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March 22, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 22, 1930

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PAGE FOUR CARD. DOPGHERTY Council and the Advisory Board of MAKES STATEMENT the Catholic Students Travel League. TO INDIA'S PEOPLE The chairman of the Executive Coun- (By N. C. W. C. Fides News Service) cil is Rev. J. Coleman Nevils, presi- Madras, Feb. 25 His Eminence dent of Georgetown University, while Cardinal Deugherty, while in Madras the chairman of the Advisory Board during his brief visit to India, corn-Its the Very Rev. Thomas J. Deegan, THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 22, 1930 I at Nakadah, were a slender and]who possibly entered Egypt by way lightly built race, averaging belowI of Syria. five and a half feet' for the men and "It is further evident, however, five feet for the women. They were !that this growth was in no slight de- long-headed, dark-haired, oval-faced,I gree influenced by the Sumerian narrow-chinned, and with noses ,civilization which had even then rather slightly flattened than sharp, reached its height at about the very church, the rabbi of the and a prelate Of the dox church. The governing cc International Federation of gelical Workers' Leagues in Holland, have noted with mitred to the "Catholic Leader" of lpresident of Cathedral College, this the site on the highway for the cru- But they were decidedly not negroid, period when Neolithic men m Egypt events in Russia, which they Madras a message for the people of city. cifix." The men wore delicate moustaches were for the first time emerging into "show tha~ liberty of faith a His Eminence The Committee also has distributed and a sparse pointed beard In their the fullness of material civilizatian, science is rendered more and illusory by the brutality of the urea adopted. In the ~mLle' affiliated organizations of the era in Germany, SwitzerlandJ land, Denmark and Piland the torn of the league have the Church in India. Use Giant Liners. came by train from Colombo and was The League has' designated the a copy of the charter grantedby general physique they. showed, a close 1 * * * proceeding to Bombay, whence he Cunard Line as the official and ex- James II. relation with the Mediterraneant "Sumerian culture was ancient continued to Agra, Delhi and Calcut- clusive trans-Atlantic company in ..... stock of Europe 'when Egyptian culture was in its ta, and from this port took passage which its tour members will travel to CHICAGO K. OF C. PUT 116 "The innumerable graves in whi'ch nascent stage. Yet we must not, for Yokohoma, Japan. land from Europe. Tourist third ORPHANS IN HOMES IN 1929 we find their skeletal remains con- therefore, conclude that the latter q~he message of His Eminence, who cabin accommodations will be used in stated a~ first of oval and later of was lacking in originality. is the first Cardinal to visit India, is ]the main, and the travelers are as- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) rectangular pits, in which their bodies "The historical Egyptians them- as follows: sured of the utmost in comfort and Chicago, Ill., March 14. The were laid sidewise, usually parallelselves of the later dynasties knew "Having attended the jubilee exer- service on such well known vessels Catholic Home Finding Association to the flow of the Nile. They were no more than we can know today of eises of Our Holy Father Pope Pins as the Berengariaand Aquitania,of Illinois, a Knights of Columbus not extended straight, but folded in the prehistoric periods or even of Rome. Bisho O'Hara, Auxili- among XI m " P t -" others. - activity, placed 116 orphaned children a crouched position, technically the f~rst three dynasties which now cry Bishop of Philadelphia, and I are two tours, the itineraries of which in Catholic family homes during the known as 'embryonic,' their knees are strictly historical. In fa, ct, they ...... wa- of the Pa cal| for visits to France, Geraany year ending March 1, according ~o drawn up towards the chin, their knew decidedly less. Manetho enu- returning nome uy ~ " ' ........ ~ ' arms beni at the elbow, and their merates successive dynasties of gods, cific and in so doing I seize the op.]and ,Switzerland, are of thirty-two ~ne ilgures, recency made pum-c oy portunity of fulfilling a dream which days duration at an all-inclusive price ~upermtenuen~ ~uwara nounnan, hands lifted to cover the face. A slate followed by demigods and other ,. . ,^~'QQ~ c~.. ~ ........ ql run a week who is also the State Deputy of Illi- palette, used for grinding the green kings, until we finally come to a I have fostered for many years, ~na~ ~ ~o ................ . ..... :.~, t~ in.~ia Ior more longer. Two special tours of nora and a member of the supreme dl- face paint might be placed in their kingdom of departed spirits and demi- ~ ~.~,~ v " " ' r ct r "I have been suzprised at the rust 59 days will cover practically all of e' o ate of the K. of C. hands or at their breast. They were T gods, showing how vague that distant - Jthe western and southern parts of Eighty-five of the children placed further abundantly supplied withI misty past was to the Egyptian mind. lains through which we passed since' . . , - ~ P ........ and Europe and will include Ireland, Eng- ihave been legally adopted b~ their vessels of food as well as with orna- Egypt in Two Parts our entrance m~o inDia a~ t~eyion . t . ....... their culti land~ Germany, Austrm, France, fostel parents, the report showed ments, weapons and implements of coum no~ nelp remarking I historic evidence is that two kindred .... ked w; Italy, Switzerland and Czechoslov-lThe report also'included a compila- every kind, including beads of car-I "What we do know with sufficient vaion ~verywnere we leo . ,. ttion of the work done in the 15 years he!inn or agate, rings, bracelets and traces of the Mediterranean stock in- beheld green fields of rice which give akin. . . , . [oI :ne organization s existence show- pendants of stone. Thus provided, romise of a bountiful harvest South and the North, as these re- P - " ...... ~T,~ ~U~,~= ing that a total of 1,648 homes have they were believed to be ~fu-]ly pre-ihabited Upper and Lower Egypt, the "We hatheb::tnv~pec:ial~edc~gh:~id "uLr"~TO'~BE~R~;SED ON been found for Catholic orphans m pared to enter upon their new life in gions are called. But the Northern- to behold t Y " ~,IR,-I~TI~ Ul,-HU,Aylthe state and that of the children that future world which so profound-! era, or inhabitants of the Delta, had .... " t " '~ ~" "~ '" '~ " ly engaged the attention of the Egyp- I apparently arrived later and were at mmslons m this country as mamfes - "" N C W C Service" Iplaced a total of 1,003 have been le- ed. by the variety and extent of its ........ ~Y .... re" "~ ) The Jgaliy ..... auop~eo tians from the first, as indeed it wasI _,:_: ..... ~..~;~.~.~ o,~n educational rucnmona, va., iua n i~. " " never entirely lost to sight by any]lasterners,cmpletelywho thereafterSUbdued by theclaimedSOuth-both lns~l~utmns["~s'"~'~' ~-,~.~,~ --'~,,,,~, ~, . ......... ..... n a design and inscription for the shrine] An analysis of the report for 1929 race. ]the White Crown of Upper and the - ' a roadside crucifix in brdnze---land of previous years indicate that par with those in Europe and Ameri- . ~" i te of infants under one year, have f rat ca Too much -raise cannot be given which the Hlstomcal Commit e Not Mummified i Red Crown of Lower Egypt. Their " P , ~ ~atholic Woman's Club of this tchance for finding homes, while those"The bodies of the dead were not to the Hierarchy, priesthood and sis ...... ' I ' as yet mummified, but might at times Ipriaterulers to~Uldthemselvestherefre thenWtitleappr'of terhoods at work in India who, in city proposes to erect on the Jeffer-lf~m oneto three,yeai:s are m second be wrapped in skins of animals, prop-I 'Lord of the Two Lands,' lord namely .... ~----:-- '-~ their na son Davis Highway at a spot 14 miles I P ace. ~as: year s to~al mcludeu 7Z erly coffined in boards, or covered by ! of the Upper Egyptian Vulture, sym- mos~ instances, a~vm~ *~ " I ~lVe ..... lanes, are u~vo~,,s' ..... :-- ~,,~-- ,~-elfiain- north of Fredericksburg, to mark the tunder one year, and 35 between one a semi-spherical pottery urn or bowl, I bolizing the vulture goddess Neck- der of their lives to the evangeliza- s~te of the first Enghsh Catholic set-[and three )ears, a total of 107 out tested against the measures by the Soviet as a means to an end all religious Men and women of all faiths and groups in Los gather together on to register their protests Soviet anti-religious pro mass demonstration is sl the Rt. Rev. John J. Cantwell, of Los Angeles and San Diel Rev. E. P. Ryland, executi~ of Los Angeles Church Fedt and Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin. Members of the St. Vi~C Paul Society, who shared th' with the Holy Name societi~ ducted a quarterly meeting ~01 the breakfast. Among the g~ the breakfast were Mayors~ McGarr of Coral Gables anJ Reeder of Miami Orla_nd chosen as the meeting place'I next reunion~ .