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February 24, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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February 24, 1923

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"/! ,iL PAGE EIGHT ANNUAL REPORT J illness, noting onset, course, duration ST. VINCENT'S CORPS treatment, etc. 1 Rules for Operation Rooms (Continued from page 7) I The Sister Supervisor of the operat. for the exclusive use of the obstetri- ig room enforces the rules governing cal service. A doctor's rest room in the completion of the surgical records, ghis dpartment il a much appreciated .namely: (1) the general history, phy- 1actor. steal examination with working diag- Haven of Comfort for Mother and nests, and routine laboratory reports Baby of each patient shall be taken to the Tnn bright, cheerful, medium size operating room with that patient; (2) private rooms constitute a haven of operative findings andprocedure shall comfort for the parturients in whose be dictated immediately after opera- THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1923 THE LIVING GOD MUST BE A TRUST IN OUR EDUCATION Faulty Without Religion, Says Dr. Tigert, United States Commissioner May Be Undoing of Society. (By N. C. W.C. News Service) Washington, D. C., Feb. 17.De- quires the reinforcement of religious teaching and feeling .... Rousseau, [OPPOSES GRANTS a great name in the history of educa- tion and philosophy, gives us his ideal OF FEDERAL AID training for Emile and dwells espe- cially upon the value of his moral code, meantime neglecting shamefully the rearing of his own child and en- gaging in dissolute living. His con- fessions are amazingly frank but even they do not uncover the vileness of his life. "Morality is indeed the worthy behalf the most rigid, rules of nursing tion; (3) no surgeon who refuses to claring that education that confined helpmate of religion, but history and are insisted upon and enforced. Real- comply with these rules shall be per- itself entirely to the accumulation of experience reveal over and over again izing the possibility of carrying in- mitted to operate. FOR EDUCATION Chamber of Commerce of the United States Vote Three to One Against Creating New Department  En- largement of Bureau Frowned On. fection to the susceptible puerdera, I Discharge of Patients the nursing service is a'rranged by i When the hospitalization of a case special appointment, namely, the post terminates, the record is completed partum corps; the nursing corps, etc. and signed by the physician in charge; Bsb)' s Record a final diagnosis is recorded and, as A complete system of record keep- has been explained the discharge card ing is maintained in the obstetrical s dated and checked, stating the pa- department. The baby is given a case tient's condition as cured, improved, .number and entered on the patient's relieved, unimproved or dead. This OHIO BILL BIG{ Each crib number corresponds to the' ANNUAL REPORT mother's room numher. There is a September ], 1 ' 92/September l, 1922 baby's batb with shower attachment Patients admitted ...................... 2245 as well as two bathing tables; these Patients dismissed ................. 2147 with the baby scales, two electric re- .Deaths ......................................... 98 flectors and t supply of individual ac- Male cessories completely furnish this mod- F - .................... - ...................... 1027 emam .................................. 121.8 (ByN. C. W. Columbus, O., Feb. several bills bigotry has met Legislature T, his to nmke it imprison, confine, within any private ern nursery. Surgical ...................................... 1653 of man than his belief in the Deity gious congregation dissolved in 190;3-. It is the first time this issue has heen the only Portuguese During the two years of its exist- Medical Recognition of Deity Essential 1904. The verdict given is in favor put to a referendum vote by an of York. He is at ............................................... 324 ertce the demands of the public upon Obstetrical ................................ 1.34 "Again, we think that sufficient of the family of the Duke tie Chartres ganization of the size and influence N. Y., where he is a the obstetrical service have steadily 'Newborn ' ......... - ............................. 129 significance has not been attached to against the French Government. of the United States Chamher of John's Atonement increased as is proven m a record of StillbOrn 5 the fact that among the great think- Benedictine Property Commerce and the fact that both of headquarters for his 350 cases. " ..................................... Religioll ers who have interpreied reality and ,. The property belonged to the order the animatiug principles of the Sterl- Portuguese at St. Records - Adventist 2 who have explained the origin and of the Benedictines of the Blessed t ingTwner bill; ere;ttion of a federal tnis city. .............................. the meaning of the cosmos, ahnost acrament. Princess Adelaide de. department of education, :rod federal There are about 2,000 Summing up the efforts that have Baptist ......................................... 