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April 2, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 2, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 2, 1927 " Page ! IOHIO SCHOOLS ADD iGOV. SMITH'S CATH- iPRIESTS HANGED IN ISPREAD OBSERVANCE ,COURSE IN MORALSl OLICITY BRINGS OUT I MEXICAN OUTRAGES OF GOOD FRIDAY bM::;h St. Edward's Branch, Little Rock. __ UCfl COMMENTI D:Y'A w~1 Two applications for membership Nineteen Inshtuhons m Lakewood Foreign Affairs News Service, at The following letter, issued by ,lemnity becoming were approved last week. Every Find It Helps Character. fine Order. member is requested to meet at the Washington, D. C., reports receipt of State Deputy Haas, of Ohio, is valu- the following dispatches from Mexi- able both for the suggestions it con- . space of the|hall on Sunday morning, April 24, at Cleveland, O., March 26.--A course (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) co. These dispatches do not appear thins and as a reminder of the neces- chapel, the students16:45, receive badges, and march to in moral educaion has been added to New York, March 28.--Members in the daily press. The report reads: sity for preparing now for proper ob- tstwslemn ~;~.~.,,~, .... ma~slchurChHol for High. Mass, reception, of .the curricula of the n'nl eteen schools of the Roman Catholic clergy at see- "Fierce reprisals against civilians servance of Good Friday. It is ad- as celebrated by l y Communion. Special sermon, m the suburban Lakewood system, eral gatherings here yesterday corn- and priests have been carried out in dressed to the Grand Knights and ~toPrgerding, O. s.[We.have much to be thankful for. says Charles P. Lynch, superintend- mented upon the open letter of Mexico by Federal commanders who District Deputies of the Order in ~tne college. HdIT~it. l:loniface Branch, Ft. Smith. eat. Charles C. Marshall, an attorney, to have been unable to corner the in- Ohio and it reads: ~:~hd::cVinn~t an app:~::~ ?:st thr::k ap~:a~i::s Not that Lynch is one of those who Governor Smith calling upon the Guy-sargent bands hurrying them. In "Good Friday is approaching, and . . d sub-J e . - believe present day boys and girls be- ernor to set forth his views on Church Jalisco, the Federal commander, on behalf of the Ohio State Council, artl team served thetmittee for the Jubilee Celebration is long to a lost race He isn't, but he and State. Jesus M. Ferr.eira, has adopted a pol- pledged to reverent observance of ]leaving nothing undone to make the admits that stimulation of a few pass- The Rev. Wilfrid Parsons, S. J., ed- icy of burning a village each time an this memorable anniversary, I renew ,he parish who were|flfheth anmversary a grand success ing virtues might not be amiss, itor of America, speaking at the insurgent attack is made on one of our appeal for your earnest cooper- ~t_es of St. Benedict|on April 24. The band is practicing "The increase in juvenile delia- weekly forum held in the Knights of his columns, ation. Whatever efforts the Knights mmunion in a body Ifur the concert. The initiatory team quency, the sag in morals of youth Columbus clubhouse, Park Plaza, "T " " he lnsurgdnts m Jahsco are re- of Columbus in your locality have kerr, 0 S B, pastor:]is working overtime and the ladies and the unstable condition of societ Brooklyn, declared that GOvernor ported to be in almost complete con- made in the past should be redoubled serm " " " Y on. The music