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March 1, 1974     Arkansas Catholic
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March 1, 1974

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THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 1, 1974 PAGE 5 Engagement | In Politics ristian Duty IOLITICS is abe" r tFyat::s:::' n:i':t a S; m m on opinion ny of many Americans. Politicians are looked upon as est, compromising, or just plain stupid. The "politician' rates rather low on the scale of social respectability. lView politics in this light is to fail to understand political l_ 8!bility. It also makes it difficult to see why political lnslblity is. a moral imperative for the Christian. , ' IT IS clearly the tradition of the Church, clearly stated and again in recent years, that the Christian should be pe Paul VI said in his 1971 letter, "Politics are a demanding manner - but not -- of living the Christian commitment to the service should we view engagement in politics as a Christian Simply because 15olitical activity is an effective way of up Christ's kingdom here on earth - "a kingdom of and peace." who say that they are committed to social but don't want to get involved in politics are fooling . Any action to affect the values, policies and m our society is clearly a political action. It isn't talk about a Christian response to the big issues of society --racism, poverty, etc. -without talking about The structures of society in the United States are politics, not by pious sentiments. political activity of Pope Paul: "To take politics at its different levels - local, regional, national and - is to affirm the duty of man, of every man, to the concrete reality and the value of the freedom of offered to him to seek to bring about both the good if mankind." NOT an argument for a particular brand of politics -- KNOW YOUR FAITH Sponsored By Arkansas State Council Knights of Columbus View ol Gunbcke Hall, Chapel and MacKovuaagh gall acrass -" pond on 7th hde of Prep's Golf Course. GEORGETOWN PREPARATORY SCHOOL ";1 Crades 9-1 2. Estcblished 1789 1 :holic boarding and day, college prepara- School for boys of oil denominations. 93- lg I(_ e CQmpus near D.C. Athletics, etc. Write to S . 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THE FISHEYE LENS of the camera catches the "fishbowl," the White House. Like the lens, Amerrcans have an optical illusion about politics and the people in them. conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican -- but for the seriousness of political action itself. Can Christians disagree about politics? They obviously do - and this is inevitable. But as much as there are disagreements about specific policies, there still need to be some general argeements. IT SEEMS TO ME that the Christian who is involved in politics should be guided by three objectivesi - Political activity should aim for the achievement of the common good and not just for personal or group self-interest. - Human values must always take precedence over merely economic concerns in the decision-making process. -- The poor and the powerless deserve special attention and consideration. THERE IS a real obligation for the Christian to work to find out what these objectives mean in the concrete situation of politics in the United States. When the Christian sees political responsibility as a moral imperative, a real consequence of his or her faith, then politics won't simply be "a dirty business." It will be a way to make the kingdom alive and influential in our midst. 1974 NC News Service -Pastoral Musings Sin Is Very Real, Even in Our Day By "FATHER, tell me, what has happened to the sermons of former years. Priests used to speak about the evils in the world, about sins against the commandments of God and the Church, about the seriousness of sin and its punishment. Has the Church been for- bidden to preach about these matters?" No, it is not for- bidden, even though more of the homilies of today are stressing the great love of God for man. TillS IS WELL, because man should be fully aware of the goodness, kindness, and mercy of his Creator and Redeemer. Retlecting upon this should be a great lesson as to the evil of sin; sin, which came into the world through our first parents with terrible consequences for the whole human race. Think about the king who presented some honors and possessions to one of his sub- jects on condition that he be faithful to him. The subject betrayed the king and, therefore, is deprived of everything and exiled. His children are born in exile, deprived of the king's favors and of all honors and possessions. Would anyone accuse the king of being cruel and unjust? This is what hap- pened to the human race because of Original Sin. GOD SENT His Son to redeem us, to make it possible for us to enter heaven, but this act did not eliminate sin. It is necessary that we be reminded of this and the possible loss of eternal happiness. God never hesitated and condemned sin. Remember thestory of Cain and the terrible consequences of willful murder. Yet, the Supreme Court of the United Msgr. John B. Scheper States has legalized murder, has decreed the death of un- born, innocent children. Do not be deceived -- before God it is still a mortal sin -- murder in the first degree, AGAIN, THE WORLD is making every effort to eliminate another com- mandment of God: "You shall not commit adultery," which includes all other sins against holy purity. Let it be un- derstood that sex is not evil; it was given to man by God, and therefore it is good -- only the misuse of sex is evil. 