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March 29, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 29, 1930

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"k PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIA'N, MARCH 29, 1930 GOD'S LOVE SHOWN f CATHOLICS "A doubl~ condition was laidl FAVORING MEASURE upon them to test their love; the] TO END BRANDY EVIL IN C ATION SAYS o dorl that they would admit the added (By N C. W. C. News Servce) DR. SHEEN 0~ ~A~I0 knowledge was a gift of God, and Berne, March l,.--S,,'is:~ C-Ltholi,'s one reserved point, in order that they are Iookin~ forward to the general would admit that the added powerplebiscite to be held on Passion Sun- World's Beginning and Man's Fall of the will was a gift of God. Thus (lab', to decide the fate of a bill p-lss- Described in "Catholic Hour" they would show that they loveded by the Federal Council for the tax- God with their whole mind,and ation and ]imitation of the distillation of nursing. The Catholic hospitals i of Paula, left his home in Calabria Professor of Physics; and also include 17 per cent of all hospi- Ire live as a hermit He founded the ~he School of Engineering, . ] ta]s known as teaching hospitals, thatI "Minims," so called to imticate that dee Chambliss, professor of is, hospitals affiIiated closely with!they were the 'least of monastic or- try. a medical school, ders. Their members ohserved a ' perpetual Lenten fast. St. Franc!s PAULIS MONTICELLO GROWS worked many miracles and died at CAUTION FINE TOMATOES the age of 91 on Good Friday in I NEW SWINDLE 1507. By P. H. Wheeler; Colonization Agen~ Mis.~ouri Pacific Lines, St. Louis. Me. Thursday, April 3 St Richard o~(By N. C. W. C News Service) Chiehester. refused wealth and , New York, N. Y., March brilliant marriage to study for the Paulis~ Fathers, here, have and their added power or grace were "The future of Christian education in England is no~ reassuring," the Rt. Rev. Arthur Doubleday, Bishop of Brentwood asserts. "In England impose a system of anti-Christian ed- ucation." The Rt. Rev. Joseph Thorman, Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle at- tacks the practice by Catholics of listen,ing in on non-Catholic radio broadcasts, declaring that it is at all times dangerous for Catholics to lis= ten to the non-Catholic radio program of "the unauthorized preacher wlmse religious opinions are based on his own private judgment." The Rt. Rev. Dudley Charles Cary- Elwes, Bishop of Plymouth, devotes part of his pastoral to the question of "pooling" religious beliefs into one standardized system of faith "Some of our legislators," he writes, "would have us sit round a table with the representatives of the other religions, pool our respec- tive beliefs, pouring them as it were, I into a seething caldron where, .in mix- [ ins, they may assume some appears] ance of homogeneity, and come Imt aI simple religion suitable to the child mind, which may be taught in com-[ men to all children, in all schools." SIR JOHN FRANCIS, A CONVERT. (By N. C. W C. News Service.) London, March 17.---The growing list of notable converts to the Church is extended this week by the recep- tion of Sir John Francis, Justice of the Peace, He has twice been mayor of South- end-on-Sea, Essex, and has been on the town council there for 20 years For many years Sir John has been an active worker for Nazareth House, Southend, and it was in the chapel attached to that convent that he was received. magazine of the Catholic Hospital Association of the United States and Canada; it is published by the Bruce Publishing Company of Milwaukee of the organization. Besides a com- prehensive analysis of the latest sta- tistics of Catholic hospitals, the mag- azine includes a 34-page directory of the Catholic