two pictures of the saint topher Richter, who, while engaged in pendent nation as a result of the terests took Mr. McKenna into foreign on suspended sentences, tie will be on the walls of the Church at Stow the restoration of the painting, scoffed Great War changed the status of the countries. The separations were mourned in every walk of life, not Bardolph in Norfolk, one on the north at the popular belief regarding the Orthodox Church in that country to countered by almost daily correspond- least by the friends that tm had made anti the other on the south wall of saint, fell from a ladder and was in- a very considerable extent. The Pol- ence and upon this the chapter has among the poor and te unfortunate, the nave. Incidentally the writer of stantly killed, isb govermnent (tid not relish tbe been made. It will be hard, if not impossible, to the article notes the fact that no less Among 14 Holy ltetpers idea of having a foreign Patriarch, One feels drawn immediately to the fill his place. A minute may be made than 180 such pictures of the Christ- Unquestionably St. Christopher, particularly the Patriarch of a nation nature of a nmn who is described of the sorrow felt by the Court, in bearing ferryman arc known to exist counted among the Fourteen Holy traditionally inimical to PoUnd, ex- "with the heart of a child in all common with hundreds of others, in in England. Helpers, is one of the most popular ercising any authority over subjects of things, he had the child's quality of the death of God's servant anti man's More Mural Decorations saints among the Christian people of the" new Polish state. The danger being frightened by small pains and ,friend, Father Lynch." Reporitng the discovery and the the Near East as well as in the Ro- was regarded as great because there undaunted by great; a cut finger was Judge Charles C. Nott of Genera] comment of the Times, the Tablet man Catholic Church (his feast is are in Poland nearly 3,000,000 Rus- Sessions said of Father Lynch: expresses the hope that, now the celebrated on May 9th and July 25th sians, most of whom are descendants an occasion for panic, but the threat of blindness found him indomitable, "During the years that 1 have been question of mural church paintings respectively). During the Middle of the Uniates who were forced by Herein he was supported throughout on the bench I have come in frequent had again been brought to the atten- Ages, brotherhoods of St. Christo- the Russian government to conform contact with him iu his work, and I tion of the public, Catholics might be pher devoted themselves to the care to the Russian church in 1836-39 and life by the faith which he had ac- pay a most hearty tribute to his big- induced to foster this manner of art of poor travelers, one of the most 1875. Tim Polish government, how- quired in boyhood and which he pre- ness of heart, his care and thought more than they have hitherto done. important of these organizations being ever, wished to-take an attitude as served until his death. "I save my and attention for the unfortunates Singularly enough, however, the Brit- the one founded by Henry of Kemp- tolerant as possible and by the pro- temper," he once wrote, "by not dis- 'who were placed under his charge, ish Catholic weekly does not exlflain ton in 1386, which had its hostelry on visions of the Treaty of Riga each cussing religion except with Catho- his never failing interest in them, his to its readers just why pictures of the Arlberg in the Tiroh One of the contracting power agreed to refrain lics or politics except with liberals. solicitude for them, Which' continued St. Christopher were so very corn- first Temperance societies of modern from any attempt to influence the There's room for discussion in the almost to the momeut of his (loath. mon, not only in England, but also in times selected Christopher as its pa- churches or religious societies within nuances; there's too much room for it all parts of Germany and Aus- tron saint--the Order of St. Chris- the territory of another. It was also with those who call my black white." While it was generally known among Not only his own chureh, but the court tria and in Switzerland; nor why, in toI)her, which was very active in agreed that the various religious or- his friends that he was a devout will sustain a great loss in his death, most instances, the representations Styria, Carinthia and Carniola. Now- gauizations should be allowed to ar- and I could not let this occasion pass showed such excepti(mal proportions, adays St. Christopher is the patron range for their own government and Catholic, only a few were allowed to without placing on the files and rec- Against Sudden and Unprepared saint of automobilists, who are fond administration in the respective court- see how much reliance he placed in ords of the court the regret and sor- Death " of attaching a large medal with his tries, within the limitsto be prescribed religion; and he wouht grow impatient row that every Judge in the court The reason is that St. Christopher, image on their cars. It may be of by the respective governments. Con with what he considered a morbid protestant passion for worrying at feels that he should be taken away pictured as a giant, striding through interest in this connection to recall sequently there is nothing illegal or something that for him had been im- from us. at this time when hc was the water, with a tree as his staff, that Christopher ducats and dollars unwarranted in the Polish govern- mutably settled." still in the prime of life and in the was the patron against a sudden and were coined in the 16th and 