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April 2, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 2, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, APRIL 2, 1927 u ~ OWEN J. LENIHAN TO AGAIN tprejudice which their small parish or- the interior outposts and of many of a~litems l ~ ~1 ESCORT A LARGE EXCURSION ganizations were powerless to dispel, these missionaries' flights to Shang- F " * All soci [ ~[ ~ ~[~|I~| ]NI[ TO IRELAND, IN S. S. SCYTHIA Thus we find them in the early hal, etc., for safety. In reading your I~ ~]~][] ~j~UI~I~]L~]h IN[[ eighties numerically strong but with- paper one may easily have overlooked uture ;~olal must be in l[ ]~[ ~ |l |T I~ Jfl ][! |HII Mr Owen J. Lenihan, assistant out influence to promote or protect the existence of Roman Ca~.holic mis- r,..~ by ^.~ t[ ~] L H U KL fl]~[!manager of the Cunard Line, who,|their interests as Catholics. The sionaries in China, for you scarcely S,00~d st Events Tuesdb noon. ,~ v ....... [~] last year personally escorted the firs~ necessity ofa great Catholic organi-mention them at all, despite thefact ~" - ........... _" excursion of Irish-Americans fromlzation was realized long before this. i that there are about 3,000forOI ~ era, "~"~"~" ' - ! Lenten Devotion, St. Louis to Ireland, will again lead i An organization national in scope priests and nuns, caring about '~'~'~" ..... ~' The Lenten devotions at'Our Lady a large Irish excursion party this without racial limitations that could 3,000,000 souls. The great majority ~" --- " rch nr~ w~lllyear to the Emerald Isle, sailing June lassert the dignity and conserve the of these missionaries gladly suffer in- | of Good Counsel. Chu - :. "'-'-11~ in the new steamer Scythia, which irights of our Catholic citizens~and dignities and hardships for the sake CALENDAR attended, and at the morro.rig ~uasses/~.~! onvrv th~ ~Ycursion'ists in thelestablish a spirit of tolerance and of Christ. They did not abandon their many are taking the advantage of ~ne! ........ ~ .... 7--. . - ........... ~'flocks but are ready to la~, down ~CZlday, A .... ..... ~first, second and third classes unaersmnomg between ~nem uuu , . 8eh0~,~u 4---Monthly meeting of Cathedral Aid Society, indally t~ommumon. ~ ~,^..A ,~;.. 4;.v.~o can be had onltheir fellow Americans. ]their lives for their faith and the ~ - u'earlors, at 3:30. Circle No. 4will meet at 2 o'clock, thE:e~:RW:dy, e:dn~Ya:ipg:talate7nt4eSltth!:ihildur!!i~.nnfOr~as low as $160 m!weA: fhi:t12e gl~hrfor~h=tlth:c::tui:: P:::ct~tifal~he~:o She::P; :h~:nben sermon by Father Schoemacher and " " " merica" t~i~r~ Ap~ 5.---All day meeting of Circle No. 6 at the home of ............. ] Owing to the extraordinary popu-ltry. Socmtles whmha Cathohc could Europe and A DeneolCtlOn oI I:ne ~lessea ~acrament.~ t - " ' -'-:- -n"o"ed~ a : ' '*" ~. Gasdorf Jr. 464 Midland Ave. Every* Friday* night the Wa- of the larity and big success of the excur-l not m conscience join, c j ~ [ ~atu~-aY'lApril,~o 9.-~Food, Fane~r Work, and Apron Sale by Circle .... t .............. :--~-- five "~eo'qe|large prosperity the benefit of whose .JOHN W. FITZPATRICK Cross and Bened,ctmn of the Blessed[h~::e':~;eaYdyr~::;:d~p::~age for ~he]membership were manifest in social1 PROMINENT IN A. F. OF L. ~a " ' at Prospect and Beech streets. Sacrament. On Sunday nights, ....... L~_. u...