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April 3, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 3, 1920

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i:. PAGR EIGHT THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 1920. i i i i mm I ==--------:- =------------- ment along the above lines to "take FRANCE AND who say he is going, are right- For it is still, I helieve, premature, to say the sleeper to IAttle Rock" and our THE ,VATICAN that things are settled. True, the merchants would profit by the early morning invasion of a wide awake, (Continued from Page 1.) French papers have shown us recently good tempered crowd of business peo- --what we knew before--that there Six Cents, Pleasel Please! ple, who refuse now to trade in Little most of all of the President, on whom is an overwhelming mass of pullic op- Save your coppers. You will riced Rock because a trip here means so the responsibility rests most heavily, inion in the country and indeed, in them very soon when you are giving ,nuch of inconvenience anti time wast- lhtt Agreement Is There. Parliament in favor of restoration of the conductor the "exacted" fare of ed. Strangers from Memphis and St. But tbe agreement is there; and the diplomatic relations. six cents. Now, please, "get the hab- Louis may berth in tations at Little messages ' in the view of those here it" right away. Do not delay the con- Rock until 6:30 a. m., while our Ar- IMPRESSION CORRECTED. ductor and the rest of us awaiting kansas friends, coming in to trade best competent to judge, bring its your four pennies to be dredged fm with us have to sit out the hours in translation into fact officially nearer. Recent generous and effective aid I / the depths of the conductor's copper the waitingroom or pace our streets Actu:flly indeed, it is said to bc a fact giwm by the Knights of Columbus I !to the relatives of soldiers whose I pockets. If you have to give him a looking for a friendly room and bed. ahady, and the official translation to bodies had been brought back from [ dime, give it to him quickly, tell him It seems to be up to out' Little Rock be not only imminent but about to be abroad has created the impression in to keep the change, so that he may merchants. quicldy ignal the motorman to "get . completed on a scale fully commensu-ninny minds that this 'organization a going". It is mean and stingy on "Hi-tti.Hi-Hi-I,nfluenee." rate with the importance of the event, Ires undertaken to do work of this your part to keep the rest of us from If out" future citizens of Arkansas which means, in plain terms, that we sort and has special facilities for it, supper just to get your four little cop- an not the very models of manhood, slmll see very soon indeed the ex- as well as the power to influence the pers. Yes! We know "they are tom-iL will not be on account of the laxity change of official representatives be- Government to take action in individ- ing to you." but we want to be go- of the '*uplifting" organizations of tween the two powers, and these rep ual cases. The Knights desire that ing on to what is coming to us and these reconstlctive days of ours. resentatives will be the biggest that this impression be removed, for it your old four pence means a cold sup- Men and youth, clergymen and lay- can be found, is a mistaken one. per and an evening grouch. ONE men from all the cities of the United France, to show honor to the Holy The Supl,ne Secretary, William J. NICKEL and ONE COPPER spell States, even from far-off Japan; as- See and appreciation of its generosity McGinley, has announced that they "speed and supper." sembled at the Second Baptist church will send, not just an ordinary nego- have no official policy regarding the in ]tittle Rock for a three days' meet- tiator such as it had there unofficially removal of the American dead from Little Rock Sleepers. ing last week! They were delegates until a year ago, not even just an or- France, and are content to leave the One great idea, that of running Lit- to the annual State convention of the dinary diplomat, but some big, well- matter as a whale to the Government tle Rock "sleepers" on evening trains Y. M. C. A. The particular interest of known diplomatic personage, in order for decision and action. In many in- leaving the distant sections of our the convention was centered on the to give eclat to the event. Rome will stances, however, the Secretaries have state for the Capitol City. Thousands "Hi-Y" work, thc Y. M. C. A.'s activi- return the compliment and send an been able to find out for parents just of buyers would be on our streets and ty in the high schools of the state, equally distinguished personage--and where in France their sons are buried, in our stores every week, if there was through clubs which will crry its fine there are those here, who insist that it and have given them this much desir- an opportunity for convenient trips, influence into the school life of our will be Msgr. Cerretti. ed information. "Beyond that," he -Take for instance, the people living growing youth. It is a broad field Msgr. Cerretti's Prominence. says, "we cannot go, but, as in the along the lines of the Me. Pacificl for welfare work, and the "uplifting" Ce,'tainly the secretary of the Con-  caes o the sailor, James T. Devers, from Knobel dom, from Cotter Bates-I is not to be confined to the influence gregation of Extraordinary Ecclesi- of Chicago, and Private Dana Dyer of ville and Newport; from Wynne, Au-lof one association or one or two sect., astical Affairs--and that Msgr. Cer- Massachusetts, we stand ready to be r  r,, gust, a, Bald Knob and Kensett; on the l ith the 'Hi- influence, we may rettiis marked out by position and of service whenever and wherever we North Arkansas from Eureka Springs, l expect to have, in our reconstructio competence