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March 29, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 29, 1930

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PAGE TWO THE GUARDIA N, MARCH 29, 1930 ]last presidential election, and boldly stated that quire what will be the result of the confusion tween the things which God joined woum flo so again in like circumstances. But l of thought and rebellion against morals which tremendous realities like God and tl Published Weekly ' )r " .-" ,, " ,, THE CATHOLiCof the DiocesePUBLICATIONof Little RockSOCIETY 'llambably the. most interesting, confesslon, "I characterizes so much of the intellectual output nature and grace, faith an dscience, 307 WEST SECOND STREET I ong those ecently made is that of ibe Chins- of our day. There is, of course, only (me way [soul, morality and conscience, husband .............. tian Centur of Chica E.te ed as second- l ..... tte t ,e .o tom e Y g of anticipating even vaguely the future of a maternity and Providence, Divine actic ,t ttje A k., nd ?_Ltl _Aet of of M ch 8. I The Christian Century during the presidential mood and attitude which seem bent on de- man liberty. After having divorced .................S UBSCRIPTIQI PRICF.. $2.00 THE YEAR campaign avowed religious prejudice against Christianization of society, and that is by a look Neo-Paganism immediately throws CHANCE OF ADDRESS the Catholic " ' - - " " Whea, of ,dd .... ae i ed i,'e . candidate. But there an mdma- back into the past. better halt' and lives the worse ' oth the old and the no~)~s~I~ONDENCE tlon of repentance, we think, in an editorial en- About three hundred years ago united Chris- other h lf. That is why there is relil Matter intended for pubiicaSon in The G..... lian ....h titled "Chicago," which appeared in its issue of tianity, with its central dogma of the Incarna- out God, Christianity without Christ, cot t~ter than Wednesday morning. Brief news correspondence is__ . alway /nly appreciated.Welcme" The kindness of the clergy in tt i.... tter ..... February 19. At least there is repentance, , to- tion of Christ, was harassed by a weakness from chology with a soul. From this wards the religious prejudice which confessedly within, and the weakness was wan of saints, old Paganism was preferable to the REV. MSGR. J. P. FISHER................................ Business put William Hale Thompson in office when he A reformation was needed, and there were two least it acknowledged the All eommunicati..... hould be addressed to, The Guardian. ran against Robert Sweitzer, a Catholic, who is things which might be reformed. One was doc- power above man, even though it ~eat Second Street, Little Rock, Ark, O HC AL ORaAN a Knight of St. Gregory, in 1915. In its issue of trine, and the other was discipline. The doc- a household god who by his wrath put Tha Guardian is the official organ of the Di ..... of ittie February 19, The Christian Century has this to trine was solid, for it was the doctrine of Christ. fever and fervor, of birth control. ,,ad I pray God that it may be an earnest champion of the cause or ~'f~ht~hmt~ all~t~J~sttoeloVecareeraO andwell.maytruthibeeXtendandlongantoandardentit prosperous.mY blessingdefender withf thethereligiensincereWhiel~nop~ saxrj about the 1915 campaign: The discipline was weak, for that was the fault Mechanistic Concepts. JNo. Morons. 1 'qKr. Thompson was pushed forward as the of men. Reformers, who often reform the wrong Secondly, old Paganism worshipe Bishop of Little Rock.lcandidate of as sinister a group of predt tory thing, did so in this particular case. They re- forces of nature and admitted one politicians as any municipality ever knew. Yet formed the faith of Christ instead of the dis- communion with the cosmos, by he was given almost unanimous support by the cipline. The Church itself reformed the discip- ritualistic magic which belongs to 'better elements.' Probably the most effective line, in what been known as the counter- of religion. Neo-Paganism, on the MARCH 29, 1930 vote-catching device employed in his first cam- reformation, but the seed of evil had already continues to worship the forces of paign was the contrasting of his Protestantism been sown. it enters into communion with this THE FOUNDING OF MARYLAND. with the Roman Catholicism of his opp.onent. Modern Prodigal Sons. not by ritualistic magic, which It was white, Nordic, Protestant Chicago thatI The parable of the Prodigal Son once more realm of religion, but by a On March 25th the Calvert Associate , an set Thompson in power, which is only another/was enacted on the stage of history. The young malism which belongs to the domain organization of Catholic