17th cen- ment's attempt to encourage the es- fullness of his power." unprepared death. Hence it is tlmt turies, tablishment of a Polish Orthodox Several references are made to the representations of this saint were Helps in Great Tasks Church. faith that meant so much to him. Monsignor NoH, made in such proportions, some of The great popularity of the saint [ . When the question of capitals is being editor of "Our Sunday Visitor," made the pictures showing him in a height in former times is evidenced also by I ILLINOIS BILL WOULD discussed he replies to Mr. McKenna'a a notable address recently'before, the of no less than 30 feet avd that they the fa(t: that" he became, assocmted. " i CHANGE PROCEDURE, inquiry, "Your question about 'High School of Journalism in Notre Dame appear on the outer church walls, with at least one adage that was in i IN DIVORCE CASES Mass' is, involuntarily, not quite fair. University. particularly near ttm entrance to the common use. Tlms one seeking to Mass quite conceivably comes within After contrasting journalism in this churches. "People sbould see him accomplish a great task with inade- Springfiel0t, Ill., March 30.--Changes the category of such words as State country with journalism in Europe, from afar," writes the historian, Fr. quate means, was compared to the in the procedure of divorce cases and a few others, which are spelt he gives this striking example of Michael, S.J., "for it was hoped that peasant who tried to draw a picture would be provided for by a bill in- with a capital in one sense and not what is known to students as the sup- a view of him would preserve one of the giant saint on a small sheet of troduced in the Illinois Senate by Sen- in another. I ,'rite 'going to mass' pression of the true and the sugges- from an unprovided death." paper.--C. B. of the C. V. tion of the false: ator Webster. In cases where the de- and I see no reason Why Catholics "Secular papers often help inten- . fendant is accused of adultery the bill] should write Mass except in a techni- L' sify the existing prejudices against press, the secular magazine, the rood- GASPARRI JUBILEE would give the accused party the right ]cal ,,ork. They would write 'the HoSt' the Catholic Chinch by what they do era novel, are seldom oa the right to demand an immediate hearing,]because of the real presence; but I side of moral questions. Their edi- OBSERVED IN PARIS mony if the charge should be proved l fOr Matins and Comphne. not connection with a,news would prohibit the payment of ali-I see no more reason for the Mass than story. We have a case in point in tors lack a proper conception of the ' " Church; they are porly versed its and would also prohibit the court from But whether he is telling about the account of the expulsion of the history; they assume that the spirit Paris, March 23.--'I'he episcol)at ju- awarding the care of children to the reading James Joyce, "much of whose Papal Delegate from Mexico last talent is misdirected" or about Mac- " month. The press report left the im- of the world is ahvays right; yet they bilee of Cardinal Gasparri was mark- guilty party. Swimmy "over whose death he is an- 15ression that he was expelleu uecausc pretend to speak with infallible no- ed in Paris by a religiousceremoc,v Another bill introduced by Senator grily unhappy," he has a new and Webster alms to mak it possible to he had violated a basic law of the thority as scientists, historians, thee- "celebrated in the chapel where Abbe ' feeling way of expressing himself. country. The uninformed reader saw logians. A Harvard profess,,', writ- Gasparri was consecrated bishop by try a defendant more than once on therein confirmation of the lie that ing in the Atlantic Monthly last'year, Cardinal Richard, Alchbishop of Par- the same criminal charge. It would He is frank and fearless, too, :for in the CathQlic Church is a danger to truly stated that 'the public is  the is, in March, 1898. This chapel is give the State the right to an appeal, one of his letters he says, *'Your the. State. Had the editors taken the mercy of the lords of the press.' This known as the "Chapelle des Carmes," a writ of error, or a new trial in all cecession from Catholicism has done trouble to express their contempt at is certainly pitiful, but it is a fact and is the chapel of the Catholic In- criminal cases, and attempts to cir- you McKennas a lot of harm. You with which we have to reckon, and a stitute. When Msgr. Gasparri became umvent anticipated constitutional ob- flout tradition and go in for rational the silly irtolerance of the governing condition which it seems humanly ira- a bishop, he had lived for eighteen jections by declaring that such action inference and deduction in its place." power in Mexico, the news report He spoke of visiting the childhood would have left a favorable, rather possible to overcome. Only the Cath- years in the shadow of the Chapelle would not constitute placing the de- than an unfavorable impression, olic Church can steer society safely, des Carmes, as professor of canon law fendant twice in jeopardy for the home of Swinburne, now a Convent b:f the Sacred Heart. I am shown over and only the sound philosophy taught at the Paris Faculty of Theology. same crime as prohibited by the Con- "It should be more generally known in Catholic schools of journalism can The jubilee ceremony was attended stitution. This bill would also amend entrancing grounds by the Mother what a wonderful news:gathering counteract the false views on moral by Msgr. Cerretti, Nuncio to Paris; existing law to provide that juries in Superior before taking me