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March 1, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 1, 1930

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yourselves worthy of becoming par-}B " "" " Vogler,. P. Newton, 1, mley, L. takers of the mercy of God! Ex-'Metrailer, G. Vogler, Arnold I tmgmsh the fire of anger, blot outt St. Mary's vs. Hot Springs. hatred, love peace and harmony andI The return game with Hot ~prings be kind and obliging in the practice was played at St. Mary's gym Fri- of true humility! To our servants day night. The girls from Hot and subjects be a kind-hearted mas-iSprings High School played hard but ter! Let all revenge end; let severity had to surrender the victory to the be changed into mildness, indigna-jAcademy team by a score of 36-15. tion into affability, dissension into Margaret Nahlen won scoring honors peace; let all be modest and unas-lwith 23 points to her credit. suming, meek and kind Only in this Line-up way shall we become pleasing to Cod St. Mary's. Hot Sl~rings. and once merit to take part also in Newton ............. ................... A. Lyons the Transfiguration of our Saviour Forward Jesus Christ." Nahlen .................................... Nelson R. $. Malgmon. Forward GO--EL o ,o oo ................................ Center Rivard Epps (Capt.) ............ O. Lyons (Capt.) CHURCH Center Briscol .............................. Ro~;hman Guard K. Hart ............................... Burgers 'Good Counsel Altar Society. Guard The Good Counsel Altar Society Substitutions: St. Mary's, R. Hart, will receive Holy Communion during G. Vogler; Hot Springs, Broadhead, the 7 o'clock Mass, Sunday, l~arch 2.1Rivard, Drewry, Branch, Sims. On Friday afternoon, March'7, the Altar Society will have their monthly ]~R-TS~~H meeting, beginning at 2 olclock. Alli members are urged to attend. I Ash Wednesday, March 5. ] On Wednesday morning, the be. Pre-Lenten Rush ot Entertainments ginning of Lent, the Blessing and and Benefits. distribution of Ashes will take place Now that the season of Lent is before the ~ o'clock Mass. approaching there is a considerable On Wednesday n!ght at 7:45 the increase of entertainment and ben- distribu.tion of the Ashes will take lefits crowding the days. All churches place before the devotions at 7:45,1 and associations are pushing their followed by a sermon and Benediction specfal affairs. A meeting of group PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 1, 1930 It_ i i U|~|~t] ~.~'~|l~ I The Spanish Fiesta . Monday morning at six o clock, the I presented by Robert Taylor, in a your Februar~ issue, notify the See- CARDINAL PRAISES IIIIOOIIUPll ll JUOlti ! The Spanish Fiesta will be held Rev. Father Peter Post, O. S. B., offi- [voice number, John Paul Hendricks reary and -will get your copy for you. MILITARY it I~,~fYTIrlIIY~ I Tuesday night, under the auspices of ciating, l gave an oration and Leo Sheilds a iOn the inside cover you will find an ALllVlll~.a~ the Good Counsel Altar Society. This Sister Stephen of the music de- violin selection. These boys repre- advertisement headed "160 Awards." By Dr. Frederic t~r, --will be tim last social event until!partment of St. Boniface's School, sented the voice, violin and expres-IPlease read this ad and see if you (Vienna Correspondent, N. t',. lafter Easter, when the Altar Society played a program of music during!stun classes of the Academy Theylcannot help Council No. 812 along to News Service.) i MARY IMMACULATE ~ ' ", " . 