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April 2, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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April 2, 1927

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h n° ing thatliteratureCatholic I~ P,~petual Mission-'- z instructs ~ "Th Go u.ardiao in every m thens and virt .... i home"---out motto. ~l PP., XV. i The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas _ ( LITTLE ROCK, ARK., APRIL 2, 1927 __ No. (Nn,,o. !JESUIT SAVES MANY MEXIiO'S SPIRIT OF REVOLT IS GROW-I • ENDMENT CHILDREN AND NUNS t ANGLIN. CATHOLIC ACTRESS Time. Writer on the'-S~ n-~Says Millious Are Being Alienated Cun3t FROM CHINESE MOBSt N. ¢. w. o. e v ce, Warren and Ellen . Notre Dame, Ind., Marsh 27. The/ (McTavish) Anglin. She made her[ By T• R. Ybarra in the New York Sun, on Saturday, March 19. t nte annually v~Pr°fessi°nal debut in "Shenandoah"l B N C W C News Service.) .Laetare Medal, gra d ~ b... h ( Y • • ! ............. ,, ~m 1904, was leadmg lady wzt JamesI On Board the Steamship Rio Panu- the first time in Memcan history the New York March 25 Of the see- I~ne umversl~y oI ±~o~re ~game ~o an , • • - ,, " ru , • ., /O Nell,,, playmg m ,,The Cour:er of ca, en route from Tampico, Mexico, peons, who usually are b tally eral heroes developed in the fanatical IAmerican lay Catholic distinguishedlLyons, Virginius, Hamlet andlto Houston, Texas, March 18. Mex- forced to be soldiers and who do not rmtm here m the last few days a J ,, ,, • " g " • in literature, science, art, commerce, I Monte Cristo, 1896-97; was lead- ico is on the brink of a revolution care on what side they fight, are giant red-bearded, one-armed French philosophy, sociology or other field ing woman with E. H. Sothern, 1897- which may prove one of the bitterest either shouldering their guns to the priest is now being acclaimed the of beneficial activities," has been 98, Richard Mansfield, 1898-99, and and bloodiest in her turbulent history, war cry of "~Viva Cristo, Rey!" eat st awarded this year to Margaret Ang-lin the Empire Theater Stock Com- This statement is no snap judgment. ("Long Live Christ, the King!") or He is Father B. Jacquinot, and his lin the actress Ipany. She achieved her greatest suc- It is the result of a careful personal waiting impatiently until they can zs Conflict Is An, In- I ss ,e ~ Obregon s ta ement---Situa. 1 0~ :hing Crisis• 5 Ne,vs Serviee. , ~arch 25•---After a greatest• lays, the Mexican situa- He is br:ke again mtOa~d;feat was the saving, unaided, of 500 nthe :~::r i~nM!ta r ~Very Powerful f Sisters, children and other refuges, C~it;sti~:tmip~e:na :t j t " f°r a solution, and mostly foreigners, from a shell-swept t i~/ii~~!ilo t - ~be n~Omentous, area of the native city. He was gthe developments is a wounded thrice, and had hand-to- t on the part of the hand encounters with several desper- son Dorsey, Mrs. Sadlier and Kath- new outdoor Garden Theater in St. bPs ~br revision of the adoes, before he accomplished his trine E. Conway. The medal was Louis with Sophocles' "glektra" in ~:Z" They ask recon- purpose. Had he been a few too- first awarded in 1883 to John Gil- 1925. It is reported from New York :eelr Petition for legal ments later, the entire 500 might mary Shea, the historian• that Miss Anglin is now preparingb;:da"-~-:"-----~entnlCj~leSw'hi:h b:::itd::tsV:~:::::' s ofbYallPrtheseteStan vr~iare jected by the Mexi- have betel killed• Miss Anglin was born in Ottawa, lfor a joint nation-wide tour with Mrs. ___ UwS~'t?rt~::d rally Mexican The orphans, all girls; the Sisters, Canada, on April 3, 1876, the daugh- Fiske. i law revision, and the other refugees had been trap- " 2:~ed,LthmuAhh::aBolsh:l~'lJ=lgaT:de ~nS:nn:U is that the Calles declare that conflict is no , but an inter- it deals with fun- of man, the "heritage Thus the Bishops in nations for the rights. of this new effort by legal enact- Upon the heels may seek to of his regime States by constitu- implication, the ped in the Catholic Institution of the lAMDAC AIX/ D /a| Alli~g'l T AI Ifg ADNIIT lugs,a complete set of additional di-IGovernment, by its ruthless on- Holy Family, which