hospitals and schools of nursing in the two countries. Interesting comparisons of Cath- olic hospital figures with those of other hospitals are given For ex- ample, the 641 Catholic hospitals in the United States constitute 9.3 per cent of all hospitals, private and pub- lic; 12.7 per cent of all non-govern- ment hospitals 60.7 of all church- controlled hospitals. Comparing the bed capacity of va- rious classes of hospitals, we find that 10.2~per cent of all hospital beds and bassinets in the United States; 26.4 per cent of those in non- J government hospitals, and 75 per cent of those in the church-controlled group are in Catholic hospitals. The average size of the Catholic hospital is relatively large. The average bed capacity of hospitals in the United States is as follows: All hospitals, 130.3; state-controlled, 169.7; coun- ty and city, 1S'9.4; private, 68.8; Catholic, 149.9. In professional standing, the Cath- olic hospitals make a remarkable showing. The chief standardizing agency for hospitals is the American College of Surgeans. The A. C. S. has approved 28.8 per cent of all hos- pitals in the United States, but 56.7 per cent of the Catholic hospitals are on the approved li~. Thus the Cath- olic hospitals, which constitute 102 per cent of all hospitals, include 18.4 per cent of all approved hospitals The .Catholic hospitals conduct far more than their share of schools of nursing In the United States, 31.8 per cent of all hospitals have a school executed in the year 424. ing Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Tuesday, April 1 ---St Hugh, Roy J Deferrari, Professor of Latin, Bishop of Grenoble, from tim cradle and Associate Professor of Greek; Wednesday, April 2.--St. Francis ematics; and Dr. Daniel W. S'~hea, Wednesday, when thousands into the churches to pray sation of the religious in Russia, Communists, on ders from Moscow, flung~ against the doors of the gained entrance shouting, ' the Red Front." " In one church here the cot tion rose almost as a body wl~ Communists rushed in re~ili~ ridiculing God and the selvio rushed towards the Reds, ]~eat back and out of the church wit until police came upon the scelle quelled the riot. In Moabit, strongly comr~ rioters were repulsed from a to drive out the worshippers church since the congregation tablished its own guard and way held the Reds back. Inebriate (approaching Bradley at the busy has the trolley car gone by Harry---"No, it hasn't." Inebriate: "I don't believe can see its tracks" The only exel~ise some men riding a hobby. Great projects are built on ---plus the p~:actical knowledge ability to make them come true, Little Rock, Arkansas For Boarding and Day Students A four year College offering- courses leading to the Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Scmnce, Bachelor of Philosophy Also offers Pre-Medical, Pre-Legal andCommercial C(,ur es. SCHOOL. OF PHARMACY (Three Year*) Course leadmg to the Degree, Ph. G. Modern and well-equipped buildings, very strong Faculty, location unsurpassed for c n- venience, healthfulness and beauty. Rates Very Reasonable For Catalogue Apply to the Dean (Under Direction of the College.) A standard (Class A) High School offering a four year course. Courses: Classical, S cientific, Commercial / Modern equipment and strong f culty Very Reasonable Rates Apply to the Principal gratitgde to God was by choosing Him in pr, efer~aee to all else, and i ~ ado ttmg t hatthe,r added knowledge is he content merely to give his child only that which is necessary? Does be not rather as a loving father give to his son even more than that which is his due? So; in like manner God willed to give man certain gifts of body and soul, which far exceeded the nature or the capacity of man. Imagine a Wealthy banker who would form a