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March 3, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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March 3, 1923

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that cvery good read- and the Chris- PP., XV. A Catholic Paper is a Perpe:ual Mission.-- I'ope Leo XIII. "The Guardian" in every home--ur Motto. The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock Arkansas i .TALKS MISSIONS Prelate Makes Missions"--De- Conditions and BISHOP RUSSELL [  REGAINING HEALTH [ I (By N. C. W. C. News Service) [ Baltimore, Feb. 24.--The Right] Rev. William T. Russell, Bisbop of  Charleston and former chancellor of the archdiocese of Baltimore, who was operated on last week in St. Agnes' Hospital m rapidly regaining his Hopes of Help health and physicians declare the op- John's--Inaugurates eration to have been thoroughly suc- Lecture Course. 26, the Rt. Bishop of a visit to the semi- Bishop Morris. was given the dis- the faculty and assembled in The- Morris introduced s Usual felicitous and interspersing his sOUnd advice on things missions, to dis- Said, was the lurpose visit, and at the speech he announced would inaugur- at 9 a. m., a series of on the "Home WOuld be followed at other members g in mission- Welcomed who followed Was greeted with affected him. attracted all and for him the atten- Although he of oratorical course of his a manner of Y Pleasing with lan- and elegant He attentive and appre- a time" honored the presence was the occa- respite from class the a holiday. lass Bishop Mc- students' mass Chapel at 7 a m. He the Reverend James Roy. Mr. Francis the morning he ad- body in Theology his remarks with in a manner droll 'Which convulsed his nched in the at- with his in the Baker a vivid word now existing :cope with which, he love of labor of souls. 0nly men model is Jesus men; men for- public opinion; whatever sacri- of them; can and as discour- cesful. ADMIRAL BENSON IN BOSTON SPEECH PLEADS FOR LOYALTY (By C. N. W C. News Service) Boston, Feb. 26.--A stirring plea for loyal adherence to the basic prin- cilles of Americanism, and for the re- [ sistanee of foreigu influence which 1 might serve to undermine the Repub- lic, was made by Rear Admiral Wil-[ liam S. Benson, U. S. N., retired, who, I as the official guest of the City of] Boston and members Of the United' Spanish War Veterans, was chief speaker at "Remember the Maine" observances in this city. Foreign Inf,uence "We want no Loyal Coalition her%" he declared, "and we should not let any foreign influence come into our midst. We don't want our textbooks corrupted and our books of education filled with the foulest kind of lies. We want to have our children taught American principles; that this is a land founded for the opportunity to enjoy true liberty, in the best sense of what the word means, and to enjoy the pursuit of happiness, "We want the right to worship God as we see fit; and unless we main- rain these rights the 267 men who lst their lives in the blowing up of the Maine have died in vain, as have the thousands who sleep in foreign graves." Mayor Curley Rejoices Mayor Curley, another speaker at the exercises, which were held in Fa- neuil Hall, hailed Admiral Benson as the "real American." "l rejoice," he said, "in these days of un-Americanisms, that we have one real American who, after 47 ears of faithful service in the Am- .rican navy, dares to send forth a real message." 'The crowd jumped to its feet and shouted its approval. "It was under his guidance," con- tinued the Mayor, "that our transport system was maintained during the war, and it must not be forgotten that not one transport went down. Admonished Sims "What are we to say to this man who admonished one who dared to criticise his Americanism, who ad- monished him as a parent would have admonished a wa.-,ard child, who simply said, 'Don't let the English pull the wool over your eyes, Sims? "His message to us is that of a life- time of faithful service to the Nation that recognizes above all the charac- ter of the individual, and of service to Almighty God and to the best flag that the world has ever known." Earlier in the day Admiral Benson Little Rock, ArkanSas, Saturday, March 3, 1923 REV. D. J. CURLEY "IS NEW BISHOP OF SYRACUSE, N. Y. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, Feb. 23.--The Rev. Daniel J. Curley, pastor of the Church of Our Lady o Solace, has been ap- pointed Bishop of Syracuse to sue-'. ceed the late Right Rcv. John Grimes who died last year. Father Curley is one of the best, known pastors of the New York Archdiocese and w formerly assist- ant secretary and secretary to the late Archbishop Corrigan. His name was one of two submitted to the Pope by Archbishop Hayes when that prel- ate visited Rome two years hgo and presented him with his choices for the post of auxiliary bishop. The Right Rev. John J. Dunn, whose name was also presented, was ap- pointed auxiliary. Native of New York Father Curley is a ha'dye of New.'