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April 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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April 7, 1923

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rr i I PAGE. FOUR THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1923 BISHOP CARROLL STATE JOINS WITH CHURCH TO FIGHT CONBOY EXPLAINS MODERN $1,000,000 SEMINARY WILL PAYS TRIBUTE TO BIRTH CONTROL IN ALL PARTS OF FRANCE AIMS OF CLEAN REPLACE HISTORIC BUILDING IN EX-SENATOR POWER BOOKS LEAGUE President Millerand Declares Increase of Birth Rate Is Matter of Life and (By N. C. W. C. News Service) (By N. C. W. C. News Serivce) I)tath, and Special Privi,eges Are Granted to lleads of l,arge Families. President of New York Catho,lie Club] Baltimore, April 2.St. Mary's Helena, Mont., March 2 ' 6"--Bishop t Wouhl Put Teeth in Law Against Seminary in Baltimore, elm of the Joim P. Carroll, who preached the By M. Massiani,  a very recent instance: the Pa-i' [']c- huh;cent Literature. mos historic Ca,!m..c edifice'. in the sermon at the funeral of former / (Paris Correspondent, N. C. W. C.[ fect of Police has ordered that ',ximr- Unitrt States an:t the scene of the United States Senat;or T. C. Power, in News Service) r ever large crowds are waiLim; at the (By N. C. W. C. New; Service) sessions of the Thir,1 Plenary Couz,cll theCathedral, paid high tribute to the t Paris.., March 2'3,.1 .....; .... a s;1-;nl terminals and ,stations. of ::tJ' t. car New York. April 2.--Legislative ac- of Baltimore, is to be replaced by. a business ntegrity, broad tolerance eoineidence that the people of Fralc[ and bus lines and at raih'oa: tation.% Lion that will put tee'.h in the present modern $1,000,000 .-'t:'ucture, accord- and personal piety of one who was a have received a solemn admoniiion On I expectant mothers are to pass dm:u[ New York law again.t the publication ing to all ann(mr cement .'.hat will be pioneer business man Of the North- the same subject by the highes' 'm I of everyone else, even if they are the of indecent literature will be urged made next Sunday m all b.e churcl)es by the "Cleat) Book. League" of this G:f this archdiocese A t',l cm:struc- wes as wen as one of the first sena- thorities of the Church and the high- last to arrive ,aad that they arc el- city, an organizatim embracing prom- tion will begin Ilext sprit,,,'. tors from the State of Montana. Aest representative of civil authori'.y. ,ways to be given the fiv: empty inent Cergymen and numerous reli- To Be Near Baiimore 100 Per Cent Honest At the end of their annual coJfer- eats. - glows, civic and welfare a'-ociations, Tile site of the new sructure which "Sterling honesty was his watch- ence, tim cardinals and archbishot.s of Large Families Given Aid which has been formed at the instance will replace the present buihling, word," said the Bishop. "Of his sensi- France published the following dec- I But moral support is not e,,idered of Justice John Ford, who aroused [ , erected in the '70's and '80's, has not tiveness in this regard two instauces .Jaration: ] sufficient. Much has been '.l'. h, a public indignation by his protest yet been chosen, but it will be in Ba]- but aided by many occur to my mind. A friend, one day "Concerned over the depopulation t material way to help larg;- families, against vile literature which was] timre or the immediate suburbs, the Irish immi examining with him the financial]of the country and anxious /or the I The work of the ]:ast ]egisla;,le was placed in the hand, of his unmarried I Plans for a campaign t) raise $1,000,- of Catholicity, the condition of one of his business eon-t slavation of souls as well as :he sal-I particularly noticeable in thi, daughter l)y a New York vendor. 000, to be hehl next Oc.tober, will be Charles College terns which showed a loss, remarked vation of the country, the assembly[Large families have been gcmd.t.l Martin Conboy, president f the l outlined in a letter addressed by the 1831, the seminary that it was not bad, that the creditorsl of the cardinals and archbishops re'- [ many exemptions from taxer:i:,, low- Catholic Club of New York, who was Most Rev. Michael J. Curley to all in influence and would receive seventy-five cents on calls all French homes to the holy er rates of tuition in the ,v:e., re- chairman of a committee which has the pastors in the archdiocese. These The central portion the dollar. The Senator. replied sharp.  