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February 28, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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February 28, 1920

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$ THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1920. JI00c eO ,o A:, %,,2: /" a h 415 ... humble, while February, ushered in by St. Brigid, patroness .of Irish we. manhood; St. Ignatius, who obtained peace for .the people of Antioch by fasting and prayer; St. Blase, whose prayers are sought by those suffer- $2OO CAPITAL ,000 00 in00, 00rom th, disease; St. Jane, founder of the Order of the Annuncia- NRPLUS ' ' 30,600 00 00ion; Saints Agatha and Dorothy, models of Virginal purity, and St. We have increased our capital s*.ock Valentine, a holy priest in Rome-- rom $100,000 to $200,000 and by sell- also brought us Ash Wednesday to re- ing the new issue of stock at 20 per mind us that our bodies must one (lay cent above our par cur surplus has return to (lust. been increased from $10,600 to $30,- Ash Wednesday fell on February .600. This enables us to take still bet- 18th, the clay dedicated to St. Simeon, Cer care of our present depositors as nephew of St. Joseph, and of the well as new ones. Blessed Virgin. E.gland Ba.k Indeed, February is a splendid m.onth to stndy, read, and learn H. T. McKINLEY JEWELER Watches, Jewelry, Musical Goods, Watch and Jewelry Repairing. 706 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. vvoras Home Worth Lamp 1 W100ile Lighted i My Dear Young Friends: 13ffptism of blbod is the shedding ot JanumT, the month ot ,the Holy one s l)lood or the faith of Christ. Childhood, left Us sweet nemories of Is Baptism of desire or of blood Nazareth and the wonderful Child, suffic.ient to produce the effects of Jesus, so gentle, patient, neek and Bapiism of water? Baptism vf desire or of blood is sufficient to produce the effects of tim Baptism of water, if it is impos- sible to receive Baptism of water. What do we promise in llaptism? In Baptism we promise to renounce the devil with all his works and pomps Why is the name of a saint given in Baptism? The name of a saint is given in Baptism in order that the person bap- tized nmy imitate his virtues and have him for a protector. Why are godfatimrs and god- mothers given in Baptism? Godfathers and godmothers are giv- en in Baptism in order that they may promise, in the name of the child, what .the child itself wouht promise if it had the use of reason. The obligation of a go(tfather and a godmother is to instruct the child in iis religious duties, if the parents neglect to do so or (lie. LENTEN REMINDERS. Passion Hymn By the blood that flow'd from Thee In Thy bitter agony, By the scourge so meekly borne, By the purple rohe of scorn. about saints for it is tle month o' the Passion. Do you know about St. Bonaventure who wept over this cru- cifix? St. Francis of Assist whose sight was worn away by much weep- ing? St. Teresa whose heart seemed a flame of fire? St. Mary Magdalene of Pazzi wh.o constantly cried out her love of God? St. Aloysius who loved to look upon his clcifix in deep meditation and who is known as the patron of youth? Do you know that Gethsemane was A. V. ROGOSKI Both Phones 478 GAS FITTING 1Practical Plumbing, Hot Water and a place very dear to Jesus? Often Jesus, Saviour, hear our cry! Steam Heating. when weary of treading the hot, nar- Thou wert suff'rin once as we; Dealer in Pipe, Gas Fixtures, Hose row, crowded streets of Jerusalem, Hear the loving litany, Pumps, Etc. He would turn aside to seek the peace We, Thy children, sing to Thee. and quiet of Gethsemane. It was one of His favorite places for prayer, and By tim homs that crowned Thy head FREE EXAMINATIONS " it is said that again and again the[ By the sceptre of a reed; Examinations given free. It will morning star found Hin where the IBy Thy footstep, faint and slow. cost you nothing to obtain our opin- eveninl star left Itim kneeling be- Weighted 'neath Thy cross of woe. ion of your condition if you cvnsult us neath the olive trees near the Cedron's at our office, running water. By the nails and pointed spear, DR. CLIFTON E. ,IIliN ,,Y During the h.oly season of Lent I By Thy people's cnlel jeer, 501 1-2 Main St. trust thai my dear young friends will By Thy dying prayer which rose, Little Rock. Ark. lstal)lished 1890 'all remember to read 'ood books amt Begging mercy for Why foes. Calls Answered Night or Day pray fervently for-- Office Phone 386 Res. Phone 106 "Jesus is with His children yet, A PRAYER COMPOSED BY ST. His word can never