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March 6, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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March 6, 1942

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THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 6, 1942 AT GREEK RITE ORDINATIONS Roy. Basil Takacl, Bishop of the Pittsburgh Greek Rite Cath- as he offidlated at the ordinations held at St. Procopius Lisle, Ill. Tonsure and diaconate were given to 18 young men for the Greek Rite Catholic Diocese. tN.C.W.C.) H.W00 Editor-in-Chief, Catholic Action of the South WHAT SCHOOL? would you think of parents who, wanting their son doctor, will send him to a trade school for his medical and education? Or of al mother who needs two heads in a hurry and rushes her daughter to the corner An insistence upon the futile effort, in either in- mark the parents silly, if not actually fathers and moth- the United States who Wish their children to Still, more parents in this great! give their offspring trained in the for- a Christian character. important and essen- by most par- the conscientious and ad, is that character instruction, is parents' duty. Sun- church, religious teach- and ministers of the ordained only to help in their God-given teaching and is simply a based on altru- es. They can quit do- and', strictly has any direct claim against them. With parents; they are to God and to their all eternity. They day :tve an account p to the Great education given out- is merely a sub- extension of parental line. In fact, no agency place of good parents in the early years existence. Religion should be of with the child. e made that, if parents of these ideals by strangers in later always be up- the child's mind is the how father and and reacted on the teeters have left them stranded and defenseless. The big monster --be it ignorance, lack of appre- ciation of their sacred duty, false economy, senseless pride or dan- gerous ambition  has swallowed them up or made them useless to their children. What is worse, these parents have become a ser- ious stumbling block to their chil- dren's real success in life. \\; Pagan tendencies have to be fought, if Christian civilization is to survive. The best way to do this is to/" parents not to send their children to schools where educa- tion is godless or pagan. If you, parents, wish your chil- dren to grow up religious, you should not send them to schools where no religion is taught or where it is mentioned only to be minimized. Remember, you may not expect your boy to become a doctor by being an apprentice in a blacksmith shop. Neither can you expect to rear God'-fearing children by sending them to a God-denying school. If00sc00000F Troop No. 11, St. Andrew's Cathedral. By Max Friend Jr. Troop 11 held its weekly meet- ing Thursday, February 26, or I should say weakly, judging by the attendance. The bicycle drill was not held because of bad weather, however some of the scouts rode their bicycles to the meeting. A bicycle drill will be held again soon if the weather is permitting. Paper collection was stressed be- cause it is a fire hazard, among other things. Scouts collect the paper and sell it, and thereby remove fire dangers. Ship 11, St. Andrew's Cathedral By Max Friend, Jr. Ship 11 held a meeting Sunday in the Cathedral Hall. Members present were A1 Wrape, Bill Wrape, Bill Oberle, Fred Mar- grave, Dan Murphy, Jr., Max W. Friend, Jr., and Charles Hourns- huts. A1 Wrape was officer of the day. Guests present were Mr. Joe Spinnenweber, Scoutmaster of Troop 4, and Mr. J. J. Idema of I the Troop Committee. Apprentice instructions were given and assignments made for the next meeting by Skipper Lewis. The Sea Scouts will meet on March 15 at 1 p. m. in the Ca- thedral Hall. Lieut. CoL William Ryan To Retire as Army Chaplain San Francisco. (E).Lieut Col. William J. Ryan, a priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh who has been a chaplain in the Regular Army since 1917, will be retired from active duty on June 1, when he reaches the age of 64 years. After parish work in the Dio- ceses of Pittsburgh and Denver Father Ryan served at many army posts in continental United States and in foreign departments. When the expansion of the army began he was designated chaplain of the Ninth Corps Area. Conference Reveals Progress Toward Social Justice (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Fittsburgh.