trust fund for a foundling baby, in which a vast sum of money was to b~ paid to the child when he reached the age of twenty-one, pro- viding that during that time he led a good moral life Now God estab- Ushed some such trust-fund He willed to give to the first man and woman certain gifts which would b~ theirs permanently, and for their posterity providing that they proved faithful in their love "Among these gifts were immun- Ity from disease and death, freedom from the rebellion of flesh over reason, and above all a gift of knowledge which far surpassed rea- |on and enabled man to grasp di- vine truths in a far greater way than a telescope reveals to the eye the distant stars,and planets; and a gift of power or grace which, made the first man and woman not mere creatures of the handiwork of God, but God's own children, and co-heir with ,Him in the Kingdom of Heaven: These gifts, be it understood, were even less due to the nature of man than tho power of blooming belongs to marble, or the song of a poet be- longs to ~ beast. Required Condition of Love "But these gifts were conditioned, for tlae universe is moral. They could be kept on one condition, namely, by loving God, and loving God means loving what is best for ourselves. But how try love? The only way to try love is in a trial which forces one to declare it. The" oniyway for Adam and Eve as free moral beings to prove their love and Board last November, is intended to good and tells the secret of his good- ON FAITH LEAKAGE or, the effects of the former neglect OF FEAST DAYS effect a clear line of demarcation ~Continue.~ ~ ........ o this problem are said to be so .......... .hess in the language of thought. But ~ u x~um page ~_ . . between ~ne graaua~e ann tne unaer- God is Infinitely Good and therefore hand," Bishop Amigo declares, "and !that any fulther suffrance of these, (By N. C. W. C. News Service) graduate denartments Infinitely Loving Why t~hereforethe relentless materialism of our condition.s is incompatible with tlIei Sunday, March 30. St. John Eli- ^ ...... "~ .... " ....,- ~- could He not by a free impulsion of economic ~i ~ " "~ ......................... ie on t,e other, the won-I ] macus, while still young made su~ch degrees A. -]3. and B. S. has been pre- His Love let love overflow and bring der is rather ~he many who are faith= - I progress in learning that he was pared for a College of Arts and Sci- ,, THE GROWTH OF i ~" ful than the fewer who fail. l CATHOLIC HOSPITALS called the scholastic He retired to ences, which henceforth will,be re- new worlds into be ng. "In the very nature of things," Following the theme dealing witht Mi: Sinai to study the 'lives and garded as the undergraduate unit of Dr Sheen continued, "ethics and the losses sustained by the Faith writings of the Saints At the age the Unfversity Also an autonomous morality can exist onlyupon thelukewarmness and indifference, theA remarkable growth among the of s ........ ~ " - .... t " ~ ] ........ t~VenLy-ZlVe ne was mane aooot ~graaua~e school, having its own dean Rt Rev Thomas Shoe o Catholic hospitals of ~ne umcea i condition of a veto. Bravery,for . . " , C adjutor i of Mr. Sinai His most noted book i and council, has been planned A example, im possible only in a world Bishop of the Diocese of Middlesbor States and Canada is revealed in a is called th ............ ' - ar I e umnax, or ~,aaaer ox.separate curriculum for a School of in which a man may be a coward ough, recommends the reading of lit-IsPecial statistical number, the M ch~Perfe, ction.,, t Engineering has been ~ Virtue is possible only in a world erature caverns the Church shis msue of Hospital Progress. During Monde Mare- f " -I this eriod the number of Catholic l y, h 31.