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March 25, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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March 25, 1911

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Saturday, Marcia 5, 1911 ! THE S()UTHEI:{N GUAI00I)IAN with the Cathedral are tile Ladies' AI- If the American Catholic layman is tar Society, the duty of which extends not even interesLed; if he thinks he is no farther than the care of the sane- free to be unconcerned about problems tuary, yqt requires faithful workers ,ho of unemploy.ment, overwork, nnderpay- meet first Mondays. ment, unsanitary housiug, occupational BRING THIS INTO THE Shrader Studio AND SEE What this Ad is Worth to You Railroad Lands lromSt. Anthony'sAidthennfor-diseascs, euiphyers'liability, pcnsions, tunatcs of the city, Catholic and non- prices of fuel and food and clothing Catholic alike, receive care and relief, if the Catholic layman thinks all this This lltmd of noble nlen and women is nouo of his affair--why, then, Go(I truly follow tlle Good Samaritan and pity usI . . So frost the Catholic all credit is due tlmm for their uneeas- layman, we bespeak zealous interest in ing efforts in behalf of eve,'y worthy the preventive measures adverted to The :Land Department of the petitioner They meet at 3 p. m., third under the name of social reform. ]lilt Mondays, last Monday with Mrs. l,ouis you must havozeal'aceording to knowl- ST. LOUIS IRON MOUNTAIN and SOUTHERN Koers. Besides the monthly dues, they, edge' " AND in o.rder to inect their many demands, The reverend gentleman goes on to (](,.vise different means of raising funds, show how the social reformer falls into LITTLE ROCK and FORT SMITH RAILWAY at times by some form of entertainment, ,itfttlls, so oft.on and so disastrously, again 1)y soliciting, that his cause itself at htst incurs ob- St. Vincent's Aid, an auxiliary co. loquy. The would-be reformer must 1)e Announces the following list of Yield and Locating :Land operating with St. Vineent's Infirmary, gin by seeking the truth about the ills Agents, to whom the public is invited to write for inform- nnder the care of the Sisters of Charity, or evils he is anxious to cure. tie may tion relative to Railroad Lands, of which about EIGHT has for its object the maintenance of move more slowly than others; but in HUNDRED AND :FIPTY THOUSAND ACRES axe now four beds, all expenses of which arc Hie end his knowledge will win him offered for sale at very low prices and on easy terms: defrayed by the society, and by which more supEort and give him more influ- about seventy patients, sometimes more, en(;e, and finally 1)e of more profit to axe aecoummdated annually. It has a his cause. Briefly, the Catholic layman inen]be.rship of two tmndred, with dues mast stndy the conditions of eeononfie RICIIAIiD JAOKS'ON .................. Paragonh], Greene Co., Ark. of 25 cents per month. This $60000 and social life in his on particular , falls about $200.00 below their annual environment, and having persuaded S. C. 1lOWELL .................... Wahmt Ridge, Lawrenee C(., Ark. F M. IlAM .......................... Batesville, lndel)endence Co., Ark. expenditure and th,ey, too, resort to himself of th,e need, and, then, of the WAIJI'ER G. CALDWELL....: ............. Searcy, White Co., Ark. other means of raising the 'required most effective method of regeneration, lt. N. 13EAM .............................................. Becl)e, White Co., Ark. amount. In meml)ership it is uon-sec- must ,pply himself with all his energies ]  J. H. B AWLLY .................................... Cabot, Lonoke Co., Ark. tartan, many of our non-Catholic 1)reth- to the cnro of tile evil he sees. A. M. CROW .................................... Arkadcll)hia , Clark Co., Ark. r(.n being 'unong its most earnest work- "Find out," is th.e priest's counsel, IL B. MeKENZIE ............................ Drescott, Nevada Co, Ark. STEVE CARRIGAN ...................... Itope, liempstead Co., Ark. ors. They meet second Tuesdays and 'what projects are being agitated in W. 11. DUNCAN ............................ Conway, Faulkner Co., Ark. have been organized eight years, the worhl of soeial reform; study their CALVIN SELLERS ...................... Morrilton, Conway Co., Ark. sinifieanee; ]earn how to demonstnte R.. B. WILSON .................................. Russellville, Pope Co., Ark. Our advertisers are deserving of your the worth of whatever is good--and V. M. "  IItRLLKELD .................... Clarkswlle, Johnson Co., Ark patronage bee'tuse they have .been quick stlek to the good work. Among the CONRAIl ELSKEN .................................... Paris, Logan Co., Ark. to realize the advantage of a Catholic ob]ig'gions of the Catholic layman arc W. R. BURN .............................. Van Buren, Crawford Co., Ark. newspaper as an advertising medium, included an ,elementary knowledge of Tell them you saw their "ad" ill"the the principles' of economics; of the Sonthern Guardian. n atur'd laws .that govern prodnction and consumption; of wages,, , CATHOLIC LAYMEN AND SOCIAL monopolies, trade-unionisIn and taxa- Each of the above gentlemen is thoroughly posted upon the REFORM. quality and adaptability of the soils in his territory, and "(entlemcn, what are you going to tion .... Moreover, you nmst be so well gronnded iu the principles of will gladly answer all inquiries and give all possible informa- do about it?" is the burden of an ar- year religion that you can demonstrate tion relative to the lands owned by the Railroad Companies. ticle with the above caption, eontrib- to anybody the essential incomlmtibility :For general information and :Free Pamphlets, Maps and uted to the Catholic W'orld by Father of Catholicity and bad citizenship. Plats, write to ,IOSCl)h McSorley, C. g. P., and which, in its original form, was an address d,e. Never paste a party l)rogram over the livered at ttle recent Catholic Charities lages of your catechism; never sanction G A A D EANE Conference.. acampaigndoenmenttimtisinconsist- The reverend gentleman deals with ent with the Christian gospel. . a vitally importan.t question, now urg- ]t is not the fault of the clergy if you have not road Pope Io's Encyclical ent in all countri,es--and more partic. LAND COMMISSIONER nlarly so in an age of growing seep- on the lallor question; if you do not let ticism and indifference--namely, the the librarian of your city "know that need of activity among Cath- Dr. Ryan has written he best book LITTLE ROCK, - ARKANSAS olie ]a3nnen to co-operate with the eler- in English on the worldngman's right There are gy in laying the firm foundations of a to a living wage. . . united body of spiritual and temporal valuable foreign monographs that need workers, to be transhtted, pamphlets that should Hith,erto, says in effect Father Me. be imported, good book lists already Sorley, there lms been not so muh a prepared tha would be of immense use lack of harnmny as a lack of initiative if properly distributed. England is now Looking upon the Confederate reun. between the two bodies. Points of con- covered with a system of Catholic ion in May as a state affair, for the t.aet had not been established with due clubs for social study; and with this snccess of which the pcol)]e all over energy and forethought, and, the rov- year there begins fire issue of a Cath- olic Social Reform Year-book. Five the state should unite, Col. S. W. For- oread father admitted, the clergy were veers ago the English published a dyce of lIot Springs has signified his to blame just ns the laity were to I{andbook of Catholic Charitable and: intention of. con.tributing $500 toward blame. Social Works. When is oux coming! Photographer 120 Main St. Phone 1193 Our Friends THE SUBSCRIBERS To This New Paper We are using this space to tell you that we believe this paper will reach and be read by a class of peo- ple who are good custom- ers of ours. We appreciate your patronage and want more of it, and take this method of telling you so. Come and see us. To t I Fo,,;ter Hdw. Co. _0003 MAIN ST. t the entertainment of the old soldiers in Says Father M.cSorley, in lmrsuance out?" this city. In a letter to Father J. M. of his appeal to Catholic laymen ,to Parents, too, tun .help tly encourag- Lucey of Pine Bluff Colonel Fordyce stir themselves into activity: 'The first contribution we have a right to ing young people to take an interest, makes the following statement: "I look Ul)on this reunion as a st'Lie ex.poct from the Catholic lnyma,n is a in matters appertainiug to the welfare i of the Catholic social body, by tea el|-! affair and think the people all over contribution of interest--that he be not ]the state should unite in making lib- entirely aloof from, indifferent to, the ing them to think straight and speak intelligently and act honestly with re- eral contributions for its success. My social miseries that prevail among cer- purpose is to contribute $500 to this thin classes of his fellow-beings. . gard to matters that are getting to be ' ' tile most vital subjects in the world.