~ COMMUNISM SPREADS TO AFRICA; NATIV~ UNREST NEAR Ib~ Durban, South Africa, (N. C.-Fides), March 10 Recea~ outbreaks of South African bore a distinctly according to an Rev. Dr. L. Sormany of the ral Rectory, Durban. "It is difficult to estimate fluence of so-called Comm~ the present day native unre~ Dr. Sormany. "There is I~ that certain individuals who~ ly are in the pay of a central ization are provoking nattY0 in various centers. One of eat signs is a strike among native employees at East" The leader has been put i! under the charge of inclti~ lence.The agitationfind~ /- sponmve element in the lo~ tion of India. And this praise must be extended also to the native In- dian clergy and Sisters who co-oper- ate with them in so effective and noble a manner . . .......... n twere placed last year as against 49 surface to the west of Fayyum were three successive kings who had "~,l~,hon~,h travelin~ as tourists ann lan~scapeu area. lne lnscrlpuon o . . ......... -- ~ . . Inoys and in the previous years 6'J connected by Petrie with the Solu- achieved and at last firmly estab- not making ourselve s known, our a plate fixed in the stones grouped at, . presence has been discovered and we the foot of the cross, is to read as tel- girl, s as against 43 boys. trean culture of the Old Stone Age lished this unification of all Egypt have met everywhere with outbursts lows: * I It may be because the quest for in Europe and so were considered the into one country. They appear to "W edica h t D~ ~a ch~Id ~s usually mltmted by the of cordial hospitality and kindness, e d te t is image of he'- ..... be contemporaneous with it. On this have been 'The Scorpion,' the con- . ' !lonely wife, who wants a girl corn- eviden,ce were founded the early quering Narmer, and Ahai or Aha. __At._the various stations along the rail- vine._ Victim of Intolerance, as a me- 'panion,"i Supt Houlihan said "or it dates assigned by him even for the The deed of all these three are be- ...... Bisho-s ,~riests and laity have mortal of the first grant of religious , ;::orded us'amost' gracious recep-' toleran~ce in Virginia, and of the men I, may be that the girls are just a shade First Dynasty itself. But it should ]ieved by Hall to have been ascribed more appeahng, or that there are be set down as a principle of all arch- to one single Menu or Meni, the tion which we prize and for which we who procured it from the CatholicI .... eology that parallel cultures in dif- Menes of the Manetho list. Both ...... e" extremel-- Kin'- James II " ,more of them But don't draw ~oo are gra~e~ui, we regr ~ Y~ ~' " ] " " ferent cuntries by no means imply [Narmer and Aha seem to have borne that because of lack of time we areI In making public the design forlfirm conclusmns, for there have been contemporary dates. There may be the appellation Men, but the first years when more boys than gul~ were unable to'visit other cities in India the shrine, and its inscription, the lp*aceo" '" in~ "l~z4 ...... ~or instance' 58"~ boys- " Ia difference of thousands of years, of these may have been the really of which we have read and which are Committee. states, as follows .the his- tw " " . ,, ,We can conclude with certainty to I important rules whose reign, at the famous in history. We shall bear torical facts wtnch the roadside cru-/ TheP~:::dc:nd ;r:lY 43 girls, l only a Neolithic Age, followed by a most conservative estimates, must e to the benefl with us the pleasantest recollections cifix will perpetuate: ' " ' '- Chalcolithic period in Egypt have begun at about the year 3300 ciaries, both the children and the of our short passage through this' "In 1647 Giles Brent, once Lieu- Second Stock or 3500 B. C." * * * tribalized, emulating the s eciall the: . , couples taking them But all place- wonderful land, and e p y tenant Governor of MarylanD, and " " "Apparently a new wave of im ...... show of European c liza tI meats are preceded by a rigid laves are swayed by the oratorical memory of that spot on which S. Margaret Brent, his sister, the first ti a'mn ....... -migration, consisting of a tribe ,close- ALL FAITHS DECRY SOVIET .......... th ....... g ~" o~ ~ne ~amily, ~neir religious " " n man the A osue was u~ o (~ea man ~o claim -r o - p P i wo a vo~e in Amemca, ..... o Madras s~a~us oeing the paramount issue ly related to the original Egyptians, WAR ON RUSSIAN CHURCHES of many of their own counff for the faith near the city f ' i and the first English woman to open Abilit t r ' " entered the country at an early date "The Catholic Church ~e rmer tomb m the Cathe y o ear and educate the child and of his fo " - a school for Indian children, crossed . " and was finally followed by what H.New York, March 15.