for the restoration of the can." Harrison, Marshall, tIeber Springs]work, as we did in our "soldier wel: nuciature at Paris, if' and when that The position taken by the Knights and Armstrong Springs and Searcy. fare" work, the highly praised influ- comes about on he scale suggested of Columbus is right and wise, as well These sections are deprived of timely ence of the "Hi-K. C." work, the "Hi- above. If, again, he can be spared as hclpful. They have not, as an or- nd frequent day trains. They can Hebrew" work, and the "Hi-Sally" here, His previous experience, his ca- ganization, participated in the con- not get to Little Rock, do anything in work. These four welfare associations pacity, and his work since he returned troversy in regard to the final dispo- a business way and return home the cerlainly made good in our camps at from Australia to Rome have put him sition of the" American soldiers who same day. They fear to arrive in home and on the firing lines abroad, into such a position that his departure died abroad or brought pressure to Little Rock late at night because it is The high school field,of Arkansas will would make a hole in Curia impossible bear either way on the government. notorious that Little Rock does not be their future "sector for influence," --it would seem at first sight--to fill, A natural inference is that the offer half enough room accommoda- open to all, and each association, Hi-Y But, of course, nothing is impossible Knights, as they are not joining in the tions. A Little Rock sleeper attached Hi-K. C., Hi-Sally, Hi-Hebrew, striv- in Rome. movement to bring about a general to late evening trains coming from, ing for the same success with the high By direct ordination of Divine Prey- disinterment, do not favor it. That thesesections of the state, side track- schools Jhat followed them in the idcnce, the Church goes on eternally; is what would be expected from those " ed upon arrival in a quiet corner of army welfare work. Ill-Hi-Hi-Hi-- andwhether by direct disposition or who know as much as they do about the railroad yard, would be an at- (four ti,nes)--for the High School no--when a great hole is left, some how a majority of the smwivors of traction and a convenience for a large Welfare Workers! one big enough to fill it is found.. To the expeditionary forces feel and ex- purchasing and business patronage those here in'August, 1914, it was the press themselves when this subject willing t pay the cost of this much JUST THINK OF IT. 'end of the world--finimmdo" was the is discussed in their presence. needed accommodation. They are do- word on people's lips. But Benedict The dead sleep well where they are. ing it in other cities:' Why not make it The U. S. is not first, but eighth in XV was found to take the place of There their graves will be carefully .attractive and convenient for Little literacy among the nations of the Plus X. So someone will succeed guarded and worthily honored, and Rock's many "up.state" patrons and world. One in each of every ten Msgr. Cerretti, till he comes back. more could not be done for them here. friends ? It .would be a popular move- adults can neither read or write. That is, presuming that the people, --New York Times. Careless Driving Cause of Collisions Two collisions of autos last week, in both of which people were more or less injured, resulted from the same cause, namely, from a driver crossing the path of another machine in making a turn. Thus a car is going south and turns east in front of a car going , north. The offending driver in cases of this kind is the one who turns his machine. So long as the driver is going north or south, he has the right of way. But the moment he turns east or west, he loses that right of way, and is supposed to give way to north or south traffic. 'And if he fails to signal before turning, he mul- tiplies the danger of collision, because north and south drivers cannot be expected to know his intention. Collisions would naturally be impossible were the traffic rules observed. \\; ' Little Rock Railway & Electric Co. I i I II I HELLO CENTRAL! * Give hie 1926 or 1927 YOUNG'S DRUG STORE The Store of Quality Ninth and Recto KLEIN M/lIB Made by ROSE CITY BAK 'The Most Sanitary Joe Jung Proprietor. LYONS CAFE, 210 W. Second Call and see us. Most Sanitary spot in the city. Speiclals specialty. Quality First Consideration. Special accommodation for days. Regular dinner 35c. J. N, Lyons, Mgr. astman Koda Developing and lhlshing. HEGAR TY DR UG $01 MIN ST. Haley & Hornibrook Ventilatinl00 and All Hinds of Roofln00 CENTRAL BAN Capital Stock ........... $100,000 Surplus ............... 10,000 We are constantly adding new accounts and business is increasing at n very satisfactory However, we shall be glad fo have you with us. is our inflexible rule not to impart information cerning the deposits of others. THE EXCH/Ilql;E lq/IT[00lq/IL BR Now at 113 West Second St. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS CAPTITAL and SURPLUS, OUR ASSFTS ARE OVFR TWO MILLION DOLLAR! We make a specialty of investing same m first mortgage loans--and therefore su cSstomers and estates we represent with vestments--We act as administrators and under Will of many estates in Pulaski and counties in this state--We rill be pleased to you. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK " Little Rock, Arkansas Open an account with COMMERCIAL TRUST CO. Formerly LASKER-MORRIS BANK & TRUST CO. Fourth and Main If Deposited in Savings Account will earn 4 % Interest A Tom of Beauty always expresses to the passer-by the lovin with which it was selected. If you have an uch a memorial, we will carry it to the last accordance with your desire. We are at your vice for monumental work of any kind. No Agmts---No Commission. Write for MONAHAN & SON" 412-414 Wt Markham St.  IOCK,