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March 30, 1918     Arkansas Catholic
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March 30, 1918

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\\; THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 1918. chapter of "French Windows" can be hazar(lly out of his memory," during placed among such examples. the eighteen months he was with the C. British Expeditionary Force in France Persq Books Interest cipant," he says in his dedication; fected by a supreme sorrow and one "They are pictures clipped almost hap- To hail a war book with delight in RABBI&apos;S TRIBUTE TO days when the market is almost sur- Judge Victor J. Dowling is a promi- iclassed with infidels and Mohammed- feitcd with them means there is some- nent Catholic and K. of C. in New lans. thing above the ordinary in its pages. York, and he is recommended for re-] - It would be utterly impossible for election by the Bar ,ssociation in thee John Dillon, the new leader of the a man of John Ayscough's priestly following language: [Irish Parliamentary Party is going to ability to strip certain incidents of "The eight years of his service in[make it his first task to tell England their spiritual significance and it the Appellate Division," says the re-[before the world that her statesmen would be a calam/ty if he did, for port of the committee, "have shown lmust cehse to talk of a league of na- then we would never have known of him,to be eminently qualified for the Itions or pretend to carry on this war the Pole whose faith was as simple as difficult and exacting work of this in defense of small nationalities that of the Breton's Peasant's wife. important appellate tribunal. His op- inions show a high order of legal scholarship and have been valuable eontributions to the development of the science of jurisprudence. "In the judgment of your committee the discontinuance of Mr. Justice Dow- ling's services would be a serious loss to the public and to the administration of justice in this department Your committee therefore recommends that it be authorized and directed to re- quest Mr. Justice Dowling to be a candidate for re-election." The Bar Association, acting upon the recommendation of the committee passed resolutions which in part said: "Resolved, That the association she first set her own house in order "And next an enemy. God save the and set free a nation that had for 700 silly mark, for the priest has none. years groaned under her misgovern- A. Pole: a lad of nineteen, but a big, ment. stalwart figure tall, strong, and some- how, ox-like; heavy of build, broad of Bishop Shahan of the Catholic Uni- chest and shoulder, slow (one would versity speaking at the unfnrling of i say) of motion, when life and strength a flag in honor of the 205 students! were his, and now all life ebbing fast now serving in the Army and Navy, to its close. said in part: "This is the happiest He had 'been wounded on Sunday-- day of the twenty-seven years I have and this was Friday: shot through the spent in the University for it exhi- bottom of the back so as to be utterly bits to the nation the rich fruitage helpless, incapable of nmvement, and of patriotic service and sacrifice which yet, alas not killed. it can always count on from the stu- He could not move: he could only dent body of the Universitj. - lie upo..his face-and, wait.  :'- He had no French, little Gernmn; but enough of the latter to confess Oliver Plunkeli, who was put to himself. He could not move, and the adopt the recommendations of the death on the charge of treason in 1681 priest could only lie down beside him judiciary committee in its report dat- was beatified by the Holy See, and in the blood-reeking straw, to get near ed March 12, 1918, and approve the the decree of beatifieation was read enough to hear the sobbing whispers of renomination of Mr. Justice DoMing in Rome on St. Patrick's Day. He his confession. as a Justice of the Supreme Court,was Archbishop of Armagh--In con- and that the judiciary committee be He had no talk of home: of father, and it is hereby authorized and direct- ed to take such steps as it may deem' necessary and advisable to urge and assure such renomination by the res- pective political parties on a non:par- tisan basis, with full power in the committee to confer with the County Lawyers' Association and other or- ganizations or