furlare deciding on good things to eat. since the World War have led some Smith's religion would cause him no trol of the Los Altos region. They this year with the object of bringing ain chant, was fur-[This is a district celebration, includes]of us to hope that the public schools difficulty in the event of his election are under the command of Miguel about a very general observance. abey choir, with Rev [the following branches: No. 102, Ft. might become a greater force than in to the Presidency in governing the Gomez Loza, Velasquez, Barajas, A1- "In a number of cities great pro- 0. S. B., at the)Smith; No. 652, Ft. Smith; Altus, the past for training in morality," he nation, according to the Constitu- varez and Rodriguez. They hold gress toward o'bservance has been {Charleston, Tontitown, Coal Hill and says. tion. the towns of Jesus Maria, San Jose made through joint action by Catho- ~ices, a PontificallBarling. So coursesdn character training for Fr. Parson's Answer to Marshall. de Gracia, Zapotlan del Rey and San lics and Protestants. The plan is for rontificial Ves-ers t St Pius Branch, Subiaco Last each of the twelve grades in the "Mr. Marshall, in his open letter," Juan de los Lagos. On Marth 5, a committee of three or five Knights 9.3o , P 'l " o clock. The week benefit certificates for two schools are getting under way. Corn- said Father Parsons, ;'raises two dis- while the Federal forces under Gen- of Columbus, including the Council !he Right Reverend members were received.The com- mittees were named a year ago to tinct questions; one addressed to Gee- eral Ferreira were engaged in burn- Chaplain, to invite the non-Catholic 0. S.B. ibathers work out the project. The course is ernor Smith, and the other to the ing houses at the Capulines ranch, a clergy to a general meeting for con- Mueller, in three divisions for grades, junior pul?lic at large. The one address to column of insurgents fell on them, sidering observance, and adopting and sub- high school and senior high school--- Governor Smith is, 'Granted that as killing 22 men and forcing the puni- plans in furtherance of the movement. while Rev. . . . and the method of presentation is President you will be an honest and tive column to retreat. Tl~is general committee through sub- errand Rev. Al_~-nv [bration for April 22. Thin will be a adapted to the age of the pupil, much loyal public servant, how will you "Word has also reached Washing- committees communicates ~vith the u. S. B., assis~u district celebration, including the fol- the sa as the ordinary run of reconcile your conduct with the dec- SUb-deacon of the t lowing branches: Paris, Shoal Creek,|studies. trines of the Catholic Church?' The ton of bperations in Durango during management of stores and shops re- the last fortnight which came out questing cessation of business for at 'end Basil Egloff IMrrisn Bluff, Subiaco, Prairie "In the high schools and the lower one addressed to the world at large, badly for the Federals. General least three hours. Window cards he Abbey was the|View, Scranton and Ratcliff. The|grades, if it seems advisable," the is: 'How can any one reconcile the Eulogio Ortiz thereupon seized a Ca- reading, 'We close from twelve tb s' Frater Albert'program follows: 8 p. m., band con-Isuperintendent explains, "boys and doctrines of the Catholic Church with tholic priest named Match Correa and three Good Friday,' are to be furnish- Y, O. S B, acted cert by combined branch