--Discussion, against the background of the Papal Encyclicals, of the progress toward social justice achieved m recent years in the conduct of industry, of the adjustments that must be made to meet the war emergency and of the situation to be faced after the war, marked the two-day d,e- liberations of the regional meeting of the Catholic Conference on Industrial Problems conducted February 24. Speakers from the fields of labor, management, government and relig- mn presented papers at the conference, held under the patron- age of the Most Roy, Hugh C. Boyle, Bishop of Pittsburgh, and arranged by the Social Action Department of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, Washington, D. C. Speaking on "International Post-War Reconstruction," the Rt. Roy. Msgr. John A. Ryan, Director of the Social Action Department, N. C. W. C., said at the closing dinner this eve- ning that "some form of in- ternational organization to pro- vide and guarantee better con- ditions for all people is abso- lutely necessary." One of the most important, and difficult, tasks to be handled' by such an international authority, he add- Mountains Inspire Piety, ed, would be that of adjusting the , m ut t"e'ega-e distribution of raw materials and} NtA, the products of industry. I t,,/l]r ,,1 Payment in Service, Goods , ....... . ,, .. I Helena, Moat (IC)--His Excel- m mternauonm raae moil- Ile "-e Mos" " ' -- .... . ,, ncy n  xtev. Amleo tlo- signor Ryan pointed out, gdS/vanni Cicognani, Apostolic Dole- are, for the most part, not ex- gate to the United States, who changed for gold or for national currencies. Few, if any, countries possess sufficient surplus gold' to export year after year in return for any considerable amount of raw materials. Except in tempor- ary and particular situations, a country must pay for foreign goods in the form of services or other goods. This is as true of raw ma- terials as of artificial products. "Mere freedom of access to raw materials, markets and trade routes would not bring about 'full employment of captial and labor everywhere in the world.' Desir- able as these condiUons are, they do not touch the difficulty that confronts several mass-production countries competing with one an- other for inadequate foreign mar- kets. Apparently there is only one solution, difficult as it may be of application. The international au- thority will have to distribute the world demand for certain mass- production staples among those mass-production countries whose combined potential output exceeds the capacity of the world market. That is, market quotas will have to be allocated to the several com- peting countries, in accordance with their respective needs and i capacities in the world economy." Monsignor Ryan expressed the opinion that the capitalist system will survive the'war, but that "the process of mitigation and re- form" of the system, which has been transpiring during recent years, "should be carried very much further." "Labor-sharing in management, profits, and owner- ship," he said, "should become general as rapidly as feasible." "More important and funda- mental is the system of occupa- tional groups recommended by Pope Plus XI," he said. "Its gen- eral adoption is the only possible salvation of capitalism and the only enduring preventive of col- lectivism." Australian Truth Society in Record Pamphlet Sales Canberra, Australia. (E).Des- pite war conditions a record sale of Australian Catholic Truth So- ;ciety pamphlets were made dur- ing the last year. A total of 482,- 520 pamphlets were sold, an in- crease of nearly 50,000 over the preceding year. In three years 1,286,070 pamphlets have been sold. The best sellers for the year were: The Prayer Book "A ,, , Slave of Mary, Religion d'nd the Nation," "What is He Doing all the Altar?" "Short Life of Our Lord" and "Your Mass, Your Life:" Charities Get Bulk Of $35,000 Estate st. Louis. (E).A burse of $5,090 to aid in the education of priests was bequeathed to the Redemp- torist Congregation of St. Louis by Miss Julia A. Murphy, of St. Louis. Also among specific be- quests was one of $1,000 to St. Alphonsus' Church here. The residue of the estate, total- ing $35,000 in Government bonds, was left in equal shares to St. Jo- seph's College, Kirkw6od; the Helpers of the Holy Souls; St. Alphonsus' Church; Father Dun- ne's Newsboys  Home; homes of the Little Sisters of the Poor; St. Joseph's Male Orphan Home, and