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March 22, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 22, 1930

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 22, 1930 ]~]~]~JA .,gross were exemplified by the Poca-] 'if any,' for not even the most con- vinced Atheist denies a ground or "Now some have asked the ques- lVli~l~']k i hontas Council Degree Team and A Case of Misunderstanding, that the rate of return should not be great Basilica of ~the Third Degree by Little Ro,ck [cause of the universe, in the broad- tion: But who made the first cause? ~tna]:e than enough to attract new eap-IPatriarch Modestus. The ., . ]self of the Finding of the _ . -- ]Cross is situated at the end LENTEN DEVOTIONS I Councll s Team with F. J. Donahue]est sense of the term. As one of That question does not understand DROP ATTEMPT TO l aisle on the right and belongS Since A:sh Wednesday, the Lenten I acting as C. G., a man who has been lthem puts it, 'we merely ignore the what the first cause means. It means spirit, of assisting at the daily sacri- for a number of years prominent in cause, we do not deny it.' They may self-sufficiency, and to ask that theREMOVE BLASPHEMY /Latins" A flight of thirteen rice of the ~.oly Mass and the eveninglKnights of Columbus Initiatory identify their Atheism with the law first cause be itself ,caused, is asking' LAW IN ENGLAND [bY the feet of many g( nora devotiofls on W'ednesdays and Fri-lwrk" W. E. Webb of Helena, Ar- that holds sway throughout the uni- that the first cause be at the same [cut in the rock and consl ,era[ days, is quite evident in the parish kansas State Deputy, honored the verse or with Monism, or with a time a secondary cause. The first [pilgrims, leads down to this of St. Agnes'. It is truly edifyin-g to occasion ..... with his presence and also versal doubt, but there probably is cause is first not merely ill the or- In 1898 the Franciscan see the, almost Sunday, congregation assisted in the initiatory worknone who denies God, in the sense der of cosmic time, but in the order pared an iron staircase to At 10 o'clock the 24 candidates that his denial would im 1 that the of " " the ancient stone steps ]n attendance. Many, at conmderable ......... ' P Y , ~eason. Time is not a cause; - -- ~ ....i .^.~... ~..accompamea oy mcm anu wsiung universe caused itself Such a "post [neithel is space, hence a hfloso h Orthodox always opposed it, expense el ~lm~, .~,,~,,,~; ~,~ .... - _ . p ' p y miles, to satisf-, their devotion inmembers,, marched, m processmn, to tmn is.rationally impossible,. . for, if lwhich~ says that the world comes inimitable the Latins were the response to their pastor's appeal for hear High Ma~ m .St. Paul s Church, the universe caused itself, it would~ from nothing but space-time and was j rietors of this sanctuary. : the thorough Catholic observance of afterwara assemmmg m St. raurs have had to pre-exist itself in order caused by it, reminds me ver nmch !this opposition the FrancisCa o ...... [ y Lent For the ~ast ~hree Sunda-s J Hall, where luncheon was served and to bring it into being, which as non- of the two shipwrecked islanders who the iron staircase on the ocea z " 1" J ' " i " ........~ho_ ,,~nM ...... .......... h~ ~,._ .. ~.. ~ ~~'~e- -l~e- o tthe_.m..tmtmn ............. held. sense, supported themselves b.y taking in ]the ~east of the Invention ! the reading, of the Bishon's Pastoral] ~ v:au ~ue wslung ~mgnts an~ "From this point of view, those one another's washing ~eyond time J Holy Cross in May, 1916. Letter. " ~the candidates were invited to at-lwho deny that God exists really as- is the timeless, beyond space is the /order by the Turkish Gore: [.lena a banquet m St. Paul s Auditor- I sort His existence. Why is iV that spa'celess, the cause which we call /caused it to be taken away ST JOSEPH'S BSERVE Ilum, at whi,ch time the wives and if I would circulate the country with God, and if it be reasonable when a [24 hours Now through thegi ""---~.