- ..... avan,,,,esto~,ether DENOUNCES CALLES Rosar" sermon and benediction I June excursion ~ms year, wmcn|~,nu ~,~,~ .......... s ~... hl~ April 16.---Food Sale at Lonergan's Furniture Store, 618 ~' . .... " }promises to develop into the largest|with insurance to protect the familyI .... ~or~~'' ~reet, by Circle No. 7, Cathedral Aid ...... r~ot tvtassr~rSta~ rrmay.ts o CroCK" aurm~," " ],~artv~ ~ of Irish-Americans from St.|after his death so that in general theyI (By N. C. W. C. News merwce~ ~a~'tlA~rl! 18.~-Annual Easter Card Party by Good ~Counsel y ................. ~-o ever|offered substantial allurements to the Baltimore, March 23. President ~. "~" at their hall Ninth and Bishop streets. C~i!~m Utwnh !o1~i lkFdeT~laa Si~i i~ ~Hte~:: t~ie~ i vb j u in~:~inc il:~ ~ldi~: ~Si't~ ! ~o ~! t min: k fhet:~o~! da!it ] ~i!cff~r "~ t b!;bi! h~s~i t:! ~/~ ~e~d:Y'otApril 20.--'Card party by St. Patrick's Church at the enLg~: i~nm:~h~ :k,,~ Little R,-~rs. G. W. Murray, 408 West Eleventh street, North of t C_:o ...... " Y "g " twill be accompameu" " an"'~ne ..... way ~romi~--=-'~"- !New York, who is prominentv in the Altar Ode*ely ~vteets. , 10~ *"' ; *~ ~'~""~ ~'" Mr Owen J I Meeting. ~American Federation of Lhbor. ~01 AprilCl~ 21.--. Card uart b Semor" Class of Little Rock ~h~day' The monthly meeting of the Altar LenTfa~' ind'a~'raflroad official wili l Regular monthly n~eeting Tuesday, Mr. Fitzpatrick denied emphatical- Society will be held Friday afternoon~, in char-e of the train in con [April 5 There may be some irregu-~ly that the American Federation Of ~0ad ~?ge at the Elks' Club~ Y y , ~e g , - . . . . at 3 o clock. All members are urged junction with Mr. Lenihan, from St.!lar stuff pulled thm mght so be there iLabor backs Calles m hm war on re- ~,.]ay, April 25.~Circle No. 4 will give a card party in the School to be present. Every elior~ ;s Deing,,,., is to New York ]and see what happens, ligion. made by the chairman of the Easter~':- ho - -- " e a series of~ 'i "When President Calles endeavors --~ay,.. - . . . Tnroug u~ me voya I at th~i~r~1 2.6---Card party by the ladies of St. Edward's Church card party, Mrs. Wflham He,bach, tO|delightful entertainme:ge will be dr-IFR. M. McMENAMY, i to conwnce ~heAmerman people that TUezd -nail, Ninth and Ferry steets, make this card party very successful, lranged for the benefit of the pas-I MEMBER OF ST. LOUIS Ithe Amemcan ~s .~emnu The committees are hard at ~t. sengers, and a deci~ tournament, w!th U. FACULTY, IS DEAD him m hm bolsnewsuc, i: ay, April~ o~xth26st~o " " The G::d ~:::=1t S;:~:~: o handsome prizes for the winners, will| ,his warfare on Goa ann religion, 503 Eao* -..~Card party by C~rcle No. 7 m SEchool parlors, April 27~L~etCard part at the Elks' Club by Circle No. 2, young men and ladies of the parishI The S. S. Scythia, as well as allI St. Louis, March 28.---The Rev.]Pg::s, ::de~h:refdr, eed:ms gfuiltyS:fb~ We~aday'.v.,, " y f the be organized. (By N C W C News Service ) his suppression of free speech, free ~uae(lral Aid. Y will receive Holy Communion duringIother Cunard steamers, is equipped[x~thew McMenhmv. S J, who had] ..... ~.ll~Y,~ay 2..