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February 27, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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February 27, 1942

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• , THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 27, 1942 , , PAGE FIVE 7 All- ofth00 Forum Draws Lively Interest Convention Of a,-o oa00or *o 00oa,n NCCW T0 00o,,o ro00ig00o00, Next Meeting of Catholic Forum non-Catholics are anxious to know something about the teachings of Benefit Crisis the Catholic Church. This state- At Good Counsel, March 5th ment was amply verified at the Next meeting of the Catholic Forum at Good Counsel Hall two sessions of The Catholic For- um, or Confraternity of Christian Thursday, March 5th, at 8:00 p.m. Washington. 00.Because Curb- Doctrine Discussion Club, held at (Sponsored by the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) olic women's orgalizgtions must Good Counsel Hall. A call to arms, especially our young men and women. "Too little ave a charted course in the war A lively discussion marked these ' meetings from the very beginning, and too late," is an expression we hear so frequently today. It is not arid post-war period, 'the biennial Question followed question. Why too late to learn more about your Catholic belief; it is not too late for Convention of the National Court- is the Catholic Church opposed' to non-Catholics to inquire about the meaning of Catholic Doctrines--- 6il of Catholic Women will be held divorce? Can a Catholic obtain a but we must begin now. You are cordially invited to attend the Cath- this spring instead of the fall, Mrs. divorce? What is the difference between separation and divorce? olic Forum. The Catechism will be explained from its very beginning. 5. W. McCollum, President of the I know divorced persons that con- How much time has passed since you studied this little book? What N. C. C. W. stresses in the cur- tracted marriage a second time does it mean when we say that God created the world in six days? rent Monthly Message of the Na- before a Catholic priest--how is When did He make man? What about the theory of evolution? etc. tional Council. this possible? What is meant by annulling a marriage? Is birth Hear the answers to these and many other questions. The twenty-first national con- control permissible under certain THURSDAY, MARCH 5th, at 8:00 P.M. vention will be held April 18-22 conditions? These are only a few GOOD COUNSEL HALL at Hollywood, Fla. of the problems presented con- "A national convention is need- cerning the subject of marriage. I ed so that through the joint win- Much information was gathered, self of this opportunity. Meetings of the Catechism from its very dora, experience, and planning of misunderstandings rectified', and are held every first and third I first question will follow, begin- you women leaders," Mrs. Me- many points of doubt were clear- Thursday of the month at Good lning at the next session, on Collum says, "we may chart the that Catholic %yomen's course our ed up. Enthusiasm was registered Counsel School. A cordial invita-IThursday, March 5th, eight o'clock y everyone present. Avail your- tion is extended to you. A review in the evening, organizations can follow in the le' a p'ieture that is unumal, and maF be a record! ]ltKkt aetivl altar  all bretk4a-s and all war and in post-war reconstruc Catholic Fraternity Boasts tion, for the best interests of of the aame parish. They serve at St. Blfaee Chinch, Huting% Nebr., of whlok the Revo. ' Ehtg, mma, O. fL If, t8 puter. The boyl..cone of MrJ lind Mrs. Charl P. lg'ltmg, are' lft  Jesuit Wins church and country. Months and el front row: James, Gerry, Jgkn and Raymond. Rear row: lter,_Carle: J_r.L.lgr ,ld " days and minutes are also the ,,:.. ..... _- ........... - 'W,n,.' N=nt"'g'es- Scholastic ^'verage ,oo, of war: they must not lie ' idle. What we can do in April ......  ..... Parachutist for a more united activity of our London. (R:).A young Jesu- affiliated organizations in the war Chaplain School needed. Students will be newly- Disarmament it, the Rev. Bernard Egan, is atholic Commandant commissioned chaplains, who will Fayetteville.Phi Kappa Theta, social fraternity for confusionand for a whichclearingarisesaWaYwith°f thethe shington. be gi'den a month of training be- ibl Wh ,,e first British army chaplain Catholic students at the University of Arkansas, made the high- setting up of various defense _S;.LwI 0.