~--v,,PA~T~I~'v~, ,-,,,,--,,,--,-~--,R[DVl'~Av]frfends ........... of the Knights were invited Ipamphlets decrying a belief in flying ," prehistmic- crude stone tool is found f have made it an offense pumsh" able / fi,ces of the Brishish High "(} |~o a aencmus ~nree course mncneonlwlthces' speak on every o,ccasion in a cave to conclude to the exist-!by a fine not exceeding $500, or a/stoner in Jerusalem, the iro~ ~-rP,,-;h ............ ..~ ~, ] .... ~-l"- ~.~_.....~,., ,|prepared .............. by the Young Ladies So [against centaurs, write books against lence of a human intelligence out~ide~ I term of imprmonmen" t not exceeding" tease has been replaced. - aan~y o~ ~t ~'aurs rarlsn three le ed hosts ~ - Present Program. ' ] " " I - gg g , the natural re- and above the tool, why should it not I one year, to pubhsh any matter / Mr. Fred Spinnenweber, one of !action on the part of a sane pQblic be logical io conclude from the ex-]which, by outraging religious convic- HOSPITAL DAY WILL On Saturday, the 15th Ver- Re" ]the Charter Members of Pocahontas lwould be to lock me up as a public listence of an ordered universe to ]tions was calculated to BE OBSERVED ~' ' : "" i r n " i ' provokea Counc l acted as toastmaste , a d nmsanc Monsignor A. P. qallagher, oastor of / ........ I e, or a mad man. Why is it the existence of a Divine Intelligence ~ breach of the peace. St A n ' . . " - ~among the speakers were ~ev. o. nox- miiestg::sof h~:Chmeadrc~hthfiftY-m~th [linger of Paragould, state chaplain; (By N. C. W. C. News Chicago, Ill., March ugh hfe. Rt. Rev. Msgr Jos. Froitzheim of authorities throughout the As the anniversary of his birthday is Po,cahontas, local chaplain; Rev. W. J. in proximity to that of St. Patrick's Kordsmeier of Jonesboro; State De- grates and Canada are gra learn that an increasing nu Day, the pupils of St. Joseph's Aca- puty W. E. Webb of Helena; Dis- It is because the Atheist is not a mad Catholic Hospitals plan to pa demy for years have been combining trict Deputy Gee. H, Steimel; James man. What makes a mad man is the UNDER AGREEMENT the law was a 17th century survival, in the Tenth National Hosp: both occasions and presenting a pro- Favor of Pocahontas, P. S. D.; and fact that he imagines a fancy to be IThe proposed clause would lead to on May 12. Catholic hospit~ gram of music and literary effects Joe Straub of Paragould, P. S. D. I a real, and the Atheist is not fighting (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Inn extension of the existing law ruth- among the first to adopt thi commemorating Monsignor Galla- After the banquet a minstrel was~ against a fancy as I would be, if I Port au Prince, Haiti, March 17. /or than a modernization'of it. ment which has so successf thor's birthday and observing Ire- presented by Jonesboro's Catholic I fought ghosts. The object he is As President Hoover's Haitian Com-' Sir Boyd-Merriman, a former So- proved relations between ] land's world-wide feast. Social Club, directed by Jack Milton ] fighting is real, like the thrust of a mission today was steaming for the ]licitor-General, said the so-called and the public, and the f~ This year, the program given by of Jonesboro. ] sword, or an embrace, or an enemy United States on the warship Roches-Imedieval law had always been admin- more hospitals observe Natio~ the pupils was a very charming one, The Po,c~hontas Council is appre-lat the door Certain~ things in the ter following the completion "of its istered in accordance with modern pital Day each year indicat displaying taste in the select~on of ciative and wishes to take this op- order of causes are so fundamental task to bring the little republic practice. Decent controversy had al- mutually beneficial is the acti; numbers and talent in its rendition, portunity to thank all those who that to deny them is to assert their through its politi'cal crisis, a consid- ways been rega(ded as perfectly le- National