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March 5, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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March 5, 1943

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/'an Aeeii,,', POPE-GREET00NOTED-SCIENTISTS00 Fewer Children : Us as /'IIIU u,,,IAa,,I,, rloau,00; ................ In English Kniphts of Columbus State Council L Peace Based On Justice, Schoo0000 Today .... News l i: INIl II |l | III IJllW 7 I Vl|q than there were 40 years ago, said "el'P" @mb r. the Roy. Charles Somerville, S.J., By J. P. Reynolds ur ay uarters,'b ve reachlll o enthu _se se and wh a ] worthl , expendVIr pent up energy, mentally tchi orated by such concentraa,_.e. Well here's something big exits. for anybody's ambition, an0tht not too big as to scare us en feeling of despair. March .u..29Mr the Kick-off for the greates| ,r,,.e dertaking in the History 0!|St Khights of Columbus, anflae: e a[ 2 ] course everyone wants to b ' [" m any successful thing of L nature.IBeginning on this ,f:.f,, March 29th, and continuintit l one month, a campaign for thlif or purchase of $25,000,0Y TWENTY-FIVE MILLION . LARS in war bonds and sl,... will be put on by your Each council will set its quota of $60.00 a member, may be achieved by: 1st. Purchase by These purchases can be any source; individual payroll deductions, etc. 2xd. Purchase by Chapter, Assembly or Association. 3rd. Sale by Council rallies, public programs, All the necessary concerning this drive will i ed from Supreme lend should be read at the i regular meeting of your It's going to take men termination who are not the size or sound of anytl matter how big, or how loU this description fits you, an are thoroughly impressed I0; need and worth of the unde shake aft that eomplaeen get into the push. Our Country is going to the winning side of this you believe that, your bonds is a bet on a even if you doubted that, investment should be by higher motives, the willingness to sacrifice. Let's all work together this thing over the top. Great Old Country, this IJ but it will only stay great, i portion to the greatness 0 people who inhabit and level S00rapb00l00:Wins00[ | First Place ........ In Contest ": i Hattieville.--The scrapbO0 porting the war activities  children of St. Vincent's won first place in Conway C. Scrapbooks from the sch00 the county were sent to the ty Supervisor's office before| : ruary thirteenth. There theY examined by the County str At-War Committee. | The three best sm.:apboolO| been sent to Roy C. Paschal,| Administrator of School-2*I| Fentress Mortuaf New York. (E)--America and the British Commonwealth of Nations have the opportunity of building a new world which will assure freedom and lasting peace based upon universal justice, tits Emi- nence Arthur Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminister, de- clared in a broadcast from London to the second annual Conference on Religion at Columbia Univer- sity here, "Shoulder to shoulder, in peace and in war, we can and we must work on a spiritual reform on which depends the restoration of lasting peace in this strife-wracked world," Cardinal Hinsley said. Envisioning the opportunity which lies ahead for Americans and Britons, Cardinal Hifisley said: "After standing shoulder to shoulder in the present war, we must face with one heart and soul the no less formidable task of building a new order which will assure us an era of freedom through a peace founded on uni- versal justice. And by justice I mean no steel-cold calculating op- portunism, but a law of love, which sees in our fellowmen hnages of God, and souls precious in His sight, because redeemed by the sacrifice of His Son. Scorns Superman Idea "Away then with the superman-- The superman and his totalitar- ian despotism. No blood nor soil nor race superiority for Christian men. We must redress the hid- eous wrong and cruelties infUcted i by the Herrenvolk on Jews and Gentiles and on peace-loving na- tions. We must assert the un- changing principles of .Christian justice and charity." Cardinal Hinsley spoke in part' as follows: " 'Whence, are we and whither go we?' These were the test ques- tions which the missionaries from Rome were required to answer at the court of a Saxon King, when thy sought his consent to preach the Gospel to the people of Eng- land. They are the everlasting problems of every age--today more urgently do these problems con- front us. How came we to exist and what is the end and purpose of existence? "Are we a chance outgrowth of primitive slime? Is our end to re- turn to primeval mud? Both rea- son and Christian revelation give the lie to the popular scientists who would have us believe in any such blind origin and narrow des- tiny. That is to big an overdraft on credulity. Our intelligence fortified by the message of Christ gives the answer which of old was received and welcomed by simple folks and by the wise. God made us and not we ourselves. And God made us to be happy eternally with Him, and in Him. Augustine and his missionaries came here to proclaim a universal declaration of independence--the freedom of the