is situated in • I/ fflDPlOOklUUll IL#LI'IUUIt~ILI |~]~ILilI~_t~ ~]klJ~Ul lemmas, any°he of which m~y cost'slaught on the Catholic Church in Chapel, where the bloodiest fightingl,,ACTl0N FRANCAISE" AND HIS CONVERSION him his job. . Mexico, has placed the Church in in the Shanghai capture and rioting The principal reason why the ex- the position of a holy martyr and took place. For two days they lived isting revolution has not spread alienated the sympathies of millions in the basement of the building, pray-I throughout the country is that the o'f religious Mexicans. The China, streets sent showers of bullets through the shattered windows. Father Jacquinot, hearing of their predicament, started to their rescue. rebels cannot ge~ enough arms and ammunition, owing to the embargo placed upon their importation by the United States. - Thus we have the amazing para- dox of the United States being re- sponsible for the continued existence of a Mexican government which, ac- cording to my observation, is not It has also alienated a large num- ber who never bothered about re- ligion at all and ranged them on the side of the revolution. Another serious menace conjured up by General Calles and his col- leagues is the agrarian crisis. By taking from large landowners huge tracts of land and handing them to changes in the He was alone and unarmed. Several i special interview here. to solve material times he was driven back by a rain In the same interview the Ambas- Zaternational charac- of bullets and was wounded. He sador conveyed his greetings to the 'e equally justified in persisted, however, and finally start- Catholics of the United States ll and religious injus- ed through the bullet-swept alleys, lthrough the N. C. W. C. News Ser- tternational aspect. Rioters attacked him,-but these he vice, discussed Catholicism in Japan Doits that Calles may I felled with his powerful fist. laud China, where he has held diplo- revision follow the Arrived at the orphanage, he form-lmatic posts, and touched upon the of the United States ed the efitire group in a procession, matter of his rededication to the 3Y it placed itselflwith the Sisters a~ their head, and Catholic faith after a somewhat r. Monday, Marchlmarched them out of the building, chance attendance at Notre Dame hft the arms em- So struck were the rioters with this Cathedral in Paris on Christmas, n~Onths has protected lbold stroke and with the appearance 1886. nents within the of the procession, that a sudden re- The Ambassador spoke of "Action spect came over them and they per- Francaise," he. said, not as one critical juncture lmitted the column to pass to the in- familiar with its influences at home, ~Y revolutionists to!ternational settlement, but as one wire had observed its ef- gesture against the ~ Forty-one Sisters and 300 young the burnin~ and children Were in the group, the latter Mexico City train being American, British and French. Father Jacquinot, was taken ~o a government, ad- hospital and treated for his wounds• activities} tie will recover. and also, it is Scattered information is coming in army has not on ho wreligisntuous itsn tioi(tlih into its work of on how religious institutions in other has ordered a large areas have fared in the disturbances of other lands to view France in a reported that Cantonese stabled their CUSHion employed by 'Action Fran- ti~e Calles, without of the last few days. At Wuhu it is wrong light. "The methods of dis- Ordered increasecl horses in churches. In the northern caise' have not given France a good Watching of all Cath- district of Paoshan, near Shanghai, name in foreign countries," was his were rescued 34 foreign orphans summation of the effects. from Holy Name Institute, which was The Ambassador himself has little JR SUFFERS attacked by rioters who:::~:d at the regard for "Action Francaise." He f FROM THE KLAN inn)ares from adjacent . is not only not a supporter but he ] The American Christian and Mis- is opposed to it and its ideas. "I hate C. News Service) siGn Alliance at Wuhu, a Protestant violence," he said in explanation• , March 9.