St. Joseph[s Institute for the Deaf, Clayton. Father of 3 Priests, 2 Nuns Dead Quebec. ().Georges Leves- que, father of three priests and two nuns, is dead here at the age of 68. He is survived hy the Rev. G. H. Levesque, O. P., di- rector of the School of Social Sci- ences, Laval University; the Rev. Ernest Levesque, of the Cathe- dral at Chicoutimi, and the Rev. Maurice Levesque, of the Chi- coutimi Seminary staff. The two daughters are members of the Ursuline Order at Roberval. Spiritual" Inter-Americanlsm Conference at College Immaculate, Pa. ().The first Conference on Spiritual Inter- Americanism of the Inter-Amer- ican Federation of Catholic Semi- nars will be held at Immaculata College March 7. The theme will be "The Catholic Student's Place in Inter-American Relations." complex con- school has become a djunct to the home in and education. a mind, a heart school that trains and does not fashion the will to become love of God and purpose of life, The Creator does want smart people, and selfish; He d'e- People who will work salvation through clean, moral life. can receive this in- . grasp the method of mg LoitdbY attending a and His Corn- are rarely mentioned, ignored. This proof. Our yearly lUvenile crime record indicates the truth; .rasing number of who protest against our godless attests to this ac- ger. parents, with their and teir minds take the terrific barbarians faulty and destroying own conscientious Other direction? asked gohnnie what a Was. His reply came, , Miss Johnson." Ready favorite pupil to the she prompted: would eat your fa- what would you mntly he replied, "An Johnson." boys and girls at- schools are quasi their natural pro- ELEVATED TO THE HIERARCHY Two new Bishops were consecrated on February 24 Most Rev. Joseph C. Willging (left) was consecrated at Helena as first Bishop of Pueblo, Colo Most Rev Edward G. Hettinger {right) was con- secrated at Columbus as Titular Bishop of Tees and Auxiliary Blah of Columbus. (N.C.WC.) 01d Cathedral Hawaii College Hospital, Marists Scene Of came to Helena to officiate at the In Public School consecration of the Most Rev. Jo- Dayton, O. (E).---St. Louis Col- seph C. Willging, first Bishop of If" s" Pueblo, paid high tribute to the t|t.%ncci,;l, lg%n lege, Honolulu, conducted by the mountains as a source of religious 1%.VI I,,}%* It,4lVI ! Society of Mary, is still serving inspiration. He spoke following] the nation as a military hospital, the clergy dinner after the con-I Havana. (E).The ancient Ca- according to information received sec"ation: .: ...... Bishop Willging, ac- I thedrl .................... cff gnn Crigtchnl_ _ed l_n by the Very Rev. Walter C. Tred*- cusomcu to the mountains m ........... tin, S. M., Provincial Superior of Montana, will find again in Cole- naoana, wmcn once sncierea the the Cincinnati Province. rado the inspiration of the peaks, His Excellency said. "The religious event of to day, the consecration of Bishop Will- ging, is most indicative of the spiritual life of the Diocese of Helena," His Excellency said. "One of her sons, carefully selected by the Holy See, has been consecrat- :ed first Bishop of Pueblo. When I we think that all this section, not ;long ago, was a missionary field and now gives one of its priests to take up leadership in a new diocese, there comes to us the memory of the early centuries of the Church, of the Apostles giv- ing birth to new churches. Of this non-interrupted life of the Church, Montana gave us an example." "I congratulate you, Bishop Willging," His Excellency said. "You enter now into the glorious succession of the Apostles. Our heartfelt wish is that your stew- ardship in the Apostolate may bring forth an abundance of su- pernatural fruits. "The mountains always inspire ascent, spirituality, and piety. Your mountains will continue to inspire you fis they have always been sources of inspiration for l mankind. People like to raise altars and temples in the summits. In these immense solitudes, far from the noisy tumult of life, there breathes an atmosphere of mystery and the Infinite. The pro- phet David tells us that the Lord our God dwells on high. Sinai, Thabor, Carmel, Olivet, Calvary are immortal names. Their slopes were blessed by the footsteps of the prophets of the Old Law or by the presence of the Author of the New Law. We ourselves cher- ish the names of the mountains we have scaled or that we were ac- customed to see in the place where we lived. We cherish these moun- I tains as the monuments of the Creator. U. S. Jesuit ' Said Wounded, Found Safe New York. (E).