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March 29, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 29, 1930

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THE GUARDIA'N, MARCH 29, 1930 .... PAGE SEVEN By ..... [.E._STARTEDlin attempting, ds to be adequatelYrin these parts in 1687. ex)lorin American Catholic missionaries who million dollars annuall are re uir - --- .Jrta I~AULISTS {prepared against reasonably probable} .... . ..... ' t . g, _ .................. ,, . ,, ...... Y q ed and then it must go into temporary lr~ SAN FRAN(~l.~C()Jcontin~enei~s.. . ~ ,, - ~eacnmg, ana l~u]mlng, so thatby ~re rcpo~:~eu. ~_o._De trappea oy. reas ire Keep them going. I darkness; every now and theft it must __ v ..... ~1695 he had established a chain of m the .city of Kanchow, Province of! ~-- i have a doubt about its vision; every (By N. C W C News Servce~ I ....................... Imissions through the valley of the I Kmngsh are m no m~mment danger, MIND CAN ACCEPT ] now and then it must be ace tic a Francisco. March 1'7 ~,n I ~,~'r~r, ~G'v,',J ...... IMagdalena and Altar Rivers, and an- I accoramg to the Rt. Rev. Edward DIVINE MYSTERIES, and its ace tlclsm is a win - .................. ~.~ ***.ra wr~Kr.r. Sheehan Vicar A .... ! . p k After see Catholics will open a little l other northeast of Dolorcs. , , postohc o ~ukl- REPLIES.DR. SHEEN ithe wink it opens itself and sees bet- 'e of their own in San Fran-I tB-N C W C N~ws ~,~r-~,'-~ I ang.. ....... . .. - - ter, that ~s why light always seems awhich C~ .... ' . ~ ". I " ............ J I I~TTl~lttr~r~lITt~ t~vYt~w~ I msnop ~neenan sectored that the Answers~t~uestlon Over Radio on!dbublv str n - . ~ ~nonc plays oy ~ath- Allcgany, N Y, March 20 --Sister ~R|I~'HHINI~|~|_ m'$1~|%:l~" Catholic missionarie~ h~- - 1- ............... i ~ ~ o g when we come out of ~ers ena~,~ ....... , r~. . " " " . I Ji tLJlt%~[~i]L~jl%|,~'~ ~ ,~ ~.-~\ $ ~ av~ ueen car-, ~xeasonat~teness or r~maen a c v. , ~c~ oy ua~nonc acLors ~uchama of St Elizabeth's ~cadelny -.-* ,-*,v~.~ I r-in~" on th^i ...... ,. ...... I -- - I a c ~. -. ] z :dation: co:nn:'it~Yd b~,e m::u:I t lruths. " 'Reason, too, must follow the same Presented froni time to time, here, has been honolcd b the ConseI ~ ~[~T ~ dep e _ Thomas F. Burke, C.S.P., Su-vatory of Chicago with t~e degree of ~$][" ~1~. I~|ARGIL, U, S. l ists and bandit ~an,~s a-~ ~.~ -~-I ~1~. xr r ~ ~--~ ~ . flaw under the penalty of never corn- -- : - ' ~, ~ , ........ ~ ~-,*- x--~ ~,. ,- ,,. ,~. z~ews ~ervlce.) in t " " - ~ae Pauhst Fathers of San ~Bachelor of Music ] t~ lr~ ~ aM tu ~ ~v ~ ~ ~ ~. I AFi ..... t ...... ~ ............~ .... ! .............. I g o a clear vision and understand- see " ~ ......., .... --~ --- .,- -'~,-~= ~,a. ~ew ~orK, lvlarc/1 z4.--t4uesuons~ ~ . Pa'ulan?unccd. .. Sister Eucharia was educated at St. [ F K ! ~ ~ 1- U K ~ ~: Dt they have been for many months, asked of the Rev Dr Fulton J Sheen lingof. things. In moments of m- addi~ojali, recently erected Xawer's Academy, Providence, R. I., I " . I He returned only recently froni this land answered by him on the "Cat;-]tense. intellectual concentration we t -- ~o ula S~. warys being graduated in the Class of '971 Province, and a few days a~o re t^li., ~ .... , ~ ...~;^ , ...... ~.... ,~_.[some~lmes saut our eyes, bolt up the at Cahforma Stleet .... and G~antand lecelwng" " the gold medal_for ex-[ (By N. C. W.. C. News Serwce)ceived a telegram statin" that the ,v. ...... u~. ...................... , "a~doors of sense-knowledge, in order .% Will be converted into the cellence in vocal music The same l San Antoine, Texas, Mulch 19.-- ~+,,,~, {, T~..~ ....... ~ ~..:_~ imght, .concerned the acceptance of that we may the more clearly bask lc Littl . . . ~ .................. .,. ~a~ qu,~. mysteries. . - e Theatre of San Fran- vea ntered th B Co ser - 1The Southeln Messenger ulges the .. . m the light of reason.As the e e _ r she e e oaten n v . . Although he believes that the hves The Y ~_ .. atoIbr of Musm, but left to take up] ............ of the American Cathohc mission- Sheen as follo~-~- e light of day to enjoy faithful to ask favors through the m- . . questions were put to Dr shuts out th " - aUhst Pla tercesslon oI ~ne veneIaoie 2~n~onlo --~ it better yers, recruited from concert work In the midst of a suc-[ " ari-s are n-+ ~- ~.