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March 5, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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March 5, 1943

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 5, 1943 Drafting Of Fathers, Worlc00:ng Mothers Seen As Disrupting Hom0000-,Position Of Stalin In Post-War Worla' Enigma Washington Letter Increase In Juvenile Delinquency Is Cause Of, National Concern By Elmer Murphy Washington.  The deep con- cern which natio:lally - known authorities are showing in a ris- ing tide of juvenile delinquency leads observers of the Capital scene to wonder if those on the "home front" aren't leaving a whole sector of their line danger- ously unguarded. The need for drafting fathers may continue and the practice may have to be extended, al- though some legislators believe it should be avoided just as long as possible, as they feel it is dis- ruptive of family life. There is still just as much, and just as widespread, opposition to the employment of mothers in war work, unless and until every other source of employes has been ex- hausted. These are problems which prob- ably will be 'debated as long as the war lasts. There is no room for debate, however, observers feel, on what is happening in the home itself. J. Edgar Hoover, Di- rector of the  Federal Bureau of Investigation, points to a shock- ing increase in juvenile crime in 1942, and places the blame on "a deplorable lack of parental guid- mace and discipline in many homes." This does not mean that the delinquent necessarily comes from homes where one or the other parent is with the armed forces or in war work. It means, rather, that a large segment of American parents have relinquished : 'their control over their homes. Mr. Hoover pointed to boom condi- tions in many communities and "easy money in youthful hands, accompanied by a sense of war- time abandon." He said these are: contributing to "the general let - down in moral standards among juveniles." The subject of youthful :delin- quents, with particular reference to teen-age girls in the neighbor: hoods of troop concentrations, has been discussed in numerous re- cent meetings in various parts of the country. Speakers of prom- inence have warned against condi, tions, and newspaper editorials have called it "a social problem of extreme importance." But mere talk and pointing out will do lit- tle good. Thoughtful persons See more and more clearly, as Mr. Hoover himself has frequently said, that a question of morality is involved; and that the home is best protected by an appreciation of the real sanctity of the home and that religious education ,in the school and in the home are the best safeguards of youth against a wayward life. The FBI survey for 1942 was based on a study of fingerprint records of persons under 21 years of age sent to the FBI by law en- forcement agencies throughout the United States. It was pointed' out that at the Department of Justice, in connection with Mr. Hoover's findings, that the situation be- comes more alarming when one appreciates that in many cases juveniles are not fingerprinted by the local authorities. It was pointed out, too, that juvenile crime increased despite the fact that millions of young men are with the armed forces and many juveniles are gainfully employed in war work. Arrests of girls under 21 years of age increased 55.7 per cent in 1942 over the 1941 figures. Prosti- tutian and commercialized vice among minor girls increased 64.8 per cent. Those arrested for other sex offenses increased 104.7 per cent. Arrests among minor girls for drunkenness and disorderly conduct increased 39.9 per cent and 69.6 per cent, respectively. Boys of 18 were arrested more frequently than those of any oth- er age group, whereas from 1939 to 1941 and 19-year-old'age group predominated. Young men under 21 arrested for assault increased 17.1 per cent in 1942; those arrest- !ed for rape increased 10.6 per i cent; for disorderly conduct, 26.2 per cent, and for drunkenness 30.2 I per cent. Josef Stalin's message commem- orating the twenty-fifth anniver- sary of the Red Army has been received by observers with what are mixed emotions, to say the least. Editorial comment in var- ious parts of the country was quick to take up Stalin's claim that "The Red Army alone is bearing the whole weight of the war." Ameri- can papers have reminded him of the more than 5,000 planes and 5,- 600 tanks which the United States ]and Great Britain have sent to Russia; the crippling air raids that have disrupted German in- dustry, the North African under- takings and others United Nations projects which have kept Hitler from throwing the full weight