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April 3, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 3, 1920

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H CARDINAl pie to Subscrit :rnmemt Loan. -ice to The G French eard ,cal for subscri h loan, anothe &apos;th the Church recall their Victory Loan 3, and point o e present appe$ ,ted ruins and caused by the bank notes ld the increase stayed, credit d abroad for tl d production.m easures are ind for prosperity e of the social lty of all Freud ording to their m, who have a : of directing at hal difficulties, )f the country. dinals urge all i ir resources and he service of F: igned by tl)e six met,e, Andrieu, ' Dubois and Mal 00hts of Columbus 1- 00ociety Activities Lre n E ROCIi C---UNCIL NO. 812. thi  Official Notes. draws to a close we have Eastmtide and with it the usy social season intervening es solic me hot weather sets in. From sSllnti00., hear it will be crowded with hile events, full of interest, in- ll and enjoyment coupled with [committee work and the co- . of all the members if the 'roposed are to be fruitful of sults. Things look favorable. Ii  class is in the process of corn- y land the date set definitely for t <dunday in May. Our New Lecturer. Stll'ti flew Lecturer, G.W. Gilmore, .'}large of the social season at eting next Tuesday. Here he ttine his program in a general !d from what we 'have learned Lwill be by far the most pro- e series yet undertaken. Plan- Constructive lines and arrang- a regularity that will corn- Four attention and a variety ill appeal to the many social f our membership. You will ge meetings to be the rule and exception in future Donahue F. N., Appointed are few things in connection e opening of the K. of C. ,"School that gave such gen- tisfaction as the appointment less manager of Bro. Florence e. His long and loyal service order merits consideration ds energy and faculty for 'hat he sets out to do will go Way towards making this a success from every stand- We were also pleased to see R. Maratta D. G. K., selected l eharge of the class on Sales- P. Success to both of them. Unday Afternoon Meet. eld one of our largest and sea.siena last Sunday. Things Unday afternoon here seems eking up. Here you can find O's Who and Why. We can o predictions as we never 'he is going to be who until 0'd. You have to be there to benefit of these exemplifica- ! exhaustive research. Just' rOUnd and avail yourself of and unrestricted gab feat o You good. i i ,ATE TC"ou.00 FOR'THE WEEK- ]in the time for the biggest E t f tl season are you in line rSFUL MISSION IS JCLUDED ON CAPITOL HILL Need Is" [ Our Lady of Good Coun- eh you may|Rea.hes High Pitch of arself agains "mtusl Enthusiasm. | , [e today. 'eeks 4mission conducted by A. Costello at the Church t Suit $45 !h is offered! ,nit Jersey W md button tl nd mixtures, and are ver! l=rc .eautiful gar: Lady of Good Counsel was i to a conclusion on last Sun- ht with a fervent outburst of )tional spirit of a large con- of men and women, who !t the mission hours under the  of the soul stirring young Lry. All had made their peace d, received the Sacrament of e and Strength in Holy Co- and were present at the final s, ready and eager to work r Salvation along the practical id out for them by Father ' Last exhortations came tn in his inspiring sermon-on ance, holding before them renly reward of those who live t and by Christ and for tteaven was theirs, if they Y on" the talK, ant life of Piety as placed before their uriah the week of leligious tioas. Clean of heart, Fath- o warned them against the od's grace through mortal --Georgette th their present good inten- ffetas, Foul ,ey had to still go .out and / __  .... aainst the world,, the ey me ,,, "d th _I:  a e devil These they e sDarmmg Unce - [" d in baptism, but alas! [_Were many. He would give tln Sound footing and in loud ][''ha(t every man, woman, and f%- -[sent before the altar of God, k.)]. a r again the great enemies of [a.rtal souls. All these re- I Ieir Batismal Vows. This aft  Was followed by Summa  On of the Blessed Sacra- Costeno warmly gave well as serv$?toa of Father Boyle, are snappy ne]:,: for e latter's zealous ' , __ t.aC " me success of the mission, pteaeu 'es to h -- el-e im as his guest, and blues anct grople, sen'gratulations as- . [Were theirs for their self- :[. and their pious willingness ;t QUALITY LPthe cross of Christ and t  i|" a goodworks to carry it. "'4ff.  [e, Father Costello's work was 's L]/ IIoly Will was performed, gV a-''d was theirs. TIlE ROBE OF CHRIST. (By Joyce Kilmer.) At the foot of the Cross on Calvary Three soldiers sat and diced, And one of them was the Devil And he won the Robe of Christ. When tim Devil comes in his proper form To the chamber where I dwell, I know him and make the Sign of the Cross Which drives him back to hell. And when he comes like a friendly m an And puts his hand on mine, The fcrvcr in his voice is not From love or joy aml wine. And when he comes like a woman, With lovely smiling eyes, Black dreams float over his golden head Like a swarm of carrion flies. Now many a million tortured souls In hs red halls there be Why does he spend his subtle craft In hunting after me ? Kings, queens and crested warriors Whose memory rings through time, These are his prey, and what to him Is this poor man of rhyme? That he, with such laborious skill, Should change from role to role, Should daily act so many apart To get my little soul. Oh, he can be the forest, And he can be the sun, Or a buttercup, or an hour of rest, When the weary day is done. I saw him tlrough a thousand veils, And has not this sufficed? Now, must I look on the Devil robed In the radiant Robe of Christ? He comes, and his face is sad and mild, With thorns his head is crowned, There are great bleeding wounds in his feet, And in each haml a wound. tIow can I tell, who am a fool, If this be Christ or no? Those bleeding hands outstretched to me! Those eyes tbat love me so! I see the Robe--I look--I hope-- 1 fear--but there is sue Who will direct my troubled mind; Christ's Mother knows her Son. O Mother of Good Counsel, lend Intelligence to me! Encompass me with wisdom, Thou Tower of Ivory! "This is the Man of Lies," she says, "Disguised "with fearful art! He has the wounded hands and feet, But not the wounded heart." Beside the Cross on Calvary She 'watched them as they diced, She saw the Devil join the game And win the Robe of Christ. DIOCESAN NOTES CAMDEN Last Sunday the beautiful cere- monies attached to Palm Sunday were faithfully observed. Our old church (it dates back to '71) took on a fes- tive air. On the main and side al- tars, the twinkling glow,of the candle lights were accentuated by the dark green background of native palms whose sweet odour pervaded every corner of our ancient house of wor- ship. Owing to the long blessing and the reading of the Passion, the usual homily on the Catechism was dis- )eased with and Father Heagney gave a short talk on the need of edu caring priests for the mission and announced that a special collection for the Dioscesan Seminary would be taken up Easter Sunday morning. Order of Holy Week. Monday Morning--Mass. Evening --Reading of the Passion. Tuesday Morning--Iass.. Evening --Stations of the Cross. Wednesday Morning--Mass. Eve- ning-:-Sermon "Death." Thursday MorningMaundy Thurs- day. EveniagVisit to the Blessed Sacrament or Holy Hour. Friday Morning--Good Friday. EveningVeneration of the Cros. Sermon, "Christ on Golgotha." Saturday Morning--Holy Saturday. EveningSermon, "At the Tomb of Christ." Mass Easter Sunday at 9 a. m. \\; ARMSTRONG SPRINGS Mass will be celebrated here at the Springs, St. Paul church, on Easter Sunday at abo.ut 11 o'clock. Rev. Father Kortes, of Omaha, Neb., was a visitor over Palm Sun- day. Palms were blessed and distributed THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, APRIL 3, 1920. PAGE Tt_tRE__E Sunday Night Concert Pitched to a Fight Hummfity League Shows It ltas a Lot of I{uman Nature.--Catholics Start a Row in a Ball Room on Passion Sunday Night, When They Should llave Been at Church. (C. P. A. Service to The Guardian) Washington, March 22.