--The Reverend Thomas A. Shanahan, S. J. of Waterbury, Conn., who re- ported to have been wounded in the Japanese attack on Manila and'to have been taken to Aus- tralia, actually received no in- jury and went to Australia as chaplain to evacuated American soldiers, the Jesqit Philippine Bureau here has now been ad- vised. ' The information came in reply ire a cablegram sent to the Very Rev. John Meagher, S. J., Vice- Provincial in Australia. The re- ply saidf "Father Shanahan not wounded. Chaplain in Australia. All Manila Jesuits safe January 1. No later contact." A letter just received at the Bureau here from the Philippines was dated January 19. The witer, the Rev. John McFadden, S. J., Minister of the Ateneo de Ca- gayan, Mindanao, said: "We have had few inconveniences, shifting from place to place, school called off for the time being, etc. And we don't know what the future will hold. But we are lucky so far, thank God, and we can hope for, a continuance of His favor. So don't worry. Just pray that things will come out all right. This same news holds for the rest of the Mindanao Jesuits." French Nun, Heroine Of World War, Dies Viehy, France. (E).--Sister Lou- ise, nuvi" who received the cravat of Commander in the Legion of Honor for heroism displayed in the world war, has died at Cahors. She received the decoration from the President of France at the Ely- see Palace. The former Ursule Barrot, Sis- ter Louise was Superior of the Central Hospital in Nancy. remains of Christopher Columbus, The Brothers of Mary, however, was on February 24 the scene of are conducting classes for their an impressive ceremony and was 900 high school boys from 7:30 to filled with one of its most dis- 11:30 a. m. in McKinley Public High School, Honolulu, Father tinguished gatherings, when the Tredtin said. The Brothers are Most Rev. Manuel Arteaga y Bet- ancourt was consecrated A/'ch- bishop of Havana, by the Roy. George Caruana, Papal Nun- cio to Cuba. The new Archbish- op, heretofore a Domestic Prelate had been acting as Vicar Capitular of tile Archdiocese since the death of 'his predecessor two years ago. Among those present at the con-' secration were the President of Cuba and Sonora de Batista, for- mer President, tile Vice President Prime Minister, Presidents of the I two Houses of Congress, Mem- bers of the Supreme Court and the Cabinet, diplomats, academic- ians and university professor, pro- vincial and municipal officials, high ranking army, navy and po- lice officers. Also represented at the cere- mony were the National Council, of the Veterans of Independence, the Catholic Knightsof Cuba, the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Youth, Catholic professional, Is-I bor and student associations, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and other organizations. The streets and plaza were filled with people who were addressed with affec- tionate but eloquent words and blessed by their new Archbishop from the door of the Cathedral immediately after the solemn Mass within its walls. Th service which had begun at 9 a. m. lasted until almost noon. The choir was made up of singers from the various parishes, with orchestral accompaniment. Both the Nuncio and Archbishop Art- eaga spoke at the dinner held in the neighboring Seminary. Catholic College Students to Aid In Bishops' Relief Washington. (E).The War Re- lief Commission of the National Federation of Catholic College stu- dents is cooperating in the "War Emergency Relief Collection," set for March 15 by the Bishops' Re- lief Comrnittee. In a letter sent to all Catholic colleges and universities in the United States by Miss Margaret Drach, of Immaculate Junibr Col- lege here, chairmen of the commis- sion, students were urged to par- ticipate in this collection to the ullest extent. Previous to this year, the War Relief Commission conducted its own campaign and the funds were distributed through Pax Romana and the Bishops' Relief Commit- tee, This year the students were asked to send their contributions to the chancery office of the dio- cese in which the college is situ- ated. They will simply report the amount of such contribution to the national Commission chair- man. The total student contribu- tions reported through the NFCCS National Commission on War Re- lief will be