~C . the 7 o'clock Mass next Sunday. Iwith an altar and the necessary re-[b"een"a member of t~t~e faculty of St. ltl.nmitigated' downright, damnable at their h :" arc party by the ladies of Goo'd Counsel Church Plans are being made to presentlquisites for the celebration of Mass,] Louis University for 28 years, died~he: ........... ad ~0Ma all, Ninth and Bishop streets, another play after that Catholics are assured of thelhere Friday morning, at the age Of[a :e~:~r::~hechz~Sd::l:::d ~::ies =~A~ad~ay 2'~'May Day Fete and card party at Mt. St. Mary's are nero every ~ zr~ comforts of their religious devotions:an ~'~r two years he had been part-| ........ Wednesday of the month. The eom-iwhile at sea. During the trip which ~Udisabled bv'naralvsis A fall ifl his!E" Rutl/ennerg sen~ ~o lq'eslaen~ ~eM, .""" . . . . -z ~ " ,~ " Calles pledging him me suppor~ ox a,. ~.__h2EeCa~idS~xo~!Sto~cte:!~~~!i!~i!! mlttee for new members are makmg Mr Lenlhan conducted in 1926, on ..... t.q Johns hospital on the| ....... .... every effort to have every young man|the S S. Scythm, Mass was celebrat- ,,revious Thursday, as he rose from I ............. Edward's/Hall, Ninth and Ferry . ......... t. _ communis~s in ~ne united ~m~es m rish enr 1 " . v his figh~ on ~ne tmmonc tmuren. and woman of the pa o led aS[ed twice daily, and also twmeon nrayer' broke his hip I ,, , .. .. - ciet . f v " Ridiculing good will part,es wmcn a member of the so y. Sunday, and the same will be true, o Office of the Dead and a Mass of ......... ------------ course, on this year's excursion, as Requiem were said at St FrancislgO to Mexico ~o mves~ga~e ~ne WhOm O011e~e ,~ .,'--Annual Carnival by the students of Little Rock CONFIRMATION CONFERRED AT] there will be several priests on board. Xavier's church this morning, and the situation in a few days under- the ~-~ae College grounds. ST. JOSEPH'S ORPHANAGE. Irish-Americans, who are not eiti-interment was in the cemetery at-P:rr~:dnatldirmeC:ii:tefwCh:ll~2'cohp::y The recent observance of the Feast zeus of the United States, are per- hed to the Seminary of St. Stan- tac ......... I such jaunts "are lining up w,th the "Cook, of ........ of St. Joseph will long be remen/- mitted to come on this excursion, and isiaus at ~'lonssanh so. ' , ,, . ~uaivern, is mittee is elated over the en~nusmsm . - -" -- ~- were fort .............. n near forces of anti-Christ. an~ -'. i . . Derea oy mose who .u~ return to Ame'rica within the year, ~'a~ner mc~wenamy was oor rmnds in New of their friends in anticipation of thin :_ ~^:_~ ..r^sent at St Jose..h's Or ] .... m .crag v = v - without regard to quota regulations,r~ormanay," ...... ~uo., November 20, 1860.[ The Kpigh~s of Columbus. . spon- annual spring time society alimr. . .~ . ..... 1 ..... dunnage. ' ~or, ~t was no~ omy ~ne Permits, guaranteeing them. immunity ~e~ Dec" ame a student at St. Louislsored, the address, which was broad- . ~ ~ ~Beautiful and dainty hand emorom- - '~ ~ ~h- annual Mass b-- his from the quota provisions of Immi- University in 1872, where, with the/cast" ~,._ . t , ~.. , occasion ol ~ e y ~,eet, of Camden ered refreshment~sets are erie prize ~O~ae .f. ,] .......... Lordship, Bishop Morris;, but also an gration Act obviating the necessity of exception of two years spent at St.| , ~er a visit in~Ior nigh score a~ eden_rome and a~[opportunity for many t~o receive the securing American consulate's vises Mary's College, St. Mary's, Kansas, [ FIRST SNOW IN fEVEpNA_ESTINE ~_ [this time the Easter Monday caru .... ~2_ ~ ............ ~speciat graces of ~ne r~oly Ghost in abroad and relieving passengers from he continued until he entered the[ ~,~:~ '~ ~" ~tre ,par~y ~)i(ls. ~air ~o de ~e mgges~ oi ~ne ....... ~acramen~ oI tsonfirmation, passing through Ellis Island, may be Jesuit Novitiate at Florissant in 1879.| . -- .... ett and daughter. Ithe sprmg season. [ Long before the appointed time, obtained by applying to the Commis- He later studied at Woodstock, Md.,| (By N. C. W. C. News Service) a*" of Camden havet the zealous rosters and the older g~rls sioner General of hnmigration at where he received ordination in 1894 Jerusalem, March 1. Thm wmter i'~er a visit with rela-] Mayday Fete. .~ were astir, making the final prepara- Washington, D.C. from Cardinal Gibbons Father Mc- for the first time since 1920 Pmes- ,,age I Mt St Mary s will have a gran(1 .......... Full particulars, regarding this de- Menamy served 'as vice-president and ~ne has expemenced a.heavy _sno= ._ "-" ~ " ". _ - ..... uons an~ ge~mg ~ne younger ~cnu- May Festival on Monday, May zno [ " dren ready. To see the little ones ilightful excursion, will be furnished director of studies at St. Ignatius xalL ~ne weamer has ~een paruc - )hl~ Kirspel, 1323 The day will be given over to clt;: marching in solemn procession to St.|on request to the Cunard. Line,. 1135-College, Chicago, in 1896 and 1897, lar!y incl:de;:rth:r tnh:rthi:fnsYafOtf, (ye as their *'uests [exercises and ~ne crown mg. o~ Ann's chapel was indee an adifying]37 Olive street, St. Loum, Missouri, and filled similar pomtmns the fol- l-l.eoron, ....... u...;~ ~,~ ;hter, Mi~. "~...__ '|statue of the tsiessea virgin ~vtary. o;~e The -,irls all in white cer- or any agent of the company, lowing year at St. Mary's College, Metullan and imerms_ .~;..., ~-.., ei,~ "'\ .... ,,ma, lin the afternoon a card party will be '~".~" , , /'.._ ' ...... ' ..,\I ~...~ ....~.~ ..... was not unaffected. The WhOle as- ~-, ofChica o. . taimy IOOKe(1 liKe little angels. Wnlle[ . - : : ~ ~ : : : : : : - ~:. Mary ~, ~tu~. g g~ven to which all are mwted, the boys were worthy of equa~ praise. I' " __ .......... "~ For twelve years Father MeMen- pect of Jerusalemn beneaththe snow wi / -- - . . I school of law was uniquely p~cmresque, t~ne m~gn~ _ ll hold abusin--s , Too much credit cannot bd given to I[ir~_~ ~|||]~||~{ amy was regent of the ............ !ril 4 at 2 o'claol~e~: After three years absence mlAnn,s chapel was indeed an edifyingl~i[]L[~|~Llll|h] ~li~h~l~i.~J and was moderator of the Alummlalmost have. smagme~2,n,e u]~ ~Y ~,o - rs E M ' a ior~ress in me snow, a.u .,~,,~ rs, 503 E~ ~:" ::" Memphis, Tenn., Mr. and M . . "|appearances of their charges, and the] -" : : : -": : : -": -- -~-'_l Association for a decade, as well as l ......... ~ra -~ ~x~n . " ren have re-~ . . lalmost have laDelie(1 oerusalem aur- nk ttaley is chub- Lmgenfelder and child ...... ]orderly manner m whmh they went]u" S. Veteran~ Hospital, Fort Roots. professor of metaphysrcs. 1 ....... ~. ^**~.^ q ........ - .... turned to take up tern.deuce m ~l~ue throngh the ceremonies. Also worthyi Under the auspices of Sylvester Survivors of Father Mcl~.IenamylsngaweeK uur ~:h~.