5041without exception these philosophers Bourbon-Conde Superior of the Con- financial aid to the States fi)r educa- residents in New york, been made in standardizing the vari- ous branches of our hospital work,he i Bible Student .......................... 2 Catholic are nominally .................. : ............ 430 have required the notion of the, Deity gregation, made some very generous tional purposes, were overwhelmingly them of them are conclhsion is that the emphasis laid Christian ..................................... 2291 to make the universe possible, intel- donations to the order at the time of l defeated, cannot, it is felt, fail to be while others are ligible, or thinkable. Those few who the Restoration. In 1851 a building l reflected in the attitude which legis- tice of their reli ripen case records claims first place, Christadelphm ........................ l Less than three years ago the record Christian Scievce ................... 3 have not required the Deity for an nt the rue Monsieur. in Paris. was lative bodies and the public generally ther Cacella's intenti/) explanation of the universe do not purchased with the sum realized from will take. room was equipped with the neces- Christadelphiau 1 separate and d sary steel files for histories, summary Christoid ............................. 1 loom up among the great figures in the sale of the bonds donated by the Three Questions Submitted Portuguese, but to try to cards and the cross index. Record (hurch of Christ .................... 51 the history of philosophy. We have i Princess. There were three specific questions forms approved by the American Col- " n . State C(hffiscates attend the church Co gregatmnahst .................... 2' atheists among the Greek philoso- submitted to the membership of the which they live. lege of Surgeons were introduced,and Lplscopaban' ' " " 69, phers in Democritus and Leucippus, . After the dissolution of the Con- lnationa I chamber by its committee on meetiugs and lectures, under the supervision of a Sister the Evangelist ......................... 41 but they sink into insignificance as gregation as a result of the laws of, education. The first was: "Do you of the people from first step was taken in the standard- Greek Catholic 9 compared to such atheists as Pytha- 1901, the Duke of Chartres, heir ell favor the creation of a.Federal De- advanced and their ization of records. - ........................ Jewish .............................. 88] goras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the Princess Adelaide, brought suit partent of Education with a Secretary terial condition others. We do not recall an out- against the State for the recovery of in the President's Cabinet?" The vote Records Most Private Lutheran ......................... :g'l standing atheist to match against the the property on the rue Monsieur, against this proposition was 1,29i I-2 FOURTEENTH FIR] No record may be taken from the Methodist .................. . ......... 599 hospital except upon courtorder, but Nazarene ............................... 17 i cloud o ftheologians and Schoolmen maintaining that the conditions upon to 447 1-2,' which placed the Chamber OF any staff member is privileged access None ....................................... 71 eras, Diderot and the so-called French i longer fulfilled. . . to the recoi'ds for review work. Presbyterian of the middle ages Among the rood-I which the donation rested were n on record as opposed. Ou the second ...................... encyclopedists, a few Germans, in- question: "Do you favor nlarging i Montreal: Feb. All records, including the-laboratory Salvation Army ............. i.i 173 Reverts to Heirs the present Federal Bureau of Educa- Old Trinity Church in t 2 eluding Haeckel, a small number of The representatives of the State lion ' there was no decision because week marked the reports are typewritten. At the pres- Unitarian ......................... 1 eat time txo Sisters, a stenogra- Charity Cases Englishmen and others who compose, claimed that the heir of the donator of the two-thirds vote reqmrement.', trous fire to Catholic pher who is a graduate nurse and a 427 .................. 5,497 Hospital Days the atheistic schools of thought, hard- could not claim the building, claim to The actual votes on the second ques- that has occurred' senitr student nurse are engaged in Part Pay " ly are recognized within the pale of which could be established only on tion were 590 in favor of enlargement; of a year and the work of the record room 224 .................. 