-- fund. While the reunion is to be held New York Freeman's Journal. in Littl.e Rock, the capital of the state it seems to me that we must look upon "CHRISTAII" SCIEICE" it and treat it as a state affair, in THE MAN AND BOY STORE Continued from Page :.. which(; every man and woman in the is tile program of Mrs. Eddy's church. state should take an anterest, r Our complete Every nervous man or wonmn, relieved George R. Brown, secretary of tile I1 line of SPRING from an imaginary ill, becomes an ar. 13oa,rd of Trade, was authorized by  CLOTHING rep- dent apostle. Though it kill some here Colonel Fordyce to subscribe the sum i" t 1 of $500 to the rmmion fund for him. resents the best and there, the result will generally be advertised and on its credit side. Our legislature convened in biennial most satisfac- For Protestants who have long been taught that dogmatic belief had no session the second tuesday of Janizary tory mates in basis of truth, and who are accustomed last and will con'tinue by'means of an the country as to hear Jesus spoken of as a more man, extension of t.ime to May 15. The pro- following well the transition is not so great. A relig- siding officers of both So'hate and House known names ous novelty always catches a large are able men and sound lawyers and will attest, number. There is no creed too absurd there is but little appeal and no pro- not to claim adherents. Many may say longed aad unnecessary disputation. Clothcraft Clothes that Christian Scientists are mad. We The governor of the state is a practical nmst admit, however, that they are man and well conversant with the af- Hirsh-Wickwire Co. brave believers. They :have swung the fairs of the state and recognizes in tile pendulum to the other extreme from proper spirit the rights of the legisla- Alfred Benjaman Co. gross materialism. Finally the faith- to pass bills over his veto when cure fad has been widely sowed in they deem it best or do any other per- Washington Company America. Even the more conservative fectly legal hing which in their judg- Episcopalians took up the matter of meat will work for the general wel- Sampeck & Company cures, and proposed the restitution of fare. The present legislature will prob- Extreme Unction. It had been more or ably go into history as the best one .,.,-"j less successful in isolated cases. It re- that has ever been held.  mained for :Mrs. Eddy to take this Roy. Dennis Quinn, pastor thizty-six groundwork, organize it, surround it years ago of Forrest City and towns on with orphic sayings, lift it up to re- the ohl Memphis an(I Little Rock Rail- NAT 41. H speetability by claiming for it a divine road, with Ircadquarters most of the origin, establish it through the instru- time at St. Bridget's church, Memphis, "DT gROWN FOa BITTER CLOTHES' Tenn., where he acted as assistant to Father Martin Walsh, died January 8, 1911, at Queenstown, Ireland, a few miles from his birthplace. His brother is pastor of Kiicoleman , in the diocese of Killaloe. Rt. Rev. Bishop Fogarty of Killaloo presided at the solemn high mass ef requiem and thirty-six priests assisted. Father Quinn studied theology at Mr. St. Mary's Seminary, Cincinnati, BoYs' CONFIRMATION SUITS mentality of a revelation. She met II each emergency with remarkable cloy- Hi erness, and at her death, on Decem- I[Iber 3, left a church organization that [Jlmust be reckoned with hereafter as a ill factor in American religious life PJ Will Stand the Knocks O., in the same class with the editor of this paper, tie ministered to the yellow fever patients in lV[emphis in 1878 and also iu the one that soon followed. Subsequently he wrote a book entitled I{oroes and Heroines of Memphis," which proved unsatisfac- tory to his friends and the public a largo on account of narrow views on the work accomplished dfiring the fear- fuI epidemic in Memphis. It was an error of mind, not of heart. ?For twenty-five years he was an in- mate of n, hospital in Providence, R, I., where the eminent Catholic layman, Mr. Bannigan, befriended him. He eted as chaplain there though crippled in his lower limbs. He was a good and pious priest, whose soul Arkansas 3riests might remember in their masses. There are several Cathelie church so. clerics in Littie Rock, each of which will receive due space in these columns to be devoted to their interests and to the welfare of the chu.reh in general Mention will be made later of hoso in other parishes The two connected Our trunks are built strong- ly, protected and reinforced at every possible danger point, and are practically unbreakable. Our first and last consideration has been to make them as roomy, as strong, and as nearly un- breakable as possible. Re- pair bills are an economic loss. The best is always the cheapest. Be sure you buy "WALDENBERGER" trunk, and you'll save money. WALDENBERGER'S TRUNK FACTORY ANY AND ALL KINDS OF TRUNKS MADE TO ORDER 411 MAIN STREET l Page Soven Best Hams Known To the American Trade The, fanmus " l)iamond C," Cudahy's best, l)er pound ........... 16c Fresh Counlry V,,.s per'dozen. 15c - ,r The above are only two of our Friday and Saturda speeials. 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