of his military machine against the Red Army. While observers have called Stalin's talk "encouraging and discouraging" at the same time, it resents problems much farther reaching than that of who's doing most in the war. What will be Stalin's attitude when the task of reconstruction is taken up. Con- siderable apprehension is felt on this point, as a result of his cen- tention that Russia is bearing the brunt of the war. From the course he is following, some commentators infer that Stalin intends to d'o whatever he thinks necessary to drive the in- vaders, once and for all, from Russian soil, and to prevent fu- :ture invasion by setting up buf- fer States. In other words, they feel that, having played what he considers a lone hand in the war, he intends to play a lone hand when peace is restored. Others take a more charitable view. They say Stalin is too con- cerned with driving back the Ger- man armies to give his attention to anything else at the moment. They :point to Stalin's assertion hat the Red Army is not an army of conquest and that it has always respected the rights of all peoples. On the other hand', he has made it clear that Russia does not intend to permit Germany to use the buffer States on the Baltic to launch an offensive in the future. But where he would have the frontier drawn is an unanswered question. From the political viewpoint, Stalin is something of an enigma and his attitudenow foreshadows some of the difficult problems that will be encountered when the sub- ject of world security is taken up. (N.C.W.C. News Service) Students Kneel Every Hour To Pray For Men In Armed Service New Orleans. (tC)When the bell in the clocktower of the church strikes the hour every child in the Redemptorist school kneels to pray for some man in the armed forces of the United States. Boys of the fifth and sixth grad- es have organized two armies, one is "The Army That Kneels and Prays That the Army Might Stand" and the other is "An Army on Its Knees To Keep an Army on Its Feet." ANY RADIOS TO MEND TODAY?, tudents in the Hotulehold Physics cla at Barry College, Miami are learning salvage and repair work on hard-to-get household al. pllances so that the work of electricians, badly needed in war industry. will not be overtaxed. Pictured: Betty McBride working on a dKmo - aged radto set. and Dtrk Mtedemt, obrver. (N.C.W,C) NATIONAL CATHOLIC LIFE CONFERENCE 3801 Grand Ave,. Des Moines, Is. In The Beginning And Now "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." It was in the beginning that God designed and planned country life. And through the ages God has continued to work and express Himself through nature in a very realistic way. He spreads beauty lavishly on the mountains, in the valleys along the rivulets and the great rivers, in the heavens and m the deep places of the ocean. He works through laws that are related to our total life, body, mind, soul, our relationship to IIimself, to others and to all of creation. Ih the countryside the making of a living and the making of a life blend. Working and worship- ing cannot be two separate de- partments in a normal person's life. The sources of the songs ol Zion, the teachings of the Bible the aroma of new-mown hay, the ripening fields of grain, the soul- stirring music of the birds, the gorgeous sunsets and the beauty expressed through flowers and in ten thousand other waysall have ;he same source----God. This close intimate, recognized )r unrecognized, relationship be- tween God, man, land, and nature is one of the biggest factors in giv- ing quality and meaning to rural living as a way of life. This part- nership between God and man is as real and vivid as the relation- ship of the right hand to the left. Some one has said that the rural home is the natural habitat for the family. It is in the rural home that more factors unite in bringing about harmony and unity and realistic, character-building activities than in any other type of home or institution. In the rural home members of the family are interested in the same tasks. Recently I observed a grandson, two years old, take a hoe and join his grandmother in raking up grass on the lawn. This same grandson at times rides the tractor with his father. It is quite natural for the farm fam- ily to share in doing the chores as well as many other tasks on the farm. The sharing of these tasks i is a great factor in bringing about a genuine spirit of family loyalty and fellowship. As in the garden and in the fields the family and God work to- gether, so in family life God and i the family are partners in sharing and enjoying the fruits of their labors. So, too, the spirit of fel- lowship and conradeship in the