deceive; IGNATIUS Give Us a Trial So go where tits lowly Altars rise, Lord Jesus, teach me to he gener- And worship, and believe," ()us; teach me to serve Thee as Thou ENTERPRISE HAT CO. Phone, Main 8565 We manufacture soft and stiff hats Soft or Stiff Straw or Panama tints Cleaned, Blocked and Re(rimmed. No acids used on Panamas. THURSTON & WASEM Proprietot. No Acids Used on Panamas. I;[OR00I00 P. I00LKINS BARBER SHOP [p and say a prayer for deservest; t9 give, and not to count CONCHESSA. the cost; to fi'ht, and not to heed the wounds; to toil, and no to ask for rest; to labor, and not to seek for BAPTISM. :my reward, save to know that l do What is Baptism? Thy will, O my G.od. Amen. Baptism is a Sacramept which cleanses us from original sin, makes PRAYER FOR THE DYING us Christians, chihlren of God and O Most merciful Jesus, fond lover heirs 'of he, wen. of souls, we entreat Thee, by the Are Actual sins ever remitted by agony of Thy Sacred Heart, and the Baptism? sorrows of Thy Immaculate Mother, Actual sins and all the panishment cleanse in Thy precious blood, all due to them are remitted by Baptism, those who are in their aony, and if the person baptized be guilty of who are to die this day. Amen. Sharpens Safe|y Razor Blades of All Kinds The Most Up-to-Date Sop in the City 106 WEST CAPITOL AVE. any. Is Baptism necessary to salvatime? Baptism is necessary to salvalion, because without it we can not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Who can adnfinister Baptism? The priest is the ordinary minister of baptism; but in case of necessity any one wh.o has the use of reason t may baptize. Illlllllllllllllillllllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllt How is Baptism. given? Any Alumnae Association wishing Whoever baptizes shotfld pour we- to purchase rosary beads )r any other tel" on the head of the person to be religious articles to be sent to the sol- baptized, and say, while pouring the dier can obtain them at reasonable water: I Imptize thee in the nanie rates at The Bookery, 307 W. 2rid St. of the Father, 'and of the Son, and of ,,W'a have nice selections and orders the Holy Ghost. I1 be promptly filled. How many kinds of Baptism are there ? There are three kinds of Baptism: Baptism of water, of desire, aqd ot blood. What is Baptism of water? Baptism of water is that which is given by pouring water on the head of the person to be baptized, and say- ing" at the same time: I baptize thee, in the name of the Father and of the Son. and of the Holy Ghost, What is Baptism of desire? Baptism of desire is an ardent wish to receive Baptism and to do all that God has ordained for our salvation. What is Baptism of blood? ARE YOU IRISH? If so, be proud of it. Your name is the oldest, most princely in Eu- rope. Full pedigree stem, wenea- oloy, coat of arm, and meaning in O'ttart's Irish Pedigrees. 2 vols., over 2,000 pages, 1,000 coat nf arms in colors. 3-4 leather, $15.00. Cabinet of Irish literature, 4 vols., $12:00. Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland, $6.00. D'Alten's Itistory of Ireland. 6 vol.. $25.00. History of the World War, by Dr. March, 800 pages. 200 illustra- tions, Kraft Leather binding, $4.00. ALL POSTPAID. Every h'ish Book Published. CHAS. A. 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HOLDING UP WORLD AFFAIRS WILSON SHOULD GET A GRIP ON HIMSI,L1, AND A,CT 1,11(E A SENSIIII, E STATESMAN, ELSE VERY GRAVE PROBLEMS FOL- LOW. 1 )ettishness Unreas0nalfle Serions Questions Raised to the Wis- dom of His Insistence Upon Man- aging the Affairs of Nations and World in His Present Condition. (Special to The Guardian) Events reported from Washington (luring the past few weeks, have fal- len under the severe scrutiny and criticism of the leading editors of the country. Both democratic and re- Imblican papers have passed on Presi- (tent Wilson's illness with all due consideration, manifesting proper solicitude for the early convalescence of the nation's head, but in all sin- cerity, seeking a solution of the un- paralleled political and industrial ues- tions, so avowedly handicapped by the disability of the executive. Bolder and bolder have these writers penned their comments on the present aspect of world and national affairs and some have not withheld from asking very plain questions. For instance, the independent "Worcester Tele- gram," (Mass.) crone out last Friday with the editorial headline, "How Much Longer?" and drives l{ome its question with these very pertinent words: "For five months the business of this nation has been held up because President of the United States was too sick