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March 13, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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March 13, 1920

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MARCH 13, 1920 i i m i i ii College, A ademy mercals, however', managed to score flummery. To them words are like I'R01)UCIS' '' DII{ECT TO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND ing alone at dawn en a great platform. C in the sixth, which lead was imme- tools or machinery; if they serve the CAPITALISM of a fact.pry, with its hundreds of,' and %h Ol diately declared null and void when purpose, all right; otherwise life is TF',,!: CONSUMEI{ windows, New England type. The * 0 the Academics pushed.a run through too shol to be bothering with them. (By Frank- P. Walsh) chihl was looking up at the windows,, in their part of the seventh The Some of our would-be I leaders of The Divine injunction that we must and the inscription under the picture LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE. Commercials went to hat in the last thought would' be shocked into think- FARMERS US1 IIAVE PRICES earn our bread by the sweat of our was this: "An independent American of the seventh, and scored again upon ing if they heard ordinary nen sizing TO PAY COMPETING WAGES hrow, and the elf, errs .to ewule and worker." She was going there to bar- Rifle Range errors and again took the lead. The them up in hrief contempt as: "That TO HELl'. avoid it, are the sole cause fvr the ter the strength of her little body, and Of late 'the work on the College Academics came in determined to fell.ow has more jaw titan gray mat- institution and the maintenance of the first feeble movement of her little. rifle' range hag occupied a position of break the lead and win, when sudden- ter," or: "He talked a lot but he didn't Denying emphatically that the governmen among mean. What is brain for food for that day. Out of much prominence among the school [y the game was stopped by the Rev. say anything." farmers would strike, or that they called a just law of economics and that came t,o me new understanding activities. And, as is the case with Prefect vn account of lack of time, Use of Slang. would join the radical forces m this human conduct, oftentimes when it of the words "collective bargaining.'" all worklly things, this career of.ira- and the victory declared for the Corn- Another word dearly beloved of the country, Mile D. Campbell, of CoM- comes to be applied, is considered, if My good friend, Dr. Ferguson, author portance must have had a beginning, mercials, pretentious is "psychology." With water, Mich., president of the Nation- not denounced, as a mere social the- of "The Rligion of Democracy," de- Well, it undoubtedly began last week when 'the bearers of the purple and The Academics having made no them "the psychological moment" is a al Milk Producers' Federation, stated pry that ught to have no place in fine(1 it as "a device to prove'n( well- agreement to play only seven innings, cherished expression. They will tell in a recent address that the farmers practical life. Theory must give way fed persons from driving hard bar- white took another, and a far-reach- declare that the deal was father"raw," you with a knowing look that "psy- would organize in order that they to the stirring necessity of the day. gains with hungry ones." ing step, 'along the flowery path of victory, hich they have been hap- and the Commercials, in their love of Ch.ological insight is the essential of might sell their products direct to So-called property rights must be No human being was ever found pily following for some time. This true sport, hink likewise. The'efol"e, success." On the other hand there the consumer, looked upon in their true relation to that could be trusted with arbitrary no decision can be given as to the are countless thousands who have no The pluses( conditions of the fazn- human rights, and the human rights, Fewer. No human agency was ever" tiveStePrifleWaS teamtakenofWhenthe Collegethe representa-R. O. T. championship of the school. However more use for the word, "psychology" ers, Mr. Campbell described as pro- in last analysis, are the subject o established that could bring abot. C. Unit badly defeated the University as a few o the Commercial team can than they have for a pet armadillo: carious for the Nation. Because of every-day.(liseussion and every-day entire justice upon earth. But thee of Arkansas team, the Little Rock not see where the Academics .have a For them psychology is "dpping it the high waes paid in other lines, application in juxtaposition to prop- is in the world an indestructible pas- team scoring 698 to the 623 made by right to "kick," the series has been out," "the psychological moment" is he said, it was becoming impossible erty rights, sips for justice. All history declares the University squa d. Each team merely disregarded by the majority "the time to get busy," and psycho- for the farmer to get the hands to The employers' property right, that this no less than the law of God. shot on their owr range, and the re- of both teams. The Commercials are logical insight" is "getting his sum- harvest the crops, as no young men of conducting his private business sults of the shoting were telegraphed as a body (we do not deal with ex- ber." Slang? Of