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March 13, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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March 13, 1920

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;00/US'IV CO G a o  "G the ,. (Y53 "talLa8 J"tle (ltlrl I nl tle b , UI',Wtl I L r't tlO[lse 415 3I ' ! Ilk__, 7 CAPITAL $200,000.00 SUlfl)LUS 30,600.00 We have increased our capital s'rock rom $100,000 to $kO,O00 and by sell- ing the new issue of stock at 20 per cent above our par ,aur surplus has been increased from $10,600 to $q0,- 00. This enables us to take still bet- er care of our present depo.itors as ell as new ones. E.g, la,d Ba.k H. T. McKINLEY .IEWELER Watches, Jewelry, Musical Goods, Watch and Jewelry Repairing. 706 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. A. V. ROGOSKI Both Phones 478 GAS FITTING Practieal Plulnbing, Hot Water and Steam Heating. Dealer in Pipe, Gas Fixtures, Hose Pumps, Etc. "5 FREE EXAMINATIONS Examinations given free. It will cost yvu nohing to obtain our opin- oa of your condition if you consult us ;at our office. DR. CLIFTON E. WHITNEY 501 1.2 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. Established 1890 Calls Answered Night or Day Office Phone 886 Res. Phone 106 HEART TO HEAI{T i,. IV h l? m i i l? A. m I'(}R l,,, l li l., SHIP ANI) MAR1HA(H,]. AI,'I:EC- TIONS ANI) PASSIONS. (Special To q'he Guardian Before 1800 youn men and women among' them ninny envave(t couples, at St Mary's Church, Boston, Mass., Rev. l[enry P. White, S. J., who ser- ved (luring" th.e war as chaplain of the 32d Division, and is now attached to THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 1920 PAGE SEVEN .llll lU i i beautiful scene, a beautiful painting SI'EAi(S WlSEIS 0N for themselves in the goods of life THE OUIJA BOARD IS P,GAN or beautiful statuary These affec- - than the produce. And whatever An unusual interest in what is lions shouhl bloom forth like a beau- I}URNINIi QUI'S Tlli ood comes to Russia from this ntis-called lhe "psychic" is sweeping over Jl:JL I lW,:l  cry surpassing that of the French the country in" a wave, coming, it ap- tiful flower while the roots are sink- ing deep into the soul. Revolution comes only from the re- pears from England, says the "New FATIII,',R WII1TE, S.J.. ADVISES ..................... Thece was read in every Rlntmlvolutionists adopting the methods or" World." One proof of its prevalence YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN 1N DEAl) WItO 1)IEI) Catholic church in the United Statesl capitalism. American capitalism has is found in the extraordinary sales of A LENTEN TAI,K ON COURT- FOR IRELANI) last Sunday the first pastoral letter no reason to shrink from compar]- ouij- boards and books on spiritual- written for 35 ye'rs. The oldest sur- son of w]mt it has done for the awr- ism. Buyers for department stores (By Jobn Boyle O'Rieliy) viving institution of men'never speaks age workers." They are better paid, were unable to obtain enough to sup- ligatlv, and now speaks witk wisdom fed, clothed an(1 housed at home or p]y the demand of the holiday geason. on manv burning questions. Its lan- at work than any others. Also ther I"The demand for ouija boards has in- The dead who died for h'eland Oh, .' guage s adapted to the issues ,)f the are better taught and better led, de- lcreased five hundred per cent within these are living words, times, and its lhought is characterized spite some exceptions, them those the last few months." said a depart- 'l'() n(q'e the hearts of patriots to by rejection of the remedies proposed foreigners who are striving o lead ment store biyer recently. "They are steel avenging swords ]by t.he social reformers, them in other directions, The follow- the mos popular playthings on the They thrill the. soul when spoken,[ On ev(,ry s(le, ne pastoral says, ers know lhis better than the leaders, market." and lowly bends the head, the conflict of cl,,t.,s with class threat- St. Mary's, described the pitt'alls of With reverence for the memories of ens to undo the >plendid things ac- The path of the, just man is the youth in a talk on "What to Do When all our martyred dea(t, c(mplished by the umon of all our MISSAl, for EVF, ItY DAY-MASS in shining' light, that shines more and Engaged." people, and to impo]- into this coun- English at TI-ILa BOOKERY. more unto the perfect day. It was the second talk in a series The de-td who died for Irelan(t--tlaeitry the evil:; which brought disaster noble ones the best. to Europe. The virus shouht be re- Who gave their lives for Motherland. move(l, not covered by expedients. who l)ou]d upon her breast, The movements which are convulsing on the various phases of the ]'ela- tionship of younl,  men and women to be delivered hy Ft. White, the first of which was .