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March 3, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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March 3, 1923

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......... : /. . . i PAGE EIGHT * $ $ * * $ * * * $ * $ " LISTENING IN " * By Autolycus * Drnnk as Blazes It appears that the term "drunk as blazes" does not refer to the well- known blazes of the subterranean tropics. The London Universe has made the discovery that the descrip- tion is associated with St. Blaise. At one season of the year, when the nights were cold and the vigils of the shepherds were long and trying, a particularly strong brew of ale was made to fortify them against the rig- ors of an all-night vigil on the moors. This brew was known as "St. Blaise's Ale," and it was so potent that very little of it sufficed to incapacitate even the hardy moorland shepherds. This gave rise to the expression, "drunk as blazes" which originally signified an advanced stage of intern-] perance resulting from an over- draught of St. Blaise's Ale. Exceptional Grip The Pittsburgh Catholic, which is in its 80th year of publication, has a subscriber who has read the paper, or had it read to her, from the very be- ginning. Her father took out a sub- scription on March 1st, 1844, and the paper has been delivered to the same address for over seventy-five years. This case is exceptional, of course. But every Catholic paper of any age has readers whose loyalty to the pa- per has lived through succeeding gen- erations. This tends to show that the Catholic paper has an exceptional glip on its readers; that they esteem it; that its influence in the home is greater than the influence of the or- dinary newspaper. Advertisers should get to know these things, for their 'FRANCE PROVIDES FOR EXTENSION OF RELIGIOUS ORDERS (By N. C. W. C: Nes Service) Paris, Feb. 16.As announced in a recent cable to the N. C. W. C. News Service, the French Government has submitted to Parliament bills author- izing the legal existence in France of four religious 0rders: 1. The Society of African Missions of Lyons. 2. The Society of Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). 3. The Cpngregation of French Franciscans for Foreign Missions. 4. The Society of Missionaries of the Lewnt, The text of these bills has just been handed to the deputies of the Cham- ber. The bills are signed by the President of the Republic, M. Poin- care, the Minister of Foreign Affairs,! and M. Manoury Minister of the In- i terior. [ , Provision for African Missions [ rhe bill dealing with the; Society of African Missions of Lyons states that: "The services rendered by this Society have long been appreciated by the GovernmenL which at one time employed its missionaries in the course of some delicate negotiations with Behanzin and the King of Porto- Nero, and which views with favor the development of its establishments and works." The African Missions have estab- lishments in the United States, among the colored people of the states of New Jersey, Georgia and Louisiana. In Africa they have 310 priests and 35 coadjutors, and occupy eleven vi- carists or prefectures apostolic in Da-  homey, Togo, Nigeria and Egypt. i I own sake. Coue Beads Many people who scoff at rosary beads, as "survivals of a superstitious past," will be enthusiastic users of Cone beads; for they are new and fashionable. Coue beads, I learn from an advertisement, are made of "fasci- nating solid walnut," though what there is fascinating about solid wal- nut is L one of those ysteries which I do not expect" to clear up until. I find time to give closer attention to the matter. To quote the advertise- ment again: "There are twenty ,beads) on a silk cord with solid wal- nut medallionbeautiful and aus- tere." And the producers say, eident- ly conscious of their great achieve- ment;, "In creating these beads to take the place of the crude knotted 'CATHOLIC CHARITY WORK IN- CHICAGO THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, MARCH 3, 1923 AROUND THE HOUSE Custa'rds of various kinds and fla- vors make most wholesome desserts. A cup custard is easy to prepare and when chilled is especially dainty. Slightly beat two eggs to a pint of milk, add sugar and flavoring and pour into the custard cups. Set the cups in a pan of hot water and steam 'until the custards seem firm to the center. Remove and set on ice .when cool to chill. ' of the sisterhoods, to learn that in the archdiocese of Chicago, there are 585 , sisters engaged exclusively in Chari- ty work. These statistics were devel- oped in connection with the Charity Hour. conducted in the parochial schools here under the direction of