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March 1, 1974     Arkansas Catholic
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March 1, 1974

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THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 1, 1974 PAGE 3 SACRAMENTAL DAY Saturday, March 9, 1974 St. John's Catho//c Center Bishop Calls for Shared Responsibility in High Schools we should have a clear written real needs of the school. The your faculty. I'TA, CON'rINUED FROM PAGE l policy concerning students who l)arishes using the school should presbyle,'ate, sI'udent body. normally arise in a student's lnarry while in high school, provide a lotal sum for tuition Plant them, walcr them and let life which need the attention (3) The Religion Department: support each year. On a them grow. l thank you for the .e, Little Rock, Ark. ,%foseven-hour_10 A M to 5 P.M.-course in religious edu-  °}lion for religion ieachers and parish coordinators. a$ught by a religious education team from Rockford, Ill. sas ic: ISTER NOW: Tuition $15 S7. nmmnnmmmmmnammnlmnmnnlmmmmm°lammnsmmm I ,trts._ ] tIss . ] ph.D, .,'Y KDDRESS 1 CITy AND PARISH I for ON 1, .................... | [.°'z MAIL TO: Rev. John Riddell ii Diocesan-Religious Education Coordinator, St. John's Catholic Center 2500 N. Tyler Street Little Rock, Arkansas q220 Serrans CONTINUED FROM PAGE I Center i and Father Edward J. Mc- fiss. & Contrell " Mulligan,C°rmick' 40andyears.Father John J. LodS, Toastmaster J. Dan Bailey read the names of other priests ae,  . I who observed anniversaries but '.ill were unable to attend. They ho ,..17.-: 1 were Father AI Baltz, first , s year: Father Frederick W. tss Gunti, 10 years ; Father Thomas ireJu.iUllT :ung I Sebaugh, 15 years, Father sa! -_m| dlllllF  Frederick Zarrilli, 20 years; al' 664 €)64-$353 I Father John W. Kordsmeier, Father John J. Kettler, and 41 Father George W. Tribou, 25 4 Cantrell Rd. years: Father Joseph S. Quinn, h 30 years: Father Rainer e greatest Name DeClerk and Father Joseph iJ  n bo.-Nuts,,i Walshe, 40 years; and Father Gregory Keller, 55 years. and concern of the full Christian community or the special at- tention of the members of the clergy, tfere are a few which come to my mind. I am sure you could add many more. I am equally sure that these and many others are already in effect in our schools. -a- Pastoral Concern for Enrollment - While the prin- cipal and the faculty make the decision as to who gets into the school, the priests in the parishes working with their own Parish Council leaders along with the principal of the local eiememary school should be consulted concerning each student. Over a period of time, these same people could assist in the development of an enrollment policy and help with its implementation• -b- Report Cards - If a student is in serious difficulty academically, socially or morally, his pastor should be informed before definitive action is taken so that he is aware of the situation from the school standpoint and so that he can offer pastoral counseling as needed• Particularly is this imperative when expulsion from school is under con- sideration. -c- I don't know how to entitle this item and I'm not sure how it can be spelled out, but I feel we should have a clear policy reflecting Christ-like com- passion when it becomes known that a student has gotten a girl pregnant out of wedlock. In co- educational schools, a com- passionate policy should be prepared for the girl who is pregnant out of wedlock. It is strange to preach against abortion from the pulpit and place these young men and When addressing myself to this area, I hesitate only because I fear that I might not do justice to its importance: I may not be able to put on paper its full role and the impact it should have on the entire school program. While religion may be partially described as knowledge, generally as a relationship between God and man. we must live religion, we must live Christ, we must be Christ. In this area, the stakes are so high, it is too easy to seek the shelter of the "Old System." Here's what worries me the most. Right now we are frantically trying to reach adults to update them in the faith. It is very discouraging, then, to see our schools, open to the possibility of forming a generation of youth into the mold of the "Old System." Here are some challenges for the religion departments of the high schools of our diocese and the directors of the young people in our parishes. It is good to see that some schools, some parishes, are already incorporating these or similar projects into their religion programs or parish activities: -a- Ecumenical Aspects of our Religion: Do we follow the Decree on Ecumenism from Vatican Council II and its im- plementing documents from Rome? Do our Catholic students as a group ever visit other churches for services and for Sunday School under the auspices of our chool program? Do we ever invite a lecturer from another faith into our religion classes? Do we have ministers associated with our faculty to care for the faith of students who are not proportionate income basis, parishes contribute to the Fund. The Superintendent of Schools can be the custodian of the Fund. Each spring, applicants fill out confidential forms for financial help. On the local level, no one sees the form. The Princeton University Computer System computes how much aid each applicant deserves. The presbyterate of a city must develop guidelines on: "Who is a Catholic?" In Little Rock, a single fund can serve the needy students of Catholic High and Mt. St. Mary. -d- Liturgy: Have we studied the text on liturgy from the Vatican Council and the im- plementing documents from Rome? Have we planned, worked out, and enacted in- novative liturgies for and with high school students? -e- Relationship to CYO: CYO: Have we actively and positively worked with the liturgical, sociM and other programs of our diocesan youth department? Search, for example? This could be an endless talk because the