of Subiaco]girls lead the discussions of various the American principles of Church a ranch owner named Jose M. Miran- ed by your committee for display. )nits and assistant parish, Subiaco College, Paris, Mor-lphases of character building. Under and State?' da and executed them without Employers should be asked to allow es, respectively risen Bluff and Shoal Creek; 8:15, lthe direction of a tactful teacher the "Governor Smith can be trusted to charges and without any trial. At the employes, so desiring, time off to at- Pontifical team" calling meeting to order by the presi- students express their ideas very answer the query about his private same time, Captain Celerino Olmos, tend brief services in the church of It consists of the dent, Albert Linbeck. Opening prayer well." conscience as he sees fit. I will say F. Carns and J. arers; Aloysius er, acholites; j. nski, mitre and by Rev. George Brickert, O. S. B., spiritual director Branch 1010. Ad- dress of welcome by Rev. Basil Egg- loff, O. S. B., state spiritual direc- Ten thousand pupils are receiving the training. BISHOP RUSSELL BURIED only this: the only question which concerns a voting citizen is, will he be as a public servant loyal to the American law and Constitution? Whether at the same time he will be defeated at the ranch of El Matadero]each person's own denomina%ion. and forced to retreat to Aye el Chico,] "The experience everywhere has in Jalisco, set fire to fifty houses. Hist been that the Protestant clergy shows men seized and executed a |cumberla willingness to work whoteheartedly of peons who ran from the flames. ~with Catholics in the movement to Adams and W tor of Arkansas state council. Band ] "Earlier in the month, three ri brin ia bearers " selection. Address by Joseph H. De-tr~v ~r ~ w P. ~J~ws Servic~ ~ loyal to the doctriffes of the Catholicl . . , p ests g about general observance. a Was - ?" - Clerk of Little Rock state su-ervis-- "-~ ............... I.. c~, rch is nob^m~'~ ~., o; .... ~.. ~.~[were hanged m Jalisco when they re- These ~Joint committees meet with uenvered , p yr. March 21 ...... ~ ............ ~ ,,,o Charleston, S.C., .--~'u- fused or were " S " " , unable, to give refer- added success year after year. 'More- Pless, O S B Band selechon. Address by G M neral s~-v:~-- *-- *he Rt Rev W~ own. Bemdes, Mr Marshall seems] .......... , " ct ~ceb ~ur ~ n " marion about " " " - " .... - ...... . . [ other pmes~s and msur- over the w~th leaders of non- e:~o:hArS::::: E:;:cetno:~ PIll~t:atatted Pl:::d::tb:Dn: ~hm dT; dRU;:~layl~llpb: Chdrl:tt::e tp:t:~n'ee P::PP:::id:n:y =g:m:~ :~ gwelt l::d:dS.inReV. Genaro Sanchez ?athohc denoma, n.ations ~s. reported Club Fehx Ga e r g Tecoltomn t~y oroer xrom some iocancles as helping m ~ne , under the " udin of New Orleans, La., Cathedral df St John the Ba,~tise absolute ulership, as if Mr. Smith as[ ................. ~- .. , m. "~" ~ .... ,.. . . .. . 9I ~ene.rat AVlllO t.Jomacno. ./~o ro e movement ior tolerance a o .regrY O. S B, supreme presment of the orper. me here Wednesday morning at 10"30 wresiuent woum nave to aecioe on his h ................... P-' - . . ne etter .... . . . .... . ! e~vy euuu Ix gO snsgam the wel at unuerstanctm . ~t ~Song entitled lecture is entitled, "The Founder of The M~s~ Rev Michael J Curle~, own anu oy armtrary action any o~1 . .... g ..... g i ,,.. g: ......... COmPosed by one the Catholic Church and His Follow- ArchbishoDof Baltimore where Bis{a' the