committees, and to place Mr. Justice Dowling's name on the official primary ballots by inde- pendent petition if that be deemed necessary." Chaplain Osias Boucher, mentioned for decoration for distinguishing him- self in "No man's Land" is a priest of the diocese of Fall River and a K. of C. Chaplain now' in France. Senator, Gallinger evidently believes in the universal application of "sel.f- debermination, for he wishes to in- clude Ireland within its scope. He introduced a resolution in Congress to that effect, and although the resolu- tion will no doubt be pigeonholed, its introduction confirms g conviction that is becoming more widespread in this country, that its application is an in- dispensable and fundamental conditio of a lasting peace. The Rt. Rev. Wm. T. Russell, D.D., gives promise to be as active as Bishop of Charleston, as he was when Mgr. Russell in Washington and pastor of St. Patrick's Church of that city. His most recent public service was to re- cord his protest against being asked to aid in a campaign for the" benefit of the Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. as long as these organizations exclude Catholics from active membership. It is time the Catholics who are the old- est and most numerous body of Chris- tians should protest against being nection with the repressive measures mother, brethren ;or of father land. of the English against Irish Catholics, No talk of any sort. Hardly words the Archbishop was accused of corn- enough, in the speech of the country's plicity in the Irish branch of the thief ,nd spoiler to confess himself. "Popish Plot", and although the evi- And no time: the dregs of life almost dence was of the flimsiest kind he was spilled--at life's threshold. Yet he convicted and afterwards hanged, confessed: as though thuroughout the drawn and quartered, ineffable anguish of those five ghastly night's rain, he had been preparing for Mgr. O'Riordan, Rector of the h'ish the chance encounter of a priest, or, College in Rome in making an address if not for the certain coming of the on the occasion of the Beatification of Great Priest of all who would sureIy Archbishop Plunker, said among other not suffer him to die alone. Ther things: "Ireland was paying to the the anointing. He tried to turn out- Primate.,a debt owed to him for more wards the palms of the terrible hands i than two centuries." And after review- on which he lay; but could not. He ins his life he had this to say of the tried with awful endear.or, to turn his religious struggle in the United head for the anointing of the eyes, Kingdom. "The Irish in the.end ob- and ears and nostrils, and mouth; but tained religious liberty for their bre- could not. All that remained to him thren in Britain as well as for them- of power he used to lift himself, as selves, although the struggle lasted he lay face downwards, at each re- until a time within the memory of currence of the Name Ineffable, in the some who are still living. It involved Latin Office; and each time he forced many sacrifices and the loss of life the stiffened frightful lips to form while for Ireland itself it means the the sound of the Name Incorruptible martyrdom of the nation." .... "Jesus" "Jesus." T. So that the old priest, lying beside ;he dying lad in the blood and straw, BOOK NOTES shrank, almost, for ruth and reverence, BISHOP GALLAGHER (Catholic Sentinel) Rabbi Henry Cohen in his sermon January 25, before the congregation of the Temple B'nai Israel, Galveston, Texas, took occasion to eulogize the! late lit. lev. N. A. Gallagher, late i Iishop of the Diocese of Galveston, 'vho died there recently. He took his text from the twelfth verse of the nineteenth Psahn: "Teach us to nmn. , :mr days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom." Rabbi Cohen said: "Participating in every civic activ- ity, bending the influence of his ex- alted position in furtherance of thai which was right and just in our every- day existence, the Bishop will tong be 'emembered as an exemplification of probity of the highest type. A simple, modest, kindly gentleman, a sebolar uacher and normal enthusiast, it was" a privilege to hare his human inter- ,st in all things. Notwithstanding' his quiet carriage, he wouhl rise to righte- ous wrath at an injustice, mlvould score sham and hpyocrisy in no u- certain terms. He was pmicularly severe upon those who, born and reared in the faith of