rural home extends in rural liv- ing into neighborhood and com- munity life. In the rural neigh- borhood folks know each other ad share with each other in meeting their material, social, edu- cational and spiritual needs. In rural life all the essential ele- ments for growth and development tend to combine and cooperate in achieving the purpose of all crea- tionthe development of personal- ities that will be good companions of each other and of God here and' hereafter. Dr. A. H. Rapking Judges For 1943 Student Essay Contest Announced Washington. (E)The board of judges for the 1943 contest of the Catholic Student Program Ser- vice, sponsored by the Youth De- partment of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, was an- nounced, t The judges are: The Most Rev. Robert E. Lucey, Archbishop of San Antonio; the Rt. Rev. Msgr. George Johnson, Director Of the Department of Education, NC.W.C.; and Dr. Francis E. Mc- Hahon, professor of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame and President of the Catholic Associa- tion for International Peace. The theme of the essay contest this year is "What Are We Fight- ing For?" The Catholic Student Program Service is a monthly ser- vice rendered to colleges, high schools and Newman Clubs and consists of program suggestions for student activity, supplemen- tary current pamphlets and a sub- scription to "Catholic Action" magazine. Each institution or in- dividual subscribing to the pro- gram service is eligible to sub- mit two essays, which must be typewritten and be confined to not more than 2,000 words. A $25 War Bond will be given the winner in each division--high school and college, The contest closes April 1. Entries may be sent to the Youth Department, N.C.W.C., 1312 Massachusetts Ave. Washingtan, D. C. AIVIERICANS AT HOLY LAND-SHRINK Brother CamilJus Liska, O. F. M., of Texas, formerly stationed the Fxanelscan Monastery, Washington, D. C., is pictured as he acts 1 as guide to some unnamed American soldiers and nurses at tit . Manger in the Grotto of 4he Nativity in Bethlehem. I N.C.W.C.) Timely Eternals Totalitarian State Merits Condemnation Of Christians Ottawa. (E)-- The totalitarian State, which refuses to recognize the rights of the human person and which makes of the State the sole end towards which must converge all the activities of the individual, merits the condemna- tion of all Christian minds and of all civilized thought, the Most Rev. Alexander: Vachon, Archbishop of Ottawa, said in a radio address here. Archbishop Vachon spoke in a special series on "The Catholic and the War." Archbishop Vachon recalled the words of Pope Pins XI on March in which the Holy Father on guard against :he errors of Nazism because of its falsific action of the order of things created by God. "Our civilization is passing through a crisis of which the issue has been the bloody war which now afflicts mankind," Archbish- op Vachon said. "This war is above all a moral tragedy. It flows from a false notion of man and from man's forgetfulness of his origin, his doctrine, his destiny and his mission on earth. "The real fomentors of this world killing, who with an inde- scribable savagery have put into use fo" vital and material destruc- tion all the progress of modern science, are those leaders whom Pius XI branded by his letters and his word's. When, in the month of May, 1938, Hitler went to Rome' to visit one of his supernumeraries, Catholic Union of Arkansas Rev. Anthony Lachowsky, C.S. Sp. Conwey, Spiritual Director Carl J. Meurer, Little Rock, President Bruno Lienhntt, Morrllton Secretary.Treasurer Jno. M. Wlllems, Subiaco. First Vice President George Stlemel, ,Pocahontas, Second Vice President Peter P. Hiegel. Couwgy. Third Vies President Following is the program for Little Rock, Ark. .... By all, except the young mother Address__Rev. A. L. Lachowsky, next door whose baby was awak- C.S.Sp., Conway, Ark. cned by the noise of the party and Speaking Contests who was forced to walk the floor Mr. P. P. Heigel, Chairman, CDL with it practically for the better CU of A, will have charge of part of the night. The sick per- the boy's Contest. son, five doors away, who had Miss Antoinette Thessing, CDL hoped for a good night's rest, did CU of A, Conway, Chairman, not have a good time either, miser- will have charge of the con- ably tossing about until sleep was test for girls. out of the question for the rest of Song: "God Bless America" the night. Nor did the half dozen Entire Assembly or more people across the street, Result of Contest announced, and who had to get up in the morning awarding of prizes. for a hard day's work, have a good Prayer ............. Rev. A. Lachowsky time. In fact, the curses of the Separate Business neighborhood, by the time the Meetings ........................ 