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March 31, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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March 31, 1923

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ture is more that every read- and the Chris- PP., XV. A Catholic Paper is a Perpetual Mission.m l'ope Leo XIII. "The Guardian" in every home--our Motto. ', The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock Arkansas 8. CATHOLICS, ASSURES iversity Reception Re- of Pontiff in in America. W. C. News Service) C., March 26.--The the Holy Father Catholic Univers- was emphasized by Pietro Fumasoni- Delegate- to the no uncertain terms students of the the Catholic Sis- in the gymna- Week pay honor to in the Biomii was first visit to the in- Thomas J. the University, who terms of the deep See had already al work in the Seated beside the dis- the Most Rev. fishop of Bal- the Univers- y of prelates, who make up Response pleasure that I of your devo- See," said the Apos- L his response to the by Bish- knows well how .Aerica have shown him and to his roud of the the splendid made to works their sacrifices ih And if this is how much more so American clergy "to the heart of the been noted that Pope founded this Univers- Pope Plus X XV, took a deep established shadow of the ha- in the city where lives. The great scholar- interested in I-Ie wants Catholic He wants a zealous and have the ecclesiastical education of such is giving its best :You success in, all say that this institu- te me than to my Mary Immaculate of this institution of her Divine its progress of its benefits., those who are administration of congratulate the what they have they are going to with ex- to the Holy fidelity to the TROPHY Service) 20.In a re? the Education- Tuberculosis So- is stated that Glennon has the work of teach- and value of bet- f the pare- number about 2O,- being carried on Crusade has announced a trophy to the !..greatest percentage and the offer of caused the corn- their plan to con- School Contest" in which the Mod- has been estab- MIXED MARRIAGE AND PRE-NUPTIAL PACT COURT ISSUE (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Kankakce, I11., March 26.--The Illi- nois Supreme Court will be called upon to decide whether or not a pre- nuptial agreement involving the re- ligious training of children resulting from a mixed marriage is binding even after both parents are dead. The question will be brought to the Supreme Court as a result of a ruling of Judge H. F. Ruel, who in a cir- cuit court hearing here decided that the twin children of Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Sorenson, who under a pre-nup- tial agreement were to be brought up Catholics, should be raised in that faith. The mother, a Catholic, died at the birth of the twins and the fath- er's death occurred shortly afterwards. Court's Reply After the death of the father, the maternal grandparents, who are Cath- olics, sought possession of the chil- dren, as did also the paternal grand- mother, who is an Episcopalian. In holding that the children should be given into the custody of the mother's parents, the court said: "For a court of justice to disre- gard such a sacred obliagtion would open the door to irreparable injustice and grave fraud. The death of the parents makes the agreement none the less binding than if they were liv- ing. It makes no difference that the education provided for them was to be Roman Catholic. An agreement en- tered into under like solemn circum- stances to baptize the children and raise them in the Episcopalian faith, or Presbyterian or any other denom- ination would have the same binding force and effect." To le Appealed The paternal grandmother will ap- pealy the case to the Illinois Supreme Court and it will constitute the first Illinois test case on the validity of a pre-nuptial contract. There is no known case of a court of last resort having passed upon this question although legal authorities are agreed that there have been nu- merous cases of courts of local juris- diction having to decide such ques- tions. ONE OUT OF FOUR NEW YORK RESIDENTS OF CATHOLIC FAITH (By N C. W. C. News Service) New York, March 24.One out of every four persons in New York City is a Catholic, according to the "Catho- lic News," after a survey of statis- tics given in the Brooklyn Eagle Al- manac for 1923. The population of Greater New York for 1922 was 5,- 839,738, and of that number 1,452,- 136, or nearly 25 per cent are Catho- lics. In the five boroughs of Greater New York, there are 338 Cazlaolic churches, or one church for every 4,296 of the Catholic population. 318 Churches In Brooklyn and Queens there are 167 Catholic Churches as against 151 in Manhattan and the Bronx. In Richmond borough, which is part of the New York Archdiocese, there are twenty Catholic churches. The total number of Catholic churches under the jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of New York, is 171, or four more than the number under that of the Brook- lyn diocese. More in Brooklyn While there are more Catholic churches in the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens than .there are in Man- hattan and the Bronx the Catholic population is greater in the latter than in the former boroughs. In Manhattan and the Bronx there are 861,875 Catholics, while)in Brooklyn and Queens the Catholic population is 562,981. In Manhattan and the Bronx there is a church for every 5.708 Catholics, while in Brooklyn and Queens there is a church for every 3,311 Catholics. The Church property valuation of the 167 parishes in Brooklyn and Queens is $29,694,500, while the prop- erty value of the 151 parfshes in Man- hattan and the Bronx is $48,739,750. The total value df Church property in the city totals $80,517,250. Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday, March 31, 1923 00asttr 00t0000tings "Hail, Thou Victor, Hail, Thou Glorious King! Help and Save Us While We Sing." ALLELUIAI ALLELUIA! ALLELUIA! ONLY ONE SCHOOL BILL GOT THROUGH TEXAS LEGISLATURE (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Austin, Texas, March 24.--Of half a dozen hills introduced at the regu- lar session of the Thirty-eighth leg- islature, just adjourned, which would more or less Imve affected the private and parochial schools in Texas, only one passed and is now in the hands of the Governor for approwd or .:t;s- approval. This is a bill by Senator R. S. Bowers of CahtweU, Burleson County, which amends the Compal- sory School Attendance Law by in- creasing the compulsory school at- tendance period, adds a course in good citizenship and makes the Eng- lish language the basis of instruction in all subjects prescribed by the gen- eral laws of the state. Children attending private or paro- chial schools are exempt in the fol- lowing provision of the Bowers bill: "Any child in attendance upon a private or parochial school or who is being properly instructed by a private tutor, provided that no child shall be exempted from the provisions of this act because of attendance upon a pri- vate or parochial school, unless such private or parochial school shall in- clude a course of study, in good citi- zenship and shall make the English language the basis of instruction in all subjects prescribed by the general laws of the state and may be includ- ed in the course of studies in such private or parochial school." APOSTOLIC DELEGATE PLACES WREATH ON WASHINGTON'S TOMB Washington, D. C., March 26.--The Most Rev. Pietro Fumasoni-Biond!, Apostolic Delegate to the United CHAPEL CAR PRIEST GIVES LECTURE IN MORMON TEMPLE (By N. C. W. C. News Service) The unusual experience of preaching iu a Mormon temple, with a.Mormon Bishop presiding and a Mormon choir singiug Catholic hymns, befell a chap- el car missionary traveling through Utah. .',: Father Doyle, who was in charge of the chapel car, reached a town that was practically 100 per cent Mormon, and it looked as though his time there might be wasted. Nothing daunted, he hunted up the Mormon Bishop, and suggested giving a lec- ture on the Catholic Chttrch in the Town Hall. The bishop thought the idea a good one, but said there was no hall large enough. "If you wish, however," he added, "I could let you have our Temple." Father Doyle ac. cepted, and the word was sent about that a Catholic priest would lecture the next evening on the doctrines of his church, in the Mormon Temple. Choir Helps Out Back to Father Doyle "came the bishop with a new suggestion. "You ought to have singingz sir. If you will give me one of your hymn-books, our choh" will be ready to sing your own hymns for you." He got the hymn-books. Next evening tlme bishop was on hand at the Temple. This time he was worrying about a presiding of_ ricer for the lecture--and volunteered for the job. So Father Doyle lec- tured on the Catholic Church to a Mormon audience in a Morman temple, presided over by the Mormon Bishop, sustained by a Mormon choir singing Catholic hymns. When the lecture was over the bishop thanked Father Doyle in the name of the Mormon community; and the chapel car went on foIIowed by the regrets States, visited Mount week and placed a wreath on the tomb of George Washington. The Apos- tolic Delegate was accompanied by Monsignor Aluigi Cossio, auditor of the Apostolic Delegation, Monsignor I Paolo Marella, his secretary, and [ J Monsignor F. F. Thomas, pastor of I 'St. Patrick's Church, Washington. Vernon last of all, including the bishop. The story is told by Msgr. Francis C. Kelley in "The Story of Exten- sion," the rcently published history of The Catholic Church Extension Society. So long as tere is Sin in the world so long nmst there be Penance. Number 41 ENGLISH KING'S VISIT TO THE POPE STIRS INTEREST Wherein Call Wid Differ From That Made By King Edward VII. (By N. C. W. C. News Selvicc) London, March 122raThe extreme wing of English Protestantism is much agitated over the prospective visit of King George and Queen Mary to Rome and their officially ammunced intention to make .a! formal call on the Pope. Like many other Governments, time I . , British Government imamtams two representatives in Roae;, the British Embassy on the Via  Venti Settem- bre, which i. accredited to the Italian Court, and the Vatican Legation, which is accredited t9 the Holy See. According to present :plans, the Eng- lish Sovereign will drive from the Vatican Legation to :ay on the Pope. ,. High Anglican Pleased It would be unfair to English Pro- testantism to say that the Protest- ants are opposed to the Rome visit, since it is tufty a small and noisy faC- tion that is t/%ing to work up an op- position Indeed, mong certain of the High Anglicans tere is a secret satisfaction that thei King is to cal! with .all ceremony on the Pope. j Apai-t from a few scantily-circu- lated sheets, whose whole policy con- sists of I ope-baiting,this attempt to work up a sensation has fallen