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April 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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April 7, 1923

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t  THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1923 PAGE THREE i [] [it a''5 CATHEDRAL NOTES has presented to the Cathedral school. Sunday Masses Suitable exercises will be held in Ca- L AND PERSONAL Low Masses at 7-9 a.m. thedrat Hall in which tbe children of High Mass at 11 a.m. the school will participate, after [] ,] L    U r    Weekday Masses lwhich the entire gathering will ad- DRIGGIST ]will go to Holy Communion next Sun- Masses daily at 6-8 a.m. i jom-n to the school yard, where the St. Phone 21300 day mo'ning at 7 o'clock. All mcm-ltmlla I Evening Devotions flag raising ceremonies will take "-'-- I bers are urged to be present at the Devotions on Sundtty evening a place. Through the interest of the will meet Mon- afternoon meeting at 2:30. 7:45, consistiLg of the recitation of:Welfare Association a large and sub- P.m., at Li!-tle Rock Violin Recital the Rosary, a Sermon and Benediction } stantial flag-pole has been purchased attendance is desired The Benedictine Sisters presen= of the Most Blessed Sacrament. ] and phtced in the Cathedral school   Miss Nettle Dehmer in a violin reel- t  ., Devotions on the First Friday ofi playgrounds, and the raising of the ..........  SECUr, ING FOR T}tE DIOCESE OI LITTLE ROCK THE the month in honor of the Sacred flag will be made the occasion for a .Jarrett, who has been al wltn 1ross lvmrie aarey at th, pi-./ lllT'OArlalfXT AXTn ,rAXrXT, " xr;,;v OOLEq I ,, i ,',uwux zx xszxNx u" vvu.txxx ,.J  - Heart at 7:45 p.m. very elaborate patriotic program, m with her sister, lano. lne program: I ASTICAL STUDENTS IN ST JOHN'S SEMINARY FOR Confessions which the Association will play a Concerto and Dolly's Dance, NetKe t qrr pT .  -. t of Ocala, Fla., re- Dehmer. x-115 IESTHOOD OF ALKANSAS Confessions are heard on Saturday prominent part. Previous to this ac- nday. from 4-6 and 7-8:30 p. m. Confession tion of the society, the flag of the. : Barcarolle From Tales of Hoffmm,, I Aid Society will Slumber Song, Violin Class Ensem- A Bursa ls a Sum of Money invested and Drawing Enough Inter- are also heard on the Thursday pre--, school has always been flown from  10th, at 2 o'clock I ble. est Always to Provide Board, Lodging, and Training for Ote ceding the First Friday at the same small pole on the school itself, "but Home, All members Calwtry, Faust .Waltz, Reigen, by Seminarian. hours, on Sunday morning before the through the generosity of the Welfare be present I Nettle Dehmer. low Masses and every morning before Association, in the 'future the flag , ' } I Bagatelle, a piano solo, by May Any Full Durse or 'Share in An Incomplete Bursa May Be Do- the eight o ch ck Mass.  will fly from the imposing and sub- ]Jurnett, who is at- }telen Rumbach. noted in Memory of the Deceased. New Bursas or Donations First Holy Communion stantial staff erected in the front of St. Louis, spent the Ahmg the Brookside, a piano solo, Toward An Incomplete Burse Witl Be Gratefully Received The children of the parish who have ] the school yard, and will be raised With her parents, Mr. by Margaret Fuchs. nd Recorded. been receiving instructions for the and lowered each day with suitable Burnett, 1511 Broad- Raindrops and In Schloss-Saal, by past eight weeks, will receive their patriotic exercises. Nettle Dehmer. ,A Burse Is a Sum of Moey Ivcsted and Drawing Enough Inter- First Holy Communion on Sunday, Mrs. P. B. Gaines, president of the This recital will take place at S. est Always to Provide Board, Lodging, and Training for One April 8th, at the seven o'clock Mass. School Welfare Association, will pre- St. Joseph's Guild I Edward's hall, Ninth :nd Sherman, Semi,.rian. The children's choir will sing at this  side at the meeting of the Society, o' Mass. All the boys and girls of the and will present the flag and flag- clock Wednes-[on April 16, 1922. ] at the Elks Hall,[ Aly Full Bursa or Share in An Incomplete Burse M?I le Do- parish will receive tioly Communion pole to the school. Acceptance of the with a card party. ,ated i Memory of the Deceased. New Bursas or Doiations at this Mass on next Sunday. On gifts will be made by the president at each table for BE FAIR TO ALL Toward An Inco'm'plete Btrse WiU be Gratefully Received Sunday evening, April 8th, there will of the senior class of the school, after e0re. , ad Recorded. be special devotions in the Cathedral whieh patriotic xercises will be car- ----- IS ADVICE GIVEN , for the children who are members of] ried out under the direction of the Catholic Club ST. JOttN'S SEMINARY BURSES the First Communion class. A spepial Sisters in charge of the,school. Fol- sermon, "Mary, the Mother of God," lowing the exercises a meeting of the leering of the Cathe- IN HIS LAST WILL COMPLETE will he pre'tched by the Rev. Francs " i I Assdciation will he held in Cathedral will be held Mon- ttall. Thi'. 