Hospital Day is ~ ItcoWaS,,opened. with a vocal solo, "Wel-. helped to make the occasion a suc- existence. For example, to deny that erable degree of harmony and satis- gitimato. What was not legitimate nation day. Actually hospit me, beautifully sung by Josephine cess, especially the Degree Team of I exist implies my existence, for I faction settled over the island. With was scurrility and scoffingirrever- cautioned against seeking c~ Jecker. "Irish Lads and Lassies," by Little Rock Council, the Worthy have to exist before I can deny I a complete formal agreement made once he said. tions en May 12, and are enC( a group of grade boys and girls, was State Deputy for his attendance and have existence.The denial implies between the commission and Presi- to hold "open house' in order t daintily sweet, the green costumes the good he is doing for the Knights an affirmation.If there were nodent Borne for the re-establishment " DIS" ....................... a reunion of babies born adding much to the p~cture.Another in Arkansas, the District Deputy for wines or liquors there would neverof representative government in ~=?~ n~_.~_ru M~:~A]t: ur~ sti~-~; ....... ~ ..... ~ ,~ g[oup,,o:l sma~ zolKs,gave two. hum- making, the mltlatmn possible, viral- be such a thingas prohibition. If Haiti, optimism as 1;o the future ofWALL O~" I-IOLY SEPULCHRE on~whic~ the -ublio mav'e _-., =~ap,,,~urran, ann ~mgmg mg ~mgn~s t rom other councils, the there never were cigarettes ther~ the government predominated. , - hosnital and 1~o-~ ~-[..:;~:f0 - " _ ~y Dr. Alexader Mombelli, ............... ~n ~ne Kam, the latter was In cos Young Ladies Sodahty for the splen never would be any anh-c~garette As a result of the agreement on ............ and problems. tume .of rubber coats and caps, and did banquet, and Jonesboro's Catho- laws, and if there is no God, how can May 15 when President Borne steps [aerusaiem ~orresponaent, l'~. ~. w. sue httle couples were under ran- lic Social Club for their entertain- there be Atheism9 Does not Athe-out of the nresidenc~ Eugene ~ .... C. News Service) bl:ellas, this furmshed plenty of merit ism imply somethin.- to at~'^~*~bu-: ............... Jerusalem, March 4.Two events. The n~val conferences sh " " ~ II~EtL~. S11112~ llmn, WhO has no~ oeen in- . . . I . . . . amusement "When the Banjo Plays" The success of this mtitlatmn has Re ardm have just takenplace within the how nnportant secunt is in ..... ~ , . "" " g " g a First Cause volved in governmental politics be-.. _ . [ " " y wasago.octcnorusoylmelargerboys, ,caused the forming of plans for "Afterall, the only reason for ever fore, willtake over the reins of gov- Basilica of the. Holy Sepulchre3nlto armament. The Cathohe an~ a ~uo oy aosepmne oecKef mlt)atlon to be held m th~s lo'ving life and truth and goodness ernment as the provisional president oe~usaiena, wh:,ch wdLwithout doub! Association is issuing on th! ann mame~e rresson was well played uistmc~ in the near future is that it c-,~ ,^,,~ o " '" until s-~- *: ........... pm.,ase lnigrlms tne uatnonc worl~ 1 A violin -uartettec,~m,~-~n ^~ ., . . ...... r,., uoa, ann li .ucn cm~e as an emcuon Willover T~._ e:..~ ......... ,~_ .. i point a report of its Europe ..... "1 . , ~ ~:~'~. "~ _ ...... ~ these donot come from God, then establish a constitutional head over. ,e ~,t~ c unue--~ ,e als-t tee headed bv Father J0s~ "ascnai ~lexanaer, oean ~o~a, 2~lice ATHEIST FALLACIES ARE DIS- there is no r ..... ~-- ,- -" .....the sor-l- -: .......... ~': .... , covery, mace some ~ays ago, o~ a ~ ~- .~ va~uxt or loving ~nl2111, t7 v flVUll rI~]~IADIIC. Mr l~oy S ~ , ... ,, . m. .~ auacLafferty and Jack Bagwell, fur- CUSSED BY DR SHEEN If thor ......... first .......... -" splendid mosaic on the vault of Cal-~ ~normng, ~. o. xne rcpo,~ . . . . c are men in zne wo~la WhO . ~aSK ~.S ~ne ~ormatlon o~ a gov- vary representing Our Lord Jesus study club outline attached.