3,844 Hospital Days philosophy in a large sense. As the bonds, which no longer existed. and 1,069 against the proposal, olread indignation over Record Card Covers First and All ST. VINCENT'S TRAINING against these stand Descartes, Le'ib-. The trial was carried from court to The third question, involving a fun- that continue to mystify nitz, SpinoZa,. Locke. Berkeley, Kant,. court and dragged on for years, damental question as to the relation ties and have alarmed Entries SCHOOL FOR N U RSES Irammg School for The initiation of the patient's rec- St. Vincent's .... , Fichte, Hegel, Lotze; in America, Meanwhile the Duke de Chartres died, of Federal to State governments read several provinces of },l'une': lhm, ne, Ladd; and a whole host but his heirs carried it on. The Su- as follows: "Do you favor the princi- l'he omgin of the fire, ord occurs at the time of admittance I Nurses, the first-in the State of Ar-.: of others who include within their preme C, ourt has now given a decision ple of federal aid to education in the 1 when a case number is assigned or, in : kansa& was established iu October, ' ' " , cases, is undetermined" the event that the patient .is a re-ca- 1.906, and a charter was secured from number the great names of modern m thmr fawn', lhe heirs still give States on the basis of the States ap- eating their way to try, a letter is suffixed to his original the State in 1909. Since its organiza- philosophy, who h'tve grappled seri -I shelter to the nuns in the building propriatin:3 sums equal to those givensteeple, lit up the , . ously with the explanation of this which has now been awarded them, by the Federal government?" The the city.. The blaze was turecaSe referencenumber' therebYto this simplifyingor any formerfU' bytina Sisterthe schoOlsuperintendent,has been superwsedwho is as- world and who have traveled many for although the congregation was vote was 1,173 1-2 to 576 1-2 against about 1:30 a. m., and record of admission, both of which are sisted by  graduate instructress, paths but have all reached the sam[, declared dissolved, the Benedictines the principle of federal aid as out- hours the steeple filed Serially in a folder bearing the I Applicants must be eighteen years  destination--God, still occupy their famous home in the lined. Old" Trinity church ease number. . of age and have completed the sec- ] "I" . Seriously Defective rue Monsieur and the chapel where' A two year campaign of propagan- eently Anglican'church On the admission card is written end year in high school to be accept- etmcation consists in the evolu- the great perfection of their Grego- da and agitation to place the nation- ing the oldest the patient's name and case number, ed. Letters of reference a, to charac, tion of the man's inherent capacities rian chants continues to attract large ,1 chamber on record as favoring the ! nation in Canada. It physician in charge and intern attend- tin. anda physician's certificate star-, or untying 'the bundle of possibili- crowds of lovers of chm'ch music. Sterling-Towner bill is brought to an by the Syrian CatholicB ant. This card is kept with the case lug physical condition are required ties;' if religion be a universal phe - unsuccassful end by ammuncement of and workingmen were before admission, nomenon among, men, and if great $$1,000,000 FOR NEW the results, of the referendum. ' "c record in the chart room until the pa- thinkers find God indispensable to the HI(H! SCtlO()LS IN R. 1. the first Cathoh kle, M D, I)ewell Ganv Jr M D There .are abundant examples of t)e cal findings, also for routine or special O.K. Jndd, .... M. l)., A. Watkins,' "' M.' D.," failure of ethical teaching to affect orders, treatment anti other essential l ' Vb sonhater M D., R. IL Moore, life. France has given non-religious , details. ltecord Minutia , R. B. Moore, M D., P. Murphy, M. moral training a more thorough trial M. D., P. Murphy, M. I). perhaps than any other nation. And A complete case record consists of Sl. Vinccnt'sAlumna2 yet says an eminent authority, 'In the general his cry, physical examina- The purpose.3 of the association are fifty years criminality has increased lion, clinical laboratory reports, "re- ninny-fold, bnt chiefly to maintain a ttlree-fold, though there was scarcely entgen reports, pathoh)gical reports, loyal adherence of its members to the l anYstatementincreaSewas inmadePOpulation.before the ThiSwar operative chart, progress record, au- highest principles of their noble pro- and does not comprehend, the violent topsy report, nurses' record, tempera- fessioa, as inculcated" tbroughotit the increase of crime since the war. One tare chart and physicians' treatment fruitful years of training; as well as , record, to assure the support and protection French professor complained, 'My The genera history comprises all 6f a devoted Alma Mater whose bca- prize pupil in morals is the bigges knave of the lot.' " important fuels likely to have any con light leads ever onward and up- ,, hearlng.on tle present illness; family ward to "Excelsior." l')n Not Sapplant Church history, in view of obtaining a knowl, Regulax meetings are held in the "Rut this moral instruction re- edge of congenial diseases or tenden- I ............................................. Vice lhesJden , Emm c!es; past htstory of usual or serious nurses' home on the first Thursday. ' - '" ., a Wittenberg; of the month. Second Vice-President, Frances Mil- ] itiles, operations and complications, t Officers