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March 23, 1956     Arkansas Catholic
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March 23, 1956

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] PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 23; 1956 -9 .. ---_ ....... , ,, , , ......................................  ....... , , , • LOWLINE¢ OF HIG HANPMAIP;  Family Life Bureau, N.C.W.q p ._, i O BEHOLd, HEN(EFORTH ALL 'I . .... EbEdAUGEHE-WHOIGAAIHTYHAG , Vocation? This Can't Mean Me! ..]Lritl The metropolitan area of men going into the ))riesthood ,lo! It will be'after the n it]lKimll TO R.EJOICE WITH .......... " \\; ' ' t/ . . . ANP HOLY IG HIe NA/VE. I ' • Washington, D.Ca . then surely after tllllUIIUI i' |1 "[/¢: ](ry E(z?;'.v / [\\; "\\;   /f¢ll/l\\;q  i people last year n college. God bl " r L[IZ-V.ETH/ WE- W'EL 2 'J  /,'//zz//",l € €/ ]  I --9 /i .  , and convents. 'rt kqens b0 I ()5-2=nt/.." ANP ' k. ""; s /' j,, (t z'. ,./);j i [ generosity and li thcwe with the l ! [- .F F-O THE. I$1TH )'-. /C   \\;;-; 1' I ]. / ./ JIh,,.% fd-fi i.! i tioned last weep'f! Wily not go I i outstanding in 1 director and . R,,+, , .,-- -..__-.-= " _--. ",/,,... J,,(z (,. i ac.iStci.;, apostohc and s.UCherrOomlaJil ,d)raden:tOlUS ote,ltarent s are so much nl 'hap'pT:: Am I apostolic? Am I con- ligious, understanding now, but many llll easily Lib .... : cerned about all people? Am I What It Takes are still a najor obstacle. e Family AN THE-,E  concerned about all people? Am Am I self-disciplined? Do I do (!c not understand that they hgnal Catl 4YOPE/EP  I disturbed because 50 per cent the right thing at the right time elfildren not for themselves -- ot most parishioners are not be- whether I feel like it or not? Am for God. They are really i! r, HE-, LIP£ IN A 501VG Of" P,AIE- - dlNCINC F-O, l/E-,4 VEN ANP Z-A,r,'/, TO. AlL Til EIVZ" C THE- E'r.Tlf F,OA4 THE- ,4Y OF CREATION TO THE- E,4" | OF ]'/ME. :God Love You , Denial I 00'Con[usion Worse Con[ounded' Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen i The Gospel story of the life of Christ is the pro-history of the ;.iurch. What happened tO the Piwsical Christ, happens also to Mystical Christ, the Chm'ch. As Iie sufftred under Pontius ate, so must the Church suffer under the power of the state; as He was accused of perverting the nation, so must the Church feel the sting of the same false charge. During this Lent partic- ularly, one can see Christ once again going out to Ills death, not in Jerusalem, but in the Mission World. Our Lord said: "Suffer the little chil- dren to come unto Me." But in Ceylon, there is a movement to hand over all Catho- lic schools to the state, thus permitting Buddhist, Hindu and Moslem teachers "to suffer the little children to come unto con- fusion worse confounded." The same anti- Christian forces would ban all sisters from hospitals after October 1, 1956. One won- ders who will take over without salary, and with such dedicated service, the two leper clonles now served by pious hands and hrist-likc. hearts. In Canton, Holy Week is re-lived by His Excel- ncy Bishop,, Dominic Tang. Exactly like" his Master, he is ac- Cused of perverting the nation, refusing to give tribute to Mao-Tse ung', and saying that Christ is King." 1: There is one difference between the Passion of Christ, in Jeru- |alem and His Gethsemane today. Then, ' they all forsook Iim, and fld." Thank God, today our faithful feel the suffering of Christ in China as the brain feels a burned hand. Their interest is not eamtional, but sacrificial. Many are making a tiny act of self- Uq[nial every day or every week, and then sending t. to the Holy F£)ler through the Society for the Propagation of the*! Filt.h; which b4[e0ntrols, to aid the missions throughout the world. - . , GOD LOVf, YOU to Mrs. M (. "Enclosed is a check tor $.50 --qal to four laundry bills. H'ope it will help someone who ihs  clothes to launder.".., to R. E., "The enclosed $30 is the,amount I[ ceived for 'sick days' not taken during the year of 1955.' . . . to F M. for $2. "I am giving up drinking to help with your Holy F ther's Missions." . . . to P. T. for $5. 'Instead of passing out ¢1 iars for the blessing of our fourth child, we decided topass along a thank you' and a 'God Bless You' to our friends, andsend the mey to the missions." . . . to G.J.R. for $5. "No not seeking a zor--just so thankful for a wonderful family--that they are mod- Btely eared forand for our wonderful gift of Faith." r:7 our little EASTER PARADER for mother, big sister, and little sister, too. 1.99 A frosty and lovely little clip cap blossoming with rosebuds, easy to put on, pretty to wear . white, pink, ice blue, navy. ttat Bar, Street Floor e m.rn.G!n company .. T L E R O C" Veteran Journalist tlonored by Church, State and (.ultural leaders in Austria on the tenth anniversary of his founding of the Catholic Week- ly, Die Furche, is Dr. Fried- rich Funder, dean of Austrian journalists. A correspondent of the N.C.W.C. News Service for 30 years, Dr Funder was named Correspondent Emer- itus of the New Service on his retiremen in 1952. (NC Photos) ...Guide| MARCH 25 Sunday Double of I Class Violet Palm Sunday. No Gloria, Pas- sion, Creed, Preface of the Holy Crross. The Blessing and distribution of Palms. 