! York and was born here fifty-two years ago, being reared in St. Mi- chael's Parish and receiving his edu- cation in St.. Francis Xavier's Col- lege, St. Joseph's Theological Semi- nary at Troy and at the North Am- erican College in Rome. He was or- dained in Rome twenty-eight years ago and was for e!ght years assistant to the Church of the Holy Name. La- ter he served as seclctary to Arch- bishop Corrigan. He has been con- nected with the Church of Our Lady of Solace for ahnost twenty years,' during which time it has grown into the present thriving parish. Consecrated Easter Father Curtsy will be consecrated after Easter. He will be the third bishop of the Syracuse doce.e, the Roy. Patrick A. Luddeu, who died in 1912, having been the first ordinary of that diocese. GOVERNOR PARKER DOES NOT INTEND TO APPOINT K. K. K. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Alexandria, La., Feb. 16.--Members of the Ku Klux Klan need not expect appointments to public office in the State of Louisiana, according to a let- ter from Governor John M. Parker by L. B. Baynard, Jr., in response to Mr. Baynard's request that he appoint two men from Rapides Parish. "I have made some mistakes," wrote Governor Parker, "but it was in doing what I sincerely believed best for the entire state,' anti now I wish to write you very frankly that as long as I am governor I do not intend to appoint to any office Of any kind any man without having his assurance that he is not a member of the Ku Kax Klan." Investigation of the outrages at Mer Rouge is known to have been hampered for some time because of- " Klansmen were holders of public flees in Morehouse Parish. ROCKEFEIJ00 SCHOLARS ATTACH LITTLE VALUE TO EGYPTIAN FIND SISTER SUPERIOR DIES AT AGE OF II (By N C. W C. News Selwice) Paris, Feb. 19.--The Superior of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Unieux, in the Department of the Loire, Mad- Number 38 OHIO COMMITTEE PRAISE CONVENT AFTER INSPECTION (By N. C. W. C. News Selwice) Washington, D. C., Feb 26--The discovery of the tomb of the Egyp- tian king Tut-ank-hamon according to information concerning the find now available for the public, is not likely to prove of any great value from an historical viewpoint or to shed any great light on problems confronting either modern scholars of ancient re- ligions 'or biblical research workers, according to the Rev. Dr. Henry Hy- merrat of the Catholic University, one of the world's most distinguished Egyptologists and contributor of the article on Egypt to the Catholic Ency- clopedia. Palestine Expectations Dr. Hyvernat, who recently return- ed from Rome, where he directed the monumental work of editing the Cop- 'tic manuscripts of J. Pierpont Mor- gan, declared that much greater re- sults may be expected! from the exca- vations which it is reported will soon begin on Ophel Hill in Palestine and in which Father ttugo Vincent, O. P., the professor topography and archc- ame Francoise Daveret, has just di:d Cleveland, Feb 23.An ;nspeetmn at the age of 101 years. She had been of the Convent of the Good Shepherd at Unieux for sixty years. She re- tained the use of all her faculties to the very end WANTS TO CENSOR NEWS OF CRIMES in this city has convimed State Rep- resentative Richard IL Hawkins that at least one Catholic institution does not need "inspection. Mr Hawkins was the author of the bill recently introduced in the state legislature calling for the inspection of the reformatorihs, or other insti- AND SUICIDES , tutins that might come within the provisions of the rather broad scope l of the measure. The bill was killed (By N. C. W. C. News Service) , in commit[ee. New York, Feb. 16.A suggestion Change of Opinion " that a "Board of Psychology" be es-I Mr. Hawkins' change of opinion tablished to regulate publication of came as'a result of his recent visit news of crime and sex matters, was lto' the above named institution in made last Monday evening by l)r. company with members of an organi- Jasmes J. Walsh, extension professor !'zation whone desires run along the at Fordham University and profess- lifie of the provisions of the measure or of physiological psycho'.ogy at C-t- that was eliminated. thedral College, in an addres before The committee was received with the Society of Medical Jurisprudence every courtesy by the Sisters in at the New York Academy of Medi- charge of the convent and after per- cine. Dr. Walsh stated that publicity mission from Bishop Schrsmbs, were for 'crime gave it an allurement anl shown from cellar to at'it. As a re- did not act as a deterrent, sult of this visit Mr. Hawkins has is- elegy at the French Academy's Ar- Question of Craving sued the following statement: cheological School, the College of St. "People crave to have something Representative Hawkins' Statement Stephen, will be one of the several happen to them--it may be something I "With four other representative eit- worhl-renowned scholars who will alluring," he said. "I remember hay- izens of Cleveland, I made a visit, participate in the work. Chief Value of Find As far as we can understand