for the ensuing year are: I let; Secretary, Katherine Pollard:] vith a detailed account of the presenL President, Mrs. C. A. Roth; First I Treasurer, Helen Compton. " ] mission a general history is obtaiued The eight-hour duty schedule is I tion of man is likely to prove the un- announcement made here by the Rt. I and a physical examination made by followed, allowing the student thz:ee doing of society. Certainly, it is not Rev. William A. Hickey, Bishop of B the intern, dictated to and typewrit- hours off each (lay, five hours on worthy to be called education. Providence. The Bishop declared! ten by the stenographer. These sheets, Sunday an(l one afternoon in the Ethical Teaching Insufficient that, while years ago a High School together with reports of routine lab- week. A vacation of two weeks is. "Itow shall we direct the will and was regarded as a luxury, today it oratory examinations, me kept on a allowed each year. train the heart as we enlighten the has become a necessity so much as to Sweden for the relief of German l steel chart holder in the chart room, ' ,ecturers" " at 'rraming' enom' " ' inintellect the'ins  NaughtlrationbUtof religious feel- wrrant great sacrifices for its estab- priests and theological students, have l where they are identified by the pa- Rt. Rev. T. V. Tobin, D D, Sisterl g,  p the soul: and lishment, been received recently, l'he Pope's " V tient's room number placed eonspicu- l,ernarda,' R N., Jas l)iri)l'ell" a,l({ I; J froth" m" God can c(on,phh:  tins". Even I x ant to see La Salle Academy contribution of 50,000 lire was sent to ously over each. The nurses' record ............ hinenart, M. l)., M. J iimury,' j.:' ethical .... teaching 'rod morality., though for the boys and St. Xavier's Aeade- Cardinal Betram, Prince-Bishop of. temperature chart and doctor's treat- Thames, M. D., W Hoag, R. l?h., Ag- helpful, will not suffice. Moral phil- my fbr the girls in Providence de- Breslau, who transmitted it to the PUBLIC meat record are also on this holder, "I headquarters of the Albertus Mag- availahle at the physician's first visit nes S. Nilsson, E. Sheridan, R.N., osophy may be similar to other knowl- ycleped," he said: want to see for additional data in connection with Dewell Gann, Jr., M D. A. C Shipp, edge, the product of man's mindbut Catholic High Schools erected in New- nus Union at Trier for distribution. Wc have l)urch the personal history or further physi- M. l), C. E. Bentley, M. I)., S. B. IJin- not a force which contrbls his acts. port, Pawtucke and Woonsockel. [ I For Students S Army Munson want to see Aca'demies and High Schools conducted by the Brothers ell advanced 100,000,00 marks to be used ernmeu! shoe tient is dismissed at which time it be- In a three-years course of theory comes a discharge card on which the and practice, thorough training and explanation of reality, broad experience are given in medi-r which lacks the religious element is date and condition on discharge are ca]; surgical, obstetrical and children certainly seriously defective. noted by the responsible physician. Completeness services to applicants of commends- "Education which devotes itself en- tirely to the discovery of knowledge Within twenty-four hours after ad-" b le personality and sufficient educa- without regard for the will or inten- tion. IS ASKED BY BISHOP i)OP E SENDS 50,000 l'rovidence, R. I., Feb. 19.A fund' 1,000,000 for the erection of Cath-.! oIi High Schools in Rhode Island is to be raised by subscription from the Catholics of that State, according to be held in the edifice o! The Swedish Relief C mmttee has- te " to ]2, which was stock of ene of the the Sacred Hear in Central Falls and to assist 4:000 students in Germany. Woonsocket developed to such a de- It is specified that preference is to. Thi. shoe is gree that they can open their doors be shown to students from the occu-dred per tan, be.lea s to boys of the whole community, and pied areas in the Ruhr in apporion- I proof. The I want to see High Schools for girls ing this fund. This aid will .6.00. Owing o in these same towns."  many students to continue their stud- bny we can offer The Bishop made a plea for con- iies after the end of the present term, at trilutions to the defense fund that is i whereas it was anticipated they $2.95: to be raised to help carry on the le- would be forced to discontinue their gal fight against the Oregon anti-pa- work. rochial school law. "The fight will German priests in the poorer par- Send correct size. be carried to the Supreme Court of ishes have benefited to the extent of delivery or send the Unite(] States if necessary," he 1,500,000 marks by the generosity of shoes are not as cheerfully refund said, "to find out whether the right of Catholic priests in Holland. The ly upon 'equest. parents in the education 0f their chil- Dutch priests are also making ar- dren comes first, second or last; rangements to have a number of Ger- NATIONAL BAY whetLer children are mere puppets, man seminarians spend their Easter chattels and creatures of the State, or holidays in Holland. Th's