Rev. Moses E. Kiley, head of. the Central Charity bureau of the Asso- ciated Catholic Charities. In connec-} tion with the charity work alone, it] is disclosed that ulder the care of l these sisters are 3,615 dependent chin tl Jellies and gelatines are delicious combinations with fruit and nuts, erved with whipped cream. Lemon jelly served with a chocolate blanc[ mange is a combination not very corn- ] men, but very good.  t Such desserts may be prepared the] evening before while dinner is in I preparation or early in the morning., A light dessert should follow a heavy l dinner, especially ,during the hot weather. All excellent polish for mahogany is a tablespoon of olive oil mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar. Apply the fluid with a soft flannel after the wood has been well dusted. Then pol- ish the wood thoroughly with a sort, clean duster. To make a wood floor look like new dissolve in water equal quantities of fullers earth, soft soap and soda. Scrub the floor with this and the wood will look white and new, Bright Cutlery With Little l,abor If steel knives are in use m your household take a board about ten inches long and half as wide. On this I tack a piece of Brussels carpet and sprinkle with fine emery. After each washing rub the knives over this and you will have bright cutlery with lit- tle labor. i SHOWN BY FIGURES I Keep Thread Front Fading / (By N. C. W. C. News Service) S Ik or thread becomes shabby and Chicago, Feb. 23.It will be an in- ] faded if kept in the light or in an teresting sin,prise, even * to thosel open-work basket. To overcome this Catholics who allow closely the work and to have them convenient for use take a good-sized square pasteboard 'box and fit a board inside. Then put nails in the board  at various inter- vals in rows far enough apart to al- low space for the regular size spool silk or thread to stand easily side by side. Salmon and Celery Salad Pick contents of can of salmon into sht'eds and pout' over the juice which is in the can. Cut a cupful of celery very fine, and chop two hard boiled eggs fine, pour over all of this a may- 1 onnaise made as follos:, Boil 3 table-1 spoons vinegar and 1 tablespoon but- ter, pour on beaten yolks of 3 eggs, add I teaspoon dry mustard, 1-2 tea- spoon salt, and when cool, add 1 cup string we knew they would prove in- dren, and that if paid the salaries of spiring to his disciples and others. T01 the lowest paid teachers in the Chi- show just how inspiring these beads" cage public schools, they would re- have proved to his disciples and oth- /ceive an ammal salary of $1,053,000. ers,.the advertisjment includes a tes- This is but one feature of the Asso- timonial from a woman who says she i elated Charities, however, to which will "wear them for luck." That's the! the Catholics of the archdiocese con- whipped Or--omit iugred;ens kill of f01k that fell for C0ue; theribute $700,000 annually, for mayonnaise and ue any salad kind that wears things for luck. The Cost of Sisters Services [ dressing. kind that inspired Balum to the au- l, The total offerings for charity,! thorship of his one enduring sen'!!with which the enor ,  ' nous work of the! Coconut Pie : fence. I bureau was perfoxaned last year, was', Line a deep pie plate with rich pas- Real Chanty :," ..... i _ less than two-thirds of the cost of I try and let stand in the ice chest for [ The*: iS:i Which we tink we w the services of these 585 sisters, if,an hour. Beat four eggs, one-half knaw,St are the things which, very ,paid the minimum sum noted above. ! cupful Of suga the rind of a lemon ' ! , " . ' tit t'ons where those Jan d add two cupfuls of milk, Three often, we knOW'least The familiar In the 26 ins u things we take for granted. Lots of sisters live their lives of loving self- people who have been reciting the .sacrifice there was expended by the Lord's Prayer since their childhood have :never stbPped to meditate upon it. They know the form of it, but they,-hae ,Vr caught the spirit. So wii,h that commonllace passage of St, Pajh "If Ii::ah5Idi distribute all my gods to fee the pod)r, and ff I shou d deliver my body to be burned; and hae not charity$t profiteth me noth- ing." This means many flings, and anong them it means this: That if oil.Ut down half a.miUin for some charitable purpose, looking for half-a- mi6  rlolla'rs "Worth "of' 'advertising o' of the deal, you've gained nothing by it, except the advertising. That psage is worthy of meditation this Lt. And if you should arrive at the conclusion that .perhaps, after all, you do:o@e 6mething uider the head of real charity, you might remember the claims of The Catholic Church Ex- tension Society, whose work I have mentioned