~ ;ishdaltAh; 2urea for the program ON RADIO believe that tbe universe ~s guided e~nment w~th a senate and chamber ~'h .......... I e anaer also playe(~ a solo b a ur of de ut~e u rlsgTins ~lnd ~s m the south nave naval confe~enc t~ ....... , -- ~ Y p pose, they .are on the verge p " s, through which the new[.._" ] e security is was much auto,tea o r sl o~ the sanctuary The mosaic had , (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) ] f saying with us that God is, for P e "dent will be eventually chosen. [ .... " ]let, the death s head, the head oeen heretofore invisible because it The pupils of the commercial de-New York, March 16. The reply lhow can there be purpose without Until a permanent presidentiS lwas entirel cover I table All ye who want pe~ partment presented a two act come of the Rev Fulton J Sheen, S T mind and how can thor seated, ~t ~s orate Y ed by stucco - ...... I " ' e t)e a mind " " P ' d out, there can I ... . " / . ......... :~ d " " lne secona event cone r want 1~ nara enough to ~m,, y, Renting Jimmy, which was D., Ph. D., to two inquiries concern- without a person, or a law without ibe little hope for the abandonment l.~. . : .... e ns the/ . t, nurcn o~ ~t Helena T i " i n e splendidly done. The leading role ing the existence of God, given in a law-giver That is why on starr,, [of the mlhtary occupation or even l . h s monu-f t a d wink for it must r .... . " ~[ ~ ' ment goes back to the " " a~ was entrusted to Lauretta Null, who the course of the Cathohc Radm HourI mghts, the most conf~rmed Atheists : part of ~t. Mr. Roy, it is believed I ..... Crusades. [this demand for security, " .... " " lnis suo~erraneous ~cha el ! " ,, ur eameda ~t through w~th dash and fin- over. a national network today, is as[half, ,, believe m God. tl generallY,standm w~hwever' has an under- / though in smallerpropor4mnsP succeeded,the II exammewhat~,, the question: Scc ish, acting the college girl to perfec- follows: I The second question asks whether .~ . g th. the opposition factions ! _ _- - ......... , ~"~ ....... j lion. Others in the cast were Gil- "The first question asks, why, if[there could be an infinite series of l~nat an mecuon will be held within', ~ -~" berta Halton, Charlotte MacLafferty, 1 the proof of the existence of God is I events without ever a first cause for a few months despite President Bor- |l ~'r .... ]1 A__~__~ rm~ . ~ 1,- ~ J Glen Fried, Addle Cox, Ula Walker, lso simple, there are persons in the [that series, t no's contention that any election be- I |1 ~ 9~J~q~][~l~I ]trip ~]} II'~[~l~l~J Alma Christian, Winifred Lane and world Who do not believe in God, or "Yes thor ..... ~" u ....... ]fore 1932 would be unconstitutional ~1 Lml Fae Vaughn. who are Atheists? Iseries o'f events~;~tho::af~i~2~:u:: Th~t:jnc;:'i~Y i:eltht; attitude of the ~~ingatr_ipt_o_lre_l_a__n_dthisyear, it will pay you to we;leOSiang numbers of the program]de The answer to this question willlof the whole stoics, if one thing in/dr:i~al of the ma~i::st :he with-i |1 ,nvestigale our FIFTH ANNUAL ST. LOUIS IRISH EX. medly of Irish Airs bv the I P d upon the meaning one at- .. ' ' " een here ~ ~1 CURSION to dear old Erin. Party smls June 14th m the ,, - , , , , I~ae series were not related to the !to be indicated in u' " . vlolm quartette, a hymn, A Prayer I taches to the word Atheism or per-I . . t , - nfflcla! assur-|l modern, comfortable, crmsing steamer "SCYTHIA." Mr. " sons do , other things, in the makm a ances xrom President Hoov For Our Pastor, and the reading ofI who not believe in God. [. . " g of I ........ er that ~1 Owen J. Lcnihan, our popular Assistant Manager, will orass bowl, for exam le an hum ex ~ne umted States will abide b a congratula%ory address by Alice ]Atheism may mean either one of two ..... P , Y b " ~ ....... y the ~1 once more be in charge of the party. Sail to Ireland with oz hammers m~gh: De used bu it resul~ oz ~ne eleczlon and w~l Konkler. [things. Firstly, a demal of a person- w .... ;- t -otiate wi ...... 