~.~.m.~. ~ ..... t ,,.~. ~. the next moment so the Uates of Catholic universi*i-- " ]Margil de Jesus, in order that the ... : ~. ~ ....... ,,,. ..... .u~,~cr, IJ Jr. ~neen, you say that thedec- reason shutsout *~^ ~-'-~- '-" ' ~ .... 151shop ~neenan was nap ~o near~ " . ~,,~ ~g-~ oI ~ere |egos, will be organized*o /process for the beatification of this ......... P~Y .. t trme of the Trinity }s a mystery. Is experimental sense kno~l~a~,~ ~.. -~ _, s = ~ |,~ . . . . ~ . . ~na~ ~ne 2~merl.ean wonsm t~enerai m it not unreasona~q~ ...... ,~* ,~.,~ : .. "" ~"~" "'" ~*- - p~ays /~ranc~scan prms~ anu no~eu pioneer ~_~^_ h_~ ......... , .... - """~ -"~-" (~er nat it m v m~,, ~l~h. s~ production of the Paulist |Ioun~er oI missions m z~merlca may Government to send troops in the light of the mind. The ,doubt the Catholic Little Theatre n I go forward. " about the conclusiveness of material ae Upper Room," a Passion The paper points to San Antonio's Emmitsburg, Md., March 24. vision of the universe is the wink of Hugh Benson, April vocaI department of St. Elizabeth's debt to the priest, saying that "itwas Eight Daughters of Charity of St. reason; its momentary death to a lower life is a prelude to the riches Will be under the direction Academy and Convent. mainly through the instrumentality Vincent de Paul are listed at St. of a higher one. The light of the d Doyle, Jr., a graduate of ]~ . of the famous Padre that the missions Joseph's College here as being at- at once clarify the meaning of rays- intellect never shines so bright as the _ us and a former member of ', GENERAL TRAVELING AGENT which grace the environs of this city tached to the Catholic Mission at tery and then say a word concerning moment when it winks on the world Ignatius College Players.j OF CUNARD LINE TO were established here after their Kanchow, Kiangsi, China. its superiority over doubt. First of of sense, and that doubt does not de- Object of~the Paulist Players CONDUCT AN EXCURSION abandonment in the southeastern per- They are: Sister Mary C. Beggs, all, a mystery is not something which s~roy the lower kind of vision, for to Present the best in Catho-I tion of the state." . Sister Vincent Louise DeLude, Sis- is contrary to reason but somethi~ when We have solved our intellectual s, said Father Burke. "The ]Mr. George G. McClorey, General It also is pointed out that the ter Clara Louise Groelt, Sister Ansel- which is above reason. That a thing problem in the sanctuary of our mind, ~s a serious mission in the ed- Traveling Agent of the Cunard Line, Church has pronounced Father Margil ma Jarboe, Sister Emily P. Kolb, may be black and white in the same we can open the doors once more and of the publi~c. It may, enter- attached to the New York Office, has Venerable, and that the cause of his Sister Helen C. Lucca, Sister Sarah place and at the same time is some- for some very mysterious reason the dthealSOchurchinstructthe Intheatrethe earlYhad .beension toappintedIreland tOin conductthe Laconiaan excur-June stillbeatificatin'pending, introducedThe paper thenin 1196,quotesiS A. O'Neill, Sister Annie Starble thing contrary to reason, but that eye sees things differently--"in a elation.,, 7th. from a letter it has received from therecan be threepersons in one new ~i~ht" as we so often put it Mr. McClorey is well-known asa Monsignor Orozco, Archbishop of "Now, what holds true of the eyes N0~ULD CASH l.T successful director of several pre- Guadalajara, who says that "if the and mind, holds true of faith or the vious excursions he took over to Ire- faithful do not ask anything of Fa- great world of the Incarnation con- ~llowing item from the Ar- land, and has many friends amongst ther Margil, we will never see him that achild may come to understand tinued by progressive filiation. How _ anker shows the change that the Irish organization, declared blessed, as he deserves~and terior of the Maryknoll PrefectureI can we come to that full-orbed-vision .Urred in Arkansas Finances. The Laconia will sail on June 7th our gratitude asks from us the efforts Apostolic of Kaying in the Pxovince I~lw there may be two right angles If faith? By no other means than i~grht add that a late model from New York direct to Queens-to attain it." of Kwangtung. Siao-lok is the larg- in a triangle. Rather a mystery is a lby following w.hat seems to be the ~re Could function long on town. This excellent modern cabin~!