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April 3, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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April 3, 1920

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more de" ! papers and I should have alarge , $o that every one may day good reading which and strengthens I Rock, Arkansas ClkTHOLICS IN UNITED ST/kTES Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday, April 3, 1920 RESURRECTIOI00 OF CHRIST BBLWJ00RK OF CHRISTIAN F/kITH .____..___ TO SHOW HONOR TO INTERESTING DATA TAKEN HOLY SEE IN APPRECIA- FROM OFFICIAl, CATHOLIC DI- FIRST EASTER MORN HAVE HELD PLACE IN OF ITS GENEROSITY. RECTORY JUST PUBLISHED. GOD&apos;S TRUTH AND HIS ALMIGHTY POWER BE- YOND ALL PSYCHICAL RESEARCH AND SINCE AND-00ItI00SII)ENT INCREASE OF 186 229 OF MEN.  r S May Stmd Mgr. Cerre/ti As The United States With Its posses- AIA00 I)0UBI0000 REMOVED BY FAITH Personage to Represent sions Contains 27,650,204 Members ---------- of the Catholic Faith. Father in Fregch Affairs.  , . A. Service to The Guardian) The official Catholic directory for Risen Savior Relieved Early Terror of His Disciples by following is the text of the 1920 (copyrighted by P. J. Kenedy & Showing Them Himself In His Real, Material and Tangible Body. I Perpetual Mission--  Pope Leo Xlil., . | I ,,The'Guardian in | i every home--our Motto- Number 42 SEIq00TOR SEES INJUSTIfiE 4ATOR GORE-O-F OKLAHOMA MOTIVE OF ITS INTRODUCTION IN STIRRING SPEECH TIPPED UNKNOWN TO VI FRIENDS IN THE SENATE SCALES IN FAV- OR OF IRELAND'S PLAE IN LEAGUE. EN (00I00NTUI{IES OF AGONY Hopes Sunburst of Irish Freedom Is Now Flushing the Dawn and That Soon She May Take Her Place Among Nations of the Earth. TIlE SENA2E AND APPEARS AS A DEEP POLITICAL PLAY. Sen. Walsh Makes Point Vole of 38 to 36 Brings Into Treaty Controversy the Question of Irish Independence nd That of "Self- Determination." (C. P. A. ervice to The Guardian) Washington, March 28.If the Peace Treaty is to be injected into the exchanged between the son, New York) shows much data and the new President which is interesting in these days : , (By the late ReD. Geo. M. Searle, C. S.P.) The masterful speech of Senator rthcoming campaign as a dam|nat- , reach Republic. His Holiness when the growth of religion is ques- Gore of Oklahoma, which stirred the ing issue, the question arises whether tioned, senate and tipped the scales in favor the cause of Irish independence is to phed: Years Growth. ---- italy Fther's Message. On Easter evening the disciples we now its laws pretty .well. We of the Gerry reservation (luring the go along with it as a collateral issue. xpress to Your Excellency Our The United States with its posses- There is very little doubt of the and good wishes on sions contains 27,650,204 members of of your elevation to the the Catholic faith, 17,735,553 of whom met, and for fear of the Jews they know that you cannot pass a solid debate last week on rticle X of the in the United States proper. Con- shut, and we may naturally supppse, material body through a door or wall Peace Treaty, marked one of the most first premise of the inquiry.. The without leaving some trace of itSimpressiv e scenes in the history of Treaty of Versailles, that is, the offi- la,e " s ma occur m Followin its cial American copy of the document, sidering' the universality of the Catho-locked or in some way secured thaskUn! ::t?: uSt xcho imgThlitvYY e" 2  dhe S?tth:hblbers D::i!c:::i d:laPP;:d dt :h(t w: sOefymtlly N ,ief magistrate of the Re- l: A)i:: P:" :h: if:nllO:?::gt . b  an:to h e u and your