course, but what were left on the faiThS, without interference, is in process of An Old Pagan Practice to their respective opponents imme- cop(ions) unwilling to take the game of that? Are words our servants or He cited the case of Ypsilanti, Mich. adjus.tmen td thd laborer's human As a matter of fact, it is not an up- din(ely after the scores were made. under the stated condit!)ns, and the our masters? The slang of yesterday where there was not a man working right, that of living and growing in to-date minute diversion. All modern The Colltge team was composed of Acadetrcs are just as unwilling to is in the dictionary of today. The on the farms less than 57 years of life and protecting those near and fvrms of divination are as old as the' Sergt. D. Fletcher, Captain Jackson, ooncede it. people nmke the vernacular, age. In the entire country there are clear to him. The world war which world. The use of the ouija board is PriVato: Carter, Corporal Vaught The class games are now over, as Slang properly considered is an il- more than 500,000 vacant temmt has wrenched the world out of its set- the twentieth century's dip into an- Sergeatt Fletcher was high gun, mak- the real spring training must start, lustrativn of the xiom: "A straight farms, he stated. (led adjustment, has thrown this prob- cient paganism, for the little board ing 42 out 9f" a possible 150. Prof. MeNair LectUres. line is the shortest distance between "There are but two solution.s to this lem befm'e us, aml we must meet it. has been known in China for centuries, Encouragd by this victory; Captain Upon the evening of March 3, the two points." In the English lan- great problem," he said. "one of them The question at issue is that of collec- and acknowledged there as a means of McCullough sent challenges  many students were treated to a lecture giv- guage almost all the every-day words is radical Socialism, and God forbid rive bargaining, spirit intercourse. Other pagan races schools throughout the southarn de- en by Prof. McNair, agricultural rep- --albeit many of them are not polite that such blight shall ever come to I think of an illustration that I saw indulged in these same popular prac- par(men( of R. O. T. C. institutions, resentative for the University of Ark- --are words of one syllable. They this country, in a paper some years ago that typi-" (ices, until they were condemned by ansas, Fayetteville. His talk was very stand for thought "stripped for ac- "The other is to relieve the farn fled better than anything else I have the law of Moses. They gradually fell Camp in April interesting and gave the studenk ties." from the embargoes and restraints of ever seen the economic strength or away under the light of Christianity In the latter part of April, the on- many very valuable hints and ideas law that enslave the farmer's pro- weakness of an individual acting until revived by a pleasure-crazed tire unit fully equipped with dom- Real Eloquence that wouhl require a lifetime to ac- In case you happen to be a devttee ducts and make him the prey of corn- alone. It was a little child, thin-leg- modern worhl. Catholics will have plete packs, will hike to the Camp quire by xperience. of eloquence study will prove to you binations in the marketing of his god, long-armed, small-bodied, stand- nothing to do with the'things. Pike rifle range, where they wilt re- The professor talked mainly as re- main for a week, drilling and practic- gards "man power" in agricultural that eloquence does not depend upon crops. I-[e must have a pmce for his ........................ ing on the range. At the end of this pursuits, and we d) not need to com- lengthy phrases. Read L/ncoln's Get- crops that will allow him to pay corn- .:. ....................................................... o[. poring wages for help. . week a eam of riflemen will be se- men( that his ideas, based upon actual tysburg Address. It is a brief oration "To be more specific, the farmers '0000dtrprse"`0000pfh00ush00`dw000000ds00b00teah Mt St Mary's Academy ! ne of them has been drenched for of this country must have the right competition shoot of the southern de- ansas, were excellent in the extreme, centuries with the toil, tears, inspira- [ to sell collectively their produce. par(men(, which takes places between His talk convinced one and al that ties and dreams of millions of ordi- [ "The farmers are not trying to be- the 1st and 10th of May. This on- farming isas truely scientific as any nary English-speaking folk. You may I come tradesnmn; they do not want to Under (lie Direction of eampment is a yearly occurrence, and pursuit in the catalogue of employ- recall thal certain Americans once destroy the business of the merchant, is always hailed with enthusiasm by merits for men. Said that Lincoln was an ignorant hut they do propose to divide with THE SISTERS OF MERCY the students. Free Day Enjoyment back-woodsman. Not only big trees consumers some of the profits that "PULASKI HEIGHTS, LITTLE ROCK, ARK. L. R. C. Class Tournament As Washington's birthday fell upon but also big mort'grow in the back- are being absorbed by useless sponges The tournament announced in last SUnd'ay, he students were given a week' paper was most successful It free day on the .following Thursday. words. If you doubt it, read Amcr- on the way between the farm and the St. Mary's