--Chaplain will- fore being assigned to troop units. Imposs e ere to qualify for his '"wings" as Chaplain Cleary formerly was a parachutist, eat scholastic average for fraternities during the fall semester, agencies, should not be put off it was announced by Fred L. Kerr, University registrar, last for six months or eight months." e I). Cleary, a priest of the of Brooklyn, has been stationed with the Headquarters' Might Rules Some He volunteered to do the regulation "jumps" so that he Friday. The fraternity grade point was 2.87, the initiates hay- ! -  .ornrnaadant of the Chap- Armored Force, Fort Knox, Ky. "No Filipin ;;chcll°°l, the reactivation Of Baltimore. (E).- disarms- could accompany his men into 100 os it nan been authorized by the Ex-Student Slain at Mnila. ment, no limitation of armaments, action. He was under no obli- ing made a 2.49; the pledges, a 3.44. :Blcep.artment. The Chaplain Los Angeles. (O.The first for- is possible in a world where there cation to undergo the ordeal of Behind this outstanding scholastic achievementthat of '! .Will be situated at Fort mer student of Loyola University It is recalled by the Universe University--is a story; a story which dates back to last spring In Capital !|=mn Harrison, Ind. It will here to die in action was Major are nations or governments which being dropped from the air. standing first in the list of the nitre social fraternities at the At 'Peace Mass' believe that might alone makes here that during the Battle of 2 a faculty of six chaplains David William Maynard, who was when Phi Kappa Theta had just been organized by a group of 11/ such Other officers from the killed during defense of Manila, right and which are at the same Crete five German priests made .... .rvices as may be it has been learned, time powerful enough to make descents with the men and that interested students, and the Washington. (E).  Government their immoral belief possible of two of the priests were killed. [ realization, Dr. Herbert Wright, Catholic Protest meetings of the fraternity were and military officials were pre- " sent Sunday at the "peace Mass' : i ) ' ' * (..,/ tr_C. r   America,°f the Catholic University Ofwashington, D. C., said Cite Australia being held in the Vniverslty of the Catholic Filipino Associa-The sermon was given by the , inn radio address here. Wounded Jesuit stuot Union. A compilation of, tion in the Gonzaga School chapel.  W Speaking on "The Popes and Birth Condition the grade point of the newly-Rev. W. Coleman, S. J., of George- Urse-A Sum of $5,000.00, hich, Invest- Struck at Manila, group at that time, re- town University, who pleaded for Radio Program over Station Brisbane, Australia. (E3.  If vealed the dismaying result of genuine optimism instead of the .ed S R 1.67, which was then the low for overconfidence and "delusive op- , Will Help Defray The Cost of Train- west. D Wright reviewed the ays eport tho average birth rate for the per- fraternity groups. statements of recent Popes on dis- timism" that lead to disaster. lrlg A_ Young Man For The Priesthood armament and referred to the New York. (E).The Rev. Thos. iod 1911-1921 had been maintain- How the Phi Kappa Whets was Asserting that the pessimist and • "role which has been played by A. Shanahan, American Jesuit ed, there would have been 360,- able to jump from the bottom posi- the overconfident do nothing to 'el0w Are Listed The BurDen, So Far Receiv- the Popes in the peaceful settle- missionary in the Philippines, has 00"0 children more in Australia at tion scholastically to the top posi- mprove situations with which   ment of international disputes, e.d, at St John's Home Missions Seminary, hch is the alternative to ha- been taken by boat to Darwin, the time of the last census, fig-  tionfraternity,siS explained'Grandin KnightPart bYwhothe urgedthey theare genuinefaCed' optimismFather NevilSof the urea just released show. says: • tions at war." Australia, because of wounds re- "If i is assumed that 20,000 "This year the fraternity is liv- Catholic faith. uoth Complete and Incomplete. Citing the Encyclical on Peace eeived in the Battle of Manila, ac- "The genuine optimism has a ' COMPLETE BURSES of Pope Plus XI, Dr. Wright said cording to advice received here men constitute a division, then ing together as a group. It has a the fact that "disarmament in it- between 1922 and 1933 Australia house of its own. The members sturdy confidence that right must Urse in Honor of Bishop By self is only one side of the pic- by Sister St. Thomas of Villa with the fine spirit so far ex- triumph," he said. "His life is a rne ............................. $5,000.00 r ture is only too evident." "This Maria Academy, Bronx, N. Y., his lost nine divisions of men to de- hibited make for an atmosphere continuous performance of the • and Mrs Joseph Enderlin __: fact," he added, "is brought out sister. The cable from Darwin did fend our shores," a deputation of conducive to study. Last spring virtue of hope. To him optimism etlr, e (Conway)' .................................................................. 