earmarked for the relief of student war victims and will be distributed by the Bishops' Relief Committee as needed. t Students Buy Books for Victims Of College Fire Antigonish, N. S. (E).A fine spirit of interscholastic friendship was shown by the students of St. Francis Xavier University, have voted to contribute $150 buy: new books for students Mount Allison University to re- place those lost in a fire at that secular institution at Sackville, N. B. That you may avoid the :future everlasting punishment, endeavor to endure present evils patiently for God's sake. using st. Patrick's School, Hono- lulu, for instruction of their 740 grade school boys. Better is it to have a small por- tion of good sense with humility, and a slender understanding, than great treasures of many sciences with vain self-complacency. PAGE SEVEN Priest-Chaplain Cited for Heroism In Philippines Abbeyville, La. (l).--The Rev. Joseph Verbis T.afleur, formerly assistant pastor of St. Mary Mag- dalen's Church here, has received the Distinguished Service Cross for bravery displayed while serv- ing as chaplain with the Ameri- can forces in the Philippines, ac- cording to press dispatches re- ceived from the Far East. Father Lafleur was one of seven who received the Distinguished Service Cross. It was stated that during an attack on an airport in the Philippines on December 8 he removed wounded men to safety and solaced them in the face of continuous dive-bombing and ma- i chine-gunning. Father Lafleur entered the serv- ice on July 9, 1941. He was first stationed at Albuquerque, N. M. Crusaders' Prayer Recited hy School Administrators San Francisco. (E).The Cru- saders' Prayer, composed for the Children's Crusade of Prayer which was recently organized by the Most Roy. John J. Mitty, Arch- bishop of San Franicsco, was re- cited by the Rev. James T O'Dowd, Archdiocesan Supe'intendent of Schools, at a session here of the American Association of School Administrators. The prayer, recited daily in parochial and public schools, asks divine protection for the men in the service and concludes: "Hasten the day, O God, when all your children, of all races and nations, may be united in love and jus- tice with one another under their Father in Heaven, through Christ Our Lord. Amen." After Holy Communlon each re- cipient of the Blessed Sacrament can say: "Behold how much my God loves me. At the present mo- ment are renewed in me the hap- i piness of Mary, the joys of Joseph, the priyileges of St. John the Evangelist, the favors of Mary Magdalen and the consolations of the Good Thief." LEGION OF DECENCY Arizona Cyclone Arizona Bound Arizona Terrors Badlands of Dakota Babes on Broadway Bad Man of Deadwood Bandit Trail Bashful Bachelor, The Blitzkrieg Below the Border Billy the Kid Trapped Btondie Goes to College Bombay CHpper Born to Sing Borrowed Hero Broadway Big Shot Bugle Sounds, The Following is a list of motion p/ctures reviewed and classified by the National Council of the Legion of Decency tbrough its New York headquarters: CLASS A, See. lUnohJeetionable for General Patronage Half a Sinner Riding the Wind Hayfoot Right to the Heart Henry Aldrich for Riot Squad President Roaring Frontiers Hidden Gold Royal Mounted Patrol. The International Lady International Squadron Saddle Mountain Roundup It Started With Eve Scatterbrain Invader Secrets of the Lone Wolf Jesse James at Bay Secrets of the Wasteland Joe Smith, American Sergeant York Johnny Eager Sierra Sue Kathleen Silver Stallion Kid from Kansas Small Town Deb King of Dodge City SmiHn' Through Land of the Open Range Smiling Ghost. The Land of the Open Range Snuffy Smith, Yard Bird Bullets for Bandits Last of the Duanes Spooks Run Wild Burma Convoy Law of the Jungle Sons of the Sea Buy Me That Town Legion of the Lawless Song of the Islands Cadets on Parade Life Begins in College South of Santa Fe Castle in the Desert Rider in Cheyenne Stage Coach Buckaroo Close Call for Ellery Queen Lone Rider Fights Back Stick to Your Guns Code of the Outlaw Lone Star Law Men Stork Pays Off, The Come On, Danger , Look Who's Laughing Sued for Libel Corsican Brothers Lone Rider and the Bandit Tanks a Million Court, ship of Andy Lone Star Vigilantes, The Target for Tonlgh Hardy, The Ma, He's Making Eyes Tarzan's Secret Treasure Cowboy Serenade At Me. They Died With Their Dangeroalsly They Live Mad Men of Europe Boots On Deadly Game, The ' Man fnom Headquartera Three Cockeyed