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March 22, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 22, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 22, 1930 ONLY [about, and whom God loves, let us a will as well as an intellect; a love becomes for this reason antiquated. A little girl eleven' years old fromiTruth being eternal and unchange- ANSWER FOR GRIEF, Ifirst ask the questions of man, for as well as a thought. It is a fact of After all, 'Man liveth not by bread lthb Diocese o3 Nimes, France, had able, the Church n~%urally .is not SAY~ CARD. O'CONNELL~man has been made to the image and nature that every being loves its own alone.' been completely paralyzed from birth lalways in accord with a mood or -- I likeness of God. The study of man's perfection. The perfection of the] Women Less Materialistic.[not being able to move at all. Her I fashion of a life that is ever chang- re is no other answer to the thoughts will tell us something about eye is color and it loves the beauty "Women attach even tess impor- parents brought her to Rome, and ling' denying today what it ;believes ag of suffering and "evils" ] the thought of God. of the sun setting in the flaming men- tance to bread and wages than men I presented her in audience to Piux X. ]tomorrow, choosing rather the pleas- ~ .;he answer of religion, declares ] "Man thinks', he thinks ,a thought--j~ strance of the west~, the perfection I .~d They have never been found to I The child was inspired" to ask him to I ure of the passing moment than the ~mmence William O'Connell, Ja thought like 'Justice,' 'Faith,' 'For- of the ear is sound, and it loves theladhere in large numbers to material- cure her. The Pope said sweetly'leverlasting blessedness of the eter, lshop of .Boston The skentic ~titude.' 'Charitv,' but who has ever' harmony of an overture of Beethoven ism Woman quite differs from man. "May God grant you all you desire " nal years the cynic cannot understand ~the seen "Justice?/ Who ever heard of or a sonata of Chopin Love has "After its first phase, whose whtch- At once a tremor of life stirred thru ] When the Pope Speak,. ~rtunes of life because they seem 'Charity' going out for a walk9 Who :two terms" He who loves and he who iword was, 'Woman be what man is,' her limbs and she began to walk This "When the Hol Father as the y . - ,, . . .... Y Whims of fate, he says. This islknows the size, the weight, the color, is loved. In love the two are recip- [ Feminism entered into its second little g~rl was also cured, wslble head of the Church raises L~ecl out in a sermon by Cardinal i of 'Fortitude'? No one has ever seen rocal. I love and am loved. Between ~ phase, around the year 1900. Its Religious Cured. his voice he does so not to formu- ~--nnell' particularly timely~ in the t. tasted or touched these thoughts, and ' me and the one I love there is_a bond. watchword sounded, 'Woman, know. I Many Religious, knowing of the '. late and proclaim a new policy cre- ~a season, and reviewed b- Rev !yet they are real They are spiritual It is not my love; it is not his love thyself ' But the one sidedness of this holy life li~ed by the Servant of God, 'ated by the ChuIch in its urel hu !Ph Fort Nelson in McCall';Mag- thoughts, therefore. But where did }it is our-h)ve; the mysterious result- second phase has been given up as and of the wonderful simplicity and man wisdom, but rather to~rou:e his ~for April: they come from? Since they are not ant of two affections, a bond which well. We have now come to the ~hird I piety that k~pt him so close to the [own flock, and indirectly the whole 8-sin' sufferin~o, somow" come to ,I wholly of the outside world, they enchains ~md an embrace wherein two phase; with the watchword: 'Woman, I Divine Presence at all" times,' visited world, to the conmderatmn of funds- non or late, to king and beggar lmust have been produced, or born by hearts leap with but a single joy. The next to the stamp that has been put the Holy Father during his years in mental principles of truth and con- there is no escape: Often we Ithe mind itself, not by that physical I Father loves the Son, the hnage of upon the world by man, impress upon I the Chair of St. Peter seeking the duct that were written into the heart L Pelled to cry out, Why? Is ~ generation by which animal repro- I His Perfection, and the Son loves the it the character of thine own woman- I ailment for their physical ills. A hum- and conscience of primal man at nest a torture~ Have I been duces animal, but that spiritual gen- Father. Love is not only in the Fath- ly humanity.' The world will be made] ber of these, principally Religious creation, later more fully revealed 0 " ~ " ' " " ' " ' " " nly to meet disannointmene leration bv which we nroduce ideas: er Love is not only in the Son. the better for it. It will gain in peace/women, were cured of their vamous by patrmrchs and prophets of the , sickness, nat m I or mternal words There are we Love is something between Them, as and m love, in hberahty and in good ]ailments, and one, cannot doubt that Old Testament, and fmall erfected .._ ,,- n, bereave ent,I , .