~';f~e wide Rock at 718 East Fifteens s~ree~ at w rosters Mothe~ Del hme and -v ..... ~ ---- .. . . ..... ." of note were the beautiful and "]Lukas, Knights of Columbus welfare are t o ' ., " P - .. I ....... ~J ".~ ~;(z;n~r'the hills of tirowabl~, go, ,~ . While away from the cl~y ~ney Kep~ attractive floral decorations, com-isecretary, moving pictures were Mother Mary MeMenamy of the ~ac-[~v ...... ~-:-"-'-~:' ~'~',~;:~' nnn~arance of Dr. H' x~u ~res~- in close knowledge of Little ttocgaI- posed mostly of lilies and rosebuds. I shown on Monday and Friday nights red Heart Congregation; three broth-/ouuea an a, m o~b,:-:...--~ :;:~-~_ ,~._~ '~ ~rown lum of The m S rqow the lOCal Delle~ m growling w,,~ ,er avenue : " - fairs through the med" Soon the bishop accompanied by] for the benefit of the patients, fed- ers, Very Rev. F. X. McMena y, .] ........... , ts seriousl ' " Mis snow in derusalem has ~)ecome ~t ~aOVed to u .....,Y_ Guardmn. his secretary, theReverend J. P. Iturin~ the films, "More Work, Less I J., formerly Provincial of the-] ........... r '~. vincent s ~ " i matter o~ ~a~oaucm-year perlo(~s. day. I -- Fishes', arrived and proceeded to thetPay and Tangled Herds." A radio sour~ prownce of the Jesuits, who s]_ . . ems indeed to ! Circle No. 1, Cathedral Aid Society, sanctuary. The Reverend J- P. program was also enjoyed in eonnec- now at Florissant; John P. of St:~Ana experlene_e .se view ' n I e m o~ uear ou~ ~nls popumr ~lAid S .... |will hold a Food, Fancy Work a d Fisher and the Reverend J V Me- tion ~ " Louis and Joseph A. McM na y | " " vclet W" ' " ' " ~a Y fll hold Beech and Prospect ' re Los Angeles, two nephews, Malcolm Oaths.. .. [Apron Sale at . Cauley, pastor of St. Ann s cong -1Two baseball games were played t .' ~ | . 4 "~ meeting on end of A rfl of St Loss, and Walter, of Los In 1492 the world was as cocgsure , at 3:30i .... [avenue on April 9, inst P gation, were the chaplains to the bis-lbetween the Fort Roots Tigers and l . . ~. [ ..... ~ .... ~at - ~ne school vmusl announced Orders Mr e h r from St IAngeles, and two meces, Mrs oonn and felt tha~ ~ Knew every~nmg anou~ Sixth str ^- - ]2, as pre " y i hop. . Jos p B. Heffne .|Bears during the week. Both games, " . . [ .... is e~ mrs ss sale for , t A S~ebold, and Mrs Cote Adrmn everythmg, but look what t~omm~us chairr,-- " "|will also be taken at th" ]John s Seminary assiv, ted with the lwere played with much fervor. The, " ' | " . _ Idued eggs which will be on sale atlceremonies and directed the altar|one resulted in a tie score of 5-5, thelMeMenamy" |found.. You never Know as much as Will h~ Ithe same location Easter Saturday, boys. Much surprise was expressed]'otherwas a victory for the Bears, theI there ~s to be known.--Atcnmon ~'ho,~^'m an all daY|April 16. In the meantime any one t~by the visitors at the large number :~ score bein, 6--5 These teams are'MISSIONARY SAYS [Globe. ~4 i~Iidla..~ Mrs. J. R.~desiring to place orders please call of communicants who received their composed of patients and are directed[ PRIESTS ARE AT POSTS|,:. ......__ ...... .:; 5. All"Uavenue, on Mrs. Richard Miles, 3-1272. it Lord from the hands of their beloved|by the K. of C. secretary, who statesI -------- [~ SAI~DERS & GINOCCHIO [as members aro,. t bishop. !that real interest is taken in the Shanghai, March 26.Father Paul,I | ' ~ | matters o~ specml 1 f Mass , ~ " ~ wmtes ~ Architects be tak^- " ]~"~r'nPAL BISHOP I Immediate y ollowing the 'igames ~ ,a Catholic priest of Shangha', " t | " ~n Up ,.