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March 29, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 29, 1930

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It ~eana to us that nothing is :~0re desirable than that Catholic era and Catholic li,terature old have a large circu}ation, as I every one may ha~e every good reading which instructs Warns, and strengthens and s the Christian virtnes. ~'BENEDICTUS, PP. XV. XIX. THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK OF CHINA TRAP Lenten Pastorals In England Dwell ] p'S EA AND WEN On Faith Leakaget t. MISSIONARIES' '""' Remedies for i Lack of Warmth in Christianity. ""'" :::: I o : Cat ol'c in the indifference to- afar--Names of Those Who wards Christianity .in general in their 'Threatened--Father Lennon's respective countries is the theme of of Advice. I many Lenten" pastoral letters from the Bishops of England and Wales to A Cathlie Paper is ~ 11 Perpetual M.:wio~-- l Pope Leo Xill. '_'The Guardian in *v~ry Flo.~e"---Our Motto mm =~- ~*- ..L .~..a~ .m..m_ .A..~..m. .. m W. C. News Service.) their dioceses Religious education is March 21 The Rt. also dwelt upon by some of the prel- John O'Shea, Vicar Apes- ates while self-sacrifice and the LITTLE ROCK, ARK., MARCH 29, 1930 No. 26 CATHOLIC HOUR RADIO P?0GRAM (By N. C. W. C. H s S ice.) Washington, March 22.---The following is the program'o the "Catholic Hour" sponsored by the National Council of Catholic Men which will be rendered over the broadcasting network of the Na- tional Broadcasting Company ol Sunday evening, March 30, at 6:00 p. m. 6:00 Announcement. MOSCOW ABUSES ANDAv[ia:;rPl:iaeb SWork ST. BONIFACE CHURCH VILLIFIES POPE AS N In:he Near East FT. SMITH, LEADS IN CATH. WORLD PRAYS 1~Bwy York: W~oWS. SAe:v::?ator" IGUA CA GN -- priest on the frontiers of eivilzation (By N. C W. C. News Service). is one of the picturesque field work_ !!o~u~!!iiid ~di~!:C;mda, O~o~t~: Moscow, March 21. While Catho- era o the Catholic Near East Wel- lies throughout the entire civilized fare Association. world thronged churches and prayed Father Poidebard is a French Je- for the relief of persecuted Russians, suit whose life is devoted to the ser- St. Boniface's Church, Ft. Smith was events of a different nature took vice of charity. From Bagdad to Be- carried last week. Personally the place in this city, the stronghold of irut his monoplane is known and rec- office of the Guardian is delighted the now world-wide atheistic drive ognized by Arab tribesmen, Druse over failing to note this matter last against religion. Bitter denuncia- chieftains, Syrian nomads and village week for otherwise we should have , lions and abuse against Pope Plus XI urchins. In the last year he has'flown certainly failed to give proper credit Kanchow, and 10 other Amer- proper spirit for the leading of a 6:01 Paulist Choristers: Father whipped the spirit of a monster mass in every part of Mesopotamia, extend- to the parish and the pastor. been trapped .in the city Catholic life are emphasized by oth-Finn's Radio Hy/nn; "A meeting in the city conducted by the ing the hand of mercy to Mhstem, It is now beyond question that St. r, p~ )vince of Kiangsi, era in their advice to the faithful. Legend," Tschaikowsky. Athmst" Somety" rote" a conflagratmn" Chrlstmn" " and Jew xvithout discrimi- Bomface" s Parish leads the entire :~ reds," it is revealed in a The cause of much of the leakage 6:06--Rev. Dr. Fulton J. Sheen,of threats, anti-religious tirades and nation. , Diocese in number of subscriptions i received at the State De- from" Christianity is indifference in"God's Quest for Man." the opinion of the