26 Monday Simple Voilet Montlay in Holy Week. No Glo- ria or Creed. Preface of the IIoly Cross. 27 Tuesday Simple Violet Tuesday in Holy Week. No. Gloria, Passion, Preface of the Holy Cross. 28 Wednesday Simple Violet Wednesday in Holy Week. No C-.loria, Passion, Preface of the Holy Cross. 29 Thursday Double o I Class White Holy Thursday. Gloria, Creed, Preface of the Cross, Com- municantes, Hanc igitur and Qul pridie proper. 30 Friday Double. of I Clas' Black Good Friday. Mass of the Pro- sanctified, Passion. The Adora- tion of 'the Cross. 31 Saturday Double el I Chess White Holy Saturday. Gloria, Pref- ace, Communicantes, and Hanc igitur of Easter. The Blessing ... :==:: = BOX- is It Sinful For A Coup le Of Different Races White and Negro) To Enter Marriage In View of U.S. Prejudices? First of all, we must make it definitely clear that such a mar- riage is NOT WRONG IN ITSELF. There is no lw of God--no law of the Church--which forbids such a marriage: The laws of some of our states do forbid such marriages, but these laws are not valid for baptized people. If is interesting to note that the courts have held such a law unconstitu- tional In California. Only the Church can make a valid law for- bidding baptized people to mar- ry. But circumstances frequently change the morality of an act. And we must always be alert to the consequences of our acts. An act good in itself may be made bad by its circumstances or con- sequences: From an act like marriage there are many conse- quences lasting throughout the years and affecting the lives of many people. Many of these con- sequences we can not foresee. These have no effect on the mor- ality of our act. But others we can and SHOULD forsee. These we must weigh seriously and carefully. Do the good conse- quences outweigh the bad. , ,: ,:Pt'Jmtle Is a FaeL .... ..  Young people of different races contemplating marriage must seriously consider the so- cial problems they themselves will encounter and those they impose ripen their children. We may rightly condemn our racial prejudices. But they are facts, hard, painful and persistent facts. Before a man is justified in sub- Jecting his wife and children to the rigorous reality of those facts, he must think repeatedly and weigh well. But there are good results to be weighed--mutual love and happiness and helpfulness and the blessings consequent thereto. In any given case the parties must carefully consider all the consequences. If they judge that the good effects outweigh the bad, they do no wrong at all in marrying. It is the good they intend. They accept the bad with it, as something inescapable in human life. But they should seek com- petent advice, too. Because they are apt to be deluded by emo- tion, and to weigh the scales wfth their own desires. The problem is serious and the consequences will last for generations. It should be mentioned that rcial prejudice and the Pesult- ing social problems are largely local. In many parts of the world there is no aocial handicap resulting from such marriages. Ungrateful Children. They wouldn't have personality or immortality. Their mixed race is nothing more than a social handicap re- sulting from prejudice. Such a handicap may well serve to de- velop character, to inspire to greatness, anal to lead to the full happiness of self-conqtlest and victory over circumstances• It really handicaps only those who use it as an excuse for failure or a refuge from fear. , Are there any Catholic institu. tions wMch offer a course in phy- s'.col education or women? There are many Catholic wo- men's collegeg and co-educational colleges in; the Mid,West, some in the Suth, .nd a few. ln,the.,West • which list major courses in Phy- sical Education. Some of the co- ed institutions: University of DaYton, De Paul University (Chi- cago), Quency College (Ill.), Mar- quette University (Milwaukee), St. Louis University, St. Norbert ,'West De Pere, Wise.), Seattle University, Spring Hill College, (Mobile); among the women's col- leges: Aquinas (Grand Rapids), Cardinal Stritch (Milwaukee), tIoly Names (Spokane), Loretto Heights (Loretto, Colo.), Naza- reth (Nazareth, Mich.), St. Mary --Wasatch (Salt Lake City), St. Seholastica (Duluth), Fontebonne (St. Louis), Marycrest (Daven- port), Marygrove (Detroit), Mary- ville (St. Louis), Mt. St. Scho- lastica (Atchison, Kan.), St. Cath- erine (St. Paul, Minn), St. Mary (Xavier, Ken.), St. Mary's Domin- ican (New Orleans), Webster (Webster Grove, Me.). $ $ $ What oods nay be taken by a sick person an hour or nmre be. ]ore receiving Holy Communion? With the permission of a con- fessor, those who are sick, even though not confined to bed or to their home, may take liquids, in addition to water, and' medicine before receiving H.oly Commun- ion, ff this is needed to avoid grave inconvenience. Solid food may not be taken without break- ing the fast. The liquids which of the New Fire, the Paschal But we do not believe the chil. can be taken are, for example, tea, coffee, cocoa, milk, fruit Candle and the Baptismal di'en have any right to blame juices, broths. Alcoholic bever- Font. their parents. They should meas- * Indicates that the Celebrant may ure their social handicaps against ages, including beer and wine, offer a Requiem or a Votive Mass the benefits received from their are not allowed. Medicine, in under the usual conditions, parents; .life and health--mind addition to those in liquid form, ** Indicates that the Collect, the and body -- home and love and may be taken when they are in Commanded oration (prayer) Ior happiness. If their parents had solid form, such as pills. not defied Social prejudice these ', - :- the Pope is said least, children wouldn't even exist. Put everythLag tn God's hands. ,,.,,,, Advises Counsel THE For Vocations OR00N o, THE CAT.OLIC DIOCES00 o, L00TLE Roc, PuB. LIHF..D WEPJKLY BY THE GUAJDIAN pRESS, nc., Sll WEST SECOND ST. Little Rock. -- The Right Rev. Entrl am eecond-cian matter March 21, 1911, at the peat office at Msgr. James E. O'Connell, rec- lattb Rock, Arlmaus, undm" the Act of Consren of March a, log7. tor of St. John's Home Missions SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $3.00 the yr Seminary, recently addressed the tloly Name Society of Our Lady OFFICIAL DIOCESAN ORGAN of Good Counsel parish and The Guardian ia the official publication of the Diocese of Little Reek, It hu proved its worth during the many years of its existence. It .merits urged that every individual Cath- the whol6hoarted support of the priests and people of the diocese. With this help, Its high goal, am no Instrument of tholic Action can be clio "counsel and encourage re- ockiav,a. ,' cations among our young peo- ALRERT L FLETCHER, Bishop of Little Rock p]e." EDITOR Speaking at the society's an- VERY REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L. KEANY, Ph. D. nual Communion breakfast on Mount St. Mary's Acodomy, Lttle Rock, Ark. Sunday, March 11, the monsignor gXECUTIVE EDITOR.BUSINESS MANAGER told the 100 men and boys who VERY REV. MSGR. THOMAS J. PRENDERGAST attended that the n[ed for vega- 811 We Snd Street Telephone FR S-24,70 tions in the Uniteff States has MANAGING EDITOR grown apace with the tremend- MR. WILLLM W.O'DONNELL ous increase in the nation's SII Weet Snd $troe Telephone FR B-FA?e population. All |gtt'e and ¢ommunlcatlone to The Guardian obout sdvertislnl[, euh- ecrJptlone, editorial comment nd news items should be a ddreued for The breakfast was served in prompt attention b THE GUARDIAN Press and not o Id/VlOUOle. It WIU the cafeteria of the new Good quicken the hndling o! all ldttere and €orresponaonce nr envelopes or Counsel School, 12th and Jack- iaarl .rhed for ADVERTISING DF.,PARTMENT, SUBSCRIPTION DE- ' ARTMINT, or elmply NEWS. Oftentlmee houre, eecaeionally • whole son Streets. Ladies of the pare- a-r, le saved when an lmportantnewe Item INTENDED FOR PUBLICA- chial Home School Association TION IS SENT BY SPECIAL DELIVERY. • r were hostesses, the pastor', The MR. 'EDWARD L. LIPSMEYER Right Rev. Msgr. John B. Sche- ' MANAGFR per, was a guest. GUARDIAN pPEESS STORE SlI West 9rid Ieot • Telephone FR S-MT8 All lettm5 and ,€orroepondence eoneerniq Rell|lous Articles, Books, sWrG dods ud ll"lhould be eddreld t?i tO Guordln ,Prise t everytg tn ods hands. Ito, I11 Writ In "l Stroo , 1 ing serviced by the parish church, 20 per cent are lapsed Catholics? A m I takcfi aback because only 19 pc.r cent of the world is Catho- olic after 19 centuries? Ask a Corn- my in N e w York a b o u t Communism in S a n Francisco and he will surely tell you glow- I constant in my generos:ty, or do I blow hot and cold? Am 1 constantly putting off things-- maybe even going into the semi- nary? Am I constantly late for school, for church and so on? Can l habitually pray on my knees 15 minutes a day? Can l keep a set period of silence at home or in the car to think maybe one hour a week? Would I give the length of time in