abso- lutely flatas far as the secular press ms concerned, lndeed,,one of the pro- I DR. MANNING SAYS DIVORCE MENACES. NATION'S MORALITY" . (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York,, March 17.Declaring it is time for churches of every de- nomination--Catholic, Protestant and Jewish--to agree upon common action for the preservation of the home in" the United States, Bishop William T. :" Manning of the Episcopal Church, -, said in a Lenten sermon yesterday that the system of monogamous mar- riage is rapidly being abandoned and  ttmt the nation has almost reached a condition of "legalized free love." Legalized Free Love In speaking on "The Present Crisis With Regard to Marriage in the Home" Bishop Mmming said that "to allow men and women to live together for a time and then with legal sane- " tion on trivial and frivolous grounds: to separate and form new alliances.. as they please, is in principle to abol- ish marriage and to adopt a system of legalized free love And this is the system which we have now al- most reached. :, "It is. a simple fact l:hat as a nation we are rapidly abandoning the prin- : ciple of monogamous marriage," he ,r | said. "The proportion of divorces to marriages in our country has reached figures that are appalling. In ou country as a whole there is now one ... divorce for every eight marriages, and in some of our States there is one divorce for every two or three mar- ' l'iages." Quick Work by Wealthy " J . , ". ,. " . ." " ". ". . ? ' nmais sor" of thin-- a a aliev. has[ gemadaloua the CircumStances seems .... ' been dead for ,ears. The nastiest, can be found, willing., to perform the, , " thing ever sa'd to tis " " g"t " :, "" g ' x kind of a , I ceremony o zemarlm e" tater was said by.oe of the York- The Bishep stated that at prestnt shire Tory joul'nal,.vhen an agita- 1 the influence of religion against di- ti6n was begun at te time Edward i vorce and remarriage is weakened VII visited the PopeJNot only was immeas:urably By the varying stand- ards of different churches and even of different ministers of the same dhurch. Varying Standards . . ' "Those whom one church refuses to ": marry go immediately to another and, are married without question," he stated, "All religious organizations--. Catholic, Protestant and Jewish might well agree upbn common acti0m for the preservation of the home. Think what the effect would be if the: whole united influence of rel igion ..... should be exerted in this great com- mon cause." " ' ' "S t good poht]cally $or the Engh.h King to visit, the P)pe, said the Tory paper, but" it was .;.,tly fitting that  the Head of the*Church of Eng- land should call on 9he Head of:the Clmrch of Rome After that the Pro- testants were left wktho.ut an argu- ment. ,  King Edward!s Visit The forthcoming R. oyal visit Will differ, in its kind, onsiderably from that made by Edward VII. -The late King detested the Low Churchmen. and the puritanically-minded Protest- ants. Most of his 'friends were either Catholics or else High Anglicans, and although there must have been a Cer, ', ,,,,,,,.^ tain amount of persohal sympathy in I U|J'J.Jr BROSSART the late King's hea'tt his v|sit to the [ Pop00 was ontirely 00nformal and non-. I RESIGNS HIS SEE " offlcia!. :  ' I With George V it ig different, There I AT COVINGTON KY.' is no question of personal feeling in (By N. C. W. C, News Servicer Covington, Ky., March 26.Th Right Rev. Ferdinand Brossart, for six years Bishop of Covington, has relinquished his duties, owing to ill health. @ . Bshop Brossart m in his seevnty .... fifth year, having been born in Bava- ria in 1848. He was ordained in 1872, and was consecrated on Janaury 25. 1916. The diocese of Covington compriaea', . a large part of Kentucky lying east of the Kentucky River md has a Catholic population vf about 60000. POPE.HONORS TWO FRENCH CATHOLICS: the matter; but when the Pontiff and the King meet their relation to each other will be that of one sovereign ruler to another, since it is as an in- dependent ruler and  sovereign that the Pope receives the .British MiniSter who is accredited to the Court of His Holiness. VALUABLE CHARTS FROM THE VATICAN. LOST I,N OCEAN (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Omaha, Nebr., March 24.--It has }een learned at the" observatory-of Creighton University, that fifteen van i . . uable packages of pubhcatmns of the Vatican Obseravtory, addressed to various places in thee United States Canada and Mexico, perished in the "Matilde Pierce" disaster on the At- lantic last fall. The packages contained supplemen- tary charts to the Atlas Stellarum Variabilium, a first instalment of the catalogue of bright and obscure neb- ulae, and Part II of Miscellanea As- tronomica, all by Father John George Hagen, S.J., director of the Vatican Observatory. When intelligence of the loss was received in Rome, arrangements were made to supply the American ob- servatories with duplicate copies. (By N. C. W. C. News: Servlee) Paris, March 16.--The Holy Father has sent the medal "Bene Merenti" t@ M. Paul Chevrillon, 86 years old, wh has been for eighty years in the seryL. ice of the church of Genetouze, irr Vendee, first as altar boy and later as singer. - . : At the same time the medal wa" awarded tO another Catholic of Ven- dee, M. Maurlce Roy, of Brouzils, M. ' Roy is eighty-one )ears- oid and has  been a church singer for 64 years; l  is the fathrer of two priests and two nUns. , .i , :J