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April 1, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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April 1, 1911

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Saturday, April 1, 1911 Railroad Lands s ST. LOUIS I OUTHERN LITTLE ROCK and 7;RT SMITH RAILWAY Announces the following list of Field and Locating Land Agents, to whom the public is invited to write for informa- tion relative to Railroad Lands, of which about EIGHT HUIVDRED A/D FIFTY THOUSAND ACRES axe now offered for sale at very low prices and on easy terms: RICIlARD JACKSON .................. Paa&apos;agoMd, Greene Co., Ark. S. (3. DOWELL .................... Wahmt Ridge, Lawrence Co., Ark. 10. :M. ItAM: .......................... Batesville, independence Co., Ark. WALTER G. CALDWELL .................. Searey, White Co., Ark. H. N. BEA:M...ii .......................................... Bcebe, White Co., Ark. 3-. II. BRAWLEY .................................... Cabot, Lonoko Co., Ark. A. :M. CROW .................................... Arkadelphia, Clark 'Co., Ark. II B. :McKENZIE ............................ ] rescott, Nevada Co., Ark. STEVE CARRIGAN ...................... Hope, Hompstead Co., Ark. W. 1-I. DUNCAN ............................ Cenway, Faulkner Co., Ark. CALVIN SELLERS ...................... B'[orrilton, Conway Co., Ark. R. B. WILSON .................................. Russellville, Pope Co., Ark. -v-. M:. TttRELKELD .................... Clarksville, Johnson Co., Ark. CONRAD EI SKEN ....... Paris Logan Co., Ark. W. R. BURN .............................. Van Buren, Crawford Co., Ark. Each of the above gentlemen is thoroughly posted upon the quality and adaptability of the soils in his territory, and will gladly answer all inquiries and give all possible informa- tion relative %o the lands owned by the Railroad Companies. For general information and Free Pamphlets, Maps and Plats, write to G. A. A. DEAN E LAND COMMISSIONER LITTLE ROCK, - - ARKANSAS BRING THIS Illllllll INTO THE Shrader Studio AND SEE What this Ad is Worth J to You Photographer 120 Main St. Phone 1193 To Our Friends THE SUBSCRIBERS To This New Paper We are using this space to tell you that we believe this paper will reach and be read by a class of peo- ple who are good custom- ers of ours. We appreciate your patronage and want more of it, and take this method of telling you so. Come and see us. Foster Hdw. Co. 301-303 MAIN ST. "THE HORRORS OF ROMISH TY. RANNIr." Some facts oI the recent elections in Ireland and Great Britain ftrnish a remarlable commenta T on the hargo ttmt Irish Catholics are intol- erant and would persecute Protestants under Homo Rule. In Great Britain of 567 members elected to the House of Commons, only 8 are Catholics, whH.e in reland of 84 mambers elect- ed in Catholic districts 9 are Protest- ants. One of those 9 Protestants, Mr. J. G. Swift :Mac Neill, writing to the papers in refutation of the charge against Catholics, emphasizes his own experience, noting in particular a let- ter by a Protestant clergyman, Dr. Hanson, in which much stress was laid on tile old bogey of "Romish typran- ny." Mr. :Mac Nei.ll says: Dr. Hanson's fear of "Romlsh ty- ranny," in which he desires English Protestants to participate, in the event of the establishment of Home Rul% if I may say so in all courtesy to an od acquaintance, is unworthy of him. Taylor, a Protestant writer, in ?sis "Ifistory of the Civil W.ars of Ire- land," says in reference to Irish Cath- olics: "It is but justice to this ma- ligned body to add that on the three occasions of their obtaining the up- per hand they never injured a single person in life or limb for profesNng a religion different to their own. They ha4 suffered persecution and learned mercy, as they showed in the reign of Mary, in the wars from 1641 te 1648, and during bhe brief triumps of James II." I myself (continues Mr. :Mae leill) tun one of the Irish Protestant minor- ity, the son and grandson of Irish Pro- testant clergymen of the late Estab- lished Church. a victim of "Ro- mish tyranny "--this is what Dr. Han- son calls his "bogey"--I h.ave been, the representative in the House. of Commons for four-and-twenty years of South Donegal, the most Catholie con- stituency in the British Empire, for which I h,ave been returned by tam Catholic