--Resent- ment by the Peruvian Ambassador, Senor l)on Frederico Alfonso Pazet, of which he construed as an attack upon the Catholic Church, brought to an abrupt end the Sunday evening concert held at one of the capital's i fashionahle hostelries, the Wadman Park Hotel. Miss Louise Montague, of Richmond, Va., in the course of an i address on the International Humani- ty League, of which she is the presi- dent, referred to the refusal of the Pope "to line up the Catholic Church with the church unity move," attrib- uting it to the adherence of the Vat- ican to the principle of the unity of Church and State. Ambassador Pazet immediately arose/and protested. Others support- ed Iron, and the controversy became so general that the meeting was ad- journed. The following explanations of the incident by both Miss Montague and Ambassador Pazct were published by the Washington Star: Miss Montague's Statement. "I tohl how the Pope refused to line up the Catholic Church with the church unity move," said Miss Mon- tague. "I said that the reason the Pope refused to do this was because he was unwilling to repudiate the po- litical policy of the Church on Church and State unity. "Ambassador Pazet then arose and shouted, 'I'm a Catholic, and I do not inten(1 to stand for any such speech.' Capt. R. M. Collins of the W[llard Courts then took ssue with Mr. Pazet and advised me to continue. I with- drew from the l)Igiffpn with the statement that I would give a lecture in Wardman Park Hotel some day this week." "Miss Montague said she made no attack on the doctrines of the Cath- olic Clurch, and that she herself, is a Catholic. She said tbe lobby and ball room were filled with members of the diphmmtic corps and their wives and other notables. Mr. Pazet's Version. "Mr. Pazet, when asked by a Star reporter to give his version of the af- f;dr, said he, as a guest of the hotel, had linen insulted' when Miss Mon- tague 'delivered her attack on the Catholic Church, of which I am a member, and of which my family has been a member for centuries. "I naturally resented this attack," remonstrated with the speaker a man whom I found out lter to be Capt. Collins, threatened to throw "me out, I dared him to do so. There was great confusion 1 did not propose to be insulted in the hotel in which I was a gest, so I resented the attackon my Church." last Sunday and Low Mass celebyat- ed by Father McDmnott. Doctor H. L. White of Rondo ran up the line last week and remained over long enough to prescribe for the sick, work off a few of his new stories and pay an advanced sub- scription for the Guardian. GILLETTE Rev. John A. Costello of Fort Wayne Missionary Board is busy this week at St. Anne's church, Fr. Jos. Schlatterer, pastor, conducting relig-! ious devotions of a mission. With large congregations and high spirit he is repeating his recent Stuttgart success. No freedom is so great as that of the children of God, who are fast bound by the perfect Law of Love and Liberty.MsgY. Benson. SCAPULAR MEDALS---all kinds at ROOKERY, 309 W. 2nd, Little Rock. BLIND SENATOR SEES INJUSTICE (Continued from Page 1.) English liberty versus Irish chivah'y. I "When and where should the prin- ciples of self-determination apply ? But yesterday I saw an account of a visit by the Lord Mayor of London to the Mountjoy Prison, where forty- four political prisoners were wearing their chains in the dungeons. "Is this for politics alone? I can- not say. I try always to ascribe the conduct of men to the best motives which the circumstances will justify. It may be that sympathy for the op- )ressed has burned out in the Ameri- can heart and that only the embers smolder where once the flame of liberty burned, as we thought, with unquenchable flame. When the great Webster introduced a resolution ex- pressing sympathy with the strug- gling Greeks--straggling to cast off the yoke of Turkish tyranny and re- sume the liberties which they had lost 2,000 years before--it may be that Webster was mocking a sacred sentiment. It may be that he had no love of liberty in his heart; it may have been a cheap appeal to the Greeks residing upon the back alleys in Boston. I wouhl rather thing that he was animated by that lover of lib- erty which characterized and dis- tinguished his immortal career. Clay's Voice. "When Henry Clay offered his res- olution, expressing sympathy with the struggling people of South America, it may have been a cheap appeal of the demagogue to the Latin Americans residing in Lexington. I would rather believe it was apassion for freedom, which has glorified his name in the annals of those who have been lovers of liberty. Irish Statesmanship. "Mr. Presdent, the hish have earned a better fate. In every Cabi- net where talent can win its way will be found the resplendent genius of Irish statesmanship; in every forum where library is allowed to plead her own cause has been heard the voice of h'ish eloquence; upon every field of battle where men have died for free- dora will be found the graves of Irish heroes. The Irish contributed their part to the liberty and independence of America; the Irish contributed their part to maintain this matchless Union, which is the fairest ark of lib- erty that has ever sailed the seas of time, Irish Bravery. 