SallaM Death Valley Outlaw Marry the Bose' Daaght his Time for Keeps Dive Bomber Military Academy Thunder River Feud Don't Get Personal Mister V Thunder Over the Prairie Down in Ban Diego Navy Blue and GeM Tillie the Toiler Down KYmdeo Way  Nine Lives Are Not Top Sergeant Mulgsn Drltin' Kid Enough Torpedo Boat Dude Cowboy North of the Klondike Trail of the Silver SUl'g Dumbo Nazi Agent Treat 'Era Rough , Duke of the Navy Obliging Young Lady Twilight on the Trail Dyaamite Canyo One Foot tn Heaven U-Boat 9 ' Ellery Queen ald the On the Sunny Side Underground Rustlers- Murder Ring Outlaws of the Desert Under Fiesta Stars Enemy Agent Parachute Battalion Valley of the Sun Fighting Bill Fargo Pittsburgh Kid Vanishing Virginian, Thg Flying Blind Prairie Strnger Wanderers of the West Flying Cadet Rags to Riches We Go Fast Forbidden Trails Raiders of the West West of Cimarron Freckles Comes Home Red River Valley West of Tombstone 'Frisco LII Remember the Day What's Cookin' Gauchos of Eldorado Remarkable Andrew, The Whistling in the Dark Gay Caballero, The Remarkable Mr, Kippe. The Wild Bill Hickok Rides Gentleman from Dixie Riders of the Purple Sage Yank in the P. A. F. Glamour Boy Riders of the Badlands Yank on the Burma Great Guns Riders of the Timberline Road, A Go West, Young Lady Ride 'Era Cowboy Young America Gunman from Bodl Riding the Sunset Trail You're in the Army Now CLASS A, See. g--Unobjectionable For Adults Adventures of Martin Eden Highway West Playmates All American Co-Ed Hold Back the Dawn Public Enemies All Through the Night H.M. Pulham Esq. Quiet Wedding All That Money Can Buy Hot Spot Rio Among the Living How Green Was My Rise and Shine Appointment for Love Valley ' Road to Happiness Blonde from Singapore, The I Killed That Man Sailors on Leave Body Dlsappeara, The Joan of Paris Shadow ng the Thin Man Ball of Fire Jungle Man Shut My Big Mouth Blue, White and Perfect Keep 'Era Flying Skylark Brigham Young Ladies in Retirement Sing Your Worries Away .Buried Alive Lady Be Good Song of the Island Cadet Girl Lady for a Night South of Tahiti Captains of the Clouds Lady Scarface Strange Case of Dr. X Charlle Chan In Rio Law of the Tropics Sullivan's Travels Chocolate Soldier, The Little Foxes, The Sundown Citadel of Crime Lone Wolf Strikes, The Sun Valley Serenade Coast Guard altese Falcon. The Suspicion Confessions of Boston Man at Large Swamp Water Blackie Man Who Returned Swing It Soldier Confirm or Deny" To Life ..... Tragedy at Midnight, A Conquest Married Bachelor Texas Date With the Falcon Men in Her Life They Dare Not Love Designed for Scandal . Men Without Souls Thieves Fall Out (For- Doctors Don't Tell Mercy Island merly 80 Days Douhla Trouble Mexican Spttflre's BahF Hath Sept.) Mexican Spt%fire at Sea This Woman Ie Miua Dr. Ktldare's Wedding Day Mtdnig'ht Fantasia To Be or Not To Be Father Takes a Wife Miss Polly Today. I Hang Feminine Touch, The Moon Over Her Shoulder Too Many Women ' Fiesta Mr. Celebrity Unexpected Uncle Fleet's In, The Mr. and Mrs. North Unfinished Business Fly By Night Murder by Invitation Voice in the Nhht, Te 'orelgn Correanondmt Mystery of Marie Roger Week-end for Three Four Jacks and a Jill Mystery Ship Weekend in Havana Gambling Daughters Nw York Town When Ladies Meet Gay Falcon Niagara Falls Wild Geese alltn Girls Town Night of January 18th Woman of the Year Gentleman at Heart, A No Hands on the C]oek .... World Premier Harvard Here I Come Nothing But the Truth You Belong to Me Hellzaoppin Perfeet Snob You'll Never Get Rich CLASS B---Objectionable Accent on Love Glrl Must Live. A Philedelphla Story Aloma of the South Seas Gone With the Wind Portia on Trial Almost Married Honky Tonk Rat. Tbe Among the Living Honor of the West Roxie Hart Angels with Brbken Kisses for Breakfast Shanghai Gestnro Wings I'll Sell My Life Sunset Murder Case Art o Love Lady Has Plans, The Swamp Woman Bahama Passa Lahurnum Grove Tall Spin Bedtime Stories Lady in Distress That Night in Rio Between Two Women Lou|slana Purehaee That Uneertaln Feeling Blues in the Night Moon Over M|am| This Thing Called Love Bullets for O'Hara Navy Blues Three Girls Ahout Town City of Sin Night Before te Divorce ,Time in the Sun, Confessions of a Cheat, The Nine Baehe]ore Two-Faced Woman Dance Hall Night Before the Di- Unholy Partners Escort Girl yore, The Ware Case. Tbe Fighting the White On Trail We Were Dancing Slave Traffic Our Wife Four Daughters Pacific Blackout