tim seminary as an excuse for not going there? Am I so pro- occupied with girls (vice versa, boys) that I cannot think more deeply of life? Am I kind, jovial, sitters for Him! Where lar ilies are possible, vocations more plentiful because of whole attitude and to God. May you one day--on your dination day or the day you your profession--leave the s luary or the altar table and Christ, bless or embrace mother, look into the deep v of her eyes, bend down ller farewell. And may the of Christ wMch so passed your lips, help you to accept lhe true what it means to be ing, true stories. Ask a Catholic in New York about Catholics in 'San Francisco and he wilt prob- ably say: ".. • uh???" Am I un- happy because of 30 mllhon Southerners, only one and a half million are Catholic? Do I real- ize that the first human require- ment for the conversion of the South is priests? As important as laymen are, priests are the first beachhead. And, in general, with the intel- lectual life of lay Catholics mounting, we need more and more of the most gifted young Calendar of Saints, Week of Mar. 2] attractive but so shallow? Christ--a true witness of all We have three other major ob- stands for. (NC) stacles: € = 1. Most people do not really understand our concept of voca- tion. They do not see the beauty The Friday of the Lord's and joy of it. They do not real- zion and Death . . . all who, to do so and who are proP! ize the earthly rewards we get-- prepared can go to lloly ¢4 that hundredfold promised in reunion, so that, devoutlyL_ this world. 1 guess they just do ceiving the Lord's Body Wl ------- not have enough faith, was given for all on this [ i'|D r 2. The procrastinators come they may receive richer fruit! a ILPll. ext. They eannot make de-the Redemption. )"----- eisions. First, they will enter a seminary or convent after they finish the eighth grade. "Oh, Try a Guardian Classified x.._. SUNDAY, March 25. Palm Sun- day, beginning of Holy Week. Gen- el'ally this date is the Feast of the Annunciation, which commemo- rates the tidings brought by St. Gabriel the Archangel tothe Bless- ed Virgin concerning the Incarna- tion of the Son of Gd. MONDAY, March 26. St. Castu- lus, Martyr. He was a palace of- fleer under Emperor Diocletian. About 288, te was discovered shelt- ering fellow Christians. was tor- tured and was buried alive. TUESDAY. March 27. St. John Damascene, Priest-Confessor Doe- 1or. He was born about 676 in Damascus, where his father was the ealiph's vizier. He was edu- cated by Cosmos a Greek mohk, and' brought':O Syria as a slave. He succede "his, fahe-as..vizter; but realized the danger of his l)osi- tion in a Mohammedan court, gave his riches to the poor and went to Jersualem where he entered tbe monastic life. H.e boldly' resisted Emperor Leo and Isaurian, of Con- stantinople but is best remember- ed as a theologian. He is the author of the first Summa Theologica and many liturgical hymns. Last of lhe Greek fathers, he died about 749. Pope Leo XIII proclaimed him a doctor in 1890. WEDNESDAY, March 28. St. John Capistrano, Confessor. He was born in Captstrano. Italy, in 1385 and became well versed in civil and cann law before he join- ed the Franctscans in Perugia in 1415. Noted for humility and self- denial, he became the first Gen- eral of the Observatine Fanciscans in 1437. He preached with great success in Italy, Austria, Germany, and Hungary and was the chief sapporter of John Huniades in de- fending Vienna from the Turks in 1456. He died that year at Vilak, Hungary. ,o. Easter THURSDAY, March 29. Itoly Thursday, whicb commemorates the institution of the Holy Euchar- ist and the priesthood. Generally this date is the Feast of St. Cyril. Deacon-Martyr. He was a deacon of Heliopolis in Lebanon. About 362, he was tortured and put to death t:or the faith in the presecu- tion of Julian the Apostate. FRIDAY, March 30. Good Fri- day, which ommemorates the Pas- sion and Crucifixion of Christ. Generally this date is the Feast of St. Quirinus, Martyr. tie was the j;,.iler of Pope St. Alexander I, by whom he was converted with his daughter, St. Balbina. Shortly af- terwards he was arrested as a Christian,. tortured and put to :death about 117 in the persecution finder Hadrian. SATURDAY. March 3l. H'oly Saturday. Generally this date is the Feast of St. Amos, Prophet. He was one of the minor prophets, a shepherd of Tekoah (Ken) near Bethlehem, who lived in the eighth century B.C. lie aptly descrl himself as "a herdsman pluc] wild figs." Itis prophecy was g: nunciation of evildoers. The ' man Martyrology says he freqt l:, was scourged by the I  Amasias, and died when his ! was pierced with an iron splice. 1he priest's son, Ozias. 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