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April 3, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 3, 1920

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P, ELKINS BARBER SHOP [ Safety Razor Blades of All Kinds llost Up-to-Date Slmp in the City WEsT CAPITOL AVE. IllllllllillllllUUllllllllllllllt Alumnae Association wishing rosary beads )r any other to he seattle the sol- can obtain them at reasonable at The Bookery, 307 W. 2nd St. nice selections and orders Promptly filled. $$$mllsmllmllil FEAST OR FAST. YIMj DO NOT KNOW? YOU A CATHOLIC CAL- YOUR HOME? CALENDAR SHOUI.I) EVERY CATIIOLIC HOME. AT TItE BOOKERY. OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE. (2ATHOLIC ALMANACS 1920 TAKE CALOMEL Bond's Liver Pills Are Better Troubles, Headaches, etc. One small pill is the dose. 25. All drug- Refuse substitute3. PRICE Smith-Premier 6 Remington. Olivem THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 1920. ': --::i' in Jerusalem. The doors were bolt- --*'- .........  shut up in an upper room of a house l Words i Home ! ed fast. Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them: "Peace Worth Lamp [,etoyou He thenshowedthemthe wounds in IIis hamls and side. Then While ;J- .,_.te., He said to them. Peace By CONCHESSA Lgf  I to you. As tim Father hath sent me I also send you. And when He [:-----=%----------=-=-----------""--'--:" had said this, He breathed upon My Dear Boys and Girls: imust we do to work the works of them; and He said to them; Receive How nmsy things this week recalls? God And He said to them: This ye the }toly Ghost; Whose sins ye As you said the stations did you not is the work of God that you believe shall forgive, they are forgiven picture that sad procession when Jes- in him wlfom He lmth sent." Then them; and whose sins ye shall retain us was bn His way to Calvary? "['here they asked Him for a sign like that they are retained." on the Cross He hung, slowly dying, given by Moses, who gave 'the people It was during these forty days that ('or six long weary hours. Yet through Manna to eat wifile they were in the on another occasion, He confirmed it all not one murmur of impatience wilderness. It was then that Our Peter's autimrity over the other came from His lips. Will you not say told tom them plainly tlmt He "was Apostles and over the whole Church. henever you see a crucifix: he true bread that cometh down He gave Peter a chance to profess "Lord on thQ Cross Thine Arms from heaven." But they murmured his love for Him three times. Each wee stretched, at IIim because He said He was the profession of love was rewarded with So draw Thy people nigh. true bread from heaven. Then He "m addition of power. Then it was Oh grant us then that Cross in love. said to them: "I am the living that Christ,told Peter: Feed my And in Thine arms to die." bread that is come down from heaven. :arabs feed My s'heep." Remember that when the body Of The bread I will give you is my flesh At the end of the fortieth day Je- Jesus was laid to rest, a holy peace for the life of the world." And hey sus led His disciples out to a hill seemed to brood. A:ll was quiet and said among themselves: "How can near Bethany. There in presence of one by one the stars began to shine this man give us his flesh to eat " all of them He was taken up into cut like tall tapers lighted by the Then Jesus insisted, and said: "In- heaven. This is called the Ascension. angels, and the gloom and darkness deed, I tell you, unless you eat the "And the apostles, adoring, went of Good Friday passed at last into flesh of the Son of nmn and drink back into Jerusalem with great joy. the brightness of Easter. His Blood, you shall not have life in And they were always in the Temple, On Sunday morning say as soon as yo'u." The Jews became disgusted praising and blessing God. Amen." you awaken, with Him and went away. Some of "I know that my: Redeemer lives. His disciples, too, left Him, saying: HOLY WEEK. And reigns above the skies, "This is a hard word, and who can On Holy Thursday,-the institution He will revive my dust again, believe it?" Then the Apostles came of the Blessed Sacrament at the Last And bid my body rise. to Him, and he said to them: "Do Supper is commemorated. On this Alleluia, Allelui. you, too, want to go away?" Here day the Sacred Host, which is to be Wishing you all the joys of Easter Peter showed his great faith. "Where consumed by the priest at the Divine Office of tile next day, is kept on a I am as ever. Yours, could we go Master, he said; you CONCHESSA. have the words of life everlasting." side altar, called the Repository, No wonder, then, that the Apostles coied with flowers and lights. CATECHISM. believed what Our Blessed Lord said Repository is visited by the people, The institution of the Eucharist. nd did at the Last Supper. The who pray there and adore our bless- What is the Holy Eucharist? Church from the time of the Apostles ed Lord in the Sacrament of His [ The Holy Eucharist is the Sacra has ever taught the same thing; Je- love. From the Mass of Holy Thurs-I ment which contains the body and sus Christ, the Son of God, is whole day to the Mass of Holy Saturday no blood, soul and divinity, of Our Lord and entire under the appearance of church bells are rung, in order to Jesus Christ under the appearance bread and wine in the Eucharist. It show the great sorrow of the Church. of bread and wine. "is a hard word, and who can be- On Good Friday, the day on which When did Christ institute the Holy lieve it?" Christ told the Jews the GAL THREE 3333 333 33 ........ Eucharist? answer: "No nmn can come to reel Our Savious died on the cross for us, Christ instituted the Holy Eucharist unless the Father, who hath sent me, the Church does all she can to make at the Last Supper, the night before draw him." The Eucharist is the i feel how solemn is the event she He died. great mystery of faith. No use in celebrates. The altar is bare, for the About a week before He was put trying" to divine God's word; right in of Our Saviour at read, and then to death, our Lord was called back all. We believe He is God; we be- the priest has on black vestments from the country beyond the Jordan lieve He is in the Most Holy Sacra- during the omurnful ceremomnies to come to His friends' house be- meat ef the Altar. which conclude with tim Adoration cause Lazms was sick. We have of the Cross. PAGESEVEN Our Lord's body lay in the tomb, is passed in silence and meditation. On this day at Mass is blessed the new fire, struck from a rock, an image of Christ, who is both a light to the world and a rock to His Church. Then the blessing of the Paschal candle follows. After this the twelve prophecies i that foretold / Ithecoming of Our Savious are read, and then ;the water to be used in Baptism is i blessed. Easter Sunday is a feast in honor of Our Lord's rising from the dead on the third day after His crucifixion, and is one of great joy in the'Church. AN EASTER SONG. Softly, slowly breaks the morn across the eastern sky, While before the wak'ning dawn the moonbeams fade and die. Cahnly float the cloudlets now to meet the coming day; Tinged with morning's rosy hues, the sun-god's brightening ray, And the wild birds' first notes Through the woodlands sweetly ring, Flitting fast from tree to tree, tlmir morning songs they sing, What do sun-kissed cloudless soft and joyous wild birds says? All bid us now, "Awake, rejoice! Be- hold, 'tie Easter dayI" By M. I. Smithson. CONUNDRUMS. O what side of b, church does'a yew(roe grow? the outside. Why is it right B should come be- fore C? Because we must B before we can C. Why is the letter W lik e scandal? Because it make ill willx Why is A like twelve o'clock? You know, middle of day. What is it which occurs twice in a moment, once in a minute anti not once in a thousand' years? The let- ter M. ..................................... ,_ '. _'._ t .................. L. ...... , n ...... OTICE the well dressed women that you see on Easter morning. Some will have a smartness--exclusiveness--about them that lifts them above the crowd. More than likely their costumes came from The Leader Third and Main. seen how He raised Lazarus from BIBLE Story. Holy Saturday, the day on which _  III IIIII the (lead. This miracle brought Him The Resurrection ad Ascension. -- ................................................................................................................................. "--'-- crest fame, and crowds of people On what day did Christ rise from - flocked out to see Him. After the the dead? -ll II I I I e" Sabbath day, He went up to Jerusa- Christ rose from the dead, glorious "' ! :era for three successive days; and and immortal, on Easter Sunday, the there He taught and put His enemies thi'rd day after His death" YOUR ICE to shame. The fourth day He did not IIow long did Christ stsy on earth MAKING go to Jerusalem, but rested all day at His friend's house in Betlny. after lIis resurrection? Christ stayed on earth forty days That was Wednesday, ThurSday after His resurrection to show that night He went up to Jerusalem to He was truly risen from the dead, Ill l II have supper at the house of and to instruct His apostles. friend. All His Apostles went with Christ's body remained in the grave 1 Him, hecause at that 'supper He was from Friday evening till Sunday to eat th2 lmnb called the Passover morning. Early in the morning of First of a series that should be of interest to all:- lamb. Sunday there was an earthquake; While the Apostles were sitting and an anzel of God came down from with Him at table, He took some heaven and rolled back the great --to begin with bread, b;essed it and broke it: "Take stone from the gate of the tomb. The md eat,--th's is my body," and uodiers wko ,,,ere guarding it were ]'HE PLANT then He took a chalice with wine in stricken with terror and