Bishop, priests and people of that constituency. I am the lmldcr of a ehMr in the National University of Ireland, an in- stitution mainly established for the purpose of enabling tlm young people holding the faith of the great mass of the Irish to receive the advantages of University education without any vio- lation of conscience or danger to truth or morals. The authorities of tlmt university [the m@erity Catho- lics, have p],aeed not me only, but sev- eral other Protestants in positions of trust for the teaching of their stu- dents, and have within the last few days appeint.ed me Clerk of Convoca- tion, an officer one of whose duties is to act as Assessor to His Grace the Chancellor, :Most Roy. William Walsh, D. D., <he Catholic Archbishop of Dub- lin. OhI ,the horrors of "Romish ty- rannyl" "Remlsh typranny" of that kind Catholics conferring high honors and offices on ,their Protestant fellow-coun- thymon--is quite common in Ireland. Irish Catholics are the most tolerant people in he world in their political affMrs.Freeman's Journal. WifeDarling, I want a new gown. HusbandBut you had .a new one only a short time ago. WfoYe, but my friend Ellen is THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN Page sown i WONDERFUL GROWTH OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE UNITED STATES. The Census I3ureau .has just publish- ed ,a report on religions bodies in the United States ,which contains a vast mass of matter appert'fining to church statistics and the clericals and ltdty gener'tlly. Tile report is for the year 1 .)06. The report shows tlre following fig- ares for the principal denominations, the membership of all denominations being 32,936,445 in 1!)06, of whom ]8,- 086,902 were Protestants of the leading bodies of that faith and 12,079,142 were Roman Catholies, the others being of minor Protestant denominations. The membership in the leading church bod- ies of the United States in 1906 and twenty-six years age--by the census of 1890--was as follows: Number Ul, Plied Position Position in 1910. in 1910. in 1909. Anderson's Fairy Tsles ........ 2,839 1 '2 Robins(m Crusoe. 2,283 "2 4 P o ,11 ] r o %v,l's School Days., 2,025 3 5 Grimm's Fairy Tales ....... 1,971 4 1 Tanglewood 'Fales 1,882 5 "1 Little Mromen... 1,625 6 7 lmmb's Tales from Shal<espeare .. 1,559 7 12 Grannie's %Von- dm'ful Chair.. 1,437 S 0 Ohl Curiosity Shop ........ 1,.q9@ 9 17 Little Duke ..... 1,340 10 14 Coral Island .... 1 ,.930 11 11 x, Val er ]abios... 1,270 12 { t'(in ggley's :Heroes 1,224 IS 1 5 Westward I[ol.. 1,136 14 9 David Copperfield 1,114 15 O Ivllnhoe ....... 1,096 I O 0 Peter the Whaler 1,071 17 0 In 1.890 a nmjority of the communi- cants in 34 States belonged to the Protestant bodies; in 12 States to the Catholic Church.; and in 2 States te the Latter-Day Saints, while in one State the Catholic Church had a plurality. Ttm changes from 1890 to 1906 are as follows: :Maine, New Hampshire, Yer- mont, New Jersey, :Michigan and W4s- cousin--formerly showing a majority for Protestant bodies, are now in the Catholic column; one State, formerly Catholic--:Minnsota--is now Protest- ant; Colorado and Wyoming, which slmwed a Catholic majority in 1890 now show Cat, helle pluralities; one State --Connecticut--has changed its Catho- lic plurality to a majority; and one State--Idaho--new changes from a plu- rality o a majority for the Latter-Day Saints.--New York Preoman's Jourual. THE TACTFUL SHOPMAN. :From the Detroit Free Press. "Let me see some of your black kid gloves," said a lady to a shopman. "These are not the latest style, are they," she asked, when the gloves were produced. "Yes, madam," replied the shopman; 'we have had them in stock only two days. ' ' "I didn't think they were, because the fashion paper says black kids have ;an stitches and vice versa. I see the an stitches, but not the vice vrsa." The shopman explained that vice ver- sa was French for seven buttons, so she bought three pairs. Patronize Seuthern Guardian Adver- tisers. Spring Suits $20 New Fabrics are Guaranteed All Wool Styles That are Authentic Makes That are Hand-Tailored and Shape retaining A,ortments That are the largest in the South QUEEN tlI.,IZABETH AS "GOD IN EARTH. ' ' Queen Eliz:d,eth liked fulsome com- pliments, as is well knpwn , and wouht probably have by no means dis- liked the notorious epitaph attribnted by Camdm, to one ]I. llolland, which concluded with the often-quoted lines: "Shoe was and is: whnt e'ul there more bc said? On earth the chicle, in heaven the second inside." (Camden's "Remaincs concerning Brit. :tilll},'' ed. ]614, p. 379.) ()lie canllot, however, think that she would have approved of the first part of a sentence in a letter ad(h'essed 1)y Lord North to lhe Bishop of Ely, dated November 7, 1575, wMch runs (llist. :MS..