'wall put on thmr annual Easter Men- the Mass, which was a low one. Shelwere well received by the club and aiwin erie of the 160 awards for the Vienna, Feb. 7. In a re~'e~ Schedule of Masses ~nd Devotmns .,lay card party used themarch from Lohengr'in ::.- I request for further appearance was!Selective Membership Program." of the journal for former ~1 for Lent During the Month I -- Ithe processional and Mende]ssohnsItendered. [ Notice has been sent to us that the of the Ninth Bavarian Inf~nt~ of March. 1 r~I1/~ Ir~t~.f~tlllg r~||r i march as the recessional. I Reader Gives Recital at St. Anne's. IApril assesment for insurance has peared an article signed by I{~ Sunday, March 2 Quinquagesima l , ,~ . "" _ _ ..7.. .... , ~aLllUr~ r~U~l ~~.r.t The bride was costumed in egg-! Mrs. Julia Cullen Mann, of Omaha, been omitted in case of all insurance hence Cardinal Faulhaber o~1 ~unaay. St. George ~, lxnooei, rngnj ..~.,...~ 'shell crepe, her hat and accessories Neb., a former pupil of the Sisters ]members of record on April l-, 1930m" winch" the Prince" of the ~h:"~ Mass at 7 a m i ]~|~][~] i beinr" in corres~ondin~ shades Iter o Mercy, St Joseph's Academy,] Also kindly do not forget to at- former member of the reg; Mar " h m e l" x1 w Mas lllt~k,Jl$ IL , . n a u ate, He e, Lo s shower bouauet was of nink roses IMena, was the guest of St. Anne s tend the regular meeting Ma~ch 4, praised highly the influences at 0.30 a.m. ~. - and lilies of the valley_. Her only_ AcademyMonday a~ternoon where! 1930. You may wm an attendance itary training : The Young People's Aux,hary wsll l Basket Ball ~ t m ....... " ~ . . I . " . attendant, her sister, Miss Beatrice she gave an impro ptu recital of iprize amounting to $600 by "being Cardinal Faulhaber, who ! mee~ ~uonaay evening, ~arcn a, m As the basket ball season dTaws Limberg, wore a gown of green crepe, I readings. Her numbers were "The present, with the regiment more thaP! the Mission House, at 7:30 p. mnear its close Mount St Mary's car-ers ....... ~ .... ~xr:~ v..~...a.. ;.. ~ .... ~^.. I ...... " ~ . " "' . her naq nose ann suppers were m ~aouse v,~, ~,~,~,u~ ,~ ~, ~'~"-I yearr, ago, also expressed hi~! The I adms of the Parish wall meet continue to add vmtory u )on vmtot ..... " :~ ' 1 'Y the new snrin~ shades featurinc, the day s Morning Rush, The Open l PARAGOULD COUNCIL No 1713. being in favor of peace, in th~: Tuesday afternoon, March 4, at 2:30 to the season's record Fat~,er K'eanv- ..... -*~ ~ , ' . ~" ~_. ', . D~^..~ .... ~* ........... I .... '' nal.urat bones aria sue carrleo an arm ~uao ,~ ~,~,,~.,~,,~ .-~r,,,, u, -- article. p. m, m the M~smon ttouse. . as coach of the Academy ha.~ been bouquet of pink roses ,the Beach .... The Persley:~" and "At l Sunday, February 23, marked a Speaking of military discipli~ Ash Wednesday, March 5, High tizeless in tzainin the la ers and " ' ,, " , .s ' g . P .Y t The groom was 'assisted by Will D. the Corner Grocery Imemorable day for Council No. lt13 Ci~rdinal said: Mass at St George s, Knobelat 8 aas worked u )what ~s conmdered by , ~ I . . . ~ t OShea. ] Mrs. Mann i~ a well known reader, ~ when 14 candidates were given the "Although we did not reS a m Blessing and dmtnbutmn of many to be the best team the school ~ ' " " Following the church ceremony, a and broadcasts regularly from sta-'First degree of the Order. The class the Ashes will take place before the has ever had. During the past week breakfast was served at the home of tion WOW, Omaha. i consisted of men from Pocahontas, when serving, the time spent Mass During Lent there will be a three zeturn ames were played w~th '" " g" " M~ and Mrs. Limber~ The ~uest St Scholastica s Girls Set Pace in I Jonesboro and Paragould. Next Sun- dier's armor was a training Q Low Mass at St George's Mission St Mary's scoring a second victory ........ ...... '. ., ,~ . , " .r_. rnainent .~ .... ~. ........ ~,^n .......... ~.~_. :,L Rising when the bugle sou~ -- --- " " " llSt, wnlCn was llmlLe(I I~o ~ne Drlual .ou . 1 uab ' cn~st~ ~aznv x~z~w~, ~vgv~n~r ~'~cn turning to the barracks "v~t each Wednesday at 6 a. m. There against each. party and near relatives, nmnberedThe St. Scholastica's Academy blaz-i others, will be given the Major de- wall not be any wmtatmn on Satur-, "And How" vs. St. Mary's over twenty. Afterwards the bride ed a trail of triumph at Hartmanlgrecs at Pocahontas. All in this dis- trumpets were blown, fallingi~ days during Lent. i The return game with the "And and groom left for a wedding trip to Friday night when they leaped to the!~trict have been looking forward to tually at the appointed min~ Ash Wednesday evening in Mary How" team was played at the Y W -- . ,. . , ..... ; less from top to toe, keepi~i ~. " pmnts m Oklahoma. ~ront as an outstanomg tea~ m the i this m~tatmn and are antm.patmg a _~mn~c. ulate, Home, Specml Lenten C. A. Tuesday mght St. Mary's !ed The women of St. Boniface's par- annual Hartman invitation girl#s bas-ireal good time, for we all know that and not wincing when the se! major was ill-humored, or devot!ons, followed by Benedsctmn throughout the game and ended with ish entertained with a card party and ket ball tournament, eliminating Dar-IPocahontas Council will not fail in commissioned officer discoV~ ~nth the ~wos~ t~lessea ~acrament At a scoze of 56 28 , I ' " ' dance last Tuesday nizht at the St danelle in the opening round b5 56 i their efforts to make it enjoya} ~t for the close of the services the Ashes Line-up -. , "~ " ," - ' ~, I .': rust stain on the barrel of 0~ ........ . , " Boniface s Hall, the affair was a suc- to 9, ~th Mac ~ eager show n~, the I everyone present. Paragould will be wm oe uis~riou~ed to the faithful. St. Mary s. And How. tess and enjoyable one way with 36 points Iwell rep~,esented and we hope that setting our teeth when the The Way of the Cross wil~ be con- Newton " M Hart " " " ! ' " there x~ill " i " hands could hardly hold aI ..... - ................................. The Bene&ctme Sisters resented Saturday s game left St. Scholas- , be a great number of I: s~t- that furnished those who t~ ducked each .rnursday evening at Forward their pupils in recital on F~Pday eve- tica's the winning team, defeating all ors there from other parts of the ing in the army seriously w~ 7:8~ p. m., in Mary Immaculate, Nahlen .................................. T. Hart ning at the St. Boniface's school au- other contenders The Academy hasstate. ttnoDel, and each Friday evening at Forward ,dltorium The proggam of piano, won a splendid record for the sea-t Last Thursday, February 20, Rev. a thing useful in life; a 7:30 p. m., in Mary Immaculte, Robinson .................................. Newton violin a~d expression numbers was son and Fort Smith is proud of the Father Peters brought with him his punctuality and order, an u~ Hoxie. The collection taken up at Center iwell rendered" and'~vas as follows ' team. i Girls' Dramatic Club from Glepnon- ing for superior authority, t~ the evening devotions during Lent Epps (Capt.) ....................... Mellinger Marcia Energico, vioiin ense;~ble St. Anne's Quintet Wins Two'Impor- ville, Me., and presented a play, en- of solidarity which goes sh0~ will be your Lenten alms. Center . i (Ohemier) Billy Sim,,son lohn Jr I taut Games Ititled "A Southern Cidnerella," in St shoulder with the fellow citi~ !he permd, of Lent has for many Hart .................................... Narey Mollers, Catbe~"ine Milli/gan, Ordl' Led by young Marion Narisi, star[Mary's Hall to an appreciative au-:hn~! ~.:::g:oG:dn~h:S:g~i a msagreeable appearance The Guard , I o m .... Y [Daugherty; Nick George at piano. :forward, St. Anne s Academy defeat-,dience, for the benefit of b th p "- God. : rook upon ~ as a seasoF! of gloom, of Bnsc 1 Wyalt ~ ~. ' ', .... .......................... ] Cuckoo (Curtis)--Thcre.