which he was so shining a light, tactily repudiated their birthright by making overtures for social preferment to an alien faith. Talking to me of this defection he once averred that the people who sacrifice their spiritual belief on the altar of worldly fashion and who make light of their heritage for mundane things bring nothing to themselves but ridi- cule, for they are thoroughly undcr- tood by the very people whose good 'ill they seek even at the loss of their self-respect. "We Jews owe Bishop Gallagher's 'memory a debt of gratitude. I recall that, in the interests of tilth and jus- ice, he was one of the first of the city in each instance to sign a protest to the French Government upon the unfortunate Dreyfus affair; to the Russian Government on the Kishineff massacre, and again to the Russian Government on the preposterous Beil- i iss blood accusation; and he voluntar- ily subscribed to whatever funds were 'cellected for the relief of the victims of Russian persecution as well as to the Jewish war sufferers' fund. No narrow, partisan spirit could have done this! t'i: of Po]othde d 2 2:,m P:l i go :: d;;. tions and an ardent upholder and sup- iporter of his own, Galvestonians of From the very sound of the title from uttering It., knowing that He all denominations can ill afford to lose iso eminent a citizen. The Jewish peo- "French Windows," one can whose It is was waiting for that loyal 'ple offer their sympathy to their Cath- picture the charming glimpses that sol to fold it to His Heart... and at loll c brethren in their hour of trial will be granted all those who peep the last recurrence of It, the Polish in. And with one peep, no one with peasant-warrior, feeling himself called Bishop Gallagher numbered well his appreciation will be satisfied, for few to the Great Peace. twisted the ghastly days and applied his heart to wis- will remain on the outside looking gangrened lips into a childish smile domF' in while John Ayscough (pronounced lifted himself in a supreme effort, as if spelled As-Q) is on the inside bowed his head at the King's feet and telling his audience of readers in that whispering "JESUS" neede no furth- beautiful simplicity of language and er speech of ours." manner those huimm interest stories There are no records of battle in and incidents of people he met in his John Ayscough's "French Windows" office as chaplain of an English regi- only the aftermath, and the effect thati ment "The papers do not in the least battles have on natures that exhibit pretend to be a complete detail of the something almost divine in the mann experiences of even one ignorant parti- festation of a wonderful courage, en- Eastman Kodaks Developing and Finishing. HEGAR TY DR UG CO. 501 MAIN ST. Haley & Hornibrook Ventllatin00 and All Kinds of Roofing WE PAY INTEREST ON SAVINGS DEPOSITS --AND-- 'WE TAKE INTEREST IN CHECKING ACCOUNTS THE DEPOSITOR ARE INVITED CENTRAL BANK SECOND AND LOUISIANA 8TRRKS. durance and complete resignation to the will of God during those times tha, try men's souls. The author's tribute to France, and the spirit of the men and women is feelingly expressed on more than one page. Through it all the priestly characteristic of effacing self and giving all honor and glory to the souls that have come under his charge is evident, when in many in- stances the example he has set has inspired the men to noble deeds. No one who has known how a chap- lain can mean all thing to all men can deny John Ayscough the meed of praise which is his due, and which he would be loathe to accept. There is something so human about him', despite his marked spirituality, that the secret of his popularity may be found in that quality which makes him so easy of approach. Of his mother he speaks in terms of a touching affection. It would be a de- secration to quote from the last chap- ter of "French Windows" where he tells of a sorrow that came upon him before the close of the book. for he states in the opening lines of it "I trust no critics will turn to this parti- cular page." It was never meant for them nor for a reviewer. The man- ner in which the reader is taken in- to his confidence is a compliment that must not be violated. There are a AIRPLANE MAIL SERVICE. Airplane mail service between New York and Washington will be in daily operation beginning April 15, the Postoffice Department has announced. Eight machines wilt be furnished by the