&qivered last Thurs- (lay on "What to Do While Courtin;z'." How I,ong Should One Court? In discussing problems which con- front engaged couples. Fr. White said: "The question naturally suggests itself. How long should one court? One should go courting as long as he is unable to find "out whether or not he has obtained a suitable perspn. How long" shouht that be? That de- )ends on the individual. But this we know, it should not l'tst beyond a 5,ear. One year should be lon enough to find a suitable one. Consult Your Pastor "You must consult your pastor to find out whether you are doing the riR'ht thing The pastor will give you the right information. The Catholic Chu}eh has been marrying fro' 20 cen- turies and she knows a good deal about these matters. "What iN a suitable person? First. health and strength. ] have no time for engenics or hygienics. I believe I am a little more than a monkey, that I did not evolve myself fro a degen- erate thing. You wouhl tbink we were raising stock. We do not want any more oitheir barnyal morality. You have t[{e morality built on th0. Ten Commgndments. Same Education "The couple should be of the same education, position in life, although this is not absolutely necessary But it goes a great way to make their union happy. A person who has not the same education does no feel at ease If the husband has a higher education, he may be ashamed of his Give Us a Trial ENTERPRISE HAT CO. Phone, Main 8565 We manufacture soft and stiff hat wife after a while. If of high social oft or Stiff Straw or Panama Hats standing, the husband may cast it up .Cleaned, Blocked and Retrimmed. No to her face. It has been done and it acids used on Panamas. causes a great deal of unhappiness.. Should Be of Same Religion "They should be of the same reli- gion. This is essential .for happiness. This is the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Catholics are generally un- happy when they marry outside the church. Church Dispensations "Supposing you ale engaged to someone you love very much, the church will" give you a dispensation. You .should tell him about your re- ligion so that he may be able to un- derstand what you believe. Religion is the essential hing. "Another essential thing is that the nersons should be of good character. They should be of serious disposition. Do not marry a person who is given to frivolty. There is no hope for the THURSTON & WASEM Proprietors. No Acids Us9d on Panamas. 00EBR00E P, ELKINS l BARBER SHOP [ Sharpens Safety Razor Blades of All Kinds The Most Slmp in the City 106 WEST CAPITOL AVE. ,1 IIIIIIIIIIIII!!11111111111111111151111111111111111ti Any Alumnae Association wishing person who is flSvolous. to purchase rosary beads r any other ,religious articles to be sent to the sol- .alters can obtain them at reasonable xates t The Bookery, 807 W. 2nd St. We have nice selections and orders .will be promptly filled. ,tiilll IIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIliIIIIIIIHUIIIIIiIll In freedom's cause the blood she ]order come from the depths of men's gave who, with their (lyinglsoul, nnd embody a (lemand fro" right, breath "if order is vo rest on the consent of Sent prayers to God to heal her the gove]aed." What we have chiefly woes---then sealed tlwir lave in tO fear is "educated intelli.tence." the death, parlor Bolsheviki not being men- tioned. Justice and charity are the The dead who died for h'ehmdHow needs of the times. Justice binds to hallowe.d are their graves! the keepin of agreements and ob- With all the memories f|sh and sewance of law, but the pastoral green, makes no mention of those who break Oh! how could we be slaves? agreements and wuht make law a How eouht we p'tient chink the mockery by the enactment of privi- ehain lege for t class. (.ha try is higher Itow could we fawn amt bow? even than justice, for it does now IIow couhl we crouch like mongrels await demand for the allowance of e ' right. When charity rules there wilI 'neath the k.eper s free, ruing brow? be no occasion to demand rights. The pastoral letter makes the first Ye dare not, men of Irelamt! y aplgication of these generalities to dare not thus disgrace social relations, but ends with plain The dead who ict for hland!--the remarks on the relations of capital and labor. The ssues are moral and guardians of your race. 'Twas the blackest sin to bear the religious, and call for recognition of the obligations imposed by charity yoke, 'twas crime to kiss the and justice. The first step" is that rod-- both capital and labor should concede Their very blood would rise and cry that the fights of all are superior to for vengeance p to God. the rights of either, that the rights of the community shall be preserved, Tlie dead who died :for h'eland: Ah. and that law and order shall be rc- what a sea of woes, spected. Thus the public will not With depths of foul oppression do suffer while the contention goes on those sacred words disclose; from one error to another. Neither On tht field and en the scaffold, and party eau prosper without the other, wherever men could die, but they ae bound 'together even They gave their priceless lives with- more by obligations than by interests. out a mourmur or a sign. They should meet as friends respect- ing each other rather than as op- The dead who died for Ireland! Oh, ponents. Good-.will is required more that they were still alive! than justice. The labo]i,r should