--St. Benjamin, The Rector made known on this where a man may be vicious, tory and doctrme. I ' P ' ....... l deacon and martyr, suffered in Per- Ioecasiofi the new a ointm " ,, z "~o pp ents which God Generous in Gifts It would be difficult to tell which I hospitals has grown from tia "~'~o, I .... .. i " " an increase of 18 8 per cent A muehl sin, ~urmg persecu~mn under Ca- are to be effective under the new God m His Goodness did not sm or ignorance causes the great- " " . . ranes, grandson of Sapor III He lorganization They are- Dean of the choose simply to make a man moral est number of shipwrecks in faith greater increase, 66 per eenL is ..... , shown in the number of beds and was ~nrus~ m~o prison for a year tCol/cge of Arts and Sciences, Rt. and then give him merely the moral Check the ungodly blight by maMng .... and then released and commanded lRev Msgr Edward A Pace, D D, rewards to which a man is naturally yourselves con,,-r~t ~ ..... ~ _^.~ bassinets in these hospkats auring ~ne ........ , ..... entitled,e He willed to do'more than : .... "" "Y" ...... ', ...... ~- .~,~- ....... ~,~ , no~ ~o speak again oi rehgmn. When i Viee-Rector; Vice-dean and Dean of rag, wl~n the Church s mission, Isis- ..... v ...... he disregarded this command, he was Freshmen, Rev Dr. Nicholas A. Web- this. 'When a man becomes a father tory and doctrine." Hospital Progress is the offieial subjected to horrible tortures and er, S. M., professor of History; Act- (By N. C W. C News Service) their whole will and prefcrred.Himlof brandy. The bill is designed ~o t" New York, h larch 24.--~The crea- ;:r;alsl. teehi~lrg:l ~:~sethaltntheeOnme~eh~ curb the v.bti?o of alcohol, and, a~ a ~priesthood at Oxford. La~er he be- bringing to the public's Ion of ~ne worm and ~ne ~all oI man " , ~Y g mass meeting in Lucerne and in ~ ~e N ...... I came Chancellor of tbe University of ...... . . . . . " auves in i~rew county, ArKansas, ne%v swiuollng SCheme which were discussed by the Rev Dr Ful enjoy all the r~ches oi the garaen o~ Catholic Press, C ~tholics of the c mn - - "~ "x ....... " " .- .~ ............ ' ' ~' ' " - nave always maintained that there u lore an~ was rose bnance~lor o~ its victims people who are e ton J. Sheen, last night, in his ad- t'aramse, ou~ oI she Irms el one tree try have been called upon to support is something in the soil of the famousIthe diocese of Canterbury. Elected to receive parcels from Europe. dress, "Love's Overflow," deliveredI the tree of the knowledge ef good the measure. Monticello Rid~,e lands which ,,uts aIBishp of Chichester in spite of the t The "r-o' .......... +u~ no' on the Cathohc Hour, sponsored by I and ev 1 t ey were not to touch. The provisions of the bill are net c~, .... ~.~+~ .~^~+ ...... ~ King s onpos;tion the Saint ~overn ......... . -- - -~ ., ..... ~* " i o ; ;i~ ..^~ -2.....~. .~ .. _~_..~ _ ~ -, _ . '., ...... ~*~o~*~ t,c,~aDle flavor in zne I v ' , ~, - l;erprlse, accorumg ~o StllpplnM the National t)ouncll oi ua~nonc luen i ~ou u ~ nob ~y why bney bnuutu nOb directed against beer and wine, DUt fruits and w-~aUl- --- r- ~- ~ ed his see with great wisdom and ......... -- . . . egec ~ e gro~n ~nere. ] " ClalS, obtain snipping recelp~ and broadcast over a network of the and that was the obscure pomt on only agmnst brandy which now ~s Th- ~----~: .... :-~, ---, ....... brought about reforms He diedin ...... ,, ~a I ~. ~ . . ~,. . ~ ~.~..bnlne, /2allllall anU planI5 IO00 ] " lor OUl;ffolng DUSlness, aria nu National Broadcasting Company wmcn tnelrmte mgence was toes. made in numerous factories and ru- elements of the soil seem to combine ] 1253 while preaching a Crusade ~blank snnoo~ .... +0 ~olro {t lip through station WEAF here Man should believeGod on this ral distilleries, and is held to consti- ~ust rightin "roduci ............ l against the Saracens [. .f-?Y~ ~ "~ ........ " -: . o , g 1' ng~ unubuany t;o De l~ne listing oi an incoming 1~ The Paubst Choristers, &rected by pont as on all others. God d~d say ~ute a great menace to the corporal hi~, _._~.. ....... ., ......... ] Frida-" A-r:l n e. ,_:J___ .__t. I ...... * .J ~ --,.,,- = ~. ,~ . n I *h~- m"'-~";--'~"i" *~"- .u^ ....:._ ~ . , , . ~ . g. quanuy prouqcbs. ne nouse- y, v -..---o~. *n,uore, ~r~.- age. ~ne name ann aaaress o. tne r~ev wimam o. rmn,w. ~. r., I ~-=.~, , .~ ..... ~- ,~~,~. ~,e ~u,~ ano morai neaitn oI w~de areas, wiveshave taken their home-canned bishop, was born of a ducal family [intended victim is in~erted, and-t rovided the musical re ram of ~na~ ~ree lna~was ~ne reserves .... Pm n the musical" featuresP gwere" pens" wmen" " "" was the trml" of the ir As many as .... 30 years ago, Switzer-~ beans,, tomatoes., corn,, sweet _notatoes at Carthagena. m Span. He suc- ,] calle_d -~n~n .... h,,~ ............ Ch, ~,,;,mor, Wh A o g ............ land felt obhged to take legislative and fruits to the state fair at Little ceeded hm brother Leander as Arch- ! clare~ t:hn~: ~v,~,t~ ~ ,,,~b~, :~0I solos byMaster Jack Kearney, Maswm ties. was ~fposing a nm~.~:oI action against this evil which as- Rock for years and won premiums bishop of Seville and successfully Ion the-ni'er-an'~'ma:'~;:';;~ailie ~ra:?l~tg:h~:~hd:i?/u:e~:Y by:daMr~Mh~n iidd!!:~hr!;gw~i~id~t ti~mee~i!~1 t;Mi;f~! !!me::a:~Psh:~:d~a~g;l~tl,:e~e~rtel!~ii h!ii c:I:I;=t]nYlticed that the Monticello i!idgh!~sga:i~iI~ci~Pri!i:~i3eh:C~ad~h:Hi [PhoSn:~a!~:sCh:rgh: :Tah~ket~:~ ' .......... t ]ik~ Pan ~ " "a - R'dge tomatoes were attracting more " ,pockets them Kenney During 10 minu~es of the ~nmgs provmeu, ant ~na, - . ...... - - _ ....... ~nary grow~n oi orcnaras in ~wi~zcr- attention ~,ear after ~,ear because of i Church within sixteen years of his[ '~ ......... :-II~ second half-hour, Dr Sheen answer- dora, later on, ii ne snoula open ~ne ~ ._.~ .......... ' ~ ~ , ,. .. I ~ne o~ ~nese swlnmers c~ - . . ~anu resul~ea in ~ne roauc~]on ox . aea~n. . . ed questions that were proposed to forb'~dden box, he would lose hm . ~ . P .... the firm texture of the meat and the 1 [the remdence of the Pauhst F.~ r suca enormous irul~ crops ~nat the splendid flavor Pea le from ne~ h Saturday,Aprd 5 St Vmcent~ 1~ 'h.;m treasures and let loose confusion ' ' " P "g -[ " " " i recently with such a blank, a "?'"- . ....... ~^..~^~ ^~ ,~ ...... ~,, market was not able to absorb them, boring counties were coming in in- Ferrer, the "Angel of Judgment" ~r~ *~o~ o~-~o~'~^~ *~-*~,6 Away back m the agelessness, of ........ and the peasants began to make bran-I creasing numbers annually to buy l At the point of death because of was waitin .... ~.~ --~-- ~ o~ " "" " "'i ~na Discusses tJrlglnal ~lEt . ' 8 uu ~t~e p*c~. .~.. etermty,stud Dr. Sheen, n t ....... dy from the surplus goods. Since i vegetables, and especially tomatoes !grief over the schism that was af-Ire accent the nnvm,,, da that ha ither be innin nor ,n concmmon, ur bneeu mane ..... ~ -~-. ............. y d ne g g .... " ...... that tnne brandy has been cheaper in i from the Monticello Ridge farmers t f]lctmg the Church, he was m~racu- would release the ~,oods No o: end, God was enjoying infinite cam-. znree points, concerning ,~ne i an o t Switzerland than in any other coun- Under the direction of the counl;ilously recalled and told to go forth' ......... ~" - " -:,~ reunion with Truth and Love in the man. Tne iirs~ was tna~ ~y ~nis act ~.. ^, ~ ..... .... t. . zI . . . ~ . . i~-e resmence ~new oI any ~,;~ 'amiable society of ~he three per- of disobedience, which is called his ~ ~urope. ~eve~netess, ~ne au,-I ~arm aawser, yields of 400 to 500 ann eonver~ stoners..for ~wen~y-one was being shipped to the PaulisL . ......... uuu,uuo ~wms peopm annumly con- ~ cra~es per acre were being grown by. years ne preacnea ~nrougnou~ ~u- lers and th~ shi'-'-~ ..... ;,any sons of the Trinity, Father, Son and orlgmat on, man ms~ no~mng which sume sixty million Swiss francs, or !farmers who had been cotton farm I rope and converted thousands He ! ._/ _, ~ . .vv"'s ~,,.,.v ~ Holy Ghost Wanting nothing for was sue ~;o him or ~o nis nature." .