~..~.~v ' .... ve' " RAPS EVANGELISTS his Lordstnp gave a very mstruch. [ Several games of volley ball werela letter to the foremost Enghsh news-[ [ Hall Building i ~iety ~ ~ [ lhomily to his little ones. First he|played each day at the gym by teamsl paper, here, The North China Daily| ~ Little Rock, Arkansa~ e a k~f 2t', Edward's I : explained the significance and is-Icomposed of patients from the vari-tNews, calling attention to the fact[ ~ ~ o,-- ..... ~. '~FIau e~t~ card party| Syracuse, N. Y,. Malch 26. As-portance of St. Ann and St. Joseph ous wards During baseball seasonlthat the Cathohc" mmsionarms have~, "~' ~Ue *" " " , .... ~ " " *= - ' ~ *~'~'***, ~r~-- sday eve-]saflmg the methods of modern m the hmtory of the church. Smce these "-ames will be nla-ed 'in the I remained with their Chinese converts ~'~ ayer~l ill_ be g~ven at/Evangehsts, the Right Rev. Charles. the chapel ~s dedicated to St. Ann, morning only. \ ]and ask'ragthat news be prlnted~, t For Practical Nurse Call --- ~ | a~ are requested~Fiske, Bishop of .the Central New and the orphanage to St. Joseph, itl Owing- to the unfavorable weatherlabout them The first paragraph | ~t~= r ~ ~-~r-~ | ~_ cO er~. ~ York diocese of the Ep~scopalt is only fitting that the children should]the calesthenics and hikes were taken !reads: !| | ,, C-~." [Church, declared at the Lenten serv-[consider them as their special pat-|only on two occasions, t "Your paper is full of descriptions~| 3012 West F!fteenth St. ' athedral Aid will!ices at St. Paul's Church today thatIrons. Then he emphasized the sacri-! Ci~-arettes tobacco and candy was~of the hardships and indignities suf- | Phone 3-1574 L~ttle Rock, Ark. | "xPril 1 ,, out .... I ' i .... | ~, 6th at Loner.[Evangehsts can no more keep ,rices and labormus efforts of the sls-~distributed bv Mr Lukas during the~fered by Protestant m~smonames m, - _ ..;, ir~fre. This circle will I of the public print than can the~idols I ters and also the keen sorrow felt bY|week' and cigarettes and tobacco was I . ! h or Easter eggs. lf the movies." |all when children, who had left thelalso distributed by him for the] -~ ~ir~ give an order forl Coming on the heels of the Aimee[orphanage, would occasionally be lost|American Le~ion Auxiliary. I - ~o. rl, Casey, 4-7524 iSemple McPherson meetings at the[to th~ faith. In very earnest terms[ Rev J P Fisher will say mass for I"t ~ ..... 2_._ ~.. 1[_...1..--..1 ! h.-~"~ " arena, Bishop Fiske's remarks were the bishop urged all oresent to let!,h~ h~'n~i~'n t.h~ Cnthol~c natients t~rana r_,xcurslon tu ar .a. u . .... t~athedral Aid will~interpreted as bearing partly on that'their motto be: "Thy will, oh Lord!"| ...... "~ .... ~. ............... " ar Sunday mornmg. d Part " ined " * ...... _ Y on A rfl 2 . brief campmgn although he refra |If they sought to accomphsh the willl Your European mtmerary will be mcomplete, ff st fails to arlors P 5. . . . . . . ,, . ~_ _ ou East Sixth from mentmnmg any name. He con-!of God m all thmgs, he assured them mclude Ireland. Will Rogers says, There ~s more to be ~re~l Pillo ..... ~ .. ~o~ ,..