~ , y p Why am I doomed to all this? t must remember, other ways of beget- it were. The Father loves the Son, ness. the Itoly Father's beautiful life mer- in the supreme manifestation o~ ~fmerciful ..... who allows me to be I ting life than the mere physical wa~s' which he engenders~. The Son loves "All Catholic woman without ex- I ited for them these signal favors. Christ and His Mission among men. n ted? Iwe see in the world about us; the the Father, Who engendered Him. ception, should make that watchword] Now we shall pass to certain fa- The Church 'seeks not her own will igi *n alone has an answer toImost chaste 'way that life is begot- They contemplate one another; love their own. With us in Holland it vors obtained as it is firmly believed but the will of Him that sent her. ltt r I ann h r rote m a love so ow will solve the dmtressm ~oblem of throu h the mtercessmnof Pmx X 'Ma . qucsti ns wrung from our ten is the way in which thought and .one t e ; u " P "- " " ~ ~" ~, P" g " ' " ' y we not visualize our Hear- ia spite ofours~l_~s.- ~ Of the t ideas are born in the mind. Now ~ erful, so strong and so perfect that the shop and factory girls' lot. For after his death, enly Father lookmg upon this world, _the purpose, the necessity of isome thoughts of man are banal and it forms between Them a living bond. the conditions under which a young I wretchedness, adversity, Chris-tl comonplace; trite thoughts wb,~ch no i They give themselves in a love so in- woman is made good and happy quite alone is eloquent. It alone man remembers; but there are also i~,ite that like the truth which ex- s; it alone knows the secret thoughts which are spirit and life. presses itself only in the giving of a ng; it alone knows that what There are some thoughts of man into whole personality, their love can ex- can be, and are meant which man puts his very soul and his press itself only in the giving of the s from the hands of a very being, all that he has been and whole personality, their love can ex- Father to enrich and en-la]l that he is, which thoughts are so press itself in nothing less than a Per- elevate those who in pros- much the thoughts of that thinker, as son who is Love. Love at such a the true end of life.~o carry his personality and his spirit stage does no~ speak; does not cry; Skeptic, the cynic, can under- Suicide who, too cowardly ends his life with with them, so that we can recognize but only the Christian can the heroism of the man, before him but adver- Sorrow, refuses to turn his it but meets it calmly. forget God; we run after We misread the meaning of pain, without sorrow, neither desire nor seek the which joy hides from hides the depths of the Pain dispels the dream and us up. From being almost Wollen with vanity, we are eye, shall He not consider? to our proper place. We are rnility, a sense of depend- the fact that our breath thinks; He thinks a thought. That thought of God does not come from the outside world; it is generated ifi a much more perfect way than the thought of 'Justice' is generated by my spirit. The giving of life and the power of birth is no~ limited :o us. In the language of Sacred Scrip- gure 'He that planteth the ear, shall He not hear? He that formeth the Shall no~ does not express itself in words, nor by canticles; it expresses itself as we I do in some ineffable moments, by that which indicates the very exhaus- tion of our giving; a sigh, a breath; and that is why the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity is called the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost. Love is Eternal Spirit. "That breath of love is not a pass- ing one as our own, but an e:ernal spirit. How all this is done, I know not, but I do believe on the testimony of the Word Incarnate that that Holy Spirit has been sent~by God torule its Church 'But when the Spirit of Truth is come, He will teach you all I that make others bring forth chil-itruth,' and I believe that the contin- dren, myself bring forth? saith the uous, unbroken succession of truth Lord. Shall I who giveth generation communicated by Christ to His,Churcb differ from those which secure man's happiness and virtue. That's why ad- equate help can come to women only from wonlen." Has Practical Platform Briefly epitomized Madam Van der Kallen's legislative platform calls for; 1. A woman's department entirely conducted by women in the Ministry of Labor. 2. A thorough inquiry by the State into the physical, moral and spiritual conditions of the shop and factory girls. 3. A complete and up-to-date adap- tation as well as faithful execution bf the labor laws. 4. A perfecting of the Labor Inca- pacity Law and of the cesus methods, to make it possible to trace the harm- ful influence of factory work upon the young girl's life and upon her subsequent child-bearing possibilities as a mother. 