possible conflicts Mr. Marshall ira-]o~ his ?oo.y was at nanu ana ne wasl -'Jae assurea tna~ ~g wait l~e very te E" ,, .......... ~ ' - leroppea Sl)t times upon a light rope,] much to the credit of your respective msiedeln Ab ers, anu over tuu miues wiu oe usea o'- ~uooeq labored for man .... ears -- agrees. ~ ... ~ ....... ~ . - , . ~. ..... * ~ "~ ,, .......... ,.. ./winch oroKe each ume oe~ore ne was| Council and Districts to take c- ~' revised b mostly eotoreu. " " n " way, ~v~r uoonuge can t nave his , an a .. Y Rev secretary to Cardinal G~bbo s, will ~'-ronounced dead ..................... kl " t, . ~lve ln~res~ in gala growing renglous S. B. of fl.~ St. Matthew Branch, Altus.This ,,..~W.o~ of ~h~ ~^l~,~, ~ .... ;~..~ way wath Congress even on purely po-{ ........... ) lag a '" .... . v ........................... -~ ...... . . . ........ , . tn xototlan, womne~ ~esus Cortez movement. If a start has not been ,, t the ofo~- branch mourns the loss of one of its Mn~ leather John M McNamn~'-,ht~cal matters, mr. ~mltn, evenS.nun - ..... ..... I .... .. . " ..................... " . . ............. ,.! g two priests WhO salu ~ney were'heretofore mace m your locahty, thlg lanstusRev " oldest members," Bro John Wieder- "-ast~r ~f St Gabriel's ~.h(irch W-~a- ~nougn ne is a tgatnonc, wnl no aouo~! ............. , [ ~t .... " -, . ....... " ...... ~" ......... - ............ _ __lunar)it to ten mm the riming place]year of 1927 is a ood time to be- ~uents Rear, WhO flit(1 March 1~ after an 111 nave no uaxxlcut~y ingoverning ac g on this - ington, D C , who was one of Bishop "~of the i .............. " " , " " . ; .. , ... ,~ .. ~ nsur un~ maoer lylOnlCO In. rather Gr , ness of a few months, well re ared , cordingtotnelaws anntnet~onstl , g ' g ~.. egory s P P Russell s assistants when he was pus- "|Velas~u-z ' 1 ~_'tae Sanctus and to meet his/creator, and Was laid to tor of St Patrick's Church at Wash tution of the United States, as he has] ...~ ~._" ...... ] . -- ! x nus ~ne news zrom the mnu v" " - tdered particulo.- rest Sunday, March 20. The approval in~ton will -reach the ~ermon ~ donein the past. I ....... lslt 1N. j. DRAGON AND 27 OF )'lrln" "~-i e~ , ~ ~ " ,, . eu oy committees ox American uusy- g. The four ,of our application was received last As for the other question, let melt ........... I KLAN FINED FOR PARADE ~re f " , . . . DOOleS, wno return ~o tell US Cna~ " urnished h, lweek. Other applications will be ~,eu,-,o ~-~.~,~,,- .... say thin as a preliminary answer. It| ....... [ -- --,( -- ,.,,~,.,~- .,..~ ~.,~,.,, u. r.m., i a v r ......... (~anes.ana hiS assassins are splendid/ , written soon ~ IN ""ASHINGTON D C s e y clever ol~ oz special p~eaa-/ ..... ~ .............. 1 " W ~ . Ietlows wno are orin in order and glnevnle, ~y., ~aren ~-o.--'went - e dl tine Lentenl St: Adelphia Branch, No. 102. The lng, to be sure, but I fully recognlzeh,,~,,,o ~. ~..~0.. g g |tic, he ~l ...... '..A ...... ..?~. rontificial Ves-IPast week one application was writ- ,,- ~,r ~ w c r~.,~ .~o~,ioo ~ Mr. Marshall's deep sincerity and hen- ] .................. [ ~='S 7:7~.':7~ ~"-'~, --~,~"~'~' a"~':~ re the noon hour (ten for 102, and one benefit certifi- ~xr~'~*~u:~'_" =:.."~,~"~r'~:,'h~l .... q?hoesty of purpose in making it. But all| ..... .~....._~ i:,~... ?,~,,_,_,_ ,~_~e,, ~.$_. aiate]-- , . . . vv a~nig~un, v. ~., ........... ,..~.~.~..~...l.....l.. --^ A^..k~- T 4";...1 *1~...