to attead to it, and would not allow anybody else to do it. That is the plain truth of the matter and we might as well admit it. Big Questions Coming "Big questions have been coming up, all the time, questions that would not wait. Because the members of the cabinet, in desperation "it being shut out from the President; all this time, not even being alh)wed to get word to or from him. did the best they could to "do their duty by the country and the Ihsident knew they were doing it--he has just dismissed the secretary of tate. Wilson's Threats "Big questions of foreign policy have 'been comin up, but for five months the nations outside have wait- ed uselessly for one word from the President. Fihally the allies acted on the Flume row, to save themselves from having a fresh war on their hands. And the first word they have yet had from the President is a threat to upset the whole arrangement be- cause they did not wait until it suit- ed Mr. Wilson's pleasure to talk to them. "So far as one can judge, it is the * CALENDARS : ........ ,; ....... :. YEAR RECORD of FEASTS and FASTS Cattiblic Home Requisite Artistic Wall Decorations BOOKERY OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE 309 W. SECOND ST. 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The wonders accomplished in your own case will be roof. liuinmunmimmml CUT AND MAIL TOnAY mmimuimmuummummm J. C. HUTZELL, Druggist, No. 3258 West Main St., Fort Wayne ind. Please send without cost or obligation to me your Free Proof Treatment. Name ........................................................................................................ Age ........................ @ Post Oce .................................................................................... state .................................... Street and No .................................................................................................................. PAGE SEVEN President's position ttmt the whole after his stroke of paralysiS, raises a business of the world should have serious question as to the wisdom of been heht up, absolutely, until it suit- his insisnce upon managing the af- ed his pl'ms to come out of his sick fairs of the nation, new. Either he room. The fact th-tt such absolute de.. must somehow get a grip on himself lay would have been dangerous both to this country and to Europe makes not a whit of difference to him. His display of pettishness over what he consideres the 'slight' to him is as astonishing- as it is unreasonable. Unreasonable Resentment "The American people have a right to expect something better than this display of a sick man's temper from Mr. Wilson, if he is well enough to conduct the affairs of this nation. His unreasonable resentment because the world has tried to get along, somehow, during his utter isolation and act like a sane,'* rational, sensi- ble statesman, or else a mighty grave and serious problem will be presented to the other membe, of the govern- ment at Wasbington.". What God does He does well; it is His Providence that directs us, when it calls us to perform a part.on the stage of the world.Chaaubriand. . God's grace is sufficmnt for us. Why, then, should we fear? 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RIGHT IN THE STRAWBERRY ZONE OF ARKANSAS . Live Stock EVERY ACRE ADAPTED FOR GRAZING, W I D E RANGE of PASTURE VALUE TIMBER--MANY FARMS WITH UNCLEARED ACRES. Location CENTRAL ABOVE FLOODS ABOVE MALARIA ABOVE SEA LEVEL 500 FEET Right in. Center of White Cdunty9 miles from City of Searcy--our County Seatwith Station on Me. & No. Ark. R. R, Connecting with Main Line of Me. Pacific R. R., at Kensett11 mile run--60 miles from Capitol City, Little Rock. 300 miles frmn St. Louis, Me. Good Shipping Facili- ties on direct railroad from Joplin, Me., ta Helena, Ark. Present movements assure good roads in every direction. " WHY WE -- R m ADVERTISE Ten years ago the Diocese of Little Rock purchased the Famous Armstrong Spring--with its commodious Hotel and" farm of 160 acres. Built Hospice and Equipped a fine Church. Section has been thoroughly non-Catholic until a few year ago. A few Catholic families acquired homes--Past year several more became our neighborsmnow we have promise of four more families. WE WANT A PARISH. WE HAVE THE CHURCH AND PRIEST WE ONLY NEED THE CHILDREN TO HAVE SISTERS AND SCHOOLS YOU ARENOT DEALING WITH "LAND ,HARKS--BUT WITH RESPONSIBLE PER, SONS. INTERESTED IN BUILDING UP A PARISH w For Further Information---Visit or Write E. W. KETTLER, Armstrong Springs, Ark. Or Rev. Gee. H. McDermott, _ Guardian Office, Little Rock, Ark.