fund is be- whether their parents have prior ing distributed through a central of- 29(; Broadway, NeW right to them." ' rice in Paderborn. LIRE FOR RELIEF OF GERMAN STUDENTS By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon Capitaine (By N. C. W. C: News Service) Cologne, Feb. 5.Contributions from the Pope for the relief of Ger- man students, and from Holland and' Residence Phone 4-3572 DR. E. J. I)ENTIST Suite 52]-22-23 I.l'PTI,Ig '(By N. C. W. C. New York, Feb. Hayes has indicated the Portuguese York by ap va Cacel]a to work in" Father Cacella supernatural, the notion of the Deity OF CATHOLIC CONVENT required Lo commit the chamber m has been sufficiently powerful in its IS DECLARED INVALID questions of policy influence upon man to move him to -.- Vote Significant make the supreme sacrifices of his Paris, l,'eb. 7.--The Court of Cessa- The vote is regarded as a most sig- own life or the lives of those dearest tion has just brought to an end a long nificant set-back for those who have to him .... There certaifly has been trial brought about by the liquidation been fostering the plan for ederal no more impelling motive in tlie life of the property belonging to a reli- intervention Jn educational matters, ciety of the At (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, Feb. 16.Overwhelm- knowledge without regard to the will that it cannot be substituted for it. mg opposition on the part of the or intention of man was a menace to I Ethical societies have failed to sup- business men and commercial inter: poration including.. society, Dr. John J. Tigert, United I plant the Church. ests of the nation to the principles homes, detention embodied in the Ster]ing-Towner bill, monasteries, States Commissioner of Education, Truths That Are Not Popular is revealed in the result of a referen- churches and church made a strong plea for the moral and "I am well aware that the position I dum vote on %hat measure taken b institutions owned religious training of youth at the an- that I am taking is not popular to- the Chamber of Commerce of the human being n ual convocation of the School of Re- day among educators, but I reiterate United States. A preliminary can- without the continuing ligion at Howard University. the words of a chancellor of one of vass of the ballot as announced by such individual," Universal Element our colleges uttered in his inaugural the office of the National Chamber committee. "In its widest connotation," said address more than a decade ago, today, shows that the proposal for Several other register as soon as possible after birth card is sent to the main office where Commissioner Tigert, "education is 'Powerful as is the force of opinion the creation of a federal department same line are pending and a case record including the new- it is of value in the daily detailed re- [ the result.of all the forces which af- today in the direction of secularized, of education with a Secretary in the Legislature. These horn's history with identification port of discharges from the various feet the life of man. Taken in this education, mighty as are the millions President's Cabinet is opposed by a tion of church prints, weight and temperature charts departments. The case record is for- sense, religion is the most universal devoted to that purpose, arnest and three to one vote. A two-thirds ma- sory attendance at and nurses' record of treatment, feed- warded to the record room here it is element in education as well as a very numerous as are the advocates of ed- jority vote was cast against the more all children between ings, etc., i begun, carefully reviewed by the supervisor i powerful stimulus to human action, ucation without religion.., yet I am fundamental issue contained in the and the abolishment The Nursery o records, who notes any omission. I "It is not only true that the notion undismayed. For there is a power]proposa I for federal aid to education as a legal holiday. error or incompleteness, calling atten- of God exists and has existed in all greater than the opinion of men; in ,the States on the basis of equal This s a large, well lighted and tion of same to the responsible physi- species of mankind known to us, but there are resources vaster than the State and Federal appropriations. On ARCHBISHOP well ventilated room that is readily clan. After his final correction a is likewise true that the notion has millions of earth Let us not "trust the question of enlarging the existing NS heated to the desircd temperature, summary card is writtm and filed al- everywhere been a p6werful force, i[" in uncertain riches, but in the li"Hng Federal Bureau of Educa[[on the ma- In. groups of five, two sections of phabetically according to patient's not actually the most powerful force, God.' .... cozy cribs, with basket wardrobes be- name; the record is filed serially ac-' operating in the lives of men. In . jority vote was in the negative but neath, are provided for the infants, cording to case nhmbcr, every form of communion with the FRENCH CONFiSCAT]Oq---- fell 111 votes short of the two-thirds