5. Women's recognition and this is of international signifcation by the League of Nations at Geneva. In May, 1919. a captain in the French army, M. Hamon, had ~ cere- bral hemorrhage which resulted in paralysis of one side and the loss of speech. His pastor, Rev. Fr. Crepel of St. Gohard's Church in the city of S~. Nazaire-sur-Loire, persuaded him to receive the Sacraments and make a novena to Pope Plus X. The good priest also gave him a relic. O.n the second day of the novena he began to obtain relief and on the concluding day he was cured. Josephine, the three-year-old daugh- ter of Alberic and Margaret Valenti- hi, living at 24 Ariosto, Rome, was taken ill on April 15, 1915, with a severe attack of meningitis. The doctor came and after examining the child, said to the mother: "No matter what is done for her, your child is doomed." - The heart-broken mother turned in faith ~o Plus X, for it must be recalled the fame of the Pontiff's sanctity had spread through Rome like fire so bhat as soon as he had breathed his last, he was privately in- voked by people in all stations of life in their afflictions of soul and body. This pious mother made a vow that of the Creator. We live here below we are to meet all misfortunes Stmn fortitude, not to rebel but in sickness as in redeemed by His Son, and beholding, as the sower of the divin~ seed, the vast desert was~es among the souls of men ,though the sower gives in abundance and the seed is aI1 potent in its effectiveness; the .only one thing wanting, the co-operation of men to furnish the good ground, the fertile soil. "God grant that, in this day of much religious indifference and mor- al laxity, the desert wastes of the so- cial life of America may yield to the benediction of divine grace, lest our family, life, now undermined by strange movements which arc a shock to heaven itself, be a house builded on the sand, lest our moral stand- ards be no more stable than if rest- ing on a shifting dune, lest our rev- erence for religion 'be trodden down" from neglect or hatred or "withered away because it has no moisture' or~ be 'choked with the cares and riches and pleasures of this life.' " m adversity as in prosperity, as in joy to stand as Mary did Gd-"~McCall's Magazine. GERMANY HONORS DR. SONNENSCHEIN YEAR AFTER DEATH to others, myself be barren?' Since has survived to our own day, not be- RECORDS FAVORS OBTAINED _ she would visit the tomb of P By Dr. Willy Elmendorff, God is an Infinite Spirit, His thoughts'cause of the human organization of ROME, March 6.--Inquiry into the and there have a Mass ope Plus up. (Berlin Correspondent, N. C. W. C. will not be a mere reflection, but the Church, for that is carried on by life of the beloved Pontiff, Plus X, Very shortly the chil~s condition took News Service.) rather a thought reaching to the abyss frail vessels but because of profusion in view of the promotion of his cause a sudden and decided turn for" the Berlin, March 10.--The first an- of all things that are known and can of the Spirit of Love over Christ's of Beatification, has revealed many better. Three days later she was well. niversary of the death of the Roy. be known. Into this thought God Vicar and all who belong to Christ's prodigies wrought, as it is believed, These are but a few of the 'mira- Dr. Karl Sonnenschein was commem- will put Himself so entirely that it mystical body. through his intercession. The record cles' recorded by the biographer of orated in many sections of Germany, is as living as Himself, infinite as Him- i "Three in One, Father, Son and of these wonderful happenings has the Holy Father, Pope Plus X. Others but particularly in the national cap- self, perfect as Himself. If a human Holy Ghost; three persons in one been faithfully preserved. In the au- have been recorded since thepublica- ital. Addresses were delivered by thentic Life of the Servant of God by~ tion of the "Life' 'at Turin an~! Rome the famous orator and convert, Chap- genius can put his personality into'God; one in essence, distinction of the learned Benedictine, Dom Bene-[in 1928. We shall doubtless hear ofilain Fahsel, and by former Chancel- aperfectthoughtwayaS WeGodhaveis ablesaid' toin aputmOre 1 persnS'so!Trinity, stlchSUChisaStheinnerthe mysterYlife o{fGod, lthe detto Pierami, we read of the inci- them at som~ future time. The.lor Marx. Three days later a large much of Himself into a thought ~hatiAs the three angles of a triangle do ldents which took place at the tomb Church moves slowly, even in cases assembly of people were addressed by it is conscious of itself and is a Di-lnot make three triangh.s but one; of Pope Pius'X and which will, it is where there is no doubt of the post- the present Chancellor Dr. Joseph vine Person. l as the heat, power and light of elec- hoped, be powerful when the time tive sanctity of one of her children, Wirth, who is also a Catholic.~ This thought of God may be called :tricity do not mean three separate'Cmes for the Holy See to take action and it may be that our generation In the weighty crisis that has con- by a double name; it may be called a kinds of electricity but one; as water, in his cause, will not witness the triumph of the fronted the German government in Some of the "miracles" recorded saintly Pope of the Eucharist in the [the last ten years, Dr Wirth said, Church Militant. Be that as it may, no one exerted greater influence for those who love Our Divine "Lord in!