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April 2, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 2, 1927

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Page Six THE GUARDIAN, PRIL 2, 1927 .............. 7_7::.: ............................................................ " r-~ "'="" ; ~ = --- " ="-'*- ! street I .... -~. ~ r - - ~ :. .,on Monday Apml 4th,at 8 Brocktm, M ts~- Schultz, Eickcl ! ! i, "' , ............ il 7Iar lrr . . }tl--hI- lmann ]%LmaaerDonohue. LittleRock iI /Vltsslon HOUeB aPt'~eT}4P1~rJDe }!it ],~,~1 l~.n~?k +l FreshmanLetter Awards. landCoa(hH'uris Mind(m, La | q~J ~ Al'~'dVlVL'z~'g'g'lD~ '"r ' '' " 1 l! I,,,u. 1 past week the membersI onio Cla s .............................. "ii I i.|H.I.IP.hP, iof the freshmau basket ball team j The Seniors, finally prepared ". ....................................................... > I T I Iwhich had been h~ghly successful dur- g'raduatlon have settled down to a By Rev R. J. Marmon easion and it was learned that some I- ing tbe past season receiv(d the r nu-!solid organization und(r their F teul RAVENDEN who have strayed from the fold furl College Carmval. !merals from ]iather Strassner. The t ty Advisor Father Strassner, by elect- On the Feast of the Annunckttion years are remaining at home in up- The first meeting of the generalif!lwmg received nunlerals: Cap- ing Andrew Murray, Jonesboro, pres- of Our Blessed Lady--That day upon positron to the pleadings of the pas-tcommittee which is to have cbarge oftanl James Drohan, Pat ttarwood,]ident; Henry Dodge Little Rock, which tioly Mother Church celebratesltr whose church they did at one the annu'q carnival ;-- :a ..e,,...!Robert Dolan, Joseph Walshe andiviee president; St Clair Brady, Me- " i ~; - Ill alu t)i bill2 I* ] the visitation of the Archanr.el Gab ]trace attend regularly Their exeuse i ...... Geolge t ek, m m The team was un l Gehe( .eczet lr and treasu riel to the Virgin Mother of Our Lord"at the ,)resent tree is, "If the Catho-{Seblarshlp Fund ot l,lttle Rock (3ol-usually successful th s yelr, winn ngtFred B,r{lett ;Yitll( Rock h~;:~;raand and Saviour Jesus Christ, Mass was hcs had a church bere we would at- Ilegc' was held m the Cathedral School ia majority of its games, and the win- I Freshman Baseball celebrated m the home of Mrs. Myr-]tend.'' It is our sincere prayer and parlors, 503 East Sixth street:, on)nor of the numerals were deserving]Thomas Newton has been chosen i" " " "' ~a~s sald h 'J" "" " " "" ' " " ' [of ~he ;~m:ie at :he ~C~th~'d;a, on'~ri ' ' ~ ' :" " " ' towever, the regular visitation is at-[ : " t ere ~vtonday morning, and women,friends of Little Roeki. . ' " ~ ' " "lgrounds before each game William We are " ,Gay last un(hr the ca)able direction traeting attention which causes con-1 all aware how easy habit College, gathered for the first meet- ~ .. _ :- . I .. Helburn was unanimously elected makes all " " oi ,'rof C A P~cobus A ]%{ rne~ siderable talk throughout the vicinity ' ~: things easy, be they good mg at the call of the president, the . . " ..... , iwater-boy. club is rehearsing every evening at[ ---The Literature so generously mail- or bad. it is true also in this local- Rev. J. P. Moran, LL.D., who called .... Sophomores Win (d to Mrs McCarver is oin o try--These eo le bein denie the meetin to , , . ene college, and the results obtained n~ ..... . ........ ~- " ' g g ut on P P g d the g ordel.After e.,plaln-.. . ~ vv~cn ~uvm p]~cnlng an mrngnt the silent mission intended for it and mmlstratmns of the priest for so longing in brief the ohjec.ts of the ear-lhnu~ Iar have been far beyond the]gaine for the first five innings, the p s of ~ts most ardent suppoxtels like the constant dropping of water have found it easier to remain at nival, and the purpose of its conduct,]. ~ . s ..... '[the Freshman lost 21 to 5 Du Val ~ i*n addition to furnishin the music l - upon hardened steel is gradually mak- home than to come to the serwces, l~ather MGran suggested that an or- .. " g ~also led his teammates w~th h~ts, a ., t au all the services at the college chap ] in an n~ resslon But prayer, combined with atlenc aniz tmn be formed tc l g ' P .', " ~ " " p " 'e !g %- " ) take ful i~),~" " ' " " " - ~ home. run a three bagger, and a In a previous article reference was and perseverance will gain the desir, i charge of the event. erettt a which ~t hopes to produce aft made to instructions having been giv- ed goal iehoice of the gathering was for Mrs.I ., _ " " , , ~lFreshman team was Clarence Fritz e * JO B W er ~ne Lenten season The splenmdl n on Thanksgiving day to an aged NES URn ] . Bigelow Robinson for chairmanI . " " " ~ ' ,as pitcher, as he held the heavy cou le h ~ 1 zendltmn of the mumc of the Way ofl " p .--T rough blind ignorance on Catholic Social Club News !and she was selected to lead the worki " " " ~ Ihitting sophomores scoreless for four the I I ~ ithe Cross and the harmonized h~mns part of their children, sons-in-tThe year 1927 had an as~;,d .... 'of preparing and carrying out the Jr- ,s " -' "innin ~s ' ~ "~"t"-c,'',*~ " ~ i g'-" lave I fm Benedmtlon ~t the Cathedral last s and daughters-in-laws anotheribeginning for the Catholic Social rangements for the affair. Mrs. Rob- l-~ ! " ~. ~ " E.W.C. friday eveningis ewdent proof of instruction on the part of the Mis-16tub of Jonesboro and it is hoped inson was the chairman of the car- . '. ., . ' .... Thomas Newton and William Hel- Slonar was n ' n ,ule progless tnat nas oeen lnaoc ~nls " y . ot po~lble. Mrs. Me-that it will prove to be the best year~ ival committee last year, and her} ' ' " ~ burn have won the last two joke con- Carver made her regular visitation in the history of tho elnh selection this year proved to be a iyear along this line, and it is hoped tests against Blarney Woods and Paul .......... I that the club will giv~ the public of to the home and found a williiw lis ........ popular one Last vear under her } " ' ~" " I zne regular ouslness meeting in ..... i; ," -"'. , . ~ JLittle Rock an opportunity to hear Donnelly, and Carson Bray and tener in the aged gentleman. He was r ...... I (nrecnonthe mrges~ amovmc o~ Clarence Fritz. John Shaw, Glennon , ~anuary was a~enaeu Dy an unusual-r . ~till , , " " ever ready and looked for her win- ,.. ,_._~, .... ,money ever rinsed in an event of this!" more of the talents x~hmh it has Lewis, August Mieek, Billy Boone, ~y *ar~,e number oi memners ana [.. , ~ - , , fin its ranks tations, but his wife became more an- after the r "' . . . . .. _!~mu was secureu anu a larger num- " Billy Helburn and Clarence Fritz , .,. . . . ounne Duslness. was ms ber of eo le were interested in theI re !agomstlc, being u,rgcd on .by the posed of the annual election of of-! P p I Student Confe nee. have well prepared recitations for the mmo opposers, ane minu reading the fi .~ ........... ,success of the venture than ever be- m ..... , elocution contest. A few feature . eer,; was nelu.r~al~le ~au(at was ~. ,.. " " " I the stu(lent conlereuee was aa- blind, elected r "" .......... l*ore, ana tne conunittee in se]ectingl , ,, :~:~ ...... Ifor the next meeting will be speeches m, , ~ p esluenE, ILu~n WeDD, vice I- " , , ,- , - " " I aresseo on weunesoay oi last week ine man nearing his 84th birthday resident A1 " ~ . ~ner to maG one w.)rk this year felt .......... ......... , . , P .' ; OySlUS t*auer, secremry;~., .., , , . ~ , toy ~vlr. unarles ~vans, vlee-preslaen~ oecame Ill an(1 curing Ills las~ Gays , ...... .. . ~ _',~na~ ~n(.' nonor was cue net" Ior ner l ...... .. . .~ " wnnam t~auer,treasurer;*"ranl