5,000.00 by the same Pope in his aUocu- give any details. Catholic chemists of New South bersthis WaSwerenOtlivingtrUe,in aSisolatedthe mem-spots best,' living the /;JOachim F. Galloni Burse tion of Christmas Eve, 1930, less The Rev. Thomas B. Cannon, Wales declared in protesting about the campus." "Without question the genuine than a year after the London Na- t'akeVillae ........ 5,000.00 val Conference, when he said: S.J., Director of the Jesuit Philip- against the distribution of contra- The fraternity was enabled to Catholic is an invincible optimist, Orlal urse No. 1 ................ : ...................................... 5,000.00 "'It is totally impossible for pine Bureau here, has cabled for ceptive devices and propaganda maintain and establish its house for he knows that God always gov- .orial Surse No. 2 ........................................................... 5,000.00 people to possess and enjoy that more details on Father Shanahan's in the State. The deputation was this year because of the financial erns the world with a loving in- tranquility in order and freedom, condition, and for further infor- sponsored by the Catholic Chem- assistance given to it by various ther's hand, that absolutely noth- Catholic Lay Organizations in the ing happens without God's per- .aghts of Columbus Burse ........................................ 5,000.00 which is the essence of peace, so marion on the fate of the 77 Amer- ists' Guild. state, particularly the Knights of mission." aSignor James P. Moran Burse ........................ 5,000.00 long as they are beset at home and "If abroad by threats and dangers ican Jesuits in Manila. The last we persist in treading the Columbus, Catholic Daughters of Attending the Mass were U. S. i re in Honor of Bishop Morris .............................. 5,000.00 which are not balanced by suffi- word received from the Jesuits" same road as France, how can we AmeriCa,others. and N. C. C. W., and achusettsSenat°r DaVidand I.MajorWalShAlessandroOf Mass- " rnui Burse (In Honor of St. John cient measures and provisions for there was December 29, when the escape her fate?" the statement Dean G. P. Stocker of the Unl- Melchior, of Fort Belvoir. ,t e Baptist) .......................................................................... 5,000.00 defense. And certainly threats and Very Rev. John F. Hurley, S. J., said, adding: "We have seen the versity Engineering College is the dangers are inseparable from anti- collapse of a world' power becau§e faculty adviser and sponsor of the l,.arys Parish Burse, Hot Springs. ............. 5,000.00 social and anti-religious props-their Superior, cabled that all gauds; yet not with material de- were weU. in her people "the spirit of pleas- fraternity. The Rev. Charles Me- Pope Receives 'eia Honor of St. Anthony of Padua ............ 5,000.00 tenses alone can they be scat- Father Shanahan is a professor ure prevailed over the spirit of KappaCauley Theta.iS the chaplain of Phi Lenten Preachers vaSignor Thomas V. Tobin Burse ....................... 5,000.00 tered and conquered'.'" at the Ateneo de Manila. It is sacrifice.'" On Evel of Lent known that the members of the Citing figures to show that the U, S. Nuns O{ Jesuit faculty at the University Vatican City. 00.His Holiness 'tldSReceived from a Special Estate (To Date) $20,329.12 Australian Church, were active in heling air-raid birthrate in Australia had fallen Built by Convicts, victims, from per thou*,,00d South China Pope Plus xn, receiving the par- to 7.83 per thousand in 1938, the ish priests and Lenten preachers '|-'| Several messages have been re- INCOMPLETE BURSES Century Old ceived here from the American statement claimed that "the cause Reported Safe in the churches of Rome, urged & :Jesuits in Mindanao. The latest of this decline is to be found in a Maryknoll, N. Y. {lO.The Most the preachers to fulfill their of- ra. Brisbane, Australai. 00. -- The was from the Rev. Joseph Lucas, changed attitude to parenthood," Rev. Adolph J. Paschang, M. M., rice during the penitenial season bona ly Persons Requesting That erection by convicts at Clinton S. J., who is in charge of the resulting from "the elimination Vicar Apostolic of Kongmoon, and with the most generous zeal and aes Be Withheld ............... $| 0,6|9.45 IPrison, Dannemora, N. Y., of a leper colony at Malaybalay, who of ethical training from the eduo the Rev. Robert J. Cairns, Mary- wished them the most abundant church dedicated to St. Dlsmas reports that all the missionaries cation of children," and the rood- knoll missioner on Sancian Island, fruit of their labors. Alumni Burse . the Good Thief, recalls that Aus- in Mlndanao are safe and con- ern campaign for birth-preven- with five other Maryknoll miD- The Holy Father spoke "amidst (In Honor of the Blessed Trinity) tralia can boast a convict-built tinuing their apostolic work. tion. sionaries from the Kongrnoon Vi- anxiety and the preoccuption of Previously reported : .............. 