installation in th.e lic Church, which includes every race ' r'th e " " e t " " ":" '" " " be " " " " '' " " "" We have no doubt that D- ss. the increase of 186,229 m l, +i,,es the Lord entered through were awake, we mus ..... those rounded by colleague, . . . i accre(iited officers of the Senate. It ider :e has in store for your aml cla bershi in the United Statesl'( h,t 8a President, with the devoted 2C:Xworth p, of notice, as immigra-Io,(-- lnor or the walls of the posed on by some ,,rlcK, nKe and Repubhcan, who congratume'li s now in the keeping of the president as been restricted, while large i: There can be no doubt that which conjurers use. [him upon his oration. I,hat he will do with it has not.been and [:if!(a!i!.u ntr:!i./!:!:aei! Cahu::d tf rl: :e "is the evangelist's meeaning, t l Faith A Bulwark.. I The speech came in the midst of a| ........ , hut: it. is reasonable to as- l0r country the religious peace| Hierarchy and Clergy. l i.ll-" emphasize it Accustomed as/event, is repugnant t '. | of the reservation, w " P | The injection of the Irish q ill be an important factor in[ The tatistical summary shows manyl .car e to the account of this most|feeling', and our fmt! r$1il  t :u:y/llnite(1 States.on record e -d telh:]inna gt into the treaty in the form oGfa resi Wt thcd  a=:tu [ i p:: mlpa e ration, and also giving effec . thy with tion offend, hy Sih: :eventhY | other interesting changes. Ul:a wonderful event, we take it very/ficmnt gua.'di:g "of effect I'll to the prmc s hour i s lp in bringing peace .amongnumbers of Archl, ishops s mcr "s' |muci as a matter of course. Nolhave a ctua - ..... :: au. ltion and exp' .: g,. ...... Rhode Island, was .... s-, ons to which all mankmci s I from fourteen to sixen, the num.Der|doubt if a similar tiring were to oc- 1 seems to come tom ulO:a:an. eaty h:::::s: e tersilthe aspirations for lrlsn sell govern surprise of the tr :n :fo,vard. With thin hope ana[o f bishops has been decreases owing! cur in out' own experience, and spec- thority to spexla: in aecial'study'[ment" "" - "mato took the Sen'3tor Walsh of M ass: s of Irish #e implore the Divine messmgt deaths. The list of secular cmr.gY] iall ' if we stopped to reflect on its as having maoe . .elPictual diffi:] When the mm ?e ...... s s-,eech of the foremost a(tvoc "e circum- ,I. e President, on your lain-| ws 15 389, an increase of 337, wnne . ii si-,,nificance we should have felt It maes ior us an m.  floor and proceeoea wm n, l .. independence, explained ut e French Government and on ?-ss of Religious orders have been )....: Lul:e in his description of the cultv which ue may not ee out vay the stillness was profound. He stud: stances as follo<vs: ,,'et over, though we do gee over 9ca wluch We lay Y * :-reased by q4 new mem ., . flint tho disciples felt on the road to to  . ....... ,^a,o Gore's Speech. Senator. Walsh lt ter of the Church. , .-,.1 ,r 21.019 The growm ............... ; +oll s it hv a generat act ot xam m ,, daugh - . a grano vu ..... '" .. z t... ]]leeLlng on putterer' tvtlllt ...... U. . ttch President's tEeplY.. f religious vocations is evmenceu - itbesident replied: "At the mo- - ............ ---d "Mr. President, I have listened to "Mr. President, just a word befo ....... Emmaus. Two of them, one by name t,-ath and..l:s A)m,gnmYaP:ese ,:;;h this diussion with great interest. I the vote upon this re.seaa:i: ,,: .... he number of semmarmns, o,u,, ,-, Cleo)has the other perhaPs St. Luke smular drncmems . Y  ,.