Academy is situated on Pulaski Heights, one of Little "s r " family which has to buy food and Rock's most beautiful suburbs. The building stands 350 feet above might'be truthfully said that the It came as a surprise, for the stu- ican lu, toy. clothing in the city." the city. It is reached by electric cars, a twenty minutes' ride from : greater part of this success is to be dents had considered that this holiday the Iron Mountain station. claimed by the College' Fresbmen, who being upon the Sabbath, was lost, as FAMOUS TREE ON MOUNT Mr. Campbell said that "the woo] The grounds are extensive, surrounded in part by a sturdy pine with apparent ease took the cham- far as omitting school was concerned. OF OLIVES FALLS growers o the counhT have learned growth, a healthful protection. A fine campus gives the pupils plenty from sore experience how to deal di- of room for outdoor games. pionship, ever losing a game, al- So when it was announced that Thurs- rectly with the mills without buihl- though two games were played each day was to be a holiday all were hap- During a :snowstorm the famous THE ACADEMY RECEIVES BOARDERS AND DAY day, the most important of which was py, and each lad began to plan a flood tree, "El Butini," in "the Garden of ing fortunes each year for those wlo STUDENTS. IT OFFERS YOUNG LADIES ALL THE the decisive clash in which the Col- time. Gethsemane, was blown down. Ac- neither toil nor spin." ADVANTAGES, OF A THOROUGH AND REFINED legians won by totally smmhing  the The walk was to Mill Pond, a very cording to tradition, this tree would EDUCATION. good record of the Commercial team, beautiful spot located about six miles fall when the Turkish empire fell. i Starts Spiritualism Academic, Commercial, Preparatory and Primary Courses are and breaking their hearts, hrought from the College. We will nt go into Twice it was bound with i]n braces "Thel'e can be no doubt," said an offered. the Victory to the College camp. the details of the day, as the boys en- to support it. The occurrence has ira- expert retail book man in another Special advantages in music, Voice, Expression and Art. The tournament was exciting from joyed' themselves in a thousand differ- pressed the population, store, "that spiritualism and occult- The course includes French, Spanish and Latin and are taught without extra charge. start to finish/ Every game was a ent ways. In the Garden of Gethsemane haw ism are gaining" rapidly." The con- For Further Information Address battle with no quarter asked or given. ThO Cadet Corps marched to the stood for many years eight olive version appears to start in most cases Especially Interesting was the battle camping place and the drill was a trees, tradition dating them back to with the purchase of a ouija b.oard..[. THE MOTHER SUPERIOR between the lowly academy Freshmen model of discipline and order, the ime of Christ. Theil. age-split It is followed by delving into spirit- . ....................................  .... 2 ............. ,:* and their seniors of one year, the On the return trip, Major Williams, trunks for years have been bound tualism through the medium of psy- Sophomores. The Sophs won the with most of the officers and the first with iron and shored up with st.nes, chic fiction. This phase leads to a de- , ......... . game, but they .have no reason to two squads of Company A. started rut High prices have been obtained for mand for deeper works on psychic re- erW over their victory, as it would over the mountains in an endeavor to the oil from their olives and goodly[serch. "Raupert? Liljencrantz? LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE seem that some one handed' them a make a record march home. Their prices rcalized from the le of rosa- You tell me they are Catholic author- &eg of horseshoes toward the end of wildest hopes led them to expect to ties made from the stones. It is-ities on spiritualism? No, we haven't the game. reach the College in an hour, and fif- doubtless one of these ':rees to which any of their w'orks in stock. There PULASKI HEIGHTS. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS For he freshmen, Burner( and teen minutes, as the march had to b the dispatch refers, is no call for them." About seven miles from the heart of the city:, Its situation is a Smith were the particular stars. While made over cliffs and  through ravines, . , , very happy one, for the undoubted advantages o a city like Little the duel between B. Smith and broth- and among thick shrubbery. But the ....................... '**-- ................ ':' Rock are combined with those that accrue from restrictions consequent e'rs interested the bystanders, record was made and we here confi- on an out-of-town situation. SUBIACO COLLEGE NOTES dently state that it will. be ,a long Ut In Omnibus Glorificetur Deus. The extensive grounds of forty acres are located in a remarkably "That God Be Glorified in All Things" picturesque spot between Forrest Park and the Country Club. ' time before that record will be broken. Sergeant Major Robertson entered the Easily accessible from Little Rock by the Pulaski Heights street Basket Ball campus at exactly 54 minutes afte The Academy of St, Joseph car line. The .third game between the Aca- the march began. The rest of ,the demie an4 Commercial classes was b0y s marched up in perfect order a o 00Cen'or played