Rt. Rev. Francis 6:26---Paulist Choristers: A spir- tian woHd. Parents, teachers and torn Asia Minor asunder since the record too will probably stand for a here from the Consul G:= general attacks uPon the whole Chins- In the vast upheavals that have secured on the ~ampaign. The :: ~nton, relaying a teleg Mostyn, Bishop of Cardiff in Wales itual madrigal, "O Gentlepupils denounced the Pope and threat- war it has been the hand of Father while at least. There are not a great :i from Nananfu. The tele- "Religion in Great Britain is slip- Death," Palestrina. ened war against Christendom. Poidebard that has ministered tomany more parishes to compete with Which asks that help be sent ping from Christianity to paganism 6:30 Station announcement. While Christians were praying to grief-stricken families. Refuge cole- it in numbers. However, statistics -: ', is signed by. "Young," a by the road of indifference," he6:30---Paulist Choristers: duet and God for religious peace in Russia and nits have come to look forward to his and campaigns are always full of > on the mission who probably writes in his letter. "It was one Chorus, "Ave Maria Thou the world at large, Pradva, the offi- arrival with physical comforts as well surprises and The Guardian office er Edward Young, C. M., who thing to extinguish religion by burn-"Virgin and Mother," A. cial organ of the Central Committee as spiritual consolation. Arab boys hopes for the best which will mean J Lshort time ago was he],d a pris- ing churches and murdering priests, Edmonds Tozer; Masters of the Communist Party, unloosed a gather around him in profound ad- that in all honesty we are hoping to ~Y bandits, once tok and another to end religion by'-g[arv- "~ Jack Kearney and Stewart torrent of abuse upon the Holy Fath- miration, and gratitude, make even a better record. ' e COnsul General at . ing and neglecting it. The end was FcKenney, soloists with er and ~he Church,.'accusing him of He needs no passport to visit the The Rev.~ Peter Post, O. S B., te Case with the Canton govern- the same It was the duty of the cello obligate: "Recordare" plotting, while Papal Nuncio at War- fierce Kurdish tribes to the north pastor, and Father Louis DeusterrO. : ,~Which promised to telegraph state to encourage and foster reli- from "Requiem," M'ozart. saw, with the Polish general staff to Father Poidebard is as much at home S. B., were most enthusiastic in en- :: r Tl Liu at Nananfu to send glen. The decay of religion was corn- 6:40 Dr. Sheen Questions and send spies into the Soviet. with them as he is with the Arab Vii- ~orsing the campaign and their en- : ing about by children being taught Answers. Demonstrations of a similar kind lagers of the interior thusias mmet with a sympathetic re- later telegram from the Ameri- nothing in the way of definite tell- 6:50 Paulist Choristers: Aria and were held in Leningrad and Charkov. As administrator of the funds of sponse on the part of the parishion- -. ~lnlSter at Peking, under date of glen." Chorus, "Sixth Word of ~ the Catholic Near East Vfelfare As- era. The wardens of the church , states that he has telegraphed The at. Rev. Peter Amigo, Bishop Christ on the Cross" (Into A.F. L, Official sociation in Syria Father Poidebard, were most generous in cooperating i: ~Sulates at Hankow, Shanghai of Southwark, England, places tl~e Why Hands I Commend My Fla--s Sovleti who was formerly a colonel in the and eertainl~ no offe can say that 'Caking that the Chinese Minis- causes for leakage from the faith in Spirit), Theodore Dubois, Y sm French Army has been in close con- they did not g~t an opportunity to )r . , " . subscribe for the Guardmn at St Foreign Affairs has requested the poverty of Catholics, defective Mr Gardener Lanning As World Threat tact with the desperate need of re- . , " ;i .