^ _-. remember a brilliant critic once re- en. I do not know wha ....... t- Undertaking the charge en- ncrease of 1,079 this year. himself, had just seen Christ at Era- rea'ard to oher nys.erms.o^- ': marked that 'Paradise Lost,' was a behind the introduch.on o.f the, re:ted . "  to O bY the National As- "- o-*;hes and Schools. " " '., -- .a ;,,st returned from n which the pnysca oruct. , 7.'- ....... hloh everybody admires and vat|on; but those mgnty m .... , . ... . a..o indus; they tx,,, j , re arding ene you,, ,, ........ . ' ow in good , Your Holiness has done me During the past year 148 new par- her( and Joined tim rest of the dis- earned; notabl those g .... u^inobodv reads. I have sometimes m the principle will kn ....... : l|g d !o to me your I  had making R(al Pesence ot our Lord m  self de do not know wHetHer me ut : , r of expressing ishes have been establ's!.. : .  cinles. But at Emmaus His appearing i ' : '  "  v a2 ot ro-[thought that the right of :"  time. I ........ aether SAS and our good wmhes, too, er 10,608, in adoluon to o,- ,.. .... ,l ome about in seeminglylBlessed acramcnc. r  - )." [ ....... ion is a principle which tide was to kill the treaty, or,[ o . Y the numb ee " "'":' ......... in this shor a%lcle, ernu ' es ex resslOn oi greatness and prosperity 2 573 missions regularly attended. Fr21a more natural way. So even they, l pose, of cuse',.se difficulties sep-leverybody praises and nobody prac-,t gtve an l_.on,tanP inspiring _  .. It "yes me the greates po.- " 1 schools now numver v,u . this occasion, and at anvlto consmer mt -, . -. /-:-^- Prgttv much everynoaY is m sympatny o a gt' . g . parochla . . perhaps, on . rat SOlU1lon o]. .i;v ...... v "- -- 000.00 1 re - , fin the United _ .... Irate the rest in general, ' "  "- " ....... ich the intellec-favor of the princp "" .:'c . . _ ..... '----on renresent }leu to tell Your Hohness States, xth a daffy a were as the arately, but a gene  le of self de ause [ t appreciate your congratum'tendanc e of 1,701,213. Two orpna!evann.elis t says, "troubled and|such qucstmns Oy ....  ........ h'" of|term|nat ion 'with reservations." well I "Mr. t, resmen, no P:-__..Z have ad I have equal pleasure m| .... 1 ....  were erected making the tota!l.;,,, I ,, and "sunnosed that they| tual troubles s removcu m .....  | .-.h o,ohodv believes that in the[ ing the friends o1: tins cau .... ha - ....... . " erda , "ty " _ .|year. PY" ..... --ok its is felt more or les. y , ' is significant, but the fac The excellent expermnce o u - .- " Prentiss would say, the Senate to pause and think and rc- rful advance en a hed as matter ra hun the text The I fom is most attractive, as the most " in this resnect, and that from know- to those 'bright, warm isles, vh]ch fleet upon " incredulous; and it comes have witnessed a wonde wh PP" . of this ortant t " new " some of them "- ' an are Kisseu eiore we imu- .. ,tP ......... , m xts . -- -.-re ser- from the behef that - . ;=,r llttlo ,nor than every one can: gem the Ormntal seas '.. x,,4,,a a Puzzle. mar took the m,muve o tot- +he tvne age s large ann ..... . --'^ -re t '' and that what, ,", ........ e .......... ,_ : ......... f h +ronie.s wncn .....  ..... : ..... ...... ],,, had  :: P at any ra., .e, . I,t heln knowing avou ne t-,:,ut by tHe mry su,  ..,e  ,- ' -.  ,- .....  of nolitical expetnc,, :[ 0 ne n.ewy--.-:- "'_.=-f viceame. __ has happened to others may nappen l"..  ::::d course of nature, scientific for reasons too delicate to menuon, [ -.s ... other senators; and it tnch Renublic, not amy pe- i  ..... ,--- And we feel that if I urn .... . -  -'* " ........ ;, I were mauu  ..... 