~ii~~ii~ls!~ilFilrl eat "parish" in the Prefecture, and supernatural truth, one that of itslmOst natural thing in the world-- economical ShSundred years steamer of the Cunard Line will has over fifteen hundred Christians, i very nature lies beyond the- finite in- Ithat restful act of winking on reason, ~assage of ob: carry cabin, tourist third cabin and most of whom belong to families telTigence; the reason for accepting lpulling down its shutters for a brief ~Y changes. If you don t third class passengers Special ar- which have been Catholic for several ~it is the trustworthiness of the one lremeat; fn other words doubting that read this from "News of rangements are made under the Juan Capistrano, is a most opportune generations.' " revealing it. [reason can and does know all things in the Arkansas Gazette supervision of Mr. McClorey to in- time to reawaken i~aterest in the ca- Nearly three years ago, the mis- "If we accept truths which are rel-Iknwable" This kind of wink is the 13: sure an enjoyable and pleasant roy- reer of the saintly man who was so sioners at Siao-lok had the rectory atively beyond our intelligence, suchlmeat difficult of all; the very'pros- pect of doing it makes us fear that audred Years Ago age A comprehensive program of largely instrumental .in bringing remodelled into a Convent, and as the distance of the sun from thelwe may lose our reason, or go blind Gazette, Feb. 91 1830) deck sports and other amusements them to this part of Texas," the pc- themselves took up temporary lodg- I not will" prevail," and MI McClorey will" pe~ adds ~ s -,,~ be an uninteresting . "" " " ings in the sacristyThe oI, chard "ntellectually, but this is a ~ro,-~a 'orm ti~ +~ +~ ~r~..~.~ personally supervise all arrange- " " ~ less " ~se of" .................. meats for the entertamm" " g of Irish" AUGUSTINIAN HEAD an~ garoei .... ~ were put in condition for fear The eye did not go blind Representatives to, ............... the nov irate, which the Maryknoll sonable to accept that which is ab because it Tanked on daylight, neith- a * passengers curing ~ne voyage. SAYS SOVII6I I-lOLL) ~ - , . draft was received by r 1 Pus Sisters were to direct. The Prefec- solutcly beyond our knowledge on el will the intellect go blind because ~^_Gvernr' by the last mail, s Mr;. ~anPa B;ro~r,th:?:~d Line ON PEASANTS WEAK ture had a number of native postul-[the authority of God and therefore it winks on science What will hap a~cretarym0~ of the Treasury, s-eilge"Mra~a, ~u.cwa~gerlorey is an old and "B N C W ~"-'~"ews t~. r~ Service" ants, who were awaiting the arrival Truth Himself? " pen will be an improvement in the unt due them for their l " ' ur staff We are t Y .... ) of the Maryknoll Sisters to begin l Man Wa . .. clarity of intellectual vision, an en- ~tion tried member of o New York, March 24 The Rev .... Y ys or ~nowing. t " "* during the last session ............ " _ their regular novitiate. But condo- I ,,~ : ..... u . ...... argement of its f~eld and range, faith eneral - .... -. _ i sure: ~na~ ne wm see ~o every oe~alt Joseph A Hickey, D D, 0 S A, .. -- -:~ ........ I ~ ....... o ~eep m mind thatlb_in.~ , ....... ~ssemmy. lne oraIt ~ - " " ' ~ i " . , , ,." .'. uons ~-u n,~ appear sale Ior alther, al,~ ,~,~,o ,,, ...... , ~._^...:~_ ,~__ I ~ ~ ~0 reason what a ~eieseope is ,065 _~ _._~ ,_ . .. . }oi ~ne excursion in~ne ~acon a Assis~an~ ~eneratoI the~ugustin - , ~. .... ~.. . , ~ ....... ,,aa~ ,,~ K,,~,~,,,g ~,,a,t .... . ~-~,,u now oemg ame ~o ......... ' . .. -Iounua~mn oi ~orelgn ~]s~ers in tnat l ......... /~o the eye.~ It is'that first terrlh]~ Shed here, the Acting Gov-[~une 7in, so ~ne success oI ~ne lan Order at RonIe, and formerlysection of the country - one. xms umverso ox ours may oe :moment of doubt about reason-that dispatch ......... trip woum ~e msureu Ior every mere- I President of Villanova College, ar- * A~ th ........... :--'-" ...... tcompareu to a temple. The material -lain*i ..... '" ~ .... ' ^ eu a ~peclaL ~gen~. .... ,, i ....... . k v pte~t~t[b Lime, v~o~ner MarY,worln ,~,,~ ;~ ~.~ ..._..1_1 # ......... It" ~ ve atlmlSSlOn oi nealcny seep- ~rleans for the purpose of oer oI ms par~y. I rlved m ~nls clw Samr