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March 10, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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March 10, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, BIARCH 10, 1923 PAGE THREE 4,.'. L AND PERSONAL DURST, DRUGGIST St. phone 21300 Aid will meet Tues- at 2 o'clock at the Club will meet at 3 p. m., in the at 609 Scott St. Helen Robinson of 1111 West visiting in St. Louis, retreat given by the Alumnae at Visitation Week of March 4. of St. Edward's church regular monthly social 13, at St. Edward's and Ferry St. The fol- are in charge: Mmcs. An:on Runshang, Adolph Meyer and Frank Por- invitation is extended Catholic Club Catholic club will ts members with an old- show at Cathedral Hall, March 12tlr. The cast of the following Wright, .Helen Burke, a Street, Joe Tuohey, Bill Wiggins, John Powers, Eliza- and George Matler, [ erk at the piano. [he charge have spent con- and thought in ar- 'program and promise a l ful evening to those who I Committee is co|nl)osed of t members: George Ms- t  Christina Field, Pa - • J. Ryan, Bill Wig- and Arline Duerr. last social meeting Under the direction of the and all members are ante Reichardt, acting I the Plailanthrol)ic De-] the Junior Musical Co- the following pro- at the Work- and Day Nursery: Rupert and Dorthoy The Unfortunate Girl, 801o,. "Humm'eske," by "Mandy," by Ellmax :01o, "Polaica Brilliante," anzoff. CHURCH Altar Society Altar Society Communion during next Sunday. Sucial Society CoUnsel Social Society ay, March 14, 1)evotions in the • Mr. Chas. Peaker, the all members to be business will be meeting. The pro- Post Lenten socials will Meeting night innnediately after there will be a congre- in the i;arish hall of devising a plan of for the new church. A will be appointed in order to begin the SWay. NOTES at 7-9 a, m. at 11 a. m. Masses at 6-8 a. m. Services at the Cathedral !dnesday and Friday o'clock during the SUnday and Wednes- consist of the Recita- a sermon and Ben- Most Blessed Sacra- the devotibns of the Cross fol- of the Blessed Coifessions re heard at the Cathe- and the eve of Holy- Thursday before the "4-6 and 7-8:30 p. are also heard on the'l ow Mass- before the eight Juniors y meeting Juniors was held in : on March 4th, of members George , Wiggins of the Ju- Winter .season are confined to preparations for a play to be produced some time after Lent. The society voted to have Mass offer- ed far the repose of the soul of Mrs. James Hornibrook, the mother of Jimmie Hornibrook of the Juniors, who died the past week. The next meeting of the Society will be held on Sunday, March 18th, at which Itkme parts for the play will be assigned and other business of importance will come up for final action. Cathedral Aid Society The regular monthly meeting of the Cathedral Aid Society was held in Cathedral hall on Monday afternoon, March 5th, at 3:1.5 p. m., with Mrs. J. J, Keller, l)resident in the chair. Despite the inclement weather a large attendance of members was noted. The revised Constitution and By- Laws of the Aid Society were rea(by the Recording Secretary, Mrs. Bie- low Robinson, and were unanimously adopted by the society. The report of the Treasurer, Mrs. A. Brizzo]ura, Jr., showed a good- ly balance-in the treasury. One of the features of the meeting which proved to be highly interesting, was the report of the chairman of the va- rious Circles which have been formed within the ,ociety this year. The fol- lowing made reports for their wn'ious Circles: Mrs B. B. Wright of Cir- cle No. 1; Mrs. Bigelow Robinson for Circle No. 2; Mrs. Mallery for Circle No. 3; Mrs. b'Aeanor Shader for Cirelc No. 4, and Mrs. Eugene Flavin for Circle No. 5. The President reported thttt several other Circles are in pro- cess of formation, and announced hat they would make reports at the next meeting of the Society. The revised constitution makes provision for the formation of Circles among the me'u- bers of the Aid Society, and much in- terest has been shown in this move- men:. A large increase in members has been one of the notable results of this change and added