~nably of the Minister of War) religious training, and the neglect of tenor so~ist; Motet So' lief and welfare work among the vastBoniface s. In fact, we beheve" that :~ ~nStructions be sent to General the younger and weaker Catholics by prune solo and men's cho- N. C W. C News Service) Irefugee settlements in and neat' Be-__if as:Yh:n: missed being solicited to to dispatch troops to suppress thmr older and stronger brethren ,, : ,, (By and that the 35th "To thos who contemplate the l~a ( nne~,l solo- ~ ~t lii!!s,f:~i:r~adfatii: :l~a~:d raraunists; ". rus: O Marm V~rgo Pro, "New York, March 24 Charginglirut. Herded together in crude shacks, sed a good deal of ingen- i e - Bruno, Osc r K ein, Master towtWill retain on detachment at slums of our great cities, on the one Stewart Icle v th:~tl:~e C:m=u:i:tb:: x:::] des~ ~i:g:td:::::d:~:~t;rnmSea~i]taantT :::e sBUBo:~- we" p" , d dtso - been trying td find places for them-] :. P , at.ant and wardens . ~r (Continued on page 4) boy. Burke immediately tom- got ~ne results and that to a mt i 6:58--Father Finn's Radio Hymnder and that the recent Red demon- selves in the tumultuous life of the~ ppo" | i~~C':ted withM, Actingthe ReV..ProvincialRobert A.of NEARLYLEFT ByA MILLIONcALIFORNIAN i. 6:59 Announcement (closing). strations in America were grounds Near East. Under the supervision of tDfio~:sk~ng the lead throughout the ~c~ntians, at Leonardtown, TO CATHOLIC CHARITY' ._ _- -._ .__ __ __ ~for war, Matthew Well, vice presi, lthe priest-aviator,. ex-army officer ts " -.:h at once cabled to Bishop (By N C W----T-TT"'ews~ Servce) [ARCHBISHOP .I-.-,,-----IIIROZ~0 [ dentLabor,f writingthe Americanin the FederatiOnNew Yorkf S%:nbeia:~and now eommmsmner,::::tr:de f~llth:~la?::P:d [new home ! ItwrnW~R~-~a, 0[(AM ~WINULt~RS'~ .... " : her Lennon gave the following San Francis, March 18. Praet -I/U ] l/'IAllV M TIEI]gI i Herald-Tribune under the caption and rotten planking; modern hygiene[ ~I~]~]~D|]~|/~ DI~.I~.|]~T|O|| aStor' of the American Catholic. . rally $1,000,000 for education and] ~l-||~|~'l]al~| l~lll'l~lt/I,,Orders from Moscow," avows that!and plumbing will replace filth and[ ~rr~|l~] l~,~r~l~l :: aries attached to the missaon charity are set aside in the will filed[ U~ ~R~Y 13tl~ql~Tl~]~| principles and Com-P the of Sovietism diseasebreeding -habits of living. I ~Chow: .. . yesterday, of James William Byrne,[llr~ IVl/tI ] u lUfill munism are s non'mous and that',Hmes will be made available to tbel" a~II]I.I[[/~K/fA~JPVlIIDY :! !.op O'Shea;; the ~ev. Darnel San Francisco pioneer, who died a, B " .. _ ~ $ ' Irefugee families at a nominal cost. [ v~az~a~a va.~,~laq~liJ ( y N C W C News Sermce) week ago in Los Angeles, and was l .... ~ne Russian Government and the m~" .~o~. I. ............. +;~,,+~[(By N. C W C News Servce) l leudy, C. M. the Rev. George ' eh El Paso, Texas,- March 24 The . t ......~" ...... , ........ , ............ buried from Old St. Mary s Chur ,1M "--- " ithe gravest problem for both author- ] --- A ! Commumstlc Party are the same' Sahsbury, N C, March 20 C. l~I.; the Rev Leo Cahill, C. San Franciseo. [ " 0 o co y J" - ..... /swindle game that has been ractieed oat Rev Franmsco r z lm unit. Consequently, Mr Well de-ities and welfare workers until very/ P " h~ Rev. Joseph Gately, C.M.; The largest bequest "s $ , / " p of Guadalaja , ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 n l the stre t i " l"in other parts of the country and a 600 000 enez, Archb~sho ra