---Counter- has been drawn into the di~ ~ " ore We~. ......... .. is also a necessary requirement but . dral of San Theme iviyiop . the ro~omac and ~OOK up lana in ~ne . ' " R. Hall believes to have been an!demonstrations and protests from of native unrest. Some , , , . wealth on the part of the fester par- entirely foreign race, or probably thei Catholics all over the world have natives have joined the I. C trust that his death will not have been then far west of the young colony ents .... " od i .... , ls no~ a requisite. m vain and that m the mercy of G , of V~rglma. With them came their Th same told-Asiatic origin as the Euro- been raised against the intensified Industrial andCommercial .... a sa i ........ e essential work of the associa- , , I V1 India in its entire~y win one a, y y,rien(~s ann servants, ann ~nese ~ew .. " man 'Dominus ' " ' "' i "" ~lon is seeking out childless homes penn Alpine or Armenoid stock We~ war upon religion by the So "et gov- This association covers an eg* together with St. The : were the lone outpost of wnl:e c wn- m .... ' . : would thus have two of the three]ernment, according to reports re-ly large number of activitieS, ' , ,, ~ ;., lne orpnans are rea(liiyob~a;neo meus et Dens meus. zation against the wilderness anti uie . " great European Neolithic strains rep-'ceived here, while Protestant andevidently engineered in s~ " item the orphanages, and ,county ~avage. court wards. Absolute secrecy is resented,, also in prehistoric Egypt. l Jewish" societies' of all kinds haveChr;stian sDirit. Of co CARDINAL O'CONNELL AND Their nephew, George Brent, suc- . ....... The last newcomers here referred joined with Catholic organizations in Catholi,c authorities have q~ Icecded them in leade~shi He be guavanteeu, ann umess the ~oster to were large-boned broad-faced, pew-la general outcry against the present the I. C. U. and no native LEADING EDUCATORS ALSO [ P " " " " _ .- [parents themselves tell, no one knows erfu] men, with skulls of medium i torrent of Russian religious hatred, or remain a member of ths FAVOR MOVEMENT TO 'came teh Chfef Ranger and the Col-I .... ;' .... ; ..... ,. .. rna~ ~neir eidm is no~ of their own length and a high brain capacity. We ~ Catholics, Protestants and Jews of tion and go to the sacrarC SERVE TOURISTS lector o~ raxes in tne i,~ortnern ,, , : . , { DlO0(1. h i tNee' and was the only Catholic morn- .., ~ see t em represented later in the I Belfort, France, recently met in the order to counteract in a Patrick her of the House of Burgesses flpr-~inesedxs-te~:, u~cc~ ,as ~ m agalns~ ~ ePar-e~n-ts-arehln :~i:: courts of the pyramid-building Pha-lcity hall to register a protest against the effects of that orgs li~ New York.--His Eminence, , P r'o-~in~l Ha-ca Archb{sho- of New whom we have any record. He was a, . .. ' ........ ~ raohs of the Early Dynasties The Ithe Russian persecution, during which ~uthorlties have estat [is} "'*~'~" " ~ ' ~ ~ ,~ , .... I OI the assoc!auon ~o place a Chile York who has ~ust returned from his great bulwark to the uomiues in tne~r ] ............ artistic and cultural impulse which meeting messages to the "martyrs" Catholic African Union vhi , ~ ......... ~na~ ~s pnysma,ty or men,any sun-now rapidly manifested itself may in were read by the archpriest of Bel- most successful meeting at ad limina visit with His Holiness, defense agama: ~ne inmans. I normal Pope Pins XI in Rome, heads the] "He bought 30,000 acres of land part at least be due to these people, fort, the pastor of the Evangelical hill in January.." list of dignitaries of the Catholic from Lord Culpeper, between the] and the Potomac riv-IARCHEOLOGICAL STORY OF [ .== .