~ ..... ~h,,t~ with thoseI .............. ,I Little Rock Council No. 812 seen in Ireland than all o~ner ~uropean coun~mes com- ics ~ v~ cases Will ~-"~" ................. ~nere woum never De any aouD~ u~t ..... -,, - ,,~"' -- :~ ---~-~--^ ~---:*-~--~--'-~ "or her idea ,, ~ each to~-~^ ~ , ~h,~ ~h~ Bantist "How much l~ . ~..~ ........ ~ ..... .e..:,~.v..~ ~h [ Official P~otes. ~ Dined, and ~ w,,,:~ ,~w,~=~,~,,~, ~ . , , ~u Mr~ ~_ ~,~. for ........... . .....i~-e~r ............................. "/ ~, q.~ of lakes."Our Second Grand Annual Excursion to ~remna, ~. ~rank Hale~, different from modern rewvans~s, olics and good citizens ", ....... s-ilin~ from New York, June 18th, in charge of Mr. O. J. "' ..... ~ " " f r ies Catholics '"" " , " vi itin Erin Bishop Fmke stud. "They are ready The choir havre intoned ttie Back m the early o t , , Lenlhan, affords an excellent opportumty of s g to tell everybody about themselves. "Veni, Creator Spir~tus," his Lord-~ with the exception" of in a few places under ideal conditions. Better make up your mma ~o go athedral Ai! will They have their pictures in the news- Iship proceeded to confer the Sacra- i like Maryland and Louisiana, were along. Rates are reasonable. o~ Tuesday,, April papers." ' sent of Confirmation upon a class of. but a small factor in the population. Remember that by joining our SCYTHIA Excursion you will ...-, ~ae school par- ~ ..... sixty-nine, which was composed of Their position was both difficult be traveling on a new ship with an experienced c6nductor, ~at~eautiful handl In answering a question about the both orphans and parishioners,and irritating for, while they enjoyed under the care of a steam ship company with over 86 years asSeSwlll be giv_lgood of monasticism, D~. Cadman Following the ceremonies, the bis- equal suffrage rights with other citi-of successful transatlantic travel experience and a company ~ae Prize forlsaid: "The monks saved sacred and hop and the clergy were the guests zeus, there was an undercurrent of thatpassengers.has always enjoyed extraordinary popularity with |irish classic literature from e~tinction, of the sisters who served a very ap- distrust and disapproval which often ~ They were pioneers in agriculture, Card Party. [dispensers of medicine, builders of ~raent is being lentchurches and abbeys, founders of col- of the Easter leges and cities, and missionaries in Party to be non-Christian lands. If the impend- petizing feast-day breakfast. Due to his engagement at St. Joseph's Hospi- tal in Hot Springs, the bishop was not able to stay very long. The children were sorry to see their beloved friend of the Altar ing conflict with nascent paganism and father in Christ depart. How- in'should deepen, as it probably will, I ever, they were deeply grateful to new audi- look for monastic recrudescence in have him with them, and hope to see With her com_1 him often in the future. Christiantiy at large," found public expression. Later in this same decade a large influx of Catholic immigrants, largely from Ireland and Germany, sought refuge here. Naturally as time went on their increasing numbers justified [ a much large~ recognition th~n was/ given them. They~still labored under |a cloud of ignorance, bigotry and Write now for 1)articulars and copy of testimonial from the satisfied passengers who made the trip last year with Mr. Lenihan. The Cunard Steam Ship Co.,Ltd. 1135-37 Olive S~reet, St. Louis, Mo. z