became as it; and IIe gave thanks, and then (lead men. As soon as they recover-' gave it to His Disciples and said: ed they ran back to Jerusalem to tell The ice plant is one of the first necessities to go into cities, big ox "Drink all of you of this; this is mY!theE e who had seen them there to little. Along with lights, water, gas, sewers and telephones--ICE blood, which shall be shed for the watch. This alarmed the Pharisees remission of sins." When. they had and Priests, and they bribed the IS A PUBLIC NECESSITY. c.aten and drunk, He said to them: guards to say that ,while they were "Do this in m.mory of me." a:deep, Chrint's disciples came and The ice plant must be equipped with the most modern and expert- The Apostles were not one bit as- ::toe /-[is body. sive machinery; that will insure a reliableand continuance of un- t()nished at What He said to them. But the same morning, very early, broken service, because many businesses, as well as public health Th:y understood that He was God Mary M ag'dalen and other holy we- and comfort dependon it daily output. 'nd that He could do such wonderful men came out to see the tomb. They 'b;nyzs. Besides they had not forgot- had brought with them precious spices The average cost to equip and install a modern ice plant of mod- ten |:he day after multiplication of and perfumes with which they wan- crate size, as used in towns with a population of from 2,000 to the loaves, when He insisted that He ed to anoint the body. They wer5 25,000 is would give then His flesh to eat an d saying anaong themselves, Who Will His blood to drink. On that occasion roll back the great stone for us, that From $1 000 to $1 500 Per Ton of Ice Man- Christ demanded a great act of faith we may get into the tomb? But when 9 from those ,00-ho had fo,,owed Hi00. 00l,oy come to place, they f ed P D They believed that He was a great the stone ahvady rolled back. Mary, U actur er ay mhn; but that was not enough, He who loved our Lord with all the fond- This cost is increased or decreased according to the smaller vr wanted them to believe that Hc wag hess of a great woman's heart, was God. They said to Him: "Wimt sure her Master's body was taken larger plants. I away. She shuddered with utter sor- row and fear; and she turned back This machinery must operate continuously through the warm :00lllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllilllll to ,00,sh tell the Apostles. She season at peak and strained capacity WITHOUT REST, and is met the gardner, as she thought, and therefore subjected to considerable wear and depreciation. The , } , ,, .he asked him, Did you take away plant must be of sufficient capacity to take care of the greatest Safety C011venlell(.e [ 10tll the body? All the answer she got demand of the hottest summer month--yet is comparatively idle was: Mary! She knew the voice: In Depositing your Savings With the It was Jesus Himself. She fell down :or a big part of the calendar year. t His feet to ldss them; but Jesus High pressure boilers, large ammonia compressors, high duty SOUTIIERN TRUST ,,o,:ld let her co back and t$11 Peter and the others; pumps, big motors, oil or steam engines, huge freezing tanks, and COMPANY ' tam risen; I am no longer among the many other of the highest priced modern machinery 5s necessary -iead. In the meantime the other irl t . the making of ice--as is also an abundant supply of PURE you not only obtain complete safety women had gone into the tomb. WATER. for.your funds and 4 per cent interest There they saw an angel who told compounded twice a year, but you also tlmm that Christ was risen, and that This machinery must be under the constant and tender watch. know that your money is readily avail. 'lacy should go and tell the others, care of the highest trained engineers. . able whenever yea may require it.. When Peter and John heard the news, Remember,that a small amount de- [ msitefl regularly at fixed interval 'hey set out running for the tomb. Machineryand expense to do the work of nature in making arti [will produce far hotter results (hay lohn was younger than Peter and ficial ice is considerably greatei  that the common belief, lthe infreqnent depositing of large could run faster; so he reached the ]'moun!s. . 'omb first;buthewaited at thedoor "or Peter. Peter went in and John -- ' 00OUTHERN HUGH D. HART, President prices. Ask for illustrated bo000000oro00. CITY DELIVERY CO ]bE.; strong, rapid and folds For forty days Christ appeared at for trial. ''''^. qfferent times and places to His y Stationery Co. ' qsciples. It was on one of the.e oc- St., Little Rock, Ark. Phone 'salons that He instituted the Sacra- , safes, filing cabinets, Opposite the Postoffie ,-ent of Penance and gave His Corona, g-lb. folding . i$1$1mlll 'nest/ca ,n,l their s,,ecessors the IIIlUilIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIlUlIIIIIIlll power to forgive sins., They were aU '! .! 7" i] : ,i i