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March 1, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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March 1, 1930

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PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, MARCH 1, 1930 British Governor graves; about 400 Cathol c have not questions relating to Germany, be-I such success. The Catholics of all most beloved predilection to accept Reports have been O ens New Hall yet been located; 6,201 Catholics' came vacant, the Pope and the Sec- Germany attribute to a real blessing his new dignity and his new office communists in this country, by P were returned to the United States lretary of State believed that they I of divine Providence the fact that from the hands of the Pope. That tion of the Internationale at Of Hong Kong V. or taken to countries other than' could not better fill this post, whiehithey have in their midst so able and which to the eyes of men may seem cow, are preparing to stage d France; and 3,155 still are being was rendered extremely delicate and/apostolic a representative of the Holy satisfaction in reaching the highest straitens against unemployme (N. C. W.C. Fides.) checked by the Bureau. Of the ~ difficult by the raging of the world/See during a period extremely crit- destinies that can delight human am- cities of the United States on Hongl~ong, Feb 1. His Excellency total, irrespective of creed, 46,290 ~t war, than by sending Msgr. Eugene lical for them and for all of theirI bitten, is for Cardinal Pacelli but a runty 26. the Governor of Hongkong, Sir Cecil have been returned to the United : Pacelli to occupy it. Thus he, who lcuntry" He ~as not only the Nuncio t burden and a duty of pure obedience. Clementi, K .... C M G, performed the If States;. ,605 were. sent to other coun- ! had been for some years Domestic] of' the Pope, they used to say, but he '~ ST. IVES TABLET ceremony of unlocking th6 door of tries; 31 are m the Lafayette Es-tPrelate of His Holiness of the Pre]a-twas also really their pastor. I CONGRESS STUDIES OF 1352 FOUND; Ricci Hall, new Catholic hostel at the ! cadrille Memorial Cemetery; 28 I lure called St. Ices to which, under / It is with these priestly and diplo-] RED PERSECUTION GIFT TO P University of HorLgkong. Bishop Hen- were cared for personally by rela- the Pontifical Government, was an-]matte precedents that Cardinal Eu-I OF ALL RELIGION ry Valtora of Hongkong pronounced I tlves; 70 are m graves not to be dis- i nexdd~t)ie -free defenee o~ the poor, I gene Pacelli is preparing to take into i By M. Maasiani the blessing. The hotel, first rest- turbed; 1,643 are unknown dead; was appointed Titular Arqchbishop of this hands the high office of SecretarY l (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) (Paris Correspondent, N. C, l dence hall of the institution under and several hundred are unlocated. I Sardi on April 23, 1917, and conse-lof, State. Washington, Feb. 24. The ques- News Service) Catholic auspices, is in charge of Je-I The names of those mothers and crated by the same Sovereign Pen-t Man of Peraonal Plenty. I tion of religious persecution in Rus- Paris, Feb. 10. St. Ices, suits of the Irish -rovince A distin , widows of Arkansas Catholics buried tiff, Benedict XV, in theSistine P " - ..... Chapel. Cardinal Pacelli is not only one of sic is now before both the executive of advocates, whose feast is guished gathering of government of- in graves abroad, who have slgmfled ficials, ecclesiastics," and educators at- their mtentmn of making the Pfl- i Arriving at his residence, Arch- ] the most export diplomats of the and legislative branches of the gov- solemnly commemorated in s~ " i grimage, follow" tended the event bishop Pacelli quickly found himself lHly See today, but he is also, and lernment at Washingtonficial ceremony by memberS 0 The opening of the hall was one of Arkansas called upon to participate in one. of labve all, a true priest according to Numerous demands that the ad-~ Paris Bar, has been honored the Heart of God. His personal piety,.ministratin voice in some way its additional celebration this the last acts of Governor Clementi,! (D~ocese of Little Rock) !the greatest acts of the Roman Pon-ihfi: devotion, and the correctness in disapproval of the aggressive anti- While laborers were ....who has.