incidentally from time to time, U. S. EPISCOPAIJANS TO ASSIST IN CONGRESS OF "ANGLO-CATHOLICS" (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London, Feb. 15.High Church Episcopalians from the United States are announced to take part in the forthcoming Anglb-Catholie Congress in London, which will meet to cele- brate the ninetieth anniversary of the Oxford movement. "Hgh Masses" with "Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament  form Part of .the program, while on one day du#mg the eongres t is atnounced that "High Mass" with sermons on the Oxford Movement will be held in no fewrthan twenty of the London churches. The Bishop of London has. accept- ed nomination as President of this ,charities last year, some $439,552.48. just a little less than 42 per cent of what their salaries at the low ra:e of the lowest paid public school teach- ers would have been. Charity Hotr The Charity Hour in the parochial schools, is designed by Father Kiley to educate the children in the work of charity organized on the basis of love for God and self-sacrifice for His children, the poor. Contributions by the chihlren are limited to the maxi, mum of' 5 'cents per month, which tthey must give at some self-sacrifice. The February program of the CharM.. ty Hour is devoted to lessons on "The Story a Nickel Te!ls." This Charity Hour is but one of many feiures bY which the' reai pie-] ur ofiCatholi9 Cbarity is:borne I }tome to Catholics since the organiza- ] tion of the: A:sseeiated Charities by] Archbishop George-W. Mundelein. ] MITE-HAVE-BEEN BOXES ] HELP KEEPING OF LENT (By N. C. W. C.---ews Service) Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 26."Mite- have-been" boxes are gathering iv hundreds of dollars for Catholic mis- sionary extnsion in scores of schools and college enrolled in the Catholic Students' Mission Crusade. The "mite- have-been boxes have been devised with the purpose of receiving money ,that might havebeen spent for sweet meats and delicacies which are being foregone during Lent. Each box has this legefid: "For nickels and diines That ,mite-have been spent, But came here instead, Because it is Lent." The " " mite-have-been boxes are place d near college candy, counters and cafeterias. ........ eggs are sufficient, but four make a richer pie. Sprinkle two Cupfuls of cocoanut over the top and bake in a moderate oven one hour. Stuffing for Fish Take one-fourth of a loaf of bread, add one tablespoonful of chopped ILLINOIS BILL WOULD COMPEL LICENSE FOR ALL INSANE HOSPITALS (By N. C. W. C. News Seryice) Springfield, Ill., Feb. 23.--Practi- cally unlimited authority over institu- tions for the care of persons suffer- ing from any mental or nervous disor- der would be granted to the State De- partment of Public Welfare under the provisions of a bill introduced in the lower house of the Illinois Legisla- ture here. The bill, introduced by Representative Williamson, has been referred to the Committee on Chari- ties and Corrections. l,icenses Regulated According to its provisions a license from the State Department of Wel- fare would be required for the estab. lishment and maintenance of any "in- stitution for the care, custody, or treatment of idiots, epileptics, feeble- minded or insane perseus or persoas sufferig from any mental or nervous disorder." Licenses under this plan would be subject to whatever regula- tions the departmeut might see fit to prescribe for their government and licenses could be revoked for cause. Inspection of Hospitals Probably the most drastic provision of the bill is that which would give the department power to inspect any hospital in the state at any time for the purpose of enforcing the law: This GERMAN SISTERS MAYFIELD'S DEATH RATE HIGH TO SENATE FROM TUi00RCULOSIS IS By Rev. Dr. Wllheim Baron yon (By N. C. W. C. News Capitaine Washington, Feb. 26.The By.N.C.W.C. News Service) the Ku Klux Klan, as Cologne, Feb. 12.--Disclosure of corrupting political the ravages of tuberculosis among the fore the Senate of the Catholic sisterhoods has led to the formation of a new organization in Elected by Fraudr' the Cologne archdiocese known as the It is presented iu the "St. Elizabeth's, Aid." The organi-!petition protesting zation will attempt to provide proper ing of Earl Mayfield, as ' Texas on the ground that nourishment for the sisters, since it t is realized that the principle cause:Was accomplishedl by 'for the prevalence of tuberculosis in ] tion of the laws agaist c the convents is lack of food, in some tices in elections and instances amounting to actual star-  conspiracy on the part of ration, the Knights of the [ Dr. Meerbeck, municipal physician In effect the petition is a of