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March 10, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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March 10, 1923

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FIVE ST. VINCENTS School of Adds Five to Its AlumnaeIEX- In New Home--Very March 1, the for Nurses at St. graduated five upon then1 succes:;ul efforts during, the re- of three years. in tile history of the vraduation a Dablic v.ure. The wih i++s cozy auditorium, though of affm&apos;ded tid: dcsir- Studc,t:, farewell Cfy and Cozy tastily decor- colors of black and Petite stage enmesh- scenery. gave oppor- of the invited the un dergradu- the families and graduating class of Nurse Corps of the Junior classes for the chor- to the au- appreciation of the of the The casual visitor scarcely obtain number, diversi- nts are in the daily services, but to With the gradu- the Training a force front, which Unknown accom- great institution in of the graduation ?ery pleasing and Though but several talented the graduating of interesting per- altatory the opening Present in these of mingled joy and here tonight, Sisters and truck in the reali- mainating goal at Years' earnest efforts to in the honor as a graduate of School. thi.+ graduat- twenty-two era- .Sea selwice which tuasted vessels far ;bore where the and want is is struck in the to all those who to us by and encourage- the Years of our to pbay our carrying with us moral and as Well as our pro- We shall each day hearts and ac- we owe our be- striving, as a ever to retain duty well per- fully lived and came not to to minister." Welcome. lIUsical -s theu filed on to fine expression choral of "'Tis Marion Red- during the of the graduat- the violin Franz the ecstasy of this musical Lullaby" of the moth- rich toned voic- Solo piece. Essay essayist of the spirit of the very cleverly, Well as in the an infinite Which the in- cause and order. the to the Very likely find opening with a THF. (_UARDIAN, oA I(LDA, MARCH ln, 1923 r p  - I+IOME FOR NUISES. '1". VINCI,IN'I"S 1NIIRMAI,5 wby, and a: the development of the ur-; to fulfill the duties of the mtr.dng pl ysital imperfections of his fellows mental process continues, we fin(l an array of eumneral)]e whys at every turn of our youthful existence. To sift the questiow of existence down to its primitive origin, and to find the answer in the simple words of a well instructed Christian Child; namely that we are on this e.arU1 to know, love and serve God, and thus to attain the happiness of lteaven, we have the question, and answer, in  fact, the enth'e philosophy of life in a nut shell. To delve into the mysteries of philo- sophical probl(ms is for intellect of the highest 'order, but for us who tread the lowly, and beaten paths of knowledge, the problems of every day life, which are inseparable m a nurse's work, are uppeIhnost in mind, and stand out for solution many times during the day. If'every nurse asks herself serious- ly, why she selected nursing as her lie's work, she will most assuringly find bet answer in the manner in which she performs her duties. If in the most perfect mallner possible, then she is proving that she se!ectcd the profession, not only to make her- self useful in this wmqd, but also, that she has crone to the proper reali- zation of a soul's re.;ponsibilities, the knowledge of which she is striving to render profitable, in so far that, as she is giving the best possible service to her fellowmen, she is paying the deepest homage to her Creator, to whom she ministers in the persons of her poor suffering paticnts. 2"0 us who have given ourselves to this noble work, there :dmuld be no lowering of the standard, no lesscn- ing of the ideal,, even if there arc days and days wheu the cry or nature, and the mercenary desire for material compensation make themselves keen- ly felt, tben is the time to simw our rue worth, by rising above the sol'- did realities of time, and centering our energies on the acquisition of the requisite virtue of a true nurse, self- forgetfulness, and self-sacrifice, thus in allaying the sufferings of 1hose committed to our care we are rising above our own troubles, and bearing out ir our lives the ideals of our pro- ression. Quartette a Feature The Misses C. and K. Werner, T. McGrew and Mrs. Ayres adequately gave to Millard's "Ave Maria" the full and devotional meaning of this prayerful hymn. Tl:ey were' followed by the full chorus of the Stuffer and Intermediates. Valedictory Miss Irene Powell most feelingly bade farewell to the Training School, with its deal" associations, linked to the years of study under the Sisters and the staff. Miss I'owell said: "As sands upon thc shining beach, we drift apart upon the waves of time." San'd is often given as a'type of mu- tability; being iu its origin, one of the firmest substances, no other ele- mnt of the earth's sm'face changes its position more frequently when once tim many particles have torn themselves from the parent rock. As in nature, so in our lives, we find a striking resemblance to this pe- culiar feature of sand, for, life at its best is one continued series of greet- ings and farewells, each of which in- volves changes of some nature, be they environment, friends or ideas. To the young girl graduate, her day of trimnph means not only a sev- ering of the old times, that bound to- gether so many tender memories, but also a complete change of childish ideas and customs, into those of the woman about to cope with the daily problems of life; those of us who have happily experienced the joy of such occasions cannot refrain from a com- parison of this night to that of days gone by, and %hough a fw ,more years have elapsed since that time, those years have witnessed the fulfilhnent of one of our most cherished ambi- tions, na[nely the acquisition of the requisite training which will enabl e I profession.  :;haping in a rammer their plwsical Today mark,.: our real (h'aduatim destinies, and swelterinv over thc Day, for the step we arc taking to- melting pot of human injury and dis- night will not only lead to tile reali- ease, to suddenly e+':chanre the nn)dest zation of higher and nobler ideals, but apparel aud the grim activities <ff the also will mark the t)eginniug of a ca- operating room for the toga of the recr which, if uuswervingly followed, orator and the graces of the forum." will inevitably, bring material sue- The coinplctenes.; of your curricu- cess, and above all, the reward which lure has left few subjects uncovered we desire from the Ete.rnal Judge--- Hence, it is difficult to select a topic "What you have done to one of these, that will interest you even for the few the least of my little ones, you lmve moments allotted to me on this ores- done unto me." sion. There is hardly a phase of your We cannot take leave of our '.['raili- work that has not bven presented you ing School without acknowledging the by your instructors, however, you heavy debt of gratitude we owe to the might be interested in hearing a few Sisters. teachm;s and all those who in words about the history of the (level- tile most remote way were interested opment of your profession. in ofir welfare; to the Sisters especial- The development of nursing has ly we are deeply grateful for the in- been dependent upon religion, war tellectual, moral and physical training and science. The name of the first they have so generously afforded, nurse, of which there is record was knowing tbail we are far wiser and Fabiola, a Patrician Roman Lady. who better for having lived with them for in 380 A. 1)., founded a hospital in a time, trusting to have imbibed even lh)nlc and devoted herself and fortune a small part of their spirit of sell'- to the care of the sick and poor. Era- sacrifice and charity, press Flacilla. the Consort of Theodo- We shall ever remember)ur school Sills the l. also attended the sick in with affection and gratitude and the years 379 to 395 A. D. evince a noble pride in hose who have Organized nur,-ing appeared early so generously placed every means of in the fourth century of the Christian efficient training within our reach. Era, and in 423 A. D.. six hundred To our co-lat)orers whom we are womeu were engaged in the hospital leaving tonight, we wish every suc- of Alexandria, their services being eess, and trust thai the memory of regulated by the Cirri@'. Tim names our many mistakes may help them of tim oldest foundations still sur- over the rough .places and that they rive, such as the Hotel Dieu in Paris. in re'urn will ever strive to "rid sue- St. Thomas and St. Bartholomew's in ceeding classes, so that the standard Imndon, and the Order of St. Augus- of our Ahna Mater nvty always be tint. The Order of St. Vincent's de Fxcelsior. Paul was foundgdin 1633 and is still Td my classmates I can extend no the largest nursing org'anization in happier wish or injunction than to the worht. continue in the path laid out for us; I The system (ff :ecular nursing orig- and ever to remember that tile key- inated in 1544. during the reign of hole of our training was a spirit of llenry the VllI. At St. llartholomews self-sacrifice; a spending ore'selves they had a m'ttron and twelve nurses. and being speu in the cause of' suf- They did not have a Training School fering humanity--thus shall we prove however, and these women were with- ourselves worthy cbihlrcn of a noble out special training and schoolilg, cause and keep ever resplendent the qu'lli['ications of any kind not being e+scutcleon of"our beloved Ahna Ma- required Rn" entrance to the school. tcr. and it was not until 1290 that physi- Dr. Dewcll Galm'S Address clans lectured to nurses, this in the The graduating class wathen ad- City of New York. Training Schools dressed by Dr. Gann. chief of St. Vin- were not organized until 18,+;6, when cent's Staff and recturer at the Train- Pastor 1,'liedner conceived and ins(l- ing School. l+Ie gave an interesting luted the idea at Kaiserswerth, Ger- exposition of the work of the nurse many. It was here that Florence and its merit in the eyes or the world. Nightingale acquired her first praeti- I)r. Gann said in part: cal experience in caring for the sick 1 am very much indebted to Sister and later became so well known that Bernarda for the privelege of ad- lmngfellow wrote: ord, to you this exen "I   1 I of miser r dressing a few ' s ' . ': " - ,. In flat Ior "'5 sm(etely hope om profes ing, and I :" '. ".. ,. ' : ''" A la(t3 \\;ith a lmnp I see, lelatmns shall mpen into last sional . "-' s . ' ' ' 's- Pass thru the glimmering gloom ing and loyal friendship. 