~ been" promoted__to Singapore.. I LakeZSS'MotherMrS" of Katie'Felix Ofzosso,Runnmguvt, ] tificate during that supreme crisis in I the exercise of sacred ceremonies, im- i religious policy of the Soviet gov- tunnel for the Metropolitan rus aaaress sums up ~ne lmpor~ance the history of mankind, the great press all those who observe him. Be- ernment have been received at the they found the cornerstone .............. Co I, 25'rd InfBuried in Meuse- war. In August, 1917, Benedict XV State Department from churches and ancient chapel dedicated to oI ~ne hostel irom ~ne wewpom~ oi " ., . I Argonne Cemetery made his famous proposal of peace, s;des these personal feelings, he has ~ne governmen:. [ ; '" always nourished an ardent desire of individuals in various parts of the which bore this inscription: "Both as Chancellor of the Hong- -- ~y in which he sought not only to end apostolate and exercising the pries-t country. The identity of most of "I, John, King of kong U, niversity and as Governor of NEW PAPAL the conflict, but to assure per- ly ministry Notwithstanding the these has not been disclosed but one placed th~ffivst stone of this Colony I welcome the establish- OF STATE WAS RELUCTANT petual peace among peoples through TO ACCEPT HIGH HONORS the successive diminution of arma- ment of Ricei Hall; and it is a : eat pleasure to me to perform the opening ments, and permanent agreements ceremony today. The founders of (Continued frompage 1) for the solution of international con- Hongkong University rightly decided the Holy Father had selected him for flier through pacific means and arbi- that the institution should be residen- elevation to the Cardinalate, Arch- tration rather than through the san- tial, in order that its undergraduates bishop Pacelli did all that he could guinary means of war. might enjoy the benefits whi~ch are so properly do to escape this honor. It is known that the generous ini- marked a feature of ~esidential uni-, Moreover, he wished to. remain long- tiative of the Pope did not meet with versities in England. 1 er in Germany, to bring to a su~ccess- success; but it is also known that, ful conclusion the negotiations he Father G,..Byrne, S.J., in his ad- dress of welcome 'explained the sig- already had inaugurated looking telwith1918,peaceall thereStredefforts atmadethe fromend thatf ' " " " n ~ concordats with Baden and withi time on to insure a permanent peace n:ficance ef the name Rlcci.Lo g before Ricci," he said in part, "West- Wurtemberg. " were necessarily developd in a pro- era missio~aari'es, Western traders. Much more, then, did he offer all gram which, in substance, is based serious occupations which have con-] of them, the Lutheran Church, pro- dedicated to Msgr. St. tinually filled his life, he has known poses that the President issue an ex- year 1352 and the second how to find some little time to dedi-]eeutive manifesto denouncing the reign, and have given a cate himself to the practice of saeer-]anti-religious activities of the Rus- of gold to this chapel." I sian government and that the State Since St. Ires is the dotal duties toward the faithful'lDepartment" make it clear that they lawyers, the Municipal When he was at Rome, first as offi- cial and then as Secretary of the~Wuld be an inst~rmountable obstacle Paris, to whom the stone Sacerdotal Congregation of ExtPa-{re recognition of the Soviet go:tern- sented, decided to give it to ordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, he as-iment by the United States. tal Bar Association so that it be placed in the hall of honor Palais de Justice. The Municipal Council, Marquis d'Andigne, its leader, made the official and superficial erudition, but on the the sense of the Congress of tke lion of the relic in the Western Explorers, had found their proper resistance to his designation comlJ]etely on those very principles most solid and authorized sources of Ua~ued"" S~aLe.."- " oi" Amdlca,~"' ~hde-: di.~-'" the Minister of Beaux-Arts way to the East. Matted Ricci was as Secretary of State. With histhat Benedict XV enunciated in his Catholic doctrines To a religious claiming any right or desire to inter- large assembly of advocates, the first to establish himself in the striking humility, he believes sin- famous note of August, 1917. community of nuns he adopted as fere into the internal affairs of an- After a historian had court of Peking, not only as a rec3g- ~ cerely that he does not possess any Risked His Life in Germany text in his course of instruction, the other country, that the persecution the ancient chapel of St. nized scientist, but as a mas~ter in of the gifts necessary for such an exalted office. But, in accordance In that proposalof peace the and the outrages which have been in secretary general of the science who opened up new fields of ............. ~ ~.