laws of marriage and expresses the duced railroad rates, anrl bonuses drafted an amendment proposed to plans were formulated at a recent seminary edifice was ly: 'What! T. C. Power seventy-five desire that large families be honored for fathers of large tamilies who are section 1141 of the penal law, (le- meeting of the I)astors of the arch- Dubreul in 1878 and the cents on the dollar! No, sir, one hm- and aided more than ever." government employes. Homes at low clares that the purpose of the bill is diocese. A committee composed of the completed by Father dred cents on the dollar!" The other 'Pres. Miilerand Replies rentals, built by the State or the mu- to convince the courts of New York Rex,. James F. Nolan, pastor of Cot- Na nicipality are offered to tenants in State that it is the wish of the Leg- pus Christi church, Baltimore; the St. Mary's is the was an instance of his scrupulous in- Two days Safer, a lecture was giv sistence on the absolute accuracy el' en at .the Social Museum, in Paris, on consideration of the number of chil- is,aline that certain words, ];or ex- Right Rev. Monsignor C. F. Thomas, seminary and national in the books of his company,, so that the necessity of checking the decline dren. On the other hand, many big emple "indecent," are to be construed pastor of St. Patrick's church, Wash- ing its students from they could stand the test of the most in the birthrate. The lecturer was M. industrial mea give bonuses to era- as plain people understand these ington and the Right Rev. Monsignor the United States. Isaac, Catholic deputy from Lyon.s, ployes who have large families. Thi words. Edward J. Wander of St. Patrick's distinguished graduates broughtCritical inspectiOninto court andwithoube fitprevioustO be '-ormer ainister of Commerce, and for beneficient reform, which is today Mr. Conboy Explains Amendment church, Cumberland, has been chosen Gibbons. Thirty bishoPS notice, some time president of the League generally applied, was first advocated "For a long time," asserts Mr. Con- to map out the plans for the cam- from its classical walls Believed in Profit-Sharing [ "La Plus Grande Famille." Anxious to and applied by.Catholic employers as boy in a public statement, "the courts paign. Each parish has three years 2,000 priests, of whom *'Another element in the success of emphasize the importance wifich he the result of one of the French Social did act on ttmt assumption, but a few in waich to make good its quota, hundred are now living, the attributes to this question, the Presi- Weeks. years ago an important court ruled the seminary has been his widely scattered business was dent of the Republic, M. Millerad, ' that "'indecent' doesn't really mem First Catholic Seminary crowded and more the careful selection of his various bust-]attended the lecture in person, and ZDLI SENTENCE 'indecent,' but something quite dif- With the possible exception of the have been aceommodate hess managers and the opportunity he when M. Isaac had finished speaking, ferent, and ever since that, other Cathedral in this city, no spot iu the and at the Sulpieian gave them to acquire stock in the con- 'he rose and made the following state- COMMUTED TO TEN courts have felt precluded from find- United States is fraught with Catho- Catholic University cern of which they had charge, thus ment: ing that anything is 'indecent' even lie recollections more wtried than the The plans for the benefitting them personally while "I am no here merely to eongratu- YEARS IN PRISON ,t vet, o0000io.sly is We want the spot on which the present St. Mary's known, have been whetting their interest in the bust- i late my former minister on the saiu- Legislatm'e to serve notice tha when Seminary stands, and which was the priests of this wereneSs" Ifgenerallythis systemadoptedOf profit-sharingin big bust-' tary campaign which he is earryir a thing is bad, it is bad, and that site of the first Catholic seminary, es- been received most being surrounded with other stuff tablished in the United States in 1791. hess a long step would be taken to-I on with such meritorious tenacity. :[ Soviets Refuse, However, to Change does not take away the taint. If a In that year, at the invitation of wish to proclaim that this campaign Death Penalty ill Case of Msgr. book has in it things that are 'inde- Bishop Carroll, four Sulpician priests BIRTH OF wards creating a better feeling be- is of