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February 28, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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February 28, 1920

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PAGR ]SIGHT i THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1920. i "MEDIUM DELUDED" (Continued from Page 1.) of long standingecome the ietims of tbmr own experiments in the field of inquiry. &apos; "It has frequently been noted that scientific researcher., constantly en- gaged in spiritistic experiments and necessarily obeying the laws of mind passivity by which so-called spirit- intercourse becomes possible, gradual- ly lose the power of discriminating evidence. Thus we find them in later years accepting 'evidence' and 'proof' that lihey would, years before, have been the first t'0 repudiate as absurd and preposterous. "In Sir Oliver Lodge's case," said Father Corrigan, "three clearly marked periods are discernable. First there are the early years when he be- gan to show an interest in telepathy. Then comes the period when Mrs. Piper's trance uiterantes were under examination. Finally may be con- sidered the 'Raymond' period. Regarding Telepathy "As regards telepathy it has" never been scientifically demonstrated. In some 'of the experiments the suppos- ed thought-transference ceased on- "Thinking people now realize how ' ro'undless are the claims for com- munication with the dead when so orominent an exponent of the theory allowed himself to ramble over a lot of indifferent astronomy and elemen- tary geology instead of giving some definite scientific proof of the theory which he came to expound." 100,0'00 Cases of Insanity in England Referring t 9 a recent dispatch from I)r. A. 2. Sdmfield, a prominent Lon- don physician, to the effect that one hundred thousand cases of insanity in Britain had been caused by spiritism, Father Corrigan remarked "Spiritism is running true to form in England. Its well known connection with men- tal disorders cannot be too often re- peated as a warning to the curious and the indiscreet. "Any neurologist of even ordinary experience has many patients who re- ceived their first mental shock at spiritistic seances. The disorder is progre.sive, starting with illusions, emotional interest in the proceedings fSllowed by a mild form of neurosis i caused by the anxmty of the subject to believe. Then comes delusions and finally hallucinations. FEI)ERAL AID TO SOI,DIERS In almost every community in th, United States there is a disehmged soldier, sailor, marine, or war nurse, suffering from some inNry, or aft- dates back to service with I men], which the fighting forces. ' 1 Often this injury has made it aatd t or impossible for them to fit in whoe] they did formerly: They are handi-] capped and need help; not charity, utj mental and physfcal reconstruction. I In many cases such people unforuu- natcly keep their troubles to them- selves. They are reluctant to Seek aid or advice, for fear their friend might consider them weak. Posmb',y you lmow such a person. If you do, encourage him to takc his troubles to the Government. The War Risk Insurance Bureau and the United States Public eHalth Service are es- pecially anxious to get in touch with such individuals. The Public Hcaltn Service has set up a chain of recon- struction bases throughout the coun- try for beneficiaries of the War Kisk Bureau. These are not Army hosIi- tals, nor is there Army discipline in connection with them, but rathel a Wind Up In Padded Cell system of hospitals similar to tae general hospital in large cities except that the treatment is free and goes much further than in the ordinary hospital. Recreation, vocational training and INCOME TAX RETURNS DUE Business Men, Farmers andWage Workers Must File Schedules of Income for 1919. PROTESTS TREATY WITH TURKEY MARCH 15 LAST FILING DATE. Net Incomes of $1,000 or Over, If Sin- gle; or $2,000 or Over If Marrledp Must Be Reported. The Income Tax imposed by Act their government in the past." The Westminster Catholic Federa- tion has fmvarded copies of the fol- lowing protest to the Prime Minister, the Secretary of State for Fereign Affairs, and tothe Press: "As we have reason to fear the Peace Treaty with Turkey may in- volve domination or suzeranity other Christian peoples, the Westminster Catholic Federation protests any a i ................................................ TWO NOTABLE CONVERSIONS Two notable conversions have just bccn announced. The first is that of Rev. Lawrence Frederick Harvey, B. A., of Exeter College, Oxford, who was received into the Church at St. Philip Priority, Begbroke; and who gave up the head mastership of a wellknown Protestant school for this purpose. The other is the conversion of Col. Coulson, Commander of the Military such action on the part of the Allied Mission at Progue, who was received I Powers as will result in the certain by Archbishop Kot:dac in his private resumption by the Turks of atrocities chapel in that eigy in the presence of of Congless on earnings of the year 1.919 is now being collected. Returns under oath must be made or or before March 15 by every citi- zen and resident who had a net in, eon]e for 1019 amounting to: $1,000 or over, if single; or if mar- ried and living apart from wife (or huslmnd) ; or