~,,,~. ~ sea non ,~,~ ,,~ ~,.,,~, .......... "~,m..~ .~ xr..... ~.. ~;**~..%. ~'~n I caueu on ~ne ~mepnone. ~n ............ The second "mint was that "thi- oin ~ es. 1 [told the Fathers not to deal w~tll ~lS per~ecuon; ueslrmg notmng xort v ~ The halm o~,~od h, +h^ ,,~-----~,,~ ~ ~ - His Ha--iness- needing, nothing for, of'Adam was not merely the sin of - ,, ...... I The posmbflit~es of revenue to the l _ ~ Individuals, but to be assured tt the r~p[:nishing of His life, there an individual, it was the sin of all PJ'~la:~y~::'::edth~e i:hab~tP~:nogf farmers was soon recognized by the ~CATHO'LIC U. PLANS such goods had been shipped to was no need for God ever to go out- I humanity, for Adam was the head of 1 .... : . .g ...... Chamber of Commerce in Monticel- [ ACADEMIC REVISIONS they would be properly notified: , . ,, . . ,~ne toga mountains. ~ne new Dill lo the cou ." side of Himself. If, therefore He all humamty.In th~s counectmn attem ts to et a" the re " of ~heI- ' nty seat of Drew county. I . p~ests thereupon declined to ........ Dr Sheen saP' *~ -'~ ~" ...... P g ~ o~ ~ , Meetings were held to which the far I (B N C W C News Service the offer of the visitor and ever ChOSe ~o crea~e a worlo, 11; mus~ u ~,,~ ~ ~u~tm na~ ., . .. ~. . ..... ~ ", Y ..... ) , ,, evil oy olrecl;lng orcnalolng ano ~ne,m have been not on account of need, been faithful, we would have en ........... I ers from all parts of the county! Washington, March 22. The Rt. quent investigation proved the nor duty, nor constraint, but only joyed all his gifts, for he acted in use_o.I iru~s n~o new channels, OYlwere mvlted,_and th~ possibilities of!Rev Msgr James H Ryan Rector of of his business. ............ ,, mu_ ,~_..__,. . enamlng bne lrms-growers ~o make ~growin~ early tomatoesw~- .... * " " " " ' on accoun~ ox love. .~ *rome. no ~mru pom~ was better use of *he; ...... m.-m. ,~... ~.~re I ~:__ ~'.. , ~ . ~'~ .".~" itho Catholic University of America, .... "Wh~ then did God create a that "original sin alone can exnlain . . , ~ .~ v ............... :,~ -! ,men. umy a ~ew cars were snip- addr i INII~D ltlOllR~ BEATE1 ~ ~o lore, ana Dy imposing high ~axes. ed th i ess ng a general assembly of the world? God created the world for the almost contradmtory character of ..... . ~ ...... I P e f rst year, but the acreage members of the faculties of the l_Ni BACK FROM RAID- ,., . ....... 1- ........ ., . . ln~enaea ~0 res'crlc~ the consump~lon~ha~ ~,rown from year to ~rear ,-nm* " ~u~,n.... ~.~r .~, some~nmg llKe the same reason ~nat human nature wmcn makes a man _~. ~___.~__ ~ o _ ~ ~ , u ~"[versity here, this week. laid bi~fore ~r*uax~n z~x ~ as 'ire to hi " o~ uranuy. 'now carlot shipments aremade tel " " we fred ~t hard to keep a secret; P gher things and at the them the findm~,s of th~ Boar o -- ....^.~ ,~.; ..... ~.~ ~^ t.~,, The same time succumb to the ba~,'" The love of liberty inherent in the !all parts of the country Missouri ..... , ~ d f Berlin ~-~^~ "~ ~ ~,,.,,so ~-- ..,~.u ~,. ..~-v ..... " iT. ...... " . ~rus~ees wl~n regaru ~o Ltle acaoemic , ~va.tcn ~l.-~-ln an ;::fu=[Tdh:ndu:el~s :::;:?jt~e~ LENTEN PASTORALS S:ti::epectplelhySr:h:~fa:n:ffa~:cdt;:ilracn,c Agricultural Bulletm T::gla:::gat~n:ti2 ;hp: vUedIV;;sitt~; ~Oy bc:~k ~iPsS~h;~hbo:l:g~ its secret in light and heat Man is IN ENGLAND DWELL the consumption of alcohol Hewer-~WEEKLY CALENDAR a 'o o