interest has been taken in the work which thc So- ciety is carrying on. The President appointed Mrs. Ed- ward O'Brien as chairman of the Charitable committee for the ensuing term, with power to select her assist- ants. Mrs. Fred Snodgrass and Mrs':. I]osea were appointcd as a special connnittee ()f investigation in a mat- ter in which the society is interested. Among the events announced to take plact in the near future under the direction of the Aid Society were a card party, and a play, "Safety First," fostered by Circle No. 5, Mrs. Eugene Flavin, Chairman. The choir of the Cathedral under the direction of Prof, J. J. Keller, will render Dubois' "Seven Last Words" on the evening of Palm Sunday in the Cathedral. 'Phis will be sponsored by the Aid Society. The next meeting of the Aid @ill be held in Cathedral Hall on Monday, April 2, YOUR INCOME TAX The following statement is issued by Collector of lnternal Revenue H. L. Remmel of the district of Arkan- sas. l)id you receive  limony din'rag th year 19227 \\;ere you successful iu a breach of promise suit entei'ed against a former admirer? , Personal questions, very, but mlpor- tant to those to whom they apply i ,.le I.i]'e(,:|atl! , of an in,., (%x l't- tui'h fo:" the year 1922: l,abor Union l)oes Members of labor union may deduct as a buMness expense dues paid to such organiaTtions.during the year 1922. Such dues are hehl by the Bu- reau to be necessary expenses inci- (lent to the earning of their wages. A member of a labor union who. while on strike, receives payment from an 9rganization must include in his in- come for the year such items. Exemption The taxpayer who in 1.922 recov- ered damagc for defamation of per- sonal character need not include in his return such amount, inasmuch as it has been held to be non-taxable in- come. The revenue act specifically exempts amount received through ac- cident or health incurance, or under workmen's compensation acts as coin  pensation for personal injuries or ill- ness, plus any additional amount re- ceived by suit or agreement in such case,'. Mark Well--Mar. 15 To avoid penalty, returns should be filed on or before midnight of Marc]) 15. Free advisory service in the pre- paration of the forms is offered a', the office of Collector of Internal Revenue, H. L. Remmel, Little Rock, Ark., .and the following branch of- tices, Fort smith' and Helena, Arkan- sas. There is nothing so irrepressible as human nature; nothing that so yearns to push iself forward. At death, i fat, any time, we see ourselves as we are, and display our truc characters. 00aint 0010bn'00 00rminarp u r t SECURING FOR THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK THE EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF WORTHY ECCLESI- ASTICAL STUDENTS IN ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY FOR TIIE PRIESTHOOD OF ARKANSAS. A Burke Is a Sum o/Money Invested and Drawing Enough Inter- est Always to Provide Board, Lodging, and Training/or One Seminarian. Any Full Burse or Share in AI Incomplet, Burse May Be Do- nated in Memory of the Deceased. New Burze or Donaio,ns Tm,,ard An Inom,plete Burse Will Be Gratefully Received and Recorded. ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY BURSES COMPLETE ST. MARY'S PARISH BURSE, Hot Springa, .-$5,000.00 MONSIGNOR TOBIN BURSE, Little Rock ...... 5,000.00 ANNIE JONES BURSE, Pine Bluff ............................ 5,000.00 MARY HOLLAND-CRAIG BURSE. Pine Bluff 5,000.00 JOHN M. GRACIE BURSI, Little Rock ....................... 5,000.00 INCOMPLETE BISIIOP llYRNE BURSE ........................................................ $1,225.00 ST. JOHN'S ALUMNI BURSE ....................................... $900.00 I NCOMPLETE 13 t.JRSES Bishop By'n.e. B.urse 7'h,e lurse to be ;no,w, its the Bishop Byrn, e, a memorial ho)- or to th, e fir.vt llishop of the Diocese of Little Rock, already has o credit deposit of $1220. This bwrse eolls fo,r no stated amount of donations, a'rtd its prescott s u,m total is the "result of large and small' donations l!j those iterested in pe,rpetuating the n,ame of Bishop By'me in eon,eetion ,with, the priesthood of the diocese which, he orgadzed aTd utto which he /ave of h, is prayers, of. his work, and of his life. The Bishop B!