1-- -^+d o ourse -- o unlersanu 1,, ,- n no mea who--- U : . but ood wishes ,u,,, n,SHOPS CONDEMN "'" ..._ _,--e.iI men have come t . Isna .... Iwas -.ointed out that many, gm.tulatmns. , g .....  .... n .... _ ...... ASURESIsuch a thing were pemeu, c, u| ...... s very thoroughly and ac-l Print|ales. How Applied. ] . . ..... u.a Irish reservations, adrian and imploring Dlwne/ PROVOCA'I'IvP ," |', " ,  ......... tection aaainst/many wa , o ... . ._ t --  ._ J. .t or tne uca.,,,. _ ..,.. ' ,_ , ----,/ Ivoors woum ,e ,, v. ... / ..... *.h, It WOUld e a great mxs-| ,,, Pr.sident. is mere sue, / .,....^,a ,ainst ta ramw=- ,t on the French overnmuu.| ------ - ..... | :, Why we feel this it would be|U_  .... '. . , ........ em to| ...... ,-.- . "-'-- , alf-determ-|P rmpuy  .... .' -..-'. ;t was at- sot " t time that the[ ,. "sh bishops, one ann an, ca-- 1 ..... . ........... /take to imagine tu  ........ |thing as tne prmcp ...... .. .- /+,, ,f the treat to w, ...... the firs qhe hu eles o in rare" nor can .e . dr- ne ........ Y as Renublic has received ,-n Mr MacPherson's proposed E.d- us . s y_u_q,u^ a. of the aurar-| that everything whmh tl.ey have ..... [inahon? If so, when .should __._ |tached. . ...... leclsel wily .u rr- thesis wnxc-  d tna rm es O lo ges from Rome; and, in-luc'atio n Bill fo Ireland, which m me|p -. a; .... h-died snirit is a ter-I rived at is a mere nypo '__ |principle apply. Shoul .. P - "| But, whatever the marie .. that the eOUnel" ardinal Logue, will mean o ., .........  :_  _, . 1 nmy and probably will be overmrown| ciple apply to the relationsmp e-[ ha suo rted the reservations, ne well known ,,ords of C toghretY.I i::: ' , ,s v ..... ed nd:r.lw m, t::ydbYng: on,;e tt ae as well as that of t.h thecommencement of anothe: e :l; el:t ::at suffice for the pres:l day.., s Nm:- h:f::= o::nl/tween England SOda:oral=den u fact is that. t w a to hons to California at the] ,,. a hundred years oI strugg :1 . r ..... of that matter, I their resut y . . . I which there nave v | of 38 to 36, ano  . , fidren auo end, lot mscusslon ermnce or even understanu nn and seven e uestxon oz n, was to join with all good I in the faith of Irish ch" l|  " " .... ':n- it mi'ht rove',l dry exp " , . . ... t,-| turies of English tyra Y -- q the treaty controversy th q_ . nowever mere,    for the most part, sucn on  Mr e lar e prm tin r the existing con- "., at|anal spirit. - | .......... + .... "ling', they are, . }centuries of Iris ag Y..... "1 Irish independence and th .. g.. " g fo ^o which is thai th:_n--o., s of Raphoe,, Clonfer, ] wouKt mad us oo r.o:-. _ _, ,=1 as we can safely count on. resident, in the last general elecuon I inle of ,,self-determination" unoerty- , ,.uu, lnc ,,, r renevel me lemur u. *.o *   ,- ides " - r Lorl " " French Republic--againstl Derry, Down and Tuam umte m con- I diO?:les by showwing them "that wha;I Laws of God and of Nature. eri n Ireland, there were mora thar}s,hl ing it. The action of the Sofg the CO a mru t them rovocatlve measures a P are sound and pracucany e east m avor o am nost, o tending to d" P . '1 dcmning the p ....... a 1 the,, saw was no ghost, but He Him-I They ........ rse / 200,000 votes ...... a" elel this trouble.s e g -- which has , nothin else coutce ex- the author|tins, WHO . ?" f'[ , ." ....... +;l nd tani-I tain as far as mey go.  c,,,. _,| indenendence, in ne rest gener t "l President s fourteen pom g ndmarks/ken by t o ir beis m set m rxs rein, m .......... . . ow that He  e 82 counties " ver these things are la peaceable persons ou. f the ..... t:lble bud- "See My hands and feet,"we who beheve_m2d _kn_' ^, atultion in Ireland 24 of th.,.