~ I %JI"I-~Iq~IUINII'I" | u~. ~.e ~S eW oersey realm, oz ~ne "Yu"o- " ,care recelvecl . , _ __ ,,,,,,,,~,vu~,~ ,,, ,~ou~,~, x x,,u ~,~, ,.. . th *~ v - ~neI Rt. Rev. Odomc Tcheng, O. F. M .............. ~. ,~;~| By Walter Malone I~mghts of the Ku Klux Klan, were ~nesame as-[ District Supervisor Joseph H. De- tit-l : n~h,,, ,f Cotenna and Vicar quo~auons are wres~e~ ~ro ......... I ~ ~ |fineA ~,z ,~oh ~,, ...~ ...... ~ ,^a.. [Clerk is marlin'- a s"ecial a--eal to ......... v ~ _ context; words are used now in this/ ~y,-~.,~o~ l_ ~. ,v ......... ~. .............. .. 1 ~ v ev General of Puchi, China, one of the ..... /They do me wrong who say I come/for violating the city's anti-masking ~: ~ense, now in ~na~; m~erences are O~pleti 500 members this week for every .... on. I six Chinese pmests recently elevated ........ | no more |ordinance. ~Pts for branch to get new members during t ..... arawn wmcn are unwarranteo oy the first l ....... ........ o the" episcopacy by His Hohnesu ~h~ ...... ;o-o +~ ......~.+:...~ol When once I knock and fail to findl The Klan met Thursday night and .r " u " ~ the ~otuen duoilee month (Aprn) . .... ~,~,,,,~o; ~,,~ op~.~a~v~ .~ . . . . - P bhshed a,I Pros XI, yesterday celebrated Pontlf-~ ......... m you in; ]m full regalia started paradm the [t ~ andre uestin m at leas -onsranuy con~usea w~n tne con-] de [ g for q g embers to ti " " ..... the -r~--/ cal H~gh Mass at the Francmcan] ......... For every day I stand out i our streets m vmlation o~ the new ordl- is ho,~.~ ,- .e :OOlcelebrate our fiftieth anniversary by a# ..................... ~;.1....I~rete' the theory w~tn the practice;/. s y I .................... e~u t,nat tho [ t,xutta~vcxv, ~tuur~tantb 1/. ~. ~t~t*vp, ~:~ - . ~ ,~ [,. ~. ~ . l uoor, I llLtllge lOrolUCtlng ~newearing ot l ~ atten i " " an ~ anon a picture oi ~a~nonc floctrlne 1s abou d ng a Thanksgiving Mass d, ...... t the mid ] Tch eng was assisted by the Menus- ] ............. | And bid you wake and rise to fightlmasks or the discharging of dyna- gh l" " recefving Holy Communion" on April arawn wmcn any uatnonc tneomgmn _ t is only the/ ........... ]tery friars. The F~'atlciscan monas-I ~oul~1 ...... ".^ "..~....~*.a ...... / and win. ~ lmite or other explosives inside the ann ~ as we nave mucn tooe ~nanKiUl. ~, *=~vs.w.= ,m,.eu,a~=~ a~ ~xu- . . . Ual, there is| [~tery choir chanted the responses ] es ue | ' . |city hmtts. The arrests followed. 11 be for , : q . a Work i"/ " I Bishop Tch eng also gave the pen- , ....... , ....... |Wail not for precious chances nassed[The conwcted Klan members will ~of ,~._ . . "IThe state president and state sec-] ~. ........ ......... ! xe~ it is a watnouc uoctrme SOl ~ I . . ~u~2 SChanl ~- I * { Llilg~tl Dl~SSlng a~ oeneolc~lon in tne I. - ", ..... ....... awa appeai. ': a ,, "" "~ r aeplcteu wmcn ~ur lvlarsnan triumph Y' X is edited~'b. / ery have sent a letter to all branches|afternoon The Bishop will leave to-{., - " -1 Weep not for golden a-es on theI :or of -- ~Ithat each branch have a Thanksgiv I .... " ....... l anuy rdfutes.All the quotationsl . s [ ~ne Pe'ri " mgn zor ~t. t~onavenrure uonege, ." wane! CANTONESE FOREIGN isted b .... ':ling Mass said on April 24 and that]Alle hen. N Y ]which he gives from Pope, Leo andl~,__~. ............ I ................... ._ a ~-uwar(~ ..... ) ~" ~' " " !others have little to do with our caselr~acn mgn~ t earn rne recoras oi the! ml~l~lr.rt ~-DUUAI~D Kit . members receive nosy ~ommunion I day--- AT CATHOLIC SCHOOL he ~tP.el m the}durin~ this mass in a body t [in America. The examples he ad-[ ..... ) ~ -~,~ is under 1. o ..... ,. I RAILWAY MAN WILLS I~--ces ^ +~.. c~ .......... +l.. ~...