human soul under God. Their message to the Saxons was the same as the Apostles "o Christ had carried from the shores of Palestine along the coast of the Mediterranean and even to the Far East. It was a message of the liberty of the sons of God, of the perfect law of liberty. Bulwark of Democracy "In the Western hemisphere as in every place where it was re- ceived, that message has been the bulwark of real democracy, the foundation of peace through the reign of law, the curb of riotous selfishness and tyrannous power. "The founders of the Constitu- tion of the United States, like the framers of our great Charter, were men inspired by the fundamental principles of Christianity. Equality of all men beforc the Creator was their first principle. Class war is not the recognized basis of your life. Idolatry of power is not ad- mitted into your democratic at- titude. There is equality of op- portunity for all men, children of God. The Faith of your Fathers is a beacon light to the present and to the future. Our two great nations, American arid British, living to- gether by the guidance of the past, united in spirit and in truth will be able to play a decisive part to- wards assuring to all men of every race the inalienable rights with which they are endowed by their Creator--the right of life, the right of liberty, the right to the pursuit of real happiness. Building A New Order "Standing shoulder to shoulder in the present war, we must face with one heart and soul no less formidable task of building a new order which will assure us an era of freedom through a peace found- ed on universal justice. And by justice I mean no steel-c01d cal- culating opportunism, but a lew of love which sees in our fellowmen images of God, and souls precious in His sight, because redeemed by the sacrifice of His Son. We are all children of'one Father, as we pray, so must we act, not for sel- fish interests but for the common good, "America and the British Com- Bibles Advance In Price On March 15th Last January 15, publishers of the Holy Bible an- nounced an increase in price on all bindings of the Holy Bible. Fortunately at the time, The Guardian had a large order for Bibles already submitted, which were bought at the old price. So, all through February and up until March 15th (if the present stock lasts that long) the old price remains in effect. After March 15, the new price goes into effect. Guardian Subscribers are advised ,to place their order for their copy of the Holy Bible now. The Holy Bible Get Your Bible Now! No. I No. 6 No. 3 Douay Version Size 5 5/8 x 8 inches, 1300 pages Contains 14 maps of the lloly Land and 4 page family records. Bindings number 3, 4, 5, and 6 also contain 32 pictures of biblical events. Supplementary Features A.--A double index. B--Indul- gence prayers before and after reading The Holy Bible, and data regarding indulgences granted for the reading of the Sacred Scrip- tures. C.--An historical and chron- ological Table of Events in the Old and New Testaments. D.--A table of the Epistles and Gospels as read in the Pulpit each Sunday. Variety of Bindings New Price Goes Into Effect March 15th No. l--Cloth, stiff cover, blind stamp , a.O cross, red odd. ........... ,.oo--ew Price--- $ 2.50 No. 2--Morroketto, flexible, blind stamp, rod edges .................. $ 2.To--New Price-- $ 3.25 No. 3.--Morrokette, flexible, gold stamp, - rod ..d. gold gee ...... S .o0--New Price-- $ 4.50 No, 4.--merlcan Seal Leather, flexible, gold title, rod under gold edges ........................ * s.oo--New Price-- $ 5.50 No. 5.--Livant Grain Leather, Yapp. Gold tltlo, red under gold edges ........................ $ Price--- $ 7.00 No. 8---Morocco, lesthor lined, very flmdble, gold title, red under gold .. eds., Szo.oo--ew Price--, $11.00 Order from The Guardian $09 W nd Llttle Reek, Ark. Delegates to the International Congress of Mathematicians are pic- tured at the entrance to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences build- ing, in Vatican City. during their last session. His Holiness Pope Pius XII addressed a gathering of distinguished savants here. re- cently, when he inaugurated the seventh academic year of the Pontifical Academy.:. (N.C.W.C.) of Nations have the opportunity of united action for realizing in the world the laws of Christian morality which form the basis of our traditions, or our institutions, of our social well-be- ing. Shoulder to shoulder in peace and in war, we can and we must work on a spiritual reform on which deends the restoration of lasting peace, in this strife-wrack- ed world." l Arkansas State Council CK " Nov Alphonse Mueller O S B . spiritual director, Charleston T. J. Arnold, president Park Hill, No. Little Rock G. H. Kenkel, secretary. Brlnkley : Leo Hammer, treasurer, Ft. Smith :J. J. Duerr, 1st vice-preeident, Charleston Mrs Mary Burke, Znd vice-president, i Pocahontas Victor Kordsmeier, Srd vice-president,  Morrtlton _! Carl E. Bopp, member of Branch 79, Little Rock, entered the Armed Service, Monday the 22nd, and left Camp Robinson Sunday afternoon, destination un- known. His relatives and many friends saw him off and wished him