M. Gladbach, in an article publish- raignment of the Ku cd in n periodical devo.ed to Catholic is charged with "the Hospitals in Germany, declares that i visible government," the death rate from tuberculosis ment of commerce and among Catholic sisters is seven times "the prostitution of the the rate among tile other elements of ligion and the defeat the population. These figures, lie strivings." points out, are all the more signifi- Political IssUe cant when it is remembered that Si- There is now not much ters are not admitted to the convents the Ku Klux Klan is unless they can present medical ccr- as a political issue tificates showing that they are free the Senate but the major from this disease. Dr. Meerbeck asserts that from parties must declare their January 1, 1919, to August 1, 1922, toward it. The questio ular moment to the 338 sisters in the Cologne Archdio- Klan is strong, and section reads: "Any member of the lees e out of a total of alproximately the Democratic party department may visit any sanitarium or other institution wherein sick or 1'10'000 died from tuberculosis. Of this affected. Some Southern infirm persons are received, cared for I number, approximately 88 each year, or treated, for the purpose of ascer- I 70 per cent (lied before they reached who face a campaign the age of 40. Over the same period been reluctant to take a .taining whether any of tile classes of l the death rate from tuberculosis for the Klan, but the persons named in Section 1 are con- part of the Rc fined therein without authority and] the total population of Prusma was force the issue as contrary to the provisions of law. All I 21.57 for each 10,000 of the popula- Mayfield case, and plats persons having charge.of or connect-' tion. cratic party in the posit ed with any such sanitarium or in-I endorsing or rejecting : stitution, shall permit any member of NUNCIO ACCORDED Empire as a politiealallY"'i the (iepm'tment to have free access to PRECEDENCE BY any portion thereof, and shall give FRENCH WAIVER Charges Against such information and afford such fa- "In order to cilit'ies for inspection or Inquiry as (By N. C. W. C. News Sewice) meat of the Con the members of the department mak- Berne, Switzerland, Feb. 15.--The ible Empire,' and in order ing such visit and inspef, tion may re- Federal Council recently has had to mate the general quire." make an interesting decision with re- the petition recites, gard to the diplomatic precedence of and his confederates MISSION PLAY GIVEN the Papal Nuncio. As long as there tors,--through the meaS FOR 2000TH,TIME was no Nuncio in Switzer]and the cies of said cot - precedence was given to the Ambas- Knights of the Ku [sador of France, the highe't ranking wrongfully and Los(BYAngele.%N" C. W.C.F eb'News26"TheServlce)Mission ] diplomat in Berne, but since the Holy to evade, violate and Play of California, the celebrated lSee has re-established its nunciature the acts and practices stage story of Junipero Serra and the in Berne, the question arose as to have evaded, violated Franciscan padres who brougbt Chris- whether the Government of the Helve, (in substantial measure) tianity to this coast, was given for the tian Republic would restore diplomat- eral and state 2000th time on last hu'sday, Wash- T  ic precedence to the representative of sions and statutory laWS, ington's birthday, thereby establish- the Vatican. common law princip ing a world's record so far as any French Ambassador Concedes adopted, enacted play of this kind is concerned.  Precedence prevent and Family Tradition While the Federal Council was de- corruption in elections, Monroe Salisbury, the noted Catho- liberating the question was settled to free and fair lic actor, is playing the role of Fa- the satisfaction of all concerned by or's will and the ther Sera this year and included in tile action of the French Ambassa- and ascertainment of the cast is Tyrone Power III, twelve dor, who, in accor(h'nce with orders to secure ahd preserve years old and the third generation of from his government, voluntarily de- the ballot, aud to secur_ 1 actors of his name. Mr. Salisbury's clared that he renounced his prece- redress the personal, ClW' portrayal of Serra is regarded by dence in favor of the Papal Nuncio. ca} rights and privileges critics as the most striking charac-  zens." terization of Sart:a yet given. He is CARDINAL SUGGESTS the sixth eminent actor to essay the LATIN AS LANGUAGE Up to Next r part. BETB LEN NATIONS The petition, which the Committee on The Mission Play is now in its London, Feb. 14.