'ST. MARY'S PARISH BURSE, Hot Springs ...................... $5,000.00 Taulty of St. John's Seminary, after' Hall. sociai mee*.ing of White Plains,N. Y., March 27. MONSIGNOR TOBIN BURSE, Little Rock ....................... 5,000.ff0 which the children will all be enrolled' Caihedral Juniors of the newly Directing his children to keep in mind ANNIE JONES BURSE, Pine Bluff 5,000.00 in the Scapular of the Blessed Virgin I The regular monthly meeting of the will take p}a-.e, and their dealings with manldnd, and to MARY HOLLAND-CRAIG  URSE, Pine Bluff ..................... 5.000.00 Mary. The devotions wilt conclude Cathedral Juniors will be held in Ca- . I asked to be present be a loser rather than bring mis-' JOHN M. GRACIE BURSE, Little Rock ......................... 5,000.00 with Benediction of the Most Blessed, thedral Hall on Sunday, April 8th, at fortune upon soneone else, Wolf Sacrament and the singing of the Te 2:30 p. m. Important business will be Fischer, of Mount Vernon, whose will INCOMPI.,ETE Deum. 'acted on and a large attendance of RSE BISHOI .BYRNE BU .......................................... $1,225.00 , I will be a surprise was filed for probate today with Sur- ,, , R : ( Seminary Collection [ members is desired. SI. JOHN S ALUMNI BU SE .................................. 915.00 of the young couple, rogate Slater, divides among them The collection at the Cathedral for Sacred Heart Bursa Catherine Elizabeth the bulk of an estate of more than SACRED HEART BURSE ......................................... 100.00 the Diocesan Seminary on Easter Through the generosity of an un- J. Hampel. The $6,000. The children are Emma Hal- INCOMPLETE BURSES Sunday was the largest yet received known donor, the sum of one hundred Performed at 8 o'clock berstauedt and Albert Fischer, of Bishop Byre B,rse for this mos worthy purpose. More dollars was contributed last Sunday at St. Andrew's Mount Vernon, and Irving M. Fischer. Father Moran. of New Brighton, S.I. The will says: Tile Brse to be kown o,s the Bishop Bye, a memorial hun- than eight hundred dollars was con- in the Seminary Collection at the Ca- tributed by the members'of tlie Ca- thedral, for the purpose of establish- trip M/r. and "It is my last wish, desire and tope or to the first tishop of the Diocese of Little Rock, already has a thedral parish, including a special do- ing a Bursa at St. John's Seminary, at home in this that my children shall at all times credit deposit of $1220. This bursa calls for no stated amount of nation of one hundred dollars for the to be known as the Sacred Heart is a niece of Mr. and love and respect each other and con- dotatioL avid 'its present sum total is the result of large and small starting of a special Burse in honor Burse. The donor expresses the hope of this city. The tinue the same brotherly and sisterly do'utios by those interested in ?)erpetuatizg the name of Bishop of the Sacred Heart. that others who feel that they owe with the Magnolia affection between and among them- Cathedral Aid Society I some little debt of gratitude to the selves as they have prior to my death, Byr,ne in comectio with the priesthood of the diocese which he One of the largest attended meet- Sacred Heart of Our Beloved Lord, and treat and act toward tll mankind organized ad unto which he gave of his prayers, of his work, ad ings of the present season marked the for favors received, will gladly rally People's Club in the same respect, .taking no ad- of his life. opening of post-lenten activities of] to make the completion of this Bursa Monday night at vantage of an. one to the slightest The Bishop Byrne Burse is  popdar one, toward which even the Cathedral Aid Society held in Ca- a reality in the near future. The let- and Main streets, degree, with the thought in their dovttions of one dime or more will be acceptable ad receive due thedral hall on Easter Monday, and a ter which accompanied the generous couples were pres- mind in all their dealings with man- crelit on the Semizry records, spirit of enthusiasm, - which augurs donation of one hundred dollars is as by A1 Mat'- kind to rather be a loser than to see . well for the success of the varied ac- follows: A color scheme of one with whom they may have come Bishop Byr{e Burse credits to date: tivities of the Aid Society, was shown carried out in in contract lose through any business Previously acknowledged .... $500.00 by all present. Mrs J. J. Keller, * * * * * * * * * * Chaperons were dealings they may have with any such Donation ................... 500.00 president of the Society, presided. The * "I wouht like very much to * Bujarski, Mr. person." Donation .................... 200.00 eport of the previous meeting was * have the enclosed $100.00 used * read by Mrs. Btgelow Robinson, ec- * as a nucleus for Bursa in honor * Mr. and Mrs. BISHOP FL000SH Club Gift ................... 