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March 29, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 29, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 29, 1930 PAGE FIVE George Calvert'spracticalexpert- ier " " the other speakers, and thus reduce the high level of in- -. r n alphabet, according to a report Edmund A Wa]sh, S dustrial efficiency and compensation en,ce with American cmonizanon, ltlec i ..... -. ......... " e yea Dy the Rt Rev Msgr James President of Georgetown to the drab mediocrity prevailing in profitea oy the mistakes at ~vaton, i it ~. ~ " " .......... j . ~yan, ~ector of the University, ~and President of the junhappy Russia." at Jamestown ann at mymou~n, in-I .... . . r~rom the r~ev. Dr. Romanus Butin, ~ear East Welfare Asso- Rabbi Lauds Associates tolerance was almost universal, out S f .... nd Rabbi Nathan Krass of] "One of the greatest achievements beneath the surface a new thought i " ~u: pro essor ot 8emile Languages ...... ,ann ~l~era~ures, wno has taken Dart or Meal was beginning to aawn. tt~ ~ k - 'raanu.El. of the United States," declared Rab- . , . . fin the vor of the expedition and ~ed By Varlous Creeds bi Nathan Krass, "is ~he separation ] was the ideal oI a rmigion oorn oI twho is now at Cm address, Mr Williams de l of Church and StateOnly when a lfreedm and not of force. It was l "re. Inscription Reveahng the commencement of tolerance as at " at Th " "1 . . " e Calvert Associates rehgmn is free can it develop best. cardinal principle in religious teach-The gleatest" ' ~mpmtance" is at- cared to the maintenance Here all religious groups, if unmo-I .. f tached to this latest find which the int. Faith and hope were essenuamlme " :rance of the Ameri.can lested by hostile forces, havean ...... C._ .~_ was tubers of the expedition 'feel con n.d Practice of religiousequal opportunity to teach andto]OI rengmn ..... aireaay, namsy fident will furnish proof that the al ml liberty,, t practice their faith." [soon to begin its age-mug struggm h for acceptance too p abet of the ancient Phoenicians, S ".eventh time annually "The time has come when theI "Lord Baltimore became a Catho the source ef which has heretofore ~" incorporation in 1922," truth should be spoken without fear " " " been uncertain, was derived from a lic and, therefore, the object ~ re-[ ~ed, "always with the ! and without apology," he continued. I ligious persecution, i[His intention [ . " gYP " , pecuhar development of E tmn ~peration of men and l"If we are all children of one Fath- was to make Maryland anasylumtueroglyphs. ". The newly.-found m" - Various re]iglous creeds er, if, indeed, one God has created us I scrlptmns, which are hewed m stone !g political affiliations, all, then it is the very essence of ir- for his co-religionists. " But he did. " , and whlch date back more than elgh not aim to do this by maMng Mary-I " - " : ~eMarylandtO commemorate the lreligion_ to encourage, openly or land a Catholic province.He em-Iteen centumes before Chrmt', double in the year[clandestinely, the spirit of intoler- bodied the new ideal and he secur-I " " b e for the amount of materml avafla 1 ni2:~h .of March, twoiance. We talk a grea.t deal about ed toleration for the Catholics bylstudy and throw better light on the those problem The include ~1~..._._ ~ -. __ ._ ~~Y-mx years ago, oI oro~neriy tore. rne time is ripe ~o demanding tolerance for of allI Y " one inscrib- '; o;pePrwO~:l = Ybli~heh3 ~:; ~a~th?I'~"?~-~-~s Ir:mlttne ~w ! ~ransm~e smer;~e at~La~Te C:f that .ta!kmto~cntorytherinfaithsthe provinceaS well. limiteThatd later thl"s con-his" t ed, oneStatUewa]l~ lns'_frmscrir "pthetmn" Templefr om onef Hathor,of the 1 cept of general tolerance "e " , " gs, and ten for awhfl I mmes two rock scratchm OF NARYLAND are from time to time so mark- mills, employees and employers~alike. [perimenL with the new currency in ] - * ~-'-'-'-';-~%---;--'--~--%--------%-~-~'~ and the un-Christian lack of charity to the Nordics of the southern cotton ] Why not let Thomas Edison ex- I ~ ERTV ed in individual and group conduct What they have done reminds one of his rubber laboratory" Ma-behe ]~ C. ~ ~P'~V" ~ .. d emotmns which the once well- stretch a little farth-~" [~. ~ I,, ~ heve in the fundamental principles :known Ku Klux Klan squandered. _ "'--" t~: ]~1~1~ B |--~[I~ :~ of American liberty and life must noti ~__ -- - _ -I | g ~ ...... / only ourselves exhibit thag faith in'SOURCE OF MODERN Graham & otmar, l Associatesa-- Fiiends Commemorate our own speeoh and conduct, but we ALPHABET SEEN IN n' " I I~ ..r.r.m.v~ must untiringly preach that faith to N!~W n~,c~xr~r~,we ~2~roo~InlT ||I[ ,,~~ AND t ng of Maryland, the First Home of Re- ~our feUow citizens." I ........ ~Jv~=.~x~r~o r, .,..--7------f''-~, [~ RETAIL / -- wU Iltgers for IVl Liberty in America. Many notables Albert C Ritehie, Governor of ........ , - en__ r/I P one 4-3o41 l ",, t tby N. C. W. C. News Service ) 708 Main Maryland: There is no more vital l ............ ,. " 1[/ 115 West Sixth StreetI nd and Others Send Coneratulations ..... wasmn~on, luaren z~o 'lhe JointI LITTII WaOv" IlL ......... " -- or no~aole anniversary anywnere on'.. . :.~ ..... " " ~ ....... "~ //| l~l~2gle M~OeK, AFIL From All Parts of the World atarvaro-uatnmm university archaeo- | I the earth than that of tonight. It lo ic" x .... " .... I ]l-*-*-*~_*-*--%%'-*_*_%'_-_'_*_*_*_*_';~- | , j , . g ai e +peoluon conoucgeu this win- /eommemorates Maryland s eontriDu- ~tet in the vieinit of th .... !tions not only to her own posterity, iii ..