~ [ At sunnse every sour is oorn again. 1 , me Re,- * |~pril is our ~omen ~ubilee Month, I ............. Iuu , ......... ~ ........ , .......... -~ m for- hof ) [ ~ANTA CLARA $I,000 / IT at I P borou h case the Memcan situation ', rec " Lets Celebrate g , " " " , , . (By N. C. W. C. News Service) thelPrepare by getting a new member ....... ~ ,~ land Blessed John Felton, are only,~augh li::e a boy splentdors that London.--Eugene Chen, Cantonese l~pro - [ And don't hesitate [ (fly ~. ~. w.~. ~ews ~erv~ce.) ]partially considered, and not in all] ... . pea., . ..... ]Foreign Minister, was educated at a 'o" ved. I Right now run over ~tnd get Bill'sl Santa Clara, lvtarch 24. Rev. ?or-[their implications. If they were, the| 1o vamsnea joys ne t)lxnu anU]Catholic school and belongs to a Ca- : .~.the college Application, then celebrate~ne,ius J. ~v~c~oy, ~. J., presment Of|matter would appear in a totally dif-[.. ~ea~ an(/ aum~.; . . . [tholic family, it is stated in a messa e as~tlerablv ~,~ )~ . . ~the University o~ ~an~a Clara, today/ ...... ,... ~. ......... llvly juugments seal tne aeao nasty- .. ,, ...... g [e--- - .... -i~ts a service to humanity to have I ............ ~ [~ereu~ tight, ~v~r. marsnat~ wm oe an-/ ....... "- tto ~ne umverse-- Irom its Port of t) = Weeks. A] Friends to participate i announceo receipt, o~ agft ot $1,000]swered on all these points in due/ .. ~ w~tn ~ts. aeao, . . . [Spain (Trinid~td) correspondent. new Chevro !- , " from the la~e vvnnam 1'. ~errin, vice- ltime ,, / t~u~ never nmu a moment yet to / Mr '~^-' .......... ~ ...... e c^- -!Lets see what Branch will have the ..... ~._ ...... / /. ,*,~.,. [ ~.~nua~ nia.tlte, tSayS .......... - une e ~resluen~ ano ctrtl#fl counsel ior [;he | ~,.e ece- g , has l ................ ~,~ +, i.i+~e,~, .... | D~rect Influence Impossible. " pendent, has been connected with' " ,ll ntly. Ten.I April 24, 1927 I SouthernPaclflc rmlroad~ for !he stu-) Father Parsons, whgse topic was]Thouh ..... Ithat of Mr. Eugene Bernard Acham, Courts a~.e~ " oen~s lmrary ox ~ne university ~"Should the Church Influence the-I g ueep. m mire,, wrung nor yourllformerl_.y a sonc~or ............. o~ ror~ ot ~ am: ~rk on th ~ { Hundreds of books were burned in ~,, hanas anu weep; [ . P .... e new[Tza~ .................. ...... [State. then~ turned to the generalt ......... the fact ~s they are the same person ~s POstpone~/ "'"~'~ ,.~,-,~ro un.,~r_, the fire o~ uctooer 5, t~z(i, wnich ue-t~snect o~ ,~.: ....... : .....~ ~:a./ t lena my arm ~o au wno say I/ ~ w ........... " as.. "/ RELIeI~e "r,.~a,.r,~ ..... .. ...... i- r ~ ~ttib quentin, a.u ~am.! ,, / .,-,. ~,ugene ~nen lexr Trlmaaa m o ~en circum / "-" "-"-'~" *'-"-~-~"~,'-~- stroyeo tne olo mission ~an~a ~tara],,0nl_ b- indirec~ influence can the/ can. , ........ - :~ y b cne name oi ~ugene ~ernara Acnam :dr this week,/ New York M~8 At the ded church and swept through the ad3om-]Church have any effect on the State, IN shamefaced outcast ever sank soiln 1911, and adopted his present sat- two , in students HDrary aeep, I. ~ Weeks,,i ....... ""-'~ . " g " ]because the Constitutions of both] ...... i name as the correct family designa- ~u . ca~lon o~ the new rarK Avenue b n- " wrote out the check a ew . JhUt ye~ may rme aria ~e a ain a , - -- = Materlalsl .... Y~ Herrm ~ f )Church and State forb~d the use of[ , g )tion on reachin~ Canton - ~ircl agogue here yesterday representa- da s before he died The mone will ...... man, -- " e. Rev It .......... Y . Y {any direct influence. Indirect mflu-| " ] Previously he had married a Catho- ~s the "1 tees o~ several religions were in at- be used as a nucmus of a fund to re-! ' general ....... ~ence is not the influence of Cardinal|_. .. Ihc lady, Agatha Gantennue who : IBnh:pcwil~i::n~ UM::pr~sen:[th: place the books consumed m the|Hays on Governor Smith. It is not]ust l;tIOU behold thy lost youth allldied recently in Trinidad. There are r Way. ~Ca ....... ~ " "" g .-... fire. ~the influence of any one person on[' a~ghast. ]four children of the marria~,e--- ~g m~.~- ~ tne~rai oz bt. ~onntne ~vane, i | __.1. ........... [ Dot reel from righteous Retribu-I ..... ~" t~ ~-,,e oY[Rabbi Ste-hen S Wise of the F~ .......... |an?,er. t~ ~s the m~mence causeu| ~; .... ~.~.. 9 |Percy, ~y~via, ~acK, and Yulande. ~a_n excur'" ~ne man. ll~" of ~"-- -- ---.- _____ .._" " m', ~ "~_~{ WARNS OI-r~iMPOhTERS. ]by the teaching of religion to thep: I|in-l'"~ .... = ..... ,., ..... ]TheYrister arein Trinidad..Cathlics" The'twoPercy is daugh-a bar- ~ynagogue, th:st~:pr:lmn:%?s r~.a~l~, dividual.,, It is in the realm of s irit. ~nen tufnt.,~c Iy?y,~. otottea archives ox ~mite-~-Cram (By N. C. V~. C. News Service.)~ } Nobody will ever hear of the Pope]And findPth 'f'r" hite/ters have appeared on the London .later. The)Mayr Wall~er. .. . . New York March 28. Following interfering" in American affairs, be-| e utu c's pages w stac, e and often ...... #"" *~'^ ~'^"~ be thl lvtayor WalKer ctenvereuan aa ~ r of two men osln as East e as snow ~. , ,~pp,~,,- ~v~ ~-~ o~,,~ "s Year [- _ "~the a est P ' g -|caus it is against the Constitution of/ " fit of Catholic charities in Port of [p::::& :hicC:rthens:d [~:::e ~l:nhe|era priests, who have defrauded t the Church," he continued. "The]..,, ~ ~ I Spain. ' ave ~ P P g American Catholic f[ Ar~ thou a mourner Rouse thee the a ........ .~benevolent ' " s o finest way in the world .to defeat a l~ . " Mr. Eu ene Chen, with his four connection .... . ,,1 lmore than $110, , "ng has candidate for public office would be .... " , 1 " step ~rward ~o peace on earth ana 000 a warm 1 from they spell, g brothers, was educated by the Holy meetings of oro tnernooo among men. (, , been sent out from the officesof for a priest to ~et u~) in the nulnit| Ar~ rhea a stoner: Sins may ~e] Ghost F,~hor~ ~ .q~ ~r ...... o.m rill ~snop ~vianmng an~t otner speaK-~ " I .... - for iven~ ................ " .... " be het the Catholic Near East Welfare As and ask the con re atlon to v g I ~... d ers also urged the ,mttin~, aside of~ . . -| g g " ote for[~ , . " .... . liege, Port of Spain. Two of the :~ ~, ~, e, xln ton a ,.acnmorning gives~nee wings to sociation, 480 Le " g venue, here him The h h " ~ racial and religious intolerance1 .... I " C arc does not deal ln l~ ~lo~ ~..... ~.~u I brothers are sohcltors in Port of "--" ~ ~" that thissocietyis now the onl concrete cas .... [ Y[ es and there is no set of] ._. ."~.~.'" .... "' . ...... ]Spain, one is an engineer, and the C a enc " he UnitedStates " | ~acn night a star to game tny zeet Zech^ o, [ g y in t authom-men more scrupulous in that respect , other is a _ clval .............. servant .qatio~:~~ Rev. William S. 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