1 do wish lAnd flit from room to room; that I might bring some message that I And slow as in a dream of bliss would fitly memoralize this day, but JThe speechless sufferer turns to kiss as one of my contemporaries has said: I her shadow "It is not easy for a man eternally at [ As it falls upon the darkening walls." the forge, hammcring away at the In 1838, thc Soc, iety of Friends I I BOYS' PROTECTORY ARMSTRONG SPRINGS Conducted by the Blathers of the Pool' of St. Francis, who have taken over the famous health resort, long known as 'Armstrong Springs" and adapted the proper equipment for the purpose of giving to BOYS FROM 10 TO 16 YEARS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Up to and Including Eighth Grade HEALTH  DISCIPLINE -- KNOWLEDGE Acquired Within Pleasing Environment For Information and Terms Write: VEN. BROTHER ALBERT, Route No. 8 SEARCY, ARK. PAGE SEVEN founded an organization in Philadel- Iing and inspires you as the bugle call phia, and in 1840, a Mrs Fry an in-[ of attle inspires the soldier. It has stitution for nursing i London. In its pains, its sorrows, ite diltie t850, tirough publicity given thcl "but what joy can be sweeter than works of Florence Nightingale by the that of conquering disease," restoring London Times, a definitely organized health and happiness, the result o system of training schools was inau- your own handiwork. And in th gurated by the opening of the Night- words of Faure: "When the ingale Foundation School of St. houl' comes to the conscientious and Tlmmas. In 1872, Bellevue Hospit'd honest nurse, no one can He down k of New YSrk graduatc(l a class of sleep the slumber of eternal night traindd nurses, the first in lhe United with greater composare and peace," States. This, we might say, was the l feeling as sbe must, that hr hafid beginning of wh-tt is known today as oile of the morn complete and ill- sepanlb!e l)arts of hospital organiza- tion. Class Quafifies You are indeed to be congratulated on your graduation From this tram;ng school, for, in my opinion, it not only stamps you as qualified in your pro- fession, but as an individual who can mee with conl.ingenees a.; they may ari:;e. ()le of you nltiy tilt ose t( work in speci-d fields, while otiers may tic the usual gener-d duty nurs- ing, but whatever line you may ['(d!ow, there are a few things 1 am going to ask of you. Sflrgery has fmni.,hed and coutinues to furnish themes inex- haustible for humorous dissertations, but 1 wonder if at any l.ime during he course of your study, you have seri- ously considered the motive behind tile work you do at the suggestion of those who direct you. Traffic in Souls ])o you know of the traffic in souls ? Slaver),, and the bartering and selling of the body have long since passed into oblivion, and another war,. still fresh m our memories, has been fought, but the evil of buying and selling the sick is at its peak, and is' in no small degree responsible for the organization known as the American College of Surgeons. "Such a proced- ure is worse than larceny, for robbery is larceny by force." (l)a Costa.) Let us not forget that throughout the ages truth and falsehood, good and evil, lmnesty and dishonesty, have ravcted side by shte. and "charla- tanism like all fro'ms of parasites, has always existed." Dr. Gann Admonishes May I admonisl you. therefore, to seriously consider the evils that may creep in to your career when you leave the walls of your Alma Mater and go forth into life's lmttle., and urge you to lend your aid in uplifting an oppre,;sion which will, if permitted to continue, sap our very life. The American College of Surgeons and other organizations fighting for edu- cational supremacy is powerless to correct such a lamentable state of af- fairs without the support of you who will be so often in the position of di- rccting. Noblc Vocation Why do you love your profession, nursing? Because. like medicine and surgery, it is infinitely varied, each case presenting a new problem, tnany of them intricate and difficult of so- lution. It is a noble and stirring call- have relieved more suffering that+ they have caused pah. Monsignor Tobin Speaks The final number of the pragram l was the award of diplomas to the five .,oung graduates. They were present- ed by the Rt. Rev. Monsignor Tobln, D. D., chaplain of St.. Vincent's, whe lectures to the students of the trah- ing school during its sessions o.u the. "Morality of Nursing." In addressing the nurses Mgr. To- bin said in part: Thirty years in the active work of a pastor gave hhn lofty idea of the dignity and .respon- sibility of the nurse's position, md now that he had increased opportami ties as chaplain of St. Vincent's, he felt that he had no need to lower his ideal, And in order to help iu a humble way to enable nurses to pre- pare themselves to promote health and to combat disease, he himself v,,as willing to address them in a regular smqes of lectures on the sacred prin- ciples of sound morality. CENTRAL AMERICA'S INTER-NUNCIO (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) Rome, March 6.Msgr. Rot(a, In- ter-Nuncio to Central America, lft Rome on Thursday to return to his post. He was granted a favemmll au- dience with the pope on the day pre- vious to his departure. Officials of Secretariate of State and the Mhti- ter and the Constl. of Nicaragua , him farewell. He will sail from (7,aoa March 22. 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