laymen interested in example of the ease with which the astute poli-lchildren of that generation went to their spir- Old Paganism, with its ritualistic the Church, commemorated the founding of tician can subvert the prejudices of the smug- [itual father, who had weathered the storms and the advantage of admitting the wors Maryland Colony two hundred and ninety-six gest portion of the community to his own devious strifes of centuries, asked him for their sub- some dim border-land of the unknown, ears ago by Lord Baltimore. The AssociatesI ends." stance, and then went off into a far country, viding him with an inspiration and are to be congratulated on their interest in keep-I The Christian Century then goes on to state Their substance consisted of a certain amount must be ever denied the new Pa ing alive the memory of this, event. It is one/that during the eight years of Mr. Thompson's of religious capital in the form of spiritual its clo k-work cosmos of of the brightest landmarks in American history, Iincumbency as mayor, "an orgy of corruption truths transmitted by the Church since the days shadowy configurations of S for it lights up for the first time the hope that/swept through the city government." of Christ. In this heritage were three pearls Paganism found a God, though it inspired this land and built it up from a wilder-o. of great price. First, a belief in God, the Cre- unknown God. New Paganism finds hess and an outlawed place into the greatest THE CATHOLIC BROADCAST. ator of all things, and the Providence Which his name is Science. eountry in the world today, rules the world. Secondly, a belief in the Divin- Thirdly, old Paganism was the But there is another reason for congratulating It would be no less uncharitable than inaccu- ity of Christ, the authenticity and veracity of natural lights and misuse of reason the Calverts. It has long been a habit in this rate to assume that all of those who miscon- His Scriptures, and 'the possibility of His com- of those who could from the visible land of ours to pass over in silence the accom- ceive and mistrust the Catholic Church sin municating spiritual to the children of men. the world'come to a knowledge of plishments of Catho lics and those events which thereby against their better knowledge. A Thirdly, the necessity of a social organization God. New Paganism, on the - were influenced by Catholic inspiration and great multitude of American non-Catholics see called a Church, in which members would ren- eaching. Maryland's original charter and its the Church at a distance--and darkly through der not only personal worship to God but also version of supernatural lights the of the flame of Christianity, the spirit were thoroughly infused by Catholic a miasma which centuries of prejudice and mis- social tribute as members of society, and the revelation of Christ Jesus. ideals and Catholic thought. In brief, the in- representation have raised about them. What The Prodigal Son wasted his substance, and piration of Lord Baltimore was Catholic essen- they hate and what they fear is not the Church, so did the prodigal children. The religious way to understand the de man has fallen, is to know the tially and thrughly" This is a fact tha is but a grisly specter that looms in the gray haze world outside of Catholicism has been living on which he has fallen, and it is im tikely to be overlooked. In fact it is apparently of their own imaginings. A closed and clearer Catholic capital for three hundred years, and from a greater height than the hoI ignored in mo t of our histories used in the pub- view of her would reveal her to these non-Cath- now the capital is almost gone. The 18th cen- which Christ Jesus brought to this lic schools, olics for what she is and not for what their tury lost some of it and asked for a new Christ; What will be the future of New Preparations are being made too this year fright and fantasies prompt them to believe the 19th lost more of it and asked for a new to commemorate the anniversary of Thomas Jef- her. God ; and the 2Oth spent the last of it and asked If present religious and philosophical continue, it is not unlikely that the ferson, the father of religious liberty in our on- Acquaintance with truth must precede its ac- for a new religion, universe will be divided into two stitution as a nation. We do not wish to detract ceptance. Myriads, if not millions, of Amer- It was not so long ago when we could depend the world of Peter and the world of ] even the smallest trifle from the credit that is icans lack even the faintest notion of the actual upon those sects which called themselves Chris- of all, that group in our society. due him, but we do insist