lared, Communist'c actv't'es "n the[ rece t y e s of Be'ruz, as we ~i . La.. Wrenee!V Francis Flaherty' C" M'; the trust fund' set asi~te fr a children'Scurtiss, C. M.; the [ Mexico, has received off'lie al wdor U mted_,~,~ersStat-zromest su e e:;~: ~:!p~am:~n~g~j~h~etcSt mi~ ~li::;e playgrund and day hme in the pr-lthat his return " ..... ~: C :rnad;rR::~:: Min::?tw:frethen;etsh::de~:~ of i ' :i ,~r ......... i ~o ms amcese m ,-, boys. With the aid of Father Poide-I" , igious i! er section oi ~an ffrv:nclsco, ~o oe/Mexico " l~IcLaughlin,anc~s Stauble,c.C.MM;; thethe ReV.Rev called, in memory oz" nis" mother, the|M/ nas been sanctioned by the ~overnment in Moscow bard the Catholic Near East Welfare[authrit/es have issued warnings to .... exican Government This con- " "ffi ,, nearb dtoceses" ~argare~ ~yrne nome. On March 6, Mr. Well writes, Association has been able to provid9 .Y :: .ra ~IcClimont, C, M.; the Rev. A gift of $75,000 goes to the Most firms reports of a few days ago that "Communists under directorders shelter, food and clothing for a largel.,.It is reported that the operators o~ ~ . '~ rdY0ung, C. M.; the Rev. Fran- Rev. Archbishop Hanna for charit- the Mexican prelate's exile from his ~ - znLsgame, apparently form era from Moscow sta~ed what they were proportion of these home.ess urchins .'gn , aehringer, C. M.; the Rev. Johnable purposes, in" add~tmn'" to a $20,- hts" nat've~ land had terminated and pleased to call un:mployment demon What is equally as important, the travel in a high-powered automobile, 000 bequest to the archbishop for the__ ~ ----- that .-ermis io_ ...... :2 ~!~ili~!iTf:~ iohe~bl~msih~t!hce~tai: ~aanrnSl r~hlh~eg:i!~~it~- ~.?ia~dC sixM'; the Rev. Jolm O'Don- :~!~:!!cV:~!h~!ri~i:~ii?w:: a .. ~ .. ~.,,. .. ,. p s n voreturnnaabeen erec~mn o~ a repnca o~ boretm. - t e lff., and Sister Pauline, Su- gran~ea. nuns. SOVIET DEFENSE OF " "iens. " " g, " eing ' "COMMUNIST PURITY" ArchbishopOrozco has been in cure unemplo~,ment or even to their purpose to get permission to do AN " " " ' other work " ' _ H.S. HEAD ASSAILED BY DR. WALSH th~s country since 1929 when he was rell v ...... .... POPE WROTE POKM wlthout agreelng on any ,.-.c. ~,,- ,, " ,, ......... ~ ...................... -- ......... ,~---"" fixed e .... _ ,.o~ur~,~a vr oh, --" advisedb,, Mexican a--'~--:t:-- to ...... IN LA h2"IIIvD( f'IAN narge, and without giving any (Y'S COLLEGE, KANS. Baltimore Md March 21 The ., z .... u~l:or~ :~ . one tmng--revomuon. ] ............... guarantee of satisfaction. The~e op- , ., reave ~ne country~or a ~ime ~Ol- "Order " ~ " . ........... ] s for the demonstrahons .......... erators, who are nomads, are said to N C ........ a~emp~ on ~ne par~ o~ ~ne ~ovle~ lowing the settlement of the religious] were issu~a ~... +~ r, ...... ;~o r~ t (~y r~ ~ w. u. _News Service.) have char-~a _..___t .... " o w. t;. ~ews ~ervlee.) Government to vindicate its program . j ,--, ~a ~,,~ .~...,,,-.,.o~ -..-~ Paris March ~ ,ph~ o,,~.~.~.;.., g~u cxuL-unan~ sumsxor LVil .... disagreements between the Chuz, ch: ] , . ..... ~ .... ~,v .......... s ver inf " 1% Temn, March 22 --Dan-of rehglouns persecuhon by denying ..... ternatlonal, that being the r~ght c~l~ra;^~ .~ ,a. .... ,. ....... ~ ~. y error work, and to have swm- " . . and tne ~ex~can Government. The l . ~ ..................... ~.'~ .... *'~" died their vi " Leary, organizer and directing that hberty of conscmnce and reh- _ ........... ,hand of which the Sovmt Govern- tral has caused many articles to up- . chins out of conmderable prem~e was one oz ~ne mos~ roman- i . ' . sums ox money. They also are said ~Pal of the n~tionally known gmus freedom have been trespassed tic fi~,ures of the reli~-iou- --ersecu-lment is the left, both being bound pear in the French press regarding , ............... 