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February 26, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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February 26, 1982

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ew Chur Chure rt was i presen :he Supr ris, Ce WAS an old adage, Deput?.an eye, a tooth for a rand 1 same adage is now ;hi an(n much of the n the 'coming from the 8, Memlse and the Pen- ere elt now, it sounds ion. a million lives for a Patriots. t Ladlevel, Jesus rejected reasureach" lancial ;st horror brewing is llam, : to re-establish the Doroth)[ Arsenal's potential ads onag the binary nerve kills instantly. That, t  to the counterforce "$: Sunday ;s 7 00 a mX / : Sunday W,  - ks$ 8 O0 a rs: SundSt -[" Iy the Imdb/. unday Mma d the intece Sunday k .nt y oj. to walk out our door heel'l: .Csnfldence So, Lf our er- t2 noon ,,S You to owe addtional .... ],. all You'll pay We'll pay 0 yaay .  Stand behil our wOrk. Jndly M snd behind you 41y: Sund in Oh U f.! TAX PEOPLE ;=t Eve 0ns. One smart decision. THE GUARDIAN, FEBRUARY 26, 1982 PAGE 7 A Million For a Million By Father David Flusche, O.S.B. New Subiaco Abbey nuclear warheads, is subtly built on that adage, no matter how it is disguised or not recognized. MANY OF us remember how the world recoiled in horror when it learned of the Nazi gas chambers. We said that Christians, at least, should have spoken up; Christians should have refused to co-operate; Christians should have done something. Some few did, of course, but for the most part, those who knew about it filed it in the "That's none of my business" area of the brain until it was too late. Still, comparatively few knew the extent of the gas chambers. However, now in our headlines we know that our government leaders are proposing means whereby whole areas could become gas chambers without walls. We remember that the Nazi leaders who undertook to establish and use these gas chambers were regarded as i I Dolores Curran Talks With Parents Lent and Family Life." Stage One should be a disillusionment period followed by a realistic look at the relationship during which couples fall in love again, this time with the real person. She presents a good case for mandatory pre-marital preparation without intending to do so. The four- or six- month period required, plus the frank appraisal of one another's attitudes through various tests, gives young people an opportunity to fall out of love with the roman- ticized person or with love itself and meet the real person. It's at this point in our lifetimes that we can discover how our future mate feels about God, faith and family. 1 HAVE found that the spirituality of a potential mate is the least discussed before marriage and the greatest disappointment after marriage. Priests tell me they meet young couples so in love with themselves, love and each other that they cannot think of God and church. But a few years later, when the newness of the marriage wears off or when a baby is born, they come back won- dering why they are poles apart in faith. Eventually, such marriages mature (if they remain in- tact). And many of these young couples become older couples who never take the time or initiative to look together at their faith hopes and life. This is where Lent comes in. Whether a marriage is one or 20 years old, Lent gives us a reason to examine our original spiritual hopes, expressed or unex- pressed. During this week, let couples pull aside for an hour or so and talk about their image of God, Church and family faith before they were married, really listening to utterly inhuman when the truth finally came to full light. They had herded people together, stripped them and forced them into gas cham- bers. The nerve gas is sim- pler. No need to herd people together, strip them, force them into chambers - so maybe it sounds more humane. All that is necessary is to fire some gas shells or pellets into their midst, wherever they are. And somehow, that keeps our hands clean ! SURE, RUSSIA exists -- and all its arsenal and, most probably, a great .supply of poison gas. So there is the temptation to fall back on the discredited adage of an eye for an eye, etc. Somehow, multiplying that by hundreds or thousands or millions causes the original adage to get lost. Then we think we are speaking great things when we speak of counterforce use of weapons or gas or whatever else the spirit of rendering evil for evil can devise. red by USCC Office for Film and Broadcasting. MISSING (Univer- sal) ...Greek-born director Costa-Gavras' first American movie is a taut and powerful drama based upon an actual event, an American father's search for his son, a 31-year: old writer and film-maker living with his wife in a Latin American country, who disappeared in the midst of the brutal repression that followed a right-wing coup. Jack Lemmon and Sissy Spacek are outstanding as the father and his daughter-in- law and John Shea is excellent If you believe that the historical truth is otherwise, you are not going to like it. As intelligent as it is passionate, "Missing" represents a departure of some note from Hollywood's practice of debilitating compromise when dealing with thorny issues. Highly recommended. There is some occasional profanity and because of its atmosphere of menace and its graphic depiction of the af- termath of bloodshed, "Missing" is strong fare, but not beyond the grasp of " ! MISS Lent," a woman of fifty said to me. "It's so dif- ferent with most of the children gone. We just don't seem to be able to make it work for us anymore." Lent does change as the family changes. It's always been a time of spiritual op- portunity in the family, a chance to renew ourselves spiritually, to look at our- selves and our collective faith in light of the humdrum of our daily existence.. And, as the family grows and develops, so must our Lent. I like the way this woman phrased it. We need to make Lent work for us. We don't serve Lent, it serves us. Or should. But it can't if we behave as if the family stays static and the same rituals and practices should be as rich and meaningful as they were when we were younger and more immature in the family and in the faith. IN THIS Lenten series, I plan to examine the seven stages of family life and talk about predictable stresses and promises of each, presenting some suggestions for spiritual development in each stage. These stages are: 1. Courtship; 2. Beginning a family; 3. When the last child enters school; 4. When children reach adolescence; 5. Disengagement; 6. Empty nest; 7. When children have children. In this column, I'll talk of "Courtship." Although we may think our courtship stage was long enough ago to forget, it was and remains a vital stage that lays the foundation for all subsequent stages in family life. Family therapist Sonya Rhodes in her book, "Surviving Family Life," submits that the courtship or romantic stage lasts from six to 12 months and those who marry before it ends have the greatest chance of divorcing later on. She holds that there one another. It may well be the first time they have ever done so. Let them begin with the question: What were my family faith hopes and ex- pectations before we were married? And when they have shared that, let them follow with: Were they realistic? Have they been realized? If so, how? If not, why not? c 1982 rwzttr.,l Diredor, 4 .istte. JERRY YOUNG DIRECTOR EL DORADO. ARK 71730 An Award Winner And A Good Agent To Know. Like many businesses, the life insuranCe induitry acknowledg outstanding prformance with awards and honors. And New York Life Agt regularly gain more than their folr shore. This itn't o matter of luck. 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"The Oldest Bank in Mississippi County" THE BEST IN BANKING SERVICE BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. INDUSTRIAL aCONUVIERCIAL "INSTITUTIONAL 442-8374 Foyetteville. Arkansas 442-2751 I CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Highway 61 North BRENNAN-BOYD Isenman Distributing Company Little Rock, Arkansas coup that toppled Marxist Eve MaSlj,...._ President Salvador Allende. 3tO Sat ,1 ., of 'reater Littlee Rock Guide ( and directed by Ray Sharkey, Haggard and written by 15: lul: so P0RI) D'RUG STORE  seems to be little more than Robert Carrington. Because an occasion to present some of its violence and some fairly '! Sat Ed h .. / ' L exall | prolonged and extravagant restrained sexual activity, it a, Eve N I'|'wrht'T f. Mottox / sexual activity which has has been classified A-III, i PHARMACISTS I earned it an O, morally of- adults, by the U. S. Catholic ,: Sa, E'al PhOne374.4926 I fensive, classification from Conference. 45 p m 91S 1 NINTH STREII J ,: LYON ?s., ,.,t I00EDIC DRUG CO. I ,,, ,,i Pkirlicy, Inc. 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