War Department. By arranging between Postmaster General Burleson and Secretary Baker thc aerial postal service will be conducted for one year as part of the aviation training system of the armY. The machines will be piloted by army fliers. On each trip 300 pounds of first- class mail will be carried. It will oc- cupy a space of not more than 25 cubic feet. Of the eight airplanes to be provided by the War Department six will be placed in operation and two held in reserve. One trip each way will be made daily except Sunday, on a fixed schedule. The flying time between New Yorl and Washington is estimated at less than three hodrs, including a stop-over to deliver mail at Philadelphia. Rev. Theodore A. Metcalf, of the Archdiocese of Boston, who has been absent on leave for some years, wilI in May observe the golden jubilee of his ordination. Father Metcalf is one of the many native Bostonians con- veled to the Faith and was formerly pastor of the Gate of Heaven Church, South Boston. He says that he was baptized in the chapel of Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass. when a boy by Bishop Fitzpatrick. Contracts have been signed for the roofing work on the new cathedral, Newark, N. 5. Four bids were made "1 ..... i PAGE FIVE. ;:i J7 :, (!l 00/lt I Camp Pike Activities [ 00Itjl Knights of Columbus Building No. is on the ground ready for the car- )enters' hand. This structure is port- able and, being delivered in sections, will not require much time for erec- tion. It is expected to bc ready for service by the Sunday following East- er. It is located so as to accommodate the eastern section of camp, at D4th street and North avenue. Lieut. Fath- er Hughes of the 335th F. A. will use this building for the celebration of Mass on Sunday and promises to in- terest himself much in the success of the Knights of Columbus war work in that area. Our junior secretary, Fran- cis M. Hunt, will have direct charge of the new, Everybody Welcome Hall, while the ,q'eneral secretary, L. I0. Hirner, will supervise both places. The energetic local Council No. 812, Knights of Columbus, will arrange for the dedication and opening of the building. Lieut: Father Retzek is now sta- tioned at the Base Hospital to admin- ister to the needs of the Catholic boys sent there. The big event of the week was the seventeenth weekly concert, by the 345th Infantry band, assisted by Prof. J. J. Keller of the Keller Conservatory of Music. The boys enjoyed the mar- velous violin playing of Miss Fodrea and insisted on an encore. Miss Helen Burke was up to her usual standard in the delivery of her readings. Miss Vir- ginia Rogoski made quite a hit with her singing of "A Perfect Day," and at her request, the audience assisted her with the chorus when she respond- ed to the second call. The program was completed by a few good com- munity songs led by ProP. Keller. Sergeant Ludwig Seitz' men rendered the following numbers: First Part. 1. March ................. R. B. Hall Tenth Regiment. 2. Overture ............. F. V. Suppe Light Cavalry. 3. Waltz ................ K. L. King Moonlight on the Nile. 4. Selection ............... Wallace Maritana. 5. Song _2 ................... D. Lee "When You Are Truly Mine." 6. Selection .... Arrang. T. M. Taylor The King Pin. Band conclusion, "The Star-Span- gled Banner." A party of nurses from Fort Roots , participated in the dance, as well as a good number from the Base Hospital. The Masses Sunday were well at-i tended, especially the 6:30 one. More than 500 sohtiers received Holy Com- munion. The Post Chaplain read Mass at Fort Roots and will go there again the Sunday following Easter. Holy Thursday and Good Friday will be ob- served as far as conditions of camp life permit. There will be a field MiI- itary Mass at 10:30 Easter morning. Lieut. Father James T. Torsney of the 345th InfantT will celebrate and preach. The Joan of Arc Service Club was not mentioned last week, although it held one of its most successful meet- ings. The day was beautiful and nine cars loaded with members, besides some who came on the train, formed a delightful crowd. The soldiers re- sponded nicely to the kindness of the women and besides having much mending done for them, enjoyed the acquaintance of the women. The mem- bership is growing and the finished in- terior of our hall and the stage speak for the patriotic interest the good la- dies of the Joan of