- . "~" __-. =:= Church who ~tre in accord with the Rappahannock objects of the newly-formed Cat.helle era. partly in what is now Princel EGYPT TOLD BY JESUIT Students Travel League. Catalinal William County. On February 10, (By N~ C. W. C. News Service) Hayes today gave his official endorse- 1686-7, over the signature of James St. Louis, March 23. Tracing the ment of the organization. The ha- II, King of England, he received a history of Egypt from the earliest tional headquarters of the League are charter of religious toleration. The days of its existence definitely lo~ated at No. 551 Fifth Avenue, this charter, copied from the orginal by known to historians, the Rev. Joseph city Mr. W. B. Chilton, is in the Virginia Husslein, S. J,, Director of the So- His Eminence, Cardinal Hayes, has'Historcal Magazine for July, 1909: ciological Department of St. Louis always been interested in the spir- ' Wee do accordingly give and itual education of the young people grant unto the Pet'rs and to all and ef his archdiocese. His official en- every Inhabitants which now are or dorsement of the Catholic Students hereafter shall bee settled in the said Travel League gives added impetus towne and Tract of Land belonging to the project in the Catholic insti- to them . . . the free exercise of their tutions under his jurisdiction. The religion.' Cardinal recagnizes the educational "This was a great exception to the benefits of a visit to Europe an'i] es- political and religious history of the pecially under proper guidance, time, when the laws of the nations Audiences With Pope. [and colonies, except Catholic Mary- William Cardinal O'Connell, Arch- land, tended to exclude and penalize bishop of Boston, and three hundred all but those of the established faith. church dignitaries and leading edu- cators at Catholic colleges and schools throughout the United States also have endorsed the program of the The first use of the charter of tolera- tion in the hands of a Catholic, from a Catholic king, was to invite the ha- rassed Hugenots of France to share League. This list includes the presi- this blessing. These facts, so hen- dents of the leading Catholic univer- orable in the Catholic History of Vir- ities and schools, i ginia, will be neglected only to our The League serves the travel re- shame. University, in his weekly lecture on Sunday over Station WEW here, de- scribed the development of the Egyp- tian stock to its period of highest culture and power in Biblical times basing his story on the finds of archeologists. Father Husslein said in part: "The date of the First Egyptian Dynasty, according to the most con- servative estimates, can be placed no later than the year 3300 B. C. Be- hind this lies a vast stretch of pre- history the events of which can only be vaguely guessed b~, us. And yet it is no exaggeration to say that, in ~t material way at least, we quite per- fectly and familiarly know the earl- iest Neolithic inhabitants of the great Nile" Valley. "The first discovery of these pre- historic people was made hrough the excavators conducted ~t Nakadan by Flinders Petrie, in the year 1895. His conclusion, however, that these earliest Neolithic Egyptians were a ra,ce entirely different " from the later historic dwellers in the same region is at present universally re- jected. "The original Egyptians, as we now know them from their remains found in numerous cemeteries dis- covered since Petrie's explorations Little Rock, Arkansas For Boarding and Day Students A four year College offering courses leading to the Degre Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Philoso: Also offers Pre-Medical, Pre-Legal and Commercial C (Three Year Course leading to the Degree, Ph. G. Modern and well-equipped buildings, very strong Faculty, location unsurpassed for co ' venience, healthfulness and beauty. Rates Very Reasonable For Catalogue Apply to the Dean (Under Direction of the College.) A standard (Class A) High Scho l off r,.'n, a four year cour Courses: Classical, S ;entlflc. Commercial Modern equipment and strong f,c Reasonable Ral Apply to the Principal quirements of all Catholics planning~ trips abroad and affords all members on its tours the opportunity of see- ing the Holy Father in special audi- ence. Sixty-three attractive tours, each limited in the number of its membership, have been arranged by the League for 1930 and on most of the 'itineraries atten *d~nce of the Passion Play at Oberammergau is featured. A group of distinguished ecclesi- astics are members of the Executive "The sacrifices of the dead are the inheritance of the living. Let us pre- serve this legacy by a monument. Let it be the sign of the Cross, that common symbo~ of ull Christians" love and sacrifice. Let it tell of great men and great women and the brave part they played. Let that most sa- cred emblem be our Catholic pledge of undying devotion to those sacro- sanct principles of religious freedom and separation of church and state. "Let this glorious Catholic history