10.00 retary of the Society, and proved to *' of the Sacred Heart. I realize * Mr. and Mrs. John Rev. Friend ................ 5.00 be on of the features of the meeting. * that this is a very small sum * PRESENTS fRYS J" J" M ..................... 2.0o Mrs. Aristo Brizzolara, Jr., treasurer * for such a purpose, but hope to * M. E. D .................... 1.0O of the Aid, reported a goodly sum in * be able to add to it from time * Young People's Martha B ................... 1.00 the treasury and a large increase in * to time. I feel sure there are * '.to have met Friday, TO HOLY FATHER ,) S., Jr ..................... 50 membership since the March meeting * many other persons and fatal- * n postponed unLil Edw. and John ............... 50 of the society. * lies throughout the state who, * at 8 o'clock at and Cypress (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) The reports of the various circles I* owing a debt of gratitude to * will be a social Rome, March 26.Elbert H. Gary, Total ........ : ........... $1225.00 as rendered by the chairman of those I * the Sacred Heart for blessings * are expected to be chairman of the United States Steel circles gave evidence of the intense " received, will gladly contribute % Corporation, and Mrs. Gary were re- St. John's Alumni Burse . interest that has been aroused in the I * to this fund. If only 49 such * ;hich was held !ceived in private audience by the pope Previously acknowledged ..... $900.00 work of the organization by the la- i * persons will make an effort to * had as their guest on Saturday, Msgr. J. A. Floersh, for- Rev. Friend ............... 5.00 . dies of the Cathedral parish. The re- t * add $100.00- each during this * who was made {m mar secretary of the Apostolic Dele- Rev. Alumnus ........... k__ I0.00 ports were read by the following * year,' the Bursa will be corn- * gation at Washington, and bishop- chairmen: Circle number one, Mrs. B. * pleted before next Easter." * committee for elect of Louisville, presented Mr. and Total ................... $915.00 B. Wrighf; Circle number two, Mrs. , , . , , , . . . . 10th will be Misses Mrs. Gary to His Holiness. The pope TMs Bursa is a/Ouneiation by the priests w,ho have been or- Fred Brown; Circle number thee,, Imgran and To- presented Mr. Gary with a gold medal dainedfrom the Seminary and is open to the clergy and the people Mrs. W. l{. Mallory; Circle number LARGE DONATIS and Mrs. Gary with a gold ros- i.n general as a xecognition of the s,eeess of the facul- four, Mrs: Eugene Flavin; Cirdle * nmnber five, Mrs. Aristo Brizzolara, coranaittee is compos- ary. After the audience, Mr. Gary ty and the students'of this importantdiocesan instit'ution. FOR Bauer, Elizabeth commented upon. the courtesy with Jr. Two other circles in process of Beschorner and Ray- which he had been received, and said formation were announced by the that the pope had manifested great Sacred Heart Burse president. Fr. Moran, Spiritual Direc- By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon interest in conditions in the. United Grateful Recipient of Favors ..................................... $100.00 tor, gave a talk in which im expressed Capitaine. , CHURCH States. '  his appreciation of the splendid work (N. C. W. C. News Service) INFORMATION AND DONATIOI$ thus far accomplished and his hopes Cologne, March 19.--Several large Society Request for further information regarding any or all matters pertaining for the success of the various activi,- donations to be devoted to relief work Altar Society U. S. Co C DELE00TES to the foundation of Burses and the benefits shared by contributors and like- ties of the Society in the future, among starving German children and afternoon at 3 wise all donations should be sent to the Rector, Very Rev, W. H. Aretz, S.T. Following the business a short an- the students of German' universities Parish hall All mere- RECEIVED BY POPE D., St. John's Seminary, Twenty-fifth and State Streets, Little Rock, Ark. tertainment was enjoyed. Mrs. Keller, ]lave been received recently. The to be present. Devotion president, announced the numbers, Pope has sent 40,000 lira to Cardinal ght at 7:45 there will (N.C.W.C." Special Cable) Ili C'htt00'ur- C'algdl00" --n--r -- t! which consisted of the rendition of von Faulhaber to aid in the fight honor of th Delegates from the United States . two very beautiful soprano solos, by against tuherculosis among Germat by Benediction attending the sessions of the Interna- Miss Virginia Rogoski, soloist of the students, tional Chamber of Commerce here Cathedral choir, and two readings by Chinese students of the German Cims were received in audience by Pope Mrs. E. E. Aronson. The work of both universities have collected a fund of the absence of Fa-' Plus XI, who blessed their efforts for N T [z" -artists met with merited approval amounting to 12,700,000 marks for Sunday, the ebil- the' restoration of international corn- from the large gathering of ladies welfare work mound their German their First Holy mercial activities. Sunday, April 8---LOW SUNDAY. present. 