/r,c /'urse 's a popular one, toward zvhieh, even dmations of one dime or more will be acceptable and receive due credit on the Semina,r!! records. Byre Bcrse credits to date: Previously acknowledged ...... $500.00 l)onation .............................. 500.00 Donation .......................... 200.00 Club Gift: .................... 10.00 l{ev. 1,'riend ...................... 5.00 J. J. M .................................. 2.00 M. E. I') ............................... 1.00 Martha B ..............................  1.00 ",l. S., Jr. ........................... 50 Edw. and John ....................... 50 Friend ..................................... 5.00 Total : ............................. $1225.00 St. John's Alumni B'wrse Previously acknowledged ...................................................... $900.00 This I?ur,'e is a foundation by the priests who have been of dained from th, e Sc,minary and is open to the clergy and the people in gceral as a recognition of the prese'nt-dty success of the facul- ty atd the students of this important diocesan instillation. INFORMATION AND DONATION Request for further informatmn rogarding any or all ms:tess pctairfing to the foundation of Burses and the benefits shared by contributors and like- wise all donations should be sent to the Rector, Very lv. W. H. Are:z, 8. T. D., St. John's Seminary, Twenty-fifth and "State Streets, Little Rock, Arkansas. o I ¢00T.o00ic ] MRS. MAE ELLA NOLAN, of California, widow of tho late Con- rteasman John I, Nolan, has. been elected to fill the vacancy created y the death of her husband. She is the first Catholic woman to be lected to the Conllrels of the United States. (lnternatlSnal Newareet. BRITISH ROYALTY British sovereigns will pay a formal TO CALL ON POPE call on the pope. The date has not yet WHILE IN ITALY been fixed. __ Papal Relief Mission to Russia Rome, March 6.The British Min- Reports on the work of the Papal • Relief Mission to Russia reaching the is ' r to the Vatican has announced[vatican show that during the month that King George and Queen Mary i o f January the mission's' center in will visit Rome in May. It has been ] Eupiitoria fed 10,296 starving adulfs" made known that on that occasion the and 9,747 children. OBITUARIES Peter English. Death removed one of our old Cath- olic citizens, .Peter English, of 1704 West Third street, who died at his residence on Thursday evening, Mar, 1, after a long illness, though he was confined to the bed but a few days. Mr. English was a retired railroad man and well known among the fra- ternity with whom he was held in tim highest esteem for the virile presen- tation of all that goes to make the workman clean and upright in the af- fairs of citizenship and the craft. He was of a Catholicity which man- ifested itself at all times. Not osten- tatiously but in such a manner that all who knew him, knew of the strong fervent faith that was his, and by its strength and fervor, made him the exemplar of Catholic citizenship and the Christian neighbor. He was a memher of the local coun- cil of l(nights of Columbus from its institution in Little Rock. For several terms acted as a trustee for the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel. As he lived, so he died, in (:lose com- munion with his Church, fortified on his deathbed with the sacraments and the 'e, cipient of the prayers of rela- tives and friends at his :l'uner.t] High ]Mass, in the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel, the pastor, Rev. H. H. Wernke, officiating. Seated in the sanctuary was Rev. Geo. H. Mcl)cr- mott, of the Guardian. His bo(ty was moved to ,]:wkson- ville, lll., and buried there in the fmni y lot..The pallbearers were: 1. Hcibach, J. J. Mahoney, Frank Mul- len, F. MeEvoy, Joseph Mitchell, Wil- liam Flynn, R. L. 1)ohbins and W. E. I3 obbin s. life is survived I)5' his widow and two nephews, the Messrs. R. L, and R. t,. Dobbins, of lAttle Rock. Mrs. J. T. Hornibrook Funeral services for Mrs. J. T. Hornibrook, who died at 10:15 o'clnck Satnrday morning at the family rest- deuce. 