'Mr. President, upon every battle- field of liberty the sons of Erin have have told their rendezvous with death. When did it come to be a proof of demagogy to express a sympathy in behalf of Irish liberation and in behalf of Irish independence? "I hope that Great Britain may yet see her way to unrivet the chains upon the lambs of Ireland. As a friend of Irish freedom, I would rath- er see England strike off those bonds than to see those bonds burst asunder by a revolution, by butchery, and by bloodshed, but, Mr. President, I hope that the sunburst of Irish freedom is even now flushing to the dawn. I hope that the time may yet come when the dying prayer of Robert Emmet may find its answer; I hope that the time may yet come when Robert Emmet's epitaph may be in- scribed upon his tomb; I hope that the time may yet come when Ireland may, in accordance with Emmet's prayer, take her appointed place among the free nations of the earth. A WONDERFUL RECORD. Cardinal Gibbons is the providen- tial child of the Baltimore Cathedral in it he was baptized, was ordained priest, wa s consecrated Bishop, was invested in the red hat. The Cathe- dral is his episcopal chair;- in it he has ordained more than two thousand priests and consecrated more than forty Bishops. SICK CALL SET,---Home Necessity. The Bookery, 809 W. 2rid, St. Service and Ex-Service Men YOUR OPPORTUNITY ,Hn "Knights of Columbus" FREE EVENING SCHOOL Will Open About March 15th. Courses: Bookkepingand Accounting, Stenogra- ?hy, Typewriting, Cotton Classing, Auto Mechanics, gathematics, Mechanical Drawing, English and El- ementary Education, Salesmanship, Etc. I REGISTER NOW AT K. of C. HEADQUARTERS 609 SCOTT STREET "EVERYTHING FREE" FOR SALE, 1 O,OOO ACRES of unimproved land in White county, Arkansas. Hardwood Timber, Red Clay Subsoil. This land will produce good crops. Suitable for fruit, general farming or stock growing. Can sell in large tracts colonization purposes. EUGENE MOSLEY, Judsonia, Ari. St. Vincent" 's Infirmary LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Training School. For Nurses Conducted by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth LARGEST HOSPITAL IN THE STATE Offers exceptional opporturultles for experience and trainin in all dasses of nursing to young women desiring to vocationalize m this maobling and remunerative profession. Tbe Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical and surgical staff connected with them, provide a Three Years' course of theoretical practical and modern training, fitting the graduate for suceessful hture effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and surgical, and " k. all cases pertaining to general hospital wor The Infirmary is aelmowledged to be one of the best equipped in- atitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, 100 private ooms and about 5000 patients are treated annually. ,, . The class is now being formed for the Fal! Term.. App]ican mut have one year of High School or the eaucaomu eqmvaten, an wmemmencation from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS Sister Superior ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY . Yeath and High Streets Little Rock, Ark. d Cheerful, Helpful Boo00 YOUR SOUL'S SALVATION INSTRUCTIONS ON PERSONAL HOLINESS By REV. EDWARD F. GARESCHE. S.J. Training School for Nurses at " r St. Joseph's Intlrma y Hot Springs, Arkansas Three Year's Course 4pp00y to Sister Sckolastica For Religious there are many manuals of holy living;, for the Catholic man or woman in the world there are comparatively few; fewer still that deal with life as it ia lived at the present time. Father Garcscho's book supplies this need. It is full of practical euggestions. It it interesting, cheery, full of edification' and inspiration. OTHER BOOKS BY FATHER GARESCH The Most Beloved Woman Your Neighbor and You Your Interests Eterpal | Each, net, $1.25. 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