1 no- |[ a real Irishman, who KNOWS Ireland and who is an ex- 1 i OUl(1 not oe necessar that th g ~n the new a(lmlnl Little Catherine L le ha .... lal God who "s l'fe and truth and love Y e first i " "stration |1 ....... , ...... y a ~ne non- th " pemeneeo h ave~ e~cor. or of presentin~ Monsi-nor Gal~ ..... land Creator of this world, or it may hammer be used m order that the In e quesUon of the occupation, il a purse of goldseoins ~hich w::gn;:]mean a complete denial that this uni- second or the tenth or the twentieth As to the attitude of the commis- |[ Get the facts... Now... today about this never-to-be- en oy .... me pupim. ' g - [ verse demands anyone, to account for hammer operate, because the action [ sion iself, on. the ultimate outcome .il forgotten excursion to the Emerald Isle, f~om your local ..... tits existence. In other words, Athe. P "o [ " andthe |1 steamship agent or direct from of one does not de end on the act~ n of negohatmns at that t~me xne response o~ Monsignor was a of the other recommendations ~t is hkel -r ...... .... [ism may mean a misunderstanding I ..... y to make |1 g a~exm one, aeep]y appreciative ot ,, u on his return - o .......... [of the nature of the cause of the No, if the series of events are l p " to the United States, " [[ CUNARDLINE, II3o-37011veSt.,St.Lonis, to ~e :::~:~:herP:O~nndt, h;~S :7K both ]world or.a denial that the world has ,related one to the ~ther and intrinsi-Iit is felt that the gradual withdraw- | -- " " . al~9 graciousl acknow~i:~p: d" ?:e/a cause. )eally depend one on the other; re-al of the military from the republic .. y . age .one [ How Account for It? gardless of how long the freight train It be replaced by a ,civilian occupa- ' ..... ' " . : mrge aumenee presen% among whom | "The question now becomes: How it would still be necessary to have an I tion is the plan at present upper-. ,- " --- "~ - - ~ -- were. many of_ his non-Catholic ]do you account for the first group engine that pulls it. Now the uni-imst in the minds of President Hoov- nave the l~rotechon of xnenas w n?.united with hm own poe-/who 'misunderstand t~e nature of verse is made up of things which are ]er's arl~i~ers. :The w%hdrawa~ of a Monahan M- ._, I F~ pie. m w,snmg many more anniver- [God? Bad faith, ignorance and" evil intrinsically related one to the other. Ithe marines, it was thought, Would emorla~ [ I sanes. ]life, prejudice or hate, certainly can- Modern science has gone so far inlbe a careful one and complete dis- A" - t~~ ~ |not explain their misunderstandinm this direction as to say the universe!ccupatin would probably not take , oove all aMemorial must be Ia~ I "t :~ ...... [ , ~" . , . ~ ~ rag. "l'lae ~uardian Mem " MENAS EXPECTATIONS [for many of this ~roun are men of is orgamc,' like unto a human ~,^~,, Iplace before 1936 ............ o ".ri~....~t ~] ~ ....... /~eep smcentyand honesty, and lead It ~s therefore necessary to go ba,ck[ he. complete abandonment of that they are l~rfe~t" and lu~nl, t~] ~ ...... ~] Among the many improvements forlreally noble lives. The explanation to some first cause sufficient to ac- ] American activities here ultimately, See b~utiful d~i~m her~ -" I'~ ~ Menu for the coming year, and which]must be sought, rather, either in false count not only for the things them- however, is not thought probable.-- I are already under way, are the ex- notions of God taught during *child- selves, but also for their energy and~The commission is said to feel that tensions of paved streets, waterworks]hood or an inability to see the fallacy motion, there exists considerab/e favor in the MONAHAN ~ SON I~ 're ublic u and sewerage and the betterment oftof bad arguments; but most often ' It is no escane to say that t~ .... h [ p , nder cover, towards Amer- 4111-414 W Muldmm $. I tho present system. ~rhe new armory,|in a want of clarity in ~hinking. It each event is insufficien* ,~- ~'~['~'~ Jican occupation. Fear for interven- " ~ ---- - a