1013 West Third street, were hehl at St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sev- enth and Louisiana streets, at 10:80 o'clock Monday morning, in charge of the Rev. Father James Moran. Seated in thc sanctuary were Rev. Frs. Gar- rity and Flaherty of Little Rock Col- lege. Burial was in Calvary ceme- ter.v. Pallhearers were: Active--R. L. Whaley, Joe Miles, H. B. Stuart, Dr. W. B. Hughes, John G. Hodges and J. A. Sherrill; honoraryMax Mayer, Charles Evans, "C..M. lleece, Moore- head Wright, J. A. Ginocchio. J. E, Bateman, C. J. Carroll, Jr., and M. 1L Crawford. Mrs. Hornibrook is sm'viv- ed hy her husband; by her naother, Mrs. Lina Heagan; by a son, J. I'. Hornibrook, Jr.; by a daughter, Mrs. M. J. Harrison; by two sisters, Mrs. There are a good many things one cn't explain; and .,et one doesn't in- stantly rucd to the conclusion that they're done hy the devil• CAPITAL -- $300,000.00 Will Blotchcr and Mrs. Russell D Leas, all of Little Rock• Miss Agnes Gawlieh At St. Vincent's Infirmary on Fri- (lay night, Mar. 2, occurred, the deat] of Miss Agnes Gawlich of Man, he', Ark. Her illness developed into dou- ble pneumonia and all hopes were abandoned early on Friday. She died at 9:20 p. m. Miss Wawlich was born in Gemnany but spent most of her life in Marche, where, for over thirty-five years, she ministered as housekeeper to the priests in charge of the Church of the I)maculate Heart of Mary'. She en- deared herself to priests ar,d people by her faithfulness to duty and her generosity of heart above and beyond duty requirements. Her loss is a keen blow to Father Hertel, the pastor, for whom Miss Agnes served since his appointment as pastor at Marche, his first and only ministry since ordina- tion. Kneeling "at her death bed on Fri- day night were Fathers. Hertel mad Maurus Rohner, O. S. B., several Benedictine Sisters and Marche friends and neighbors. She was buried frmn St. Mary's, church, Marche, on Monday morning with interment in the parish ceme- tery. She is survived by her father, Frank Gawlich, and one sister, Mrs. Sophia Drew, of Harrah, Oklahoma. Mrs. Hoflinger Just as we got to press the an- nouncement comes that Rev. J. M. Hoflinger, pastor of St. Paul's Church, Pocahontas, has received tidings of the death of his mother in her 85tl year, on February 28. 'The Guardian, with his many cleri- cal and lay friends extend to Father Hoflinger their sincere sympathy and assure him of their prayers for the v repose of tle 'oul of his dear mother. 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SURPLUS-- $60,000.00 We have inereued our Capita} Stock from $200,1)1)0 to $300,000 and by selling the new msue o tk al SO per cent above our par; our eurplu BY ear new ,easy, qu!ck, sim.p|lflt has been incroased from $40,000 tt Imgba, a ¢ohelp or by m, $60,000. This enab|es us to take stl! a quiekl¥ qualify as bookkeeper, ao. better ca of our premmt depesitor, mmntant, stenographer, rotary o as well4s the new onu. efvil Jerviee employe or teleSaphe and sttimunutr, and we a.uarmntee EN L D NA AL course deairl. _.1 __ Bankers Trust: Co. MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS We are agents for practically all the important Steamship Companies. ---If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business reasons, or if you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of te many excellent Winter Cruises, do not fail to call on us for information, which will be cheerfully given, without charge. We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange Department, which is in position to effect money transfers to foreign countries by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevailing market prices. We both buy and sell Foreign xchange, getting quotations hourly. BANKERS TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT ARMSTRONG SPRINGS WATER CAN NOW BE OBTAINED ARKANSAS' FAMOUS MEDICINAL SPRING WATI AGAIN TO BE SOLD TO THE PUBLIC. For 80 years this water has been famous as a remedy Jee Kidney, Bladder, and Nervous Disorders. For information write PROTECTORY FOR BOYS SEARCY P. O., ARK. ROUTE No. 8,