into the agency the National Catholic Welfarel and social questions so widely circu- M. du Sault, attache of the Freneh criminal cases shall be judges of facts chapel: Council has established. It has report- "You are not a Catholic, I sup- ers in all the capital cities of Europe, lated by editors who are now in con- Embassy to the Holy See, represent- only. pose?" she asks. and in each instance they are men trol of the press. My advice to a ins Ambassador Jonnart, who was who are noted equally well for their large number of Catholic young me"n unable to bepresent; M. Jenouvrier, OBITUARY "Indeed I am." is to select journalism as a life's pro- vice president of the French Senate, "I mean a ROman Catholic ?" scholarship and fairness. The repro-" "Reverend Mother, are there any sentatives of the Associated Press tofeSsin'the front."and then to aspire to come and many other prominent French- others?" " cannot compare with them for learn- men. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) "Oh, they all call themselves Angll- ing. They are competent 'to secure I Sister, Mary Stanislas the truth about'happenings, religious John Darrouzet, CHRISTIAN BROTI|ERS can Catholics nowadays?' Brooklyn, N. Y., March 30.--Sister or otherwise, in all the countries in lthe widely known lawyer of Galves- TO ATTEND CHAPTER "Tex" is an informal, intimate book, St. Louis, Me., March 30.--On Mary Stanislas Hoffert, one of the one upon which the stamp of his faith ; ..... : Europe . Were these same men re-ton, Texas, has accomplished more in ^"or a -i '-f o*'-- ls |the way of combatting inimical leg- Thursday, March 29, Rev. Brother foundresses of the Nursing Sisters of has been so placed that none can read P ......  ......  ............... '  ......... - " F? the Sick Poor, died on Tuesday in St. without knowing of the Catholicism read b our eole enerall h xslatxon to me wnurcn rot the pas y p p g y, muc | Baldwin, S. C:, provincial visito: of the world news as reported by the twenty years, than any other agency of the Christian Brothers for the St. Mary's Hospital, after a brief illness, that Alexander Teixeira de Mattos She was born in Sainte Croix, en made vivid and real in his life.' C. A. P., and by the N. C. W. C. would in political Texas. I Louis district, left for New York City, be quite conflicting. Mr. Darrouzet, who is of French I and on April 7 he will sail for Lebecq- Plaines Haut, Alsace, on July 26 "Is it to be implied, from what I extraction, is a staunch Catholic andIlez-Hal, Belgium, where he will rep- 1863. She Was one of the three who, a close friend of Bishop Christopher resent his district at the General over seventeen years ago, formed the ,FATHERS S. V, D. BUSY have said, hat the Catholic student ] Chapter of the Order, which will con- nucleus of the present order. A Mass should abstain from the pursuit of a Byrne of the Galveston Diocese. "  IN RUSSIAN RELIEF journalistic career? Most emphati- Mr. Darrouzet has attended every vene on April 26. Brother Baldwin of requiem was offered at the Convent : cally 'No.' On the contrary, it is pre- session of the legislature all these will be accompanied to Europe by Chapel for the repose of her soul, Techny, Ill, March 30,--News hu cisely because journalism, as at pres- years and without compensation, has Brothers Philip ad Fabrician of Neu Right Rev. Edward W. McCarty, been received from Rome ,to the el- ent conducted, serves the cause of devoted his time and ability to corn- York, Brother Dortheus of Baltimore LL.D., officiating. ,fect that the Holy Father is regularly, : Julius S. Watch caring for 60,000 children in the error and irreligion rather than truth batting hostile legislation, and Brother Agnel of Santa Fe, N. M St. Louis, Mo., March 30.--The Southern districts Of the present that the profession should be era- Although he represented other in- funeral of Julius S. Walsh, Sr., who Soviet Government of Russia. Of braced by many more Catholic stu- terests before the legislature, he has eessful s demonstrated by the fac' died at the age of 80, of heart disease, these 60,000 children, some 35,000 are dents, in the hope that they mig'ht never failed to appear before commit- that no measures detrimental to th was" held at the New Cathedral last being ministered to by two Fathers influence it for the better. Catholic tees and urged defeat of measures Church or the parochial schools haw Saturday. High Mass of Requiem was of the Society of th Divine Word who aloofness in this, as in other particu- that were inimical to the interests of as yet been enacted into laws. sung at 9:30 a. m. by Rt. Rev. John lars, Would only make a bad situation the Church and its schools. He was The task was somewhat harde" I. Tannrath and His Graee Arehbishop worse. Nearly every organization of instrumental in brirging about the than in previous legislatures "due t, lohn J. Glennon preached the sermon. I men, which numbers few Catholics, is defeat of the Baker anti-parochial large number of members in hot' l'he Archbishap paid a tribute to the I led in an anti-Catholic way, while the I school bill and the oher measures branches of the Thirty-eighth legi teeeased as a citizen and as a faithful I presence of Catholics in large num- that were not approved by the Cath- lature who are known to be member Catholie, a leading man in civic affairs I ber saves an organization from be- [ olic clergy were opposed by the Gal- of the Ku Klux Klan or sympathiz, l and in works of charity and iedueatlon coming the tool of bgotry, The daffy veston lawyer; that'hb has been suc- ers of that organization, connected with religion, . i I