God speed and happy and early return. Mr.' George H. Steimel, State Organizer spent Sunday in Little Rock, visiting friends, among whom were Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeClerk and Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Arnold. lie and Mr. Arnold also visited the meeting of Branch No. 1133 of North Little Rock, held at St. Patrick's hall. President M. P. Wilkieweizc :presided, with Dolphus Timmey, Sect'y and J. E. Prause, Treas. The 7th of the 11 Points given the Catholic Union by the Most Roy. Bishop is: "At least monthly reception of the Sacraments", and as most of the C.K. of A. Branch- es are affiliated with the Catholic Union, it behooves them to work with the Union on these points. It would be fine if every Branch would set aside one Sunday of every month to go to Communion in a body and see that every mem- ber is present, both Juveniles and Adults. A communion breakfast could also be arranged and speak- ers for the breakfast could be ap- pointed to speak on appropriate subjects. Hope is expressed that this Monthly Communion will be in operation in every Branch in the near future. Catholic [ Business Women's Club The Catholic Business Women's lub will hold their regular monthly dinner meeting, Monday, March 8th at the Freiderica Hotel at 6:15 o'clock. The speaker of the evening will be Mrs. Eugene Teeter, chairman o the Red Cross Committee for the Recruiting of Nurses, whose topic will be the life of Florence Night- ingale. Every Mass attended, every Holy Communion received, every visit paid to the Blessed Sacrament is a step nearer Heaven, an addi- tional reason in virtue of which we should see God and His Blessed Mother. kelreal A1 Scholasuca L By Fr. am r The students of St. Seholastica Academy spent February 24, 25 and 26 in making the annual re- treat. Most of the non-Catholic students, as well as all of the Ca- tholic students in the high school made the retreat and quite a num- ber of the non-resident pupils were given accommodations at the school so that they might have a better opportunity to keep up the retreat for the entire three days. The Roy. Ambrose Branz, O.S.B., a member of the Subiaco Aca- demy faculty, was the retreat mas- ter, and by his excellent confer- ences won the hearty response of all the retreatadt. His zeal and his understanding of the problems of today's youth made his lec- tures particularly helpful. Each day the students partici- pated in the Missa Recitata and' received Holy Communion at 8:30. There were four lectures during the course of the day, and the time between lectures was spent in private reading, meditation, and prayer. The last conference of the day was followed by Benedic- tion of the Blessed Sacrament. On the final day the Papal Bless- ing was given before Benediction and the retreat ended with the singing of "Holy God' We Praise Thy Name" by all the retreatants. Chicago Prlest-Chaplaln Reported Missing In Action Chicago. (E)--James M. Listen, father of the Rev. James M. Lis- i ton, has received word from the War Department that his son, an Army chaplain, has been reported missing in action. He is the first priest of the Archdiocese of Chi- c,go to be listed as a casualty in the present war. A native of Chicago, Father Lis-. ton attended Quigley Preparatory 'Seminary and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, Ill. talking at Sunderland. The Nonconformists, he said, have given up all but 30 of the 1,401 schools they had in 1902, and the Church of England has sur- rendered nearly 3,000--an average of about 70 schools a year for 40 years. Catholics have not only held on to their schools but have tdded 200 to the number they had in 1902--the year in which the Bal- four education act was passed. Today Catholics have 1,266 ele- mentary schools. "All that is necessary to solve the schools prolem," said Fr. Somerville, "is to cease penalizing the biggest minority in the coun- try and to leave the oppression of minorities to the totalitarian coun- tries whose methods we are fight- mg again in this war." Parish Mothers' Club Says Rosary | During Black-out Shreveport, La. {E)--Notice of a State-wide surprise black-out came when the monthly party of the St. John's Mothers' Club was in full swing. As the timeg was too short to cover the win-* dows in the school basement, lights were put out when the black-out signal sounded and more than a hundred members and guests sat in darkness. The Rev. Kevin Nowlan was asked to speak, but he had a better idea. He began the rosary. Back In U.S. After A Year Of War San Francisco. (E)--Lieut. (J.G.) John F. Davis, a University of Notre Dame alumnus and holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross, is back in the United States after a year of tough air fighting in the South Pacific war theater. Lieutenant Davis, whose home is Evansville, Ind., was a member of the famous Navy right squad- ron "Patwin 10" (Patrol Wing [0), which started out with 42 )lands and fought its way across the Philippines and other Pacific combat areas during the early stages of the war until it disband- ed in Australia with only two planes surviving