re- They would trample on the fetters-- ceive a living wage, and capital gyve! should receive a fair day's work. They would fight for home and altar: America's opportunity must not be they would fight for name and sacrificed to selfish aims nor to par- race. tisan interests. We made war upon But they're dead; they died for Ire- greed and ambition; we shall not let land--who, oh! who will fill their them triumph ithin our boomers. place? At the week-end there was a revol- utionary strike in France, an an- Be proud, ye men of h'eland! Be mmcement of plans for "dirt ac- proud of those who died; lion" for the nationalization of the Never men o'er all the earth had British coal mines, and the organiza- greater, nobler cause for pride, tion by workers of the United States Hope and strive and league for free- for benefiting themselves at the cost dora. and again the souls wilt of others by the use of industrial ac- rise, lion' 'in politics. Within" the twelve Of the dead who died for Irelaad to months we have had' strikes inflicting cheer you to the prize, suffering of the quality of war, al- though wages were at their maxi- E'' Xq RAVAGANCE mum, and the cost of living was rais- ed by wastes o luxuries, diverting If the national appeal now made funds and work from the production can but convince the country of the of necessaries. The pastoral enlarges fo.lishness of extravagance, it will upon the wrong of such things. To serve an admirable, purpose. Extrav- the economist the folly [of it is un- agance nay have immediate social pardonable. And the folly seems You must antecedents, but it,. too, is a sign of proportioned to he extreme in which remember that you have to live With the condition of one's soul. Sanctity thu nostrums are administered. In them all your life. They should be moves always in the direction of sim- Russia revolt from Czarism and cap- able to carry, out the obligations of pie taste, restrained desires, joy in italism is followed by "industrial con- the married state, renunciation and prompt acceptance scription" in the name o freedom. of spiritual values. Extravagance The dictatorship of the proletariat Head Work Nfcessary , knows n(thing of these. We may be- has fixed its own wages, but no more "Having used your prudence, good wail it as a ocial menace, but we than here are they able to make more judgment, counsel, discretion, you must reject it infinitely more because o come now to make the proposal. Use it isasign of spiritual decadence. We * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * your heads. Do not be blinded by pas- I may borrow strength for the soul as  * sion or fancy. Use the ordinary pru- well as for social life, from the re- * ,ASTER CARDS * dence that you ,,,,ould use in transact- mark of the good colored woman who * ,;ASTER PICTURES * ing any business in life, amt this is said to a child in he1' care: "Nt * EASTER EMBLEM * the most serious beusiness in life. If wanting things is better than having ' * them."--Cathblic World. * REAL WORKS OF ART * you are in passion and losing your head, go out and think. They say A CRUCIFIX IN EVERY CATHOLIC * BOOKER309 W. 2nd St. * love is blind." Sometimes I believe it HOME--Get yours at * when I see the people that get mar- THEBOOKERY, 309 W. 2nd Street , , , MA00 Pray for Light -- ................. ' ...... ! .... . ...... ' ' matter. Pray for light. Ask the Holy Ghost to direct you. 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ARKANSAS FARM HOMES WHITE, COUNTY HILL LANDS PROSPECTUS FOR CATHOLIC FAMILIES Not for SpeculationNo Fictitious Values No Inflated Boom Values MOST DESIRABLE PARCELS FOR HOMES Soil--Rolling Hill Land--Small Creek Bottoms. Crops--Staples, with open seasons for double crop system- Cotton, Corn, Wheat, Rye, Potatoes, Grasses. RIGHT IN THE STRAWBERRY ZONE OF ARKANSAS Live Stock ]VERY ACRE ADAPTED FOR GRAZING, W I D E RANGE of PASTURE VALUE TIMBER--MANY FARMS Location CENTRAl, ABOVE FLOODS ABOVE MALARIA ABOVE SEA LEVEL 5OO FEET WITH UNCLEARED ACRES. Right in Center of White County--9 miles from City of Searcy--our County Seatwith Station on Me. & No. Ark. R. R, Connecting with Main Line of Mo. Pa, R. R., at Kensettll mile run--60 n from Capitol City, Little Rock. 300 miles from St. Louis, Mo. Good Shipping ] a cili. ties on direct railroad from Joliltn, 1:o, to Helena, Ark. Present movements assure good roads in every direction. Ten years ago the Dioe;ae of Lttil Reek purchased the Famous Armstrong Spring--with its" commodious Hotel and vts00r!00 o, 0 ..,. .-- WHY W___E Equipped a fine' Church, Section has been AD thoroughlynon.Catholic until a fe years ago. A few Catho!ie families acquired homesPast year several more beca e our neighbors--nw we have promise of four more families. WE WANT A PARISH, , ill i WE HAVE THE CHURCH AND PRIEST WE ONLY NEED THE CHILDREN TO HAVE SISTERS AND SCHOOLS YOU ARE NOT DEALING WITH "LAND SHARKS--BUT WITH RESPONSIBLE  PER- . SONS, INTERESTED IN BUILDING UP A PARISH. For Further Information--Visit or Write E. W. KETTLER, Armstrong Springs, Ark. Or Rev. Gee. H. McDermott, . Guardian Office, Little Rock, Ark.