from newspaper reports, said Dr. Hyver- nat, "the chief value of the finding of the tomb of Tut-ank-hamon thus far is in the light it throws on the domestic art of the people of his time" CALIFORNIA BILL TO BAN WEARING " MASKS PUBLICLY ing had a man say to me: 'Do you  unannounced, to the House of the know, I have never had anything hap-, Good Shepherd, E 80th and Carnegie . pen to me? I have never even been on Ave., and presented my business card a trolley car that killed somebody?'tto the lady in charge, requesting per- 7his is a question of craving to be in mission .for myself and friends to see [ the limelight, the inmates and to note the sanitary "In England they do not permit the I condition of the institution and the " showing of a motion picture of a rob- t treatment of the girls housed ` within bery because they find that boys will the  walls. The mother superior ad- be practicing it. I believe that ho'e mitted us to one of the offices and- they say that if a crime is shown pun- irfformed us she could not admit an ishment must be shown on the same[unauthorized and self-appointed corn- t screen, mittee as we were unless given per- Sex Details Alluring mission by the bishop of the diocese "You can understand how the print- to do so. She telephoned to Bishop ing of all the sex details affects us..Sehrembs and Rev. Joseph Smith, of .,t The more prominent the people are" St. Pholomena's church, East Clove:' i wearing of masks or other, regalia for the purpose of concealing the identity of the wearer in any public place, would be made illegal if a bill intro- duced in the California Assembly should become a law. The bill de- fines such action as a felony and de- clares that: Ifitent to Conceal the more interest  attached to them. land, Vicar General, who was the first (By N. C. W. C. News Service) The idea, apparently, is to show, after ,to arrive, and to whom we again made Sacramento, Cal., Feb. 23.The all, nobody is good. Some editors ! our resquests to be conducted through boast of how long they keep a story the home. After some discussion as llke the New !]runswick murder on'to our purpose he agreed to do 'he",  the front page. Not only are the' only requesting that the inspection be newspapers telling the stories, real or thorough and that a truthful report Supposed, of the sexual incidents of f of what we found as to conditions ex- the day before, but nmgazin'es are isting be made. making it a point to print sex stories. I Bishop Meets Committee "It is said that the news of crime t "The arrival of Bishop. Sehrembs is printed completely, so that in the added to the party, The Bishop fur- "The wearing of any such. mask, future it will not be commit[ed. Were thor inquired as to our errand, and regalia or paraphernalia by any per- there any more murders committed in  agreed to permit us to make an in- son on any street or high,ray or in the old days before the news of al!' spection of the convent, stating, how- .public places or any places open to I the crimes was printed in detail ? The ever, that hethought' self,appoint- 'view by the general public shall be deterrence of crime is different from'ed committee without, any lawful au- presumptive evidence of wearing the giving it the allurements that P resentl thority was presumptious and that a same with intent to conceal the iden- publicity gives it" t man's home was his cast!e...To,this I tity of such person." Would Prevention Hurt? I agreed, but said that the House of the Speaking of the regulation of sani- Good Shepherd was a semi:public in- PRIEST PRODUCER tary conditions by Boards of Health, I stitution in view of the fact that girls Dr. Walsh said in part: were committed there by juvenile an " OF. PASSION PLAY "I am wondering whether under probate courts and that such institu- REFUNDED FINE (By N. C. W. G. News Service) Newark, N. J. Feb. 26.The Roy. Joseph N. Grieff, director0f the Pas- the circumstances we do not need a tions should be inspected. The Bishop Board of Health for the mind as well .replied that they not only ought to, as .for the body ? Is there any reason be but could be inspected, why we should have the details of t "We were then conducted through. suicides? Don't you think, when you the home fl'om cellar to attic, led by read that the last hold-up was corn- he mother superior,. Bishop Sehrembs. mitted by a boy of 19, that a similar ! and Father  Smith and we were ac- with of speech, his , Which was constant- :his love *of the been assigned. the students apostolic en- 'ling qualities of bespeak heroism umstances. of Work all to nurture, in Seed of the love of When on the mis- zown in the sem- and spread the many apostles have woxds were and his talk his With enthusiasm. Hints last part of his hints for those their fields districts. In expressed the near futqre there Saint John's men, Piety, filelity and was the guest of the City at a lun- cheon at the Bellevue, at which Rt. Rev. Msgr. Richard J. Haberlin, D. D., represented Cardinal O'Connell. And in the afternoon the Admiral called PRESENTS CHURCH sion Play at Union Hill, has won a victory .)ver those who attempted to prevent the continuation of the Sun- WITH AN 0RG00 day performances of the production and who would have placed the Pas- sion Play, a distinctly, religious pres- entation, on the level with the corn- " Rocke- upon His Eminence at his residence Cleveland, Feb. 26.