Wednesday afternoon Since minute or so aftevard. Bu many Unit-R O T C each side could claim a victory over of.them had not stood the pace, for. O0 (lie other, the rivahT was intense and upon "counting noses," it was found A BOARDING SCH L FOR YOUNG GIRLS CLASSICAL, SCIENTIFIC, ENGINEERING AND COMMERCIAL COURSES, PREPARATORY, HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE DE- .the playing b.ordeed upon despera- that about ten of the original party PARTMENTS. Hhest standard of studies. ThoroUgh Discipline. ties. Every lad in the game was had fallen out. CONDUCTED BY Uymnasum, Physicul ,Culture, Athletic Field. fightirrg to. win from start to, finish. [ The game opened with the commer- ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY  ACCREDITED TO cials :in the field and the classical stu- THE SISTERS OF THE ORDER OF ' i v.s. MILITARY ACADEMY--WEST POINT dents wielding the willow. Robert- 10,00O, Alumni University Get Fund  AND ALL STATE UNIVERSITIES " :t son did the twirling for the book- Ten thousand Alumni of St. Louis ST. BENEDICT ! :" keepers. By a brilliant double play, Univerty are preparing to boost a FOR TERMS CALL OR WRITE ! the Academic were tired without a big campaign for increasing the uni- ST. SCHOLASTICA'S CONVENT REV. H. A. HEAGNEY, A. M., President , ,scpre. The Commercials, in their half versity's funds. Like other educa- i ')Scqred Several rrs, and hit the offer- tional institutions, St. Louis Univer- Little Rock College, Little Rock.,Ark, rags vf C Murphy pretty hard. WhL sity needs money to keep up her high SHOAL CREEK, ARKANSAS Welephoue: Woodlawn 530 t" led w's overcome by the Academics standards in the medical, law. finance, 'm e next inning and 2en Williams scientific and ther departments. " ......................................................................................... : 'went in tq pitch for ,the lovers of Better equipped laboratories and ................................... : . . , . .... : Greek, He had a pleasing variety ,of improved buildings are essenUal for ...... :' ................................................... tml's.aiid plenty of speed, bus his the high standard compatible with a St A n e' A d SUBIACO COLLEGE , " control Was a nissing quantity lie place among the best educational in- n s c a emy lasted two innings, but managed to stitutions. hold the game pretty well in hand. As St. Louis University has been , Robertson ,soon had to be. "jerled," in the educational world for over 100 FOR GIRLS - ' .and ihe furth inin'g opened .with gears, this appeal is expected not only SUBIAC0, ARKANSAS our .two str pitchers working against to reach the Alumni, but also all those FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS who are interested in advanced edu- BOARDIN AND DAY SCHOOL FOR Classica and Commercial College With Preparatory Department co,. cation, CHILDREN AND YOUNG LADIES ducted by the Benedicthe Fathers DIFFERENCE IN EDUCATION Subiaco College is situated on a beautiful and picturesque emi- --  The currzcu]um includes all branches taught in hence between the Ozark and Magazine Mountains, the most charm- The "Looker-On," in a recent issue Grammar Grade and High School. Business Course ing and beautiful spot ,in Western Arkansas, and offers exceptional of the Boston Pilot, among many will be a promimnt feature. Music and voice a advantages to boys who desire a higher education. Removed from the - other god poins on popular educa- specialty. Terms moderate. " distractions.'of the city, ours is the ideal place for thorough study. The 'various dazzling curves. The Corn- ties, declares that: . For particulars apply to Sisters of Mercy, Fort building is absolutely fire-proof and equipped with modern conven- "Education is a sadly misused word, ......... Smlth, Ark. iences. The artistic new auditorium, the best baseball ground in Logan ,,, ,, ,-, , , , , ,, .,, ,. , ,., The current impression seems to be ' county, the artificial lake, new gymnasium, complete library and read- ,  that  ma who has spent several ing rooms, tennis, handball and basketball courts keep the boys accu- . years in schools is an educated per- ' St A 's A demy f0 B pied during hours of recreation. EASTER CARDS son and that one who has been too nne ca r oys EASTER PICTUR ,q * EASTER EMBLEMS: busy making a living to dawdle FOR PARTICuLARsADDRESS . through cOllege is an illiterate dlt. Fort Smith, Arkansas REV. BENEDICT BORGERDING, O. S. B., Rector REAL WORKS OF ART ', Yet the former is frequently the vic- Boys under twelve years of age are admitted as SUBIACO, ARKANSAS , tim of school-produced brain shock '--0@ W, 2nd St .... and the latter a self-taught master' boarders. Terms moderate. Residents of Little Rock may call for particulars at No. 815 Shcrml * of the "two=fold ].ogos," the thought ' For particulars apply to Sisters of Mercy. Street, or Main 5089 dnd ask for Representative of Sublaco College , * , * * * and the woil. Practical men hate word , t CAPI SUltl We h: rom $1 ing the cent ab been in 00. Tl er car ell as Eng Practic }ealer ) Exa ost y o of ;at our DR. Little. ] Call ()glee W r oft o ,Cleane( tcids u Sh Th 0011i]ii]ii Any ,to pur ' ,religio ,.diers , xates e "We h .will be ,Jllllllii HAV! El ,,CATH BE II CALE 1920 . or M Colds, ,:at bed gists.  REDU No. '2 - and N, L.C. : at hig bargai only s - tls. S' Pa -15.M 1085. Stat ytypew