842.29 church which ante-dates the The Guild insisted "that the cariate, are safe on the Portu. the present hour" and reviewed Additions ...................... 75.00 American chapel by nearly acen- Nun Helps Plan Better morals of youth be protected by guese island of Macao, according the subject suggested by His Eml- fury. The Church was built on a more rigid application of the to a report reaching Maryknoll hence Francesco Marchetti-Sal= Norfolk Island, early convict set War Diet for CRy censorship over papers, plays and headquarters here through the vaggiani, Vicar General of His Total $ 917.29 tlement. New Orleans, La. (I0.  Sister books," and that "the advertising Most Rev. Frederick A. Donaghy, Holiness for the city and district Mention of it is made in a re- Euphemia, Daughter of Charity of and display of contraceptives be Vicar Apostolic of Wuchow, South of Rome, for discussion by the Catholic Daughters of America Burro port by Bishop Polding, Australia's St. Vincent de Paul, who is head forbidden, and their sale rigorous- China. ;preachers this Lent. The topic, Previously reported ............... 1,048.0 first Bishop, in 1842, which cites of the dietary department of ly controlled." The same report renews assur- which His Holiness discussed, is Additions ............... 100.00 the terrible condition of the con- Charity Hospital, a state institu- ance of the well-being of 51 Mary- the second part of the Apostles' ........ victs on the occasion of Bishop tlon, and her staff of dieticians knoll missioners interned in Hang Creed, or the last six articles. Ullathorne's visit five years pre-are cooperating with the nutrition Catholic Named Kong. These articles deal with the Total $ !.!48.30 viously. Stating that "an improve- division of the New Orleans To Directors Last Judgment, the Holy Spirit, aurae in Honor of Bishop FRzgerald ment has taken place in the is- branch of the Office of Civilia 2 Manufacture Discontinue the Catholic Church and the Corn- Previously reported ................ $ 2,672.3 land which is little less than mir- Defense in planning a better war Board of BBC Making Felt Scapulars munion of Saints, forgiveness of aculous," Bishop Polding said: diet for the city. Sister Euphemla sees a blessing i London. Or.). A Catholic, Sir New YOrk. (IO.The two largest sins, .the resurrection of the body, Additions ....................... | 4:.50 "A large church has been built in the impending inability to get Cecil Graves, is one of the two °f the very few" manufacturers of and eternal life. by the convicts under the invoca- what one likes in the way of food. new Directors General of the Brit- Scapulars in the United States ':' Total $ 2,815.8 tion of St. Vincent de Paul." The whole country, she added ish Broadcasting Corporation. have agreed to cooperate whole-Mexicans Question urse in Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jestm has been ctirsed for years by a The grandson of the late at. heartedly with the Carmelite Fa- Previously reported $ 2,348.94 St. Columbans Priests, determination to eat only purified Rev. Charles Graves, Anglican €hers in their to abolish Validity Of ............... and refined staple foods, and re- Bishop of Limerick, Sir Cecil is a the use of the invalid felt Scapu- Teachers' Degrees Additions: Nuns Safe in Mindanao fining not only robs these foods convert. His mother was sister of larD, it has been announced by S. Hartz | 00.00 St. Columbans, Neb. {. -- A of vttamln B but adds to the ex- Viscount Orey, Foreign Secretary the Very Rev. Gabriel N. Paus- Mexico City. {D.--Minister of ...................... radiogram received here from the pense. . in the earller part of the first back, American Assistant General Education Vejar Vazquez has or- M. P. Welch .................. ! 00.00 Rev. William G. Hennessey, Su- world war. The new Director Gen- of the Carmelites. dered an investigation of degrees A Thankful Client .............. i 5.00 perior of St. Columban's mission- The question of invalid felt held by teachers in the official A Friend 20.00 aries in Western Misamis, Min- WORDS eral, who is 49, went to France ..................... with the British Expeditionary Scapulars came to the front as a schools, particularly the secondary result of the activity of the Scapu- schools. It has been charged that John. Gerlach I O0.O0 danae, Philippine Islands, reports Force in August, 1914, and was lar Militia, which is engaged in i some teachers got their degrees .................. that all the priests and Sisters in (Continuec from page 4) Mrs. F. Ardemagni and Family ..... 