'r ~ ............. upon was attacked Wednesday night .. ~ ~ ~ ~ ..- -- .......... i other noat~ ~n,l,,a;~,, ~ ~) ...... ~.^ ~u carry w~n ~nem ~aKea rezerenees. , -~an H~gn ~cnool o~ ~asn- by th, ~ n~ ~-~ .....~ , ~,_,_~ non ~n!ee years ago having hidden l"P m ~ne uommums~ ~'ar~y oz ,~us-I . ~ ~.~' ..... Y'-~ " -~' ~"~ re .............. ~u.m,u .~. vva~n, .... . ~ wrote in m, ovencal or aanguedoc.ian, . --------- an., bus been appo.inted as S. J, "tire nresident of Geor,,etown himself in Jahsco for three yeats,inc. !,~ ._.: ........ .. Philadelphia, March 21--The - ew . -" : ~" durin the a i- i n' ,, ~.,,e mnguage of souther, . no President of St Mary's Col- Untvermty, m an address at the Ca-~ . g nt Cathohc suppres~o t If an armed force had been land- ' France madm operators of a swindle game L " under the Calles regime At that~ - " a crest" eavenworth, Kansas Mr thedral here before a congregation ........ " , . , ed on our shores for the same pur-[ ~ +~ ~: ~_,_ - . ...... g whom warnings have been ~as born in Gratiot, Wis. Aft- [f~rft~tehfe:lssgat~h:7: ::ege~her t: pray :dl; :ne~dnh~z::fe~:ade:g thePe~-~, ,P,se''' the A. F. L. official continues, [eal~s th'at a";r~':te:'f StGi~12~lat:r N2td g::o~in:h:r:he;tthntles tn Plet" a pe secu- ~ it woul . " ~ , err scheme s mg the elementary schools ttion in the Soviet. - called rehglous rebels m" thmr" arm-i, . d have been war. That ~s a to. become Bmhop of LePuy, Arch- m ..... thin wcmtty during the closing locality he entered Mar--e'*eI .................. ed opposition to the government., graphm way of showing how hostile b~shop of N*arbonne, then a Cardinal!montb .......... _ qu t,t, .tne cusuumary uenlal oI religious~.. - . ; , -. ,, ........ I ~ u..t~. ,a. numner oz*'per- e~y at I ,, j upon the termanatlon of the rehg Comm ann xmany ~ope ~lemen~ ~v, wrote a~so Milw~uk~ ~. ..~ .hold,:,~ a ,_nersecution.. , Dr Walsh asserted, ! " " " : unism is to American demo- .i . ..... . ns were said to have been victtm- f roa~ Creighton University: and has already been cabled from Moscow !A:cShhi:htj tT$: :t Pfr~i~inGgl :hd:Cr?cy and to all democracy. !~:~emn 1JoyL:no~Utd:Cvnr~:t],tled The[i~dbe:OTh the swindlers were ex- d his ~, - ....... {and complete liberty of conscience, ........ : Communism 'mustbe at thel ,~_ ,~ . ..... " .... lp " e Catholic Standard and ,vx. 2~.. tn aamlnls~ra~lon ..... . ... . . f wen~ ~o ~vtexico tA~y wnere i~ was, , ~.mJe L~rlixe also mentlous tna~ in " =echo ~vlnQlca~ea, oi course, 11; ee execlseo[ throat of ever overnm 1 t .... ]Times. dy H~ ; 1 h~,,~ h~ a~ ' ...... ~thought adwsable that the relate' y g m t hat is the Vatman archives there are a num- . _ w.1 ............ " wimin existing mgisla~ion. I, . P : I COnferrea ....,:_^ .~. _:__ reave tne country, although it was in-'not communistic The moment that ber of papers prepared by John XXII ' - - -.~,,le ~'This interpretation, which seems~ i i " "] ~s ~. .. [ . . s sted at the time that he was iv~ ~+~o~t- ...... ~ ...... ;~,~ One of these is a bull addressed to Mme. Schumann-Helnle _, e.~ year. rl]s entire life has ~j to satisfy certain timid souls in Amer-, in an,, sense ,,a .... ,^a ,, ~. o ess ........ ~ ..................... O~.arl~ nr ,,r^ ~^~ ,, :- ...~:^~ ~- w -- ,~ -- . --'- [lev . . J ~puz~. ', be iris ,u~ ~z,~v, ~tz x~t~x, ~l w~l~t;lI bll~ Oted toeducational admin- tca and elsewhe~;e, is to be expected, [ , g to decay and must soon per- Pont.iff asksfor intervention in a r onored By Veterans "~ ! ........... r-char-- " ,,--- ,, !ish as a force in human affairs. The . .. ] San Francisco, March 21.