3:30 p.m. clock struck one, were sulphurous Mr. W. A. Gerke will preside at enough to make Satan's nostrils business meeting of CLD, CU of quiver with delight. Even the A and Mrs. Will Drilling of Mar- radio fiend had to swallow a dose galleon, Pres. CU of A, CLD will of his own poison, preside at meeting of women. It is a sin and a shame, to be- A good attendance of our mere- have without any thought or con- beg Societies throughout the Dis- sderation of your fellow man's trict is expected. The Northwestern District will rights and dues. Sleep and rest hold its Quarterly meeting at are vital needs, as much so as Weiner, Arkansas on Sunday, food. To deprive a person of them March 14, Roy. Otto Butterbach deliberately is diabolic. God's is astor there. second greatest Commandment, ,. "Love thy neighbor as thyself," is end welfare of the participants as entirely ignored by those who turn well as for the neighbors'. the calm of night into a riot of tortured nerves. Therefore, should night parties and family frolics be taboo? No, not at all. But these happy af- fairs could be started earlier, kept in check throughout, and termi- nated at a decent hour. This is a sensible policy, for the health Rt. Rev. Msgr. Peter M. 11. Wynhoven Editor-in- Chief Catholic Action of the South PEOPLE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD the District Meeting on Sunday, "It is a delicious moment, certainly, that of being well March 7, at Conway, St. Joseph's nestled in bed and feeling that you will drop gently to sleep. Parish being the hosts: Program The good is'to come, not past; the limbs are tired enough to Registration of Delegates 1:00 p.m. render the remaining in one posture delightful; the labor of Benediction of Most Blessed the day is gone. A gentle failure of the perceptions creeps Sacrament .................... 1:30 p.m over you; the spirit of consciousness disengages itself once Mass Meeting .................... 2:00 p.m more, and, with slow and hushing degrees, like a mother de- Call to Order ....... Mr. W. A. Gerke, Pres. Central District tachlng her hand from that of a sleeping child, the mind Prayer-..Rev.A.Lachowsky,C.S.Sp. seems to have a balmy lid closing over it, llke the eye---it is State Spiritual Director closed--the mysterious spirit has gone to take its airy rounds." Hymns ................ Entire Assembly "Our Lady of Good Counsel" We bet you the rosary, five times to one, that the above "America" description of sleep was not written by a man who lived Address_Rev. Cyril Lange, O.S.B., in a well-settled city neighbor- MOTHER LOVE for C H M R O I T $ H T E I R A S N hood, with houses nudging one another. There is no such happy prospect to contemplate when you retire at night. This is particularly true in summer time, when all windows are open, because there always is someone in the neigh- borhood getting ready to celebrate something. Or there may be a poor neighbor suffering with in- somnia, who has discovered that a sure cure for it is to make him- self mentally tired and drowsy by listening to a blaring radio until all hours. Is this lack of consideration for your neighbor a sin and a crime? We shall leave the radio addict out of our calculation; after all, he is a sufferer, and there is something wrong with him in sev- eral ways. But the merrymakers, and the celebrants of an occasion, or no occasion at all? These light- hearted, happy and healthy people --what mischief do they create by a night of gaiety, staged in a dense- ly inhabited neighborhood? First of all, they will start their frolic at a time when respectable: people are going to bed; the party will be at its height a little after midnight, when the period of most restful sleep has passed. The height of these parties is denoted by frequent outbursts of hilarious screams by jittery young females, and loud musical renditions by ac- commodating guests who can neither sing nor play. The four phonograph records of dance music are montonously worked overtime, for at least an hour and a half. Around one o'clock in the morning, the spiked punch is taking effect, and Mother judges that, in order to save the fmily's reputation, she'd better begin bidding the guests good- night, with the tactfully expressed hope that they enjoyed' themselves. Yes, Mother starts her adieus with good taste and judgment; but that does not mean that the party is broken up. About 20 minutes to a half hour afterward, some- body suddenly gets the ingenious idea of having a last drink, and "then we sing 'Sweet Adeline' but everybody must join in." In