from the long- ranging battles. The naval hero was graduated from Notre Dame in 1938 and won his wings at Pensacola, Fla He was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked on December 7; 1941, and his plane was destroy- ed. He received the D.F.C., for skillfully maneuvering his plane and enabling his crew to shoot down a Japanese fighter plane in a later battl$.. He serves Mass whenever he can and during a week when he was with the late Father John McGarrity, chaplain of the ill-fated carrier "Langley," he served Mass daily. He was married in Australia to the form- er Mary Clark. Chancellor Named Chaplain Of Last Man's  Club New Orleans. (E)--The Rt. Rev. Msgr. John A. Vigliero, Chancel- lor of the Diocese of Lafayette, has been named chaplain for life of the Last Man's Club of the Old Command 141st Field Artillery and Washington Artillery at the annual meeting of the group. The meeting is held annually on Wash- ington's birthday to commemorate the founding of Washington Ar- tillery in 1837. Major General Allisan Owen, United States Army, retired, is president of the Last Man's Club. A MARYKNOLL BOLIVIAN MISSION A Maryknoll priest, Rev. James, A. Flaherty, of Philadelphia, son of the late James A. Flaherty, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Co-'( lumbus, offers the first Mass in Villa Victoria, new Maryknoll Mission In Bolivia.. A church will eventually be built on the property, whici  was donated to the Maryknoll Fathers. Pierre Boal,. U. S AmbM sador tO Bolivia, was among those at the Mass. {N.C.W,C.} We hope this news reaches the editor in time for the next of The Guardian because it's big stuff, hot from headc we need a running start and a sustained drive till we finish line. During Founder's Week, we must all feel recalling to mind the work and wisdom of our Founder, and that mood, we are naturally .looking around for some activity on which to expend THIRD DEGREE COUNCILS NEWS ACTIVITIES IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS Council No. 812 The Supreme Council is request- ing all Councils to raise a Bond Issue of $25,000,000.00 during the Knights of Columbus' Founders Month, March 29th to April 28th. Every Knight will do his part in reaching this goal. Please there- fore, notify your Secretary of all Bonds purchased d'uring this time, and give amount of purchases. The total amount purchased will be given to the Supreme Secre- tary, and in this way a proper credit will be given for our War Activity. Brother Dan J. Broderick, 811 East 21st Street, is now connected with a big pipe line company, and at present, he is located at Greens- bore, N.C. Dan is in the Chem- istery Department of the Com- pany. Brother John H. Tuohey, 2524 Fair Park Blvd., is now at home, recuperating from his recent eye operation. He is getting along fine, and visitors are welcome. Brother Frank Franey, Pine Bluff Council No. 1153, was a pleasant visitor at the Club last week. Frank is a very busy man with his Government duties dur- ing the present rationing time. :n Cardinal Hinsley Gravely I11; At London By George Barnard London. (l--His Eminence Ar- thur Cardinal Hinsley, Archbishop of Westminster, is gravely ill. The Last Sacraments have been administered to the distinguished churchman at his Hare Street house in Buntington, Herts. This is the house which the late Mon- signor Robert Hugh Benson be- queathed to the Archbishops of Westminster. Several times lately Cardinal Hinsley has suffered slight heart attacks, both before and during in- terviews he granted and other en- gagements, but he carried on af- ter taking restoratives. The last public function he attended was the luncheon tendered Francis P. Matthews of Omaha, Nebr.. Su- preme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, who recently completed a visit to Great Britain in his ca- pacity as Chairman of the Execu- tive Committee of the National Catholic Community Service, one of the use organizations. Sir Maurice Cassidy, noted heart specialist, who has been attending Cardinal Hinsley, said that the Cardinal had' shown some improve- ment in his condition, which be- came grave Saturday night, and that he was free from pain. How- ever, His Eminence did not main- tain the improvement he had pre- viously shown. His Excellency the Most. Roy. William Godfrey, Apostolic Dele- gate to England, called at the Cardinal's residence, and imparted to His Eminence a special blessing from His Holiness Pope Pins XII. Monsignor Francis Bickford called '* from neighboring St. Ed- mund's College. I The Only EstahlIshmeat in q/ I Arkansas designed, built al:J, r, I .,..,. ,. F. H. KUIPER, Jeweler 206 West Capitol Phone 2-4724 Little Rock DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, WATCHES, CLOCKS, NOVELTIES AND GIFTWARE We repair all kinds of plain and complicated w$tehsSb clocks, and Jewelry. Mail orders solicited. All worg guaranteed. Prices moderate. For 25 years head watchmaker of largest local Jewelry Bone Dry Roofing Sheet Metal Work J. E. He 209-11 East Markham Street Phone "Home for ClergyWea Reasonable Prices I00UBE 5COl1" INCORPORATED 41V-419 Main Street Little Reek,