~a Marie ed the Knights of Columbus junior ~shes. memncnoiy, of pining over pleasures Guard . " ~t{artmeier. team Friday night, 23 to 20.TheI Next Tuesday evening, March- 4th, Regarding peace, the Cardil to say : which are past To persons of th~s Jumor College vs St Mar's ea .... ~ ...... . " Y " ]Sunbeams Gavotte (Kern)--Ruth game was pla~ ed at the Fort Smith the ladies of the parish will conduct ss o~ mmu, ~en~ w~n ~s prayers, The Academy g~rls defeated the ~, ...... " ' ': ~ . Ingrain; Augusta Mullets at niano Boy- Club M Narisi scored five~the last social before Lent inSt "Today I stand up for pet as~s, ann self-denials bring~ nothing Little Rock Junior College team[ , ' ~ ~," r " ' ..... " [ "' ...... " " eauac in my conviction it is n~ ............ ' ~ Song ot the I mc (Adan') Isabelle fu, ld goals and a free th~ox~, to w,n~ IV[my ,~ Hall fm the bencfi, of the vu~ regre~sann smpa~lence tol lt.~ Thur.~d ~y nlghv xv]th st M ~x , ~ ., , " ' ' . : ~ " ' . ~'~ 7 ,~ ~"- Schnitzer. - high point laurels ibuilding fund " humane to conduct war D: acmy. end team playing allbut the first' " ~ ' - "" "'~ "m " ..... " ' ' " I Jolly RamdroD~ . (Snouhhn~)--- J 1)Nam~ playn g t hc .lumor I ~ manner; with clouds of gas t~ 1o ~nose however who possess a quart(r , f th(- saint Wh~ ~e')re w ~- Vh ~ ,,; " ' "' " "" ~: ,, ,, .... e.. r--, a ~'- a e t", ~ .... ' ...... - ' ' * .--'s,,,.a l~ew~v ~nlgwcs,i , H)e( tllFet. ~,,',u ~ u~,,s an~ l m ,nts O]["t~'l~ma~ press all personal bravery pl #r true t)nristian spirit Lent has charms 41 ] o I .... .." ~ . ..... " , i ~ "-"-" '~'~'~*~ ..... " .. " " " "' I wmnDznl~ tMac l,achin)l,eo Shar- two f'ee throws to mad the ~osingi r~ 1-.1 ~-. aerial bomhs which in a fe~ ann p~easures oommame at no other . Line-up "t ............ x'; .... ~t Piano S A .....I tsureau finns t, ourse destroy all l:2e, beginning ~iiT:u:f_,!_he year anti under no other St. h)ary's. Junmr (Jollege. Spanish l)am.e (Trankau.~)--~Mary also scored ;dght tallies. This was] For Boy aeacler~hlp infant and gulps on the agg s~ances Du~ ~nose which ever New,on ............................... Walker Patrick !the ~econd game for the week that] -- still it is with admiration that accomvany it L I F rward , " I ~ , . _ - , 0 I Ghost Sterv (Reed) William St. Anne s boys were vmtormus. TheyI (By N c' W C News Service~ what I saw of devotion arid instead of striving to free ourselves Nahlen Gaston Jame ~ def a mr team from t " " . ._ ' ............................ " ' s Murphy III e. ted the sen' he ~.~.: ;aki,~. ~onn Feb ~q : 'Pho among the soldiers." ~!70m ~ne yoke of Christ we sh ] L Forward ~ ....... ' . " -" , or, . ......... -e,, .~ ., . . .~.----, -. ........ ,' ' -, - -OlLdt_ ] (doter., D .:'m, rea(hng Ruth In_ Serum lhgh School, ~ to 17. ISuprcme Council Boy Life Bureau of find delight m carrying and if it K Hart . Emd __ ....... - - - ............... fg. [ ~tne l~mgn:~ o~ CommDus has an-IMRS. ALFREDNOYES so happens that we cannot observe Center i Ban o Pickaninnies(Mac Lachin) St. Scholastlca Girls Wins Honors at nounced ~ha* ia