room for im- provement is the largest room in the world. I have come not to destroy but to fulfill. As I have issued these challenges, I want to commend each of you associated with our secondary high school program. As the spiritual leader of the diocese, I am happy to seize the op- portunity to build on the heritage of the past and the success of the present. I invite you to take these ideas back to love and interest that we share together in the spiritual growth of these students committed to our care. • Andrew J. McDonald Bishop of Little Rock SHOPPERS GUIDE| ROY RHEA, Owner Rhea Drug Co. HILLCREST - L,R. 2801 Kavanangh 663-4131 FREE DELIVERY HILLCREST CLEANERS KAVANAUGH & ASH Phone 663-2889 '@e IJumlor Shirt€' i DAN'S SHOE SHOP RAY AND CLARENCE TROILLET "The list in Shoe RepMrinl" Phone 666-9731 2903 Kavanaugh Member Worthen Charge Service JEWELERS, Inc. DIAHOHDS • GIFTS • SILVERVARE • JEWELRY drug store • Gifts • osmetlcs • PHONE 664-4444 His Excellency Bishop An- young women in jeopardy of Catholic? Under school spon- drew J. McDonald after hearing school enrollment because they sorship, do 0ur students par-!   "' the priests introduced, said, have failed in this area of ticipate in ecumenical lectures, _ . "You really do care about the morality. Along the same lines, ecumenical services at spiritual leadership of the  Thanksgiving and the Church priests."He continued, "We Unity Program in January? didn't become priests to come to still active. -b- Poverty and Race eventslike this to be honored... Other charter members not Relations: Besides our textbook it's the response to human present were John J. Dick- study of the social doctrine of 9 778-5111 needs•" He praised the Serrans mann, Felix Dopiarelli, Joseph Ihe Church, under school for "love and gratitude to these priests." Charter members were honored. President Jerry Hell told the charter members, "Thank you for establishing the foundation on which this club has grown." Msgr. James E. O'Connell, club chaplain, gave the in- vocation as he did 20 years ago when the club was formed. He also introduced the charter members. Present were Warren Baldwin Jr., Christopher (Pete) Blake Jr., Fred I. Brown, Lester Fellhauer, Gilbert Howell, Carl Hunke who is still active, Albert W. Isenman Jr., Thomas P. McDonnell who was the club's first president, James E. Madigan, Joseph Mullen Jr., Paul Remmel Jr., Harry Snider and William R. Wrape II who is Springs Guide INSURANCE DEPARTMENT BANK I, TRUST CO. Bryant, Ins. Mgr. COVERAGE Musical Department Store Hammond Organs - Pianos Band Instruments Records - SheeL Music 623-1212 911 Central MEEKS NEON Manufacturing Co. SALES LEASe. sEavlca Plastic Signs & Letters F¢om 11 LICAKT To llN it HOT SPRINGS 509 mer Pb. 623-6762 I €has. W. ;ter M. ttampel, Joseph E. Hart, Vincent H. Lammers, Leo A. Morrison, the late John Pruniski, George J. Ross, the late James F. Touhey, the late Louis D. Whitehead, and Ed- ward I,. Wright. His Excellency Albert L. Fletcher, former Bishop of Little Rock, who founded the l,ittle Rock Serra Club on the Feast of the Assumption in 1954, gave the benediction and prayer for vocations. Bishop Fletcher made a plea for the salvation of man and a prayer "for the laborers in Your vineyard." auspices do our students visit the poor sections of our town? The black section? And do we ever encourage our students to find out what services the federal, state, and local agencies offer the poor and the oppressed of our community? Under school sponsorship, have we visited these agencies to let our students see how they function ? -c- Scholarship Fund for Needy Catholic Students: The school should charge the same tuition for all Catholic students. This tuition should reflect the l/ Bmshop McDonald Tells How I 'Another Brenda Made My Day' • At Christmas time, a young needs. She did not say, "Let's girl named Brenda wrote reflections upon the loss of her father in death. These reflec- tions were poignant and grip- ping. The sentiments she ex- pressed helped to make my Christmas of 1973 distinct and unique. On Valentine's Day, I received a letter from another Brenda in another part of the country. This Brenda has a family of her own. Over the years that I have known her, her husband has been sick, he has been out of work. They have many children, the last of whom suffers from cerebral palsy. Here is what Brenda wrote about on Valentine's Day. Brenda told me that things were going reasonably well. Since her husband is now working, she has given up her job so that she can spend more time with the children. The company paid her a vacation allowance of a hundred dollars. Immediately she thought of an outstanding debt to myself of a hundred dollars. (I can't imagine myself giving anybody a hundred of my own dollars. I must have gotten somebody else's and gave the money to her when the need was there.) Brenda did not think of Imr own celebrate. It's about time we had some money to spend on ourselves." Brenda prayed and the Spirit moved her.. Next door to her live a young couple with a three year old child. The mother is working and the husband is both working and going to school so that he can become a minister of rnusic. The mother quit work recently to have a new baby. The baby was born in good health in January. At the same time, her three year old was afflicted with some kind of nerve disease and now lies in a coma. Limited income made it impossible to have any kind of insurance on these children. Brenda took the hundred dollars and gave it to the young couple in my name. Truthfully, she gave the hundred dollars in the name of Jesus Christ. Valentine's Day 1974 is distinct and unique because another Brenda responded to a human need in the name of Christ. "As often as you have done it to one of these, the least of My Brethren, you have done it unto Me." Andrew J. McDonald Bishop of Little Rock FURNITURE HARDWARE & I/ V West .3zde . Shopping Center :.,,o.x c  :'  Benton, Ark. 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