--Latin as an in- Elections. will not be twelfth year and is being attended by ternational language was advocated the new Congress the largest audiences in its history, by Cardinal Bourne at a public ban- october. At that time, The 2000th perfol'mancc brought out a capacity house, many of the spec- quet in London, given by the Society ings will be held after taters traveling long distances to San of tile Knights of the Rouud Table, mittee will decide o Gabriel to be present, at which the Spanish Ambassador, pursue. who is a brother .of Cardinal Merry CATHOLIC CHARITIES del Va], and the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster were the guests of OF DETROIT GET BIG honor. INCREASE FROM FUND .. " ..... parsley, one teaspoonful of onion tlsing to reply to the toast bt The juice, one teaspoonful of sweet basil, (By N. C. W.--'C. News Service) Guests, which was proposed by Sir one-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt, Detroit, Feb. 26.Catholic Charities] Ernest Wild, Cardinal Bourne Said the same of pepper, and one,fouih of and institutions affiliated in the De-[ that at one time the policy of Eng- a..cupful of melted butter. " y "on a d support-( " .... trmt CommuniL Um n land was one of splendid molatmn ed by the Detroit Community Iund, i That, said the Cardinal, was a policy Salmon Loaf .have been alloted $370,254.26 in the"which he could hardly think was ever .... One can sahnon, pick up .fine with budget for 1923 by the Fund direct- desirable, because it was opposed to fork; one-half cup fine bread crumbs, ors. This sum represents an increase the very idea of a Christian conatitu- yolks of four eggs well beaten, four] of $41,837.26 over the 1922 budgets 'tion of the nations of Europe. tablespoons of melted butter, t::: of these agencie 4. Whatever might hkve been the fourth level teaspoonful of sqlt, 11 Catholic Institutions Xiew in past years, the Card;nal con- spoonful poultry dressing, i level tea- The most noted increase was in-. tinued, the events of the last few spoonful finely chopped parsley eluded in the budget of $20,399.75 for years had shown that this isolatio whites of four eggs well whipped. Mix St. Mary's Hospital, which represents was absolu[ely impossible. One l.*sscn in the order given, and steam in mold an addition of $9,269.75. to be devoted which had been borne upon us by the one hour. Serve,hot or cold. If eaten to the work of our patients. The Holy war was that no nation could stand hot, serve with fish sauce.  Name Society, which has become a alone. All were interdependent. I member of the Community Union in "Might it not be possible," he ask- Lettuce With Peanuts I order to pursue its "Big Brother" pro- ed, "some day to get back to the use Crush onehalf cupful of peanuts, I bation work in conffecti0n with the of the old Latin tongue which is the and just before serving sprinkle gen- I juvenile court, has been given $5,000. foundation of the characteI, of this erously over crisp, well-washed and II The increase in the child caring de- country? Might it not be possible to dry lettuce. Over this pour a highly partment of the St, Vincent de Paul get back to that tongue for in'erna- seasoned French dressing. For the un- Society warranted an increase of $$8,- tional communications? If thaC is ]orunates who do not enjoy olive oil, 037. Eleven Catholic institutions are done, I think a great step will be one may use corn oil in just the same members of the Fund. taken towards international peace." way, and in the same proportion; de- .... riled that, the only refuge ig a boiled PlUS X STATUE IN VATICAN ..... . "  ..... ,, dressing or occasionally one with cream, (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Rome, Feb. 14.=-The statue of Pope B R A D FOR D Cauliflower au Gratin Cook a large caulifl0_wer until ten- der in boiling Water, "then drain and dry. Divide into flowerets and place in a well-buttered casserole. Cover "with well-seasoned white sauce, sprin- kle with one-half cupful of bread rumbs and one-half cupful of cheese mixed together and brown in a'hot oven Plus X which is to be placed on the monument erected to his memory, has been carried to the basilica of the Vatican. It took nine hours to move the statue, which is of massive mar- ble. Cardinal Merry del Val, arch- priest of the basilica, and several prelates o the Curia were present. It is expected that the Pope will un- veil the statue on March 19. DRUG CO. The House of Quality Phones: 4-0227, 40218 209 W. Second St. Little Rock Residence phone 4-3572' DR. E. J. I Suite 521. LI2rLE PUBLIC We have purch S. Army Munson to 12, which stock of one of ernment shoe c This shoe is dred per cent tan; bellows proof. The actua is  $6.00. owg buy we can olter at $2.95:: Send correct dplivery or shoes are not cheerfully ly upon request. NATIONAL BA/ 296 BroadwaY, 4"