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March 4, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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March 4, 1990

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PAGE 3 ARKANSAS CATHOLIC MARCH 4, 1990 "CUrran,- from page 2 ri0r to ours. What are enhancements tt .ur Eucharist- preaching, music and ocnpture , have become the core of Othei, s' Worship. !t[ Some denominations became funda- al entalist' interpreting the Bible liter- ly. Issues like the story of creation c0rne sacred causes for them. If the ill olble says God created the world in seven days, then that's the truth in spite i ot any theory of evolution. [[ Other .... denominations, nrimarilv i{:i' ainline Protestant- Methodist, Lu- ulerarl .I]o , Presbyterian, etc. - interpret pture less rigidly, believing that the lie_rd Was not revealed once but is [| nStantly being revealed to us by the M 0pirit. Thus, as culture chan es, so does the in,- ' " t[]%a, terpretation and application of ill u s revealed Word. itl., Vhen Protestantism began to empha- 'i] the centrality of Scripture over :11" craraent, we did ]]rfacfon' the opposite, as a "i ue.e As a result, Bible reading was ill naPhasized and sacramental theol- ,[!i @ doctrine, tradition and Church law i[1 rae the focus of religious training. Church chose Scrinture readint~s '11 ,'dr U~ - [ 0 hist0 at Mass and we were taught Bible i /a ry Stories but serious Bible stud nil dail. Y I:I~Vh.', Y reading were not encouraged. [tl ibke .most Cathdlic families owned a l[tbir ' It Was used more for recording s, Weddings and deaths than for ""us readin M g" Va,. Y of us who grew up in the pre- q qCan TT a era believed that the Bible dfo.i rrotestant book As a result' we WOefully ignorant about it, even A balanced approach recen ]hihli . t years, Catholic leaders and h atlty' l _ eal scholars, have onened, to us the d richness of the Bible. Rather ,,'.etractinz from the sacraments, tipS2lble is returning to its original ,]lb Pose of enriching our sacramental relationship with God. We're to live in such times. 1990 Alt Publishing Co. Question: The Catholic Charismatic Movement is: [] A Godsend [] Important [] Unimportant [] Dangerous Responses need not be signed, but only this form (no photocop- ies) will be accepted. No phone calls, please. Mail to: Arkansas Catholic Survey PO Box 7417, Little Rock, 72217 Additional comments welcome. February's question: Should priests be allowed to marry ? Yes: 83% No: 17% This question brought more responses than any other survey question to date. Many of the comments we received were impassioned pleas for change; others were upbeat; still others were caustic. Some samples: ... why all this hallowed talk about sexual organs being made by God only for procreation, and then denying priests the right to procreate? There is something twisted in that thinking. ...[married priests] no doubt expect/ demand a larger salary.:.and we know the financial problems of the Church. was heartening to see the [ques- tion] in our diocesan paper... [married priests] is a good first step to encour- age young men to enter the seminary. would be nice not to have priests feel intimidated when I walk in the room, either by my physical presence or my intelligence. ...[yes, but] only one time. ...please don't even think of it...would be the downfall of the Church. ...thank you for being open to the opinions of the laity., marriage did not seem to be an issue with Christ... He chose married men 1! to 1. ...since married Episcopal priests are allowed in [the Catholic clergy] we should grant the same privilege to our many married [Roman] priests whom I hear are more than willing to come back. ...[a married priest's] first-hand experience would make him a better counselor... is so inconsistent and unfair to allow married priests who convert from other denominations to serve as Catho- lic priests while denying the privilege to [Roman Catholic] priests. ...for too long the misogynists among the old priests have had a crippling effect on anything progressive...our younger clergy are an improvement, but they could be so much happier...were they given the freedom to marry. ...they don't need marriage, they have enough problems already. ...celibacy is Church law, not God's law [andjt] didn't gain wide acceptance until about 1,000 AD. I also hope women will be ordained [because they] are generally more compassionate than men on practically anything human. ...if married clergy from other de- nominations are ordained as Catholic priests, then I think it only fair that our priests can marry. is cruel to deny a person the right to a family...maybe this very denial is why so many priests seek refuge in alcohol. ...the celibacy rule prevents the best and_ most idealistic members of our society from reproducing. This doesn't make sense. ...a married clergy would reduce the misogyny among priests...sometimes I can feel the fear in priests who don't know how to respond to women. I feel very sorry for these lonely men. , Dear Editor: We have been receiving Arkansas Catholic for several months now, and I want you to know of my admiration for the good job you are doing as its edi- tor. The Christmas "Tell your Story" issue was delightful; the 1/21/90 abor- tion issue had a balanced approach to an inflamed topic. I commend you. Every good wish for your journalis- tic ministry. Maria V. Brocato, SCN Louisville, KY Dear Editor:. Does "right to life" require all to be parents? Forbid birth control? Does the "right to religion" require all to have a religion? Which one? If one can be leg- islated, why not both? Do "rights" dic- tate morals? Whose? Blood transfusions are "wrong" for some religions. Should they be banned? What if they're the ma- jority? What if they're 1 O0 percent right? Would they be outlawed? Should they? Should the govemment control religion and family planning? Walter Strickler Fruitport, MI ARKANSAS CATHOLIC welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must be brief and include a telephone number. Send to: ARKANSAS CATHOLIC P.O. Box 7417 Little Rock 72117 Fr. John Dletzen ta the belief born receive of I know receive lot of But since Confirmation is aa We become adults in the WOuld they receive it without noting, first of all, that we are far less certain about the mental capacities of these handicapped people than we once thought. With attention, loving care, encouragement and intel- ligent guidance, children with this and other handicaps often demonstrate remarkable mental and emotional prog- ress. Regardless of all that, the Church makes every possible provision for their reception of the sacraments, with whatever preparation they seem able to accept. In my own pastoral work wifla such children and adults, I am amazed at the development of their self-knowledge and their spiritual perception. Here as always, sacraments are for people. The Church wants them to profit from all the sacraments as best and as often as they are able. Can you give me any information about the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple? It was mentioned during a recent program in our parish. Is this an order approved by the Catholic Church? At the time of the Crusades, mainly during the 12th century, several mili- tary religious orders were established. A few of the great Catholic figures of the time, such as St. Bernard, consid- ered this a way to Christianize the military and at the same time help recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims. The Templars were one of these orders. The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, their official title, gradually grew enormously rich and powerful through- out Europe. King Philip of Spain be- came particularly jealous of their power and hungry for their money. Eventu: ally he managed to turn the Inquisi- tion loose on them. Because of the absolute secrecy that covered their activities, and the fight security over both lay and clerical membership, the Templars were open to all ki.nds of suspicions and false accusations. Eventually, they were sup- pressed by the pope in 1312. As a curious footnote of history, the last grand master of the Templars was Jacques de Molay, who was burned at the stake after repudiating his "confes- sion," which had been obtained under torture. The Order of de Molay, now related to the Freemasons, was named after him. (Send estions to Fr. fohn Dietzen, Holy Trini Parish, 704 N. Main St., Bloom- ington, IZ, 61701.) 1990 CNS