If widowed or divorced. $2,000 or over, if nmrried and living with wife (or hnsband). tirely when precautions were taken to prevent possible auditory or visual communications 'between the experi- menters. Careful sifting of the stories told in proof of telepathy have con- vinced many scientists that those in which stone flaw fatal to the proof is not detected are few in number, if any, "Doubt is thus cast on telepathy be- tween the living. There is no scien- tific warrant at all for telepathy be- twcn She dead and the living. "Of Mrs. Piper it will be sufficient to record that she was an adept at muscle-reading, skillful guessing and aided by hints from the sitters, and fishing "out answers. Her complete failure in the 'Conners' case is well known. Ms. Piper's Seances Poor Impostures "The late William James, the Hat'- yard psychologist, declared that, to his mind. her trance impersonations of the departed Gurney had not 'the slightest inner verisimilitudc.' Dr. Walter ]eaf considered :her supposed "spirit-control' only a name for'Mrs. Piper's second personality. Profes=or MacAlister, an eminent anatomist, said of Mrs. Piper, 'She is not anas- thetic during the so-called trance, and if you ask my private opinion it is that the whole thing is an imposture and a poor one.' Yet Mrs. Piper's senates were Sir Oliver's trmnp cards. Says Sir Oliver Credulous "As regards the 'evidential' value of the so-called communications in 'Ra.vmond,' little need be sakl, as spiritualistic writers themselves apol- ogize for Sir Oliver's credulity there. "Sir Oliver's 'message' has keenly disappointed inquiring minds. The absence 2rein his lectures of any valid evidence in favor of his theory has al- ready reacted against tbe cause he sought to promote. No Scientific Proof Adwmced "Dabbling in spiritism and the oc- cult may very readily lead to brain troubles, nervous breakdown and finally to the padded cell. In the in- terests of social sanity this fact should be given widest prominence just at wholesome entertainment are combin- present if Boston is to escape the wave ed with treatment. While men are of insanity which Dr. Schofield tells being bodily rebuilt they have the .:?- us is engulfing England. l)tms Not Bolster Religion "Meanwhile Sir Oliver is no more successful in his well-intentioned but illadvised efforts to 'bolster up re- ligion.' To one acquainted with the sacred science of theology his endeav- ors in this regard are truly pitiable. "Christianity would not have sur-] vive, d the first century if it ;had had] any weak foundations as spiritism is based upon. Christianity's credentials are of an entirely different kind, and only to those who have wandered have per]unity of learning some useful oc- cupation, or pursuing academic stud- ies. They are taught not only to find ,themselves, but to better tbeir contl)- lion. The environment is as homelik- as it is possible to make it. A great many men who went rote the Army have developed tubercuios:u and other diseases requiring speoial treatment. The Public ttealth Service has separate hospitals and samtc iums for these patients, where tim may get the best treatment known to medical science. A large number of soldiers are not such as have always characterized the British Minister and the Papal Delegate. they lost any of their pristine strength. Back to Christianity "As for religion larger minds see in tile present yearnings of sorrowing thousands to get in touch with their dead only an indication of a great re- turn Chris]ward, a mighty movement of return back to the Christ of the Gospels, the true consoler, whose re- ligion, now as always, is based upon a higher knowledge, the knowledge which is of faith, not of sight." FATHER FLETCHER DECORATED An interesting item of news is the decoration of Roy. Philip Fletcher, Master of the Guild of Ranson, who has been mde a Grand Commander of the Ilustrious Order of the Holy Sepulchre. It was his uncle, Gen. Allenby, who conquered Palestine and took Jerusalem. God's gifts are better than our re- quests.--Italian Proverb. Butman Kodabs I, Devetoldng and Finishing. HEGAR TY DR UG CO. 501 MAIN ST. D, The status of the person on the last ..................... day of the year fixes the status for th(year with respect to the above reqhh'em(nts. Under any of these circumstances a return must be made, even though no tax is due. Husband and wife must eonshler the lncon]e of boll), phm that of de- pendent minor chlhlren, in meeting this requirement; and, if sufficient t5 require a return, all items must be shown in a Joint return or in separate returns of husband and wife. A single person with minor depend- ents must include the income of such dependents. A minor who has a net income of $1,000 or more is not considered a dependent, and must file a separate return. Personal returns should be nmde on Form 10,t0A, unless the net lncon)e exceeded $5.000, in which case Form 1040 shouhl he used. Resldents of Arkansas should file their returns with, and mqke payments yet aware that the Goverument offe,'s of Income Tax to. Jack Walker, Col- them frec treatment. Please tell then. lector of Internal Revenue, Little Rock, Ark. How to Figure Income. The be way to find out whether one must file a return Is to get a Fern1 1040A and follow the instructions printed on It. That form