~ s " need t.han Dr. Sonnen chem. He was the Sacrament of His love, especially la pleasant, though not always a corn- those who have been enabled "to re-lfortable, companion, but while his ceive Him very frequently, even daily, lcombatant nature was repelllng to as a result of thin benign Pope's ac " _ '~some, he had a remarkably clear in- fion, win pray that the canonizationlsight into the problems of mo~lera of so beloved and holy a Pontiff wfll~ " times, most of which he had gained speedily come. Meanwhile the'Cath- from his intimate knowledge of clubs and organizations that had come under his immediate attention. Or- ganization and unity guided his so- cial life, the Chancellor declared. LECTURES FOR CATHOLIC HOUR ~ht~ and Loves For m Part Eternal Mystery, Says ~-Answers Questions on Creation~Paulist- Choir Word, or it may be called a Son, and ice and steam are all manifestations C. W. c. News Service) the two are one and the same. except'of the one substance; as the form, occurred during the lifetime of Pope March 17.--The Rev. from differen~ points of view. 'color and perfume of the ros,2 do iPius X. It will be of interest "co men- on j. Sheen, Professor of "Firstly, this thought of God is a not make three roses but one; as ourlt[n a few of.them, as well as others ~Y of Religion at the Catholic Word, as my own thought is called a soul, out' interest and our will do not twhich occurred after his blessed of America, spoke twice word before it is pronounced. It is make three substances but one, as death. Catholic Hour, sponsored an internal word. But God's thought ~xlxl does not equal three, butl one; Charles Dubois, Belgian Consul at tional Council of -Catholic is not like ours. It is not multiple, so, too, in some much more myster- Rome. had for a long period suffered i " broadcast over a network!God does not think one Thought, or ous way, there are three Persons re,from a malignant infection without Broadcasting Corn- night from Station WEAF, first talk was the second of series, entitled "The In- of God." On his second ap- he answered questions on God. All is present to Him at once. the Son and God the Holy Ghost, to 1912, Madame Dubois, in a spirit of the creation of the world. In Him three is only one Word. "He whom be all honor for ever and ever. utter abandonment to the will of God, Choristers were again the has no need of another. That Thought Amen." ! and having lost all trust in human of the musical program. Up- or Word is inifinite and equal to Him- ' help, applied to the then reigning of 30 stations broadcast the self, unique and absolute; a -Word HOLLAND'S NUN'S PROGRESSIVE Holy Father', Pope Plus X, the former which tells what God is, a Word from FEMININISM SEEKS LEGIS- i Cardinal Sarto, for prayers for her husband something of the ex- which all human words have been] LATION IN FAVOR OF i " of God, something of His In- derived, and of which is the source of i WOMEN WORKERS t His Holiness listened to the plea :, Life and Beauty by con- all the wisdom of the world. The' --- -- of this worthy woman. Then, lifting His universe," Dr. Sheen latest scientific discoveries, the new Madame Van der Kallen, in Holland his eves to Iteaven, he engaged in could never divine any-~knowledge of the great expanse of Press Urges Laws to Insure Moral prayer fo}: a few moments, after secret Thoughts anal the heavens, the sciences of biology as Well as Physical Safety of which he said gently: "Your prayer creation gives further and theology, physics and chemistry, Factory Girls--Laws Must l will be answered. Confidence,. confi- of the inner life of God, the more lofty ones of metaphysics, Fit Woman's Particular deuce, constant confid ' enee in God." that light would ask philosophy and theology, the knowl- Needs. i The Pontiff then gave Madame 'Du- as Plato asked four edge of the Shepherds, and the knowl- ~ bets his blessing. She returned to before Christ: t I her home filled with confidence, and of the Wise Men---all this knowledge By Rev. J. Van der Heyden ' " he ulcel's for ere is only one God, wha has its source in the Word or the (Louvain Correspondent, N. C. W.C.. " p " g was pie arm to dress t e think about, for if He is an Wisdom of God. " [ News Service) i Y . ". - - , that the had rdT 7ffoltdensvxfi no he~ husband when she discovered that :t being, He must think of Thought Called a Son. I Louvain, March 8.