capital interest to the nation. I tween capital and labor. Butehkaviteh. landed from France, purchased the Religious Tolerance receive ill turn, in my office, the pre- cent,' the punishment contemplated TO BE "P" " 1 by the law are to be enforced be- One Mile Tavern at the end of the zoneers, hke other people, have fects of "all the departments of C. their faults, but there is one virtue in France, and not one of them leave (By N. W.C. Ne's Service) cause that indecency is there, wher- eity, dedicated the house to the Bless- Moscow, March 30.The sentence ever it is, anti simply because it is ed Virgin and in October opened .my office without to me oa of death pronounced upon Archbishop I there. What else there is has no more classes with five students whom they which they excel people living in set- the progress of the fight against ir- . Cologna, March tled communitiesand that is the font mortality in their respective ad- Zepliak for alleged opposition to the lbearing on the subject than a man's had brough't from France. both State and virtue of religious tolerance. Having ministrative districts. But it is no2 Bolshevist decrees relatirg to the con-, going to church on Sunday operates Original Sulpieian Fathers Germany and dealt with men on the basis of nutn- enough to fight mortality. What i: fiscation of Clmrch property, has .to warrant him in picking pockets on The first Superior was Francis are making plans for hood and character, they eam.ot Uh- more important is to increase the been conmmted to ten years solitary luesday. ' Charles Nagot. The original band of the 450th derstand the narrowness of religions ,birth rate. To France, this is a que,- imprisonment by action of the Central "We want to relieve the Judge of four Su]picians was followed a year Nicholas CopernicuS, bigotry. They deplore its bitterness tion of life and death." Execut]ve" Committee of the Soviet Itbe temptation to  accept so-called lit- later by six other priests, amongthem heliocentric p which disturbs business, sects! m,d po- "A question of life and death." The government. At the same time the/erary experts as witnesses. At pres- Father Richard, founder of the first born in 1473 at litical relations. They inveigh against I tent the Mea seems to be that if some it as being contrary to the spirit of t statement of the President of the Re- committee refused to take any action Catholic newspaper in the United the world war is in America which guarantees freelom of. public has been repeated by the bish- to prevent the execution of Monsignor writer will call some other writer's States. These ten or eleven new ops of France in their Lenten pastor- Butchkavitch, who had been sentenced book a work of art, that judgment priests were a great accession to the religion and outlaws the religious te.t I als, many of which this year devoted to death with the Archbishop. So far overrides the will of the Legislature :small body of the American cleigy, M.A. as a qualification for office. They to this subject, for they have' been as in known, however, the sentence and the people, which is that if a then only about thirty-five, who were Special wonder how it can be harbored by. struck by the fact that the umber passed upon the Monsignor has not thing is indecent it doesn't matter endeavoring to serve a diocese ex- people professing Christianity whose of births, which showed a considera- been executed, whether it is or is thought to be art tending from the Atlantic to the Mis- New fundamental law is love of neighbor.! ble increase, just after the war, has In announcing its decision, the corn- or not, bzut is punishable as indecent sissippi Valley. The Church was in Insurance oh:=rTr:mtmh::tim:::d:f S::l:l declined, (luring the last few months mittee affirmed its belief in the guilt whether or no." its infancy, there 'wan no organized 801-7 Southern ,V2:s]n;f ;:lrigh:se:igt:ryy :h:tlh , in many departments. The pastor:d, of two prelates and declared that the S0CIAUSTS body of priests since the suppression Fix Up That It" 0 h . of the Archbishop of Lyons, the Arch. penalties imposed by tim Bolshevist EXULT of the Jesuits, no teaching sisterhood, Today--"I Sell ' _ ........ " , ",. [bishop of Reims and the Bishop of tribunal were justified. As a matter no Catholic schools. Non-Catholic ed- Phone 7446 am sorry o see 1 comlng l stream ' "Verdun are particularly worthy of of policy, however, it declared that OVER PROTESTANT ucation in Maryland was almost an Little Reek have no place in America, and es- pecially in the Northwest.' !note. Cardinal Maurin added'to hi the Archbishop will not be killed be- LOSS GERMANY backward as Catholic. In these condi- n Bowed to Authority -pastoral the order to read from the cause his death might be exploited as IN pulpit in all churches, once a year, a manifestation of hostility to reli- CAPITAL $300 000 00 "Loyalty to constituted authority the warning that "The Church pun- glen on the part of the Moscow gov- = "  * was a distinguishing characteristic of i ishes by excommunication, within the ernment. By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon Senator Power. Arriving in his office SURPLUS $60 00 one day, some time after the electionl judgment of the bishop, all those, The committee's decision signed by Capitaine " " ,000. of a Democratic president, he noticed even including the mother, who pro- President Kalinin and Secretary Sa- (N. C. W. C. Net, s Service) We haw lneaad our Capital the picture of the latter's Republ;can cure abortion." pronoff reads as follows: "The court Cologne, March 12.--The Socialist Stock from $200,000 to $300,000 and predecessor still hanging on the wall. Energetic Campaign had fixed the guilt of Citizen Zepliak, paper "Vorwaerts" of Berlin'is exult- who had been acting contrary to the ing because of alleged large losses in by mllinl the now lue oi[  at By our new $aY, Calling one of his employees, he said: The cardinals urge the public au- interests of the working class and to the membership of the Protestant 80 Per nt above our par, our nrph moth4, at 'Take down that picture at once. He's thorities an energetic campaign tile fundamental gains of the prole- "Landeskirche," formerly the estab- hu been incrtaNd from $40,000 to mm qeidy not our President.' And then turuirig against "birth control,' 'and it cannot tartan revolution. By consistently di- lished state church of Prussia. It $,00. Thi cmablel us to talm  omtimt, vii' Nrvie tu the picture of the Democratic pres- be denied that great progresu has rected action he had made use of the refers to the fact that in the judicial better earl of our prtmmt &atrt mid #mtieama$tar, ident on the oppositie wall, tiffs star- been made along this line during tile laws which guarantee equally for ev- district of Berlin-Oharlottenbourg am well am th nw a.  a position ENGLAND NATIONAL RANK " dy ]epublican doffed his hat an past few months. The law recently el'y one 'reedom of religion. These during 1922 there were 2,000 declare- bowed to it, saying: 'He is our Presi- passed by the Chamber, transferrig actions are very heavy crimes in the . ,, mar desirl. tions of withdrawal from the Land- dent.' ...... _. from the popular jury to the eorrcc- 'evolutionary republic, which, as be- eskirche." Consistent Catholic .... tional courts all offences of this na- fore, is surrounded by numerous 'ene- The "Vorwaerts" cgmment s on this "Senator Power was always a con- tare, will greatly facilitate ropres-roles. There cannotnorcouldnotbe as follows: "This riumber calls for Bankers T st Co. aistenL Uath01ie. He always, lived up sion. Only recently sentences, varying another penalty except that which reflection. If we reckon that during ca to the laws f the Church. Looking in severity from several months to wasfixed for Zepliak by tlie court, the past year in the nine judicial dis- Over the past he had nothing to re- several years imprisonment, have tricts of Berlin there were 2,000 dec- MAIN AT SECOND sret. Still, wh!n he suspected the end been meted out to ten persons who BISHOP DISCOVERS larations of this kind before each LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS aras coming, the spiritual training his had been caught in Lorraine, in the RECORDS OF EARLY court, that means that in 1922, 18,000 --We are agents for practically all the important lious mother gave him showed itself act of importing from Germany into MARTYRS OF KOREA Berlin Protestants abandoned the Companies. in all its effulgence. For tflonths he France, materl and pamphlets for a 'Landeskirche.'" --If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business eeived regularly once every week scandalaft campaign. Maryknoll, N. Y., March 30.