~i^..~e Nuncio, ArchbishopPa~elli, took a flicLed u~on the Christian and ~--- I delivered an address on , , , . _. , , .., .~ . . wl~n ~ae iormal precepb t~x vent, e~u . v oew- Knowmuge~to ~ne scholars oI ~ne ~ast ........ Hol-" Fathvery ~mportant part since he had to ish subjects ef Soviet Russia who I St. Ices. . required oI aim oy bne y - . ' ' , , After working. . for some years m Can-. er, ne" oows" ms': ne.~.~'---~A and accen~s,.r the be. .under particularly delicate and desire, peacefully to ~orship, _ God ac-~" Ices of Kermartm," also ton, Shmhmg and other parts of .............:~-Pi*'" difficult conditions, the interpreter ......... : ........ cording to the dict'~tes of conscience, I of Treguier in Brittany, ........ ) ...... ' _ gl'~2ab i'e~pt)H~lu i bb'. f th " l/lose wflo Know Ills lllblHILt~2 8ell- ' ' - - . . , . =. _~ Sougia cmna, earner r~cc~ nnany got _ . ...... o e propose~ pontifical peace to .. ..... is a)l ,,e ....... ~,~ ~. ....... ;) ..... ~ ,~..+lnamiet oI ~ermartin is in ~a ...... :~_: ....... .,~.. :~. ~.~.:~~ ^~',... ] The life of Caramal Yacelil nas th^ wh~ ,~ ...... ~nnen~s recogmze an eioquen~ prooi ........... e ..... u,.,,,,,~, ,,,,, ~''~1 .... perm~,.~u. ~, ~e~,c ,,, ,~,,,,g ,,, o,,,,- ~ ~,e uetman world Tne war, c h ~h~2 s 1zt le and dlyeI alon of Chl~btlan mune or Treguler, was b0~ ----~ ~ :~-~~ ^" n~kin- he re been developed on very simple lines, however c---~" ..... " , , . of them in the spee h e pronounced ~ .~e" :" ' ''~'." -, ":~ "' I .acy ~4, x,u~. .~ re g -. , un~muea xa~any ~o its ena, - ehul(hes andJewish' ~ na o ties to 1253 After completing his l~ ....'~.;~ .... ~;1 ~.;~..~u ,.,~ Ma- li and ~ceording to a constantly uni-which cam ......... a few weeks ago in taking possession] " " .s ' ~'yg tg, ]_. " ,~ . , ~ ,,,a;~,,:,, ~.,~. ,,,, ~, ...... kV , . . . e a n~cle more ~nan a year ....... non reli ious ur o s ales at tarts, he became an a~ ,o,, ,r ...... ~ ....... ~, tr,~ o;+;~,,o form d~rectlon. After having passed .~+ ........... ,~ ...... . ...... el his Cardmalstup title m the Basil- - g . p p ses, and the de.e-! ...... ~,)t..~xe wa~ r~.u~v. ~ .............. . ........... ,.~.~.....u=, ~ausmg ~nrougnou~ ~ne . . ........... I cr~tion of burial ~rou~ .~o .o.~,,~ Ia~ ~ennes ann (tevoted him~* _ , _1 : .. ~ __..tnrougntne s~uales el ~ne ulaSslcal~_ ..:_._ c~ ........ lC~, oI ~ts. donn anu Yaul, one oI tl~el ' ~ ........ r,~t,~-i ...... _, a~ prmsL slnologue anu sc~enbls~ ann ~ . ~ .... . . ,..erman ~a~es and Austria ~nose . -, . - . I .... , , .~i,~ ;~o~1 ,, , ,,;1 ...~ ..~~ae oelense o~ the poor Ee~ $~econ(lary ~cnool ((zlnnaslo anti . . . . mosE veneraole anti ancient cnurci~es """~ ~'~,-t- ,u~. ....~,.,,,,.(,,, .a- - to quote the words of the Encyclo-; ...... ....... p~ofound poht~cal changes which ......... .._ ]er he entered the priesthood,1 " ~ '~--:-'- 'D-'^~'-~'I- no Eu ~)lceo), ana oelng aoouc ~o begin tne have -iven ~'- " ot t~ome, rising on Erie slope of the,~'-~"':" . ....... "_,, peola Drl~ttlictt,: ~uoat~ y -, ......... g ~noseregions a coin-.. , ..... . . .. ....... I ,, ..... .. ...... I no~ cease ~o ln~;eres~; nimselt e~t _ , . ~._..:__ ._ university courses, ne aeclarea ms ..~^,^~............ .. .~. ,,,, thcellan lllll m ~ne near~ oi ~nroDDing [ ~na~ tnet~ongress oI ~ne united I, .. ~ ,-: - ~t ropean name oi pas~ een~urms is so ....... . , . .. v~e~ety newaspect, LNUnClO~acenl [ , _ ,. .... . . . ,. t ly in 3US~lCe ior n~s people ~* - Intention zo emorace ~ne eccleslas:l- . . ]memories oi pagan and Christian ~cates oi ~merlca extends ~s s:m-] ......... " .i wellknown as that of Ll-mateu, the .......... thus passed througha veryserious ~,, - ~ ,, . ...... 7 t~o se~le mspu~es ou~ oi court] . ~: ...... cal sta~e, ann entered ~ne Aim0 _ ~ '.. .. ~ ~. . . . . I~ome, a few steps from the ruins of patny tothe persecuted t:nrls~lans~ . . ~ .... . Iornl in wnlcn Lne name ~lCCl was ,~ ,, , ...... and periloustime a~ J.1unlcn ourlngl .. .... ,, ,~ , . , _1 . ....... I pl'o~ec~ the poor, tne wmows . . ...... . UOlleglo baprancla oI r~ome r~ow- the rev " "" . ........ I~ne t'ata~me and ~ne WOlOSseum in:anD oews m KUSSla, and is (msirons or " ...... ~:[: aaapceu ~o ~nmese usage. ~ne works . , ,, . . OlUI~lon oI ~urtn ~lsner. l~e~ ....... " . ~ _, . .,,.. . . .... pnans, r~ls cnamty g~ .. ...... " ever, ne was only aole ~oremainsucceeded ........ i~na~ pmce wnere every~ning speaks an(~ wmmg ~o eo-opera~e w]~n o~aer b - " "i -~i wnien ne composed m thnlnese are ......... , nowever, no~wlnsganalngt ~, i "i - ~ ounas, arean s manor he ~: ....... . ~nere a year, because ms