blackberry cannery, the Agrlcultur-"] is one thing to know that the urn'- for itself," the addition ;;~the~m~a'~l saidtin toin beHaitise by another~ nation, is , al College, the highway---Menu to| . . - one o~ the r verse demands a cause, but it re- would make a sufficient reason and I . ._ en by the comm~smon as eden---the shortest route to the State/qmres rather close reasomg to know hence dispense with God" beca-~e | easons why the United " I , ~o States sen " Capital, and the assurance of natural,the exact nature of th~s cause. In we would merely be addin~ insuffi-] t its marine army of occu- ~ || I~ | ~ ~_ ~ ~ ~ | | ~ ~_ gas. (Terra Nova). hke manner ~t ]s one thmg to know ment things, and just as a thou.~.and pat on. Now the commlssmn has the~ ~ LIP | ~ ~ V ~ V L. L IF- ~ ~_ that his universe requires some cause idiots would never make a wise man, assurances of opposition leaders, it .~_ ~ ,, ,~... . ]~lr~|~[.]T~ ~ I or governor, but it is quite another so neither would a thousand things t is said, that !,_hey will be glad to sign lhe Uollege Otters the J[kl~|~|llk~ U~" I thing to know the naure of this cause which transmitted energy be the an agreement guaranteeing that no -~. ~ .......... I or governor. It is one thing to know source of that energy Add to the other foreign power shall ever be ermltted to ~L$1~ll~UIJ|'||||]~|~tthat.a .man is coming, over the hill, series as mu~ch as you like ---~,,ou corn- pcall " . . enter Haiti Recipro- USUAL CLASSICAL COURSE but ~t ~s another thin to know that y, it is felt that the Um g plicate the instrument, but you do " "ed States . . ------- Ithe man is John Jones. This will ex- not make a cause You prolon, the could step in and help the republic In the POCAHONTOS COUNCIL No 2443~ lain ~" , . . . r " ~p " why some have called God a canal, but you do not make a source when torn by bloodshed and rove- __ ............ HOLDS DISTRICT INITIATION blind will or an eternal axiom or ]utlon t " " , i You lengthen the sleeve, but you d; " HIGH bCl-lOOL DEPARTMENT. ,~ "------- i force of energy. Such minds are like not dispense with the hand And +o -- ~ On March 2, Pocahontas Conncilthose who would be able to cut off say that if t~ .... ~ ^~ .~"~ . _[^ A big issue in the Senate fi b~ o 1 No. 2443, Kmghts of Columbus, was~ huge chunks'Of marble with a chisel sufficiently lon~ it would Ai ...... IIughes as Supreme Court Chief lug-/ F-r Term, ,,,d a.u .... host to Jonesboro.Council No. 1702, ]but ~vould not be artists enough to w~th the cause, or if the world, trans- hce was the value and the interest] :~'aragoum tmuncn ~o. 1713, andi g~ve ~t a form and a figure, mittin~ energy for milli0n~ -~ ...... return of public utilities Dr John! i~,, D~&~.. P0Plar Bluff (Mo.) Council No. "If however, Atheism means a de- wou/d~dis~en'~s~e ,,,,t~, - o'~ff'~'~,,~ Ryan in a Harvard Business R~viowl *t%.~;V. A%~UIV~ 1706, in a joint initiation. There~ nial that this universe requires a like saying that if th~ handle of a article argues for adequate legislation[ were a ~otal of 24 candidates taken cause of its existen,ce, whatever it brush were long enough it would (.3 direct the courts so that courts ~ || ~ | I ~ A ~ a , , into the order in the major degree; be, there are few Atheists, if any paint by ~tself, or ff the crank of an will not be law makers. He argues] as Coun ne ' ULi 9 for Pocahont cil .... -" T .... ' " " " I ~ U ~ i ~l U U U " , . ,or tar . most ~amous Atheist of modern automobile were long enough the au- that the value should be prudent in-, _ _. _ agould Council; 4 for Jonesboro times, M. le Dantee, tells us that tomobile would be a self starter One ~estment plus an amount for iffcreas-I Sublaco Arkana Council and 4 for Poplar Bluff, Me., ,'many call themselves Atheists with. is therefore driven back to a" first the price level made necessary I ~ a.8 Council The first and second de out knowm what the mean' " - " g y . I say cause by past supreme court decisions; and I