'Let us listen to the words of ttoly Scripture: "Observe, my son, your father's bidding, and reject not your mother's. teaching; keep them fastened over your heart always, put them around you neck: For the bidding is a lamp, and the teaching a light, and a way to life are the reproofs of discipline; To keep you from your neighbor's wife, from the smooth tongue of the adulteress. Lust not in your heart after her beauty, let her not captivate you with her glance ! For the price of a loose woman may be scarcely a loaf of bread, but if she is married, she is a trap for your precious life. Can a man take fire to his bosom, and his garments not be burned? Or can a man walk on live coals, and his feet not be scorched? So with him who goes into his neighbor's wife -- none who touches her shall go un- punished." (Prov 6, 20-29) A(iAIN: "Let marriage be honored in every way and the marriage bed bekept undefiled, for God will judge fornicators and adulterers." (Hebr. 13,4) Sin is real and will be punished by God. Anointing the Sick --Historical View By Rev. Robert A. Torres Chairman, Diocesan Liturgical Commission "Is there anyone sick among you? He should ask for the presbyters of the Church. They in turn are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. This prayer uttered in faith will reclaim the one who is ilI, and the Lord will restore him to health. If he has committed any sins, forgiveness will be his." (James 5:14-16) These words should be meaningful as regards all of us because we all get sick. And these words help form the context of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick and reflect the great concern of the Church as well as Christ in care of the sick. And because this sacrament is one so easily misunderstood and neglected, it is with a certain amount of relief and joy that the newly revised rite of anointing is received in our diocese. Very shortly, you will be hearing of the official use of the revised rite of anointing and this will mark the first real change of this sacrament since the Council of Trent. Thus, we will try to present various ap- proaches to the background of the rite and how it will apply to our dally needs. This study will present a brief historical development of the sacrament; some of the theology of the sacrament; the nature of sickness; some of the practical norms; implementation of the sacrament in daily use; and the role of the Church and people in this sacrament. We do hoPe the faithful will begin to appreciate this sacrament more and become so familiar with it that it will be a source of grace, healing and comfort to everyone when sick. The use of oil seems to have been used long before Christ which was easily accepted by Christ and His followers as a means of healing, of strength for the body, giving courage, cleanliness. More specifically, it is significant that Mark connects healing miracles as signs of the coming of the SEE ANOINTING PAGE 6 WHO CARES...? THE HOLY FATHER'S MISSION AID TO THE ORIENTAL CHURCH Dear friend, Who cares about Holy Land refugees? Who cares if the baby born tonight in a refugee tent will have a clean blanket? Who cares if eager breadwinners deprived of their livelihoods can be re-trained for new jobs? Who cares about the orphans of war? Our Holy Father cares. Ever since these wars began, our Pontifical Mis- sion for Palestine has been caring in practical terms: ' shoes, blankets, hot meals, medicine, AN new houses, new classrooms, self-help family OPEN loans, re-training, scholarships LETTER "l:he world is beginning to care a lot about the TO hazard to everyone's peace in the unsettled YOU status of 1,800,000 Holy Land refugees. While diplomacy remains boggled, your priests, nuns and lay workers are feeding, healing, teaching, mending the peace person-by-person--by caring where it counts. We believe that you care too. About shivering children, about Christ's homeland, about peace, about the humane thing. The headlines of recurring crises in the Holy Land will not let your caring rest. We beg you to invest in people who need you, with the handy coupon below. Your gift will go to work right away. And thanks for caring, Monsignor Nolan 0 $ .... My 'Stringless Gift,' use ffwhere it's needed most $2750 Equipment for Pediatrics Center $1390 Sound lab for 20 deaf-mute boys WAYS $ 525 Three-room home for refugee family $ 300 Two-year vocational training for refugee TO you ngster SHOW $ 210 One-year hospital care for an aged YOU refugee CARE $ 50 Sewing machine for a refugee girl $ 25 One years' medical care for a refugee family $ i0 Braille books for blind children $ 5 Two dresses for an orphan girl $ 2 Blanket for a baby $ 1 Lunch for a child for one month Dear Monsignor Nolan: Please return coupon with your offering THE CATHOLIC o ENCLOSED PLEASE FIND $ CA FOR. NAME STREET CITY . _STATE__ZIP CODE___ NEAR EAST WELFARE ASSOCIATION NEAR EAST MISSIONS TERENCE CARDINAL COOKE, President MSGR. JOHN G. NOLAN, National Secretary Write: CATHOLIC NEAR EAST WELFARE ASSOC. 1011 First Avenue New York, N.Y. 10022 Telephone: 212/826-1480