will serve as a reminder of every Itenl of income, and if a return Is due It tells how to prepare and file it. If in doubt on aRy point as to Income or (]eduetlons. a person )lilly se('Ul'e free NO MORE LOANS TO ALLIES Secretary Glass says the U. S. wifl lend no more money to Europe, bu el' course private b'mkers may. NOTICE. Not'ice is hereby given that the reg- ular annual meeting of The Catholic advice and ald from the nearest Inter- Publication Society of the Diocese of nai 7Revenue office. Guesswork. esiimates and olher hit- Little Rock, will be held Monday even- ing, March 1, 1920, at 8 o'clock p. m., at The Guardian office, 309 W. Sec- ond street, Little Rock, Arkansas. This meeting is for the purpose of electing a oBard of Directors and transacting such other business as may come before the meeting Rcv. Gee. H. McDermott, 2-7-4t Secretary. MISSAL for EVERY DAY-MASS in English at THE BOOKERY. i To Be Thrifty, Use Coupons ! qr-mtss methods are barred when a per- son ts making on] him Income Tax re- turn. Acmjracy and completeness must Im h)slsled upon. The return is a sworn sl:a[eluent. AS such It n)ust be (lOl'Ol?.'h find aCellrate. ;/tl]rlell perbons and WRge earners must ascertain the aelual emnpensat:h)a received. Ovdrlhne, bonuses, shares In the prottts of a hushmss, value of quar- lers and bo:]rd fln'nished by the em- ployer and other iie)ns whieh are eom- pensatlons for services must be In- cluded. It must b borne In mind that corn- l)ensation mqy be l)nld In other forms than in cash. A lint]us paid In Liberty Bonds is taxal)le at the market value of the bonds. A note received In pay- ment for services Is taxable income at its ftlce value, and the interest upon tt IB also laxable. Other Returns Due. Every partnership dolag buslnes In the United States mum tile a return on Form 10(35; and ewwy personal service corpor]ttlon ]aUNt tile 1 similar relm'n. Corporallons must file annual re- I urns o)] Vorm 1120. Trns(ees. exccnlors adnlinlstrators and Ol]lers a(,ting lu a fiduciary capac- Ity are required to tJ,e tturns. In some e,).es. Form 1041 Is used; In others. Form 1010; and still oihers, rel,urns on I)olh forms Ilre reqtlired, lnforn]allon retm'ns, on Forms 1099 and 3096. n)ust be filed hy every or- ganization, firm or person who paid, during 1919, an amount of $1,000 In salary, wages, Interest:, rent, or other fixed or deteralnable Income to an- other person, partncrshlp, personal service corporation or fl(lueiary. These Information returns should be for- warded directly to ll)o Comlnlssloner of Internal Rewmue (sorting division), Washington, D. C. | Haley & Hornibrook Ventilatln00 and All Kinds of Roofln00 Phone Mare t785 CENTRAL BANK Capital Stock ........... $100,000 Surplus ............... 10,000 / We are constantly adding new accounts and our business is increasing at a very satisfactory rate. However, we shall be glad to have you with us. It is our inflexible rule not to impart information con- cerning the deposits of others. No w at 113 West Second St. t LITTL00 SU.,.,S..0000.000;00, Now at 113 West Second St. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS , n , ) , , , , i, + i + o o o o+, OUR/tSSETS 0V[00 TWO MILLION DOLLARS We make a specialty of investing same in good first mortgage loans--and therefore supply our customers and estates we represent with good in- vestments--We act as administrators and executors under Will of many estates in Pulaski and other counties in this state--We will be pleased to assist you. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANK Little Rock, Arkansas 00Open an account with COMMERCIArLmor TRUST CO. I1 Fourth and Main + , If Deposited in Savings Acunt will earn 4 % Interesr3, Opt COMMERCIAL TRUST CO. ' A Tombstone el Beauty always expresses to the passer-by the loving care with which it was selected. If you have an idea for such a memorial, we will carry it to the last detail in accordance with your desire. We are at your set'- vice for monumental work of any kind. No Agents--No Commission. Write for Catalog MONAHAN & SON 412-414 West Markham SL LITTLE ROCK, ARK. I I The price,of ice on the wagon is now 60c 10er hundred pounds, regardless of the amount you buy. But by buying a Coupon Book, you can make a considerable saving, as a Coupon Book can be pur- chased at $5.25 for 1,000 pounds, or 521/c the hundred. These Coupons are in denominations of 25 to 100 pounds. REMEMBER, the price of ice when bought for cash is 60c per hundred, and the price is 52/2c per hundred when you use a Coupon Book. INCOME TAX IN NUTSHELL WHO--Single persons who had net Income of $1,000 or more for the year 1919. Married couples who had net Income of $2,000 or more. WHEN---M]trch 15, 1920, [s final date for flllng returns and mak- in first payments. WH ER E..-C(flleetor of Internal l{evc)m++, or District In which t]'m person resides. HOW---I,'ull dh'ectlons on Form 10i0A and I'orm 1040; also the law n]d regulations. WHAT--Four per cent normal lax on taxable la('on] np t<) $4.000 In excess of exeml]thm. Elghl ]ler eClll norl)/a] lax on hahln('e of tllXlll)ie ]lleOllle. )lr- tax, fronl one []e]" eeD| to sixty- ]lye T)cr eenl ()]1 net in('on)es eve]" $5.OOO. SlCK CALL SETS--Home Necessity. The Bookery, 309 W. 2nd, St. City Delivery Co. R. L. WHALEY, Manager Ninth and Bonds Sts. Phone Main 3450