the meantime, the big brother or boy friend has arrived in the car and is nervously and im- patiently waitiqg outside to take "her" home. After a while, his psychology is expressed by long, shrieking blasts of the automobile horn. A shout comes from the in- side, through an open window: "Oh, step on in, Joe, for a minute." Joe won't, for he is either not dressed properly, or he was not invited, in the first place. Joe is pretty well peeved by this time, and he blows the horn every suc- ceeding minute. At last, fond fare- wells are indulged in on the front porch, and "by-byes" are shouted from the street, often and loud enough to wake the neighbors in the second and third blocks. Moth- l er locks the front door and turns out the lights with a feeling of satisfaction. A good time was had by all. doubtless with a view to paring the conflict which out 16 months later, the Father wished to protest gctically against the false which the leader of the people, and all those proved him and sought to have in their country and then to it throughout the world. "Pins XI left Rome for gandolfo before the arrival German Chancellor. As lhen in the Eternal City we able to note that the ple, in general, responded sentiments of the Holy approving, by the lack of iasm which marked their strations, the formidable which the official wished to tender the The Supreme Pontiff that he bitterly regretted this city, which had been fled by the Cross of crooked cross of the so much in evidence. "Already today's war decided upon by the totalitarianism and his War was inevitable, for protagonists of pagan there still were on this men and peoples who save the true civilization. "There is no possible except in reestablishing earth the truly Christian man aand his individual i rights." Size 4 x 5 1-2 Inches NEW and REVISED Edition A manual for Christian Mothers entirely re-written with in- structions of the Arch-Confra- ternity Christian M o t h e r s. Printed on thin text paper. Round Corners. The prayer- book that every mother should have. No. 2001 Black Cloth red edgos $1.7B No. S$01 Amerleata Seal Leather, red under gold edges ......... $1t.$0 No. 7501 Real Morocco Leather, red under gold edges ...... O Order from The Guardian Press Criticizes, Mexican Education Mexico City. (--No ansi isfied with the present education in Mexico. opposed to any efforts or tending to soften the law. Rightists will not isfied until the letter of as well as the spirit of its lion, is definitely modified of Congress. Novedades the feeling of most it said in a recent Article 3 is being kept in stitution merely as a piece." "The Communist I principal supporters of the stitutional text, are for the ent in the longer enjoy so ficial favor," the daily says. In addition to the fact one, "not even those it," can give any clear tion or actul definition phrases usedin Article 3, (lades Sys te. whole article of the Federal and its enabling actthe tion Law decreed during ministration of President Cardenasis not in k.ept the avowed policies of the administration. Public Hopes Even now, the editorial with the Constitution still claiming that schools centers of "socialist" and fanatical" diffusion, that is said or done "in spiritual nobility, the meaning of patriotism, knowledge that we are more than stomach be contrary to the law." "In other words," torial concludes, cation, as construed and ed outside the law, will traband and founded on band laws." From Jesus in Heaven learn how to reverence to love His Mother, the Heaven. Let us ask Jesus. Sacred Host to grant us to pate in ever so small a the love with which He His Mother. :[he M, mual Of Prayer The Official Prayer Book For Catholics Prepared by Directions of Third Plenary Council. Contains the Proper of the Mass all Sundays and principal adapting it as a Missal. Large black-face type is most able especially in poorly churches--Just the book for a vert---it expla/ns everything . Regular Edition With Epistles and Gospels No. 24S, Black Linen Cloth, gilt cross, round corners; gold edsee No. 244, Black Keratol, morocco grain, gold cross; round edge No. 245, French Morocco Leather, tmld title, embossed blind IHS.- ; No. 24S. French Seal Leather, padded ............................ No. 24SA, Turkey Merocco, limp, gold title, round corners ....  On Fine India Paper No. 247, French Morocco Leather, limp, dam cross/ round orners No. 247A, Walrus Grain Persian Leather, Ump, gold cross and No. 247B, Alaska Seal, limp, plain sides, leather lined, silk sewn Wlt ite Cover Edition No. 951W, White Morocco Grain Keratol, sold title, round oreg edges, with marriage certificate etc ........... Order From $09 West nd The Guardian IAtfle Rook,