--As the No atteinpt is made by the Socialist you desire to undertake a pleasure tip, make use of the sacraments of Penance and Holy On the other hand, Parliamet)t and result of extensive research work au- paper to conceal its g, lee because of Winter Cruises, do not fail to call on us for Communion, and he died assisted by the public authorities are 'showing a thorized by the Japanese authorities, these alleged losses, be cheerfully given, without charge. the prayers of his dear ones and for- laudable desire "to aid and honor" Bishop Hutel of Scowl, Korea, has dis- --We wish to remind you also of our FOreign tiffed b the last rites of the Church." large families as urged by the bish- covered among the official papers of , which is in position to effect money transfers ..... opt, the old Korean Government some two CABBAGE CUTTER by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at CLEVELAND TO HAVE Mothers Honored hundred pages of precious information SIX KNIVES We both buy and sell Foreign Exchan , CARMELITE SISTERS Not content with glwng the inest about the martyrs of 1839, 1846 and Cuts all kinds Vegetables'rapidly. BANKERS TRUST COMPANY "--,*t " prizes and most generous donaS, ions 1866. His translation is at present on Postage paid $1.00. Three for $2.00. MAIN AT SECOND (By N. C. W, C. News Service) of the Academy to large fmnilies; not ,its way to Rome. One FREE to LADIES' AID. Cleveland, April 2.--Six Carmelite content with distributing .medals of Bishop Mutel learned the Chinese LUSHER BROTHERS, FOREIGN DEPARTMENT Sisters from the Mother House in St. honor to the mothers who hve rm.ed characters in which these notes were 3-10-4t Elkhart, Indiana. "---'------- Louis have come t9 Cleveland upon many children, no manifestatiou of written forty=five years ago when he SALE-00MY SHOEs---sji00 " the invitation of Bishop Joseph sympathY; and interest have seemed was biding his time in Manchuria, in Schrembs and will establish a com- superfluous, and the Minister of A- the hope of entering Korea. A R M S T R 0 N G SP R ! N G S W A I liR inanity in this city. Pending location riculture, for example, learning that. We have just bought a tremendous of a permanent home the Carmelite the wife of a farmer in a district ANTI-PAROCHIAL toStCkbefsoldARMYto MUNSONthe publiclastdirect.Shes C A N NO W B E 0 B T l Sisters are guests of the Sisters' of through which he was paszhg had SCHOOL BILL DEAI PRICE $2.75. These shoes are 100 , , tb Good Shepherd: just given birth to her sixteenth child (By N. C. W. C. News Service) per cent solid leather with heavy The newcomers are Sister Berch- went to see the mother, made her a Columbus, March 30.The anti-pa- double soles sewed and nailed. The NLA' FAMOUS MEDICINAL SpRI lqG uppers are of heavy tan chrome man, Sister Michael, Sister Wine- present, and expressed t.he desire to rochial school bill introduced by Rep- leather with bellows tongue, thereby AGAIN TO :BE SOLD TO THE pU]$IJI" fred, Sister Anthony, Sister Angels, act as godfather of the .hihl, fllow resentative Brenner in the Lower making them waterproof. These Siter Gabriel, ing in this manner the example of the House of the Ohio Legislature has shoes are selling very fast and we For 80 yra thii water hu bn famou as a Archbishop of Tours and the Bishop been killed. If the bill had become a advise yo to ORDER AT ONCE to Even if that were possible, it's of Amiens, who have off,red to bap- 'law all children of school age would insure your order being filled, rJdey, Blader, and Nrvotm Di$ord : The sizes are 6 to 11, all widths. For informatilm write to regret things that tize the ninth child in the families o have been forced to attend the public Pay Postman on receipt of goods or There is always a best, their dioceses, In the minor details Of schools, send money order. Money refunded ' to ,d them. _1 public life, a very happy tendency is The Schools Committee of the if shoes are not satisfactory. Pl[ 0 ! l! CT 0 R Y F 0 R B 0 ...... mnifest, and the mothers of family House refused tO report the bill out ant/ if not su late given eve'y honor. No attentiou and this action insures its failure to THE U. S. STORESC0. SC . o.. , to them is negl0cted. To mention 0iflY pass. 1441 Broadway, :New York City tions Bishop Carroll's and most difficult task wa a sufficiently numerous gy, if possible native, hope for only throtgh a Pope's PropheIcY After a trial of ten. or the Seminary had cess and seemed doomed. by Plus VII, whom Father superior of the Sulpician sulted in Rome. "My son," said the stand, let that bear fruit in its own time. Progress at first