--John D. and spent nearly an hour with him. feller, Senior, has promised to pro- I vide the organ for the new church of mercial theater. AKRON CATHOLIC HOSPITAL rash of Our Lad Ithe pa " y of the Blessed Reorder Hauenstein, who last week try N C W C "lews Service I Sacrament in this city. The little fined Father Grieff one dollar be- "- " ' " " -" " i n " " a-,..  'b 9a R,ot'tho a] congregato whlch mmmters to the cause the play was presented.on Sun- ...... 'Y" ...... -- Y ....... " "  t'ol ....... eomrea t;a n ms o evelann expects hospital under Catholic direction will [day, declaring it was a violation of' be built in this city have been con- to occupy its first"permanent church firmed by Bishop Joseph Sehrembs. Plans for the new edifice are in. charge of Michael O'Neil, president of the General Tire and Rubber Co. ous but fascinating wori of God at Baker City. Appreciated Talk All were profoundly impressed by his talk and deeply grateful for the enlightenment and advice received. No better manifestation of the appre- ciation of the students could be given than by the warm, prolonged applause that greeted the close of ahe talk. Later in the morning, Bishop Mc- Grath and Very Reverend Dr. Aretz, , reetor, po.ed, o with the students for a in the ardu- group picture'. the "Vice and hmnorality ct,". has I ,within a few weeks. It is in eharge announced that after a more thorough[ #f Roy. Thomas E. McKenney. I study of the act he has become on- I The p'omise of Mr. Rockefeller to I vinced that religious performances donate the organ was contained in a I are excluded under its provisions. The letter to Msgr. Joseph F. Smith, vicar : fine paid by Father Grieff has been thing led him to do it as led the boy' corded every opportunity to make a who read the dme novel a few years thorougl inspection. We visited the ago to steal his father's revolver an:] school's chapel and dormitories and run away to Hoboken ? Could it hurt were entertained by the scholars with anybody to prevent the publication 'songs and recitations. We also visit- of these details? Of course, such a  Board of Psychology would be liab'e ed the workshops, bakery and laun- dry, and saw the girls at work, in all to abuses, but every good, thing is lia- ble to abuses--even marriage." GERMAN PASTORS KEPT VERY BUSY UNITING COUPLES (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Cologne, Feb. 16.During the last general of the diocese. The letter was xefunded. written f::olocOrmond Beach, Fla.,l The fining of Father Grieff case where M . efeller is spending the was part of a campaign on the part winter. : [of the Lord's Day Alliance to enforce Msgr. Smith and the oil man are the New Jersey blue laws, but the sc- old time personal friends and Mr. tion of,Recorder Hauenstein brought Rockefeller's magnificent Forest Hill forth a storm of protest" even from estate in East Cleveland is immedi- :)ministe who were in sympathy with  an hour before the troop train left. self, and no necessity for a self-ap- ately back of Msgr. Smith's church. I the canpaign. After the refund the i Pastors of all'of the churches were .pointed committee such as we were, if" Mr. Rockefeller also congratulated[ police received orders from the dis-]kept busy performing marriage core- the county commissioners, who are  r Msgr. Smith on his appointment as  trict attorney s office torefrain f om monies, and in front, of one bf the required by law to make such inspec- vicar general and said he felt assured]any interference withtheproduction. [.Protestant churches .the young cru- tions, unannounced, once in every sic woul that he d measure up to the re-lThe Passion Play was give n yester-lples were forced to stand in line to months did their duty and .reportecl sponsibility of the high position.  day as usual. : i:: . wait their turn. i their findings." . their activities. We were very much pleased with the extreme cleanliness of the home. I venture to say that, there is not a more sanitary,instltu- tion in the state, and not a more con- tented and healthy lot of inmates than is to be found in this home. Find County Commissioners Lax "I want to take this opportunity ' : thank Bishop Serembs affd the mother superior for their generous hospitali- ey and uniform courtesy extends& to, two days of theAmerican oecupat:on myself and friends and to assure them of the Rhineland district assigned to',of our esteem and approval in the their supervision there was a rush of conduct and care o the inmates of marriages between American solders, their home. Let me say further that: and German girls. The last marrlag- .there would have been no introduction ' of this kind was solemnized only half of house bill No. 15, sponsored by rmy"