Arc Club have in the men of the army. We are very much pleased with the donation, of a water cooler, made by Mrs. William Letzig. Let the hot days come on. When the great German "drive" on the west front was advertised in ad- vance, we felt that no "drive" was to be attempted there. Great move- ments are not advertised beforehand in this war. It is not likely that the western front will be the theatre of any great battle this spring. Ger- many is busy in securing her hold upon Russia and the allies are wait- ing upon America. What turn the war may take during the summer will depend largely upon the rapidity with which we can send our soldiers across the Atlantic.. There is no longer any doubt that the allies are waiting for us to win the war. Our work is cut out for us. The Eu (France) "Reveil" of recent date quotes an official announcement awarding the bronze Mcdaille de Epi- demics to Miss Elizabeth McNamara in religion Sister St. Emile, nurse of the complementary or auxiliary hos- pital No. 25. Sister St. Emile, who is a member of the Ben Secours com- munity at Paris, belonged to Ballyani- han, County Cork. Since the begin- ning of the war she has occupied the position of nurse in the Hospital No. 25 at Eu, the military chiefs having especially entrusted to her the care of contagious cases. News has been received of the death of the Very Rev. Alfred Louwyck, C, M. Vicar-General of the Vincentian Fathers at the mother-house of the order in Paris. Father Louwyck was elected to act as Vicar-General of the order upon the death of the late en- cumbent of the office, the Very Rev. Anthony Fiat, C. M., who requested that Father Louwyck be .tamed to fill the vacancy until the General Assem- bly should be resumed at the call of the acting superior-general. FREE EXAMINATIONS Examinations given free. It will cost you nothing to obtain our opinion of your condition if you con- sult us at our office. DR. CLLFTON E. WHITNEY, 501Vz Main St. Little Rock, Ark. Established 1899 Calls Answered Night or Day. Office Phone, 386; Res. Phone, 106. All Work Guarmi.eed. Give Us a Trial. ENTERPRISE HAT CO. Phone, Main 8565. 213 West Markham Street. We Manufacture Soft and Stiff Hats, Soft or Stiff, Straw or Panama Hat Cleaned, Blocked and Re- trimnd. Ne Acids Used on Panamas. THURSTON & WASEMo Proprietors. DR. R. H. MERCHANT, V. S. Seventh and Broadway Sts. Treats Diseases of All Domesti- cated Aninals. 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" ............. deposited regularly at fixed lnt, ervalI INK TRIC " . . expecea na erie roonng, wnicn wm The tore ot quauy. wleged to see how his nature s af- , ...... will produce far better results than oo.,o] sme, copper, brass anti vronze, Ninth and Rector. the infrequent depositing of larger  wm ve compmtea in a year Tne amountL i /'" 10 C# P,r G.  . ) i Cathedral was started eighteen years _ r ago, and the cost of work to date i 'JCD l'lCnl-- * I  ,i ......  il [iA'fl $2,000,000.. Massive an magnificent  li i ! "v-':r-? .....  .1 I l l" I "I-I I" II I%I II "1 l'Llli'J:122t.  -  " " in detail is the buildin Its a chi,  s. c it,.3 . .I. i.i B t g*. :  , a PL.:D'O 'W*ll''-O';' " ' Oliver. at Maker Itr., TRUST COMPAN I, Rln.I Main- 750 n ......... ,  tectural deslgu and front elevat, on re- I Send t-, illuatrat Ilx -L ' . sembles that of the Rheims cathedral, I : asr paymCai; III- ._._' .lb'4  , . 'IFTIDITION-IT$ PRILIUTRATIO . . .  anteed one year. hl I N-finn-1 Pnre W-tot,,.v ..,o.,.. ,.l." land fftheworld-renowned edif'ee at ,or.i.l:.U..e,ep.,,.d. -jl---- [] ,   'rom all Dookellers, atso]rom Rhmms were destroyed the Newark PAitXIN-LONOLIY ITT|OIRI fO.. Opp0lte the Poatolco. -   LDG. flv.tlou o,oR,c.To,avo,0., I Cathedral would be the only replica s Lntt It. Lira, lt.&.  / , 'r., ...... "11': .... I .......................................... C'ro"# 4". fh "" - ................................................ For Sale at The Guardian Office. in existence. ,"--2"';. ;.).;, '  ;;,:J'"' i:[2 "' '''1" ' '' ' ' :'':'';*'i'f'X't'['':., . .... . . " ........ ..... ,<.''" '':,'.'''''.:f',,,':*"*': ...... <;'":';';'''. '/'':" ..... :':''f"''':'''' i':;'"' ..... "" ,'. ':Ca''''%, ..... '[! t' ' ''''";'$'" ]'. "''[ ' I"N"'*I. :': ""2 ....... q"'l:''; ['$ .... ";I'' "':,'.::'':t''' f "'':::[ '''' ,'" ' " : [" : ' !' '* ' ' ' k "'.'' ''$]}' * '' I ''  ' " ";  ......... 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