'Mrs. W. H. Mallory acted as 'fellow students. SUnday, April 25th. Mon[ay April 9IANNUNCIATION OF THE B. V. M.--TRANSFERRED accompanist for Miss Rogoski. At the The "Amerfoc News," the paper of Will be present at the il FROM MARCH 25DAY OF DEVOTION. conclusion of the entertainment a de- the American Army of Occupation,' new St: Edwrd': i "xaaaxa DENIES Tuesday, April 10--St. Bademus, martyr, was a rich and noble citizen of lightful luncheon of fancy sandwiches before the troops left, turned over on Sunday, SEWLEMENT CALL Bethlapeta in Persia. He founded a monastery near his native city and tea and coffee was served. Mrs. 909,225 marks and $15,091 to the James Gaffney of St. whifh he ruled with great virtue He suffered martyrdom during the J. J. Keller, president, was in charge Mayor of Coblenz. This money, it Will officate Sunday persecution of the Christians under King Sapor. of the entertainment and lunch assist- was specified, is to be used to pro- asses OF RUHR SITUATION Wednesday, Apn, 11-st. Leo the Grea,. was conreted as Pope in the ed by Mesdames Robinson, Louise vide milk and other nourishing food Society year 440. He ruled the Church at the time it was menaced by the in- Keller, Shader, Hunt, Walker, Rogos for the poor children of the city. .and .ladies of the cursions of the Vandals and the Huns and by the Nesterian and Pelagian ki, Wright Mallory, Brizzolara, Jr., I will entertah Rome, April 2.--The Vatican has helesies. At his intercession Attila and his Hurts turned back when Harding and Gray. I MSGR IqLIPPi parish bail, Fri- denied that there is any foundation they had Rome within their grasp. The Saint died in 461. Activities announced were, a card " All proceed for the published reports that the Thursday, April 12L-St. Julius, was chosen Pope on the 6th of February, 887. party at'the home of Mrs. E. E. Ar-}' APP01 OVer to their fund for ,Pope intended to issue an Easter He reigned for more than fifteen years, most of which time he devoted nson on Friday, April 6th, from I A cordial invitation i: 'message, calling for the settlement of to attempts to put down the Arian heresy. He finally triumphed in the 2:80-5, and a play on the evening of Our friends, the Ruht, situation. The report is de- General Council at Sardioa in Illyricum which declared St. Athanasius April 17th in Cathedral Hall under Rome, April 2.=-Ahbiahol clared to be absolutely devoid of ay. and Marcellus of Ancyra orthodox and innocentr of charges made by the patronage of Circle number four. to Filippi, former died last Wed- :foundation in fact. It was reported certain Arian bishops, deposed several of the latter and framed twenty- Cathedral School Welfare Association to Mexico, has been appointed Apos- well fortified with 'that the Pope would propose media, one canons of discipline. Plans had been made for the regu- toltc Delegate to' Constantinople. I the Church after a' Aon between France and Germany, Friday, April 13St. Hermenegild, martyr, was the son of Leovigild, King lar monthly meeting of the Cathedral view of the present situation in the and a victim of pneti- the conclusion of the reciprocal non- of the Visigoths. He was imprisoned by his father because he refused chool Welfare Association on Thurs Near, East, the Constantinople postis took place at Our aggressive agreement to be guaran- to accept Arianism and won his martyr's crown in prison, day of this week, but on account of regarded as one of the most impor- sel Friday morn- teed by the other powers. . Saturday, April 14.St. Benezet, a shephei'd, wa inspired by God to build the varied activities of the members tant assignments within the Father Wernke a bridge over the Rhone at;Avinon at' a place where many people had h other events of interest to the so- the Holy-See. The selectionof Ms, : took place in Cal- Supported by Mary, you will not been drowed. He obtained the approbation of the bishops, proved his ciety, the meeting will be held on I Fiiippi for this fall protected by her, you need not mission by miracles, and began the work in 1177. He died when the Thursday, April 12th; in Cathedral evidence that the " fear; she being your guide, you will difficult part of the undertaking was over in 1184. His body was placed Hall at 2 O'clock. 1 his conduct during NOTES not grow weary on the way; with the in .a chapel built upon the bridge and when the coffin was opened five In connection with the rneeting ldents, which led to his fav)r.of Mary, .you will happily reach hundred years after his death, the body was found without the least there will be the dedication of' the new] Mexico by the Government of that Rose "Soctet your last end:"St. Bernard, sign of corruption flag and flag pole which the society I country. ,1