~. .Y ~ e Temple ofI -- at the meeting were de- the American Federation of LaborI a~nor on ~uount+bera~itel-Khaden, ] but to the world, ha ....... ! ,~, +41. s amcoverea z new i '" ' - ~5nalI:lC ill- [ , Michael Williams, Presi- "set like a rock of granite againstf "The Maryland idea was an evotu- smi "i n w" i ' [ ,|tt :IQ .ae Calvert Associates and every insidious attempt, either from ...... "pt o s n cn are expected toes- i tion. It embodied the resultsox ............. The Commonweal, who within or without, to Communize it raDlmn zlnauy ~ne source o~ our men- Bancroft declares Associates, a Catholic organization, time anywhere on on the great progress that has been based upon made in the attitude of Catholicism .continued, "that a plan Vaeeting surpassing in its character even this was defeated by the of vast commer- are willing to pro- With the atheists of Rus- are willing that not be disturbed by those who lament the torments of the chil- mgogue add the Chris- does not abridge the significance or fragments of slabs found in stone effect of this initial step. heaps and cairns. The discoveries "It remains true that Maryland were made near the site of this an- was the first province to establish cient Temple of Hathor, the Egyp- religious freedom in the new world, tian goddess of love, mirth, and so- "On the ,civil side, vast and auto- cial joy, and on the plateau of Sera- cratic powers were, given Lord Bal- bit. timore. We like to think ,with Bis- This locality was first explored in hop Russell, that his intention in se- 1904 and 1905 by Sir Flinders Petrie. curing this sweeping sovereignty was to defend the colonists from royal in- terference and to preserve intact the principles of religious toleration which he desired should always be theirs. "In any event he did not use it for tions not Egyptian, but developments self-ag~Tandizement, and the Mary- of the picture writing of the people land charter contained a provision of the Pharoahs into arbitrary signs which had not been known before, representing consonants of the Se- that the Lord Proprietary should [mitic tongue. In 1927 Professor, make no laws and lay no taxes with- Kirsopp Lake and Robert P. Blake out the consent of an assembly of the of Harvard, relocated Sir Flinder's the blessings of re- towards men of other faiths since the day of Lord Baltimore in Mary- said Mr. Williams, land. Out of this vast auditorium Consideration of condi- may there go forth not only to every "our celebration co- part of our country but to the en- the bursting upon the tire world, the great challenge that, of the world of a eager to bury the faults, prejudices, liberty--both civic and and intolerance of the past, we, a and more deadly ldiverse group, proclaim the eternal Other crisis of that sort validity of the brotherhood of man, ever threatened civilizedand expect every country and every People." religion so to act as to exemplify the the best of reasonstoforce of the great tea, ching, the sad- ly neglected heritage of the ages." The following inspiring messages were read to the audience: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Governor of New York State: "It is a fine thing that the Calvert Associates are to hold this meeting in memory of the establishment of the principle of religious liberty in America. "As the years go on Lord Balti- more and Thomas Jefferson will stand out more and more as the pro- tagonists of a cardinal truth which is one of the corner stones of the Re- addressing the anniver- mbllc." OUtlined the efforts of .for the abolition of all Col, Edward M. House, now at and practice in every Cannes, France: "If I were in New Communism obtains York I should feel it a privilege to share in the celebration of the founding of Maryland. "There can be no higher civic duty than the maintenance of religious liberty, and America is fortunate in having anl organization whose pur- pose it is to keep it alive." Alfred E. Smith, former Governor of New York: "While I must write you that I regret that Mrs. Smith and I cannot be with you at the an- nual celebration of the Calvert As- sociates I want at the same time to ~od, and every teacher express my deep interest in the town and hamlet is work that they are carrying on. freemen of the province or their rep- resentatives. "This was followed by the insist- ence of the people that the Assembly had the right to initiate legislation and to determine the times of its own sittings. Thus did Maryland give to the world the principle of popular sovereignty as well as a not- able advance over Virginia in the idea ~f lo~al self-government. HOLDS SHAKESPEARE MAY WELL HAVE BEEN OF CATHOLIC FAITH ture before the Philetheia Clu% o:f this city by Bro. Leo, of St. Mary's College. "The man Shakespeare and Modern Scholarship" was the subject. Brother Leo declared there is no doubt that Shakespeare was closely associated with the Catholic Faith, if l'lits Russian Hooliganism anti-religious clubs, shielded by the police, and spreading hooli- 'hout the land; special films are displayed of sacred places now and turned into clubs, theaters," said Dr. 'conditions in So- "Special universities exclusively to Operate in this hideous "They have established a fine he did not actually practice it. He Pain of party penal- record of .bringing together the lib- brought out that certainly C~tholic said during the eral leaders of American thought to blood ran in the poet's veins; his ~e Albert Hall, London, foster tolerance and the high ideals mother's relatives, the Arden, all be- ecember 19, 1929, 'To on which our country is founded, ing Catholics, four of them having and to confessq~, is The spirit and work of your associa- been martyred for their Faith at Ty- Russia.' tion are of vi~al importance in burn. 1928, 700 anti- American life and I wish the organ- "The elder Shakespeare was once s were or- ization every success." fined for non-attendance at Protest- Petrograd alone and Nicholas Murray Butler, president ant services," Brother Leo pointe