% Cmnmis. sion, Cal. of Cecil MSS. I[, 121 : "She is cure God in earth; if there be per. fcetion in flesh and blud, undoughted- lye it is in hir Majestye." Was the phrase ever used of Henry III? Your obedient servant, JOHN B. WAINEW.R[GHT. 31 Dryden Chambers, 119 Oxford St. W. --London Tablet. The liberty given to children in the London County Council schools to choose their own prize-books helps to give some indicatiou of the popular taste in such nmtters. The Books and Apparatus Subcommittee i:tst week re- ported to the Education Committee on the demand for the seventeen most pop- Mar books in the fairy tale and fiction sections <luring the year 1910, as com- pared with the year 1909. INSERT. rom this it will be seen that the books entitled "Grannie's Wonderful Chair," "David Copperfield," "Ivan- hoe" and "Peter the Whaler" had no place among the seventeen most popular books in the year 1909. These four books have superseded "Holiday tIouse," "Gulliver's Travels," "The Pilgrim's Progress" and "Aesop's Fa- bles."London Tablet. [ W"xIN GERMANS PLANNED MONARCHY IN AMERICA. Death of a Baroness yon Mousobach Removes One of Tentative Settlers Who Settled in Texas. San Antonio, Tex.--With the recent death of the Baroness Agnes yon :Meusebaeh at Llano passes one of the most interesting figures of early Texas. :Mrs. Agnes :M:eusebach, as she preferred to be known in later years, was the wife ef Baron yon :Meusebach, who, to- gether with Prince Von Sehns, came to southwest Texas about 1845 with tile alleged intention of founding there a German republic or monarchy. Largo numbers of German farmers were brought over and tile country immedi- ately te the northwest of this city was selected by hem for settlement At New Braunfels some sort of a central government was stablished. Prince Solms built a castle there and a small army was organized along German mili- tary principles. Later on .Frederich- burg was founded as an outpost against the Indians. Although suffering heav- ily now and then from the raids of the Comanches, tile settlers prospered, and for many year s the part settled by them was the only fro'ruing district of southwest Texas. No practical attempt seems to have ever been made by the settlers to carry out their political scheme, this perhaps due to the fact that the infcasibility of the undertak- ing must have impressed the level- headed Teutens. While a coup d'etat against the republic of Texas might have shown some possibility of suc- cess, the assimilation of that country' by the United States eliminated all hope of carrying out whatever plans there had been made. Shortly after- ward the pro'ties in Germany who were interested in he enterprise withdrew their support and Prince von Sohns returned to his vast estates in Thu- ringia, Germany. Baron yon :Meuse- bach, however, remalnod and most of his descendants live in these parts to- day. It has never been possible to prove that the settlers harbored the ambition ascribed to them generally. Their offspring has succeeded, however, in making themselves proverbial in Texas as men of industry and absolute honesty and citizens of the very best type. Baroness Agnes yon :Meusebach was bern at Innsbruck Tyrol, Austria, where her father, Count Ceroth, was the owner of very largo estates. Count Ccroth, her grandfather, lost his lifo in tho battle of Austerlitz. :Mrs. :Meusebach's father had the distinction of being raised in the family of Em- peror Francis of Ausfria. Savoy Spring Hats, $3 Will Stand the Knocks Our trunks are built strong- ly. protected and reinforced at every possible danger point, and are practically unbreakable. Our first and last consideration has been to make them as roomy, as strong, and as nearly un- breakable as possible. Re- pair bills are an economic loss. The best is always the cheapest. Be sure you buy a "WALDENBERGER" trunk, and you'll save money. 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