--Mia Van der ' "The infinite Thought of God is Kallen, of the recently founded aLa-,they had dried up completely, and there is only one God, whom called not only a Word to indicate,dies of Nazareth," who devote them-~tlmt he was cured beyond the shadow And to be happy one olics of the entire world will be able to imbibe something of his magnani- mous spirit and of his great love of Christ from hearing more about his questions were hurled high heavens as so much there was no man to give answer. The answer could e from God Himself, and it When Our Blessed Lord ap- on earth and revealed to us nest life of God when He told Were three Persons in God, God the San, and Ghost. This tremen- ;ery, known as the mystery the mystery which questions of Plato, which reason and yet not contrary help of revelation and I Shall try to explain to you: Asl~ Questions of Man. Would answer the questions and know what God thinks beneficent life. "~ This genius for organization, Dr. Wirth explained, made of Dr. Son- CARDINAL HAYES FEARS nenschein an important figure in the FAMILY BREAKDOWN political life of a democratic state, ]but it was his social work among the Is Menaced by "Strange Movements" poor and his promotion of Catho~ Shocking to Heaven welfare activities that endeared him Itself. to the people of Berlin. New York, March 3.---Cardinal~ STUDENTS URGE UNITED Hayes, preaching in St. Patrick's Ca-! PROTESTS thedral at High Mass, declared yes-[ -------- terday that family life in America is I (By N. C. W. C. News Service} being undermined by strange move- San Francisco, March 14.-...Catha- men~s which are a shock to Heaven lic universities and colleges through- itself." He expressed the fear that'lou~ the cour~try are being urged to family life in this country would be-~unite with the students of the Jesuit come like a house built in the sand iCorlege of St. Ignatius in their pra- and "our moral standards no more test against the religious persecutions stable than if resting on a shifting ' in Russia. The p~o~est in the form dune." of a resolution drawn up at a meetimg It was the first sermon the car- of the whole student body last Friday that He is the Wisdom of God, but selves to social service work, cbntin-~of a doubt." dinal has preached in the Cathe- night also includes an appeal to the is also called a Son, because He has ues her pleadings in the Holland pa- [ Pope Plus X gave many public au- dral since December 30, 1928. Nearly Catholic colleges and universltles t~ been generated. Just as in our own pers for more adequate legislative diences, as did his predecesors and 5,000 persons crowded into fhe Ca-[unite with the students here in the human order the active principle of recognition of her sex and its pecu- 'successors in the Papacy. In one of thedral. Every pew was occupied and reception of Communion on Wednes- human generation is called the Fath-'liar needs, specifically for legislation:these there was a man who had a worshippers sat at the marble steps day, the Feast of St. Joseph, to pray er, so, too, in the Trinity the principle lsecuring woman's ethical as well as completely paralyzed arm. Vainly he before the side altars and stood in the for the cessation of the Russianatr~- of the spiritual birth is called the physi,cal well-being. . ~had revoked ~he a~d of physicians and side aisles from the Fifth Avtnuelcities. Father and the term of the generationl In her latest article, "Our Pro- had even gone to Lourdes in the hop: doors almost up to the line of the I Tt~e resolution bearing the signa- ture of the students will be bound ill "- is called the Son, because it is the gram for the Working Woman," the ~df being cured. Such was no~ th gold and taken to the Holy Father perfect image and resemblance of the nun writes: i will of God. During this audience Rome by the Rev. Joseph R. St~ek, Father. If an eart.hly father can trans- 'CLabor inspection as it is practiced the poor man showed his arm to the mit to his son all the nobility of his today rests still entirely upon the old i Holy Father crying out in a voice S. J~ Superior of Retreats at Los character and all the fine traits of basis of insuring bodily safety against that betrayed his deep emotion: "Holy Altos. Father Stack will head a piI- grimage of Knights of Columbus and Catholic students to Rome in May, A philosopher is one who, realiz- ing the futiBty of bottling up san- shine, is satisfied to enjoy electr[e lights. "Many a man who is in the publi eye is just about as irritating u cinder would be." hTs life, how much more so can the Heavenly Father communicate to His Eternal Son all the nobility with all the perfection and eternity of His Being "We are not yet finished with the inner life of God, for if God is the source of all the life and truth and goodness in the world, He must have accidents caused by the pitiless ma-'Father! Cure me!" Pope Plus touched Catholics of'New York a few weeks chine In th'e Nineteenth Century the arm, and gently stroking it three ago when the Cardinal was in Rome. the soul was left out of count The times repeated: "Yes, yes, yes." At "The voice of God breathes and social issue was started as a matter that moment the arm that had been moves within the Church and is re- of bread and wages; it is but now that withered quivered with life and, re- echoed by the Church throughout it is slowly evolving into a ethical covering control of his muscles, the the world," he said. "The Church and religious issue also, even among man extended his arm with a cry of cannot, even if she would, void or Socialists. The former exclusively i joy. He was cured, soften the word of God by reason of material purpose of labor inspection person, place, time and circumstance.