---When institution was looted and the prop-I Leon Daudet, who, with Charles .ten, author of see- erty of the mmmonarzes taken, but Maurras, leads Actmn Francmse, s and Rector of the they themselves escaped. A written was a fellow student ~at the Lyeee ! here in the Penn- protest was lodged by the AmericanlLouis_le_Grand, the Ambassador ex- ~, stepped into his consul general, plained, and both were taught by the Z_rday morning to Some apprehension has been arous.-Isame professor of philosophy and won ss~ons before Mass, ed by the report that Gen. Pro," Can-lto' Cathohc~sm" " after leaving schoo .1 .!ux Klan stickers tonese commander who has ¢akenlHe respects Daudet's ability, he said, ¢1 on his stole and over charge in Shanghai, declared but has "no sympathy for 'Action confessional. T~h:forthatathiSwortdCitYrevolntlonW°Uld be madeThls areport I base IFraneaise, or its movement." the inside of t ' • " ' The Ambassador is accurately de- the vestibule he ~ers are also had the Catholic pap- Which he keeps ,rain folk to take r, there was hand- en a letter telling edition of one of the Ex-Nun,', had a Pingle "month. He a certain Providen- t' Protestants who an Sneak-trick have deep indignation to ]MASS FOR IGNOR CORRIGAN raornlng, April 2, )ck a Solemn High of Requiem will repose of the soul James J. Cor- e rector in St. Au- Sixth ave. and The Ambassador already has seen only as Red as, the autocrats of landless peons, the Government has, accounts printed in this country con- Soviet Russia, but also rabidly anti- in many cases, infuriated the former cerning "that Christmas in Notre American. without benefiting the latter• Often Dame in 1886" when he was won to Double Threat in Oil Dispute. land has been taken from those able Catholicism• Concerning these he First among the troubles which to cultivae it and turned over to explained that he was baptized a President Calles has created for peons without tools or agricultural Catholic but that he drifted from the Mexico is the present acute phase knowledge. Faith and was educated out of it. of the petroleum controversy. This Many Americans Complain When he went to school, he said, his constitutes a double threat to him. This has accentuated the already F~rst it may exasperate the Umted disposition towards Catholics was notI ' , " . " l acute economic crisis. It has caused States and cause achve American the best,strayednorwaSlntohiS family' ~ t the importation of enormous quanti- ~intervention or the lifting of thelties of products which an agricul: Second the uncer There is evidently relish for the arms embargo. , -Itural land l'ke Mexico should pro- Ambassador in the recollection that he, Daudet and a number of other tainty created by the Mexican anti-[duct to an extent even beyond her fellow students became Catholics foreign policy is preventing big for-limmediate needs• after leaving school, despite the hos-leign oil companies from risking And it must no~ be forgotten that many expropriated landowners are Americans, whose voices are' helping to swell the chorus of shouting for American intervention or lifting of the arms embargo. These are only the most serious among the problems besetting Presi- dent Calles and his fellow radicals m their self-imposed task of Bolshe- had quite forgotten about the Mass unable to pay the army, which may vising. Mexico overnight: D!scontent or other religious exercises in Catho- then make common cause with the there ~s rapzmy ~nat some lic Churches. It was the "Magnifi-l insurgents prophesy that the revom~ion wm cat" that inspired him and the next The second dilemma wished upon:spread even.ff the arms embargo/~s four years he spent in dissolving his[himself by Senor Calles is the bitter not hfted, smce the rebe~s wm zma doubts. His complete conversion was dispute now going on with the Cath- arms somehow. _ .. effected in 1890. , ~ olic Church So far, however, President Guiles A tendency among writers in this Here, too, we have an extraordi-holds the trump card; that)s, the country to deny immortality and the nary paradox. Gen. Calles has al-tMemean~rmy- wmen zswen ze,o anti hereafter was called to the Ambas-~ ways professed to be the friend of reasonamy wen eqmppea an~ ms- sad0r's