on calling attention doctrines of the Church. And their ignorance tian, to help us defend the great fundamental the existence of God, the Di to the fact, that although Jefferson has been is something more serious than mere privation truths of Christianity, such as the Divinity of the necessity of Redemption and at times rated a skeptic and even an atheist, the of knowledge---it is a substitution of fables and Christ and the necessity of'the salvation of the tification; which puts on the pano fact remians that he courageously insisted on falsehoods for facts. If they knew less of what individual soul. That day has passed.ManyI , . . .... ......... , ano apes ner services, nougn nas absolute freedom of conscience in the writing is false abou the Church, teaching them what me oes Known preacners are oaay preach- _ ........ of the American Constitution. Jefferson, too, is true of her would be a much easier task. " n .... " on ner soul; wmcn, tr ougn ou ' mg othmg but a glorffmd humamsm, and there Church honestl seeks and was a native of Virginia, a sister state to Mar - Thus far efforts of Catholics to get a forum are but few men Who would dare to.speak of ' y prays . " e : " . right---this group will by the very l( land. He certainly imbibed his ideas to some in which the case of the Church might be sub- d wn 3ushce or retribuhon. We are therefore extent from Maryland. mitred to the millions of their fellow citizens forced practically to carry on the battle for ways, slowly, surely, certainly and end in the veneration of Peter and Moreover he spent a great deal of his time in have been all but impossible. Neither preach- Christian truth alone. This is something new of Rome. That other group, which France, which was at the time a Catholic coun- ing nor print has been sufficient for the work. in the history of Chr]stianity. prattles about the omnipotence bf try and so regarded by the entire world. Jef- The talks to be broadcast under the auspices As a sequence, at the present day the religion believes that the idea of God must be ferson, it is true, wrote freedom of conscience of the National Council of Catholic Men unques- of Christ is facing a crisis the like of which it the new astro-physics, which holds tl ', into our Constitution and kept it there. But tionably will do much to correct the misconcep- probably has not faced since the days of Con- ity is only a question of taste, and thai Lord Baltimore brought the idea to the new tions and misgivings of the Church in the minds stantine. By this I mean that up to this time, i world and first proclaimed it as an inviolable of many thousands. For one thing, the radio the Church has been engaged in a kind of civil llife is a survival idea from uncivilize --this group will, by the very logic right, will carry these Catholic messages to the inhab- war, in which a Christian idea has battled with slowly, surely, certainly and inevit American Catholics and Catholicity have been itants of regions where the Church is only a a misunderstanding of a Christian idea. None the worship of Pan or Paganism. branded many times with all sorts of charges, name and where no voice speaks for her but of the great heresies of the past denied the ex- will be no more Peter Pans. Whe But the fact remains indisputable that the true to denounce or deride. Moreover, were it not istence of God, but they misconceived the no- comes, we will be either hot or cold; /deal of this country was first enunciated on for the radio and this use of it, no explanation tion of the Trinity, t] e nature of Christ, the na- either gather with Christ or we will merican soil by Catholics and tha long before or discussion of any Catholic doctrine could get ture of Divine Grade and the mission of the The day of compromise and here was thought of this land as a great nation, a hearing from these thousands. The people are Church. Christian sect quarreled with Chris- have passed. We who are heirs to this blessing should, not too remote from Catholic contacts to learn any- tian sect. (Continued next week.) allow the fact to be forgotten. F. thing of the Church from her own spokesmen. New and Dangerous Force. O. o Catholic publications are as little known as Today we are faced with something entirely England's declining wealth and' CONFESSIONS OF PREJUDICE. Catholic neighbors. It is, too, precisely these novel. Now, we are engaged not so much in its imperial difficulties; France's ections that furnish to anti-Catholic movements what might be called a civil wg ; we are face perity, intense nationalism and im Believing that "an hones confession is good their staunchest recruits and much of their polit- to face with what Mr. Belloc