100.00 his territory are well. Fourteen the way to every joy our heart a prisoner before the end of the the spiritual defense work of sup- without studying for them. One Mrs. T. E. Stack ................ 5.00 priests of st. Columban's Society desires, month, plying gratis a Scapular and teacher, it is said, enrolled as a on the General Staff as Intelligent Medal for every Catholic service student in March and received Paul Nottenkamper ............. 25.00 work among the 200,000 souls of In the solitude of the tbernacle After the war he spent six years the Province, and four Sisters of the human Heart of Jesus lives a Office. He joined the B. B. C. ln man. his degree in May. ....... St. Columban recently opened a: life devoid of every earthly corn- "These cheaper Scapulars are The official inquiry, it is also Total $ 2,8| 3.94 girls high school in Misamis. fort, yet a life of perfect content- 1926, , expressly forbidden by the de- asserted, is tending to substantl- ,, ment. In that little solitary cell, crees of the Sacred Congregation," ate charge made by parents, and No communication with the within the narrow confines of the 2,643,000 Catholics Father Pausback declared, by the National Union of Parent, St. Edward's Parish Burae, Texarkana north," said the message, refer- ciboriura, abandoned, forgotten, In Province of Haiti that certain teachers in the official Previously reported ............... $ 2,675.40 ring to 17 St. Columban priests despises, ill-treated, Jesus enjoys Port-au-Prince. 0.--Le Bulletin Lval U. Wins Deba Award. schools were there for purpomm Additions: and nine Sisters stationed on Lu- a happiness beyond all telling, de la Quinzaine, official publics- Quebec. {t0.Laval University other than teaching. Mrs. J. C. H .................... | 00.00 zon Island, in the Archdiocese of And the reason? It is because tion of the Archdiocese of Port- this year won the Villeneuve cup, Mrs. J. C. H. ................... 100.00 Manilagayen. and the Diocese of Lin- the human Heart of Jesus, free au-Prince, has published statistics an award presented each year by PARABLE Mrs. P. J. Ahem 25.00 Father Hennessey, a native of from all attachment to the petty for the Province of Haiti showing His Eminence Rodrigue Cardinal ............... things that this world cherishes, ;there are 2,643,000 Catholics dt-Villeneuve, Archbishop of Que- (Continued from page 4) Catholic Action Club ............ | 0.00 Providence, R. I., went to the finds its joy and happiness in the vided among 115 parishes. In ad- bec, for competition by pected from those servants with Mrs. Mildred B. McCrary ......... ] 00.00 Philippines in 1939, on complet- love and possession of God, His dition to 162 members of the dio- representing Laval, Montreal and the talents. The one who received ing post-graduate studies in Rome. Heavenly Father. cesan clergy, four Religious Con- Ottawa Universities. Last year the five, and gained five more, was Now, my heart is of the same gregations minister to the people. University of Ottawa held the commended. But he who had done Total $ 3,010.40 Mass for Crew Members nature as that of my Jesias. Like The Congregation of the Holy cup. nothing with his talent but bury it, Of Torpedoed Freighter unto His Heart, my heart was Ghost and the Holy Heart of Mary our Lord called that unproductive 0000diti Charleston, Mass. 00.A Sol- never made for the empty pleas- has 33 priests and Brothers in Nmed Club Challaim servant "wicked, slothful." And onal Sums Have Been Received For,emn Requiem Mass was offered urea of the senses, but for God Haiti, the Company of Mary 25, San Francisco. 00.The Mst that, we are if with the talent we 8ish in St. Mary's Church Tuesday for alone, the end and object of my the Congregation of the Most Holy lRev. John J. Mitty, Archbishop of are blessed with, our religion, we e op Fitzgerald Burse and for the St. o dd wn t freight- being. Redeemer five and the Salesians San Francisco, has announced the don't strive to double it, try to re- 00a0000a.rd's ParistVi Burse and Will Be Tabu-0000...c00ty nUa00t.." for- There are 112 Christian appointment of the Rev. Richard deem .someone besides ourselves, "Lt lrl " . . pedoed and sunk off the Atlantic to find true happiness. A heart Brothers in Haiti, 165 Sisters of Hammond, Administrator of Saint make an effort to help anyone ttelD this Column Soon. We Sohc00t Your J.00u.ry  zhe ,,, ,d to po,e, th infinite God St. Joseph of Cluny, 190 Daugh- Ambrose's Church in Berkeley, as who is spiritually down and out, arranged by office and pier work- can never be filled with petty tern of Wisdom, ,t2 Daughters of the new chaplain of the Serra Club to an up-and-coming newns in ' era of the comuany's docks, creatures. Mary and six Salesian Sisters. of Oakland. Christ.