attention he being an author the Mexican lower classes. He haslciplined. of great distinction. "For my part," heralded his program as consecrated], The . Go,vermnent lawshes on he said, "those matters were settled to the betterment of the proletarians~ 'hard-boiled Army t/enerais a~t once and for all on that Christmas in Mexico. Yet, by seeking to smash]sorts of official favors. They ride in Notre Dame. I believe everything the Catholic Church there, Presidentlm automobiles which costothem no- that the Catholic Church teaches." Calles has alienated the Mexicanlthmg and hve on the zatoz ~ne lan~. The reception accorded him in this lower class more than any other. ]So long as General Caues can rely country, the Ambassador said, Was Religion Dear to Mexicans ~ on them and their reg~men,ts ~ne revo- most kind and he hopes to be able Religion is an integral part of the/lutionists will ~ravei a nara ano s~eep to deserve the good opinion expressed Mexican peon's life, and he bitterly/road. But it is unsafe in Mexico of,him, resents the Government's attempt tolto rely too much or too long on any- Tell all my Catholic brethren in take it away from him. For almost| thing. America," he said, as a parting ad- monition, "that I am very glad to be GOV. SMITH ASKED MSGR. HANNA GIVES HELP TO among them and that I am very FOR HIS VIEWS ON NATIONAL CHILD HEALTH DAY thankful for the reception accorded ~ CHURCH AND STATE me." ~ ~ (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ((By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, March 26.---The Most ...... ve cit here red flu slup°n his diplomatic career---far fromMONSIGNOR QUILLE'S sILVER New' York, March 25.--In a com-~ Rev. Edward J. Hanna, Archbishop in ~ne na~l Y , g ne ~home and al'o . JUBILEE munication entitled "An Open Letter of San Francisco and Chairman of were prominer~tly in evidence in thel ag ~.1 uda x re.qsedaeerect a-" to the Honorable Alfred E. Smith" the Administrative Committee of the celebration of the fall of ShanghailmirJtionaforlthePC-atho~ic ~hurchain ((By N. C. W. C. News Service) appearing in the current issue of the National Catholic Welfare Confer- the Cantonese and the Soviet em-1 to , ,, was/the U mt~d had the Chicago, Mareh23.--The Rt. Rev. Atlantic Monthly, Charles C. Mar- trice, has telegraphed to Herbert blem of the sicMe and hammer work of the Eucharistic Congress held in Chi- torney, asks Governor ~mith of New presidenttt°°ver' SecretarYof the Of AmericanCommerce'andchild ::::;:g r,ell~mnlOppOrtunld'ar-mlAmerican Ycatholie missionaries in C. J. Quille, general secretary of shall, described usa New York at- ;:ve C:fn ho" gnvletlJapan and China and I can assure cago last June, will celebrate the sil- York to express his vie~vs on the re- Health Association, pledging active bands Just how much ~ ........ ]you the money give~n to these m,s- ver jubilee of l~s ordinatio'n to thellations of Church and" State, in con- ene~ra~eu ~ne ~a .......... observance of National Child Health men nas.p ....... ]siGns is very usefully expended," he priesthood on M~trch 31. His Emin- nection with his possible candidacy co-operation to the Association in the and whether or not the more ramcm| " leaders of that party will prevail, are[said' ence Cardinal Mundelein will be inlfor the nomination for President of ......... ~ "The Catholic Church is held in the sacristy at the Solemn High Mass the United States. Day on May Day. matters Ior the ~u~ure ~o uecme.~ rd leery great rega in Japan, especiallylin the chapel ,of Quig]ey Preparatoryl,,. Mr. Marshall,. says the magazine, ...... ~ ,, |in the higher places. It may not havelSeminary. ~s an experienced attorney of New MISSION FOR ACTORS 1 Msgr. Qmlle ~s a natzve Ch~cagoa. York City who has throughout his BEGINS MARCH 27 ANtI-EvOLUzI~N B~Lt, Dr~AD ]the great numbers, but at court, in .... " n (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, March 25.--The An- nual Actors' Mission will open ,with a mid--day Mass in the Actor's Chapel of St. Malachy's Church Sunday. The Passio~ist Fathers will:conduct the/ : ,letter of Mr. Marshall. mission which will last two weeks. r~ 12 to 5. [