^ Enli:hlhaunte d farrago, chanthlel::Smislice, ad of reconciliation between: I he dead of night, and senu m,,- [ .. : ....... *-+ it is I Myself; who establisHeS me tawu u ., in Ireland returne o t " "" ! since the mgnmg o  .,, . . t_ ,, " in toac- e sam o uc,,, -, rmanentl at- " us dele at|on in and as such it wm CO. e and France, which English prisons, thus exmt g .. :'1 ........ for a snirit hath notl can suspend or even pe ... '.Y . |Parliament a unammo g_a . n] ubstantml form, " " 'e er than the forces ,which] lion those wire would in an ordinary I lanle a n ,:, as ve see Me tol ter their operation, if He wltS_to o I favor of Irish independence. "leny__" t confront the people, l- t vteWs, Ilesn ann uuttu, eason to vc na elmer] a cant '5'" late rattan of 19051 ld strong pohtwa But we have no r | counhes of 32 m Irma rests to make the treaty the sepa " o way only ha - s'l .... e"" | so. ..... alter seven " - .... or: th . }ersecution of religion o + .... hleh they have event rgnv. .i ,v . - .... | lieve that He win permanen*y -+-rned a unanimous emgauon issue hold good. ...... "ldest " -- - .... o.,ne nomts out All Doubts Vamsnee. ! ....  ^ suspension of them, tn . - . ,i,ritv of Repubheans to wh rorvation, submitted by Se revxous ears. ,n  The llsnop o ,.,  r. , them; ann  - returneu  .... -- - . ........ Y ,, a en will proba B these words He took awayl case though of course one county m Ire now labelled the fifteenth f the Church, too, is that attacks on policem ...... ' .Y   .... it succeeded as- any particular ... , ...... lid Parliament. Not ..... ,__f ator Gerry, . .. , rence to turin ngllSn ann th(lr lear, vu  oSSlDte, reqmre  sohd UniOnlSI 0 atton I-allows .e in Romes refe blv end by substi " g . -- ; ...........  ..... ld perfectly p .... |and returned a " - erv " , : ; there it is again express- "ttish discharged soldiers or t ne tonislment mat m. red, voy... nroof. The presumption is against . The Gerry Reservation, ....... ^ot Sco ........"" and aas have entereo in tins way; now,-, - mir- to the Parliament. Of the 101 of aat it may no w , - Royal lrisn On,u* , the wave of crime in Ireland at to convince them fully, He asked for The greater part, even of really aculous events, could be brought tbers of Parliament chosen m "In consenting to the ratification Ireland in that election, seventy-two the treaty ith Germany the United of Expression. - .... -1,, caused by import- food, and 'ate t m their presence, about without it. States adheres to the principle of self- ef words will be inter- resen m pr-,  t " " "" deteTnination and to the resolution of d criminals, who are taking advan - All this St. Luke tells us. Then they difference of expression e^ ^ +, unsettled state of the coun- no longer had a remnant of doubt The laws of nature which have are avowed champions of Irish inde- telegrams, of what is real- r St. Thomas, who was not present, been discdvered are then certain, as pendence; and Mr. President the more thing seen from two t y. . ..... , Wubli n again and who, discredited the statement far as they go. But this last clause is the pity, of those seventy-two Irish sympthy with the aspirations of the a Republicans returned to Parliament, Irish people for a government of their The Arcnmsnop u , erSCle two different points of warns his people against seer of the others, was convinced in the is just the point. We :have gone }Ioliness says, ,,religious ate ts great way in ascertaining them, but sixty-eight are either in jail this day own choice adopted by the Senate on ties; and Dr. Gilmartin P slne way, by actually touching His we have an immense way to go yet. or have done service 'indurance vile' June 6, 1919, and declares that when mportant factor in the which is being carried on against Ire- But what would some of our mud- One exantple of this, very evident during the recent agitations in Ire- self-government is attained by Ire- nations"and that is against the campaign of calumny, Lord's risen body. o " land. Only twenty, rex were out of land, a consummatmn t s hoped !s - .......  -^w to all th world, s m the ..... *, that they were at hand, it should promptly ve au r wse men have sad  It wouto ju .... , tele ra hy, whmh prison a n  ..... the of he League or had in his mind eve land in the English press, ern "., - "  ..... like matter of  ireless g P ..... Parliament. Under mitted as a membe t ms X have been pernaps something attracting much atten onosen o En " 1914 and what P" --------- ' . . ,," ........ is at nresent " . .-'-' -  %ee and glorious g" Nations.. , aind bef- that. It is the ,- S AND CHARITABLE this: "This mater, mey woum n\\; i,:^ n "What were supposed to e ts dam_reran o. _, 'ish members of the The vote by which it was adopte.a . ,v, h other after it was an u known land sixty-etgn * have been much n es all f stud to eac rmct les were e been m ould undoubtedly , which underli [ .......... to the Society o ........ r Our|fundamental P P ........ rliament hay " _ .. , conrmuuu- ,, o etner OO xt ome JJrltlSn 1- ex loving  s messages. [..o ..... of the Faith shows a over, went. at g ...... a us" The l years ago; but now, as it has bec ......... *- as political prisoners, larger, ttad it no.t been for the - me fro agaut, st nave uccctw, (1 UZzIIng carcer,. I me rmclple O vtt tde ree P senses mu hm new an P ass a royal o P ' t re lies in full ag " , " us obligation - "" a ractical t " g, arliament, pr PP . " an idea :.. P. - ,,,ticeldeeper sense of rehgm ..... ield of what we call psychical re- / P .... ,n, stumbled on. First Woman In P ............. 'ation The conflicting points tzeren woros: o- i . -, ..... ants more setI-a- -" . . _ -^* +. ha lto-/nnenomena re u.  " -- o.  ---^--o chosen to ra-- ue-,,,.,, ' ,,  Xt, st fillings+ ^# +h ,t;nies oflor proDamY tp .... . ^ - search is inaeeu one t,u ..... . l" .. . _ +h., "The txrs w, .... . ...... :  -'ew in the Senate were we-=^- ....   ,'"- ....... omin tram ,t ,,-- to ne aystery m ---. Astor, ox mr,- ,* -, at your ,o ...^a ^., ,,tice,,|rffme than that c  ,^ ,+ot ether neglected; there seems - ] ......  nfnro f the meat was not Lady ..... . ...... ed b "r the Senator from Nebras- of th =_._=: ]_"_5.';: s of| filiated lepers at Mulatto...--:==_. something about appartmns, thought I The fact ts tna [.. --:.:h. -as a can birth; she was a .wom o. [= "ifMr Hitchcock, the leader of the ., rulnea pruvtu , . e [q_awallan Drlinctx . ich ce in ana vy '" ' to rarnameu , , annual report of th nce clmrvoyance, etc, wh substan h and was elected rces in the treaty dral emembrance Yzen transfere , of electric brt tmn fo or . , the ,r ._ -[ of the Society( Rev. Reginald " --- investigation; we may be!medium, the phenomena .- - " ..... he was confined in prison-- administra ". .... e 6' agony, the still anxious , ,  . Diocesan Director, is wortt ,  ............ in '1 ..... d of light and radiant neat as wmm u _. x __ -ae 3 ) (Continues on rag . Rhine--all these must[ o o , .._ '--- ve $155,25 to able to ascer ..... [ ' .... :-,,ed on Fage 5.) (C " --- enchman[ shows that tne tepe - - them But as to maermt suostance, tu-,,,- of a-x x., -t .... " on Page 8.) oregn mmsmns. . , .,