-- The of =or 10 years he ranged ;:r2:d~thea:rde::fn:he day gn e:::: KINDNE2:,~2F PRI~E~SL ....... I conflict between Communism and matter of .heresy. In th~s bull, topelsan Francisco "boys' 'of Mine. Schu- ~ne ~ , ,-.,,,,*,.~,~ ~t,uuu~r. u~al donn aaml~s ~na~; n Knows 0111 tWO~ oremost educators m ~ ~ demo e Y l~, " l attack u-on reli~ion The Roma~I .' cracy, or if you will, between . . . =. . l mann Heink,world famous rima uric School ; P ~' " -- ~ Co .... languages, ~a~;in aiaa J-,angueo.ocian] " " . P s of the West Leav-,~ .... ~o+ ~ +h~+ ~h;,~ t. ..... * [ .......... ~. . i mmumsm and cap~ta]zsm, ~s donna, today paid tribute to the :)'P,.t.L ............................ # .a.~- ~:lV _~ ~.~ W ' NT .......... : .......... | ~n Dakota he went to St ]awing Christianity and then massa .... L. ; :'. "~" "'~~=* .,.!~unaamentai, complete, impossible of ...... ~..~ ..... I singer who is here as guest artist to Co" " [ . . - I rnnaoelpnla, ~vlarcn ZU.---.TI~e Wlll ' cornnromiaa ,~,- ~,~;,,~6~,~,~ I i~R, DIJ~UIt~IIIN~ UI~I~KVANCE I nnn~nr, 'tv~th +ha V,,,,.,,. o^^..1^,. ~.~ uege, Winona, Minn From crmg Christians, not premsely be-tf Mrs A '" ~ ,, ~- he ...... ~ ............ [ [ "" ................. ~ ~=uv*'~ ~ ~s,,," t . nine M. C. Whelan, of Get- T Commumsts" ~ ,, ,, he Was called ............ ,cause of their religion, but for ille-Imantow ............. are concernedI ]phony The boys are the members uuuLn oy the r~ I xt, wno uleu ~v~arcn 4; prov]aes wi ~ 'Mane e kNt " "all-" refusin- to offer a few --ainsI - t th the estabhshment of a socml~ heat.r, N. H., March 21.--The]of the Disabled American Veterans, paonse j. Smith to organize :~ i~c ...... ~ ...... a"^*'~"~ a.Deques~of $!,000 to the Rev. Fran-'!order' willy-nilly. To that end Corn- at. Rev. George Albert Guertin,]all of whom know her as "mother'; ,VOl for boys. During the sum- ,,~riol".~^= ~"~ P*~'~,"~=~.:aa:--!cls ,~. ~lc~onald, pastor of St. Bren-|l munism repudiates and disavows Bishop of Manchester, was the cele-] Commander John J. Ha es of ~eatlon Mr L~-v ......11 ...... I~.- .... ~.., .... ~: ............ ~ oa . urcn here, saying that ~t was ;what We know as our code of ethics, brant of a Solemn Pontifical Mass in!Cha ter No 3 Di le " ..... ,, P , sub d American :, s ~o ~ .~ ,,,~u~m=uxvu uu ~liyuliu ur~dur for le of the maior"Cath:;~ ......... Vv,;. ]1~",.~ ,~..-~ ........................... u, age, ,r. vv a,~u cu,mn- ,i-to m ms kind and .... devoted attention, , }The ..... Communist repudiates the ob-.the chapel of St. Anselm's Abbey here ~Veterans of the World War., and Ad- . es Where he lectur,~ ......... ;, +h~ he. ~-~,["~a ,,,,ho+~.^-,,~, ,,: .... pu~,~" ..... v, p,,va~e,: ..... I ~on~in~ y son earThmash m hm hfetlme,t hgatmn to tell the. truth .or to keep today, to mark. the offlcml closing, of. [jutant .... A. C. McCormick, headed a nt ef education.. L~'~a~ ~ummer ...... ~" ................... ~vnut~muy mVO~eu wnenever~ ....... a ]mac- .. g equests. , of. $1,500 are ~an, agreement w~th the. non-Corn-. . the celebration of the. 1400th anm-]delegatmn which vimted Mine. Schu- at Crmghton Uniw~a~,, n,~o 'a ..... ,..-,-^- _~ ,~ ...... -., _..-. .... e ~o St. Malys Hospital and St. mumst world; he admits of no obh- versary of the founding of the Ab- mann-Heink and resented her with ............ ,?:d::m:;advi~:, ~,,u .......... Pu,-,~,[v.meen~s Hospital ,n the wtll of Car- gation the repudiation of ~which bey of Monte Cassino by St. Ben-their good wi~hesPand a bouquet of me. r]e l)amels, of this city. would ,benefit his cause " ecHct, l flowers"