has called "an tions; Italy's hyper-nationalism for the soul," no matter how foul the sins con- ical support, invasion"--that is, a new force wholly from the for colonies that she came too late to fesaed, we are inclined to welcome the many Among the millions who receive these Cath- outside, a force not of arms, like that of the own extraordinary wealth and frank statements coming from some Protestant olic messages by radio there are sure to be many Moors, but a force of ideas whicl is as strange suspicion of Europe and our eaders that their churches have been in poli- who will be healed of their hostility to the to traditional Christianity as Christianity was hemisphere and the Philippines; es. No that we think the confession absolves Church. Not a few, hearing the truth, may era- strange to Paganism. This new invading force roving eye in the far East as she of guilt. Contrition and a firm purpose brace it. Still others---and large numbers--one is Neo-Paganism. Neo-Paganism may be de- crowded island these must be re$ amendment would be necessary for that. But may trust, if they, are not won to the Church fined as an outlook on life which holds to the throughout naval conference. least they are freeing themselves of the de- ill at least be lost to her professional tra- sufficiency of human science without faith and spicable hypocrisy with which they formerly ducers, the sufficiency of human power without grace. .o. The National Council of Catholic sought to cloak their political misdoing. .o Its double product is Scientism, which is a deifi-isending out in its monthly letter to it In saying this, we are referring only to cer- , THE NEW PAGANISM. cation of the experimental method, and Human- rain individuals; we have no intention of draw- ism, which is a glorification of a man who makes tions a study club outline on "The Catholic Action." It has a double ing any general indictment. We know quite Religion of Christ Facing Crisls--Wholly New God to his own image and likeness. Those working at the outline will well that many Protestant leaders of high dis- Force Must Be Combated--A Glimpse Neo-Paganism is not the same as old Pagan-iMass better, l hose working at the o tinction have consistently held aloft the light of Ahead. ism. The most important differences between know how to hear Mass better so tolerance, even when it did not seem to be the two are these: Old Paganism was a con- ter live their lives and do their work popular with elements of their faith for them (With this discussion of what may be expect- fusion. Neo-Paganism is a divorce. Old Pagan- to do so. The fact that ten million Proteatdnts ed as a result of the development of the Naw ism confused the divine and the human; it did Catholic organizations. The voted for a Catholic candidate for President Paganism, Dr. Sheen brings his series of ten not deny God, but ackhowledged the need of The Family and Catholic Organizati0 allowed conclusively, we think, that the great articles on "The New Paganism" to a close. It some supreme power like Zeus, or Jupiter, or January N. C. W. C. Review is a body of Protestantism in the United States is will interest readers to know that, once it was even "The unknown God" of Athens. It con- the way through the outline. still untouched by the cancer of bigotry. It is begun, the series attracted so much attention fused deity with nature, God with the cosmos, o because we believe this to be true that we wel- and commendation that publishers proml tly to such an extent that both were finally merged The Catholic Hour on the presents an opportunity to help e.ome the confessions of religious-political bias sought it for reprinting. Accordingly, the ten into idols. There was probably behind this-con- gram and to get local stations to which are being made by individual Protestant articles, somewhat expanded, will appear short- fusion a good motive, namely, the craving and good work of religion and a bit of goC leaders. For instance, Bishop Ernest G. Rich- ly in book form.) desire to have God amongst them. It might ship. For by turning the dial, th se ardaon of the Methodist Church was very frank] have been the dim aspiration for an Incarna- olic listeners who are engulfed in a ia a sermon which he preached on a recent Sun-I The Future of Neo-Paganism. tion. Neo-Paganism, on the contrary, does not dices can know for themselves that ,lay in Philadelphia. He freely admitted thatI In this concluding article of the series on "The confuse the human and the divine; it separates other a trick was played on their the Methodist Church "got into politics" at the New Paganism," it might be interesting to in- them. It runs a sharp sword of cleavage be-